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Tho Burdens of Modern
Normally a woman should have no dis
comfort so far as feelings of discomfort
are concerned, at
each recurring
period. But mod
ern civilization
lias added its con
ditions of ever
present suffering
to a large propor
tion of American
women. The
.great bulk of
such cases is dne
to inflammatory
or congested con
ditions within
limited territor
ies which can be
overcome by the
right treatment.
Of course, this
local irritation is
followed by
headaches, back
aches, nervous
ness, irritability,
and, indeed,
often results in
nervous prostra
tion or collapse
which might
have been aovid
ed by proper
Backed up by over a third of a century
of remarkable and uniform cures, a record
such as no other remedy for the diseases
and weaknesses peculiar to women ever
attained, the proprietors and makers of Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription now feel
fully warranted in offering to pay $500 in
legal money of the United States, for any
case of Leucorchea, Female Weakness, Pro
lapsus, or Falling of Womb which they
cannot cure. All they ask i3 a fair ana
reasonable trial of their means of cure.
World's Dispensary Medical Assr
ciation, Proprietors, Buffalo, N. Y.
News of the County, as Gathered bij the-Courier's Able Corbs of Correspondents.
Beaver L'ike.
After an absence of some two weeks
I again come before you to say a few
words for the welfare of our little bnrg
and its people.
Uhys Guynn has his new house near
inz co npletion.
Charley Powell, of M mitor Mills, was
teen meeting oil friends in this section
a few days ago.
laic Kfaarp a former resident of this
place, has purchased the Milstead place
where he intends to settle down and
look for a lite parner.
Williom Gwynn who has been spend
ing the b didays at home has returned
to Forest Grove to attend school during
the coming term.
Frank Holt seems to bars some great
Attraction near Russelville.
Mr. Coffin has moved near Molalla.
Niw Comb.
aausoir B&OOK.
Mrs. Henderehot died January at 9
a. m, funeral services as the Ringo grave
yard at 11 o'clock on the 11th. Da
ceased was a member of the M. .
church and was respected by all who
knew ber. The father and son have the
sympathy of all in tl is sad hour of
Jamestown is Btill on a boom. We
are glad to learn that there is a prospect
of a postoffice.
Geo Williams is very busy at present
with his new log teams.
Mr. Print Hall was seen on our streets
Saturday. Mr. Hall has been borne for
some time with rheumatism.
With two sawmills running full blast
cutting ties, why not Meadowbaook
have a railroad or two.
We are glad to learn that there is a
fair prospects of a bridne across the
Molalla river at Mnadowbrook, as that
has long been k nown to be the best bite
on the river fur a bridge.
Mrs. E. Dode is visiting her son, E.
P. Dodge this week.
VV bete and when will that poBtoffice
business be settled. Mr. R. P. will ye
arise and explain.
Found a Cure for Indigestion.
I use Chamberlain's Stomach
Liver Tablets for indigestion and
that they suit my cae better than
ivunptima rmedv I have ever tried
1 have used many ainereniremeuies, j.
am nearly fifty-one years of age and
have suffered a great deal from indiges
tion. I can eat almost anything I want
to now. Geo. W. Emory, Rock Mills,
Ala. For sale by Geo. A. Harding.
Farmers here have improved the good
weather and have their work well in
We hear that Mr. H. Choat, of Elliott
Prairie, is very low with pneumonia.
A. Hagey was calling on Mr. Steh.
man, of Liberal, the- past week.
Chris Koctaer sold bis hops for 25
cents per pound last week.
Your Needy correspondent seems to
have put bis foot in ir, and to one who
is directly concerned in this affair it ap
pears that our learned friend should be
a little more ca, etui in the future. We
will say that does not look well to pur
chase a spectator ticket at 15 cents and
then do as much dancing as anyone, and
then say that as a mask ball it was a fail
ure when it was a complete success.
Frank May Is farming the Sam Mark
Dave Rnder is one of the successful
farmers of our vicinity, and he has made
money the last year.
htea Luckey, who purchased the
Sutherland farm, is improving it and it
will be a fine farm.
James McGill has been elevating
stum ps with powder and otherwise im.
proving his jancb.
Several parties here are very angry
about their plajes advertied for taxes,
especially when they have the receipts
in full, and we see land advertised that
the parties whom they are assessed to
have not owned the land for 18 years.
Say, Mr Clerk, what is wrong? Where
are the present ownership books?
There seems to be an epidemic of
measles all around us. Severale mem
bers of the Hicinbothem family are
down with it. .
