Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 15, 1891, Image 6

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' ' ' . e t i .. l .... .. i
ni i iui 'inn .
HO .Hill OF TU.UK.
Mcotliiir tuesday. NlRlit
' The hoard of tirtilf lu-iil its regular
monthly moetjnn tit the court house
Tuesday ovonittj:, ,j. J ApptM-soii' pieM
dcnt, in the chair.
Minutes of last tegular mooting read
nil nprovM.
lit l'ortiaiul, was ii nnv-t interesting i
document mill was hstono t to with l'io
toitful inloiest. v
The. SUhIi'I Stitmrintehdervt," hv N.i
S.lpvgort," MxM IVvto'r," hy
Mitv'tio rn'inlmll, mill "The, .Model j
Teacher'' hv Mi. I,, C Drigga, won
siihji-cts very nhly handled, as was also
"ltowto'llelr. Vholars" hv Mrs, M J
11. Murray
Kev, y, l'arker, dt-livyn-d a (owtr(u
address nn'-Mnritnalitv. the primary
Fred ratmerwaspioposod foi moniwr- i Noik. My Mm, r.. U. Wheeler wan
' ahip hy T. Li. Char man: Oil motion j illustrative o( th imtttccvl. workings of
, the rulea wore suspended, and Mr. , the das room ''The missionary work
TalmerVlivto I i , i :Luim1isoim Kv Rot. U.' V, Kill, of
Albany llev, M. ll , Wheeler, followed
iih "the needs of the I'uhlication'
$vlity in pushing th missionary work
with moiey -fttitl plulgoii Jor jthiM all
important work. ' ,. . ,
'Ihrve'iiiteresttng Kesnlima wore held
Thursday, which were participated in bv
Rev. J JI. Teal, I'm), Win Wilder,
C A. WihhIv. C. A, I.wl; C. A. Nutley,
Kev. J. WaMrop, , . 1' Hush, 0.
Parker. S. V. Hill. f.. (5, YYhoe'e'r, and
l; YYhitukei, Mm. Prof Mark Hailey,
Mia. X.G. Wheeler ami W. T. Branch.
Nineteenth Animal Reunion to te llclil
tu Portland. Monday, Jun 14.
The committee of arrangement for
the nitietcenth annual pioneer remiion,
composed of Mr. Frank lVkum, Henry
Failing, Genoial William Kapns, (.'baa.
E. I.add, John W, Minto, and George H.
llitiu'S, secretary of tho association, hehl
a preliminary meeting at the First Na
tional bank. Frank lk-ktim was chosen
chairman. Mr. l.aiUI was appointed a
committee to confer with the maiugers
of the Imposition huililini; about securing
it for the public exercise on pioneer
day. Uonor.il Kapns ami Mr. llimes
were appointcil a iinnmittee to arranifc
lor umsie. 0 F. Fax Ion, (jraml mar
shal, ami John W. Mmto were appointcil
a committee on c.irriaes, Charles K,
l.aihl was selei teu as a committee, on
finance. The tlutv of securinit rxMiictitui
1 o l.i, f..-.,.. .. ..I.......1 t I.. ..f
portion of the V V ' , ' ".' r ' "
;., ,.; ,m).l,v I'm ... i.l.ll. .,( I " "fi.-iiii ... B
f . , V v... .... ,V
'U.' 3. Trulliniicr sent in ! his resinat
itui Sf nicnihcr, on aciMimt of m iit
ubilily to attend . Accepted. ''
' llilia were received fioni Ww committee
ipolnted to prepare (or the recivjitioii
of the wroeideot. were read mountitit! to
tW.Stt,' ami referred to the finance com
mitter. ., : ; v !.: 1 ; K "
A commnnicallou was received frim
the Chicaso Manufacturing Ritreaii,
lalin?tbat they hd on their list over
iW manufacturing firms who were look
ing for desirable locations, and that
this board could m-eive all the hene(it
of the bureau by pavit! annual dues oi
f,r.' Secretary Inst ruiMHl to cirepond
and asceriain facta.
