Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 22, 1891, Image 3

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    :;ilTS OF Till: 1'RliSS.
Mir ( i iniliirlcN hihI Ni'H
i ( From i:xc!;iun(cH.
t llmiilil: Albany in iillllftoil
I'liMiliirli'X hihI it eenn Hint
county In Infested with an or
iuiik nililioi-N mid mifn blow
hluy night limy vlnlteil liolli
ml (icrvnln, ami at both places
ininlotl In Ki'tlltiK it mnall u'lioiint
i, At Gervnla they cntoreil the
i' o( J I, Taylor anil Hiiccoeiloil
nil I'l'i-n his linn Biifn, Thy
Mini liny money, however, a
!nr liinl placed it n tlitt
ill lilt) PVt'lling. Tli mifi' In
'iiioiiiliy.nd, 'J'lii'y next vlalled
Itli'O whore, llii'y MiiTi'i'di'd In
in "ii in of fl An in mnitll cIiiiiik'i'
two vMt (iorviiln was
id llicy hid next lii'iud uf nt
Hem they loitered the stiiro
llli'ii n( Fun I (ilexy, lint It Im
lit lluit tliry miccnotl In nlitiiln
lloliny here) either. It WUN
uri limn iiko mm n sulo wiih
Mi at Hllvorton timl the iioneral
in Im Unit tlm mine putties
l!y Inti-renled In ,(ii cam,
j in in of tlm In w tt lit xi til roach
these gentlemen mid oiler
iTii'd jnHii inttM in the Nnrth
ove foundry hauled hi Hiilcm
I fiillow-
rtliind rlironii'ltt ;
lloim iiiMHi'd by
h editors In Kiiiihiih will mil
"well with tlm old vi'U Hit
lint we minleiiin tln (irunnt.u
i) tliu (inind Army ot the
i.KC'rroit onrniAiiv winci-it.
l.akovlow KxHinlnlnri "I himi Jimt
discovered why diittd men lull biles,
"Wtdl why?" "Thtty It'uve that to
obituary llnr."
Htiitti Jutirrml ! H, II DnrrU will soon
start nowspiipor Hi Mill City, on the
east lino olthii (lii'W'iii I'liclllc,, In Marion
county. It will mill under tho full rely
original ht'MilliiK of tlm (iii.olta, (), A.
Clieency, will bti eoitlioeloil with it.
Joiirnul; Mr. Henry Masscy, of thin
city, linn received iiolicn of a 47 emit
dividend on IiIh llHI share in tlm Myr
tlnCtnek t'(iiiM,ii,luie, llydriiiille lii.ld
Mining Sioek, This I lint yield mm
111 dii) run, and i n I ii it t .-m llml stith
Htoek 1h worth HDiiietliliiK. Mulrio slock
holders urn (eeling (jood, you lint,
Allmiiy llmitld: A loud tixplosinn
which Mliouk windows In thin cily mid
iivuii in Tangent, tmveii inllen awny, was
heard on Friday evening about niim
o'clock. Il oiTimiiinnd emisliloialilH eon
Jnclnro mm to It citnsc. It In learned
that Im wan a lingo charge of
dyiiiiinilti used by It, Ilaikhart in
Mu'Wiignut mi oliHtluiitti big nt ii hi on
IiIh place aiijoliiing the eily.
