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Why our Vinol is the Greatest
, Health Restorer and Strength
' Creator Known to Medicine.
Because Vinol contains in a concen
trated form ALL of the medicinal cur
ative elements found in cod liver oil,
but without a drop of oil to nauseate
and upset the stomach; therefore,
wherever old-fashioned cod liver oil or
emulsions will do good, Vinol will do
far more good,
Because we have never sold anything
in our store equal to Vinol to restore
health and create strength for old peo
ple, weak, sickly women and children,
nursing mothers, and after a severe
Vinol cures hacking coughs, chronic
colds, bronchitis, and all throat and
lung troubles.
V A prominent physician writes:
"Vinol is the most palatable and
valuable preparation of cod liver oil
ever compounded. I now use itentirely
In all cases where I formerly depended
upon old-fashioned cod liver oil and
Try Vinol on our guarantee to return
your money if you are not satisfied.
HUNTLEY BROS., Druggists.
Oregon City, Ore.
ten Teet of Snow
Barred tbe Way
Without Tood or Drink Pope
Welsh Spend the night in
the mountains.
Red Wen and
taken Back to
Old Missouri
tracked three thousand Wiles
Jlcrcss the Continent and
then Was Jl nested
After being tracked 3,000 miles acmes
thecontineuc by ollioere of the law,
Elijah Pyles is oil his way back to the
state of Misouri ti "be shown" why
and how it is thaf'the way of the trans
gressor is hard."
Six months aao youni? Pyles, who has
just obtained his majority, committed
an assault upon a young lady nearKmin.
ence in Shannon county of that state.
Realizing the enromityof hia crime, he
lost no time in "hiking out" for past
ures new. After days of traveling and
devious wandeiings he fo nd himself in
the state of Oregon, and in order to se
curely hide himself from (lit) eyes of men
and prying officials, he secured employ
ment as a wood chopper in a wood camp
near the Clackamas station on the South
ern Pactiic r..ilroad in this county.
There he worked diligently and bravely
for months, but all of this true the
sleuths of law were "baying his trail."
At last they located their game through
the efficiency of the local police officers
of this city, andyouiiK Pylea vas ar.
rested bv Sheriff Ed L. Shaw of mis
city. He was held in the county jail
until the sin riff of Shannon county
coulJ be sent for and secure the necess
ary requisition papers. On Tuesday
Sheriff Hays of Shannon couUy arrived
in the state with his papers all in order
and presented them to Governor Uhotn
berlain, who issued his requisition for
the arrest of Pylea upon the Missouri
writ and his return to that
that state to stand trial for his crime.
Yesterday the sheiriff departed with
his prisoner for Eminence. Mo.
Jit the Jlrmorp on Ttbruary Sth, at
Whjlch time the Hedltlen Will
Give Crand Spctacular Scene.
It is Eaid tl'Rt more than fifty enter
tainments are in progress or preparation
iu diiferent parts of the northwest for
the benefit of tactjawea, the beautiful
Indian giil who guided Lewis and Clark
through tie Montana mountains on
their way to the Columbia. On Mon
day evening, Feb. Si the Ked Men of
Ore2on City propose to give a grand
spectacular display of their order in cos
tume ia a scene f vm FeBiiiuore Coop
er's "Last of the Mohican's," including
the capture, trial by council, sentence
to death and final rescue of two cap
tives from a hostile tribe. Old Uncas,
Tamenund, chief of the Leni Len pes,
Magua, chie' of the Hurons, and other
noted chiefs and warriors will be pres
ent arrayed in all the costumes and par
aphernalia of the war path. In addi
tion to the regular cast of characters ad
ditional numbers will consist of songs by
the Ladies' Quartet and Maccabee Quar
tet and Maccabee Quartet in costume,
Indian club swinging, recitation by Ber
sie Evans Pittinger in costume, and ad
dresses and solos.
The statue of Sacajawea that is to
adorn the grounds of the Lewis and
Clark Fair is well under way, a Chicago
sculptor having practically complete i
her model. The Woman's Club of Port
land has lately contributed several hun
dred dollars to the fund, and a copper
king of Montana has agreed to furnish
the copper. Interest in Sacajawea has
become general throughout the United
States and women in Minnesota.Tennes
see, Alabama, Mississippi and many
other states north and south are aiding
and raising the necessary funds for this
! memorial.
