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Tlta Formation of Ctiiiii;liiii' That l.wt.
SunttaT nt llttiiift ami Uip (ilil Ha l.tftl
Bhtttl Him Ketui-n of hii ArH-ititaul.
Kaaliitiiii, Itevtilutigti, liiiM ami iyNy.
(Copt, righted b the Author.)
I - A"
if V SE .Utne morn in g
'i X'.- vrhtMl 1 was :k bov. Cat)-'
'I t- ' lam K!en Liitliatu cutiif !
tn onr house, ntul the i
first possip he nnltnidedj
WHsilsut "tlieui suites,
about lir.diiij: trld i.
Oilifornv was all true." 1
It whs "wash d.ty" mil our folks and:
some of the neighbor were tntliered in j
the "wash house" w'.ii'e the colored help j
tHised her fat black firms ill the suds of
tho wash tub.
That was the first re;wt I heard from
California. Old Eben h.id tve u a man
of the sea; was once o:ip:mvd by a pirate,
and when he told the story, which he
did once a week, he eon- !u. led by rolling
op his trousers and showing the bullet
scan, he had received.
California then was b it a blotch of
yellow on t.'ie scluw'.liov's map of 1S17.
It was a-x-ialed only with hides, till
low iutd Dana's "Two Ve.irs B.'foie the
Mast.' It was tlintv-tli. i f prineipally in
rounwinni with bn;; in'iiu .l s.ivae cat
tit. l.-tsMis ir.id Mexicans. Very near
Uiis r.i general vacancy and mystery was
the entire i-'-rieii w,-: of the Kocky
tuonntaius What was ka avu as the In
dian Territory covered mi area now oc
cupied by half a dozen prv-perons states.
Teias was t.ieu tile ileccn of adventnr
rs und people who fouud it advisable to
leave home suddenly. The phrase in
tlutM days, '(roue to Texas," had a
inuin iil:ut equivalent t j "Gone to
toe ' Theu California took its
The report slumbered during the sum
mer in our village, but in the fall it com
menced kindling and by winter it was
ablaze Then companies commenced
forming It was not entirely a strange
land to some of our people.
Ours was a whaling village. Two
thirds of the male population were bred
to the sea. Every boy knew the ropes
of a ship as soon if not sooner than he
did bis multiplication tabid. Ours wa.
a "traveled" community. They went
nearer the north and south poles than
nost people of their time, and Behring
trails, the Kamtuchatkan coast, the sea
of Japan, Rio Janeiro. Valparaiso, the
Sandwich islands, the Azores and the
names of many other remote localities
were words in every one's mouth, and
words, too. which we were familiar
irtth from chiluhojd. Many of our
whalers had touched at San Francisco
and Monterey. There h id recently been
a great break down in tn ' whale fishery
Whale ships for Kile vr- re plentiful
Host of them Were lioaiit to carry the
rush of merchanui-.- and men to
'- By November, I Sis, ( '..liioraia was
tne talk of the village, as it va3 all that
time of the whole country. The great
gold fever raed all winter.
All the old retired whaling captains
wanted to go. and most of them did go.
All the spruce young men of the place
wanted to go Companies were formed,
and there was much serious drawing up i
of constitutions and
r-.-irulation. In most
bylaws for their !
cvs the avowed :
as et forth iu ,
Mining and trad-;
Great profit was
ubject f the auni:'
tiiese dix.'1'.iii.-nt.-, ',v. "
ra with the ludiatis."
eioeflfd to be gotten
out of the Call-,
fornia Indian. He was expected to give
stores of gold and furs in exchange for
gJt watches, brass chains, beads and
gktHS marbles. The companies bought
safes in which to keep their gold, and
also strange und co'mplei gold washing
machines, of which numerous patterns
vaddeuly sprang up, invented by Yankees
who never saw and never were to see a
gold mine. Curious ideas were enter
tained relative to California. The Sacra
mento river was reported as abounding
in alligators. Colored prints represented
tii adventurer pursued by theiie reptiles.
The general opinion was that it was a
fearfully 'iot country and full of snakes.
