Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, April 03, 1891, Image 4

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    .-... ..W-""',sj..1 ', 1
Intoifxdncf ria-bll (ilh(nd ly
Aolivr Corn f lfi'ifiilur foil
1tns4llvtll ltrmti.
The fartners will noon lie done owlug
Ihcir spring grain.
Mr. K. 1'. Carter h"-t tine colt this
week with lmt lie thought coti)tioii
of tho limits,
Mr. l' Curler bus Ivon frj- sick, but is
fliiprov slowly.
Tin- Iviiswllviilo Sunday svh.wl clM No,
t prcsi-nted their h-nclier, Mrs. M, K. IVivid
mil, ft beautiful llihle, l iivh 22, us it birth
day present which she npprroiii more
lh,i 'iy ihii.i: they could lm o given her.
She will ever remember the givers. They
Ketv Pa.lloy lVijIes, Henry lUiylro, Imuic
Sharp, Nellie I'ungsn. IVinns Movies mid
lPip:v lloxlc. Si's. P;tvidon h-is Iven
tin it- tcticher lor two years, md is very
Buteli an vh I lothcm mid lliey to her.
Nlr. John VUIi;iii is making cider this
Week. N.II.O.
MoIhIIk HiiIiMm.
The Wilhoit, MolaMa, and Oregon City
railroad is the latest enterprise out, ' A
. heme is on tool lo build a rallro.l IVimi
tlie celebrated Sods Springs down Knelt
Creek : thence through MolalU prairie to
Oiv,-on City. Ti.e le: nth of read will Ih
Kut lvent live mi'.es; will cost nlvtit
cue .'eUith of the iron railroad, and for all
fra.ti a! purges will till the present need
of 9 first class railroad. Kilty miles of a
Eke r- a lis -j; splendid satisfaction in
California. The plan of the track is 4 inch
iank 15 inches hie. placed (i inches apart
on lies eery 5 feet, the tlat ge of the loco
motive driving heel being in the center of
wheel , iih a fru n.m hearing of 1," inches on
each side of I'aiiire on the wooden rail,
-aitisf :'S inches ocarmg on iron rail .Mails.
Tlicrcvre the wooden road can he n.ore
successfully operated on sleeper gia ies ::
hnrper c.tivei, than is possible wish (lie iron
a I. ihegon Oily b;us Ix'en selected as the
most favorable terminus ol this new rail-
r ' i I. W ilieh W i!i i e this i-onnlrv r .li.
t. ; emmunit a::,n with I
tlan.l and the
s o: id at large. Vet. On gun t'itv i-a
v : t ia -e to get
i i. ...
s.;:t!i, but w hat
ii'ii town ot Or
;i V-iietit it would Is- to the
i'am to have the daily j
v.-itati-wi o! !ii
naimuoth wehfoot u hivls i
.ig i i w.!n me pnu.icts irathe
g '.nose .uiit s thnt'.rgti ti.e l.e:
.''ore of old Claeka oas ccuutv.
. d up
t and
i:- a,.
nierpriss il.a; eo, con s everv i-er.n
i ':,g the li:.o. witetiier they wi-h to
st-i their lard or m.irket their varied farm
fWditets. We have lomi talked railroad-- I
'":' bv.g lovk.d f.-r some company to
'vjti'td ni? :ttV;i-'. u-i Ho v bel-.old, the m:isoii
is here. lay bwd. a:.d build. "The Lord
,:il In Ip those ill.;! help theiiiseh es ' is an
id saying ilia: would work ill rail roading.
With a mutual determined ellort the rail-
r:i;ul l'ro:;t Stub, .V.rl.-u-s ItV I Ire-'on I'dCi-all
be coinoleted this summer. 1S.-1. Let s I
fcear from ai! along the line without delay.
Kail road su.wyn.s will soon be in the
field a" tin lieiween Wilhoit and Oregon
Ci'.v, locating tiie new wooden railroad line.
Should Ihe eople -how the 'teecssa'y en
couragi nicnt along the pnscd route. t :i
will be ihe ''j-t there' road the people's
"Frog Po.ni" must have plenty of native
msie now, since the recent rams must have
Increased the frogs' gurgling territory. j
What has become uf the Clackamas
c-oiiutv fair that was lo be this year? Who-
has charge of it? Whom shall we depend
an to drive the liist stake?