A communication wa received from
Signal S'tvii-e Observer It. S. Fiijtne, of
Portland, tatin that he would mail the
Vuil.m.il Weather Bureau Weekl.v if
......1.1 i...
Hie poaru nuiuu imiuc ctnuv kiiu
lianjr in a conspicuoua place.
Mr. McLaren, of Portland, who is
interested i.i the construction of the
proposed wooden railway from Wilhoit
to Orcein City, had been invited to lay
the matter in-fore the board of trade,
and brioflvstiited that recently a company
was incorporated with a capital stin k of
$C50.000 to build a railroad from Salem
to Orcw-'ii City by way of Mount Aiija'l.
Scotts Mills, Rut'te Cn-ek, Wilhoit, and
Molalla. Mr. Robert Scott is the lead
ing spirit in the company, and I he head
othYe of the corporation is at Maripntm.
That surveyors arc now in the field be
tween Mount Angel and ilhoit, and it
i expected to have this
,..! ,,(.,;. , . ; ! ., t-. y
A 8olil ami vSultantial ..City
Fouutlt'tl on it lock,'
Social and F.ilm-ittlonul AilTnnfiiK'H
i i Of JIlMiiile liifeHesl.
lHlcr Piirujii-iiifUs o' u J.m'til Mini tiet).
crul NiifiH i - I .in
Mr. Jacob Yost, ill Aurora ttna in
! t nvti TluiraOay,
huiolhea at all houia
Citv l.tinch'Comiter.
at the troijoii
Mr, l-' F. Hands lino boon very
for the past (e du , ., , , .
' Mr, K. M. Aikhison, oi I'oriiund, watt
In this citv this week looking ttitt-r lus
intereta . i i ,
. .i i.i ''H nn- ! i -I"'
Considerahle leleuhiphh1, Iik',I mid
editorial niaitor 'rrowdetl out of Hun
w eek 'a issue
fi 'tlioitt ' inade
Miiunialtt V
i -i i
iltl-lbert. ' flit' Well
i Mcwiai , SvCutl'inJ
sale of ll'v acli'S at
wtk lor, $;.'iiO0, i
Mr,' lloliwo (
known civil enmneer of Arlington,
in liui city yettenlay, .,,
Measrni Warren A Holmail luiva re
ceived ail immeliS'i itock of liuittiuK
ol every pattern ami vaitcty, i
' Aside from Its presliuo as a iimitiifaet
urinn center, Oi-egon City la noted for
its ctitofiriing htutltiesa men, btvard i-f
trade1, (Ire department, eegnn H-Nhleii-tv,
the best nuided schol lit tW.itlate,
has minierouit churches, fraternal and
benevolent noeietiN,'iid lla peoplr are
mural, intellectual ami hospitable, IU--si
les tlm thoronglilT eiiHps'd piihlic
schiHil, St, John' Seminary tiiulei the
direction of the Heneihctine Sisters, is
well patronised odih'iilienul Inaltitutioii
of iiHint. TlnleloKHtit and wellapKiiuted
court houae ilistiiiLfiiiMhim itn-uon thtv tis
county seat of t hickaiiMS County, the R. Fiiuwv will sell his nlock pi mould-1
fourth In the state in point of population. ! imp, dmiia andwindowH at cost. A rn
havinirover IS.tXW, which la nothimt as
compared with the tiumher her fertile
acits are capable of supporting, This
city Justly (eels proud of her
which crosiies the liver just below wheie j If yon want bargain in doors, w in
the mighty Willamette Falls jmur over j down and. mouldings, t all on R l'iule)
tho broad rocky ledge. The Portland I ' ouv H"H"1"
chance to aecurti tmrgiuua,
t'p to the tune ni K'ung to picsa the
Cititcd Ststcs war vessels had not suc
ceeded in capturing the lulu,
Mr. 0. A. lliiiding's new h:iilJlng
I presents an elegant appearance, ,
II. lavis, the jeweler, w.ll lacupy one
' of the rooms,
World pays the following tribute to our
free bridge and Oregon t'ity :
"This bridge is a handsome one span
structure, a credit alike to the enterprise
of the city and the county ; and let it he
said for the benefit of the niosaWks of
Portland and Multnomah county, that
it is a free I ridge. No argus eed toll
g.itherer confront the traveler, like a laud novelties in great varieiy, '
highwavinan, demanding a fee for the! :
privilege of passing along the public' Postal Inspcctsr Culver was In Ci.goil
highway I City Monday, and whilf here iiieii
From' this bridge a sight greets the j H l"'t ollice. He expressed himself1
eye uneiittalled in grandeur and beiiutv. p'ouseil witli ils iii.uuiemi iil, I
ill fivt-nint loiLiicw tntcId neuc tlm?.'!! ilr, Vt fKll
forlv .lolliii tin ncre innl H"ir.U, ' A. fiilj lt.vt nf ,-H. ,
tv," Silieol'tliol.cs, ltciHi'i tilll.KT.Ilbl ll Oreu fw7
' sale nt it Imraititt. All cot'fwKili'iice ' roni,t)y t
' 'nwwfl. ' "htl ' jtitl :UHW 'r troNriv.