KiiHt Oreuouiun : -Tho honrd of ruil
roitd t'uiiiinlMHii.iierH in evidently iiinkiiiK
n thoroiiuh liiHiieetioii of tho I'lilun
I'ueitle roiid. The ieeliil train which
lelt here yealerdny iiioiniii, had only
reai hed Huron lut nlnlit, a Htalion on
tho iiiountuin,, thirty-two miltw diHtaul
from I'endlfton. It will iirohwlilv
ornnniwd fur thu nrionit of I reach I. a t iriinde thm evening
wn the United Staled tieitmiry,
ly IIIcIiiiik from the toplo in
of peiiHion money not their
Uii t'ondemii the liieuiher
lid orniiiii.itiiuii fur iirowliiK
leiiiiindiiiK tif the people (lie
Id ollliti hihI lie rei'ouiiixfd an
failiir in tho iolitici of the
I'lie nxht to vote wo do mil
lint tlmir riiht !o dictate or
)liliciil hi'Ihmi or n poliliciil
leiiiiuiicti, mill we, tint repro
of the reform preitu, do here
miritelveii to reinst mich .re
n tho part Kttlierally ot the
oldiern, hut ettimclally of the
ly of the Kepulilic,"
j nit in mureim unx
Hkmnokwii Inxt week The
iturxeon t-miuhl lunt xeaiton
SIiIiik Idit. The fUheiiunn
very kmI ttiiea inleldnn
l'a cenlH H-r Kiiimi, hut
ine IheniNidveH to few linen,
flxhermiiii had put out it
ns ho could have ntlende I to
of Htii'Konn would have far
le demand. SpeakillK of tlm
Kurd to tho Hilpply of Htur
been exlntmled, n tlHlierimin
hutloin of tlm river nt
i, where they (to to opawn,
cd with them. In lUliiiij;
l ninny tlillereiit kindu of
Ktl, dill'erent In stylo and
, hut in nearly all cubph
)Ut bnrhn nru uxed, and
flmherman cannot llnd the
until without tlm hitrh he
rb oil', leaving a ininotli,
Itay Cily Triluimi; Word wuk re
ceived here yeatenUy from the Nelialeui
una ma Menu, or AoitiinU lu turnuiK
moiintl Imekeil onto a rock mid nuiaidied
olfitH propeller ami rthltter Thia will
lay tho boat up for Hevernl week iih
Ihey have to netid out o.er the motui
Liiim for Hie broken parta. A Kieal
ileal of freiKiit in now pileil up at I'ort
laud awaitiiiK ahipmeiil n,r and Hi in
news in very dixcouraijiiiK.
Timea Mountaineer: eMirt from
varloiia iHirtioiiH of tlm coiintv ahow
that tlm recent rainx, f(ilme, by cool,
damp dava, have been very fuvoiuble to
KiowiiiK t-ropa. The late aown npriii(
Krain in doiii fairly well in many
localitiea. An enormoim harveat Heeina
to Imi amiired. l.axt Mnmiu'a wheat
crop briuiia a (food price, Iimi, and iIiohd
liaviii a atipply on hand are able to
command KO renin a htinln-1. It will lai
a pronperoiin year fr Hie farmer.
claco Cull: One eoiner of
Mail dock ia beiiiK iuclimed
one ot atoriiix aUiut KiHl ton
'ho lumber camii from the
of tho Audi'H, about three
tiiiiiyai,'uil, In Kciiailor, mid
to thin oily by a lady lutnicd
re are twenty-nix: varietien,
in very rure and beautiful,
1 ponnihlo color and nlunle,
I' black In u li'isht yellow.
Iiuh Mpent Hever.il yearn in
icu. and bun traveled inmiy
lies on the Aini.on river.
Hed tlm Audtia aevernl timen i pit'tly
Miami, who im a contractor
iilorcnn (iovernment. The
hrouijbt to thin city by the
mid the eehoonor lllukelv.
hi: 11 HKII TO AHll.lllr.lt.
tiervain Star: Thin letter will lend
many to doubt that the army in ro
cruited "from the run kit uf our bent and
uioHt Intelligent t it iceim" anil will roll
nbly tleter many n father from encour
MinK bin noun to neck pinitioii an
privalen in tlm Tinted Stated regular
army, feuiinj! that their nwioeiatea woultl
not be an honorable nn the word noltlier
ought to imidy. He might not wmil
bin noun with nohliern who esteem tl.e
taking of a man from the civil nuthoritit-n
ami nliooling him to death nn "meritor-
: ..... ii ii-i . . .. .
iinin act. n no not in-iievo mat w o
have done any hoiu-nt man an injustice,
mid. let the coiiKeiuence bo "a niglillv
vinil" or nil the phiiine linplien, wo will
not apoligiio.
Tlm llrnt Jnll nt Ortigoii City wm built In
IH-I-I, Dr. Mel ouglillii gavi a lot. 1 1 wan
liiiriiid In I HID.
To llrnt leglnlatiir hold in i)ri'K"ii wax at
Oregon Cily, June MM, mid tlm hut ln
tlm city Kobruary Ift, JHlll,
Tho llrxt lirlck hoiiw In Oregon City wax
Imlll hy tleorgo AU'rnplliy In IM4. The
lirlckxwum uiailii al Hull creek In Oregon
The llrnt nuw mill wan tin I It hy Dr. Mu
biiighlln, ami noon idler Im added a grmt
mill. 'I liev liitvv liei'ii tlcntroyed noiuti tlm.