Ye scri'ie has been on the "verge of
treathing" for two weeks with bronchitis.
Mr. Alei. Smith has had a severe si ! t of
hi grippe.
l'r. Leavitt w as called to the seat of ar to
dress the abdominal incision made al the
recent outbreak at Missouri Kidge.
March is holding itsow n characteristics to
Cie very laat.
Farmers are getting anxious aliout their
uediiig, but men recently from Kansas say,
this wet is something nice."
Railhoao Tzt m.
A, W. Cook had the misfortune to cut his
foot last week, which will lay him up from
work for a few days.
Miss Myrtle lireithuupt has engaged to
kach the Union school for a term of three
months, which will commence the first Mon
day in April.
J. K. Morton will soon havq hi new
fciirn completed.
The Free Metho IUts have purchased luui
lif r w ith which they intend to erect a church
ill Damascus.
Kaners are waiting patiently for good
KeaTVr so they can commence their spring
J.A. Forties and family, Mrs. Sharp and
fiiniily, and a great many others hi the
neighborhood, are all sick with la grippe.
1 understand that gome of the Damascus
toys were out sacking unities last Saturday
night and caught one. Cbank.
From Cams.
This burg u. quiet since the storm (at
school meeting.) Mr. E. K. Howard was
elected director to succeed James Graham,
and Frank J aggers was elected clerk to suc
ceed himself. A tax of 200 was voted by a
majority of one for the purpose of procur
ing new seats and other repairs aboutschool
house and grounds.
Mrs. Katon b in poor health, likewise M rs.
Ed. Howard had a sick spell, but is all
right now.
The warm weather fur the last few days
made quite a change for the better in the
wjnter wneat. ever was a ueiter prospect
for a heavy harvest.
Mr. Davis is fencing in forty acres of laud
with cedar rails for a sheep pasture.
Mr. F.mtnett has put in a quantity of win
ter oats which are up and growing,
Mr. llornahue has his main crop of pota
toes planted.
Mr. Sherwood has fenced a large lot of
land during the winter, and is now havinga
lot of slashing done.
Mr. Hunter has commenced building bis
new house, and when it is completed will
jive Mr. Wiley May possession of the old
homestead, which he bought of Mr. May
oine years since. By the way, that was a
pretty good sale for Carus $30 per acre; but
then this red land is known to be the best
necks savea from tnc gnnows, tney win oe
-e.it into Judue Taylor's circuit for trial.
for ill ptiriHiseii of any in the country. )
MrXNvopi'r lias nwived iuiUh of lit k
vointuient a postmaster of t'ariia.
The Ivetter class of farniera are rvailv to
join the tanners' alliance when the organ
iier (Mines, which will soon happen.
The young Messrs, Cooper am cutting
hruh on the Alpine farm,
Mr. Alfred Smith is reclaiming soint very
good land this spring.
Miss Kale Casto will coniioeinv a term of
school at Mulino the llrt Monday o," April,
Horn, to the wile of KUjah Hutchinson,
March 21, a son, Mother ami child doing
well, ai d l.ige is the happiest man in (his
Now, Mr, Kdilor, a word in reference lo
our roads. Hundreds of dead (lies arc
standing in the road UHween the count)
scat and Wulino, with their large tops and
try rotten lindia lallins every day, and are
liable to cause a visit from the coroner.
Now it is bad enough to have to travel
through mud, owr rocks, rotten crosswnys,
uphill and down, without being constantly
exposed to the danger of these falling limbs.
Whose business is it to remove these dead-
I tall--he superv isor of f'C disiiict, or the
jpirson who cwi s the Ian I adjacent lo tin
MMrtd It is ihs i ledly dangerous to travel
several roads I am ae piaiuied dh in this
county, 1 think it is the duty of till J "
eorrospomlei.ts lo ss ak of this matter, and
so call ti e attention of the proper author!,
ties to it until something is done Ivl'ore some
valuable lite is lost by these tailing limbs.
Mokk Anon.
March 2t, 18 l.