Several parties have tried their hand
after the cougar that killed a deer here
since, but with poor success.
Abe Cutting, of lzee, Or., is visiting
relatives here.
A.M. Kerchem has been doing some
surveying near the town site of Estaca-
da near the upptr Clackamas bridge.
D C. Richardson and J. Harry ate
building a house for Mr. Stauffer.
College Boy ceitainly has several
"screws loose," in his cranium, as in
trying to make a correction in last week's
items he gives Mr. btaunei'a name
as Stautller and that after
the gentleman had given him an
envelope with his name on, but there is
some allowance to be made, as no doubt
College Boy's head is getting too bit for
his body since he has been going to
Vskale" and getting bo-k learning, but
never mind, brother, if you need any
more room come over and we will ac
commodate you.
Communion services will be held at
Redland M. E. church on the fourth
Sunday inst, at 10 a. m. All are in
vited. The presiding elder, Bro. Wat
ers, will preach in the evening of the
fifth Sunday with the quarterly meeting
following the next day.
L. Funk caught a large otter last week
which measured 4 feet and 10 inches
from tip to tip.
Teacher's application for a three
months' term of school will be received
by District Clerk Win. Stone. School
will begin about the 1st of March. ,
Wm. Stone sold several head of beeves
toPetsold, of Oregon City, a few days
There won't be more than about 50
per cent of a crop of fall wheat (acreage)
sown here and some of that was sown
very late. Spring wheat is not in favor
W. H. Bonney is looking for a new
location for his sawmill as he has Mr.
S:one's timber nearly all cut.
Mr. Sears, of Viola, has been npon
the ridge trying to buy wheat, which is
a scarce article here. L. F.
Most of the farmers have their spring
plowing done.
Rev. Doescher moved his family in
the Lutheran parsonage.
Mrs. W.D. Hil' returned from a three
week's visit with her parents over in
John Heft has his shingles mill about
ready tor cutting shingles. That makes
three shingle mills here.
Fred Heft sent to Portland for a
surgeon, be having a sick horse and no
hopes of his recorvery.
Conundrum If Judge Rayan would
make three trips east in a year at one
hundred dollars per trip, how long
would it take to repair some of the
dangerouB places in our road. A prizs
for the best answer.
Mr. Bnol who has been seriously ill,
is able to be out again.
Albert Stuedeman got it in the neck
laBt week. What is it?
E. A. Cummins is going to move bits
family near the mill as soon as he can
get his home finished.
There seems to be more or less friction
between the young folks and the preach,
et at the German Congregational church
because he will not allow the boys to sit
with the girls. No doubt if they would
behave, there would be no objections.
Imperfect Digestion
Means less nutrition aid inconsequence
less vitality. When the liver fails to
secrete bile, the blood becomes loaded
with bilious properties, the digestion be
comes impaired and the bowels constipat
ed. Herbine will rectify this; it gives
tone to the stomach, liver and kidneys,
strengthens the appetite, clears and im
proves the complexion, infuses new life
vigor to the whole svstem. 50 cents a
bottle at Charman & Co.
A pleasant party was given Miss
Laura McCannon on the evening of Jan.
8th, in honor of her 16th birthday. The
evening was very pleasantly passed and
at a late hour all returned home wish
ing Miss Laura many happy returns of
the day.
We are all pleased to see the aide
walk being repaired on Main. It is a
good improvement to the little villiage.
' Mrs. Hess made a business trip to
Portland and Seaside Friday, returning
Mr. Cable Hauser, of Denver, Col., is
visiting Geo. A. Hamilton of Parkplace.
Mr. Hauser took charge of Mr. Hamil
ton's mining affairs on Gold Run, Yu
kan, Ferry during his absence. Mr.
Mauser and Mr. Hamilton expect to
leave for the north about February 1st.
Mrs. Rivers visited relatives in Port
land Saturday and Sunday.
The Ladies Aid Society met at the
church last Thursday for the first time
since the holidays. New officers were
elected for the ensuing year as f jllows:
Mrs. Brayton president; Mrs. J. Bruner,
treasury ; and Mrs, Hamilton secretary.
A few new names weie added to their
r ill call, and the work for the new year
was taken up in a very encouraging
The Mother's club of this 'place will
give a social in the auditorium of the
school house Friday, January 22nd. An
interesting program is being prepared.
Supper will be served.
Mrs. W. A. HolmeB was a Portland
visitor on Monday..
Mrs. Branon is very sick with la
grippe. Dr. Norris is in attendance.