I The lirnt I'rolenlaut chiircli oil the J'nclllt:
count Iroui tlm Ciipn Horn to lluhrlng
Hlralt, wan tlm Mt-thniliiil church at Orgoii
City. It wan begun In 1HI2, and wan fin
ished In IHH, In IHfil noiiiflniily atliteil a
hell uhlch Welglud overfVXI iouiiiIm.
I Im wooluii mill at Oregon Cily wun
hullt In ixm. In lM7:t It had W.ooO xpin
tllen and 'H broad liiniim, ftunetl yearly
a hall' million iiiihU of wdoI, miiiI londe
l.'H.lxiU yarttn ol eainlincren, and Vi,m
yunln of llaiineU. It unnlmiiied in Wi,
The llootl of lull im tlm hlghent nince
I Imi uf MU, except that ol WiO, All along
the Wlllainelte linii-.cn, Imritn, nlore hoonen,
hrldgen, and femlng were washed away,
wlnlii rulilii, siniill .ii k, nnil many other
thlngn were nnepl uny, l.lun Cily wun
Oregon Cily hlin the gitiiulcnt wnltir power
on tho I'vlllc toiisl. Il him great fnnl!tn'
lor niitntilin tnniiK. Ilsgreut full are pnnsid
liy lucks. Hy ineniin ol I he IniU the w lmt-ln
ol 1 1 1 it 1 1 y mills are liiriu-il,
lu thu Inst llond the saw mill that was mi
the edge of the basin KiinHushed aay.
Thu elecliic worknureon tlm basin, tint
they were nut waslied away ti anse they
were fanteneil lo thertHka hy iron ham.
Nw ailditlnon Imv o lit i-n inadu since the
llnixl. They light I'tirllitml.
Another striking feature Is the suspension
hiidge. Il was flidsht'd in ImH, two years
lielore (lie flood. 1 1 cost altogether
The city gate llnon, ('lackaman county gv
llH.ttm, anil the rest wun maile up by the
syinllialc owning the land. The bridge in
Just a short distance from the depot.
The Clackamas Seminary lor young In
dies wan built In IHAI. It turn the combined
etlorl of the MethotlislH anil Cuiigregiilioii
allsln, and prospered for n time, I .tit as a
seminary hun become extinct. Kighteen
thousand dollars were nii-nl to tOuml it,
and John Mi linghllii gave a Mot k of land.
Harvey Clurk wan the lirsl teacher, after
which Mis. Thornton ami Mr. ami Mm. II.
K, Ilines taught ill it.
The new school limine wan htiilt lu 1H, at
a tost ol' alioiit lioio. unit an addition wan
limit in m, which rust ulsiut $Z'MK
Hut far the mostmitinliintiul and rt lly in
Itenllnrd to lit) One of Tho TlirlvinK
Ton iix of ,'lut:kmiiun ( ounty.
Now Kra, five mi lex xoiith of Oregon
City, fouiitlod In 170, in delightfully
situated on tho lino of tho Huutbern
I'aelllu railroad, and on the hank of the
Willamette, river. It ia a aliipplng
point of no Mtnall importance, and itn
people aro noted for tlmir social (jualitiex
and enterprise. Thin plucu in the only
town In Cluckmiiun county xoutli of
Oregon City, having the advantaged of
both river anil mil trnuxportution, and
freight rntex me actually lower to and
from 1'oitland, than poiiito further
noiith. There aro
hero for tint handling and xhipping of
giniu, ami otlmr prisliH e. A consider
able portion of the b.nt farming lumln
in C'l.it.kanun county aro directly trib
utary to New Kra, I'otutoen are one of
the xtuplo prodiictionn of thin xectiun
tlm noil being peculiarly adapted to
their growth and maturity, an welt an
other vegetable, Nor in thin portion
of the county in the matter of fruit glow
ing behind other xectioiiH of the county,
but in making hroud xtiidcx toward
xnperiority in that line. The ia:ople of
New Era do not bouxt of their facilities,
but they aie "getting there jnxt nn hard"
uml it in duxliiiud to become a point of
Iii ad lition to tlm wari-lioiiHi-s ix the
extennive mercantile extablixhnient of
W . W. Jexne ; the pontoflice and Welln
Fargo exprenn kept by J. C. Ntiwlajrry,
who ;arriea a complete line of grot.crien,
ntutionery and notions There ie a
large public hall, the grange ami W, ('.
