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    Interesting TI.I-bIN (luthcred By
Act It Carp of Kegulnr Con.
School has started again, after being
closed tor a wk on account of In grippe,
0. T. T.hiko is making vreiaratioiis for
tlu erection of his new bum, which, ii is re
ported, will 1 His flnes( in the neighbor
hood. The late appearance of hop winds ami Hi
appearance of the hop louse in few locall
lies has caused some uneasiness among hop
men, yet there are good prospects of a large
If we are to judge by the blossoms on the
irees, the fruit en.,, will be unusually large J lwnkill! ,irlll ,,, ,ros f(,r $w
ilent and get Mink if possible,
On Inst Saturday night a dime was given
at Taylor's hull, Kverylvody, hoth ohl and
young participated in "tripping Ih light
fantastic toe. ' Occvkionai,,
Kiv entile.
Ueauliful wenther again,
Th tanners are all busy sow ing oats nml
planting their potatoes.
Vehae had several light frosts within
the past week, hut no serious damage done
to frnu us yet.
Riverside was well represented at the
Ivoard of trade meeting, hehl in I'atihy Frl
ilny evening. We are glml to see a Iniard
organised, as it will advance the interests of
the eomiuunity to no tittle extent.
The Willamette taint Company's agent,
Mr. Chase, this wek sold to a Portland
Sam VVestfall's little hoy fell into the mill
pond at the Knterprise Milling Company's
mill one day last week, ami earn near
The Smoekville dramatic cluh gave an
entertainment si Smock's hall Inst Saturday 1
evening to a very fair sired audience. I
The Enterprise Milling Company closed !
Miss Winnie and Master Carroll KautV
man, of Newherg, are the guests of their
aunt, Mrs. Julia Frost.
Several of the Riverside young people at
tended ihesurprise parly given Miss Fannie
Hoatman Kriday evening. Midnight put
an end to the soeinl whirl, and all seemed
delighted wilh the manner in which they
had Uvn entertained. Will call again. Miss
Charles Armstrong has made numerous
their mill last Saturday to give their hands a
chance to attend Hie horse races at New berg, j improvements on his farm in the few weeks
where they were relieved of various sums j,,st passed in th way of grnhhing, fencing
of money, according to their "luck," I ""d slashing.
The contract for the new Congregational! W. Howard has just finished setting
church will he Id next Saturday lo the low-' 01,t 8 ''"een acre field in strawberries. He
esl n-ssnsili!e bidder. The lowest hid so j !,', expects to hint twenty or twenty-live
far is about one thousand dollars. The : acres lo melon. Mr. Howard has ipiite a
trustees have nearlvtwo acres ol land for i reputation as a melon raiser. Thel'anbv
issued one day last week, mid lumber la ar
riving lor iu const ruction, Soon the county
clerk will issue another permit, and we'll
hear the wedding bellii. Just ask Chris,
aboul it,
Vncle Jacob Hunch, of New F.ru, was vis
itlng In our tow n a few days last week.
0, mil T. C. Andrutt did not move from
Mountain View lo Uarlows, ns lately re
nt a itinerant turn,
Mr, Summers, who has the old Xtini-
walt place rallied, Inn! the misfortune In
lose one of his work horses which fell Ilia
ditch and died front the ellects,
Mrs, llriihnnt, formerly of these purls,
starts on the l.'lli "I this inoulli lo look at
a llniher claim some leu or twenty miles
hack of Vancouver, accompanied by her
William, ol liiahnm s Kerry, and a
ported through Tiik Kj i'khiki!ik, but from i sou
Maple l.ane. On the other hand a large
family from Salem moved right through
llailows to Mountain View, ami lauiglit, ! volver on the bar-keeper
trlend, Mrs. ('Hiland, of Portland.
Mr. l,nroi,ue, ol Uullevlllc, drew a re-
Mr, Waller l ewis,
of Mr, (Iriiiicsn mlnon, and Mis, tlilnies
had Hie pleasure of putting him In the
street. ,
I'll orchards of this corner are looking
splendid, as we have a man who under
stand pruning them, and who has been
kepi pretty busy this winter.