Remember our entertainment, social
and supper,! J ucuarj 22 nd. You will be
well ent ertained and well fed for 10 and
15 cents. Every boey is welcome.
H. K. Stozsdil and Fred Phegley of
Portland, were in Canby visiting last
Mrs. Geo. Knight and Mrs. W. Bair
were Portland visitors Friday.
Chas. Wait, Frank Atman, J. S. Dick
Wesley Riggsand Chas. Roth attended
the Democratic banquet at Oregon City
last week.
J. S. Dick has put a new wire fence
around his property on 4th and B
Several Odd Fellows attended the
Auroral. O. O. F., last Thursday and
all report a good time.
See W. H. Bair about that hav vou
intend to sell.
Ebert Knight spent Sunday with rela
tives near Canby. ,
Chas, Rath ra ttle a business trip to
Portland and Vancouver last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Astman were
Portland visitor's last week .
Mr. C. Hoff died yesterlay of cancer
of the liver. The deceased leaves four
children, Miss Emma Hoff, Joseph, Ed
win, Mel vin and Christian Holl. The
funeral services were held last Thursday.
J. F. Deyoe waB a Portland visitor last
The saloon of H. A. Vorpahl was en
tered and robbed Monday night. The
robbers seemed entrance by boring a
hole through the back door and with
drawing the bolt and raising a bar across
the door. The slot machine was forced
open and the till rifled, 500 good cigars
and 6 quarts of choice goods were taken .
No clue to the robbers.
Whn jou lake Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonlo be
cause ttu formula is plainly printed on every
ot.le showing uut (s limply Iron aud Quinine
ilt'virtu h'fn N ' Our, no 'a?. t:.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned ad
ministrator of the Kslate ol Surah J Fanchor,
Deceased Una thia day filed his final account
with the County Court of Clackamas coiuty and
State of Oregon and that the said Court has set
Monday the 1st day of February 1003, at the hour
of ten o'clock a. ra- of said dny as the tiaie tor
hearing the said Report and objections thereto If
any there be at which time all person Interested
are hereby notilied to be present before said
Administrator of the Kstaie of
Sarah J. Faucher, Deceased. ,
Date December 31, 11HJ3.
French-Qraves Wedding.
At 9 o'clock on New Year's Eve the
home of Mrs. H. F. Watts in this city,
was the ecene of a quiet but ptetty home
wedding, when Miss Grace Graves a
eausin of Mrs, Watts, was joined in wed
lock to Ricbard W. French, Rev. F.El
mo Robinson officiating.
By request of the bride the wedding
dinner was served on New Year's Day
in honor of the 47th anniversary of her
uncle, Mr. Quinn, at which time a num
ber ot guests were present.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. F. T. Graves, of Oregon City, She
is a member of the Baptist church of
that city, where she is highly respected
and has many friends. Mr. French is
well known here as an exemplary young
man, and is at present employed by the
government as mail carrier on one of the
city tree delivery routes.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed as administrator of the
Estate of Patrick Duffy, deceased aud any and all
persons havinK elaiuj-anaiint the said estate
must present them to the undersigned admluiRtia
tor, at the Bank of Oregon City, Oregon, duly
Teritied within six months of the date of this
n Dated this 30th day of December, 1903.
Administrator of the estate of Patrick Duffy,
G. B Dimi ci, Attorney for admr.
Notice is hereby given thtt the undersigned has
been duly appointed by the County Court of
Clackamas County, Oregon, administrator of the
estate of Robert Ronald, deceased, late of laid
county and state. All persons having claims
aanUust the estate of said deoendent are hereby
7Ta..A u ih.umn dulr verified according
to la with my aturney. C. H. Dye. Lsq., at bis
KcSm -of Suth and Mam Bt... Oregon
Citv Oresron, within six months from the date
'nXJj City. Or., A. Dv19
Climatic Cures.
The influence ol climatic conditions in
the cure of consumption is very much
ove drawn. The poor patient, and the
rich patient, too, can qo much better at
home by proper attention to food diges
tion, and a regular use of German Svrup
Free expectoration in the morning is
made certain by German Syrup, so is a
good nitiht's rest and the absence of that
weakening coughing and debilitating
night sweat. ReBtlees nigbt and the ex
haustion due to coughing, the greatest
danger and dread of the consumptive,
can be prevented or Btopped by taking
German Syrup liberally and regulatly.