"'"lOffico over nufMii'sDrUtf Store, Orogonci
Are a(lcr your putroiiagefcand pi"Hie, by giving full value' on , fc
secure their shine of it, big sale" and finall prollta being tltfc Jj
Till ! k smhriw'tui a full llllnl ; t
Dry (iimhIs, (liiu'i-i it's, limits ttinl Slums, (Mtitliiiig,'!
Tinware, Stovt's, t'lttt ki'iy, Sftuls, Patent Medic:'
I'Vetl, Wall I'lipt-r. Taints, Oils, Sash x
Miss N, W.atis has received tier
spring stock of tine millinciv goisls,
; consisting of hats, tloueis, iiiuuiings,
Juty, luml-cr having been ain-oly con
tracted for construction He stated
that the companv were snbiniitiug their
proportions to the people ah-iig the tine
,for aid li building . tb roiid; . Ut--To
buv stock ; 2nd to purchase the bonds
of the company 'hawing interest ; Srd
bv donations. He also stated that the
average cost of constrn-'ting this kind of
railroad was about WW terviiii!el Tliet
people in the vicinity of Moll!a eoriiera '
had utready asreed to suhsi-ihe 2n.tot
in stis k, and i-ommittees were activelv ;
at wmk. . As the tailsof the woodvp rait
wav are ma-?e broad amta tlaiige on e,jch I
side of the car wheel hold llie cars in'
.1 . '1 . .1 ... T . .
.iai-i ill., I is ;u H tll,lttU4 .,ltII!lU, Jla,h . .
" ' Mr M,I..irfns11m d.rv,.r,of , Uii WW ,V1S1W W '-"
wooden railroads were now in successful j 11 k"w lll4ys 'ce and found
oiicration m TaUfomia, and two more ! yotulg fry hud been turtied oiit
on s eci,il mvita-
: Hons. , .
j The matter of a bull was discussed at
; somo length; and it wa thought best, in
view of thu exporience of last year, to
emit if ait'iit-ihei si
instead theici-f to havi
f ioneit sivial gatht-ins in the evening
ai Hinged that it might he free fiom all
i rgt-trAitiU, .
' TlH: FlMl (OM lilysION.
On the right, roaring and timndeiiiig
tike lea thousand canons, dashing Us, li
against the mas-y nnks and breaking
into millions oi crystal drp. a ad spark
ling like so many diamonds in tho mvs
of the early morning sun. he the Falls
of the Willamette: while on lho left ,
nestling on the Mulls above, j hNtonca1
this rciinien, ami i old Oregon Citv. the newtor of tho ci il-
a go-il "Id fash- z iiioii ni tiregiin. I lore the f Miiiihuloii of
our great and prosperous t-lale .was laid
Tho folloiiiiig perniils to iuir have !
been guiuted by t utility Clerk Jolitt-nn
dining the pas' week:' .Matilda Wilson
and tteniv Vass; l,irui llcss and Chas
I). Lloindle.
