Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1902-1919, January 29, 1904, Page 4, Image 4

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Peruna is Most Excellent," Writes Congressman
John L. Sheppard.
ConKressman John L. Pheppard, Member of Congress from Texas, writes :
Gentlemen: " have used Peruna in my family and find it a
most excellent remedy for all catarrhal complaints." Congressman
John L. Sheppard.
THERE are two things that the whole
nodical profession agree about con
Otmiug catarrh. The first Is that ca
tarrh is the most prevalent and omnipres
ent disease to which the people In the
United States aro subject. All classes
of people have It. Those who stay In
doors much and those who go outdoors
much. Working classes have it and
sedentary classes have it.
The doctor finds catarrh to be his con
stant and ever-present foe. It compli
cates nearly every disease he is called
upon to treat.
The second thing about catarrh on
which all doctors agree, is that it is dif
ficult to cure it. Local remedies may
give relief but they fail to cure per
manently. Sprays or snuffs amount to
little or npthing except to give tempo
rary relief.
Catarrh is frequently located in inter
nal organs which cannot be reached by
anv sort of local treatment. All this
is known by every physician.
To devise some systemic internal rem
edy which would reach catarrh at its
source, to eradicate it permanently
from the system this has been the do-
sire of the medical profession for a long
time. Forty years ago Dr. Hartman
confronted this problem. He believed
then that he had solved it. He still be
lieves he has solved it. He cures thou
sands of people annually. During all
these years Peruna has been the remedy
upon which he has relied.
It was at first a private prescription,
afterwards manufactured expressly for
him in large quantities. This remedy,
Peruna, is now to be found in every
drug store and nearly every home in
the land. It is the only reliable internal
remedy ever devised to cure any case of
catarrh, however long the case may
have been standing.
A Case of Kasal Catarrh of Five Years'
Standing Cured liy Pe-ru-na. ' x
Hon. Rudolph M. Patterson, a well-
known lawyer, of Chicago, 111., writes
" I have been a sufferer from nasal
catarrh for the past five years and at the
earnest solicitation of a friend I tried
Peruna and am glad to say it has afford
ed a complete cure. It is with pleasura
recommend it to others." Rudolph
M. Patterson.
A course of Peruna never fails to
bring relief. There is no other remedy
like Peruna. Its cures are prompt and
Mr. Camillus Senno, 257 West 129th
street, New York, writes :
"I have fully recovered from my ca
tarrhal trou
bles. I suffered
for three years
with catarrh of
the head, nose
and throat. I
tried all kinds
of medicine
without relief,
but at last I
have been cured
by the wonder
ful remedy
called Peruna.
"I read of Pe
runa in your almanac, and wrote you
for advice, which I followed. After tak
ing one and one-half bottles of Peruna
I am entirely cured, and can recommend
Peruna to anyone as the best and surest
remedy for any catarrhal troubles."
Camillus Sonne.
Hearing Lost by Catarrh- Restored by
Mr. William Bauer, Burton, Texas, a'
Ginner and Miller, writes :
" Some years ago I lost the hearing iii
my left ear, and upon examination by u
specialist, catarih Was decided to ba te-a
cause. I took a course of treatment auU
regained my hearing for a time but 1
soon lost it completely. I commenced
to take Peruna according to directions
and have taken eight bottles in all, and
my hearing is completely restored, and
I shall sing the praises of Peruna when
ever an opportunity occurs. Wm.
If yon do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartrain, giving 'ft
full statement of your case, and ho will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis. . . -
Address Dr. Hartman, Prosident of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus.Oi.
Mr. Camillus Sunne.
Potatoes are on the move in this part
of the countv. The price has auvanced
so much during the past month that the
farmers are happy and do not know
whether to let (.'oof the r crop at the
present or wait for a further rise iu the
Mr. Burtt, agent for Hcatina & Co., of
San Francisco, spen"- a few days in this
neighborhood last week buyiujj or ob
taining on consignment all the "spuds"
he could get his hands on. He paid fro m
75 to 90cents per 103e. For choice Bur
banks delivered F. 0. B.
Two cars loads of Burbanks were
Bhipped from vVngner's on Wednesday
and another will be shipped Friday.
The Hrst two loads were sold to the San
Francisco buyer at price9 from 80 cents
to $1 per 8ae.
Jame? sold his 70 acre farm to A. Tur
ner lor $60 an acre, including everything
on the ranch with the exception of the
household goo Is. Mr Turner has gone
to Dayton, Washington, to look for a
new location. Thedoctor advised him
to move to a dryer climate for the health
o hH oldest son is troubled with astbma.
