Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 08, 1891, Image 6

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f ntllru Elected Major, mid a Ilxfd
Council Elected.
Th city election held last Monday
w an important event, and iu closely
Ontestod. But little attention wa paid
to the nomination of the republican
primary lt-ld last Friday, btit the prin
cipal fight was made for Mayor
lVlitira did not cut any nr in the
election of city officer and councilmen,
but each clique atniftsled hard for
npnmacy in the election of their
favorite, live mixed ticket were in
the Held a follow: Two republican
ticket, republican city ticket, ciliiens
ticket and young men' prorewive
Following la the vote lor the candi
date who were scattered around on
the various tickets.
First ward for inavor T. W Sulli
van 120, T. F. Kyan" 13; treasurer
l R. Charman lit, I. Ackerinan 115;
assessor and collector George- Fuchs
JW, S. K. Green, It; councilmcn (two
years) r. P. Kandall 140. J. V. O'Con
nelll42, E. E. Williams 111, T. W.
tMark 110; councilmen(one year) C.
I). Latourvtte lv4. Rosa Charman 245.
Second ward Mavor T, V. Sullivan
K, T. F, Ryan 52; treasurer K. K.
Charman 80, I. Ackerman 53; astcesor
nd collector Georw Fuchs 68, 8, R.
Green 65; councilmen (two years) J. G.
Porter 7S, Frank Rier S3, H. Straiiht
47, Charles Athey 4.; councilmenione
year) J. V. Noble 127, James Wilkin
un S2, Sol Walker 49
Followint is the total result :
Mayor-T. W. Sullivan 20J, T. F.
Rvan 191 ; citv treasurer Fred Char
man 223, 1. Ackerman ltW; assessor and
collector S. R. Green 231, George Fuchs
15S. Two councilmen for two years:
First ward J. W. OVonnell 142," T. 1
Randall 140, E. E. Williams 111. T. W.
Clark 110; Second ward J. G. Porter
-7S, Frank Rigler 82, II. Straiht 47.
Charles Athev 45. Two councilmen for
one year ; First want Roes Charman
145, C. D. Latourette li4; Second ward
J. W. Noble 127, James Wilkinson
12, Sol Walker 4s.
The personell of the newly elected
city officers is, V W. Sullivan", Mayor;
F. R. Charman, treasurer; S. R, Green,
assessor and collector; eounciliaen of the
first want T P. Randall, J. VV. O'Con
nell, C. IX Latourette and Ross Char
man. Councilmen second ward, John
G. Porter. Frank Rigler, John W.Noble,
nd Jas. Wilkinson.
Two of the councilman of the first
ward, C. D. Lai on re tie and Ross Char
man are democrats as is also the asses
sor and collector, S. R. Green, the
remainder of the candidates elected
feeing republicans. J. W. OVonnell is
the only councilman re-elected, but
both F. R. Charman and S. R. Green,
were re-elected treasurer and collector.
Major Ryan and the city council have
refused to issue a certificate of election,
to mayor-elect Sullivan, and the courts
will settle the contest.
The Home of the Sucker.
Suckers are indigenous to countries
where there is plenty of water and the
'Willamette valley being a country of
Urge streams, lakes and ponds and hav
ing a trreat amount of rainfall, it is nat
ural that this particular hraneh of the
fish family should abound here. Last
Tuesdav. when the circus was here, was
a great day for this tribe, and they were
here in considerable numbers. Being
hungry, they made a hearty meal off an
-old chestnut called by the name of
thimble-rig or shell game. They en
joyed this meal very much, although
It was quite costly to some of them, one
of the rankest of them paying $70, and
another whose verdancy was of the first
-quality paid 20. Many others enjoyed
the repast at an expense ranging from
5 to 15. Verily, the world is full of
stickers, but those that bit at the thim-1
.-oie-rijc game nere last iuesuav are
probably the rankest the world can
produce. A few of the thimble-riiHied,
with Constable P. Mickel, followed the
thimble-nggers to Oregon City, and
recovered their money, amounting to
9162.60 and their expenses. tiervais
Annual Contention.
The annual convention of the Nation
Educational association of the United
fctatea for the present year will be held
t Toronto, Canada, July 14th to 17th.
nd as it will on this occasion be of an
international character, it promises to
be the most successful of the series. Most
of the railroads have agreed to give half
rates, plus $2.00 membership fee to all
who attend the meeting, this rate being
open to the public generally as well as
the teachers. The Canadians are mak
ing great preparations to welcome and
entertain the visiting teachers, and num
erous cheap excursions are being ar
ranged to all important points on the
(ireat Lakes, the St. Lawrence and the
seawde after the" convention, which will
afford to teachers the best opportunity
for enjoying their summer hollidays
they have ever had. The official bulletin,
Containing the programme or the meet
ing, railway arrangements, and all oth
er particulars is ready, and will be sent
free to any desiring it, on their dropping
post card to H. J. Hill secretary local
committee, Toronto.
