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latmsthift Tld-ltlls Kuthrrrd By
AfllTf Corps of Kopnlnr Con- .
News very sotv in Onrrinsvilli.
Mr K. H. Siirver will luov to Orcein
City this wot'k.
Tho )inrtorty intMtiiisj of tlif M. K olmivli
wax hold horolnst SnWth.
Kov. M, 0. Wire litis Iwn quit siik for n
low day at tho rosidoncv of Mr. Vlt.
Mr. Ole ,!olinon lis niovod to Mt. Talvr
ttirvsido, Mr. (ioodiuim will rim Ms ranch
for nultilo
We arv looking for imiiic now nmtritno
nil, as Jim the blacksmith goes up on tlio
lulls almost every Sun-lay.
Mat. t'altcrson went to Salem lt ook
to pay his sister a visit More her removal
to the hospital at Cortland.
Our siijvrvisor has invn doing some road
work the past week.
A new bridiM is reeded hadly across the J
Clackamas river m ar Kli Williams's. The j
old bridge has been built eighteen years,
ml is unsafe; so say all who have exam
ined it. Vtnt.
April i!, 1M.
all around there,
Rev. John Alderson will hold quarterly
meeting at the Oniliam school house on
Saturday and Sunday, May liith and ITth.
It oucht to have hoon last Saturday mid
Sunday, hut was put oil' on account of nick
ness. l.a (!ii,lK' siejW lirro, hut la now
('an anybody tell what (s the matter
when one has (he headache for alnuit twenty
four hours, and then break out all over
like Hie measles, and has continual itching
for two or three days? Then that ceases,
and the hands, wrists, ankles mhI feet swell
up, and continue swollen and still for three
or four days. There have been two casoa of
the kind in (his neighborhood.
Will change my name from "Splash" to
Vhitvi, and maybe it w ill quit rainirg.
May 4, ISM.
' Fro I.ml.
The rain has ceased and the farmers have
pone to work finishing putting in envj
which will be of short duration.
Kail wheat is growing tine and looks well.
Oats also are doing nicely.
Sharp Hrothers raised a fine large ham
last Monday which will add to the beauty
of Point Lookout.
T. I.. Turner had a tine mare die last Sun
day, and his fine stallion is sick. He had a
veterinary from Portland out to look at him
I am glad to notice in your paper that
Pleasant Hill has a corresiKindent at last,
Highland News,
Highland is booming.
The grippe has attacked this part of the
community. K. Harrington and Amy Tay
Jor are among the victims.
Miss Nettie Welsh has been quite sick w ith
the mumps.
R. Miller met with quite a serious acci
dent while riding a ho-so. It fell down on
his leg and bruisud it quite badly. We
ho lor a Seedy recovery.
Miss Annie Ihn is is visiting her parents
after an absence of seven months.
Bom to the wile of Richard Miller
School Is progressing nicely with thirty
seven pupils enrolled.
Grandma Harrington, of Mountain View,
is out on a short visit.. Oltid to see you
again, grandma.
The Columbia River H.iptist Association
convenes with the Highland llaptist church
Treasurer; Win. Miller, Chaplain; John
Juard, jr., ateward; t'ltas. Moran, T. I..
Clark, U, V, I.eeand Martin Mill delegates.
In the evening a committee escorted the
lecturer to Highland, wliuro another organ
itatlou w as formed.
Ut us have the educational depart ment
in your paper by all means, Mr. Kdltor,
The teacher have the ability to sustain a
department, which would Iw among the
tmvst li'tercstlng feature of your paper and
credit to Clackamas county, and one from
which the teachers could derive great bene
fits through an interchange of ideas on edu
cational topics, l et us thank the editor for
his kindly oiler of space and let every teach
er In the county lake hold wllha free good
will and let all the world know what we
are doing. Let all lie hoard from and may
all contribute, their best thoughts toward
making It success, UoasttriK
nd hop he or she will keep it up. Like to j May A grand time is ntici-
iosoe the w hole country represented.
What is the matter with the Plattshurg
correspondent, Mr. Hornettef Has he Mow n
to his nest for the summer, or has he gone
to parts unknow n w here supervisor and as
sessors are not ? Hope to hear him bur
some time again.
What is the matter of the Kagle Creckers?
Don t see any correspondence from there
ny more. Wake up, ye backwoodsmen,
ml come to the front, salt or no salt
Prof. Anson Wilson from the Needy
school is visiting old friends in Krog Pond.
The school inarm has gone, but he can't
help coming around to see. Come again,
ilr. 'Vilson; you're welcome.