! Tim Red Men of Oregon C.tv hope to
,. ;v,f i,r.rn ti.ou f m,i nt tha have the honor of starting the movev
dean snow and reached the outskirts of ', ment among Ked Men everywhere, leu
civilization and arrived in Oregon City
On last Friday morning C. H.Welsh
and Charles Pope etarteu from Oregon
City to the mines of the Molalla Central
Mining Co., on Ogle Creek, a distance of
60 miles. They were advised that the
snow was deep in the Cascade range an I
that the latter end of the journey -vould
be difficult; atui they went prepared
with skees to make the last ten miles of
the journey in truly Alatkan fashion.
They were driven out from Oregon City
30 miles by a team and there tuey te
cured hordes and road up into the hills
eighteen miles further uutil the snow be
came so deep that progress borse-back
could no longer be made. Turning their
horses back they adjusted their snow
shoes and prepared for the last tan miles
over the snow. Much to their surprise
they found the snow fiom sev n to tm
feet diep and very soft. With every
step the skees would sink deep into the
snow, making traveling even in this
manner extremely difficult and labor
ious. They proceeded in this manner
however for four or five miles and were
within that distance of the mining camp
when Mr, Welsh broke one of his skees
and further progress in that direction
became impossible. By this ime night
was falling and they were compelled to
remain in the mountains all night, ihey
found an old cabin on the trail and iutj
it they went and built a fire and all
night long they set by their fire keeping
it reptenuisnej. iney naa neitner iooq
or drink an no place to sleep. At sun
rise they begun the laborious trip out
of the mountains, wading in snow breast
deep. They took time about breaking
the trait. Thev lost tneir way aau ior
a time almost despared of ever getting
out of the mountains alive Along to
Rescued from Suffering
and Death by
Celery Compound
on Monday morning utterly worn out
with their attempt to reach the mines
at this season of the jetr. No further
attempt will le made to go into the
mines until the snow nas meiteu out oi
the hills. It is deeper than for years.
The little party of miners who are work
ing the claims on Ogle Creek are as ef
fectively cut off from the world as though
they were buried in the bowlea of the
dleton is already preparing a Bed Men's
entertainment with genuine Indians to
take the scenic dances.
A Prisoner in Her Own House.
Mrs. W. II. Layba, of 1001 Agnes
Ave.. Kansas Citv. Mo., has for several
years been troubled with severe hoarse
ness and at times a hard cough, which
he says, "Would keep me in doors for
days. I was prescribed for by physi
cians with no noticeablo ruaults. A
friend gave me part of a bottle of Cham
bertain's Cough Remedy with instruc
Hons to closely follow the directions and
I wish to state that after the first aay
I could not ce a decided change for the
better, and at this time after using it
for two weeks, have no hesitation in
saying I realize that I am entirely
cured. This remedy is for sale by G. A.
Rel'cs Not Awarded to Two of the
Samson Family.
In reply to an issue in last week's
Courier written by W. W. it. Samson,
son of Henry Samson, ex-sheriff of
Clackamas county, we wish to inform
the people l hat no keepsakes were given
to two daughters, Mrs C. Spangler. and
Mrs. J. B. Jackson.
The way he received a faw of the i e ics
he spoke of, we will es plain ; whilo his
father lay a corpse in the house he was
searching for the Masonic apron, which
ho found in an eld lashioneu tea ddx,
and the gold pin was alv ayi worn by
father on lib vest, and should have been
buried with him, but was taken instead.
In regard to the other articles men
tioned, either of us could have gone in
to the house and taken things and
boasted of receiving relics. We had
too much liorur but w aited for an equal
division. But as usual we were ruled
Mrs. C. Sr-ANGLER,
Mrs. J. B. Jackson.
A Prominent and Papular Citizen, Says:
'After the Use of Paine's Celery Compound,
I Am Now ia the Best of Health."
The greatest of modern physicians, Prof.
Edward E. Phelps, M. L., LL. D., after years
of long practice and close scientific study, gave
to suffering and diseased men and women his
marvelous, life giving prescription, with the
conviction and positive knowledge that it had
peculiar virtues and ample powers to cure.
Thousands of the strongest testimonials from
the best known and most reliable men and
women of our country fully sustain the claims
made by Dr. Phelps regarding his incompar
able raine's Celery Compound.