Messrs. J. A. foiid-r.S, H. ai d John
tireen have t i-t u i ti i 1 fiom a i't h-'
tlm Itlue river inins In I am- enun'.v, '
lneeii tiros, an- wsll pl.-asn, witli th.ir '
on i
inlmoti Ilntrhery. to he Isn.ited
' ' (the tniier ;( oftiiBhiil. M
..t.Vi-i. p.. ,i-,' - 1...Jk ....:it
v,.' AKIL. .V.IIIUCIVIIV1 4 lJ itll'l
lleic, gatiiei'cil tin- pioneer luei; am
i woiueii, whoee hen.ic lives have yielded
, the rich fruit a which .wo t-itly .-""'
j Here the wimi' and heiievOient I'r
' McLaughlin, as eailv as IS2! built a
! mill, iiikI tlioogh a Kritiili snhiect. and
intc iCNU'd in linglaod. , naming tin-
suprmuaiiy i tins eotmtiy, yt he guv?
1 1 Hi lling iisin cts
j fioi-ly ui Jos Miean to. aid llie .Ano'ti
u-ry , 1-411, setlhn si I' wlink ho was reward
that all tin, ;,),V IP, jueigliliyi y iniurmg lu Voui
Since Pre-idellt Harrison and pailv ,
;letl tl'vgou City, tlu ii iwuriit v Iruiii the i
I time thov loll I'lirtlami has hren i
(Cimliniittliviilioli. Kroni I'oitlanl. lice'
went to the Sound, jelnrnod ti l,ni-'
laud and continued ea-tward on their'
I (ouniiiy home. They aiv eVsvtod to1
1 arrivu in Washlujloii ti,,laC. 1
FXNt'Y A N't' nTI'I,1: flp.Oct'.RU j,N UHKAr VAUlif
Garden Seeds in Bulk.
13th and Main
were netnsf consirunen, aim time iv im ta nn i,. ' riu.-i..,,,- ...,.1 r
ncSiS -veafiga.
trains run 10 ""u oik 11 any nsning was ilene
it was not desirable to 'have
at this rate of .-peed. ' llest-.rte.l that if
itliehriuichtel the road running from
Mt.' Angel to 'Wilhoit Would net tf:!dWa
year, it would pay fnterest on the invest
ment, while an iron mad for the sarrte
distance would have to net H'l.tW
illegally bit Saturday night and Sunday.
! Ilrty fnimij timtj tdm tishnnrn ir fome
'places bad beeil guilty. ' These 'fish-'
! ermen are very sly. but thv need ndt
J he astonished' If the state film! is In-
creaseil bv the tines that w ill sure v fol-
A laigil iiiimt'iM m ritni uoi ica 01 1'iiK I
lllHoti- ; J.;N rKii-HiK are prinled this week, and'
' ' ! It Is destri'd tn circnhitf Mieni li, rverr I
in tlwaama aniem tlm lVorht com-s-J wtwm of tlie isf. Coplo ol this ,) 1
pomli-Mt sy!t i'W'heiil Portland waira'llion Will bo oM uv ivnt each. Send'
mud .UutiiiiF on tlie YVtllamettii an I ! in the ''name of fvien-ts to whom 'yoal
Lovejoy and Pettigrew were playing ! desire copies sent mid they will),
penny ante ta deoidiv whether it shuiiht ' limited' diiect' to !lli'nle!froni tul
Ih 1'iirtiiUjd or IJjh,o, Urvou -City was otMee, fwwt paid,
a pinoi). of. simand iiuii'lriance; anil she 1 " 1 - j
shows uo sign of, Utu decay o( g, tNi The tattle llariiar, miderthe tint1ce I
the uoiilrary, hiijf life ami Imstle. lot the Haptist Ladies Aid Hociete, will'
a' fi in, stttstisTiAt. i-irv. . ! u f, i"1,1;1'1' ,uir,"!"K:' Vulr",iM
. i evening, Mat 21 and lVm, In-lit in t, .