Tualatin Secular I'nion met last Simdav
with a lare a'temlance, and had a splendid
program. M
Mr. C. Frost.s father recently came from
Kansas on a visit.
Sunday school is progressing nicely with
E. Harrington as superintendent and Chas.
Rutherford assistant. Oyiuky.
J. A. Thayer has been here buying ouU.
He bought about eight thousand bushels in
throe days.
Mrs. Kdwards lost a valuable horse last
W. F. Kirk is alile to he out again alter
having a touch of la grippe.
Quite a niimner went to darks !at Tues
day to hear Prof, liork lecture. Ileev
Beda Sharpe did well as fd-' plains the workings of the republican and
itor of the paper. The election of officers
took place as follows: Frank Kruse, presi
dent; 0. P. Sharp, secretary and treasurer;
3tiss Beda Sharp ami Charles Wanner, vice
presidents. The following committae were
iointed by the president for the year:
On program MUs Ella Turner, Miss Ana
ret ta Sharp, John Tyler. On question box
John Gage, Alliert Turner. On music
Miss Beila Sharp, Miss Anna Booth. Chas.
Wagner is the next editor of the paier. We
meet on the 17th of May at 2 o'clock P. M.
Everybody invited.
Mrs. 0. A. Brown and Miss Dora I.asure, j
of Portland, are visiting at John Kruse's
over Sunday.
Avery pleasant party was had at Mr.
John May's last evening, w here everhody
seemed to enjoy themselves while in the
hall; but when the boys went to get their
teams to go home they found that some
one unknown had changed the w heels on
the hacks and buirL'ies. and also changed
the cushions on the se ats. Those who came '
on horseback had their saddles hidden in I
fence corners and under the straw. The
persons who did it had better look out, as
the boys swear vengeance against them.
Calvin Bail, from Canhy, made Frog Pond
a call last evening in company with Bud
democratic parties like a book. Read and i
learn. ;
Miss Taylor had to close school last j
Wednesday, as she was taken sick with the j
gripjie. There are quito a number of chil
dren sick with the same disease.
William Beesun and Sou hail a break
down at their saw mill last w eek.
Mr. Henry Knight has purchased a house
and lour lots here, for which lie paid fM0,
We have been watching Henry of late, and j
had concluded that the cage would liethej
next thing in order. j
Mr. James Evan is having one of his I
house hero fitted up in first class style, the j
same to be used as milliner and dress-1
making establishment.
The Good Templars ol this place gave a
public Installation and entertainment at
v ;..!, r- i,n ii !..i.i,.,. , i.... 'n.-
..lr...... .......... ,,,..,,,., ,,ll -,.MIIIIf(. ItV
attendance was very large, the house being
crowded to overflowing. Choice selections
of music were rendered by Misses Ella and
Bertha Knight, and others. Mis Minnie
Cautl'man entertained us w ith a song enti
tled ' The lrmikard' Lone Child." We
wish to say, without intending to Hatter,
that Miss Cautl'man sings in a style most
beautiful. There was quite a program, In
all of which the participants ac putted
themselves to the full salislaction of all pres
ent. tjuite large delegation of Canhyitc at
tended the labor celebration at New Eta on
last Sunday. We were there and Indulged
In a hearty shake with the correspondent
from Frog Pond, and alo our friend
"Shorty" w ho confronted us with his manly
form for our consideration.
Then- is to lie a gathering of the citueus
of Canhy and vicinity at Knight's hall on
May Mh, for the purpose of organiung a
lioard of trade, and to ultend to some other
matters of liniHirtam-e that will he brought
before tho meeting.
Some of our young men started last
week on a pleasure trip to the shores of Pa
get Sound, expecting to be absent several
Mrs. Martha Parenta, of Lone Rock, is
hero on a visit to her sister, Sirs, dimmers.
The following arc matters of wonder
ment hero: Who it is that stull's our church
bell lull of paper? When !octor Porter of
this place intends taking to himself a w ile?
If it is jmssihlc that our boys can sw ingunou
I passing trains the year round without giv
j ing cause for a coroner's inquest? Who will
I get the contract for building our new school
I house? What ails Eagle Creek that Tint Em-
of which we had never heard before, ml
begin to real iic how little we are acquainted
with our own county, lint if Tiu Entkh
rmsK continues to llouilsh thi'iv will he no
excuse for any one to remain In lnuurance
In regard to the dlllcroid localltlcsaml many
udv autnge of Clackamas county,
Nearly every one In this section has had,
or Is now having hi grippe. Mrs. T. C.