Of the companies funned in our vicin
ity some had more standing and weight
than others, and meiu'oeroiiip in them
was eagerly sought for. An idea pre-;
Tailed tiiat when this moral weight and
respectability was launched on the shores
trf California it would entail fortune on
all belonging to the organization. People
with the lightnijig glance and divination
of golden anticipation saw themselves al
nsady in the mines hauling over chunks
at ore and returning home weighed down
with them. Five years was the longest
period any one expeeted to stay. Five
years at most was to be given to rifling
California of her treasures, and then that
country was to be thrown aside like a
used-up newspaper, and the rich adven
turers would spend the remainder of
their days in wealth, peace and prosper
ity at their eastern homes. Ho one tardea
then of going out "to build np the glori
oas ate of California." No one then
ever took any pride in the thought that
he might be called a "Calif orniaja." So
they went.
People who oould not go invested in
men who could go, and paid half the ex
of their passage and outfit on con
dition that they r nould remit back half
tt gold they dog. Thw teaaiftin of
AXKonaot seldom paid aay tHrideodf. I
daut if oue ever wot back daSax.
iuiswiru anarvUoidoni really got Uteit
uumey's worth In irilded hope, which
with them lasUsl for years. Unt pooplo
never put such brilliant anttcipaUons on
the credit side of the account, and merely
Ixva.wu that at the last they are not ival
i isod.
As the winter of " "4S" watitsl the com
panies, one after another, set sail for the .
land of gold. Tho Sunday prvvclmg I
they listened to farewell sermons nt .
church. 1 rvtvlleot swing a score or tw.i
of the young Argonauts thus pnv.clied j
I to. They were admonished from the i
pulpit toUvhave temperately, virtuously,
wisely and piously. How seriously they
, listened. How sulterly were their nar
i row brimmed, straight-up-and-down lit
I tlo plug hat of that period piUsl one
; atop the other in trout ol mom. now
: glisteneil their hair with tho village Ktr-
ber's hair oil. How pronounced tho croak
! of their tight boots as they marched up
I the aisle. How brilliant the hue of their
neckties. How patiently and resignedly
' they listentsl to the sail discourse of the
minister, knowing it would 1h the last
i they would hear for many mouth. How
eager the glaucea they cast up to the
church choir, where sat the girls they
were to marry on their return. How few
returned. 'How few married the girl of
that period's choice. How little weighed
the words of the minister a year after
ward in the hurry scurry of the San
Francisco life of "-19-40,
What an innocent, unsophisticated, in
exjH'rienctsl lot were those forty odd
young Argonauts who sat in those pews!
Not one of them theu could bake disown
bread, tnrn a flapjack, re-seat his trousers
or wash his shirt. Not one of them had
dug even a post bole. All had a vague
sort of imprvssiou that California was a
nutshell of a country and that they would
see each ot her there frequently, and event
ually ail return home at or about the
same time. How little they realized
that one was to go to the northern and
one to the southern mines and one to re
main in San Francisco, and the three
never to moot asain! What glittering
gold mines exist.nl in their brains even
during the preaching of that sermon!
Hole where the gold was put out by the
shovelful, from which an occasional
bowlder or pebble was picked out and
flung away. :
The young Argonaut, church being !
dismissal, took his little stiff, shiny plug j
and went home to the last Sunday tea.
And that Sunday night, on seeing her i
home from church for the last time, he i
was allowed to sit up with her almost as
long as he pleased. The light glimmered
long from the old homestead front parlor
wiudow. The cold north wind without
roared among the leafless sycamore and
crashed tae branch together. It was a
sad, sad pleasure. The old sofu they sat
npon would be sat upon by them no more
for years. For years? Forever in many
c-aaea. Today, old and gray, gaunt and
bent, somewhere in the gulches, "up
north" somewhere, hidden away in an
obscure miniug camp of the Tuolumne,
Stanislaus or Mokelumne, np in Cariboo
or down in Arizona, still he recollects
that night as a dream. And she? Oh,
she dried her eyes and married the stay-at-home
6ve years after. A girl can't
wait forever. And besides, bad reports
after a time reached home about him.
He drank. He gambled. He fonnd fair
friends among the senoritas. And, worse
than all. be made no fortune.
By spnug most of the Argonauts had
departed With them went the flower
of the village Their absence made a
big social gap. and that for many a day.
The girls they left behind tried for a
time to liveon hope, and afterward "took
up" and made the most of the younger
generation of boys.
After many months came the first let
ters from San Fraucisco, and then siieci
niens of gold dust and gold pieces. The
gold tiust came in quills or in vials,
mixed with black sand
In the course of two years a few of the
"boys" came straggling back. The first
of these arrivals. I remember, walked up
our main street, wearing on his shoul
ders a brilliant hued Mexican serape. It
created a sensation. All the small boys
of the village "tagged on behind him," a
sort of impromptu iruard of honor. The
geraiye was about all he did bring home.