mipm- v.ii) . ua mii nm eieim-nis m ; i.apnst ciiurcn. .n 1111eresi.ni!; program 1
Wilson & Coot
he tendered in III"
I iv cream ami rake ail! hi
; the evi
; A.lmi-
ning. All tire
ion ten cents.
future, great mists and i uot jealous
because her,.sij.Uir down Conemali has
WaUwwioikaua well a.- Iieisel. Tlie miils
and I'.ii tories give eiuplot nieiit to no les
than from uthnusuml In twvlve hiinilret
people, and about $2.VMH1I i paid out ! ."'t Ust S:,tmd:ir titi
annually for wae. W ith all these re-1 i-'nve their nnnta-s ;is
sources, Oregon Citv needs no hoi on to'i Jones, hint a ticai'lr-
She inssesses tile 1 routs tor ibe larivnv
1 . ,M...,. I, ,1 1 It . H.. .
uwuix w lor li." me " !'- ii'ii 1 iow yu-jat mng. ifiti comiaissfeiners-
enftmo ued tn tlm ruinfc stock ol uieso, jjnd that the proiniMa of the owner of!
roa.ls ihe.v are enaniou to asccnu 'i:eavy , ?Jm,jigi ,,,, mi!s ctcel.-ior tae
jtrades with ease, winch tegcther with tones in regard to keep waste out lif
their IlO-inoh track enn'iles ilie.i)r:Mriiot- ; ;h Hvoi. huvu le-t l..-n ' kept it is
ion to he, accomplished very much ,., the intention of the commissioners
cheaper ' than the ordinary railroad, 1 to ihtl-.-t anv Jtmovanc Or e.pen 1
Mr. McLaren guaranteed the. wooden i (H-oplft who violateth law iiiint.-nfi;,llv,
. railnwvl tale in every -wav- -4. wif JH an,l t:iey (neril re giV.) fnir tr.irnrnc "to
an iron dr'sbnd road, and stabwf the ev.-rybndv.'iiiii'! it' no heed is taken the
road was sure to be a paving investment. :,.,,,., ,,.,,..., iii 1,.. ,1,.,, ,1,., ,.;..i ........
and would ! be a grand thing 1 for .the , ,,1 tl. ! ,u. j "...iii.r i.-:tl, i-...'..!..:..:"; i advance her growth
ennhtrv. and that tliev desired terminal U!..r..r ( V..,. f,.r.i i"vr.,..i:: u ... ' very cleuiaut.1 Of hrngroHs and piosin-rilv ! ol eggs from Mrs
r . . I... I ... . " ' , , I, i,t 'It., aull ! Ulltk - ,.
laciuiies 111 oiryiii 1 i.v. - 1 invrtct the Oregon state tish conimis
This mutter was refermd to the coui- i Solvers to assist him in locating a
mittee on mails and pnhlie ' highway I fcdrrtnn httteherv on the upper Columbia,
with instructions to report, . . . ; ,M: uir which an appropriation w imide
Mr. E. M Rands made a few reiparks hy the W ashington legislaturt-. The
concerning the World's fair, and ment-!-; patty will leave Vancouver iih-Mit ' the
oped tlie importance, , Oreaton.beinn '12h inst , and will he aioinpaiiied; by
roresijnted, and further state-i . that , the superintendent of the Clackamas
President Aierwn-.ibtd' firiyhia'tnlj :n hat:liwiyj ;.,;-,.,; 1 1, ;
dan for a state convention to meet at ! :
A I.AIit.t .VI 1 1. Mlt.. IJAAt K.