Simpson is very low with It, and grave
doubts are entertained as to her lecovery.
Several railroad meeting have been held
at Wilhoil and Molallu, but they ate mak
Ing very little progress towards making n
By the way, Mr. Editor, can't you stir up
the people of the county a little In regard
to their working, or rather not working the
wagon roads? Under the present system ol
patchwork, the labor is nearly all thrown
way-every winter washing out and de
stroying the work of the preceding sum
mer, making it necessary to do the same
work over again year ufier year, Would
It not he better to do work of n more perm
anent eh, u niter, laving the Inundation lor a
good road with some definite pirn in view,
ond then stick to It until the road Is II. i
Ished according lo the plan? I'ndcrthe
present system some Miwi visor will go to
j work and undo all the work of their prede
cessors, uudsooii from year lo veir; the
result being bad roads with no prospect ol
better one. I have notleed many places
where the dirt has been scraped out of the
middle of the road, leaving a water uourae
washing great ditch which sometime will
have lo he filled Up at the expense of ten
times the labor it would have required to
have done the woik right in the (list place.
I know of one district -the first road dis
trict on the Molallu road this side ol low n -needing
work more than any distuet in the
county, and where one would suppose the
people would he Interested In good road,
anil yet have U-en told that lor several
years not half the tat has ever heeu worked
out; the supervisors simply neglecting to do
their duty. 1 have supposed the law pro
vided Hnalty for such neglect of duty,
hut never heanl of such ieualty being en
forced? Whose t il 1 1 1 1 is it? Pel hap that
none of our business, and we have no right
to expect anything heller than to wallow
through mud ta lly deep to a horse when we
waul to go Li Oregon City on business. But
we have a right to growl, or what is more to
the purpose, go Miiucvvhctc else to do husi
uess, Oregon City is losing far more trade
on account of had roads than the business
men are awaie of. Aox.
There is some kind of disease among the i thri-bisk gets no correspondence from then-:
chickens here. A great many are dying
without having their heads cut off.
E. W. Hornshuli is intending to raise
about one hundred geese for next Thanks
giving. We hope one will fly over to our
house about then.
We are informed that a little hoy of J. T.
Grace at ('larks-had two of his lingers cut
oil with an ax in the hands of another boy.
when it will stop raining; and finally, if we
ought not to stop. Wk I ss.
May 4, lstn.
ijn TO-
non k hi t
competent pharmacists fmploveo
(', I'. WINkHkT.
. f. CHliTPHK,
Flue Poultries an! Toilet Articles.
Also a full stuck of
Aims Items.
We had fine rains last week.
It has cleared otf fine and everything is
looming up in good shape. The prosiects
for a good crop were never better.
' The fruit trees are one muss- nf flmepr
Everything indicates plentiful.
Two more new residences are being built,
We are to have a store soon. Mr. D. M
New Era.
will go to see
President liar-
Smith. Frog Toed was Cal's stamping Baldwin will lie the proprietor.
ground in years gone by. He looks as nat
ural as ever, and still follows that nose of
Joint school district So. 10 has built a
new board fence around the school house,
which adds greatly to the beauty of the
school grounds. II. M. B.
May 3, 1891.
Every one is through w ith seeding, and
planting potatoes has become the order of
the day. -
Fall wheat is looking well, but the acre
age is far below the average.
Present indications are that the fruit
crop will b3 immense.
Miss Annie Hickei.bdhen is fetching our
school. The attendance is about forty.
Prof M. V. Rork delivered a very inter-
estin, lecture here on the 20th, after which
he organized an Alliance with twenty-five
AVilliam Tucker, one of the first settlers of
this place, and brpther of D. W. and B.
Tucker, now residing here, died at his home
in Linn county one day last week. He was
ab mt 8 ) years old.
Chinese pheasants are becoming quite nu
merous in this vicinity. They can be heard
on all sides.
There will be a farmers' picnic near Viola
on the 23d of this month. Try and come
out, Mr. Editor, and mix with the horny
handed tillers A day oft will do you good.
Prof. M. V. Rork will address the people on
the farmers' situation. Good music and
literary exercises will also be in order.
Oran Black, who came out from Kansas
last fall and returned to that state in Febru
ary, has again got hack to Oregon and will
probably remain.
Nearly every one has got his grain sow n
for this season.
Mr. H. 0. Higley has some oats sowed
that he cannot harrow in on account of the
wet weather. We are having a wet spring,
but expect a good crop of hay and grain.