T. U. hull, the Hpiritiiitlixt'n hall anil
paik. Here ia aituatei the camp
grounds of the Spiritual society, which
are fitted tip in comfortable style. They
undoubtedly have tho fluent camp
ground in the atute. Tlm Catholics
have a neat church building, and fiour
inhing organization under charge of
Kev. rather Buckholzer. The W. C
T. U. having an organization here that
ia keeping abreant of the limed. Warner
Wants you to call and examine hi Large Stock of
Can show you the Finest Line ever exhibited
in this city.
Exclusive Clothing and Gents' Furnishing House
New Goods arriving daily. No shelf-wdrn stock.
Latest styles and best qualities.
Die (utility court house. It wan completed (Jrange hold their regular monthly
in IXK.I. It inn solid brick and 'menlfd meetings here, and are prospering. J.
siriicitire, wun a swuie nu -ing, iwo suiries
rsm.KXS AI-TKIt AM..
loloiiixt : The Kodak it nut
toy ax h iiiki censorious and
nx declare it. to be. It can
fid, mid n miui p hIk it limy lie
f gotul it-Miltnol' cnni-iilei'iilile
f '"'i" wax proved tho oilier
i" Kiininioii Caiiinla. A
r 1 a bank nod iii-scnlel
I be cashed I lei- manner
ion in the minds .if the oil!
without her being iiware of
fxx h.im titlitoi by an mini
ruplier. Tho picturt! hi.
the discovery of the porpe-
aitim unit, iiati netni com-
tinie provionxly in tho
rn.iii) to in: u jKWKi.nv,
)nily Kxaminur: Jmlgo
rduy roverxod a dccinion of
ourt in roforenetj to the es
iiih W, Miller. The Hint
y brought hy the executor
K. II. Voeks, to comptil
elle F. Miller, to deliver up
ig ami two HtudH, valued at
nion wiih given by Jutlge
iimtMra, Miller, hut Jmlge
Bed this ortlor, thus giving
xxion of the jowoliy which
s givon hor by her himbiuul
' hia dentil.
Independence West Side: A high
nchtxil girl nt iMoiiiiiotith, chisn A, being
told by her teacher to parse thencntencc,
"He kisBt-tl me," consented rebictnntly,
Ix-cauxn oppoxed lo xpeaking of private
afl'nirx in public, "lie." she cominen-
ceil, with tiiineci-XHiti y cinphasin and a
J fond lingei ing ovei the word that brought
ciimmni to her Nhrimp-pink cheekx, "in
i a I'Mllolin, thin) person, xitigolan uiliil
, her, liiiiHciilino gender; a genteinan
well lixed, liven in
Independence, universally coiiHtlered a
good catch. Kissed is a verb, transi
tivetoo much no regular evening,
indiciitivo mood indicating iiU'ection,
Hint ami third mixoiix, plural number,
and uoveincd by fitvumlnnccx. Me
Ob, everybody known me,'' and down
she went like Mctiinty.
The followim coiuooiiitiii vu riileii hv
l:iitlu rloi.l WhillocK, a I,", yiar old son ol
U'linnty Kecor.b-r Wbitlock, and a pupil of
: 1 1 if -ixlli grade of the piil'lie mIiihi), re
,si.leil over liy Mr. .1. W. (hay. Ahtuii a
iloen of Mr. dray's pupils wrote nn essay
on Oregon Cily, and the Minimis of the
school voted hy ballot as to who Imd I he best
composition. Master liulherlord W'hillock
received the largest niiniher n( hallols, and
was declared tho successful competitor:
Oregon ( ity is the second oldest city in
Oregon. It was founded in IM'i hy Dr. Me
l.oiighlin. Its population at, the present
day is about -IWKi.
Thu following are the mimes of some of
the first pioneers: W. W. Ittiek, J. M. Itn
con, II. I'uulield, A. Warner, Win. Whit
lock, J. 0. Campbell, T. Chariimn. S, W.
Moss and li. Totter.
The first white child born in Oregon City
was M. I). Kiehnnlson.