Should you be able to go to a warmer
clime, you will tind that of the thousands
of consumptivs there, the few who are
benefited and regain strength are those
who use German Syrup. Trial bottles,
2ic; regular size 75c At Charman &
Cured Lumbago.
A. B.Canman, Chicago, writes March
4 1903; "Having been troubled with
Lumbago at different times and trid on
physician after another; then different
ointments and linaments, gave it up al
together. So I tried once more, and
got a bottle of Ballard's Snow Linament,
which irive me almost instant relief. I
can cheerfully reccommeud it, and will
dd mv name to vonr list of former
Zbt Lucky Star
The Star Wind Mill. Every
"point" of It the best.
Steal construction,
Glvlmj strength.
Ball Bearing, Easy Running,
Galvanlzedafter making, pre
venting rust. "Star of all Stars"
the Star Wladaiill.
Come and get one, take it out
and try it, if it is not al
right bring it back. YOU
KNOW we could not say
this to you if they were not
HCGH FRAScte RONALD. .offerers.' 25c. 50c and $1
Administrator of lbs Estate , n
Kobert Bonald, 1A. I vO-
Send .. ... ' "' 'M M
which . . ig ifl
interested M $ V mP FIRST AND TAYLOR STS.
V-'' .O R E G O N
HHPsssMkl MsMMkssMMsHHMs
ssf J ' KEMPS I rrAuwMfr
Don't wait for rain to plow
Plow when its dry.
You can with the
Sanders Dise Plow
No ground too hard, j
Mo ground too dry
o r the Sanders Disc Plow:
The disc plow Is far ahead of the moul-l
board plow. A trial will convince you
j Improved Manure Spreader
j The best possible wagon that
can be built. The materials are
j Will spresd any and til kinds of aanure thick or ;we!l Seasoned having been boueht
' .......J.;,:: !5 years ah :ad ol requirements,
: short tim. i L his alone means investment of a
'A.... '. .1
Best results cannot be had without manure iiuriure 111 Wagon StOCK.
soreader and the orlelnal Kemp made by Kemo ! Expert labor used In the Construction.
and Burpee is the best of them all. Their splendid reputation all over the
Send for circular answering all the questions icountry the Northwest In particular
you can possibly ask. iaemonsiraics uie iaa tnat
Mr John H. Cullora, editor of the
Galium!, Texas, News, has written a let
tei of congratulations to tlie manufac
turer of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
as follows : "Bixteen years ago when our
first child was a baby he wits suojnct 10
crou; y spells ana we would be very un
easy about him. We began uning Cham
berlain's Cough Kennedy In 18S6, and
finding it such a reliable remedy for
colds and croup, we have nevar been
withrut it in the house since that time.
We have five children and have given it
to all of tbem with good results. One
good feature of this remedy is that it is
not disagreeable to take and our babies
really like it. Another is that it is not
dangerous, and there is no risk from
giving an overdose. I congratulate you
upon the success of your rumedy." For
sale by Geo. A. Harding.
Wonderful Nerve.
1 displays 1 by many a man enduring
pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds, Bruises
Burns, 6calds, Sore feet or stiff joints.
Bat there's no need for it. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will kill the pain and cure
the trouble. It's the best Salve on earth
for Piles, too. 25c, at Charman & Co,
Willie Ilerrinman relurnfid home last
Tuesday from Camas, Washington,
where he spend Christmas with his
sister Mrs. Michaels.
A gentleman, from Portland, was out
here last week buying potatoes at 75
i;ents per hundred.
Artlur Baben and Coxie Thomas re
turned from Eastern Oregon last week.
Joe Fischer called on friends in Port
land last Sunday aud Monday.
Iiumors say there will be another
wedding in tueniear future.
The Shannon Bros, are quite buy
running their saw mill, but Henry,
seems Uj have a hard time finding a
cook . isover mind Henry, if at first you
don't succeed always try again,for there
are several cooks left in Beaver Creek.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevailing in this
country most dangerous because so decep
tive, iuanysuaaen
deaths are caused
by it heart dis
ease, pneumonia',
heart failure or
p apoplexy are often
the result of kid
ney disease. If
kidney trouble is
allowed to advance
the kidney-poison-ed
blood will at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh ol
the bladder, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
a cure is obtained quickest by a proper
treatment of the kidneys. If you are feel
ing badly you can make no mistake by
taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the
great kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and
scalding pain in passing it, and over
comes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to go often through the day,
and to get up many times during the
night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent aud
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that tells all about it,
both sent free by mail. Address, Dr. Kil
mer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When
writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but remember the name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and toe
address, Binghamton, N. Y.t on every
Ralph Ackerson, who hps been work
ing in the frtate ol Washington for the
past four years, is b:me on a visit.
