Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1902-1919, April 22, 1904, Page 3, Image 3

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Oregon City'sJBig Cash Store
Special Sale of Black Petticoats
These Petticoats are the
'nrar.Hr.a1 Win" marl?, nf fast
iwP black sateen, cut, full width
izggf are Pcrctly made
Sole Agents for
W. B. Corsets
America's leading make
Mis Echo 8anap8in visited Oaoby
frietuli Saturday. i
Oscar Bturges, of Canby, was in town
Thursday on business.
Mr. G. Stevens, of Portland was an
Oregon City visitor Sunday.
W H. Burehardt, Sr., of Salem, was
n Oregon Oity vititor Saturday.
Edward Birt-hett, of Marqnam, came
in on me local inursoay morning.
Mrs. W. 0. Cheney Returned from
Aberdeen, Waah., Monday evening.
Louis Punk, one of Redland's pros.
perus farmers, was in town Tuesdav,
Miss Anna Caiey, ot Portland, visited
her aunt, Mrs. James Henley, Sunday.
Misses Etta and Zelma Shaver, of this
city, were Canby visitors last Saturday.
George 'arr, of Portland, was trans
acting business in Oregon City Tuesday,
Miss Cockrell, of Albanv, Or., visited
her brother, Mort Cock r ell, of this city
Miss Edith Todd, of Elliot Prairie,
visited with friends in this city during
the week.
Cecil Fuller, of Sacramento, Calif.,
is visiting with bis grandmother, Mrs.
Harry Haidjng.
D. Began, of Needy, was in town
Tuesday. He is now living on the Per
diea place near Needy.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCarver, of
Portland, spent Sunday with the for
mer's sister, Mrs. Charles Babcock.
A. M. Shibley, one of Springwater's
most highly respected citizens, was a
caller at the Courier office last Tuesday.
Mrs. M. Kay, of Salem, who has been
visiting Mrs. Peter Mclntyre for a few
days, returned to her home Tuesday
Next week, Hezekiah Johnson will
start for Idaho, to begin on his govern
ment surveying contract. Bert Strick.
lin will form part of hie crew.
Misses Helen and Aneita Gleason, of
this city, were the guests of the Misses
Veva and Vesta Knight, of Canby,
Saturday and Sunday pf tbe past week.
Mrs. Helen Davis and daughter, Mrs.
Bertha Lowery, and two children left
Tnesday for Oklahoma. Tbey will re
main there until October when tbey
will return to Oregon City.
Miss Ethelyn Albright entertained in
her lusual delightful, manner, a few
friends at a dinner Wednesday evening
at her borne in honor of Mr. Mort Oock
re'.l, who left for Cheyenne, Wyoming,
Thursday morning, where be has ac
cepted a position
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wiggins and
children, of Portland, were visiting Mrs
Wiggins' parents, Mr, and Mrs. Jardes
Wilkinson Sunday. Mr. Wiggius re.
cently returned from California. While
in that stats he visited in San Francico,
Chico and Sacramento.
W, C. Hagertc, editor of the Tele-
' pbone-Reg'ster of McMinnville. was vis
iting in town last Wednesday Mr.
Hagerty served tnree vears as deputy
sheriff of Yamhill county. He is a suc
cessful newspaper man and is ranidly
coming to the front in political influ
ence. Dsn KB-.'.ffman, the Needy dairyman,
came in on the local Tuesday inoruing.
Mr. Kauff man was the first in his neigh,
borhood to introduce modern methods
of producing butter. His plant is one 01
the-laigest in the county and cream is
collected from points several miles dis
tant. Miss Etta Stetson, of New York City,
and the Midges Mrfgers, ol Portland are
Visiting Mrs.U. Miller and Miss Williams.
Miss Stetson is a prima donna and has
just severed her connection with the
Olympic Opera Company with which
she took a prominent nart. She will
leave shortly for New York, where she
wi.l join an opera Company.
