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A petition having 63 signature wai
presented to the countv court asking for
a change in the pnblic road between
Stafford and Oregon City, said change to
coniiitin opjning a new piece of road
between Polifsky's and John Turner's,
the home of the latter being a matter of
a hundred Tarda south of the canvai of-
fice of the wood-c&mp. The road change
would ihorten the distance and would,
it seems, secure the best possible route
with the easiest grade, between the two
points indicated. The proportion of rise
over the entire one ana one-third miles
would not be over seven per cent. The
' county court's official viewers approved
the change, but the court cast a deluge
of cold water on it in this dry time, too
by declaring that the petitioners
should pay the damages assessed and
Open the road a; their own expense.
The petitioners cannot see why the court
should show this negative opposition to
their road scheme, except it be that they
offended it by giving a stiff majority for
the Democratic ticket in Stafford pre
cinct, and, furthermore, by agitating
this road matter without the advice and
consent of prominent Republicans of
Frog Pond. The Stafford people have
been promised $000 of the road funds
thee paid in as taxes, and, as it would
be foolish because unprofitanle to spend
said money this summer in giading old
road beds, they beine hard and nlnddv.
they cannot see any good reasons why it
should not be expended in clearing the
new piece of road. .
On 8aturday, Tualatin Grange No. Ill
held a picnic in Farmers' grove. Its oc
casion was lhe,celebration of Children's
Day, but so large was the attendance of,
grown people that they out-numbered I
the little folk. A stage had been built,
principally of fir boughs, and a number
of long benches built in front of it of
'rough Doards and lops, under the over
hanging limbs of large trees. The ar
rangements were ideal for a long pro
gram of son? and recitation and instru
mental music, the latter being by the
Stafford brass band of 11 pieces. Many
of the renditions were so excellent that
they deserve particular mention but lack
of space forbids. The musical and lit
erary program was followed by three
speakers, Hon. Thomas Buckman of
Coos county, Col. K. A. Miller and Hon.
G.E.Hayes, each making an address
befitting the occasion. As a proper cli
max to the picnio a dance took place at
Larson's hall in the evening, which was
largely attended.
Mrs. Francisco of The Dalles", formerly
a resident of the Willamette valley, is
visiting the Sharp family.
' Tualatin'Grange ha'.l is to receive a
coat of paint.
The wheat crop in this section calls for
( Potato plaining is taking an end her
this week.
Henry Heiple of Ourrinaville, is visit
ing relatives and friends here for a few
Wm. Morey has built a woodshed and
is putting rustic on his honse.
A letter received a few days ago from
W. H. White of Ontario, stated that he
will return in August to his place here.
Several amendments to our laws
passed at the June election. Now there
is one tbat should be changed and that
is the trespass law. If land is not fenced
it shoold be juBt the same ai if it was. ,
The Liberal Giant started the mowr
Monday and the sixty acre field will
soon be down,
Gib White's father is out from Port
land on ft visit. He will return this
week. Syi-vjA.
Wilson & Cooke have in Btock a fine
line of Lubricating Oils, Compound and
Axle Grease.
that Canby will have a grand celebration.
tsee our large bills.
Kirk Rebekah lodge went to Needy
Thursday night, June 16 and organized a
lodge at that place.
Canby. is to have a couple of new . flag
poles, one in front of the city hall, and
one in front of the school house.
There was a kitchen rush at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. William Knight
in honor of their daughter, Vesta. Many
useful kitchen furnishings were given by
her many friends. A very enjoyable
evening was spent ptaying cards, flinch,
pit and other games.
Canby baseball team defeated Silverton
baseball team by a score of lo to 9. Sil
verton seemed to be having a walkover
until the sixth Innings when Canby had a
streak of batting that resulted in six runs.
This put them in the safe limit and ulti
mately won the game for them. Struck
out by Baty, 16; by Concannon, 8; Batter
ies, (or Canby, C. Baty and E. Zeek.
For Silverton, Concannon and Hnddelson;
Umpire, Geo, Zeek.
Haying has begun on a small scale,
and the crop ia not going to be large.
A good many of the young folks at
tended the social at Meadowbrook, and
report a good entertainment and lota of
Mr. Hettman and the Fishers attend
ed the strawberry parade at Canbv
Oscar Hole is on the sick list but is
slowly improving.