He talked a great deal of gold and
brought specimen, but not in sufficient
q.11Un.ity to pay all outstiiuding bills.
The next of the returned was a long.
paunt, vcllir.v case of Chargres fever.
He brouu'lit only i;loom. Alone in 1833-1
came a few of the more fortunate who
had made a "raise." Two returned and
paid up their creditors in full who had
been by creditors given over. But few
came to remain. They "staid around"
home a few weeks, turned up their noses
at the email prices asked for drinks,
cigars and stews, treated everybody,
grew restless and were oflf again.
Sometimes on visiting my native vil
lage I stand before one of those old
fahhioned houses, from whose front door
thirty-fonr years ago there went forth
for the last time the young Argonaut on
his way to the ship. There is more
than one such house in the village. The
door is double, the knocker is still upon
it, the window panes are small, the
front eate is the same and up to the
door tne vie stones lie upon the walk.
, Rnt jthin ..n are strangers.
The father and mother are past anxious
inquiry of their ton. The sisters are
married and live, or have died, elsewhere.
A new generation is all about. They
never heard of him. The great event of
that period, the sailing of that ship for
California, is sometimes recalled by a
few a few rapidly diminishing. His
name is all but forgotten. Some have a
dim remembrance of him. In his time
he was an important young man in the
Tillage. He set the fashion in collars
and the newest style of plugs. O fame,
how fleeting! What is a generation? A
puff. A few old maids recollect him.
What a pity, what a shame that we do
all fade as a leaf I
TbneoUectMos treated in this chapter
re to me as a commencement and an
ading of ti shadows of series of com
ing events. Pbsnticb Muurom
Oklahoma is nearly aa Urge as the
ate of Ohio. It has 60,000 mhamUnto,
a larger n amber than either Wyoming
or Nevada has, and is now about ready
lor statehood.
rip? rt f. r rTfr
r.f i i
M w A ' i'' A' c
f t - f p tt 1 r
)' K f A ' l""v -- 1 i
iVJJv f V.A .'.t- Ji
"""" " " ' II
band ? Company
We h:ivo lots ."iOx'-W I'. ot. HX)x'J(K) feet, nil favorably Wilted. Tlicso
lots twice tho ordinary si.o urc but half tlie usual iricc f otlicr lots siiu
ilnrly W.itod. Wo luivr otK-acrc. two-acre, live ntul ten-acre t nu ts,
suitable for suburban lioiues, convenient to town, sclents, cliuiclii's,
etc., and tf very productive soil. A large, growing "rninc Orchard." of
which we will sell part in stunll tracts to suit jnuvb:ts. r, and on euy
terms. -
Call and see us and get prices at
Oregon City office or on
Robert L. Taft at Portland office
No. 50, Stark street, Portland.
titiuatRR Wurk roptv
At the twenty-fourth annual general
meeting of the Artisans', Laborers' and
General Dwellings company (limited)
the report showed that the income for
the year 1800 amounted to more thai)
130.000. the net revenue being 83,000,
out of wt-ich dividends amounting to
54.604 bad been paid. The increase of
capital during the year had been 110,
100. with premiums amounting to 14,
407. the total amount paid up to Dec. 81
was 1.75?..V)0, the authorised capital
being 2,000.000 in ordinary share and
750.000 in preference shares, 4i per cent
The revenue and capital reserves now
amount to 83,149.
The completed estates of the company
in Loudon are Shaftesbury park, S. W.,
and (jueen's park, VV., comprising near
ly 8.500 separate houses. At Noel park,
N., at the close of the year 1,238 houses
bad been built, nearly all being let and
occupied This estate when completed
will comprise 2.3U0 bouses. An estate
of siity-sii acres had been acquired at
Streatham. and would be developed -in
the same manner as the other suburban
parks of the company
Bliek buildings have been erected in
Lesson grove. Shepherd's place, Uros
venor square, Carjienter street, Berke
ley square. Coldbath square, Rosebery
avenue, Seymour place, East street,
Alary lebone aud Rosotuan street. Niue
hundred and fifty-two tenements, com
prising 2.278 rooms, hail been let as soon
as they were ready for occupation.