Kings for (Sifts
Rings are still the favorite gifts and they
are prettier this year than ever. We have
a brand new stock in great varietyrings
for brides, wives, lovers, friends, everybody.
Don't fail to see the new designs.
Prices to suit every pocket book.
Plenty of Time
Should be taken to look at our large assort
ment of clocks.
We have all styles from fine Marble Clocks
to Nickel Alarm Clocks, and every one is guaran
teed to give satisfaction.
A Fine Eight Day Marble Clock for $ 3.50
Fancy Blackwood Clocks from $6.00 to 10.00
Fine Gold-plated Clocks from 2.50 to 7.50
Nickel Alarm Clocks (warranted) 1. 00
Kodak and Sufrfrlies
Begin with a little Brownie Camera.
Price only $J.00. Every step is simple. No
dark room at any stage of the work, and better
results than ever.
Velvet VelOX is the new 'g success in
in the Photopraphic Paper
Try it.
Burmeister & Andresen
The .Oregon City Jewelers.
Quality considered, our prices are the
lowest. Miss Goldsmith.
For the best building blocks in Hub
bard write the Courier office.
Beatie & Beatie, dentists, Weinhard
building, room 16, 17 and 18.
An infant child of H. Schink was
buried at Mountain View cemetery Wed
nesday atternoon.
See me for wheat, alfalfa lands and
homestead relinquishments. Irvine
Wheeler, lone, Or.
Money to loan on real esUte and chat
tel security. Borne bargains n farm and
city property. Eby & Eby, Oregon
C. E. Nash started yesterday for
Shaniko, where he expects to purchase
five or six teams of horses. They will
be p laced on the market. '
Some of Oregon Cuy's Wednesday
visitors: Polk Gribble, Oti" Morris,
Macksburg; C, Zweiful, Needy ; S. K.
Gray, Kedland and Louis Funk, High
land.' 0'ir styles and qualities are thorough,
ly correct and our prices the lowest.
Mies Goldsmith.
The Canemah Park will be open to
visitors on next Sunday. If the weather
permits the attendance from Portland
and other points will no doubt be very
The O. W. P. & Railway Company ia
preparing to re-commence work on the
fill between Green Point and the Clacka
mas river. This is a much needed im
provement. The road viewers ara looking over the
proposed cut-off on the Stafford hill is
considered too d'fficult for grading and
it is expected that about miles of
new road will have to be constructed.
The local Oddfellows and Rebekahi
will attend the Congregational church
next Sunday evening in celebration of
tbe eighty-Hfth anniversary" of Oddfel
lowsbip. Pastor Bollinger will speak on
"Universal Fraternity."
On Friday afternoon, a mothers'
meeting will be held at the chool hous'e
in West Oregon City, A short program
will be rendered by the pupils, after
which the mothers will discuss matters
pertaining to school work, A Mothers'
Club will probably be organized.
It is one of the signs of prosperity to
note that If rank Busch is compelled to
erect a large two-story ware-room in ad
dition ti the already lame floor soace oc
cupied by his stock of furniture and
hardware. Mr. Buch is one of the
mitling business men of O egon , itv,
and deserves the success be is meeting.
The very best styles in bats . Mies
Oelia OoldBmith.
TheW.O. Vt. Camp will have a joint
initiation this, Friday, evening. Candi
dates for membership in the local camp.
the Logan camp and tbe Albina camp
will be Introduced Into the mysteries of
Woodcraft and trained in (be arts of the
"choDDers" bv a team from Alhina. A
banquet will be given by the local Wood
man to tbe visiting neighbors, r ,'
Judge Galloway, so well and favor
ably known to practically all the citi
zens of this county, has received the
nomination for Circuit Judge in the
Third Judicial district. The Judge
stands an excellent chance of election.
He received tbe unanimous endorse
ment of the delegates from all the coun
ties which constitute that district.