Xeailew brook.
Ma. Kiutok: "Ui ilripie" lias laid lis
Ixniy, relentless hand upon several of our
ciluens. Mr. S. II 1U has been confined
to his bed for a lew dtp. s. Several member
of Charley Hubbard's family are ipiite ill.
IV. tiuueher has been called up there on a
professional visit. We hear that the) are
slowly convalescing, l'liocnix has also been
a cloe prisonor Willi la gripin' as jailer;
heme thciihsence of his communication in
last week's Ksreuruisit.
We hail wiiti enthusiastic honors the
N w KsrHPitsK, localise we wish to have
,H l',,ul,t.v r-M'er ill the great common-
1th ol Oregon, one that will be an honor
l lo our OoimtV. The CilitollaU ol l'n l's-
Tmi KisK do not make a display of the
i bloody shirt or ham on blinded Partisan
nivju lire.
i Mr. J. 11. Wright was at the metropolis
on t; e ISth instant on business,
Mr. John Iloheson went to Ihe Kalis City
I o:s the 2.ilh instant, where he met his
. tin'tlier. Mrs. li(heon has Uen slopping
Mieart'astie Koek, Washington, for several
! mouths. Welcome bark to the best eoiiutrv
iu the westeai hemisphere.
One ot" :ne Howard boys living on the
l.arkins place, last week lifted the sculp
leek ol'a very frisky eoyolte.
Mr. James Tomer is'on a visit to "the old
folks at home." Jim wears a knowing look,
and we expect it's about time lor the boys to
'' l'king up tin pans old shot gnus, cow
bells, etc. Kh, Jim?
We are sorry, very sorry to Karn that our
friend Mr. Mroiugreeu has lost three cows
during the winter. Mr. Stromgreen has an
abundam-e of feed, and we failed to learn ;
Ihe cause of their death.
We report the following los of stink: (i
I vv k ;.t,,,.p H I l .1 ..:
i n , ,. ,
cow; Jos. Hees, one row; John IKihui, lour
i . . . , v-iiv , ,.w , a,, i.. .tiv i.uiii, unr
To"' J"l'"f"! r '
cuml' " U'ft K,B'- A few day, since, as
-""""" !'"" -"o
ine om-i.ie oi a large .piautiiy oi -stomarn
bitters:'' John ditto. At lenirth the inedi-
cine reached the goal of its mission, and the
partners engaged in a little listical recrea
tion. No cl.fret Mowed or bones cracked,
and no doubt the all air will soon be forgot
ten. Willie Baker now strolls past his best
mends wuiiout turning ins Head lor a sal-
utation. Cause: two large boils that Iihuii
up conspicuously on his neck, l on are ex-
I disable, old fellow, for your hautthtv. bear
We learn w ith sincere regret of the depart
ure of Carl Stromgreen today for Washing
ton, and perhaps llritish Columbia. Carl
e.xiiects to be awav several mouths. As he
is the life and jolly spirit of every social
gathering, and as true to his friends as the
magnetic needle to the north pole, we will
sadly miss him. Carl, may God be with
you till we meet again.
Miss Sadie Dix, who has been home re
cruiting her health, after a severe attack of
the measles, intends going back to Oregon
City today, where she is in the employ of
Mrs. Charles Caufield. We will all miss the
society of Miss Sadie, and there willle a
void in every gathering, and the eves of her
many friends will wander over assembled
groups in vain for her bright smile and
cheerful face, and listen vainly for that fa
miliar voice.
We must record one more prospective
loss to our social life. Miss Lizzie Jennings,
of Butte Creek, who has been keeping house
all winter for her grandfather, Mr. D. Rolie
son, and has been a bright star in our social
circles, will return to her home this week.
But we trust she will in the future favor our
rural neighborhood with frequent visits asa
reconiiense for our present loss
So many members are leaving us that we
fear our lyceum must adjourn to the second
Tuesday in October. Owing to some mis
understanding the divorce case did not come
off on the 26th, and was postponed to an
indefinite date.
Miss Tennie Mayneld closed a successful
term of school here on the 27th instant.