Mr. J, W. tlrahani, of (Iridium Kerry! la
spending the week in Hallas ami Salem,
Mrs, Sain Wesifnll and child had a very
narrow escape last week. Tlia little child
ana playing near the mill oud and fell In.
The mother saw It and ran to save It, and
had to jump In as the water w as ipiite deep
- and she knew nothing about swimming;
liamaseiM, ' i and had not the mill men ran there, both
Severn! tvxrsoii. IY.,1.1 (Ills l.blc. .-.,. I,, ' 0llld lllUC perished. Until Were doing
rorlhuid yesterday to see President Harri
son. Oiu Hag lloals proudly over the school
house in honor ol the president-
Sunday school at the Christian chapel e
ami is now building,
Sir. liill'onl, of Iowa, Is stopping at Moun
tain View with his family, while looking lor
a location' suitable for bis business. He
Anita this the cheapest town to live In in
the valley.
Oh, I tell you, w are gelling to be ipiile
a place. If our motor line had leen a little
Inrther along w have no doubt the presi
dent would have taken our tow n iu on bis
trip. Then our committee would have met
him at the corporate limits, ami our mayor
would have given liliu an address of wel
come. l! So Hoo,
the church and grounds, and they are clear
ing it oil" and leu ling (he ground prepara-
tory to commencing work on the (omnia
iion which w ill be let in a separate contract.
William Scott, our enterprising read su
pervisor, has lieen clearing and levolingthc
rund between here and Smoekville, so that
it is now in very good condition.
Horn to the wife of Mai Fitch a son.
Miss tana Zayinsn, of Uayton, has been
visiting Miss Kmma Keisner during the
past week.
Orrin Stanwood, of Soholl's Ferry, has
been visiting his sister, Mrs, l.ee Smock the
past week.
The Pressed Brick Company shipjied
aeyen or eight car loads of brick to Cort
land last week.
The little childrei
prairie melon
is second to none in the
of the Canhyitcs u
engineer get tor stop
The leading topic
" how much Jul the
pivs the presidcnlial train at I'-arlows?"
Some say fsi, s,onc fl"0,
J, A Cos is busy planting spuds. Hccx
pects to plant one hundred acres.
Mrs. Ii. W. Shank has been one of the
victims of la grippe, hut is recovering
slow lv.
Mr. Isaac Frost has been unite unwell for
sometime past. He also is slowly improv
ing. Can't we have a ferry? We need one
across the river at Ilucknian s landing. Ity
having a ferry at this point it would put
Molalla, (iribble, Marks, Uarlows and Can-
of Siiuu-l-vi-ii-mv. ... ! h-v l'rairis in ,ireol communication with
ery Sunday. It is progressing nii-ely under
the uianageinenl of J. M Johnson. All we
need is tine weather and a lew more hralthv
i persons,
Th-TC seems to be a general discontent
j aiuonu the mail carriers on this rout. We
i have bad a gteat nuuy ditleivnt carriers,
landof all descriptions. We know of sonic
I cases last w inter w here the mad tailed to in
: rive on account of the d . iiiikciiness nl
earner, Monday the mail came 111 here in
la very wet condition. Some of the letii-s
I were very nun h daniaued by water. New
well ill last accounts;
We are glad to welcome Mr. Arthur lilgg
home once more, but sorry that we imiv
lose bun soon, ns he contemplates going lo
the Sound. '
A great many of our hop growers aie
pretty badly scared out the appearance ot
the bop lice wliti h Ihcv claim tire woi king
.it this eaijy stage.
Mr, and Mrs. Ihirher hold Sunday school'
at Id 'Ii' A. M. and chinch services nl 1 1 'M
. V at I'b asm t Hill each f.iW..illi, and at
I I', M. at Wtl onv I
Now M, .rs. "li,.rtv" and ' II. II." I
,:l klr.liy bid
e sick bsi this
mi ail rev i
as I in
entertainment last Friday evening which
was decidedly sccoessful.
Mrs. Elitabeth Martin, wife of Peter G.
Martin, died at Smoekville April 2ti. Fu
neral services were help at William Keller's
in Portland. The deceased wa buried in
East Portland. Chispa.
May 4, 1891..
