Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 08, 1891, Image 7

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Hulfi ri of lo)prrt In lu Fimiifr, (;p.
tltlll-r, HotllrilltliM, Stork
llnlncr Hfttl lloiixi linlii.
MAKHKT VAI.I'K uK pul .Ty,
llniili'ii till fpriiiK In t ln Port-
luiul iimrkt't huvi' Ihm'ii fs im p iluz,
1 1 1 i . . i .. , i it .
yt't I III' IIOIIIUIHI IlUN llrrll vMi
limn tin' Miiiiply; tin-)- arc a ,. i "'"'ulil lie under the cuwk' fum d-d
imcr iiiiw, lull Htill 1'inninainl lii(.ij'lM ""'' '""I the MuIIh, and re
prices. If nur pcojiln would Htt t i "H "flcii hh it wuiku luu k to
the continually rowinn niaikc't'! '"'fuller. Thin muvch the plank
they niiiwt icHoil to ol In r ineaiiH of I'l'cventH the hoofx from
incuhiition Im-hIiIim th.. old hen. j "'"(""K IioIcm in it.
,et (lie lieiiH mipply the tyiK and ' '''J,rl K 11 t" vermin, and if
the incuhiitoiH the liroiliTN. 1 plentifully in the poultry
ter, cleaner and heallliier ehirkeiiM j 'l'"''', lice cannot live. Here
t-mi he niineil inlilieiallv lhau the , "' .ll IM lHor Ih-ii t . and the
old In n can ejve iim, and when we i ,,r1'TI""KH nrc hiiv.mI urnl hy the ad
eoiiHiilertheiuantitv there ih Hiielr ""xl""', "' ,'HI'"' l,r''",r,"l I" purt
a wule .l.ll'erenee tlmt the l I, i ! ,'.'r '""' !" 1 ll" N"' K Thin in the
Hot to In' collnid'Ted in the IiIUMIh-m l'-llllcr on the fal'lil eillll
at all. Cl.iekenH can he ri., t t" t"" irth may he the
thi.-c month old with a g"".! in- i H"VI"KH lml,lt ''' it i !
ciihator and liiimded at a met not . l"'(hJ,,'''
t(Mxll tfl pi r duin. not count-! 'I'lin iii-kIn of Hitting Iiciih nhoiild
iin; lime and tiny will hrin nut ! '"' "onle of earth, wit h only n tliiu
leu than ft'itl 'prr doen, and '".Vl'r "f 1111 id raw on top. A d lint
often an much iim 7 ." ami while
there H little ciiwt.ii for diw-ae.
Mnct of the dmeusiH uf iniiillrv
youii' and old, nrccaiiHi-d Lv liee;j'"''' "r" '"HUHhed.
with th- iueulmtor there are ml I u the Miei.p, piK mimI youuj; dloek
lice, alld l'ulliuilli'lit
diheane. Norl hwedti
very lilli
lilii'W !i M l(A III 1(1(11 .
A mm 1 method of growing Hicre i no pin t nf th,. farm ceou
Ktraw herrieH fur oruniui ntal as well "my umri! importanl than tliH
as ie, was seen ly the writer last
miininerat Medford. A Imx was
lilted with earth, and several two
inch holes Ikhi iI in the Hides and
end nf the Imx. In these ImlrN
straw U'rrieH plants were placed.
and in tin liter of the earth a
lare tomato ean, Willi holes pun
ched in the Uittoni, was nearly)
luiried. Water placed ill the ciHli
fei the plant" for several tin s. !
I lie sun lieaung agaiusi Hie
WimhIi ii nurfm e cau-i d the I'erri. h at T until a very thick whit'e sud
to ris'ii ijuickly, and the hloss.mis ' H achieved, is Is i-'t. I'se this fust
and fruit wen- very ornamental, j watcr to cut the du;-t. and after that
Trv the plan -Independence West j Wiisli the soapy water out of it
Side. I thoroughly with clear water that
imvs i KwiMt tiik iahm. Hlimild liuvery hot, holding your
... , ., t i it ! head over a liasin and letting it he
It is nut the agricultural college . n . i i.