G. Aden is assisting Peter Bros, in
taking an invoice of the Wilsonville
cash store. The goods in the store are
estimated at above $9000, but there has
been no invoice taken of the stock for
several years, so i hard to wake a closa
estimate. The stock of shoes and boots
amount to Denny $2200. And the gen
eral merchandise in comparison with the
shoes would nearly double the estimate.
Road Boss, J. Aden has commenced
workings the wagon road. He will
put in several culverts and several hun
dred rails.
A. F. Turner isthebusiest man in the
Pond at present he is doing chores on
two farms, which he thinks is more
t ian one man should contend with.
Henry Bookman will go to Albany
soon to get a fast driving horse for the
July races.
S. Peters soli his 25 years old buck
skin colt for $250 to a Portland express
man. The Tualatin grange officers will he
installed the last Saturday in this month
ami win do ionowea Dy a dauce. Every
uue invuea.
Many people from Mt Pleasant at
tended the graduating exercises at Ore
gon City Friday.
Mr. Chester Gorbett was in Oregon
City Monday,
Mrs. North is visiting at Mrs. Buck
ner's now.
Mise Katie and Mrs. Warnick were
called on Mrs. Smith Sundav .
Pleasant and Most Effective.
' T.J. Chambers.Ed. Vindicator, Liber
ty, Texas, writes E,c. 25, 1902: "With
pleasure and uneilicited by you, I bear
testimony to the curative power of
Ballard's Horehound Syrup. I have
used it in my family and can cheerfully
affirm it is the most effective and pleas
antest remedy for coughs and colds I
have ever used." 25c, 50c and $1, at
Charman & Co.
The little folks love Dr. Wood's Norway Pine
Syrup. Pleasant to take; perfectly harmless
positiveeure for coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma.
The many friends of Mr. Drayton are
glad to see him able to be out and around
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hamilton were
Portland visitors Tuesday.
MiBS Ruby Cook spent Saturday and
Sunday with her parents at Damascus.
A 9-pound hoy arrived at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Daucbey on the 19th.
Rev. Clappof thn First Congregational
church of Portland, will preach in the
Parkplace church next Sunday evening.
The Mothers' Club made $31 at their
entertainment and supper given Friday
Notice! Notice!
The drawing on the battenhurg in
Mrs. Miller's confectionary store will
take place next Tuesday evening, Feb.
2nd at 8:30 P. M. Every one holdjng
tickets are requested to bring them at
that time.
Mrs. Nettie Miller.
Mrs. Bruce 0. Curry visited Port
land on last Saturday.
Born, to the wife of A. II. Walter, on
Saturday January 23rd., 1904, a fine
baby boy.
Gilbert llerreu, of (Portland, spent
Saturday in Sunday with friends in Ore
gon City.
Mrs. E. Cowing is visiting this week
at Albany. She has fridtids and rela
tives in that city.
Harold Van de Bogart, of Salem,
was visiting among his numerous friends
in this city Tuesday.
MitM Geraliline MuCown, of Port
land, spent Saturday and Sunday with
friends in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCarver, of
Portland, spent Sunday with the foi mers
sister, Mrs. Charles Babeock.
Vern Willison, foreman of the East
Orogonian of Pendleton, was visiting
friends in this cily Monday.
Miss Minerva Gleason.of I.os Angles
Calif., has been visiting friends in this
city during tho past ten days.
Mrs. Maud Roberts and Miss Greog
ery, of Portland, visited the family of
Mrs, E. L. Johnson on Monday.
Mrs. K, R. Kimmel, of Green Point
became the happy mother of a daughter
on Monday evetuug, a little before mid
night. James Milligan, of Now York, is
visiting his visttMrs. Finnigan, of this
city, lie will remain in Oregon City
for some wonts.
Mr. Willis Johnson, of I.afnyette,
wlio Was been visiting his parents at
Clackamas for the past two weeks, re
turned home Tubs ay.
Edward ' arrington, who has been
Visiting friends and relatives in Cali
fornia during the past month hits return
ed to ids home in this city.
Thurston Kaiser, a wealthv stock
raiser and nursery man of Woodhuru,
wasinOrogon City on business connected
with his nursery on Monday.
Dr. Coleman, President of the Wil
lamette University, was in Oregon City
on last Friday, the guest of Rev. J. 11.
Wood, paBtor of the Methodist church.
M. Z. Buss who has been farming
in the neighborhood of Maple Lane will
leave for Spokane, Washington loday.
It is Mr. Buss.intention to go into farm
ing in the Spokane country. His family
goes with him.
Mifs Erne Grace teacher of the
llenrici public school gave a ve-y en-
J .. .1.!. .f. .! I I. .. ........
fast week. The highest priced basket
brought $2.70. This was the basket pre
pared by Miss Effie Grace. The net
proceeds of the social was $32 25.
