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Paterns Ten Cent
We have secured several lots of Comforters, Blankets
and White Spreads, hlso another lot of remnants of
Lace Curtains much below the regular values.
Remnants of Curtains l'A and if
long at 19c, 23c and 25c. Worth 35c,
40c and 50c. '
Silk woven Comforters, standard
values for $3.50. While they last
$1.75. ' (
250 pairs Cotton Blankets, soft and
warm; white, i.olored and fancy, rang
ing from 65c to $1.25.
Hotels, Restaurants, Lodging Houses and Housekeepers,
let us figure with you on Blankets, Quilts, Curtains, Por
tiers, Sheets, Pillow Cases and Linens--We are noted for
housekeepers' supplies.
All Street Cars Lead to Our Store
The Store Noted for the Best
Corner Third and Morrison
Local News In Brief.
New veiling and Tailor made
just arrived. Mibs Goldsmith.
Beatie & Beatie, dentists, vWeinhard
building, room 16, 17 and ,18.
Mr. Trumball of Portland, will ad
drees tne Womane' Club at the resi
dence of Mrs. Geo. 0. Brownell on the
14th of April.
The Willamette Glee Club gave an
entertainment at the opera house .last
Monfiay eveniug. The entertainment
was attended by quite a good crowd and
was a very successful and pleasing affair.
Onion sets 5c, hulk lard 11c, Bed
Front. , . -
Ladies trimmed hats $1.75 up. Bed
Phil Price has begun the manufac
ture of cigars in the rear of OldBtein's
Cigar store. , Thia makes two cigar man
ufacturing 'companies in Oregon City.
Price expects to manufacture high grade
goods. He is a cigar maker himself and
will enlarge bis factory as business
August Kruger, a lineal descendent of
Oora Paul Kruger, President of the Bper
Bepublic, died at his home near town
last Monday eveniug of pneumonia. He
was in the prime of life, being about
forty years of age. He in survived by a
wife and several children.
Ed. Johnson began operations with
his new laundry Monday and is now
running full blast. A steam laundry is
a much needed innovation and we pre
dict for it unqualified success. John
eon's laundry represents an investment
of some $3,500, and will emplo7 about a
dozen people, mostly girls, to begin with.
He will do first class work and do will all
possible to merit the local trude.
The new ice plant at the corner of
13th and Main streets began operations
this week. The new plant will manu
facture ice for home consumption and
Portland and other neighboring towns.
The ice will be manufactured from the
waters from an artesian well which has
been drilled for that purpose. Thus do
the business enterprises of Oregon City
increase from day to day. verily, the
"World do Move."
The almost continous rainfall of the
past two months has had the effect of
' patting ClacKamas county farmers much
behind 'with their spring work. No
grain of any consequence has been
sown and the chances are that the wheat
crop will be cut considerably short.
There was very little fall grain sown
. and unless the weather is more favor
able than it has been, there will not
be much Bpring wheat sown. Altogeth
er the outlook for a big crop is not good.
Much illegal fishing is going on in the
Clackamas river uear this city. The
water bailiffs are using every percau
tion to capture the proachers, but so far
without effect. Several nets which had
been spread to catch fish, have been cap
turtd by the fishermen out none of the
fishermen have yet been caught. The
Clackamas is One of the best salmon
streams in Oregon and fishermen find it
a regular paradise. (
, The year 1903 was a prosperous one
for the Clear Creek Creamery Com
pany, a co-operative butter-making in
stitution located on the Clackamas river
a few miles from this city. In the 12
monthB this plant manufactured 41,261
. pounds of butter. This product netted
tne patron an average for the year of 29
cents per pound for his butter at the
creamery, or 262 cents when his cream
was called for. The cost of making the
butter was 2J cents per pound, and the
receipts fiom the sale of the crearrory's
output for the year amounted to $13,430.
A host of friends nurprised Mr. Zinzer
last evening in honor of his being nomi
nated County Superintendent again.