Mrs. Fisher had quite an accident last
week. She was out far a ride and her
horse became frightened and ran away,
upsetting the vehicle and throwing its
occupants out bruising them badly.
We understand that Clarkes is going
to have a grand celebration after all.
Some Logan notes were handed in at
the office room some time ago but they
failed to appear, which throws us out of
joint and some of the news may be eld.
The boys gave Ralph Tracey ' and
bride a cow bell serenade. Ralph, we
wieh you joy and prosperity . and may
more of the boys follow your example.
Edwin Gerber gave a lawn party on
his birthday which was something new
in Logan and a very enjoyable affair.
Twentyrtwo voters were sworn in on
account ol failing to register in Harding
precinct. It is hoped that there will
not be so many hereafter as it is a deal
of trouble to fill out blanks and get Bix
witnesses for each one.
Supervisor J. C. Sprague Is applying a
coat of gmvel to the rock road near the
cheese factory, which will make a per
manent road of it.
Well It is all over and 1 think everyone
is satisfied that he voted right.
In Beaver Creek there was whiskey and
beer enough for every voter to take a swim
and yet there were only a few drunks.
According to the looks of the tickets most
of them used it for a different purpose.
The bosses found that they do not carry
the vote of Beaver Creek in their vest
pocket as they claimed. )
An entertainment and ice cream social
will be given on June 17, at the school
house, commencing at 7:30 p. m. .
There will be a pie social Tuesday even
ing, June 2ist, the proceeds to go to the
baseball team. It is hoped the young la
dies will brine; the pies and help the boys
along in their endeavor to entertain the
lovers of the great" American game.
Come one, come all. and buy a pie. After
the social there will be a dance giyen in
Mr. Bluhm's new barn.
The best game of ball played this sea.
son here was between the Colton and Shu-
in the Molalla river this week. Hiram J Mr. Stafford is busy with his
Dodge, an experienced rlverman, is super- berries this week.
intending the work.
Hugh Comer was in our village Sun
day. The Dodge-Nash shingle mill is run
ning running again having been shut down
for repairs. UNCCE NATHAN.
New Era.
The train killed a cow for Mr,
Mr. Manners left last Wednesday for
British Columbia.
Mrs. Winslow, of Seattle, visited her
brothers, Robert and George Brown of this
place last week.
Wild blackberries are beginning to ripen.
George Rider movedjinto the Ohas.
Foster house Thursday.
Miss Walker and Miss Dundas are get
ting to be famous bee charmers, as they
can hive a swarm of bees without getting
Mr. and Mrs. McArthur left Monday
for Hood River to attend the G. A. R.
Mrs. Eastman Is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. David Penman, of Heppner.
Mrs. Newberry sprained her hand one
day last week while stopping a bairel of
cement from rolling onto a team of horses
as it was being unloaded from the. car.
The Kellenboffer sawmill is now in
operation, situated on a branch of Par
rot Creek about four miles southeast of
New Era.
Geo. McCormick was badly hurt last
Saturday night at Stoker's dance by be
ing tripped. The fall striking his head
on the floor, he was unconscious for a
considerable time.
Mr. Chinn has placed running water
in his house.
Frank McArthur was kicked by a horse,
on the shoulder, last Friday, causing
much pain.
Mr. Eisert is hauling oak logs to iNew
Era for market.
The Wiiboit stage is at Friedrich's
blacksmith shop for repairs this week,
preparatory for its daily trip to the
Beaver Creek.
Mr. Henry Staben, who has been stay
ing in EaBtern Oregon for several weeks
past, returned home Friday.
Johnnie Boblander sold bis horses last
Miss Jessie Blanck closed her school
last Friday after an eight months' term.
Mr. and Mr, Glover of Portland vis
ited friends and relatives here last Monday.
Mr. Charlie Moehnke has gone to Ore
gon City to work.
Mrs. Mary Hollman, accompanied by
her sister Eva and Miss Schultz, have
gone to the strawberry fields.
Miss Louisa Steiner bai gone to Port
land to spend the summer .
Mrs. Clara Buckltn of Oregon City
spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Studeman,
Mr. Edward Hughes has gone 0
Washington to work.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ruconich
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.
