Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1902-1919, December 18, 1903, PART FIRST, Page 7, Image 7

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Every Day
The Courier Mailing List Is
Swelled by New Names
We Ar: Pulling for the Two Thou s ad
Mark and It Is Almost In Sight.
This is a week when you will have to do a lot of hard thinking.
A week of worry. Every day now that passes
without malting selections makes choosing harder.
While our trade for the past few weeks has been a record-breaker, the as
sortment has sold pretty evenly so that we enter upon the last week of our holi
day tVsinejs with a very cc replete stock. However, it is not likely this condition will last much longer, so
that it is to your interest to make your selections as soon as you can. Right here we want to tahnk our friends for
the many kind things they have said about our stock. There certainly never has been such a wide variety shown in Oregon
City before and we are very glad to have had such favorable comments regarding quantity, quality and price.
Let us again invite you to come in and look around.
It is useless to worry for a single minute about something to give to that man. If he
is a smoker, and most men are, we have just exactly what he wants. We have all the popu
lar brands of cigars in boxes of 12, 13, 25, 50 and 100. These range in prize from 90 cents
to $10. You can leave it to us and we'll guarantee quality.
' If you could see the men, as we see them, rubbering at our stock of brier wood and
meerschaum pipes you would feel perfectly safe in making him a present of one of them. We
have good pipes as low as a dollar and beautiful meerschaums at $4, $5, $6, $7.50 and 10.
We would be glad to have you take a look at them.
We have made special provision in this line for
gift purposes. In ladies umbrellas pearl and silver or
gold, smoked ivory and silver, fancy woods and silver.
All the latest designs in handles. For men we show
many swell horn and fancy wood crooks, plain and
mounted. Everybody knows the quality of our
covers the best only the kind we guarantee.
Now is the time to buy tinsel, candles, etc., for the
Xmas tree. Don't wait until it is all picked over
you may just as well have the choicest, and it is a
choice assortment we have provided this year; nearly
double the. quantity we had heretofore and a dozen
new things. All prices from 5c up.
The man or woman
who gets a Water
man Fountain Pen
for a present is
booked for more
genuine comfort and
pleasure than any
other gift of equal
value could possibly MJ
pring mm. n means
yj years of satisfaction
Price $2.50.
Others as low as $ 1 .00.
annc 11
What other gift, whatever
the price, is kept so long as a
book? What other gift year
after year will be found ready
to recall a pleasant thought
of the giver? Whoever has
enough good books?
Popular Copyright F.ction... .75
Books for Boys and Girls. 15c up
Cloth Bound Fiction, Travel,
Biography! .25
Standard Library Bound Books .40
15 Vol. SetDicken's, le'h'r. 11.00
12 V0l.Se Scott, big type... 6.00
10 Vol. Set Thackery, b type. 3.75
Standard Poets, cloth bound.. .40
" " padded leather 1.00
Webster's Unabridged Diction
ary, special .98
Webster's 20th Century Dic
tionary, leather, special... 1.75
White House Cook Book, spec .90
Ridpath's History, 877 pages " 1.95
Fancy bindings designed es
pecially for gift books in
dainty small volumes, in
regular size, in sets, at prices
from 35C to $5.00
Shakespeare 15 vol., Valpy ed 4.75
" 12 vol., Hudson" 8.00
"12 vol in fancy leather 12.00
Those handsome boxes of
Lowney's. No matter what
else you buy you will want
candies and these special pack
ages will be the most attrac
tive way in which your gift
can be made. You will be sur
prised at the small additional
cost of these beautiful boxes.
1 pound to 5 pounds.
S3 Druggists.
Toilet Sets in Silver, Celu
loid, Staghorn, Metals, Woods.
Sets and single pieces in all
kinds of woods, mountings and
. r
1. v-
... . .r - M 7J. J
Flinch, . Pit, Panic, Stock Exchange,
All the rage now 35 and 50c.
Why not get him a shaving'outfit ? This is some
thing every man should have, providing of course,
its the right kind. Our line of guaranteed razors are
the best that money can buy. $Ito$3.
We are looking for the man who is always cutting
his face with a razor. We've got just the thing for
him, the Star Safety. The most inexperienced can
shave with a safety in the dark. $ 1 to $4.50.
Shaving Mugs 'm 20c to $1. Jo
Lather Brushes....... .r 10c to 1.50
. Strops.... 25c to 2.50
Shaving Sets, consisting of Cup and Brush .75 up
Suggestions for your
Fountain Pens $1 up
Military Brushes 3 up
Explorations in
Bible Land jf3.oo
Lead Pencil in sil
ver pocket case 1.00
Ink Stands 50c up
Paper Weights 25c up
Calendars and Christmas Cards
Dainty booklets and cards for remembrance sake.