Portland, and shorten the distance from
four to twelve miles on the public travel
from those places. There is a good wagon
road on either side to the river tank. All
that is lacking is a ferry. The people of
Canby and this place have ottered quite a
liberal sum to any person that will put a
ferry across the river at this place. Who
will be the erscn to start the ball rolling?
It will surely pay. Alpha.
May 11, ISSH.
Meadow Brook-
Miss Delia Hubbard is now at home on a
brief sojourn. We were sorry to learn that
ihe will soon return to Krench prairie, as
young ladies are very scarce here when
none are absent.
We acknowledge a pleasant call from our
old chum, Willie Baker, on Kriday. Will
is still in the horse trading line.
Rev. J. B. Jones, of Brooks, Marion
county, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D.
Wright on the 9th and loth instant. Mr.
Jones lived amongst us until two years
go, and we have listened to nianv an elo-1
iuent discourse from him in our rustic ilhoit to Oregon City are asked to subscribe
school house. It may be of interest to the ! or take stock to the amount of KYvTM) and
hostof friends of his eldest daughter Grace ! give right-of-way. And Oregon City will be
to learn that she is attending the Monmouth j called upon to take $.V),0H) of stock and give
normal school, and from our acquaintance ; terminal grounds. The company only asks
we are sure we may safely add, at the head ! for an assurance to take Ihe required slock
of her class. and pay 20 per cent, as each five miles is in
We learn that George Robeson wil start
The railroad committee on stock sub
scription, Messrs. R. T. Dibble, John Ever
hurt and Oliver Robins are training an in
strument of writing between the Wooden
railroad corporation and the people of Wil
hoit and Wright Bridge on the Molalla riv
er. Owing to the delay in getting their
seal, the corporation has taken no definite
action until recently. Everything is busi
ness now, and we shall see what we shall
see. As previously stated, the oeonle from
for Castle Rock, Washington, to-daY, to
work at rail road construction.
Your correspondent has just received a
copy, fresh from the press, of the first edi
tion of "Gaskell's Atlas of the World," con
taining a wealth of statistics compiled from
the last census. No newspaper reader can
afford to be without this work. We had
rather dispense with"WiBSTEs ' than "Gab
kill" F. R. Wright, accompanied by his moth
er, made a trip to the metroolis on Mon
day. Miss Jessie Robeson was the guest of
Mrs. Rial Garrett last week.
We understand there will be a concert at
the Meadow Brook school house on Satur
day. One of the principal features of the
entertainment will consist in auctioneering
off lunch baskets prepared by our girls, w ith ;
the privilege of the purchaser having the !
cook (or the lady "preparing the lunch) for a !
partner pro tern.
How many of our nailers have read the
complete works of Charles llickcns? We!
have just finished a perusal of his writings.
However biased one may be against fiction,
and after reading Dickens did not admit his
merits would certainly be difficult to con
vince. Every shade of human character is
o grandly portrayed that we can fill nearly
every character of his from among our ac
quaintances. Competition among publish
ers has reduced the cost of these unexcelled
works so low that no reader can aflojd to
fee without them,
Here is a query for the question box:
Why don't our freeholders subscribe for The
Evtebpbisk instead of borrowing their
neighbor's paper? A friend laughingly in
formed us, not long since, that three of his
neighbors, non-patrons of the paper, came
together to borrow his copy. Phoikix. I
May 11, 1191.
successful operation. Farmers, are you
ready to quit hauling through the mud?
Russel A Stewart are building a CD-horse
power steam saw mill at Wright's bridge in
behalf of the silver railroad.
Wales Russel is engaged getting out Are
proof rock on A. J. Sawtell's farm for the
furnace in the new sawmill.
George Grahill and family are moving on
Asa Sander's farm.
Newton Lovendge Is moving into one of
Mrs. stubb's houses.
Homer Dungan has recently fitted up
a barber, watch and notary public office.
Call at the stone front and get your pajiers
shaved out on time.
Molalla school had a splendid time at its
Hag raising.
Mr. Joseph Summer's family are reported
in a destitute condition, the husband and
father being unable to work.
Mr. Palmer's son, who recently exploded
a shotgun cartridge in his face, is recovering
e think "Anon" w ill suci
gatherer, seeing he lias taken
high pinnacle, from which place he can ob
serve the forces of the MUsouriana, retain
ing his equilibrium above the firing angle
of big guns.