The evening was epent in music and
Flinch. Refreshments were served.
All enjoyed the occasion.
Paterns Ten Cents
Double warp Table Linens, made from
Oregon flax. Nothing like it ever
turned from a loom. See it; yard, $1,
White Bedspreads,Marseilles patterns,
full size; regular price $1.00. They
are yours for 69c.
Russian Crash Toweling, ' well
worth 10c yard. Take it while it
lasts, 50
Goods at the Lowest Prices
Streets, Pertland, Oregon
Mrs. Joseph Knowland, Sr., arrived
on Saturday from Paso Bobles, Cal.
Harry Beard, father of Dr. Beard, of
this city, is building two houses at Sell
wood, alongside the Car track.
On Wednesday of next week Clacka
mas Pomona Grange will meet with the
Patrons of Husbandry of Garfield.
C. W. Lannine, au architect, arrived
from Paebl, Colorado last week. His
father is also tired of rainless Colorado
and will arrive here during the week.
John Bargfeld of Logan, was in town
Monday the first time for three months.
Mr. Burgfeld cut his foot very severely
two months since and is forced to uee
Ladies rubbers, 25c. Bed Front.
TJ. S. Fisher, a union miner, arrived
from Cripple, Creek Colo., this week. He
says the Miners' Employing Associa
tion is making it very bot for members
of the union and the supply of non-union
men being plentiful.
Laramie Mayer, years ago a prominent
merchant of Molalla, is traveling for a
Seattle butter and egg house. He
weighs nearly 200 pounds. His brother-in-law,
Oscar Miller, has a position in
the office of the city treasurer of Port
land. Preparations are on foot for the or
ganization of a lodge of the Independent
Order of the Oddfellows at ' Mi' waukie,
this county, the new lodge will prob.
ably be organized next week. There
will be about 30 charter members of the
new lodge. At the present time there
is only one secret order in Milwaukie,
and that is the W. O. W.
The town ot Oak Grove will shortly
have one of the nicest school houees in
the county. The contract for the erec
tion of the 6choolhoue was let last Sat
urday niuht to J. H. Sneider & Sons, of
Milwaukie. The new house is to cost
$1,791. Danial Caukins, clerk of the
Oak Grove district, was here Monday.
He says the town is growing at a rapid
Bice 5c, Bluestone 6 c. Bed Front.
Senator Mitchell will be asked to try
and get an appropriation providing for
the lower floor of the Oddfellows' build
ing, now used by the potoffice. When
the nuilding was repaired and renova
ted the postal department took a lease
for ten years on all of the lower floor
excepting a space of about 9x20 feet.
In putting in the fiixtures it was found
that the space provided was not large
enough to provide accomodations for and
leave any room. The railing that has
been erected arround the space not
leased leaves no room for patrons.
Basmus BasmuBsen, of Denmark, has
begun proceedings to contest the will of
the late Lars Anderson, who died last
August at Highland, this county, leav
ing an estate of the value of $2000. A
will bearing date of August 4 was ad
mitted to probate, by which the de
cedent bequeathed all of his property to
his two nephews, Fred and Peter Madi
son, of this county. Fred Madison was
appointed administrator of the estate.
The decedent in the will that was pro
bated mRde provision that it Bhould
take precedence over any other like in
strument he had executed.
Ordinary household accidents have no
terrors when there's' a bottle of Dr.
Thoiraa' Electric oil in the medicine
chest. Heals burns, cuts, bruises,
sprains. Instant relief .
Sciatic Rheumatism Cured.
"I have beeu subject to fciatic rheu
matism for years," says E. H Waldron,
of Wilton Junction, Iowa. "My joints
were etiff and gave me much discomfort.
My joints would crock when I straight
ened up. I used Chamberlain's Pain
Balm and have been thoroughly cured.
Have not had a pain or ache from the
old trouble for many' months. It is
certainly a moat wonderful liniment."