Xmas Cards for teachers. .c, ic, 2c and 3c
Folding Cards ...5c, 10c and 15c
Hand Painted Cards 50c to $1. 00
Xmas Booklets.... 5c, 10c, 15c and 25c
Calendars 10c, 15c aud 25c
Shakespeare and Dickens Calendars 25c
Gibson Calendars $2.00 .
Gifts for thz Boys and Girls
We can only outline here the variety
which we offer to select from.
Games a hundred different kinds 5c to $2.50
Ping Pong, closing out this line at cost. .
Crokinole Boards, 5 different styles,
some playing as many as 100 different
games ....U to 4.50
Magic Lanterns instructive amusement 1.75
Cameras they are educators i.oo up
Fountain Pens every school boy or girl
would appreciate a fountain pen...... i.ooup
Bibles and Testaments 10c to 5.00
Pocket Books and Purses 10c urj
Diaries 25c up
Cuff Buttons, Collar Buttons, Watch
Chains, Neck Chains, Bracelets,
Brooches, Scarf Pins, Hat Pins, Rings,
all at one-third less than regular jewelers prices
Watches Nickel and Gun Metal, fully
guaranteed for one year.... .1.00 & 1.50
Mouth Harps..- ioc'up
Writing Desks and Lap Tablets 50c up
Toilet. Articles, Candy, Perfumes, Um
brellas, Pictures, Writing Papery
Books a big line, carefully selected, con
taining the books that they ought to
read. Whatever else you get they
must have some books 15c up
' 1 ' 1 m
Get him a watch, a guaranteed
timekeeper. It won't cost you
much and it'll make a Merry Christ
mas for him. One year guarantee
with every watch.'
Nickel Case $1.00
Gun Metal Case, stem winder 1.50
Gold Plated Case, " " 2.50
Is Austrian Court Boxes.
They are heavy wood boxes,
metal bound, rich and
handsome. Jewel Boxes, Col
lars and Cuffs, Etc. They just
came a few by express.
Solid, substantial, lasting satis
faction goes with a present
from our leather stock. There
is a wide variety to choose
from. The prices will accomo
date your purse. Pocket
Books, Purses, Bill Books, Card
Cases, Wrist Bags, Nitsukas,
Auto Bags, Music Rolls, Lap
Tablets, Traveling Cases.
Many people can't get along
without diaries. We have a
complete line of the best.
Prices from 25c to $ 1 .50.
; "if
Don't over look this line.
It's not necessarly expensive.
For $5 we can sell you today
a better all around Camera than
$25 bought a few years ago.
Prices commence at $ 1 and go
up to $35. Free instruction
whatever the price.
During the past week subscriptions
hav flowed into the Courier office in a
g d y Ptiearu It makes us glad okrow
mui oar many friends appreciate the
Courier and are glad to renew thtir Bob
ecriptione from year to year. VVe are
a'po g'ad that our old subscribers all
Lavu a desire to Terrain with us lor an
other year. It ia a good omen. It
means butdneea right along. It helps
us and we hope during the year to help
you. Inasmuch ae about one half nf
our eubscribera' time v ill expire bet
ween January 1st, Bud February let
next we have decided not to cut the
bit? pumpkin nmil Monday afternoon,
February lt, 1904. We want all of our
old Biibfcribers to have a chance to get
the fine Kimball piano. The first day
of Februa y will not be long in coining
around. In the mesri'ime our solicitors
will viwit every home in ClacknmaH
county and every business man and so
licit your subscription. W e don't want
to mise any. We want to start into the
new ettf with the largest bona fide sub
scription liet any newspaper has ever
had that has had i'a home in Clackamas
county. The iolloning is the list of
those who have paid their subscription
during . the past wt6k. It is a nico
buucb of more thBU 100 names. We
want to beat that list the coming week
and want you all to help us.