Other block buildings are in progress ut
East street. Marylebono, Shepherd 8 1
place. Grosvenor square and Rosoman j
street and Skinners street, ('lerkenwell.
The company would, when work now i
in hand was completed, provide accom
modation for some 70,000 persons. The'
houses aud tenemeuts were fully let, and j
the loss from arrears was exceedingly
small Mr. Farrant, deputy chairman,
gave a full detailed statement as to the t
progress of the various properties of the
company completed and in course of de
velopment, and referred to the apprecia
tion of the buildings shown by the occu
piers and the care taken to select the
most suitable tenants. After replying to
questions put by shareholders the report
and accounts were adopted and a divi
dend of 5 per cent, declared. London
Arm.U-ouf aud Booth.
Dr. Armstong, who died in Atlanta a
few days ago of apoplexy, led a peculiar
ly romantic career. For years be fur
nished newspaper correspondents with
material for wild stories, and numerous
eiforts were made to prove that he was
I identical with J. Wilkes Booth, who as
sassinated Abraham Lincoln. James H.
Payson, of Sidnoy, 0., who is in this city
at present, knew aim intimately in for- !
mer days, and in referring to the matter
said. I
Dr. Armstrong spent several years in j
fcydney as a United Presbyterian preach-'
er, and was noted for his eloquence and j
for the theatrical methods which be
employed in the pulpit. During the war
I ne mysteriously uwappeareu, out cauie
to the front a few years later as an Epis
copal clergyman.
He con tinned in the latter capacity
until made the subject of two assaults
by persons who believed him to be J.
Wilkes Booth. Be then went to Cincin
nati, where he achieved through the
newspapers an unenviable notoriety. For
ten years nothing has been beard from
him by his old associates. There is no
doubt that he bore a remarkable resem
blance to the assassin of Lincoln. He
limped with his right leg and wore long,
black hair, which those who scssactsd
? f f ; rro
? hi- v f .J U f.Vj
f h , m I M
-7 h t ii" it 1 1 1
i 0.i hi r .'I pnilir li'ei'i, It net ell I'tiiue l-ui'l.
1 I ''"l liun.lr.M .1.1. r
... .tlu.Li l.irc .null I., l.i'sll.
mm claimed wan utilized to conceal a
ear resulting from a wound inflicted by
Host. m Corbett, who claimed to have
hot Booth. Sau Francisco Call.
Koclulutlcal Wheat Field..
Borne mouths ago Prmnling Elder F.
A Burdick called a meeting of all the
Methodist pastors of the Aberdeen dis
trict in South Dakota, and put before
them the plan of sowing acres of wheat
for the liquidation of the church debts.
The pastors took to the idea, and after
talk with their people found the farmers
would furnish the laud aud do the work
if the church would furnish the seed.
The general societies of the church,
which have their headquarters iu the
east, then took hold of the matter, aud
shortly announced that the money for
the seed should be forthcoming.
The Rev. Mr. Burdick said: "We hope
to have at least forty acres of wheat on
every charge in the Aberdeen dUtrict,
aud on some as many as sixty. As u
matter of fact the church at Bath lias
already started the ball rolling with
sixty acres. The income from this source
will be applied altogether toward the
payment of church debts, and 1 confi
dently expect to see several cleared away
before another winter." Cor. Minneap
olis Journal
Malplns Klrclrlc Can fphlll.
At Seattle tiiere is about to be put Into
Operatiou a novel method of running
electric cars up steep grades. The
electric railway there has a very
steep grade about BOO feet long, and
It has been found that the motors
ou the cars are inadequate to sur
mount the bill. To correct the difficulty
a small conduit about two feet square is
constructed, and in this is to r Ui a small
car as a counter balance. Two ropes
will be attached to the counter balance
our at the top. When au ordinary car
is attached to the rope the counter bal
ance car runs down the hill, but when
the car reaches the top of the hill it nuts
down on the other side, and aided by the
motor, it pulls up the counter balance
car which is now ready to take up an
other car. Boston Transcript.
ISufl'aluea fur Kncland.
The proprietors of Uullalo park have
received a cable from Loudon ordering
three pair of young buffaloes to be sent
to England, bir Joseph Naylord is the
purchaser, aud he has been correspond
ing for a long time to get these animals.
The six buffaloes are Sold at live hundred
dollars each, the purchaser to pay tho
expense of crating and all other expeiiEca
connected with their shipment. Cor.
Ueliver Republican
A Window Ilcvoratlnri.