For sale by Geo. A. Harding.
Wanted Small house or 4 to 6 rooms.
Give location and rent. No Children.
Address Eenter, care of Courier office.
row ZBA.
Friday and Saturday of last week were
busy days with the farmerf) in this lo
cality, as they were about the only days
that- the ground Las been in fit condi
tion to work in the last two months. N
Mr. Butgoyne has nbout one acre of
early potatoes planted. ,
' Mrs. Newbury visited her cousin Mrs.
Commons, of Oregon Citv, one day last
Wood Jesse, a S. P. engineer, was in
town last Friday shaking hands with old
friends and schoolmates after an absense
of 14 years-. , Mr. Jesse brought with
him a complete fishing outfit anticipa
ting carrying home a good supply of
speckled trout, but alas 1 be got (April
fooled) one little fish. Wood sayB that
the old creek and mill pond Iooks nat
ural but ttie fish are not there as they
were when he was a boy.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hoffman attended
the tuneral of the former's cousin, Mrs.
Keil, of Milwaukie, Monday.
The prohibition entertainment and
local option speaking in the grange hall
last Thursday night was well attended
and standing room was at a premium.
Mrs. Newbury is having her pear
orchard on the hill grubbed out.
Chas. Bradtl viBited his sister Mrs.
Gansnider of Portland, Saturday and
Chas. Slvter, of Portland, visited his
parents here over Sunday.
Mr. Wyma'n moved to Newburg last
Ivan Truesdale, of Portland, and the
two Waite girls of Canby, visited Miss
Anthony Sunday.
Mr. E. Sneider, of Aurora, is teaching
the spring term of school on the west
side at Mountain Eoad school hcuse
district No. 98.
Ed Wittenberg and Herman Burgoyne
of Portland, visited the latter's parents
here over Sunday.
Blaine and Johnnie White, of Oanby,
camped for dinner on one of our side
streets Friday enroute to anemah with
household goods. '
Arthur Knight was calling in New
Era Sunday evening.
The Eepublican primary held, at
Brown's school house Saturday worked
like a charm and was not of long dur
ation, as some one was kind enough to
have the ballots already prepared with
the names on of the ones they wished
to be delegates to the convention. Of
course that saved considerable valuable
time, but it will be remembered by a
few of those present.
Strawberries are in bloom.
Chas. Foster was up Monday from
Portland, for the purpose of buying
more timber lor his sawmill which, he
will erect in a Bhort time on hia place
one mile east of New Era.
Miss Laura Heartly had a narrow
escape from losing one of her eyes Mon
day morniug. While splitting some
kindling to start a fire a stick Btruck her
acrosatheeye knocking her down end
completely out of business for a few
minutes. Fortunately the sight of the
eye was not injured, but it is in mourn
ing now.
Uncle Sammy Brown is living with
bis Bon, Geo. H.
Wanted Yoong men or women as
local representatives ior McClures Mag
azine. Lihe'al commissions, caBe prizes.
Write J. K. Trainer, 141 E. 25lh.sStreet,
Now York, N. Y. , 'r . ,
Christian Science.
First Church of Christ Scientists,
Garde building, corner seventh and
Main streets, Sunday at 11 a. m. Bubject
''Doctrine of Atonement." Children's
Sunday School at' 10 o'clock a. m.
Testimonial meeting Wednesday even
ing at 7. 45 o.clock. Beading room is
open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days from 2 to 4 p. m.
Eight and a Half Inches of Water
During the Month.
The following report of the weather
during the month of March was com.
piled by G. Mueok, of near Aurora, who
is the representative of Uncle Sam in
this part of the valley ;
Mean temperature 42.3
Maximum temperature 61.00
Minumam temperature 25.00
Total precipitation 8. 37 in
Total snow fall M in
Clear days '. 1
Partly cloudy days 19
Cloudy days 11
Date of frosts, 2nd, 4th, and 30th.