.ii i- ,ir tKiiired Iroui a small pitch- r. 1'rv
than weans the l.ov from the farm,1', . ,. , ,, . 1 . , ,.
, . ,. iii,' ii ,i , the hair lirst witli (owe s, anil then
hut the dude literary college that i . , . . . . .. . ' . .
,, ; ,i do not hraid it while it is damn,
gives a smattering n science, the,. . , . . , , . , '
r i ii ic. ! hut have it either f.iiincil until it is
languages (ilead) iiii'i literature, i . .. ...
. 7 ,, , . .,, . ... i dry, or if possih e stav in vour
ll is rt hah v stated that in I utario, I " . . 1 . . . - ..
. .. i c ' rHiu and let it hang loose until it
where hey make a husines of . . f .. .
,. , , , I. i ! is free from all inoi-ture. po not
fending children to ugricultura , . , , , ,
, , ,, ... . In- ndiiee.l under anvcircumst.inees
rnoois, more wiau i i n ui. m
il I.U.-L th.. luriii. An. I
,. r . ,,, ii- i ileal Ii iiiel ilotruction to tin- hair, i ...,,,,1,1 ,,,,,. ,,f ,rr..n l.om.fit t.. tK
I'ri-sH Hit t hamlicrlain savs he , , , if. ,. . ici , 'tii proe 01 fjrtat is in til 10 Hie
1 1.1 .1 11 "1 'aiul imt giKnlior the scalii. It tin-re !,.i,. u-i,;i. tl.,. li..ni i.r,..
has wished thai he could exchange . , . ! i,,,,,- ,. ' al " l ' hue the w heat pros
1 t 1 . .' 1 are oliHtinate spots of ilai i ri ll, run 1 , . . ,,...,,, ,.e , l,ui r...
two year s study of Latin, drceki. , '.. ' ) -ct at present are ot tin- lesl, re-
, , ., t f .1 - , ,-
..... I 1, In ..rii.iiliv fur tlie instrtietio 1 ,
.... .. .... .
I iiui is usually given 111 a reiw agri
i-ultural College,
iimM Tin: w kst
Mr. tieorge (Mark,
a rustling5
farmer lu-ar Monmouth, sav that
on grub land the Mile of tin- wood
will almost pay for the clearing,
and that grub land, if cleared, is
nr. good as, if not Is ttcr than, the
prarie lands.
Mr. ll-.gcrs, of Independence,
who in authority on tiling, says
that front hi past years of exper
ince be is profiling, nd tUat he
will bury 20,0ml more tile this year,
lb- places the drains four rods
apart, and. find the result in be a
., i- t 1. 11 ri . , 1, j
,lir. rrilUK 1 one, ...
savs that he is satisfied that thous-
iin'il of acre of land in Folk !
county, now barely paying interest
raising wheat, will in a few years
make the owners wealthy in fruits,
and tiie fruit industry will bo the
means of dividing tfie large farms.
Mr. C. M. Brown, of Independ
ence, says that be is satisfied that
spraying is "necessary in all our
orchurds, and that no fanner can
raiie good fruit in Oregon, or any
where else, unless ho prays; that
tho careful cultivation of California
orchards would surprise Oregon,
farmers, and that fruit raising is
destined to become a great industry
The state method of training
grajm vines has but one advantage
over any other. We can plow and
cultivate both ways and keep the
ground clean with less hoeing- It
is however, not iib good as a trellis,
neither is it as convenient for tying
and distributing.
Tho announcement has been
made that tho Massachusetts
Horticultural society, will spwnd
;i,0)0 during 18!) I i P"kch for
plants and flowers.