room aiiOe
Served din ing
CenhallV invite
IjeV-a, Vh(,
. Sore, and It. I
betnn' .liTlice 1
ol a batfer's dnen 1
W. J. Caldwell, i
I w itlu'ti 'herself.' 1 With maiv thousand , they lnoke up u at-miii- hen in the barn , ,
of horse power wasting away as it cornea i iX,u' made a hieakfast oil' the eggs w ilh-,
from .the Kall.s, she extends the nittm "tit reviotw piep iiiitiini or rotidiuieiits,
i.j.i,.ii...,...ai.li,.:,..ii...i.,...a ... bri.;. i,,.i.... c, i ,i a-. .. i
iifviiir in. ,'1UM 1 1 V 1.' I tfo Jllnliaau l Uie.r, j j,ei,; irini incut $r f CUl.n, 01 1 i
n i: vol M,s i oi; rut:
.1 oilers him free sites and free poaei , ''-'Vs fu' the couiity jail. Tliev fo-ik Ih,
.. I. - ... i i i lnfi,ul ' 'fl, v,,,. ..n:.,,' i .
Illl) I In, VI, III. i, I..I J ., r.. ....... ...1 I .
1 .' S" .i'-"'- rnjiji'171,-,1 n; , j
1 he from Portland, and as stealing U 1
U-coini,Ui , so .prevalent , htn, Ji,,tW
jiouta tlmiight best Ui make nexainpi!
;o( thcinj,, ,, ,, ... , .,, , ., ,
Atkin Saws, -:- Oliver Pk
; " U i T Yi R ".'. :''
..' ', AND SCEDRS "'"'
' 1
Portland, June tilth. Mr. Rands then
made a motion that a committee o( three
be appointed to confer with, the county
court, in ;reference to a representation
from this county to said etate convent
ion, 'the motion carriedr whereupon
the president appointed T. L. Charnian,
R. D. Wilson and J. G. Pillshurv as
said committee.
The committee appointed to arrange
a reception for President Harrison,
made their 'report, and tendered a
Vote of tlpvnks to O. A... Harding, who
acted as grand marshal, and K. K.
Charman, Chue. Albright, Jr. and J
R. Rhodes, special committee on de
coration. Report accepted.
l'h MMd f ( punril ipit ;np
. Their
An adiounwl ,ireeUng of the
council of Oregon (,'itv was held at
Meeting of
the State
ThU City.
The first session of a four days meet
ing of Sunday school workers opened
in this city on Wednesday, Presid'oat
'W.-Bi Hall of East ' Porttartdf occupied
the chaif(i Fifty velfeaates f or dif
ferent sections werA ' ennilffd' at the
opening session. jTbe following ofljc'ere
were elected for the' efisifiaj'yfear Presl-
-lent, Deacon W. B. Hall, of East Port--j
lafld j vjoeipijesKjeiit, Mr. L. L. Whit
1 tomb, o! Ilillsboro'; corresponding sec
retary, Rev. E. G. Wheeler, of Port
land t recording aecretaryr Rev. Geo.
W. Hilt, of Albany ; statistical secretary,
) itev. u. a . vv oooy , or roruanu ; treas
'surer, Mrs. D. C. La(oirette, of Cfregon
City executive eemrriittee, Deacon N.
uygert, of Portland, A. 8,DreBser. of
Oregon dity j I Will Brooks, of Salem j'J,
C. Werchkul, of East Portland; A.
Sandprs, of McMinnville. ' "
The opening devotional services were
conducted by Rev. F. K. VanTassel, of
Astoria; and the address 'of welcome
was trade by A. S. Dresser, superintend
ent of Oregon City Sunday school. 1 ffhe
president's address was short and to the
point. He reviewed the work and ex
horted alt to accomplish achievements
for the year to come. The secretary,
E. G. Wheeler, presented . Ida report,
showing fifteen new schools organized
during the year, thousands of hooks
and bibles distributed and 1 sold, and
many other things to encourage the
workers. Thirty-r'.ve. schools have
reported with over 400 officers and teach
ers, ami v-m pupils. 1 tns
partial report. It is believed that
statistical report will show about
pupils enrolled in Baptist schools. ThD
ifute Convention ol the Veiing People
I ' C of Iht- lluptist t'hurth. )
I 1 m.., ij ,i:i ... . . 1 .