Dates of hail, 11th, 20th, 24th, 25th,
and 30th.
Prevailing direction of the winds, from
the south.
Best Cough Medicine for Children.
When you buy a cough medicine for
small children you want one in which
you can place implicit confidence. You
want one that not only relieves but
cures. You want one that is unques
tionably harmless. You want one that
is pleasant to take. Chamberlain's
Cough Eemedy meets all of these con
ditions. There is nothing so good for
the cousin and colds incident to child
hood. It is also a certain preventive
and cure for croup, and there is no
danger whatever from whooping cough
when it is given. It has been used in
many epidemics of that disease with
perfect success. For sale by Geo . A.
" Private Mmty to Loan
Six and seven per cent. . Amounts on
land $100 to $3000. Also eome'on chat
tel and personal security.
For sale : The Bnssel Homeetead six
mil 8E of Molalla at $6 an acre; the
Pui.ip Marquam Homestead eight miles
E of Marquam at $5 an asre. Plenty of
fine water a d mod soil on rrth tracts.
Also bio k 119 Oregon City, eight full
lots 66x105 feet. Siuhtly builaing place
all for $1000.
i Att'y. at Law.
Stevens' building, Oreaon City, Ore.
Advertised Letters.
The followine letters remain uncalled
for in the postoffice at Oregon City, for
the week ending April 7, 1904:
women's list.
Delaney.Mrs MaggieSeeley. Mrs Bern
Henngton, Mrs J Waters, iviiss ivy
Eight. Mrs F
raekage: Mrs-Manna crown.
Alen; A A Moore, B K
Bingham, E Vv Murray, unnora
Furney, Geo Pope, T C .
FoBter, Frank Simmons, J E
Gregory, H J Shute, Thomas
Hallet, AD Stratton, VV-2
Hatch, Eev J Whiting, Lee
Kelly, Guy
Child's trimmed hats $1.50
Robbed the Grave.
startline incident' is narrated by
John Oliver, of Philadelphia, as follows:
"I was in an awful condition. My skin
was almost yellow, eyes eunken, tongue
coated, nain continually in back and
sides, no appetite, crowing weaker day
bv dav. Three physicians had given me
up. . Then I was advised to use Electric
Bitters ; to my great joy, the first oottie
made a decided improvement. 1 con
tinued their use for three weeks, and
am now a well man. I know they rob
bed the grave of another victim." No
one should laii to try tnem. uniy ou
ci-ntw, nuaianteed at Uharman & Lo s.
Dr. George Hoeye
All work warranted and satisfaction guar
anteed. Crown and Bridge work a spec
ialty. Caulield Building. Phone 1093.
Oregon Uty, Oregon.
M. C. Strickland, M. D.
Does an up-to-date general practice. Spec
ial attention given to surgery and dis
eases of women. Office in Garde Build
ing. Seventh and Main streets, Oregon
City, Oregon.
C. D. D. C. Latourette
Commercial', Real Estate and Probate our
Specialties. Office in Commercial Bank
Building, Oregon City, Oregon.
Robert A. Miller
Beal Estate bought and sold, money loan
. ed, titles examined and abstracts made.
Cash paid fur couuty warrants. Probate
. and commissioners' court business and
insurance. Room 3, Weinhard Build
ing, Oregon City, Oregon. .
Grant B. Dimick
Att'y and Counselor at Law
Will practice in all courts in the state,
circuit and district courts of the United
States: Insolvent debtors taken through
bankruptcy. Office in Garde Building,
Oregon City, Oregon.
George L. Storey
Will practice in all thecouits of the State.
Abstracts.of title a specialty. Can fur
nish abstracts of tite to any tract of land
in Clackamas County at lowest rates.
Advice free unarges reasonaDie
Howard M. Brownell
Abstracts furnished. Office with George
' C. Brownell. Oregon City, Oregon.
Commercial Bark of Oregon
City. Capital $100,000
Transacts a general banking busirfess.