What is more beautiful for a low screen
around the kitchen windows than sweet
peas. If the kitchen is on tho sunny
side of the house they will luxuriate with
no other fertilizer than the soap suds of
the weekly washing. The seed should
be planted very early iu the season, m a
rich, sunny place, as deep as six or eight
inches, borne floriculturists plant them
in the fallputting them down the depth
of ten inches and corering the ground
with rich fertilizer. They must be given
something for support as soon as they
are out of the ground. Buehes may be
used for this purpose, but a wire gauze
of large mesh, painted a medium shads
of green, is prettier than anything else.
The new varieties of sweet peas are con
siderably larger than the old varieties
and will cover a trellis from four to six
feet in height. A mixture of black-purple
sweet peas with the old fashioned
rose and white "painted lady" looks very
prU on such a trellis. New York Trib-
iHH(U"lltiN NOTU'K.
.I..1. her foie ..M.llilil ..M..l 'I '
I lull ,,i:h..i.l'lll'.Ht.'u,ml III. I l''k
K I II....... ..III. nil l"eul llll.l
iliii.tl .tio iimler I lie ii'!""' I'1'1''1 'I""""-
llteu,.li I'll), April l I""'
1'nt.n Hi
I'iiiii. tt i
iM it,
Selliml Till Villff
e i. i ..I eli..rl ilMlli'l N"
t'l iekiillii.e..ill.n.OI "!' ....
I u in-,,....! ine ...... e n 1
.... I.,., I ,.,.i ..e n.l.l i' mi
..;U...I 11 In ' "I I'""!"1 ' "I ''
, lei ...llee. nllliln Wi '!" "!
II, I, uetlif ... lli.-y '''',, ,.'1 ,";'
Oleik, IM.IUi'l N.i "
Hie.!, .il Oly, Vl'iH I '. t -VI. 4
AilmliiMrnli.nl Nnlli'K
X., Il.ii In lieiel.v i lvell lll.it Hie illi,lelllii'.l
I ll,nle ( l i,,n I. . Ii"" Hi "Ill
..( tlie Mule . Ulec. '11 I" I t IHi k nm. i ".i.'i i
,lnl iii....ihi. .1 N.liiiliinir il." el lli lull'."
Il I 'Ij.... .I.ve...e,l. All ..'l.li. Il.tilm
eliiliniliinilil '.!. I I'-l ii' 'i' H 'l'ilo"' l" I'';'
eie I ho miiii. I" hip i I'ii' 1'iw "Hi.'i'.'t Mo urine
A lri'er, III llieii'.li I III. In 0I -.- . '"
i.r..,'l lein llell. lllllllll ix I," '"III" l."Hlllll
Vil,' i II Vlil I S l MVs.i.v,
V,li.ilnlir,il,.r ..( l!u' e "Ii' el W. ll.i U)."ii.
nt,.K..ii city. Urem Mull l". I'!.
Melln.leA I'll Iimlk .Meli.lilillnU.'ru-
e) lur A.lii,lnlir,ii"r !'
f S lam. OlMi c, oim.mN I'ltv i'iik ,
April I,'. i''l
' ..tith.l Inn lit.' I.eell elll.Te.l ill I lit ..Itlee
l. Krnili'lall t'.ile.ilil .0 lll I l."ll,i Mi l'.llli.iill
I, , I ali'liilt.lillit III ll..ll.ele.l ri.ll) Nil, :!. I
ilnli-ilJniit.il IW., .I'..li III" l "''j !'. ,
(A.;Ib r t'. Ill I I'lekttlim. I'.'Utily liieis-'ll
w illi i view '" 'In' I'iiiii'elliill.'li ul urt'.l entry
II. e l.l "it 'ft .ire lietel.y fc.iiiiiii,,n.'.t t -.eir
Hi llll B1.....II till' 'III ilny "t J""", lv'l
nl I .i el.ii k ii ,.i . In rei'..ii.l mi. I ninil'li ii'.il
Ul,liy l-,.ln-i.lilU(J .iil.l illi.-e'l l'-ili.l.'l.liieill
t ;i ,1 si J T Ai-1-mi-..v, llenl.ler.
I , S I tM. in i i. f. oniH.'S i n v. i' .