Mr. W. H. Engle erected a monument at
his wife's grave in the Clackamas county
cemetery last week.
Prof. J. K. Buff closed a successful term
of school at Glad Tiding's last Friday.
Teachers' of Clackamas county! By all
means organize a teachers' association
The president did not call on us, and we
held on to our first thoughts and remained
in the saw mill office all day thinking of the
honest farmers and the president's charge.
My 8- Tzu.
W elsh mid M:irtiu were compi lie. I In
their mill last wick, as all the hands
Hie grippe. , f
Itresuii and Son are running their mill
by water power until they inn get their en
gine repaired.
Mrs. Kd wards lost a cow last week. She
is luiv leg a run of bad luck.
Arthur Jones, a son of Itev, Jones, got a
clerkship in the First National Hank of
II I may be so Isild 1 would lik to an
sivrr that question for you, Mr. Editor,
which th Highland correspondent asked.
I would say, to protect your stock on the
public common is lo keep them on your
own farm. By the "public common" I
inppose he means the county road. We
have a class of man her who are land and
stock poor; at least the stock are poor,
They have plenty of land, hut they turn
their stock out on the common to worry
their neighbor. I say " dog 'em !"
I am glad some one started the road
question, as we are all more or less Inter
ested. My plan Is to get the road as straight
as possible, and then open it the forty or
sixty feet as the case may be, taking out
every slump that wilt give us a chance to
dodge one mud hole and straddle another.
At present there are miles of road where
,,. , ... . ' mere is nanny room Tor two teams to pass
We are pleased to seethe face of our old .,,,.,., , v .
right through the mud holes some of which
seem almost Imttomlcss.
Miss Gertrude Forbes is teaching the
this should not he. We Hunk the fault lies
with the contractors. In th first place
they do not pay enough to secure good tii -,1-class
carriers, and iu the second plate
the carriers ..re not sure of any pnv at
all. Now these conditions are not at
nil conducive to the happiness, Ihe careful
ness, and the contcutcdnes of the much
abused carriers. The singe has he,in taken
otf this route, and Monday the one man
had lo make thejound trip to t'urrinsv ill
with one horse.
We bos- these things may he remedied.
The system of letting and sub-letting these
contracts to companies is wrong. They
should be let directly to a rrsonsihle car
rier, and not have two other parties reoeiv
ing all the profit and the carrier nothing,
May fi, 1H.
Died, at his home, on the first of May,
William Sharick, aged 2 years. Mr. Shar
ick had long been a sufferer with consump
tion, but was not confined to his bed until
four weeks before his death. He mov ed to
Oregon from Iowa in 174, and has resided
here ever since. He will lie greatly missed
among his friends.
More rain, which means good crops.
Full grain looks well, and a good proscct
for fruit this year.
ineiio, .nr. vt imam iintinie, wtio lin.s been
residing iu Maine lor two vears.
school at Eagle Creek.
Mr. Ringo, of this place, met with an ac
cident Monday which nearly caused him to
lose his life. While In Oregon City after a
load of goods for(i. W. Grace, his team be
came frightened and ran away. Meeting
an obstruction they turned squarely around,
breaking the wagon tongue and landing In
the wagon, demolishing it. It was only by
a miracle Mr. Ringo escad with his life.
He sustained some pretty severe bruises.
We had quite a little blaze Friday even
ing, the 1st, in which Mr. Frank Miller lost
his barn and wood shed, along with a year's
supply of wood, considerable bacon, a
quantity of hay, some farming tools, a lot
ol poultry ami onecalf. The fire originated
by his little four-year-old boy playing with
matches and lighting a small bunch of hay
to see it bum. The loss is quite heavy.
Hon. T. I.. Clark and w ife went to Oregon
City Monday, the 4th, and from there to
Portland to represent this section at the
president's reception at the latter place
Tuesday. Hoknutth.
We will back Jake Myers as the Ust
whistler in Clackamas county.
Henry Hughes and M.Hchwirtz are hav
ing some slashing done. Most.
"ed as a news
a stand on a
Mark's Prairie Items.
Owing to the recent rains the sowing of
oats has been postponed for a time indefi
nite. Mumps and la grippe still prevail in this
Tom Marks, son of Samuel Marks, who
has been very sick with the mumps for the
last three weeks is now convalescent.