James J. N. Oregory says that
for tho onion maggot bo has found
liens and chickons a possible
remedy. Ho claims that a hen
and brood of chickens will take
ca-o of from an aero to an aero and
a half.
in nimiini? ii list of desirable
of 1 lie iionm, in i . .i. ii
, , . , 'i'..:i i:
M: nr.:
ea 1 H in leni ion n' i i iiiiiiiu
n:;,i (i'-i i. lie of the best, of
i f fl..- c i- : crowUi.
, i 1 1 . a ! ;i i V;li-tv ol
Tli" fanner Iiiin al hm e.Miiiiiiin.l
JnliHinr.'clmit, a ol..aiiniiiK. purify
K nKfiil IhK.t than any puU-nl
In- can liny, H ,.imtM ,(,t,i iifjr, -x-''l
tli.i lalmr of procuring it. U
1m .mii-Ui (V.-kIi, clr,,,, ..mil,,
I'hc, in th.. Hiuhl.-M, it. al.Horlmtlti
li'IUi'1 uiaiiiirnaiiil IimIiIm it till
tllllu I...... ... ! .... !.. .'i II' 'in . i
. in iihcii a ru n n-rui-
l"T, N'Vllll I 111' IPX i,f inirll
'"" iudiH-iiHilile. If thefowlH
. , -
have il.andeiirth in timid plentifully
under the roost and in the in-HtH.
pi'HM eiirtli hlioui lie UHi-d with a
iuvihli hand, for it in lh fanner'n
Hciivcncer it enahlt M him to gather
i p tie fraguiciitH of iniiniii'e, and
(.'leaning and saving of the natural
lerlllieo. It is the life of the
fanner of the farm ; it is his hank,
and the dividend are nure. Who
ever liegins winter without n hig
hank of earth to draw upon, ha
neglected to make ll good illVCht
lUI'llt. lloW TO WASH TDK II A I It.
I I ' .1 I ll'l
rut wanning me nair, hiivh i no
J,l( j.
Home Journal, lisiuiil! tiieee
r Lite icn soaii nut in verv hot
....... ... .. ........ ... ..
11 11 111 . wirriiiu- uu-l i-i wii 111. ii
plHCi- well tl
he next morning.
tlKAl.ni 11 1 MS.
(iood l!iUskefp,-r.
For cankered throat. ore nimUl
etc., u-i borax ami l.-niey; drink
. sage or slippery elm ten. j
1 Anyone who ha been scalded by I
; : steam should b" taken ton warm1
' room, and the parts drenched by I
jc"ld water. j
j A tea made of ripe or dried
j whortleberries, and drank in place
j of water, is claimed to be a speedy
i cure for many forms of scrofulous
1 Fur Minnie hoar-eiic,-., take a
fresh egg, In at it and thicken with
!.-,. ri,., n,r,r le.'.t free v of t.
....... . .j ...
I anil the hoarseness will soon he
! greatly relieved.
Anyone can add strength and
weight to his Isidy by rubbing well
with olive oil after a warm bath.
Oil baths are particularly beneficial
to delicate children.
Kqual parts of cream tartar and
saltpeter make an excellent remedy
for rheumatism. Take one-half
tcaspoonful of the mixture and
divide it into three doses. Take
one of these doses three times a
When tho anklp has been bov
orcly sprained, immerse it imme
diately in hot water, keeping it
there for fifteen or twenty minutes.
After it has Iwen taknn out of the
water, keep it bandaged with cloths
wrung out of hot water.
Tho white of an egg, with a little
water and sugar, is good for child
ren who are troubled with an irri
table stomach. It is very healing
and will prove an excellent remedy
for diarrhoea, as well as a simple
preventative) for bowel disorders.
As an antidote for a consump
tive tendency, cream acts like a
charm; to he used instead ot cod
liver oil. Also aged people, invalids
and those who have feeble indiges
tion, or suffer from dullness, as well
at growing children, will bo greatly
benefitted by taking sweet cream
in liberal quantities.