Makes loans and collections, discounts
bills, buys anc sells domestic and for
eign exchange and receives deposits
subject to check. Open from 9am
to 4 p. m. D. C. Latourette, Pres;
F. J. Meyei, cashier.
C. N. Greenmam
The Pioneer Expressman
Established I865. Prompt delivery to all
parts of the city. Oregon City, Oregon,
Graduate of American Behool of OHteopatlijr,
v Kirkavllle, Mo.
Succeasfully treats both acute and chronlo du
ctules. Call for literature.
Consultation and Examination Free
Office Hours: J iV. M.'
,Or by appointment at any time.
Boomt over Dr. Morris' Dental Parlors, ne door
to Conrisr Ofllca.
0. Schuibil W. 8. O'EKN
DtutTdbtt Sbtwlot
Will practice in all courts, make collec
tions and settlements of estates, furnish
abstracts of title, lend you money and
lend your money on first mortgage.
Office in Enterprise building, Oregon
City, Oregon.
Rich Find of Iron Ore. r
Residents in West Orenon City have
discovered a rich deposit of iron ore in
the vicinity of Willamette Falls. The
ore assays 54 per cent metallic iron, and
the d- posit is believed to be q iite ex
tensive, siiic iho eume quality ore has
buen fmnni in a nurnl't-r uf the ravines
and side-hiiiB Burroundina Willamette
The land on which the discovery has
been n ade belongs to the Oregon Iron &
Steel Company, and members of the
corpo ation are now investigating the
extent and value of the find, which is
the richest iron ore that has been found
wett of Michigan.
Died in Portland.
Mrs. Elma Wright, of Milwaukie,
thjs couuty, died in St. Viuceat's Hos
pital, of Portland, Sunday. . The re
mains were buried at Milwaukie.
A Thoughtful Man.
M. M. Austin, of Winchester, Ind.
knew what to do in the hour of need.
His wife had such an unusual case of
stomach and liver trouble, physicaus
could not help her. He thought of and
tried Dr. King's New Life Pills and she
got relief at once and was finally cured
Only 2o cents at Charman & Co's Drug
C. W. Kelly
High Grade
Imported Scotch and Irish
Courier Office
We do first class work at the
lowest prices possible.
Letter Heads, Envelopes,
Bill Heads, Statements.
Poster Work
a Specialty
If you have printing to
do send it to the Courier
Office. Work promptly
and neatly done. Satis
faction guaranteed.
Courier Co.
Oregon City,
Individuals Money to Loan.
Money at 6 and 7 per cent.
$,50Uoufaim well improved; $1,000
on farm or timber land ; $800 on larm or
city property; $50.0 on good security;
$500 on short time in small amounts on
ehattle and personal security.
Also 150 acre , lots of water, 10 acres
clear, balance rich soil and eatily clear
ed ; at $6 an acre.
160 acres; rich soil, lots of water and
some timber, $5 an acre.
12 larg; lots in Oregon City $1000.
John W. Loder,
Attorney at law.
Booms 8 and 9, Steven's Bld'g.
Corner 6th Main, Oregon City Or
Carpenters and Contractors I will
receive sealed bids for the erection of
one cottage on Eighth street, Oregon
Oit. Bids will be received until the
9th day of April 1904. I reserve the
right to reject any and all bids, plana
and specifications. Can be seen at
Baker's planing mill, Oregon City, Ore
gon. Address all bids and communica-
cation to
Gkoroe Randall,
R. F. D. No. 1 , Oregon City.
If you are troubled with impure blood
indicated by sores, pimples, headache,
etc., we would recommead .(Vcker's
Blood Elixir, which we sell under a
positive guarantee. It will always cure
Scrofulous or Syphilitic poisons and all
blood diseases. 50 cts. and $1. Sold by
Huntley Bros. & Co.
' ' 1
C. liuccnlcb
and Wines
a Specialtij
Whiskeys and French Brandies
of all