1 ' "" 1 . 1 I'fiuiii'll ehiimlifir VV ml iii,u,l,i v ,, t,i
! people w as held inHlns dty at the Baptiirt Nfayor ttyaii in the chair. ; and all tho
j church immediately ufter and following
itheeluueol tl;.,llaptiti.StaU Sunday
j School Conventton. The first session
j was held Friday, MayH.
J Hun., U, E .'Cross delivered' theopen
iing addicts, and presided iduring the
I session. Praise, service, . was! conducted
; by Ucv. T. K. VanTassel, of Astoria,
j alter w hich Rev. Oilman Parker ad
dressed the convetition upon "What
j the Young People Owe the Chu-ch."
I 1'iov. 0. A. Moody, of Portland, fol.owed
upon "What tho Church Owi.s the
i oung People. '
The convention unanimously adopted
the basis of oiganization proposed by
the Philadelphia conference. .. .
Report.-) received fronif the f Various
societies showed ' exceptionally jd
work dope duping thei past year. E. G.
yi)eeleii tiiteiyrriifii!!er,reported the
organization of.ivenew liaptist societies.
-Ajt tbei Friday ibormng session .'after
ucTiirwinil-KiiruiHCM, I njieSSOT 10WI1-
send, of Portland, spoke of the "Social
Features and Effectiveness of the
Worq'? antf Cl M" Brpvtf 1 sitokei dpon
.tiie.iuteeti'of 'Our Great) Need.'
the afternoon session was opened
with a very interesting -consecration
meeting led by Miss Mattie Martin, of
McMinville. .
Miss Celia Pennington, of Ajlbtny,
read a paper on the ''titiecessful (' Prays
iBrmeetintf,' f j; '! Si 1 l; i? ; f .
. : MiM M Vrjss, bf (he .Women's Home
Missipnaty society, toke W .horije and
foreign mission. ... ' .-u .
There was a large delegation present
from all parts of the state, arid many
interesting -discussions were had. The
musical feature of the sessions was verv
good, especial mention, is made of Prof.
H, S.'Uile for his effort on the guitar.
1 Among those who took an active in
terest in the-proceedings on the last
1 day are: 1-rank htannard, 0. P. Coshow,
I C, W. Hrown, W. B. Hall. Prof. Town-
send, llevs. G, W. ltill and liobert
Whiteaker, Mrs. E. G. Wheeler, Misses
.Mattie, Martin. Celia H. Pennington,
and C C. Casto.
couneilmeii present but Treiuhath ami
Athey.. , , , , . , , ,.
Minutes of last meeting read an
A petition waa read from 3, Mars, et
at for privilege to comstrui t 1) and 8 foot
sidewalks on two aided of block .11. On
motion was granted.
Chas. r.ubcoek, street commissioner,
submitted his report for road luxes col
lected for the year 18IHI : Amount of road
tiixea listed $" 1.174.47; amount of taxes
collected, lfJ4(a!.fK ; amount of road tax
deliniiienl, lflti!l.7. Kelitrred to finance
cominitlet. !
Jailidl W.mbr, 1 1 niiiriiiruf, tit,, I i
E. A. Krey'tag, judges of election in
second ward, and T. Califr and W T,
W'hitlock, clerks, were allowed $4 each
for their services. . , M
V IV 0?Pi W allowed 3.5ft for ser
vites as special policeman, and Jolm
Green $2.50 as special policeman on
election da v.
, Tlie, Kajnrallj ami Cauncll, ...
The new memhiirsif TIjo- ellv cnifiieil 1
have been sworn in, and will look alter 1
tin-bilNiriem of tti, eirv lut...ii...
the i Mnyor eh'.-t, T. W", Sullivan. -ftinvi-jh ;
his CottilMid, It. E. Cross, has verVeil nil
injnetron on The tluiyir, renidcr atid
ntemberrf of ttre: oh( 'cotincil, itgalnst;
further pniew'tllngv hi the mavotalty
irouiiu-. logeinei; wiui a wntot review, 1
from Judge Taylor, oyminiuidihg 1
the recorder to bring lho proeet dingn
had by the council, in coiitiertiun with,
this matter, before him in this city on i
May 'Jilt li when he will decide whether
or not their prot: lings were law lul, or
whether they had jurisdiction. Aecoid- ;
ing to the order made bv Ju lgo Tavlor j
it is evident the council cried in lefii-ingj
to grant T. W. Sullivan a certificate of i
election, as the time to enter a protest
was after a cot titl ni ut elotitioii had
hewn issued.; ...