Cintimi. Oi'i'li'K, INu-l In ml , Oivenn,)
Cmii-W.-ullii-r lliilli-lm No. 7.
Km' week emlunt
(Thi-; buii-i
r. ,-!..! f--. i !
.-(ate ihii'iii;: the
1 i
'I V
monl !i ol' Ap.'il w ;i -to
the growth of
cropo. Tlmtotnperiitiire m tdightly
Is low Iho ttvi-ragu. 'I'lm amount of
cloudincHH and rainfall was alsive
the averagft. There wern no Injurl
ouh frosts, Tho rainfall retarded
spring needing in Western Oregon.
Fall and early spring sown grain
have hud uiiUHiiully good growth.
'I'lm fruit wIih never nioru promis
ing. The grass is good. Slock arc
fattening rapidly. May opens most
auspiciously for a fruitful harvest
of all prodiictioiiH. On the 2'U,
2llh fun! LTilli, frost and ice and
snow sipmlls occurred in sections of
KiiMtern Orogon,
The fore part of the week was
cloudy, cool and rainy, whihi the
hitler part whs cloudlesH and warm.
)otighiH, .loHipliini' and Jackson
eounticH were wanner, and hud less
rainfall than the Willamette valley
and coast. Light fronts occurred on
the 27th and 2'.lth in various local
ities, hut iiu damage was done. The
usual frost period is now past, and
no damage need he expected from il.
The sunshine was greatly desired,
and is proving of great licncfit to
tie- growing crops. The present
weather is excellent for (111 vegeta
tion which is now making rapid
growth, l'oiilars, lindens, and other
deciduous trees are coming into leaf.
Spring seeding on low lands is
now hcing rapidly pushed. Karly
w heat is very heavy, and in lodging
in phwes. Tin- fanners are all ju
hilant over present crop prospects,
Fruit never promised better yields
than it docs at present. Apple are
blossoming; peaches, pears and
cherries are dropping their bloom
and the calyx is enlarging. The
grass is remarkably good, ami Htock
arc fattening.
Tho late cool, damp weather ap
pear to have revived the grippe;
many communities aro sullering
from it.
Showers occurred in fore part of
week inmost sections. On the2.'!d
snow fell and ice formed along and
south of the lilue mountains. On
tin- 'J.'ith, 2"t Ii and 2!Hh frost were
general; no seriou damage in re
sirtetl from them. Cherries nnd
wheat were slightly injured in a
: few places. The ti'lnHTiituri' con
tinues cool, but gradually rising.
Not ipiite an average temperature
i prevails.
j ntoi's.
' Fall and early spring wheat con-
itinuetobe promising. Late sown
spring wheat is not so good on no
:,.,,) t nick ol ram. .More rain
,iri. :,,,i ,,.,. . !,., fl,.,
norts indicate ill. u uie
ports indicate that the promising
! conditions w ill not continue unless
j more ruin falls. The field are
'dusty and the need of rain is al-
ready apparent. The grass is good.
'lnck reported to be doing well.
''! H. S. I'a.i. k,
Ob.-ervcr 1'. S. Signal Service.
Mr. Diiyley, of Manchester, is a moM
iMiinycoiw anil uiithiuuiistio Usherwoin
an. lkiitu tlio inclemency of the
wwitlit-r, winch it would seem that only
liiinli'mtl gillies could wiiiure, this lady
bravely faoi-d the eluuientii and landed
on una trip six muuifif"Ut salmon,
three of whi.1i weighed 28, 22 and W
pound retjDcctively. Mr. Iiayley mio
r.vdod in landing only four (inn on Ihb
The queen regent uf Spain ia a very
much overworked and worried woman,
diwpite her rank tuid authority. Sin) is
BuQVriiiK friun acuto nervous prostration,
and has btvn advised by her physicians
to lcv Mini rid for a tiuio to obtain per
fect nut from her anxitk. This she
cannot do for fear of endangering the
security of her son's throua if she relaxes
her Ti(rilnea in regard to steta affairs.