She has gained many friends during her so-
joum here whose best wishes for her success
in her professional career are unanimously
The school closed with an exhibition at
night, where considerable talent and genius
were displayed by our amateur actors. The
pieces deserving of special credit were the
dialogue, "Personating Elders," by Laura
Wright and Clara Edgecomb, (aged H and 9
years); the play, "The Bungtown Lyceum,"
the play, "A Pain in the Hide," by J. 11.
Wright, Miss Tennie Mayneld and Miss
Lizzie Jennings; a recitation, "The Gam
bler's Wife," by Laura Wright; a recita
tion, "The Gambler's Child," by Miss Liz
zie Jennings; a recitation, "That New
Church Organ'" by Mrs. Bonney. In the
course of tha entertainment two dry chest
nuts were worked off on the poor people.
Mr. Hubert Ringo, who had been failing
in health for some time, went to Bunch
' taking off the duty on sugar here was
tlrs fur Ida health last full, W lemti
that lie has hilly reiweivd his health mid
tips the scales at I Sit lbs
March Sk Wtl,
Wet Orexmi t'liy.
K.venlmdy will huil with delight the new
side walk,
Mr, Titrkerls still engaged In the wood
Mr. tiodhnll has lieon niaking some in -iroveiueiils
about his pnuulses,
lhstrict Clerk Thos, tiibli bus completed
the assessment of the district. Mr, tiihb
makes an elllelenl clerk,
Mr, ,1. Humphrey has been making gar
den. There will he a special school nieellnit
held In this district oh Saturday, April 4lh,
at I p. in, to consider the matter ol building
a new school house ol four rooms, and Ismd
lint the district to pay for same. Such a
building would be a pride and ornament as
well asa lasting monument lo the inlelll
cciioe of ihe people of the district.
The school Is now in a prosperous coml n
tion with S. A. IV tlnrlcy as principal and
tiriiee Haird as assistant.
Appropriate exercises will be held on Ar
bor dax , April lutli, p, m.
It is the ih of Mr, tiurlev that palrons
of the school and all friends of education at
Jeiui the excivi-es on that occasion.
.Milwaukie. j
Hon, J. K. ami Miss.s lK-ssie and l.ney ;
l.atnlvert wen' hen i.'is) Satuitlat'.
lVc Hit kinan, of t'liu kainas, has Uen it ,
he pieul visitor in Milwaukle during the;
past week, ' t
The Kv angelical Ass.H-ialiou held its .piar !
terly meeting here last Satimlay, !
We arv sorry to report ihe illness of Miss
Kdna Hoss, Hiiring herabseiice Mr. Frank ;
Mullen takes charge of herchiss at Harney I
school. i
A serious accident iH-eiurel lust Tlnirs- J
day allermHui to ,1. Ilrorrjic, who resides i
one mile from here. hiie felling a tree he I
was stiih'k on Ihe side and was seriously
injured. It is feared that he win internally
injmed. IV. Kay, of Scllwood is attending
the patient. Mr. Itroetjie is a son of J. F.
liroctjie, the Mt. Tabor Florist.
Wi tie alighting from a bum;) hi front ol
her rcsidcmv last Thursday, Miss oihe fu
elling, daughter of Mr. Alfred l.uellimt.
slipped ami sprained her ankle, which will
confine her to the house lur some lime.
A muniier ol friends assembled n the res-
i.leniT of Mr. and Mrs. t'bas. Kisley last I n.
.ay eveuiuv to attend a arty given In hou
lor ol Mrs. Kis,-v. The evening wasdevolisl
to kh lies, dancing and social anoisemeul.
i l.'efresliineuis were served at inidnighi and
I partaken ol with a relih. I'ancing vvus re
(sinned and at au early imur the guesis dis
j I e'sod i.i H eir several homes, well satisfied
; w ith their evening's pleasure.
I A iiuiiiUt of our citizens, seeini; the ins.
! ci-ssity ot a buil iing that cun U ustnlou anv
1 oeeasiun, have decidisl to luntd a public hall
I on the lots belonging to the good templars.