The first newspaper published in Oregon
City wan tho Oregon Spectator. It wus
printed on a press brought from tho Sand
wich Inlands. The first number printed
was Issued In February, and was the llrst
paper published on the Pacific const.
The llrst post office was established at Or
egon City July, Jim, and David Hill was
made postmaster.
and a basement In height, and xurmoiinted
hy a tower, ft stands between Main street
and the river, In the center of a block. A
broad (light of stone utepa lends up to the
first flixir entrance. This building cost
nlxiut $00,(11 o, and represents more for the
money Hum any olher building in the state.
There aie in the cily tunny handsome
itiidt veu elegant private reside iicei). neitrly
nil of 'them situated sons to command a Ih-bii-tilul
Harvey Clark organized the first Congre
gational church at Oregon Cily In 1x44. The
old church building wits moved back ami a
new one built in ilx place, In lxxu, costing
over ITnoO. The old Methodist chinch was
also leovid buck, and & new one built in its
lace in IX!l, at a cost of over $xim).
The sash anil tloor I'm lory wux Marled in
Ixs'.l, nntl in the flood ol 1ki it was washed
away hut caught on the side walk anil n
there tied. In n short time niter it was
xtnrttsl up iiguiii it was htirtii-d. They noon
built a new one, ami it is now runniut;.
Once there was a tUestion ax to whether
the cnpilul of Oregon Territory wax Salem
or Oregon Cily. During the time the tpies-
lion was talked over part of the legislature
met in Salem and part hi Oregon t 'ity Mr.
.minister wax the only member w ho be-1
liered I hut Oregon City was the caital .!
The itiestion w us decided in favor of Salem.
The ohl capital building is now the Oriental
tieorge Itroiighfon built a new saw mill
near the moiilh of tho Ahernelhy in ism), i
The pulp and sulphite mills were built in !
I.xsii. . They Heroin thefliKul. The sulphite
mill was not finished until after the llootl of
I sin. The Crown Paper mill was begun in
lx.x',iand finished in l.xsm. These mills are
Is-lwcen the locks and the river.
The Imperial Mooring milts wi-re built by
Daniel Harney in IS'C. The Portland t 'e
inent Works were built about the vear ISs7.
I The basin was built hy the People's Trans
I portatioii Company.
T he I iidians w bo murdered Dr. Whitman
a( Walla were hung at Oregon City iui the .'id j
day of June, KMl. The death warrant was j
signed by (loveinor l.ane. I
lirriiKiumin Witm.ot K.
Casio in master, and K. V. Maddot k is
secretary .
There in a flouring mill here that can
I e purchased on reasonable terms. It
lias good niachienry and water power,
and wan doing a good business when the
owner hail to lenve it on nccount of poor
health. There ix no question but what
it would do a good business if its wheels
were again act in motion.
Trwher'i Wanted.
To mllcit HpiillrntlmiF for membership In the
norm Anirru'sii Mutual Kt-ncru AxhiMMHtton, uf
tMntrict Atfcnu at M'llitlU, Oregon.
Between Fourth and Fifth Streets.
If yon want THE IIEST, buy
If the merchant you deal with does not
Keep mem send to Al.l r-N direct, tie
payn the pontage. Beautiful catalogue
sent free.
171 Second Street. PORTLAND, OR.
Tearhfn' Einmlnntinn.
Notlre Is hert-liy given that (or the ptirpwie ol
mskiiifi an exHiiiinstlnii ot nil pttriointwhrimky
nlfer tliciniielves a cnntlitUtt-H Itir teachers nl
the M-litM.l of ttilii eoiinty. the eountv school
miii-rltmulein ihereol will hold a public ex
lunfiiHtlon nt the court hence In Ort-fom City,
ctimmeiicing at 12 M, Wednraday, May '7, lxal.
l'ntid this lllli dsyol May, Is.d.
Ai.n. Thomson,
County tichiHil Superiuteudeut of CUckamns
etiiinty, DrvKoii.
tirlst Mill For Sale.
The mill at New Kra will be nold at a bargain.
Itaatheliesl Its alion of any mill In the county.
bvliiKon both the W lUmiietle and ratlrtiud. hav
liilt a larKe gram growlui! district to draw from.
Fine water Hiwer HUttwu arm of gtval. tilla
ble land go with the mill property, (imsl terms
will be given and an experienced miller with
a amall t-neiul will dud this a pnyiug invest
ment. Call on or address E. C. Xiaddock, New
Kra, Oregon.