Georga Ogle, Molalla. .. ...... ...$1 So
Warren Simmons, Liberal. ...... . 1 60
O. O. T. Williams, Oregon City. ... 1 50
D. E. 1'enman, Oregon City 1 50
John (ireen, " " 1 00
L. C. Chamberlain, Grants Pass.. 1 50
J.J. Smith, Oanby 1 50
Herbert Thomas, Oorvallis J '0
Phillip Bucklein, Oregon City.... 150
William Thompson, Aurora 1 50
A. L. JoneB, Cams 1 50
Fred Philippine, Chirks 1 50
L. Ferguson, New I'.ia 1 50
J. L. Mattock " ' 1 50
D. H. Oliise.Parkplaua 1 50
D. M. Spatz, Carus 1 60
Merton Bell.Parkplace 1 50
L, Kucomcu, Oregon City 1 50
Uhamher " " I 60
R. H. Suodgrass, Meadow brook . .' 1 50
Ed Leii'.htweis, Carus 1 50
James Mailed, Meadowbrook. ... 1 50
A. V. Davis, Meadowbrook 1 50
Fred Bhaler. Molalla 1 60
J. R. Cole " 1 50
P. M. Boyles " 1 50
Jesse Bagby " j. 1 60
J. F.Adams " , 1 60
W. D Adams " . . 1 60
W. W. Everhart" 1 50
O. W. Robbins " 1 50
D. C. Boyles " 1 60
Raymond Dickey" 1 50
D. Engle " 1 50
L. N. Jones, Marquam 1 60
C. H. Lorenz, Marquam 1 6i
J.U. Hall, Meadowbrook 1 oil
0. F. 0!6u, Oregou City 1 60
Edward Felson, Boise, Idaho 1 50
J. W. Tnillinger, Molalla 1 60
L. W. Robbins " 1 60
W. H. Jingle " 1 60
O. W. Hendershot " 1 60
G. V. Ad ims " 16)
C. L. Bates, Canby ; 1 60
N. N. Cole, " 1 60
W. H. Farlow, Waroic 'Or 1 50
W, RushoII, Wilhoit 1 60
James Coon, Oswego '. ... 1 60
J. T. Evans, Mulino 1 6i
B, F. Wcdley, Stafford 1 60
J. II. Lindsay, Oregon City 1 60
Fred Matihies , " 1 60
F. A. Sleight " " 1 50
M. Nathies " " 1 60
J. E. Brad tl, New Era 1 60
D. aarmta, Aurora 1 60
J. C. Kirchem, Oregon City 150
G. W. Mayville " " 1 50
H. INachaml, Parkplace 1 00
Rev. P. K. Hammond, Oregon City 1 60
W. U. Howell " ' 1 50
H. J. Ingersoll " " 1 50
John Veritas " " 1 50
Mrs. Charles Senn, Withee,Wl.. , 1 5i
V.. Newkirk, Rockland, Cal 1 50
A. B. Kleise, Virginia City, Nev. . 1 60
H. C. Glover, Eagle Creek 1 6U
Judge T. F. Ryan, Oregon Citv.. 1 60
M.Myers, Aurora 1 50
John Aden, Stafford I 50
Mrs. Annie Beeson.Shubel. ...... .. 1 80
Ji-cob Erhet.Sherwood 160
Photo Supplies.
Athletic Goods.
f i
A Pretty Wedding at the Residence
ol R. P. Hall.
On Wednesday evening, at the resi
dence of R. P. Hall, N. E. Milner ol
Linn county and MIks Grace E. Hall
were united in the holv bonds of wed.
lock Kev. J. 11. Wooi!, of the Metho
dist church, performed the marriage
ceremony. The groom is a promineni
young fanner ol Linn county and a highly
respected citizen' Mih Hall ia the ac
complished and lovely daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. R. P. Hall. The residence was
beautifully decorated for the occaaion.
Some thirty invited guests were present
to witness the nuptial rites, .tier the
ceremony a wedding dinner was served.
The youDg folks left last evening for
Portland and on Friday will retnrn t
the groom's home In Linn county, where
they will make tbeir future home.
Young People' Congreu.
The Young People'i Congress ofwhich
Rev. J. U. Beaven is the promoter and
acting president, held a very interesting
t the PEPtiat ghurt'h on iaot Friday
evening, f he Congress is composed of
the popils in the seventh, eighth and
ninth grades of the Barclay and Eastham
schools. The subjoct under diacuaiion
on last Friday evening was "Manchuria
and its Relations to Ruia and the Chi
nese Opium Trade." Those speaking
forChii a ere Ross Eaton and Ruth
Latourette and those speaking agali.st
China were Ora WelHh ond Helen Bol
linger. The discussion wss animated
nd able The Congress is proving a
great educator for the young folks.
Bwri th "19 K "D Haw Kmf BOlpt
i i . i
Foley's ffoney and Tar
tot CJ!!ttrea,&ale,nuro. too opiates