A large rowd was out Sunday to see
the ball game between the Shubel and
Colton teams.
Dr. Grace E. Hain
Osteopathic Physician
Office hours 9:30 to 5 p. m Monday,
Wednesday, and Fridays.
Acute and Chronic Diseases, Nervous Dis
orders.Women's and Children's Diseases
a specialty. Graduate of Still Collage
of Osteopathy Des Moines, la. Con
sultation free. Room 16, Garde Build;
Mrs. J. S. Moore of Olackamas height
is improving, after a severe sickness.
W. A. Holmes returned Sunday from'
his trip east. He says he had a pleasant
vibit but is glad to get back to Oregon
and thinks wt have a much better qli
muti than the people in Kansas.
Sunday morning the roof of Mr. Fau
bion's kitchen caught afire and burned
at such a rate that if it had not been for
immediate help the whole bouse would
have been burned, bat with the help of
neighbors the fire was checked without
doing very much damage.
Mrs. Hess was called to Seaside on ac
count of the sickness of a daughter there.
Frank Trullinger, while working on
the Daucbey place, just north of here,
was severely hurt by a blast going off
unexpectedly. He was badly cut on the
face and one arm was injured.
Clate Pierce returned from Grant's,
Pass Tuesday evening.
ing, Oregon City, Ore.
How about giving that roof a coat of
good "Fire Proof" paint? Call at Wil
son & Cooke's and see a sample.
, The storm clouds have cleared away
and the sun's bright rays are once more
shining on the brazen horizon of Repub
lican prosperity, i. e. high taxes, cheap
labor and property and machine poli
tics. Miss Lillian Newton has closed a very
successful term of school at Oak Grove.
Some of the people who went on the
excursion to Salem from here report a
good time, but the poorest farm land
they nave ever Been, and that ealetn is
. not a city but a park. Thsy also report
small biscuit la cents a piece.
Most of our poople took in the grand
picnic at Hubbard on the 11th inst.,and
report a good time, especially Johnnie
Damm. Anotiier fellow got it in the
neck Saturday night jnothing like getting
used to it, Elic.
Quite a lot of improvements are going
on in and around our little burg this
summer. Mr. Etzel is building a large
barn, Mr. WiUon and F. C Klingler
are also planning to builj new ones.
Fred Graham is getting the timbers
hewed for a new barn.
Reiwrta have reached this place that
Mr. Weinmann, a former resident and
highly respected citizen of this place,
has died of cancer of the throat in Min
nesota, where bis children reside. Be
side four children in Miunesotabe leaves
a wide circle of friends at this place to
mourn his sad demise.
On account of the absence of Mrs. B.
Lnbben, Mr. Lubben's hired man, Mr.
Henry, gave a birthday party at the res
idence 01 Mr. and Mrs. John Damm,
which was well attended and all but one
present reported a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Graves and son
Johnnie, of Logan, visited the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.M.Graves,
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Klingler and fam
ily visited at Marquam Sunday. .
mmvmmmmmmmmmmmumummAwmAmmmwAwmmmmwmummmummmAAmmwm mmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmammAmwmmmAimmmwmm
Peter M. Bovies. Sr., died at the home
of his niece, Miss 0. J. Boyles, on Tues
day, after an illness of only a tew days.
He was the last ot a large family, and was
a litte over 85 years of age, having been
born in Athens County, Ohio, April 7,
I819. The remains were buried in the
Russellville cemetery, Thursday. His
sister and two brothers are also buried
there. He joined the Presbvterian church
at an early age, and has always lived a
consistent Christian life.
Gilbert Jackson, Ed Hughes and John
nie Dungan have started to bring, a band
of horses across the mountains on the Fish
Lake or Lebanon route, but found the road
blockaded to such an extent with snow
anJ fallen timber that they will have to
wait until the road can be opened which
may not be accomplished until abjut July
Mr. McFadden is doing some carpenter
woikrorour postmistress.
Two little Indian girls who ran away
from the Indian school near Salem came to
Mr. Gregory' house last Sunday evening
to get some thing to eat, and were taken to
the hoiei. Their whereabouts were tele
phoned to the Superintendent and Mr,
Perry was employed to take them back
to the school. They attempted to cross
the mountains back to their people at the
Warm Spring reservation. They got as
far as Table Rock and found so much
snow, that they proceeded no farther.