The hop louse is said to be at work in
some of the hop yards, much to the dissat
isfation of some of our hop growers.
Our road overseer is doing some good
work filling up mud holes, repairing :
bridges, etc. j
Did you get a "shake', with President I
Harrison? Quite a number ol our prairie j
farmers went to Portland to sec the presi-1
Mountain View.
The Congregational Sunday sch ool of this
place have bought a Mason fc Hamlin organ
of the very best make. It is a fine toned
instrumant, and adds largely to the interest
of the school and church services.
Most everybody and their children went
to Oregon City Tuesday to see the president.
Mr. Frederick, of Salem, is now building
a large blacksmith shop at this place.
Hackart and Harington are digging a well
for Mr. Frederick.
Another house is in processor construc
tion, ami not a vacant house among us.
The whistle of our new steam wood
working factory was first lizard Monday
morning, the 1th. Success to Mr, F. M.
Darling, the enterprising proprietor.
A permit for still another new house was
Neighbor McGiigan notified us that he
could spare some more "garden chilly"
spuds. We held a little wondering meeting
over the matter and concluded he must he
incurring a fresh attack of la grippe. Any
way he ordered the lumber to tie sawed two
years ago for a new mansion, und as the
present dwelling has not yet tumbled down
he is now ready for the "plans and specifi
cations." The site is conspicuous, and the
building will add much to the beauty of the
landscape as seen from the south side of the
While enjoying the hospitality of Mr.
James Maybee recently, we had the pleas
ure of seeing his nice new oblong fishing
pond, thirty feet length by we forget how
wide. Said pond Is like Dr. Ingraham's
park, which, being the "new addition" to
the city of Cherry vllle, Is "extensively laid
out but thinly settled." The pond contains
three cats and a minnow. The cats spend
their time chasing the minnow like a pack
of republicans after a farmers' alliance man.
One of the recent events of our burg is
the creating of a farmers' alliance; about
half from each of the political parties.
"Create," says Ingersol;, " means to make
something out of nothing." But that is not
the case with this lodge, as you will soon
discern. Woobuat.
Itoad making Is the prevailing occupation
just now.
Messrs. Wasco and Hand are preparing
to build a good strong cedar bridge across
th Little Sandy. It will lie at least two
hundred fet In length; We extend a hearty
welcome to our energetic new neighbors,
and hope their future among us will lie
Mr. H. MoGugan Is using his heavy
wagon In consequence of a run away occur
ring recently, which left his spring wagon
in a rather bad condition.
Two coyotes made their appearance before
Mr. Ten Eyck last Friday morning, one or
which he peppered well with bird shot at a
distance of ten feet. Load with larger shot,
Dick; don't lie tantalized that way.
lis nt every one who can le bis own I
iieuiisi. vt e envy ,iir, iiotinuin s nerve,
ri... . r : i ,. i ...
I pie social r ri.iay night was n success.
Klfeoursj every one got jut the pie he
Our school is indebted to Mr. I!. Alexan
der I'ur a new Webster's Dictionary. A dic
tionary has long been needed, und Mr. Alex
ander's gift will he appreciated
The l'eake brothers packed some butter
nearly two 'years ago, which tastes better
now than many a Kund that comes fresh
Irom tho weary housewife's mold.
Tell me not in mournful nunilicrs
Bachelors live on empty dreams;
While they feast on milk ami honey
Married men eat iork and beans.
Pleasant Hill.
"Pleasant indeed is the homeward track,
If we are hut sure we are welcome buck."
Now since "Shorty" and "II. M. Ii" have
so kindly missed my trial sprays of this re
mote corner of the county, I will flatter
myself with the thought that 1 may be wel
comed hack, although there isn't much of
interest going on in these parfs, as we are a
mild sort. Still, some of our neighbors are
00 TO
Fine Perrnmerles and Toilet Articles.
Also a full stock ol
FAIlTTfcS; OILS, ktc.
All kinds of Kriwh and Salt Wider FiHU
OyHturs, Cialii! und (!lams. Poultry
an 1 guino of all kinds, in their
season. Oniers lillei and du
liveretl to imv part of
the city.