Lulu Fay Phillips was buried from
Holman's undertaking rooms on Mon
day afternoon. The deceased was a
niece of Grant bacon, of Oregon City.
and bad been living with her parents in
Portland. Outck consumption ws tbe
cause of this early death. She was
aged seventeen years. Rev. Bollinger
conducted the funeral services at tbe
grave in the presence of tbe family.
The very best styles In hats. Miss
Celia Goldsmith.
Mr. C. E. Nash has purchased a half
interest in the Dod shingle mill at Mo
lalla. Roads pre being made and sheds
erected for tbe mill, but on account of
high water the mill can not be trans
ported to the site for a week or two.
The firm expects to have their plant in
running order in about three weeks,
when tbey will be able to furnish first
class shingles to the trade in any quan
tities. The capacity of tbe mill is about
20,000 per day. Any information can
be obtained from C. E. Nash at tbe
Seventh St. woodyard.
For the finest building property in
Hubbard write the Courier office.
W. Gilbert Beattie, who parts his
name on one side and his hair in the
middle, was seen by a Courier man
picking np a valise which bad been left
by a passenger at the 8 P. depot. W.
Gilbert B. reluctantly admitted that he
knew the valise to be somebody else's
property and that it was full of gold or
really that it was full of golden no, it
was partly tided with golden butter;
and that the valise belonged to a rela
tive who left it as she was passing
through here on her way to Portland.
Perhaps the Professor's explanation will
satisfy the police.
Children's cans and hats. Miss Celia
Mr. Fred Smith, son of Capt. Smith.
of Parkplace, is visiting his parents.
Mr. emitn is mall- clerk on the Baker-City-Sumpter
route. He reports that
the railroad, for a distance of some 15
miles out from Baker City is completely
under water. The six feet of snow that
ba1 fallen daring the winter, began to
melt about a week ago, with the result
mentioned. But It is an "ill wind that
blows nobody good." The abundance
of water has set all the placer mines
going, and a large quantity of gold is
bein? washed oat. Mr. Smith, who is
accompanied by his wife, will remain
until about the middle of May, when he
will return to bis work .
Mr. J. E. Hedges was interviewed by
a Courier representative yesterday, to
whom be made the following statement:
"I was as greatly surprised on the morn
ing after tLe Democratic State Conven
tion to read that I had been nominated
as Joint Kepresentaive from Clackamas
and Multnomah counties, as many of
my friends will be to find my name upon
tbe ticket. The nomination was en
tirely nnsolicted and jnst as completely
We make a specialty of the famous
Cluett, Peabody & Co. shirts and
collars better patterns, nobbier styles,
better fitting, than any others we know of.
Cluett shirts, Monarch shirts, Cluett
and Arrow collars best for the money
, All sorts of furnishings here at low
Oregon City's Big Cash Store
for -Crouse
High Grade
unexpected. As I stated in our Coontv
Convention I desired no nomination for
any office. Since my nomination, how
ever, have been urged both by many
whom I know to be sincerely friendly
and bv my own feeling of duty to the
r-- - uu uiiikb Kit) run.
1 shall now accept the nomination and I
Ttwnr .a ml. ... I I
-r ,w bb vigorous a campaign
as possible."
Two Interments by G. A,R.
The remain, nf Hr r. T n..i.
- - " . u UBIIU TCOIO
broUffbt here vp.luivl.n In Lu..t
They were taken in charge by the G . A.
R. A Sketch Of Mr Ruln annoa.. I.
another column.
The funeral of T. J Holland, Co. D,
Osage Reizimnnt. Minannri Tnf..tr vi
unteers, occurred at the same hour. Be--
vices were held at the residence. Mr.
Holland, whn .u R9 .. nf i,..
f w jwim Ul -, II.B
resided in Canemah and Oregou Ciiy
iu ouuid 7 nam Liital.