One of the most convincing proofs furnished,
comes recently from a gentleman widely
known in the capital city of the Dominion of
Canada. We refer to Mr. Alfred Brown, 91
O'Connor St., Ottawa, Ont. Mr. Brown's
letter fully demonstrates the fact that the
greatest sufferer may cast off his or her burden
of disease and become well, strong, and happy.
It proves, too, that the great medicine main
tains more fully than ever before its unrivaled
place in the estimation of people of wealth
and social standing as well as with the masses.
Jr. Brown says:
" I acknowledge with thankfulness and
pleasure the fact that I have been cured of a
very painful illness of eight years' standing by
use of Paine's Celery Compound. I had,
during the years of my illness, tried almost all
the advertised medicines without deriving any
good results. I was also treated by several of
the best doctors of this city, hoping to find
that one of them, at least, would understand
my case.
" I was getting worse, and was told I was
incurable. I was indeed in a critical condi
tion. I could not go from the house alone,
as I was liable' to sudden collapse. I tried
hospital treatment, but no relief or good results
came to me. I could not sleep; anything that
I ate increased my agonies; I was extremely
weak, restless, tired, and despondent; was
obliged to walk about with my hands pressed
firmly into my left side to ease my pains; my
feet and hands were cold continually; had
inclination to vomit, had profuse, cold sweats,
quick breathing, and would be racked with
pain for hours at a time.
"After the regular use of Paine's Celery
Compound for a time, I am now in the best of
health, have good appetite, and can use any
kind of food. Thank God I am my old self
once more, alL. through the use of Paine's
Celery Compound."
The only First-Class Sec-
ond-hand dealer in
I Furniture
S0VES and UTE.i
It is worth your time to come and examine the stock. j
You will find a full line of new and Second-Hand Furniture V
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ivimi t o incur,
door north Commercial Bank a
1. T0LP0LAK, .
The Best Laundry is the Cheapest
The Troy Steam Laundry is the Best
Does not wear out or destroy your linen.
Our Wagon will call for your soiled linen each week and
deliver your laundried goods to your home. Perfect satisfac
tion assured.
E. L. JOHN SON, The Barber, Agent.
hay been the etandard home dye. Every discov
ery In dying has been utilized to improve them.
Today they are the simplest, strongent, and most
reliable of all dye for home use. .Direction book
and 4 dyed aamplee free.
We have a special department of advice, and will
answer free any questions about dyeing. Bend
aaaaple of goods when possible.
DIAMOND DYES, Burlington, V.
& & g) g
Jin You Going to Build?
We have a complete stock of doors and windows
on hand. You can see them. We do not have to
get them made for you. We are cash buyers. Cash
is the slogan of our business. Your cash will do
wonders for you. Give us a list of doors and win
dows you want to use and you Avill be surprised
a p ii
i lim
Mortise Locks 50c
Rim Locks ..25c
Inside paint per gal, $ 1 .35
. ; V 'J
Will buy you a splendid
Y:.Pf ve
' M M
There are extravigant and
economical stoves, just as
there are economical and
extravigant cooks. Some
cooks do more with a little
than other cooks do with all
you could give them. 'Our
stove does more work with a
little wood than most stoves
do with double the wood.
Hence it is not only a cheap
stove in price, but a cheap
stove to use. Trice, $20.00
If you want Furniture give us a call. $3.85 will buy six nicely ornamented high
back dining room chairs.
FRANK BUSCH, The Housefurnisher
Stupendous Offer Made By a Well
Known Philadelphia Firm
Don t ml lliis advrttUemcnt if yon expect to
git somuthiiifr for nothittg, bt-cause yon woVt.
Ve luivo a giiott arik'le imd wo wnut nnuiL'y for
if. Ho senMlilo.
If von had somvthlnir thnt was worth a dollar
wotifd you ive it free'.' YVhi'tt you read au ud
veriisruieut wheriyou Kt sojncthlng for noth
iiiK. that sora thing'is cither no iroo'i or else
thry arc up to some "Mini Uam" game
We are not rumJnK '. patt-nt inedieine bu.'i
ness, so rest easy iu that subject.