I Small Kami For Sale-
I Ten aerea on county rod two and a half
i from Oregon city, near school house and saw
mill, good mm and level; Hue Irult and berry
intid. Ik a biirKalu.
T. C. Livksav,
Oregon city.
Small llomox For Sale,
"hoof the most desirable nieces of land in
Clackamas county w'll be sold lu a bodv or in
small iraels lo suit pureleiMTS, Ninety acres
in all. thirty Iwo acres under cultivation, hal-iili'-c
easily cleared ; soil, deep, upland loam:
live acres young bearing orchard ; house, two
barns, outbuildings, etc.; two eoo.i wells mid
i ui'vn failing springs In pasture; iwomiles from
tireg ui City en main county road:good graded
, school convenient and In a wide-a-wake, rt-
specr.inie neiglihorlioo.l; goo ' terms given
Cull on or address V,, 11. Kanciikk.
Cregoti city.
Abtwlute Purity. Careful Dispensing.
Proscriptions Filled by Competent
Toilet Articles. Perfumery. Fine Cigars.
General : : Blacksmith
Shop in the rear of Pope's Hardware store,
Oregon City, Oregon.
: : : BRO
United Hack,
Truck and Livery
W. H. Cooke, Manager.
Comer Fourth and Main Strectq,
of the City. RifS of any description
furnished on short notice.
All kinds of Truck and Delivery Busi
ness promptly attended to.
' Morsea Boarded and Fed on reason
able terms.
F. L. Posson & Son,
Beef, Mutton, Veal, Pork
None but the best of meats h.tndk-d. Free de
livery to all parts of the city,
oiti:,'0 n v. oiti:.
Assignee's Not It-e.
i 'n the Circuit Court of tho State of I
, j Oregon for Cbiekiiiniis county. j
., ,, , ., i In the mutter of the assignment of S. Ii. Green,
1 ersolis ti'tinhleil with rhi'linintisni ! . Im tireen anil c. A. Hands, partners under
should read Ihe follow inn front .Mrs, X ! the firm iinnic of tireen llros. ,v. Co., insolvent,
M Petom, of East Des Moines, lown. j .. , , ,
Shes.n- I loi.l siillor..,! t. iil. . i,., Hue notice Is hereby given thai the tinder
MI0M1NX. I innl MUlercil Willi lht'linm-1l,(.,i,s,een elected assignee of the estate
tism Hie (.'renter part ol the Imio for j of thi above nameit Insolvent debtorMind has
lieiirlv seven enrs. I doetoretl n trout i '',"ly 'Hinllilfd-us stn-h. AH persons having
don I for il w'ilh iihi-ocbiiw ,.o,l i.; ,.l ! ('i,,lms ngains' said liisolveuls are herein- noti
J . ii,, llhs,U;ins iU11' ''H d;tied to nreselll the sacie or operlv v.-riile-' lo
eleclnc licllM, p.itcnt Incihcinc.s innl al-! (lie tin.lerslaiied m his otliee nt'the Oregon
most evmyihim; )al Wat (ivnmnieniled 1 "' ' " "tills, nreu Cily, tiivgon, within
r rlieiinialisiu. I'inallv a in-iuhl-or m
Faber's Golden Female Pills.
vised me t.i Ii
sain and w as i
me that I procured a hot lie.
in. I'inallv a in-iuhl-or nd-
v t liiiiiH'ei'lain's I'ain Hal-
siirt- Unit il woultl help :
id lielo I
ion, iiot itoin too stan ; inn u loon live i
SO cent. litilllcH to cure nie, so you can i
UiiosH how Inttl 1 was as two hottlcs will j
cure liny ordinary casti " Kir saloliyj
(it'o. A. Harding, drut.'xist. " !
- :n inomiis in, m the
e.l M.iv 11,
c of mis
l. A. SHUT
i w
. . 'a -v
ror Female Irreptilar
lues: nothing like them
on the market. Sever
fait, Sueeessfullyused
hy prominent ladies
monthly. Guaranteed
to relievo suppressed
Pon't bo hnmbtigtred.
Save Time. Health,
aud money ;tako no other.
General Agts. for D. M. Ferry & Co
Garden Seed.
Grass, Clover and all kinds of
Trees, Bulbs, Fertilizers, etc.