Apr 17, l'il
C.-lnl.lHlhl luu Inn I rlilele.l .1 lltl '''
In Win lleii.lei"ll n(,iliil iiu.l..l'h Mel'
eiil-etter li.r !-. inl.'l.llii; I.I II .--.l. -i'l l-lill)
N,, ;;..J .lte. Miurll I". w, ll.. ll III.' I.'I.
H.I I. .eeil, II I.'. Mil liM. 4 . r J e. Ill I'Uek.
Mil- I'ltllllly. Illeil.'ll till it vlell tn the i-rtlu el-
ill, Ml el ..li.ll'I.Uy llie.-.l.l ..lil. 1IH In'iel.l
III.) Ill, 'lli'tl le ..I't't 'ir nl till" etlleeell till' Mil
,l.,i ,, tune I .i" I .11 I" el'i l. I" t" ri"l"""t
met liiriil.li ln.lliiit.il) e etuii, .-il l nllei.-.
mii..,,iuaiit J I Al'imi".'", I.i'ill'ti'r
:i .. .v.
Silt lilt'r' s s I K
St att ..I t'rr..i.
t'l'lllll) il I i-u'l. IIIU-l I
C l tueii. I'lnuitllt.
the I'l.rllrtii-I t .-tneiit (N.tttt'ttl.Y
Nnlt.ei Ii. I.l-y nli.li. Il.al hi II. t're , if .11
eM'.-'llletl l'ii'l i"H i'"t 'IH'ler t!irei!,.t
the Cheiiit t'.'.irl .( .Mu!tuin ,1. i ,iiilt nn.l
si tie I il. i;.,li itlul l- lin ilire.-li 'l .tiel le
; fte.l I" ll.f '" 'i, tut "I I I .. . .". i I .".lily.
I llrexoll. nil-1 1'e.lllllir .I'lte Mttetl J-lll I'!. f.'lll
1114 II, 111..' till' til 'lie llitlil.-,,! tin- Milr ,,( nr.u-'il
' II. .1 ,-iit il,l ti, I .i.t 'r...'M I,, m ike
the .urn ..I it it'ii-l. IU t K-'l-l l'"H. t.'?.-ll.er
null llilfiV-l tt II .liiee (he .'"III .Wy tit
Mnrell. A I1 1'.. tithe ine ,, III p.-t . eul .ei
m., mil ler Minium, nn.l for i-etl mel ,lul,,ife
metlt heielii. ,Vn, III -ir.ler I.) mike mI,
mil, i. II, I, t llitlt- letl.-.l il..'ll Ih." l,,,' rly .,(
tl.t .l.-feli.lHi.l. Iiereiiirt'ler ileter I I'e.l. I, w II
lieiiinii.tf t Hie .,,ittitwt ..r in,,l wetierly
, ,,Mler i.l M.H'k .Ne ."I. Ill the l.'ltll ..f Hire. Il
l ilt, entity ..I I'U, k,U'.rt. Nil, I Sutref llri-h'-.ti,
H.-e.ir.lll.K t. the otl t-e tnit thereof r.ll.lillltf
llietiee toiilh. rly rtloliij the eNtterly l.oiin.Ury i.l
Mtitll nf rt-t'l. thlrly -til." i:i.'j nii.I io I'tl inel
Iheli.'t' I'Nalerly en tt line. Ihr rojeellu ,.f
m It ie ti itoul.l tnteri"t or tir.kc the iuoi north
rrll eorner of l.l.i-k ,S,i. 71 in uhl Ore,,i I lly
feel Ion (...tilt llltet'li il'o feel wetterty Irolil
the evllti r ol lh IllNlll Irt. Il I.l lilt. OreNoll Nli.l
llll"llil,t Ktllr.ti.l trifk . tlirliee Ili.Mherly liy
n line i-arN.lel ttli II, v tithl iiinIii trti-ft in n
iM.inl In Hie o.ilhrrty tM.ini.lnry of KNl.t I.IimA
S. I.', fret (roiii the t'etitrr t.f nI.I iiinIii
Irn.-k; llieiirr wt'l.-ily nIoiih until l....iii.Nry ..!
ki. hl.M-k ,"i t" lliti Uee i. Ih-mIiiiiIiik. tvr
Ntnl t'ieeil the ron.llttonii III it-r,...tl .i(.'l
!'., !M I nil I I'-' In Hook St.. IW of I..-.- U
Ali, I wl.l otl hilill'l ty . M-iy .'.1 A It l-'l l I lie
ho.ir ..( Ill 4 Ul of "itl.l ,Uy. Nl the froul il.n.f of
the t'oiui llo.iNe In iirt'M'.ii I'liy nreitoii. for
CN.ti in liNii'l. nil .lefemUnta rlifhl. tltlr- nii.I
llller. tt in tt ml t.i tile tiU.t e ,h erll,i-,l rt-Nl (.rop
er'y to Ntlfy .Uln'.ll1'ii Ut'liinn,! ali.t f"t Ntul
Ni'erilltill l'ol.