$onie relatives of Mrs. Frank Fish are
cere from Spokane, Wa h., on a viBit.
Mr. Giesy. of Portland, visited at the
home of J. D. Kilter a few doaya last
Mr. Gahler is budding a new board
fence on his farm,
Mr. Miller, of Paradise City, has
moved into our town once more,
Henry Kummer went to the Grimm
sale at Macksburg last Saturday aud
bought a valuable mare.
Miss Alice Hitter returned to her
school yesterday after a two weeks' va
cation. Elrthday parties are the rage now1.
Last Friday night the Invited friends of
Misses Wilda Ellhtt and Tena Stuwe
gathered in Thompson's hall to cele
brate their birthdays. The Oxlerby
boys furnished the music for the eve
ning and everybody, both old and young,
married and single, all enjoyed them
salves most heartily. Many valuable
presents were given the ladies. For
generosity and good will the people of
Needy are all right.
Maple Lane Explanation Note,
At the last grange meeting it wai
voted to hold a pie social on Saturday
evening, Jan. 9th, and a committee was
appointed to look after the matter. Af
ter the meeting it seems that a few took
it unto themselves to have a dance that
evening at the hall without the author
ity from the Grange, or pnrmiBion from
the trustees of the hall. When the
trustees heard of this, combined with
conduct of some at the last dance held
at the hall, they decided it would net be
I wise to permit dancing that evening.
This was brought about solely by the
conduct of the dancers, and there is no
one else to blame.
Theobiectof the Grange is education
al. This cannot be carried out except
by work with and by the young. We
wish every respectable, intelligent
young person to j )in us and we will en
deavor to instruct, interest andatnu:e.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull
boy indeed,
All play and no work makes Jack a poor
Ivtf indeed . '
The Grange is a trifle in debt on their
hall, but they do not wish to raise it
from the young people by turning Ma
ple Lane Grange hall into a saloon or
dance hall.
1 heartily commend sir. Beard in the
stand ho took an spokesman for the
I trustees, and think he should be sup
, ported by every well moaning persuu iu
I the community who believes in good
j elucation and eood government, lam
very sorry that some were bo thought
less as to disgrace themselves by insult
ing Mr. Beard Saturday evening.
C. W. Swallow.
Domestic Trouble. '
It is exceptional to find a family where
there are no domestic ruptures occasion
ally, but thepe can be lessened by hsv
ing Dr. King's Hew Life Pills around.
Much trouble they save by their , great
work in Stomach and Liver troubles.
They not only relieve you but cure. 25c,
at Charman & Co's diug store.
Who would keeptnulr children In good health
should wak'li for tho first symptoms of worms,
and reinoie, them with White Cream Vermi
fUKC. it la the children' bust tonic. It gets dls
po.stion at worlt so that their looil does them
K'xl, and they trow up healthy aud strong, 'ion
at Umrraan & Co.
Beautiful Clear Weather.
Herbine exerts a dlrsot Influenc on the bawela,
llrer and kidneys, pnrilylng aud strengthening
these organs, aud maintaining them la a notmal
condition of bualth; rhus reinoTlng a common
cause of yellow, mothy, greasy skin, and more or
as of pimples, blotchea aud blackh'jada, (00 at
Charman It Co.
I Oregon City's Leading Wine House $
I All the leading brands of Cal- I
fornia Wines kept in stock.
I Come and see us.
We promptly obtain U. 8. aud Korean
rriuitU model, sltotcli or photo tl inveutiou lor
r !rereort on patentability. For free hook
nVs1SriP,fi!JE-FRKS .0
Opposite U. is. Patent Office
a b.
"naot Marks ,
rt .iO Designs
Anyone sending a sketeh and descHntlon may
qutcsly aaeortain our opinion free whether an
invention Is prohnkly jiutiniriMs 1. i'oniniunloa
tionsslrlotlTronndontlal. HANDBOOK on Patent '
not free. Oldest agency for Heeuruiic pateuta.
I'atenta taken tljr.iuuh Munn 4 Co. reoelra
peeta! notice, without charus, lnthe
Scientific wicrican.
Tiftnrefit rtr
Tnrnm, 13 a
four niuntlu, i. DOlu by all new era.
A hantitviinftlv N1nfttrfttfd weeklr.
dilation of anr nHenUtlo Journal.