We do not Know the word lailure never have
and nev. r will. The educated ami higher classes
aret.ie ones we w.ut to reach. We reach men
and women, wtio utdiiy are before the public as
national characters have hd our coulldence
ami the benefit of our experience. It is a lAlth
century protluct, ene that will be more apprecia
ted the more it is tried
Fresh from the batlt and as Rood as she looks "
This old savins describes our clients to a T. We
have a VIT'aI.IZKK uot a patent medicine. It
tones tlte jyslrm, centralists weaknesses of all
descriptions makes an even temperature all
iver the body and in fact it makes a new man
and won a;i. luulios will wilhm a few years be
a part of every hospital and sursicul institution
ot cur laud. No perm can sfanJ the foioe of con
tact with (his new discovery. Rheumatism and
debility ilee before It. The mighty force of the
tnibulent waters of Niagara are iu comparison
with tliis new product as au old fashioned CAN
DlK is to KAUl I'M.
One person writts, ''Why did not some one dis
cover it before?"
mother eays. "So simple, It Is hardly credit
able." 'rom the far West comes the unsolicited re
spouse. "A tiod-send to humanity
Wallcott Uhrislie, ol New York, ihe well known
author, says, M.ly success in a great measure is
due to ha'dioa,"
Weakness of certain organs if responslb! for
all diseases. We uuild up your system so that a
disease Is an iinuossibilltj. It Tour diesstive or
gans are out of order, if your blood is impure, if
you can't sleep, eat or aliend to busluess, I Till
cute vou and uuaiantee to do so. J will Hive vou
a written guarantee. Ouuld you' ask anything
Pelight your friends; astonish relatives, and
make woude'ful experiment with this new
metal RAUU'8 SULPHIDE of since aothuty 500.-
000. iniy. o, 800,500, We give you this as a present
when you order "RADIOS. This alone is
umrth several dollars of any man or womaa'
money. Acts the eume as X-rays, Simply wou-
. ..... i, LUL'UUkUn'lIIUlUA PDI-k' Vl
812 Drexel Bulldiug
Philadelphia, Fa,
Enclosed lind one dollas for which send
me ft treatment of "RADlyS," In a plain seal
ed wrapper, and also on Jtaiiio sulphide oj
Zinr nridiii! ....
If I an uot entirely satisfied and If I am
not cured you agree to rkFunp the money
You are to seal! me a writieu contract to that
Name . .
Oregon City Planing frills
All kinds of Building Matsrial, Sash,
Doors ana Moulding.
F. S. BAKER Proprietor,
Orcgn City, Oregon
Brunswick House and Restaurant
Newly Furnished Rooms,
Meals at All Hours Open Day and Night
Prices Reasonable.
..Only FirstClass Restaurant in'the'fGty....
Opposite Suspension Bridge, Oregon City, Ore.
Elk Horn Livery Feed ; Sale Stable
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D. .R DIMICK, Manager, Svf
Tbe Citij Meat Market
at Canby, Oregon,
Pays the hinhest price for all
kinds of cattle. The best of
fresh meats are handled at
most reasonable prices. 1 have
been in buisness in Canby a
number of years, and have
tried to treat everybody right.
I solicit your patronage for the
future and Intend to deserve It.
S. J. Schmitt, Canby, Oregon
New Plumbing
and Tin Shop
a Specialty
Oppotit Ctnfleld Block OREGON C'T 1
Then your liver isn't acting
well. You suffer from bilious
ness, constipation. Ayer's
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Small doses cure
All drncgistl.
Want yuur mmulurhe or brarda beauuiui
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si mi i
cannot be enjoyed in a baBin of limited
capacity nor where the water supply and
temperature ia uncertain by reason of
dee i eplumbing or heating apparatus.
To have both put n thorough working
order will not prove expeneive if the
work is done bv
wT 1
iS' "radc Marks .
Anyona aendlng a sketch and deacrlptlon mar
qnlcklT ascertain our opinion free whether aa
Invention la probably patentable. Commnnlca.
tlon. strlrtlr confidential. HANDBOOK on Patent
ent free. Oldest aiiency for socunug patenta.
Patent taken through Muun A Co. racalr
IptcuU not ics, without chare. In the
Scientific American.
A bandaomely Illustrated weekly. lamest ctf.
cnlatlon of any eclentlflo lournal. Tanni, $3 a
J'ar.;.Ir onth, Sold by all newsdealers.
la an a