W W. II Sttl.oN.
SherlrT t.f t'Uek iiunh I'Mimiy, iiieitoH.
Ih.le.l ll.i I.l ,ly ,,f April. hJI.
?,.-.," v J-i . f
'.f i ii
.l it , . - . i 'r
' I ' ' i v" '. t'i 1
-.Hicaso - jo UriiUN 6QUA1IE.NY.- 0IA5,
Oregon City
A f, IV (lliscs l,f
Moore's Kcvealed
Will liraco you up, put the bloom in
your cheek and the Hiwrkle in your
eyo. Strictly non-alcoholic, its fllect
upon persons suturing from liquor
habit is wonderful,
Wm. K(Mm, nrpnrllnrl, Or wrltn:
"Moorn'i Bevnalri Kamnly curei ms of
druukeoiieiwi and mailos niw man ol me. All
vhoara cursed with tan liquor habit ihould
take. It."
A. B, Cue, of Uontcrcy, Cl., naya;
"It outirely dcntruyed my Until lor spirituous
Try it onos. Hold by .11 dnntil.ti, or Stswart
-Uolmai Drug Co.,Beitllo. Waili.
The hi'W riioli'KiaplnT of
I'.HIM'I! rll!.si'NiiTAYI.ullhl l!l;l':i8,
TiiiiiinliM Hie l'l leave. I'ltillaliil, 7 ilK)
t M and II;1M V. M.
TIPICTO In mil I'"111 I"!!"'1!'"' I'"''!"
IILrvLlO in the I nut.! huiiu, ( NiiN.li
nli.l r.nopti
Intuit tlinv Dii. iiia Nhn o Can.
I'lliii.iiil rulilif Meepi'lN.
Fit I K I'tM.oMr M I I'l'IN'i I'AK
inn liiiontiti "ii l'''i's T'hIus
A St. i.oius
HITIInt r I'll.tNllR,
rink i....iiieell..m m r..rlln'l lur Si Ff
rl"ii mi.l V ii't Soiin.l i..liil.
r,.r fiirtlinr pNrlli'iiUrt lii'inlrf el u)
nl Ihii t'oiupNiir or
i. w 1.1:1:.
. , I. A T.
rtil tliinil.lM i KUil
o. m. m i i.iiv
Ctn'l tlitMiirr,
Northern Pacific R. R.
Great Overland Route.
Mi i II VM.l, Ol' f.ut.1
Shortest Lino to Chicago
Ami Nil v..IiiIn KnI, via
SI I'Al'l. AM XI.S.M.AI'lll.lS.
Ttlf Northern I'srlllr It. It.
la lh. only lino mi. nli.l
l'ii.'!ioer Tiiiiiin,
(i uinl-t ItiM Sleepers (Itfdul i liar'o)
l.iixtiriuliii I'ny t inti ben,
I'iiIiihiii rl.ii e Slin.ping CiiiN,
I'tllint' )lilli(! t ain iiiie.il i."h'),
Jiiiiii I'lirllsiid .11 I lie lat
See that your lickeU te. via tlm
Nurtlierii I'm 111.' Ii U und
avoid i linn,''' of cats.
1 hroinh I'iiIIiiinii I'NiNi t" mrrl Inn rlr
IfNIll .IN) fuNfllM. flnctl paiai v .1 lllll.C I NItl
mreii '..iiUiiJ. Ti"..m nii, I StNiilr tlim-t
PnIIv Hriki.
A. . llll.l tf.
a.Jeu'l !. Aral, I JI l lrat
Ml.. I'srllaad, Or.
(-prpot. ouruar CI'' am li Strcoia
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
T. K. HOtiU, Itecrivnr.
Triiin Sit. S will run Turwlny , Tlmra-
.lut a ami .saliir.bty , ami tin liiii riiiriliatn
iluv m lien i.ei r fart :
Iriiin Ni ttill run Muii'Ihvn, Wi'.lneN-
ilny iiti,l Fri.ttiy. att.l .n iiltnnr,!i,il il.iy
i lieu i.e. r"nry :
MtMiiirr Salllnic Datea.
trim Ym l ;W IllNllirlla V.ilry Mr.