The building will lx- Iwo stories and cover
a space ol 4l x ! feet. The ground floor
will It-occupied be J. f. Hiingingfoid, as a
n al esiatt otttce, and I Calm as a general
store and postolliee. The biuhUni, will l
of iniatern structure and will cit alsmt
$101111. This will lie an imisirtitut addilion
j to Milw aukie. The next thing in order will
I Is' the formation of au imoroveuicutsocietv
i , ... ,
lor ine purpose ot inducing m inn ih-turcrs
: . , . . . . , ,, .
i lo locate here, keep our sidewalks in repair
I and our street lamps lit
Owing tothe wet weather fanning os-ra-
(j,,,,, are , a s,aii.Hli Ullt ,ttll j
i i....r. n .,.i : , ..: . ,
School will begin in district M on Mon
day, April fl, with Miss Kale Casto as leach,
er. Miss Casto is a teacher of exerinee
and is well spoken of w here she last taught.
As the eensus taken by sk'hool Clerk J.
Knapp shows lil pupils in the district, it is
j probable tbut there will I
i unt.c
a large atteml-
Mr. John Hubrany has returned from the
Ncstucca country, when- he spent the
Mr. J. C. fiordon has ordered the lumler
troni D. I.. Trulliiiger for a line residence,
which he will erect on his farm this sum
mer. 1 he stock of w heat in the countrv
j must getting small, as the local miller
has been paying 75 cents per bushel during
the past week.
Hop raisers in the vicinity are somew hat
alarmed at the louse, which seems to breed
and winter on plum and willow sprouts
and in the spring migrate to the hop fields,
where they do an immense amount of in
jury. As yet no remedy has liecn found to
exterminate them, although experiments
are now being made at the state farm. As
hops are rapidly becoming a staple and
paying crop in parts of the Willamette val
ley, It is to lie boied that some means can
lie found by w hich they can be successfully
fought. Whykk,
March 30.
Frog Pond.
The weather the past week has been had
on farmers that wanted to put in their crops.
There has been some plowing done but not
any seeding to sjieak of.
Fall wheat is growing rapidly and there
arc fine prosjiects for a big crop this tall.
Mr. Salderu, from Cathlainet, Is up on a
few days- visit to his farm in Frog Pond,
He is engaged in the logging business in
Washington and is making a success of it.
Tualitln Grange met yesterday. There
was nota large attendance out bdt they hud
a splendid and lively time Just the same.
Tualitin Secular Union meets next Hun
day and a good, lively time is exacted.
Everyone is invited to attend.
Today is Easter Sunday and the usual
program was disposed of eating eggs and
going to church. The Germans had a big
time at their church as it is confirmation
day with them.
The United Brethren church sprinkled
eight and baptised two in the river at Wil-
sonville today. It was a pretty cold dav.
colder water, hut they seemed to like it.
There were about 200 people present to wit
ness the performance and they all seemed
of the same opinion that they hud lots of
grit with their religion.
Mrs, J. L. Kruse is off on a visit to Free
port, Washington, where A. 0. Kruse and
family reside for a few days.
L. Lecher, of Yamhill county, spent Sat
urday and Suuduy with Miss Booth in
Frog Pond. Come again Letcher.
Mrs. Sophia Phillips, of Oregon City,
Harding, druggist.
til nw d,a with her father, Tlion, Kv
. n 1" week
Miss Alice iHiwiilim's school closed In
the K, 1', seminary last Tuesday and every
one was highly pleased wllh her as a (each
er, Mr Henry llohh, ol Michigan, will lie
gill Ihe same school the. bill ol April, and
we hope he w ill give as good salisliu lion,
Slide Master II, K, llu.tes mid wllii tv
turned toiltty httnt tt two weeks Iceluilng
tour through Million, Mini, I'olk and lien
lon counties. He reports the roads pretty
t;eo. Sauni has his saw null inuiilng at
hist ami Mtwcd I'lHl leet one dii) last week,
He expects lo tlo a vuslnng busimss before
Ihe winter h aves.
Wilsonv ille school coiuineiiCcvl last Mon
day Willi Mr. Hodges, of Heaterlon, Wash
iuglou could)', as teacher,
Miss I'.lla Turner is unite sick wiiii la
grip but is improv ing now,
Mr. John Kruse is ipiite sn-k with the
grip hut is improv ing at the present time.