The smallest shoes in trade are made
for Annie Pixlejr, who tripe about the
oonntry in No. 2J. According to the
sftuie autliority Maiy Andurmm wears
H, LiltUn Knsnetl, 4; Ada Rohan, 6;
Lillie LanRtey, (Si; Ellea Terry, , and
Mand Kendal, 6. Bernhardt takas a
No, i last, but the long nje of avUala
has spoiled ber feet for breach beots
and Spanish slippers.
Itti Kinney lUno, the Nashville au
thoress, ia the wife of Iioliert Ross Eeno,
who cotnos from the Rosses of Penmsyl
vania, and who, with the Haklamans
and Camanms, claims a share In the es
tate of old Philippe Francois Renault,
valued at' $309,000,000. Mrs, Ross has
just oomploted a new novel. She is a
hard worker and frequently write four
teen hours a day.
A perfect foot is a rare -beanty. The
foot of Pauline Bonaparte, which was
modeled by Canova, is spoken of by eon
temporaries as of marvelous beauty.
She was well aware that ber feet were
the perfection of form and tint, and had
them as daintily cared for as feere her
hanJs, the imils beiuR jwludied and
rvuged by bvv maid.
Here is an idea. Artists will pay good
prices for the frames of old pianos. They
use the wood for panels to paint en. The
seasoning of tbe wood W such that it
will rctuiu the brilliancy of color longer
than any kiud of canvas or other mate
rial. At
Mi-h Pin--
i V. ilU , .'.t
iy bac'..i.l a.,uin
iht-ir iiwilo
Mm, Mm aMiftwr ai
MAa TMnwa, hm krmaUA Urn tmi
tnrp WW apinwilm myi. It it
a imifhin that baflvw, rtnsra, drips and
trim iim entire Dohnr breed niiiiultaiie
nuxly by the Him pin tnruing of a crank.
The Delwrs lire on the water front,
near the old sulmon cunnery, back of
Old Town. Mke miiny of the bouwii in
that vHnity, the In nun of Uie Dolxsrs is
built on piles. At hltfli tide the buck
porch of tUI humble home eiteiule over
the WKtr, and thin frt wan favorable tc
the idea nwlilch Mother Dolxrr had worn
roiiceuM in hr mind for somo time.
With the uiwinWnce of her IxmUand, tli
enterpriMinjc butovwworki-d woman cut
a hole in tint flooriiitf of the back porch
alsnittfour feet wjuare, and then Imilt a
wiii'llm like thorn iiiaseon old fashlnn
ed well ciirlw.
Tli'-u nhi! got a iimitity of stout wire
gne or screens und made a oruto or
banket Unit wmild eunilyiilip through the
hole in the floor. 'IIiIh banket, which
wan about three fit (hi-p, wiw huig in
slings fiiH. ii. at the four corners and
then alliuihed to the drum of the wind
Iuhh. Tim baby wiihIiit was now read)
to be put in np. ruti.iii.
liright and early every morning the
five little DuIh-i-m are huntled out of tx-d.
The eldmt, a girl of nine, though small
for her oe, in an extremely handy young
girl and a great help to her mother. Slic
peels the nighties off her little brothem
and sUlcr. likewim ber own. and loud!
the children into the wire bosket Next
she throws in a handful of wafered
mid then join the little band of CAiuli-daU-H
tor tiumeriiioii.
When everything is ready Mother Do
lier, who bus been unending to her house
hold dtiu. w in the meantime, comes out
and lnitns thu windlniM crank. She low
ers her happy little flock down into the
clear, cold water and given them a thor
ough dousing by working the crank
backward und forward. Thin movement
and thu commotion made in the basket
by the children produces a lather from
tlie soap and cleiuiwn the kids in a man
ner equal, if not superior, to the regula
tion hand bath.