Hlh. 1. 1 ii. .' th
lntil.. NeirnS, ..ii. W 1 1 latlt.'ltr. Vallfijt.
Mm.'h .1-1 l.lh .'1.1. Hlh,
'I he romt'Niiy renervr ilia right to rhnxa
lalllhtf .U a attlii.nl nolle.
'ITnIii. roiinei't aiih lliv I) A V.. U ami Hliriir
llont. Ntt'ort,illl. nii.I Alltn.'.
The li'iimi I'ui ille hti'iiiiili.iulH mi the
Willamette river ilivimim will leave
1'iirtlaiiil. Hunt l.oiinil, Mmiduy, Wi-dnea-diiv,
hi d I'riiUy nl H A M. Arrive at
Ciirviiilis i'lienituy, I Inirmlny slid r-ntur-ihiv
at ;t.::il I'. .M, l.e.ive Corvsllm,
Ii, .rtli-K, .nil,, Mmiiliiy, Weiliiea.hiy Slid
I n.l iy ut H A M. A t ti v tt at Portland
Tuewlm , TimiNiliiy und .tliii'liiv ut .; .;!()
I'. .M mi M .i.,l,iy, WediieN-luy mid I'ii
ll.1V, In, III In, Mil Hlnl niilllli-liiiuu, l.iiltM
lie iii'.r nii.t ,il .-.linn, I. .n ine hell! at
ii A. M.
Krelihl .ni l l li-k.-l lill.ee Hill item at reel ltrl
i ! iioiifK. li. t .t r. a ii r. ii .
Soutliern r.icilic lioiilu
Kxpress fraitis leave I'orllaild luilv.
Hon .li
fun r u
7. 1.', r. M
in I't
U X, A M.
H I I t M.
im i'. a.
l.v I'nrilini.l Ar
J.V Orei(onriy l.v
A r S. 1'TiilH'lheo l,v
Ahnti. mill,, .top miiy nt tin. I.iIIowIiik .in
llon norm l ItoM-hnn' Kn-t rortl.iii.l. nre-
K"ll I'll), ttoo.ll,, in,. Salem, Alli.ll l', I .ilifelit
Shl'.I.U. Il'tl.i-y. HurrUhiilK, J u lift I. .n I lly, Ir
vllix mi, I I'jiKeni.
ltosi-:n;!U MAIL (Dully .
"IKU.H.I l.v r,.riliin, Ar
'" I l.v lln-uoliClly l,v
,'. tn r. m. Ar lloM-loinr l.v
I I on IV a
'.'i-'-'J r. a
IS V0 A.
AI.IIANV I.IK'AI, llmlly. pxrait Hntnlny.) "
.VIKl l. m. I l.v I'orlli.ii.l Ar
H ill. I'. M. I,v (lleuoll Cly .
W:fMi m, I Ar ,tlliny ,v
il ll i." M.
7 M . M.
F'ullman Buffet Sleepers.
Kurai'diiiamo.liicli.iiofHi'i il (!ln l',iBuini)ra
iitui'licil tn l',.re Triilm.
WiinI Hull. Divminii,
muu mill, Dally (Kxei Hiniiliiv.1
7:nilA, M.
l'or t In ii il
111:10 r. M.
r. Ho . y
12:Mi Y M
At Albany and CurviilllH couneot Willi tralui
ol Orrgon ('aclflc llnllroa.1.
BiprM Train Pally (Kioopt Huuday)
4 4(1 p. it
lp,,t A.
7:Wf. M
MeMtlinvllli) ,y
H ..OA. U.
6:4ll A. M.
ratMrm..:l".rn1 "l!1 "llm ffKardlng
OrcgoD I'lt'y tC" CM n C'ar' i.ont at
B. KOKIILKR, K. p. K00H.
Masai . An t o, t. sad ran. Attn!.
" " -"I
' s: .,
"tt y,
IV, .
STttrT I
. Hull.
A k-
i n' -t.
1 .limiir, i
(7,1 lllllllll.
Hut tt ' SrMt
,i: ilt I.IIKillft
iHacun, He
S f
y -it2.w?tBmKmte aiawmawar-tagpaaf-it-y" w..