Gardens are growing finely now; corn is
coming up and will he a good crop if thesun
shines a little with this rain.
If that fellow don't quit writing to the
paper from Cams I'll Lang hiin. The peo
ple in that neighborhood don't want it rep.
resented. They would rather hear from
Kairview, The places art- situated pri-tly
close together Cams is where the pu.-t
ollice is, and Fairview takes in the country
Rev. Malloy preached an able sermon to
a large congregation last Sunday and left
an appointment for the 4th of May.
The German Sunday school meets every
Sunday and is in a flourishing condition.
The room over Mr. Grace's store will be
fitted tip and put in shape and our village
will then have a nice city hall.
Mr. Kleinsmith, son of our worthy direc
tor moved on the Stout place Tuesday.
M. Tinnerset started his new saw mill last
we -k and is now running night and day and
turning out first-class lumber.
Miss Grace Moran arrived home Sunday
from Palouse, Washington, where she has
been visiting for some time. Her brother
accompanied her from Portland. During
the day a large number of her young friends
called upon her.
Come out Mr. Editor and visit our section
ana we will snow you fine farms, good im
provements and hospitable people, but be
careful and don't smile, especially if you are
a single man.
Mr. F. North made Oregon City a visit
Friday and received a sample knitting ma
chine with which he will canvass the county.
Fred is a worthy young man and we wish
him success in his new enterprise.
G. W. Grace, our popular merchant, re
turned Saturday from Portland, where he
has been laying in a supply of goods for the
summer trade. G. W. I-ee had charge of
the store and postoffice during his absence.
We understand there is a scheme on foot
to run the water of a certain saw mill race
back into the mill pond to keep up the sup
ply of water during the summer dry weath
er. When that is accomplished the prob
lem of perpetual rnotion will be solved.
Prof. Kork gave us a very interesting lec
ture on the farmers' alliance movement,
but the coloring of his statements and the
rough shod manner In which he handled
the republicans compared with his gingerly
treatment of the democrats showed which
way ho wished tho winds to blow. Alter
the lecture an alliance was organized with
twenty members, with thefolluwingofUcerH:
Charles Moran, president; Martin Hill, vice
president; T. L. Clark, secretary ;G. W. Lee,
Ev ery body
The smile that laces wore last week on
the return of good weather has boon changed
to day to a frown on account of more rain.
Farmers in the East take a four horse
team when they go to tow n after a dollar's
I worth of McKinley sugar.
Present prospects are good for an abund
ant fruit crop in this locality.
H. 8. C Phelps is preparing to erect a
new resilience on his neat little farm, and
we predict something nobby almut the new
new house, as you can't outdo a yankee.
George Brown lias eight men engaged in
clearing the little place which he recently
purchased, which w ill add greatly to the
good apiearanre of New Era suburb.
Some of our boys went to the basket so
ciable at grange hall last Saturday night,
and report having had a splendid time. Mo
lki!a for fun.
V.'s are glad to note the appearance of a
communication from Pleasant Hill. We
Infer that Beatrice still has that private sec
retary ; hence wt can expect a communica
tion quite often.
What is the matter with Eagle creek that
we don't hear from there?
We fail to see just how Canhy and Bar
low expect to boom to any considerable ex
tent when they are so close to New Era.
Prof. W. H. Dobyns, of Alhina, stayed
with us last Friday night. The professor
is alive all over, and don't you forget it.
Miss Tillie Rauch of Mountain View,
spent last eck visiting relatives and friends
in our midst.
James Hougliain and Mr. Klohc arc mak
ing preparations to drain their lake prop
erty, which they own in conjunction.
A traction engine has been stalled on the
hill in New Era for one week past on ac
count of the hill being slippery. We are
told the engine is en route for Hubbard for
the purpose of boring oil wells,
The picnic at New Era last Sunday was
liberally attended, there being several liberal
speakers present, and the event was well en
joyed by all in attendance.
Through the kindness of Frank Kruse, of
Wilsonville, we are prepared to say that the
Spiritualists will commence their camp
meeting June 10th and continue until July
Wishing you, Mr. Editor, and your host
of correspondents success, we will adjourn
for this time. Siiohtt.
May 4, 1801.
All kinds of Fresh and Salt Water Fish.
Oysters, Crab and I'lam. Poultry
an I game of all kinds in their
season. Orders tilled and do
livered to anv part of
the city.