Bee Keepers' Supplies.
We want YOU for a customer. Give ds
a trial order.
F. L. Posson & Sop,
209 2d St., Portland, Or.
Successors to Miller Bros.
Catalogue FT-
vi 6. .r f
1 vre vs
r- .-s'.v-cv--.
.liwenh V. Dtirv. of U'nrsniv III . ..ui let-ami Heerlverof the 1'
ol,l.l .:ii. .1.. ...ii. .1 ...V.. i ' ' I t'Ki'u City. Oregon on July Hi, l.v.il. viz
truiiiueti wun riieuiniiiisni aim tried a
iiiinihcr of dill'erent remedies, hut sitys
none of them seemed to do liim any
tfood; hut timilly ho got hold of ono thnt
speedily cured him. Ho was much
pleased with it, anil feft sure that
others similarly afflicted would like to
know what tho remedy was that cured
him. lie states that lor tho hetictltof
the puhiie that it is called Chnnihorhiins'
Pain Halm. It is for sale here at fit) ets.
per bottle by our druggist, O. A. Harding.
NtiTlt'K Ft 11! I't'llUCAI'loX,
1..VNU Orncr; at Oki-mon City, (in.
May N, ls-il.
Notice is hereby given that the fnlloulng
niiuied settler lias tiled notice of his intention
to lm.ke tittal proof in support of his claim and
thai said proof will be made before the liegis
..mil eftice at Or-
Sent to anv address,
eeuve bv mail on re-
.ItO ,,f ri,.. M 11.-.
A ' A.ldre'ss.
Western Brauth, Siox'i:, 1'OlliLAM), (HI
For sale hy Olmrman A Co.
ih'ut.'gisls, Oregon City, Or.
Notice of Final Sett lenient.
Notice Is hereby given that 1 have filed my
Dual report 111 the comity Court of Clackamas
coiintv. Oregon, as administrator of the ..soon
of Joseph rlorcnco, deceased. And tho court
has appointed Tuesday, June and, IStll as a day
n,.tl time fur hearing such report and for the
settlement of said estate. A. Matiikh,
Administrator ol the estate ol Jopseph Flor
enco, tleeeased,
May 1st, ISM. M:5-a
Charles F. Shafe'r.
l're emptloti I), s. No. TtHki, for the nwij of see
Is, twp 'J s, r 7 e. He names the following wit
nesses to Drove hlscoiitiiiuotis resldeneo upon
and ctiltlvntlon of said land, vi: John Mcln
tire, T, C. Wilson and Chas. Colla, of Cherry
vllle, Clackamas county, Oregon, and T. (1.
O'Donnell; of l'ortlaiid, Miittuomnh eoiinty,
Oregon, J. T. Aei-KKsoN, Register.
Land Office at Oreoon Citt, Or.
May 14, 1K91.
Notice Is hereby given that the followinu
iiamod settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support ot his claim and
that said proof will be made belore the Regis
ter and Receiver of the U. 8. land office at Ore
gon City, Oregon, on July 10, MM, vi :
Cnarlea delta.
Pre-emption n. 8. No, "O-Kl for the n'; cf see.
S, twp. 2 s, r 7 e. He names the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous resilience upon
ami cultivation of said laud vir.: C. K. Sehnfer,
.Ino. Melntire, T. 0. Wilson, I). O'Dciinell, all
of Cherry ville, Clackamas county, Oregon.
6-Si:tl-i. J. T. Ai'i'KKsoN, Register.
Parties desiring Wood Turning, Vat
terns, Brackets, or
Shop Carpenter's Work
Will be Suited by Calling on Me.
Doors, Windows and Blinds
G-. H. BESTOW, -
4T"0pp. tho Congregational Church
Great Reduction
Cabinet Photoorap!i3
j o.NLY
' cT"1 r"v f -i nm-i t-i-m-ttvt-
167 First Street, Bet. Morrison and YaiuluH.
F.F. WiriTE.
Practical Architects $ Builders-
Will prepare plans, elevations, working de
tails, and specifications for all kinds of btnli
lngs. Special attention given to- modem e,-.
tage8. Kstimatea furnished on application.
Call on or address WH1TK BROS a .
Oregon City, ott
I'.islablishrd 1M3.
Drayage & Expressing
Freight and parcels delivered to all
parts of the city.