Fonts Temple of Justice.
James King anti Harry Kelley, who
nave been camped near the Green
Hoa-se at Clackamas Heights, for sev
eral days, ami following the occupation
of horse tiading, were sent up for f!0
days each in the county jail by Justice
Fouts for stealing a harness from C.N.
Greentnan. Mr. Greenman missed the
harness, and secured a search warrant
last Saturday, and finally discouvered
the harneesljjd near King and Kelly's
eamp. They were arrested Wednesday
morning, and taken before Justice
Fouts for a heariag. King plead guilty,
while Kelly stood trial and was found
guilty. j
Robert Gardner, and Thomas Scott !
bad a hearing before Justice
"Fouts Wednesday afternoon, for steal
ing a keg of beer from Trem bath's
saloon a few days previous. Hoth pld
guilty and were each sentenced to .'i0
days in confinement in the county jail.
I add T. F. Othom, k E. IWh, C.
H. lwis, Herbert Itradley, Jane
Steel and soma of the. officer of tha
Northwest l.on A Trust Company,
The publisher claim th ppr was
sunk too deep into bankruptcy when
they took hold of it, and they did not
kno'w how much of burden they had to
carry, Orcgonian.
Circuit Court.
Susan T W Steam v Marlon
on ; verdict for defendant.
State of Oregon v John Marks, Clar
ence Wilson and Price Smith; jury
found not guilt v.
II II Johnson v W T Whitkxk, et al ;
partition granted.
Hugh Miller v John Scluitel; ver
dict for plaintiff.
I1C IVrri v Cbarle Knoth; ver
dict for plaintiff for 150, cost and dis
bursements. W A Middleton and Win Palmer v
W P A P Co; judgment for plaintiff for
11213.19, and interest trom IVe. 1, lS'.W.
Brief Paragraphs of a l.acitt and (Jen
erul Nature.
I.utiche at all hour at the Oregon
City Lunch Counter.
Logger's scale board absolutely tor
rect at this office.
Pur Wilhoit Mineral wtr on
draught at F.. G. Caufield'i, 5 eta glass.
Milk shake and ic cream at the Ore
gon City Lunch Counter.
County commissioner court convened
Wednesday. Full proceedings next
Mr.T. W. Duffy, one of the prominent
citicens of Mink, was in Oregon City ye-terday.
form. Onv
raisa office.
deportment cants, best
cent each at Tn Kxtr-
Pistrict Attorney T. A. MiBride has
been very ill (or several days, but is on
the street again.
Hon. J. T. Aoperson't address of
welcome to the president, was a happy
effort and to the point.
Mr. C. A. Jones, of San Francisco, a
cousin of IHputy Sheriff J. K. Morris
was in town yesterday.
Skk Hkr. Are you indebted to Ely
A Heckart? Then please call and nettle
now for we caed the money .
Ely A Hkckirt.
The following marriage licenses have
been issued this week : Nora Lewis and
E. L. Laikiti, May Williams and George
Miss Delia Butler, of St. Helens, ac
companied by her mother, were the
guests of Mrs. T. A. Mc Bride during the
The ball given by the O. C. N. S
Wednesday evening is laid to have
been a grand affair. About fifty couple
were present.
Mr. R. D. Wilson, who drove out
about ten miles in the country last Sun
day, reports that he never saw a better
prospect for grain.
The fare for the trip "Round the
world with Hogan," is only 10 cents for
children and 25 cents for others, fie on
time for the first train.
Charman A Son still continue to do
the bulk of the trade in Oregon City,
all on account of the splendid quality of
their goods and low prices.
In Bpeaking of the contest over the
mayorship of Oregon City, Ed. Fields
said when he ran for mayor of Canemah,
his election was unanimous, that he hd
no opposition.
Hon. P. Paquet, who accompanied
the legislative committee who went
from Porilond to meet the presidential
party at the state line reports a most
enjoyable trip.
A number of homesteads and pre-emptions
have been filed on the two frac
tional townships in the eastern part of
the county that were recently surveyed
and came into market Tuesday:
Mr. M. J. Nicholson, of Clarks, came
to town yesterday to meet his daughter,
Mrs. Mary Shurvin, who has just ar
rived from Nebraska, with her two chil
dren to make him a visit.