Mrs, John Kruse is down with ague chills
but will soon reviver alter losing a lew
pound iivoirlui'ois, which "he is able todo.
County Judge Meldriiiu gave 1'. I'. ac.d
lat week on ollb htl business, This is where
Mr, Mehlruni taught his liist lermol school
in year gone by, when he wa but u im re
Is.). II. M. II,
Mr. I'd. Henry t vimmems suthns' monllu
school today in the llovvh II district.
Mr, John Marshall leaves next neck to
begin work tit Ihs'is.V Kppersott s mill neai
Mr. ticsuge K. tglesbv lnt rented Mr.
William I'alniatcer's place for two .tears,
and w ill move to it this wet k.
The roads here are very bad, ami slu.iil.l
be repaired at once.
Mr. Harrison Tracy lea.es thi eek for
Wilipa. Washington, w here he villi woik
this summer.
Mr. S. 1'. OiJeshv made a thing Veil lo
his brother here (his wei k.
I'ndcr the protection of the cnu.e law
theChiua pheasants aie get'iug vcit nil
inerous here. The grousi- huoteth, and the
criminal slusUeth, and pnllelh the bath
els thereof in a sai k We rci-let lo say
that little attention is paid in Ibis m inity
In the Inn protecting game birds,
Mis, Sa n llutlnuin is slowly tcvowring
I'r.uil tl long sickness.
Mr. fan Fagalde has I ,-t three hones
vv it ii in a t ear. Trv a Id tie Is-Ut r eati , Pan
an I see if it docs -sol p.iv .
Mr , F. Mars taimlv have aii hvn
'lis with the rr p, i'. bet are flit aie-eug
l iu' I a: roi.s ,,f s, hool d.-l i a t So T .v
busy si) Ing rate b II-. ov II : to Voting
do n a tax to pav lor I1 e s, ho,, I ju.t , lo-e I
Several parlies ate prospecting lor mm.
eralon ihe n.nlh tork ol the! hickaiua-.
Il.ele is trouble ahead for the linilor
rii-r on the F-i-do 1'txs-k route, as no mad
has gone to Sprit. gvvater and iehi,tn, o-t
otliers for seven da s past, and there is a
large amount of mad matter in the I umns
ville olll. e lor said otliers. mi.
March M, I -i!t .
vf'iite a iiiimls-r of cases of lagtmpr are!
in this v ieietty.
Mr. David Young and Mr I'oug liadlev.
formerly sal-ion kees rs of Sim i,v ille. hav c
lelt for parts unknown. The grand jur)
seems to stiike terror lo su, h ssiplc.
t rs. Skerls has )h en ibs-ttiring lor nonie
time wth l'r. Vai ner for cancer ol the lace,
but at last accounts she was no better.
I " . " -
1 ""Hering 'r
.viiss .u.iggie i.aker. oi nils piaee, lias U en
some time with a white swell.
ing on one of her limbs. Some time ago
the children were playing ball at school,
Mid one of them let Ihe ball club slip out
of his band and strike her, which caused
the swelling, lly advice she was taken to
St. Vincent Hospital, Portland, where Ihe
1 doctors oH-ratrd on her limb, and al last
I accounts she was convalescent, and isrx
peeted home in a week or so.
Messrs t'roisant ,V Wilson have os-ned a
new butcher's shop in Mmx-kville.
Mr. C. H. lHluney has Imiight the black-
smith shop of Mr. J. S. Kipley at Hnun k
' ville. Mr. Itipiey is going to move to Tilhr
I monk.
j Messrs. Kibler ,t Ftteh will open their
I new hotel in Sinockv lllc April 1st
A Sunday school was organized lu re last
Sunday by the Congregational church, with
the following ofllcers; Siirintcndenl ,
Mr. Clutter; assistant superintendent, Kev.
J. W. Harder; secretary and treasurer,!',
II. Poole. The school will meet every Sun
day at 12 M.
Kev. C. H. Curtis, of Portland, was here
last Sunday, and baptized ten persons in
the afternoon, ami in the evening he deliv
ered an excellent sermon and administered
the Lord's supper. ('. A. H.
Uluk Mltei.
The Kntkiii'kisi!