Thin ifl lh trt HmaimAii iU A.t
zationof Meade Post No. 2 G. A. R,f
mat two itiarraia have been conducted
On the Hftfllfl Hav Kv that nranWo;nn
J "j v viQuitinbiuUi
Time is inexorable, and the Boyi in
uiuw. wuu bo gauanuy iourm tnat we
miirht nniov a. froa imt i.ni.,l .,K4..
m J" J "vv wuu uuiinu UUUUIIJf
are rapidly being mustered out of life's
Now Is the time to clean house clean
yoor system first, drive out the microbes
ol winter with Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea. It will keep you well all sum
mer. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets.
the Circuit Court,
In tbe case of G. C. Maroney vs C.
Bartsch. iudumnnt in thn imnnnt nf
1018.51 was entered against the defend
ant and nersonal nrnnnrtv rnnniatincr nf
a sawmill equipment and a quantity of
lumber now under attachment was or
dered sold tosatiBfy the judgment.
In the case of Minnie F. Cooper vs
W J, Cooper, action for divorce, same
was granieu piainim ana also . the cus
tody and care of the three minor child
Multnomah Cnnntv va WillamotU
Columbia River Towing Co., action for
UHtnsges to Morrison street bridge caused
by the Almond Branch while being
towed to the lower river three var aim.
The case will probably occupy the courts
ume uunng me remainder ot the week.
Notice to Democrats.
There will b a meeting of the Demo
cratic County Central Committee of
Clackamas County, Oregon, held at the
office of Goun-y Chairman, O. D. Eby,
on Tuesday, April 26, 1904, at the hour
of 11 a. m , for the purpo eol arranging
for a county campaign The candidates
on the Democratic ounty ticket are
also asked to attend at the same time
and place, as their acceptance must be
filed and other matters of Importance
attended to.
0. D. Eby,
Chairman Dem. Co. Central Com.
Shirley Bock, Sec.
Money to Loan At 6 and 7 per cent an
Real Estate Security, 0. H. Dyb.
A Thoughtful Mao.
M. M. Austin, of Winchester, Ind.
knew what to do in the hour of need.
His wife had such an unusual case of
stomach and liver trouble, physicans
could not help her. He thought of and
tried Dr. King's New Life Pills and she
got relief at once and was finally cured.
Only 25 cents at Charman & Co'a Drug
Advertised Letter.
The following letters remain uncalled
for in tbe poetoffice at Oregon City for
the week ending April 21, 1904:
Women's List Mrs M E Bingham,
Mrs. Wm Clark, Mrs Nels Johnson, Mrs
Ann Miller, Nora Odonnell, Miss Bessie
Only, pekg, Mrs. Wire, Miss Rose Vin
yard. Men's List George Anderson Dr
Barber, Chas Getchell 2. D R Haves.
J B Jackson, Bert Bexton, Oden Rob
erta, v u rierce.
T. P. Rakdall, P. M.
. Treasurer's Notice.
I now have money to pay county war
rants endorsed prior to December 1,
9101. Interest will cease on such war.
rants on the date of this notice.
Oregon City, Or., April 16, 1904.
Eos Cahill,
Treasurer of Clackamas Co., Or,
Eby A Eby's law offices over Bank of
Oregon City.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevuiling In this
country most dangerous because so decep-
' II I II Mill VIA ...... T 1 .1
deaths are caused
by it heart dis
ease. DnemnoniR
llOf ffll Vi 'failure
3 rVA Wr apoplexy are often
the result of kid
ney disease. If
kidney trouble is '
a 1 lowed to advance
the k ii kiey-poison.
ed blood will at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh ot
the bladder, or the kidneys themselves
ureaic down and waste away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
a cure is obtained quickest by a proper
treatment of the kidneys. If you are feel
ing badly you can make no mistake by
taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the
great kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold nrine and
scalding pain in passing it, and over
comes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to go often through the day,
and to get up many times during the
night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that tells all about it,
both sent free by mail. Address, Dr. Kil
mer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When
writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but rememler the name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer' Swamp-Root, and tie
addrese, Binghamton, N. Y., on every