Any one having old stoves that they
desire to exchange for new ones, should
go to Bellomy's second hand store, oppo
site Charman block, He is just receiv
ing a new shipment of goods.
Certificates of election were issued
yesterday to all the candidates elected
at the city election last Monday, except
T. W. Sullivan. The mayoralty question
is not yet settled as Thb E.TTKKPiuflg
goes to press.
The city republican central committee
elected at the primary last Friday even
ing is J. W. U'Uonnell, K K. Charman
and T. P. Kandall for the first ward : F.
R. Charman. C. O. T. Williams and W.
T. Whitlock for the second ward.
Large steropticon view of the princi
pal buildings and places of interest in
London, Paris, and other cities of the
Old World will be thrown upon the
canvas bv Ben Hogan at tne M. E.
church next Monday evening.
The State Baptist Sunday school con
vention convened Wednesday at the
Baptist church in this city. The Y. P.
S. 0. E also holds a convention at the
same .time. There is a large attend
ance from all parts of the state. The
session will last four uays.
A couple of Italians made some of the
citjzens of this city very indignant
Tuesday evening, by remarking that if
they had been to the reception of the
president, they weuld have rotten-egged
him, and made other derogatory re
marks concerning him. If these people
do not like the institutions of this
country, they should return to the sod of
their native soil.
Tho President.
Immense Concourse
of People
Tho President, with Postmaster-General
Wanamaker, Secretary Rusk, Mrs.
Harrison and Mrs. McKee have come
and gone like a pleasant dream, or the
glimpse of a fertile oasis while crossing
a dreary docort.
It rained, but the people nor the Presi
dent cared for that, ,
They met as the common people of
one great country.
The Board of Trad committee con
sisting of Hon. J. T. Appernon, It. E.
Cros and Mayor Ryan spared no efforts
to make it a giand affair, and they suc
ceeded. Messrs. E. E. Charman, J. R. Rhode
and Charles Albright put in a portion of
two days preparing arid arranging the
decorations and display, Thia work
they did gratuitously, and deserve poo
ial mention for their efforts on this oc
casion, A large arch waa erected arro Sev
enth street along the side of the railroad
track in front of th depot, and the
word "WELCOME" waa nwpended
across the frnt of the arch, appro
priately decorated, and beneath was
hung an immense portrait of President
Harrison, while the depot and adjoining
building were fairly covenjd with bunt
ing and flag.
A long time before the appointed time
the town began tilling up with people
from the surrounrting country, notwith
standing the rain came down almost in
cessantly. For about two hour the peo
ple of Oregon City, suspended business,
and assembled at the depot. Meade
Post, No, 2. G. A. R. were out in full
force, while the Willamette Cornet Band
did its level best, and the children from
the public schools were present. When
the train pulled up at tho depot and
came to a stop, Hon. J. T. Apiier
son addressed the President as follows:
Mk. I'HKsiiiK.Nr: It is a matter of
gntiticatiou to me in behalf of these
children, women and old residents ot
this pioneer citv, 1 am eager to inform
you, and I would allude to the fact that
in this city the first provisional govern
ment was formed by Americans, and
that here was the capital of the Colonial
government for a ntmilier of years
There are those present today who look
part in those eventful periods, and
in their behalf, and in behalf of the en
tire people of this city, I take pleasme
in bidding yon a hearty and sincere wel
After three cheer by the crowd the
President responded as follow :
This is a very pleasant morning reoeu
Hon The heartiness and genuineness
ol your greeting is uninisiukatile, and 1
beg to assure yon that we most heartily
appreciate and retura your kindly
thoughts, iou have here a most im
portant state; one of those bordering on
the Pacific, completing the autonomy of
our great country, and glvir.g us a sea-
board on the 1 antic as well as upon the
.Atlantic, wmcn was essential to our
completeness and separatenesa as a
peoph. The interesting itorv of the
early settlement of Oregon, of the inter
national contest which (or some time
threatened international war, is fresh in
the minds of these pioneers, and I am
sure is taught to these children of
your public schools. The work of
thoe who set up the American Aug
nere, ana wno secures to us this fertile
region, is worthy of mention and of hon
orable commemoration by this genera
tion, wnicn is entering into their labors.
lour state has added another to that
succession of kindly greetings, which
began when we left the national capi
tal. We have come out of the land of
irrigation and roses into this land where
the Lord take cares of the crops; and
litis aepenaence upon the seasons
l not without its instructive and moral
influences. -Nature seems to have made
a fresh, white light toilet for us a we
have come down the bank of this beau
tiful river. To the pioneer, to those
wno nave entered in with less labor to
the inheritance left to them, to these
children and to these comrade of the
Grand Army I give my most hearty
Foi hale.