Success to
in its
il ress.
Miss Amy Taylor is engaged to teach
a three months school in District No. Ml.
Mr. Hill bus been feeling U-lter fur a few
days. He is able to attend to his duties us
district school clerk, and is assessing the
proierty in District No. sO.
Mr. Fritz Hluhni is building a new two
story house.
Mrs. I'. Duffy has returned to her home
ami pence and harmony prevail. May It
always be thus.
Mrs. H. Bronnet, from Sea Home, Wash
ington, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Kmll
The prospects are good for a large fruit
farmers are beginning to seethe advan
tage of raising clover instead of summer
fallowing. There is morn clover sown this
spring than in any previous year.
I think it would be a good thing if I'iik
EsTKKfiiisir would have a ipiestion box, so
that we would know where to go to seek in
formation. People think theeditor ouirht lo
know if any body dues, at least he has a
belter chance to find out than we who live
in tho country. W lint sity you? Ojvs,
You Can Fino
J). M. Fkrky'h,
K. J. Howkn's,
L. L. iMav'b,
Onion Hkth.
BY THE i'AI'EK, l'OUNI) Oft liltHHEI,, AT
' Opposite Pout Office.
MRS. C. H.
f.s 'xirr.fi' j
v "V I
u 1 I . .' jMh I ' f. r 1 I It
ItoltT. KIM nv,
licilois in WINMitWS, i(Ui;S ami ll,!N'S tnul nil k tixU
ini.l hi v Irs of WINIMIW I'UAMKS, tHl I'KAMKS.
!AII,l(i, NKW Kl, I'tiSTjs, .:,v
1'iuiil Tlml'ivililv
lolil'ing- Onl'is mul nil kitt'l nf
W'nl'k lIMtliilv nltrlblril
nittlsliirtinil uurtcnilrnl.
Shop on Wjilor St.
Walchcs, Jcuclrj.
lli'i First Slrn-f, r:tf MorrisnMi St.
nl.l'l. Its f UiiVI II
CXiTlie Mail Jewelers
I IMl'nli I Kit lit iSI'i PI VI I It I I.N I
T7X . .
iRiiyers, Attention
Fino Factory Sito I- ami
J livi-r
West Side.
Business Corner.
Residence Lots.
) . I'""' tract near Oswe-o with t.ne-eiVth mile
40 Acres river front-very excellent for manufacturinK
J ami very sightly for residence protiertv.
Several of the hest tracts for Prune and
W'ctal.le Land in the valley, on the railroad
and near Clackamas Station.
Prunes and
sp . ) ..: a('JVH ''r Oatfield Untie, this side of
A Bargain. Milwaukie. Very sightly, and near pro
' posed motor lino.
We have also many other line imeb. n.,.i i
i , .. '
i it will
ee of ' J,? 'U l L'""si,W- For pn-tieulars apply at
tho ofli
Willamette Falls Investment Co.
Undertakers and Blacksmiths, Oregon City, OreKon.
Good HeareoH. Trimmed coilins and CaHkcU always in Stock
Watches, : Jewelry,,
Clocks, Spectacles,
K. II. MlI'll,
s r a i it
SrtlsoiiiHl Idlliiln r.
Cdliinrl Work, Turning
lltlil Srfnll
In. I '.A Until ra
SiZ Ii 2
(locks and
tliltrn' I'livittr Kfilntnri. I jtnt ri rr.
1 N I It V mil Ii I l l
i: ! i
llf llf till' lll'Sl .silcS
(U k in thontv.
fur factor v
Has 1 ft.
iifitr liiisiiicss ci'iiUT.
N :ir th Sulpliit. mill, within CO f,.,.t f
f tlie canal ami lot ks. 1 ;."-1 ( k nrr,.M sllit.
nll for platting into ..t for inantifactorin,
rt'si.lcncc or Imsinoss purposes. This is tho
liist pm for the West Side, am. will he sold
as a whole or in lots to suit.
I One of the hest corners on Main
S street, Oregon City.
A bine li.st.hoth improved and un
f improved of desirahle residence proji
J ci ty, hoth within city ami sulmrhs.
- " 'inn ii l: i i s
- i .tiwijwirwwT
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