They returned and were going to try the
Sandy route when Mr. Gregory found
them. They said they were abused and
badly treated at school.
M. S. Ilungate expects to raise a large
barn on the 16.
G. V . Adams Is also getting ready to
build a barn.
A new telephone line has been finished
from W. O. Vaughn's to Molalla. '
There Is some talk of reorganizing the
Molalla band.
Thousands in use in Oregon, Washington and Idaho
. Absolutely the best Mower IN THE WORLD.
Send for Catalogue.
The rains last week were of great
benefit to the crops. OaU look fine
even If It was sowed late. Fall wheat is
heading, but the beads are short. Grass
ia good and stock of all kinds are fat.
The' wild pea nuisance is thick in fall
grain. This is the year for white clover
and it U thick every place. It is one of
our best grasses for pasture.
Stock bogs art scarce and very few
feeding for anarket.
Barney Freldrlchs has his new barn
raised and is hurrying it to completion
as fast as possible. Wm. Husbands is
doing the carpenter work.
Several men are working on the Mu
tual Telephone line from Molalla to
Liberal. They will soon connect with
the Macksburg line. Let the good work
Orin Hammond and wife, Misses Ona
and Car.'ie Ridings were visiting Mrs.
Silas Wright last Suuday,
There will be a cainpnieeting at
Wright's Springs picnic grounds com
menclng on June "X It will continue
until the fifth of July.
Grandma Ufgay, ot Marks Prairie, is
visaing her daaghter, Mrs. Levi Steh'
man for a few days.
Ralph Knight and J. B. Parrott caught
a fine string of trout last Sunday.
H. A. Vorphal and C. E. Nelson visited
In Canby this week.
This week ends Canby's strawberry
season. It is a very lucrative crop and it
furnishes employment for many.
There will be a dance at Canby City
hall, Saturday night, June 18, ip04. , Mu
sic by Garrett's orchestra. Everybody
Invited. Tickets 50 cents.
The Coming Met of America organized
a lodge in Canby last week. They met In
the City Hall.
I he southern fad lie is hxinr up
around the depot by tearing a say the
lower platform ana putting in gravel
which will be covered by a layer of
crushed granite.
In making plans for July 4th remember
Mother's Ear
worn im Morw-a mumi mm
Mumina Am mrtmr, no in rum
moiTMm that com iiron that
upHifi rum mxTH ararM tmo
oun,r mo Mciatur ro
Send lor free sample.
40141$ rein Mitel, Nti
juc. and $1.00 ; all druggists.
York. I
Some years ago we stopped buyi ng the
manufacturers regular construction and grade
in medium priced Buggies and got up a buggy
of our own, improving the construction and
grade of the materials used. To distinguish
these goods from regular Eastern work, such as
is handled by others, we put our own name
and brand on them. We call them our "Bee
Line," in other words our "B" grade ormedi
um priced line and we defy anybody to put
more service and wear in a buggy of medium
price than we have in these. When you buy
a Bee-Line you get something for your money.
Established J 834
Ample Capital to carry stock of material 3 to
5 years ahead. , An absolute guarantee,that
It is properly seasoned.
The Mitchell is the best made, best'.ironed,
best finished, best proportioned andjjightest
running wagon made. ' j
Get a Mitchell
and you get the best.
Oregon City.
r o R t a
O - N
bel reams latt Sunday. Score, XI to 9 In
favor of Oolton.
W. D. Hill and r. Bluhm are eacn
building new barn.
Next Sunday the Shubel.teara win piay 1
the Cams first.nins in the forenoon, at 10
0 clock. 1 ' .
Born, to the wife of E. A. Cummins, a
The rain of the last! two weeks was
beneficial to all the crops. Fall wheat is
heading add gives promise of a good crop
but oats are very short for this time of
year as most of it was sown late.
Mr T. nuffv was kicked on the leg by
a hre Sundav. A deep gash: was cut
but it is thought no bones were broken,
nusow BBOOK.
The wedding bells are ringing doee
around Meadowbrook.