Park addition or Central addition or
Fairmonnt (see map of Oregon Citv).
Bid received at 15 Salmon street, Port
land, Ore.
Real F.staW.
Alrich Trubel to E L Good, ej,' of se
l4 ni sec 26, tp 2 a, r 4 e, 80 acre, 700 .
Oregon Land Co to I K Harris, lot 1.
2, 3,4.5,6,43,44, 45 and 411, blk 69,
Mintnorn, f lauu.
F h Habersham and wife to W T
Bevendge. lot 1, 2, 18, 19 and 30 in blk
30, lot 31 and 32 in blk 3, Pleasant Lit
tle Homes, $1.
Elton Coldren and wif to Nixon Blair,
75 a in I) L C J M Bacon and wife $050.
O A CJR R Co to Jas W Root, n of
ne oi sec i, tp z s, r 3 e, lU.
August Giesv to T C Shaw and A
Gesner, t of ne1 of sec 122, tp 5 a, r 1
e, 2500
N B Bartch and wife to Mrs Darcy M
Andrew, s of sej and nw of se M
of sec 30, tp 1 s. 120 a $600.
Wm Barlow to Clark Smith, lot 13,
containing 8 and 3-100 a in Barlow,
bond for deed $450.
James McConnell et al to Martha
MeConnell, 278 a in D L C of S Farmer
and wife $1.
In bulk at
IWow Initlvim IlKOrfunn I'll; Mtrki't K
iwrl ei.rrri'tr.l v-ly Irem timiUllnm
iit.hdl rimKsrKi'ni t) -the U'l merehaiWr
W lifsl. Vullsv. yum
Out. M'
Ortn('lty Mllt, IMrlUml Urmi.l
limn. I
Corn Mel,
0l Nosl
Slcru V ten
Hrn, "
I'lm.'ihy hy,
Clover ny.
Petalim. P rwt.
llukolia t lb
Aliplrn, ereell. Y ti
"Irtist, V lb
Huiicr. r i
llolli'), t 1 . . .
4 i
. J.1 1
in io
In n
Confer & walker
"""" v
tyolez Tract? of FarflV1? lai?te
In live ntul U1!! aero tnuds neiir Onnn City. Trior) r.tiujnn frmn
forty tlolliirs nn mrc mul iiwnln. A full list, of citv iroiwr
tv. Soiuoof tin1 best ilceili'il timlicr Imnl hi Oregon for sale
' sale nt h Imrgftiu. All oorrt'siHituleitfo promptly an
nwrri'tl. I'nll ml inspect our jrox'rty.
Office over Cnufkld's Drug Store. Oregon City, Or
Hiwf. lltft
Ht, ilrt't
Million, lttt P1 lb
Million, itri""i''l. Y
Cork. IU. t I"
IVrk,.lrvMM. f tb
Vl, liv. I1
t. ilrvel, f1
llama t n
Hai'on, "
Chlrkrna, y mut, 'f loi
Chii'koit". olil, 'r loi
lnu'ka, Hr dm
(1, r ito
Turkia, iieriummt
Hp If
!Hto !
N' I
ll If
knoiunty, or- rn n
con. aar what UT t
i, now H.k,r cur. rCNTlIRY
a man who haa amc ULI I 1 Ull
ttrmmt liWntitiM wllh th raourra tni FJfrt
dTlopmnt of lhal country. Tina man flV3 J
it no otlir than Mr. Joha lwait, on of lh
wrallhitat .nd ruo.t lnltmUI citlana In tk
county. Inmnllurhv: " t had b
aiiiriiu IVoin Mina In my baik tn.l nrl kl.t
n y cnmolauil lor aom tim. ami had ut many
tmdiM wllhoul any but lmrrry rllf. Th
ixlna In nv h-ii-t had Iwcom ao av i I hat I waa
prrw-ntttt flora allrn.llnf to my work Hid could
not mun atul without Ih u f can. Ilar
inj Ihrouish a ftirn.t, of th won.trrlul cura tt-IK-lad
hy Oion Kt.lnry Ta. I waaln.lm'yittotry
a hoi aii.t from that yrry rt d.w I found lnant
trliff, and hffor uln half Ih contmla of th
Ki th psliin In my twi Ir. ntlrly dnaitard.