Sullivan : & Davidson
Tie od17 DRUGGISTS letweei Portoi and
Oregon City.
t'srrr a full line nf
W . J. HAI'l II
Store located at Mountain View, on
Molalla road, one mile houUi
eant of Oregon City.
We Heal in Flour, Corn Meal, Feed,
Groceries of all kinds, Hoots and Shoes,
Gents' Underwear and other styles of
Clothing, and numerous other articles
suitable for tho needs of the farmer and
his family. Hv prompt and fair dealing
we hope to receive in future, as in the
past, a liberal share of patronage.
7The highest market price paid
for liutter, Kggs and Fowls.
Septemlier 11, 1WK).
Undertakers & embalmer
l.umc-l slock of Collins and Ciiskctskei.lSoulli ol I'lirllainl, Aluo cloth coyere,
and Melullic Clo'l" furiiWic.l lo tinier. Ud!' Iturinl Holloa and
tioiilii' llurlal liohes In slm k.
Also Waptn inn. I'lirna-.- Milking, lloiw ShtM'itij? niul (Ipi,.
oral r.hi lvsinilliiii on hIioiI iiotiro.
Watches, : Jewelry,
Clocks, Spectacles,
MRS. C. h
Hour. t'lM.KV.
'. ii, Hunt,
lbulcrs in WINUOWS, it)OIJS ami HI. ISPS mid nil kind
nnd MvUk of WISPOW Kit AM KS. poolt Kit AM KM,
UAII.ING, SKWKI. I'OSTS, Kir., nil tnndo
from Thoroughly Scimotied l.uinliiT.
JoliluiiH Order tittd nil kinds of Ciiliitu t Work, Turning nnd S-mll
Work promptly ntti'inlcd to, Kutinnili fiiriiiidH-d
mul K.'iticfui tion enuiiiinli'cd.
ShojMiii Wiilcr St.
ADJOlNlNU POt' 00. '
HAiitmaut tit out,
Oregon ('it v.
01 Tlie Mi Jeweler, to
IMI'lillI KK uK Ml hi At HI IN
Watches, Jnvolrv, Clocks and Opti
cal (ioods.
Pi") First Stru t, Ni-nr Morrimm St. I.udii H1 Private Kntninco rjwtair.
oltl'Klt.H HtoM TIIK I'lU NTItV H ITKIl
Kuyers, Attention !
When we accepted the invitation to act
an correspondent from thin locality we had
grave doubts as to our ability as a news
Katherer. After a few ef)brtn in that capa
city we arc still more doubtful; hut we be
lieve that a few months' trial will make ns
much more appreciative of the efforts of
the poor editor who is expected to lill his
paper with news whether there is any news
or not. We notice, however, that the list of
correspondents is increasing with every pa
per. New localities are being represented
-:- $3,3001 -:-
Bankrupt Stock
To be sold at fif) Cents on the
Dollar for 15 days only.
Call early if you want your pick,
ana avoid tno rumi.
The Great East ern
I Ono nf tlio licst oitea for factory
Fine Factory Site an.l deck in tho city. - Ua i$w ft.
J river front near luixinoBH center.
Nfiir the Siilpliito mill, within (',() A-ot of
of tho canal and locks. (I'i-KHJ acroH miitr
aide for jilattin into lot.-, for inanufactoriiiR,
residence or business purposes. This is tho
first nun for the West S,ido, and will lo Hold
as a whole or in lots to suit.
Business Comer. ' ' 0 hf corners on Main
si reei, wrefjon Ulty. t
1 A h'H'L'e list.hotli imnroviol nod 1111
T .1. I . 1
itcaiucuuo J-tUlS. in
J -r
West Side.
40 Acres
Prunes andf1
Vegetables. )
unproved of desirable, residence prop
rty, both within city and suburbs.
'inetnict near Oswego with ono-eigth milo
iirnny tor residence property,
of the best tnicls fur Prnrwi
river front very excellent fr manufacturing
mo very
Several of the best tracts for Prune, and
Vegetable Land in the valley, on tho railroad
and near Clackamas Station.
W acres nearOatfiold Ihitte, this side of
Mihvaukie. Vorv siiditlv. and near nro-
' posed motor lino.
We have also manv other fin in..!. , :i i..0;na
Wine i it ivi tmu v.iu in r,:.i.. . ..l i i.. .
A Bargain.
1 it Tifl i md i wn n tl f flt.
tho oflico of the r.i.u.a.Dn.V
Willamette Falls TmestmeiilCo.
Mayer & Ackerman, Props.
Subscribe forTlie Enterprise
, 1 AtV'J