L. A. Williams who baa been resid
ing at Sacramento, California, has re
moved to Ellsworth, Washington. Mr.
Wililams formerly lived in Oregon City.
He is a contractor and builder and has
the contract to build several houses at
the place of his new home.
William Marshall "whose face is
familiar to all Oregoa City citizens"was
in town on la t Saturday. He has a very
prosperous general store at Highland
and reports that they have had eiirht
inches of enow during the past few
J. W. Trullinger, of Molalla, was in
Oregon City on Monday attending to
business matters of Borne Importance.
He is one of the prominent citizens of
the Molalla prairie and believes that he
lives just about in the center of the Uni
verse. Mr Trullinger is a good citizen
and the pity is that we do not have more
just like him.
I now have money to pay road war
rants endorsed prior to Sept. 1st, 1903,
Interest will cease on such warrants
on the 'lute of this notice, dated this 4th
day of Jan. 29th,V.)04
EnosCahii.l, Treasurer,
2t Clackamas county Ore.
Letter List
Following is the list of letters remain
ins in the Oregon City postomce on
Jan. 28, 1904: .
Women's List Miss Laverne Craig,
Miss Pearl Decker, Mrs M A Guile, Mrs
Louisa Hall, Katie Kelly, Miss Margratte
Maloy, Mrs A Hereon, Miss Erne Stew
Men's List John Aldredge, W
Covelon, W H Davis, John Gorbit, Rn
dolph Johnson, B F Kellogg, D E Lon
dergan, Egbert Ohling, H N Randal
Jak Williams, J Williams.
Tom P. Randall, P. M.
Who would keep their children In good health
should watch for the first symptoms of worms,
ana remove, them with Whituf. naam
fage. Itls the childrens' best tonic. It gets dis
post on at work so that their iood does them
good, and they row up healthy and strong. 25o
Cfnn t Eeverything in the store
3lUP sold at a
Opportunity I Great Reduction
. Hardware. Stoves, Furniture, Etc
Smart Bed Room Sets, Regular Price $18. Special $12
You have tried others, now try us, Next door to old post office
rhone jso. 1341 J3UuMnlVIHIM CX OUIM
We Want Your Trade
at Harris Grocery
And are going to make special induce
ments to close buyers.
Cash and Small Profits is Oui Motto.
OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED during our Clearance Sale
Notice la herob r given that the undertlcned
litis ueen amy appointed administrator ot the es
tate uf Abraham xodor deceased, auu any and a
persons having claims attalnst said estate unit
present them to the ssiti .duilnistrator, at the
law office of O. B. Dimick in Oregon Citv, Ore
gon, truly verified, within six months from the dale
of this notice.
Administrator of said estate.
Date January as 19u4.
G. B. DlMiCK,
Attorney for Administrator
Who fia tfie
right time ?'
The man who has
every time
Every Elgin Watch is fully guaranteed. All jewelers have
Elgin Watches. "Timemakers and Timekeepers," an illus
trated history of the watch, sent free upon request to
Elgin ntionl Watch Co., ilqin, ill.
At BradlcyS Second Hand Store
All Goods in Hardware Line Greatly Reduced. We can save
you money if you want anything we handle. New and
second hand goods kept in stock. Examine our stock
before buying elsewhere.
Next door to Heinz Bakery.
Wrappers, Flannelette, well made and
trimmed, regular $1.00 no
values at - - - - oc each
Flannel Waists, all wool material,
olors red, blue and black,
choice at the low price of - m ' ' "
Flannellette Waists, good pat
terns and materials, reduced to OC
Eiderdown Dressing Sacques 7Q
$1.00 quality for - - - - . 7C
A big reduction during our clearance
sale regular $1.25 values,
special .... OC
Ladies' Uuderwear
Heavy weight vests, the best 50c
grade for - - - 39c
Women's Combinations Suits seam
less, glove fitting, value 65c,
special - - -
Men's Suits Our all-wool $10.00
values in all sizes at the r
very low price of- - - 4) QO
Boy's Bicycle Hose Our reg-
ular 25c quality at - - OC
Saxony Yarn in colors, special
at 3 skeinsfor - - - UC
Boy's Suits Ages 6 to 15
years; all-wool, reduced to 0
Boy's Norfolk Caps, rc- 3Q
duccd from 50c to - 07C each
Dress Goods
Regular values $1.25 on sale at 99c
" 1.50 " $1.20
.50 - 39c
.25 " 21c
All Men's Clothing radically re
duced. .
Ladies' Jackets and Ladies' Walk
ing Skirts at surpris'ngly reduced
Suspension Birdge Corner (ft
Seventh and Main Street
your, streng
a pleasant, potent, and permanent Invigorator for WOMEN,
mi, b