I have fyyiy f.nth in Ih vntn.-a of th Orn
Kidnry Tra. and can con-lntioualy muraincnd
it to my fntnda. I would not I without It for
Oriton Kidney Tra nrfi hackach. Imontl
n nc of urtn. Iirt. k duat antlmmt. tniinlu or
inful wnwlioo whil urlnatlnic. and all aflv
tiouaof th kidnyor urinary organaof lthr a l.
ink aal I 1
Oil Alt MAX A CO., PKl'l.UlSTS.
ion &
Miss Lilian Wilkinson,
Wr4 and Sramlena walata of th lalrat aiytra
Are after jour alMii.g.', and r"HHM, by giving full value on all iHirehaaM, t
bnt'iiio their sl.itrc of it, lug aaloa and ainsll rnftu Indng their omtlo.
Thl. iIim-I mt'ra-a ftill lint of
1 ry (!otnls, ( !rict'rit'!, lUitr; itiul Slmos, C'lotltinj?, llardwaro,
Tinwiirt", Sttvt'!, Cnn-kfry, Sfpiis, l'litont MctlicinoH, ,
1-Votl, Wall rapiT, Paint, Oil, Hush
ami Poor.
0. E. A. FREYTAG, - - - -
Garden Seeds in Bulk.
13th and Main Oregon City.
Ofltf nvr Hwafford A UrouCa Haal
Kitai tirtlr.
Oregon City, - Ore.
Oregon City, Oregon.
Repaint on all kind of nmnll machine
roiti I'tly nui'le. lii iii te ki-y to
anv liM-k maniifai'ttiml. Shop in
Witifaot .t Scrlptun-'a hlmk
mitli aliop.
J. Bitner, Proprietor.
Tho only lirHt-clasH Hotel
in Oregon City.
B. .S Bllomy,
Carrie a Fall Stock of
Household Furnishings.
Now and Second-Hand Ftirnituro
Bought and Hold.
Can give vou a hargain.
Be Your Own Mantor.
Few people appreciate how much
their imprcHHions. their whim and im-
pulnes, and in fact all their mental en-
Mr. F. T. Slmte, announces that he ! erK-v depends on the harmonious action
Wilson & Cooke,
Siil.K AtiKNTS I'OH Till'
Atkin Saws, -:- Oliver Plows.
A 10 Foil
Wo alxo carry a full line of Fishily Tackle. Civo us a call
anil get Portland priccH.
Spring IWagons
Our Htock t.f SprinR Wngons in tlie liirp-nt ami mont conu.lcte on
the I hciIic 1'onnt ami coin j.rincH all the leading ntylcii of
Pourspriiir Passenger and Mountain Wagons
Half Platform Spring Wagons,
Scroll Spring Wagons'Handy Wag
ons," "Taylor," or Three-Spring
Wagons, Half spring Wagons, Ex
press and Delivery Wagons.
Parties desiring Wood Turning, Vat-
terns, Brackets, or
Shop Carpenter's Work
Will be Suited by Calling on Me.
Doors, Windows and Blinds
gJtV0p. the Congregational Cliuich
Tiie "Wot Siior.- In So Wore".
The West Shore, the illustrated mag
azine for many- Vars published in this
city by Ij Summd, is no more. It has
gone into bankaiiiitey and the last num
ber n un issued on the L't.d d.iy of thi.s
Atnonif the heavieHt losers through the will no duiibt sneeeed beyond his expect-
has issued the last number of the
f'lackaur.tH News at Clackamas, and
that he will remove the plant to Clats
kanie, Columbia county, where he will
bet'in the publication of the Clatskanie
Chief, a seven column folio weekly
! (ier. While -Mr. Khute regrets to
leave Clackamas, a Kpiendid field is
open mr ii 1 111 at i jatskariie. wliere
failure of the Vest Shore are: W. S. ations.
of all the vital organs. A poorly di
gested dinner may make one tpiarrel
with a friend, A congested lever mav
bring imaginary gloom and trouble into
the sunniest dav. A rheumatic pain
may keep you from business or work
and entirely change some marked out
policy A few doses of Moore's He
vealed Ucmedy will give tone to every
function and make you enjoy your
friends and and work.
M. H. Flanagan.
J. I. Hill
Flanagan & Hill,
IV ol Wlnna, Mqiinrn, lie, Kcnr, Ac, to lit
found In the Hutu.
(live me a call
In LoKiiB-Kaiitiiiim lllock
Special Parcel Delivery Wagons,
1 Horse Business Wagons, 1
Horse Iron Axle Wagons, Etc., Etc.
It will pay nil I,iiitics wanting
Spring Wagons of Any Description
'lowll;:1; ... labour , th.
y Hl""'"atal..Ku.a .riniliNttiiailclfri.oonHppllnUioii.
Nw Market Clock, Portland. Orn,nn
JOHN NISSEN, Ag't. Oregon City,
' Mi UinlllV