Healed bids will, ho received for the
orny a 1 construction 01 a new burn until J ues-
tlte iay, May v.i, nans iiiei specifications
r,i)() can tie seen at hogus & Albright's meat
market. Jcucs Loocn,
A w'frrtnt;oIdered,dl1(lWIp in,. furor of
J. Vv, O'Coliriell for 24, he tiavinjj
fiaid out that amount for labor on the
new pump.
The committee, appointed to negotiate'
the sale oltjiqr city blinds consisting of
C . H. C'atifleia, T. 1. Charman and (Jr
J. Parknr, stated that they had adverr,
twed, the same and, receivej e'eral
bids, the highest being that of 'B.' Gold
smith, of, Portlluii; hfe havipirbid one
half percent, premium, which wasacr
cepted.'I'Cm mdtibn , the uroport of the
committee was adopted. .
The committee appointed to rovjse the
new charter, stated, that they had not
dorle the work for' the rfcion that, they
did not have time to complete tlie wort
before their terms of office expired.
The mavor announced that the new
charter made no provision for the bonds
of the new c'tv officers, where nnon
a resolution was adopted placing the
bonds of city treasurer at $10,000, and
the city assessor and collector, at jffiOOO.
Councilman O'Connell made men
tion that a writ of review hud been
served oil the members of the council,
mayor and recorder, whereupon, the
council voted that, the, mayor and re
corder take such steps as necessary to
make, a defense before Circuit Judge
Taylor, MayO.
Iloll of lienor,
: Following is a list of lho names of
rupilH''in the public school of Viola
District, No I t,' who have 'maintained.
aj!Ood deportment' and have unit her
been absent nor tardy during the month
ending Mav, 8, IHifp:' ' T "
John Mattoon, Jix-I ' l.acroy, ' Win
Miller, Mym J,croy, J.oiiisu Lncrov,'
Urania Wroy, Auiita Jiibb, l-loroncn
Jubb, Jennie:. .luhb. Ennlv - Inbb, t,,i,i
pv warn,,,, ... ..; ,.. , , !
, t),,' i ti.i ' mIkikn M. TAvi.oa.
I vh . oi .,. , i, ;.,,f....,i, Teacher, .
The following is the roll of honor in
district No. 3!, embracing regnjar at
Icndance; perfect dcporlrpunt and good
achoiarship for the month ending May
8d, mi: .: t " ' -,' .:,..:
Nina Garti. Am'iindii TinnerRtet.' Geo.
Clark, Knima ' Wallace. Georgia Grace.
A,ni"ie, ,5,!ck' Anni) Tinncrstet, Katie
Manning, Cecil Casper. Cora Pirn,,.
Hattie Ringo, Henry Klelnsmith, Willie
Miller, Frank Miller, Frank ItintfO, !.
erest Sager, Adolf Tinnerstct, Charley
Bei'k, Emma Kleihsniith, John Miller
Willie Wallace, Edna Jewell, Lottie Sa
ger, Nellie Mclnlyre, Willio Clark, Snsio
Kager, Sfirmio (llvck, Irene l.eo, I'red
North, llert.rahl Jewell, Orvud Martin
and Alfred Martin.
Attendance during tin; month, 17' vis
itors, 9. '
Friends are cordially invited to cull
and sec what wo tire doing.
Gkoimib H. Dunn,
Teacher, I
W n!o cuHt n I'till lir,(i of Hslitj) klCi'' uva
:.,:' V; iVria.ct lNjr(l:Md piU'(:,,,i
ttr stock of Spring Wdonns is
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hiiir-spnn rassciicer ninl Momihihi
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