Unlike moet children, who kick and
raise a fims when being scrublied, tlie
little Dober actually enjoy their matu
tinal plim;;e bath. The cold water im
parts u healthy glow to their pink skill,
and their even uparkle with delight an
they duck and tumble over one another
in the bat-act. The youngest, a bimching
little youngster only eightwn months
old, fairly shrieks with delight at the
prosjiect of a plunge, and cries when hi
neither thinks it bx oold for him to go
down in the basket
When Mm. Duller tiiinks her brood ia
clean enough to but till tlie next morn
ing she Ii im In the banket up flush with
the pliitiorm, fastens the crank aud let j
them dry a while. This operation aud
the gentle lepbyrs thai blow in from I
lleJiingham bay muwve all traces of j
moietnm, no that no townie are needed
for drywig- the Utftutte, whiuii is an iiu
pocfciot eavhiK of utittartiil m wU as
tune. Twhxim NIS.
OH r.Mluae Stomp-
At liwt a jiJan ban lieen Bfovered for
using old puxfetge efcimps to some ad
vantage. Hie firnt tbingi to rUorouglily
souk tleun, so that thy uo lonxur adlu-re
to the jwpi-r. and the best way is to im
merse them in water for ouie time.
Von then huve them rejuly for the mo
saic work. The more diverse the colur
ing the U tter, ami in the collection for
use there should Iw blue, red, green in
fiu-t, every color that can Ik- Sound.
Then prod-ed to arrange thtm in geo
inetriral patterns. cutt:;vj some diagiv
nally aoros where the design neeils it,
or in halves. They caa be adopted to
the designs published for patchw.rk.
The chief point to aim at is to select a
gool pattern, t keep it uniform, and to
blend the colorings wedl. Wlien these
have Ixyi mastered it is Tery ornamental
work, applied to the tops of tables, amall
cabinets, boxes, frames, letter cases, etc.
It reijnires to lie sized and varnished
with clear crystal varnish. Londen
Tit-Uits. .
A liar EiMtnple or Deration.
Miss Julia Redman, of this city, has
not been half a block from her home in
the last twelve years. During that time
Miss Redman, who is a pretty and ac
complished young. woman, has been in
perfect health. Her apparent strange
conduct is das to the fact that sh has
been a constant attendant on an invalid
mother, whe died n-centiy. Miss Red
man this week visited th business part
of the ety for th first time in welvt
years, ft had grown eat of mar mcol
lection. She is now thirty-two yaars
obi Here is a ran example of a daugh
ter's devotion. Dsbnque Cor. Chicago
A Will Olrt't Boomm.
A blind girl has matriculated at If el
bourne university. . In algttbm, arith
metic, French, Latin aud several ether
objects of study aha has tahea a first
class position. She has been sightless
from infancy. She has had, however,
passion for study, and it is her anbition
to earn her own living by edooeiionai or
literary pursuits. At the examination
she wrote ber papers by the aid of toe
Braille system. A teacher frem the
Blind BctSoel transcribed her work into
the ordinary oharaotera. Exchange.
8ka Killed ' Cm with a Olab.
Miss Louise Burreother, Satarday after
noon, hoard a noise in the hetxtoop, and
going ont to ascertain the cauae found a
large coon in the ooep. The young lady
souo aecured a club and went back to
the coop aud killed the animal. It
weighed sixteen and one-half eouads.
The BUTenther family live, on qpper
Pratt street ia the suburbs of W ins ted.
Hartford Cotirant.
In FTankfort experiments. are shortly
to lie made to show tho application of
electricity to aerial navigation. The
pnlley which controls the avent and do-
sivtit i-f t'.ie ballihin win lv ..r.ttc.l by
i'-i !'' v'yu' U'V, an-.l n kv'.!.e wire
w i :: ,! !. ri ::v. '::-n t :. c:"i : en
1--U- tva Kin.,,- in I !i. l-alleou ;.aa
at tiio t.UuUiJj,' point bolovv.
Um. WkmrnA
1891 . . . gprinj
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p.-- The New Remedy.
ii .M......
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