John Wright informs us that he is still
a socialist notwithstanding the republican
Uncle Danle Robson is well pleased
with the results of the election.
The picnicers report a pleasant time,
good shade, pure water and plenty to eat.
The Russell brothers are moving their
railroad ties. They expect to have 25,000
Dr. Sam Brown of Portland spent
Tuesday night with his brother Robert.
Mountain View.
W. W. Hay bas put a new picket
fence in front of bis residence and is
painting it.
Grandpa Kays is digging a well on his
premises this week.
P. D. Curran is building a fruit house
this week.
The posters for Maple Lane Fourth of
July celebration are out and further par
ticulars will be given next week.
The Preebyterians will have a Sunday
School picnio at McGooo's Park near
Bolton, on Wednesday of next week.
Mrs. Walter Curran is not so well the
past week. She takes a buggy ride quite
often for exercise.
J. W. Cnrran went to Canby Monday
and Tuesday to get strawberries.
Grandma Hart is visiting with her
daughter, Mrs. West, this month.
The Mountain View Sunday school
will have a camp fire picnic this week.
Potatoes baked by the camp fire will be
served, also broiled meat.
That Throbbing Headache.
Would auicklv leave von. if von numf
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have prrved their matchless
merit lor Sick and .Nervous Headaches.
They make pure blood and build up
your health. Only 25 cents, money 1
back if not cured. Sold bv Charman &
Co., Druggists.
Willamette Grocery
Sttvtns Building,
Sixth and main Sts.
Telephone, Main im.
Do you know what our busi
ness is?
When (it comes to Groceries
1 1 and such.things, we are the peo
ple; and you'll never regret the
day you got in touch with us.
You ought to see our line of
Teas, Coffees, Spices and the
good brands of Flour we handle.
They are the BEST.
Prices low and delivery prompt.
Wiles A WcGlasban
carfnot be enjoyed in a basin of limited
capacity, nor where the water supply and,
tpmnprarnrii i nnrprtain hu rpsenn nf H-.
fective plumbing or heating apparatus.
1 0 nave ooin put in tnorougn worKing: ,
order will not prove expensive if the work,
is done by us.
We have moved from nnr nlri stand Intfv
the old postoffice building. Don't forget
tne place wnen you want plumbing done.
Satisfaction cuaranteed. F f. ftflnKr
Oregon City, Oregon.
In the matter of the estate of Anna C.
Muecke, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed Administra
tor of the estate of Anna C. Muecke, de
ceased, by the County Court of the State
of Oregon, in and for Clackamas County,
sitting in Probate, and has qualified as
such. All persons having claims against'
said estate are hereby notified to present
the same to me at the office of Chas. J
Schnahel. etc Chamhcr nf
Building, Portland, Oregon, with proper
vouchers and - duly verified within six.
months from the date hereof.
Dated and first nuhlihd thic nih Azv
of May, A. D. I9O4.
Administrator of the estate of Anra O.
Muecke, deceased.
CHAS. J. SCHNABEL, Attorney for Es
tate and Administrator.
The Finest Fruit
The very finest fruits of the shoe
Manufactories have bsaa selected to
complete our stock. The swsllest styles
In all ths varieties of lasts, tops, toss
and trimmings. Every pair a beauty,
with solid, substantial wear to back
them and make then sensible bargains
will be found at
Oregon Gty Shoe House
In the County Court of the State of Ore
gon for Clackamas County. "
In the matter of the estate of Marcell
Koener, deceased.
To the state of Oregon, the heirs and
next to kin of said deceased and to all
other persons Interested In said estate,
known and unknown:
You and each of you are hereby cited to
appear in the above entitled court at 10
0 clock a. m. Tuesday, June J, 1904, at the
Court House at Oregon City, Oregon, to
show cause if any exist why an order of
sale of the southeast quarter of section lo,
township 4 south, range 5 east, Willam
ette Meridian, Clackamas County, Oregon,
should not be mads to satisfy outstanding
claims against said estate as prayed for in
the petition of the administrator of said
estate duly filed In the above entitled
This citation is published by order of
Thomas F. Ryan heretofore duly made and
Clerk of Said Court.
First publication June 3, ioo4.
Last July i, l9o4.