Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1902-1919, June 19, 1903, Image 5

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;., ' Before Winding Up Our., -' "
We wish to give the housekeepers one grand benefit that will
remain green in their memory for years to come.
; v ' "..
r It will pay you to lay jin; a year's supply at least In Table1
Linens Towels'-Napkins IWeling Late Curtains Tapestry'
Portiers llankets Quilts Comforters' Draperies"' or Table'
Covers or Ctuch Covers.
c Be ante ni tme some it? this week, the sooner the better
- ' : 1 ' - Bazaar Patterns- Reduced to 10 cents ! i v ' '
Mcallen & McDonnell "&
All trimmed bate reduced at Mrs. H.
T. Bladen.
Wilson & Cooke is ill sell you a mower
We are doling out our stock of jhoei
at coit. Red Front.
Go to Wilson & Cooke if you want to
buy a eickle grinder.. ,(
Cut ra'e prices at Moore's pharmacy
on Seventh Street.
Children's day we generally observed
by special program by all the churches
last Suudax. ;
If you want to buy the best of tin and
steel enameled ware, go to Wilebn &
Dr. J. B. Moore, office at the drug
store on Seventh street on the hill.
Phone Main 1541
The Forresters will install officers
July 3rd. As many members as can,
are requested to be present. .
The final eighth grade examination
for the Bthool year were held
Wednesday and ThuBday.
Mrs. Tom Miller,who received a stroke
of paralysis some time since, is still
critically ill at her home on the hill.
Mrs. E. A, Miller continues quite Jll
at Salem.' Colonel Miller1 has bean at
her bedside much of the time during the
past week.
Girl wasted for gtaaral hoese work.
Good wages paid for com patent help. In
quire at iiolr
Hats and flowers,
Mrs. Bladen's.'
greatly reduced at
, Go to Wilson & Cooke for garden toola,
such as hoes, rakes, etc., --.
Do you want to buy wire fencing? If
89 no to Wilson & Cooke. , ,
Furnished "'housekeeping rooms for
rent.v Apply to'John Sehram.' fc
, f V " ' i T .....
Cups and mirrors free at Charman &
Co.'s Drug Store. See their adv;
Money to loan at fix per aunt. J. J.
Cooks, Oregoa. City, Oreisen. y A
Beatie -i Beatia, Dentists, Weiskard,
building, rooms 16, 17 and 18.
Seleftt your hats while , the stock " is
large. Everything reduced at Mrs.
Children's day will be observed at the
Baptist church next Sabbath evening.
The public is invited.
Contracts are putting in bids on the
new work on Jackson street. The bids
will be opened next Monday.
If you want to buv a mower or hay
rake, get prices at Wilson & Cooke be
fore you buy ; you will save money.
Rev. William Kraxberger, of Marion
Springs, Mich., is at Macksburh, on a
visit to his parents and brothers. He
wilt preach a sermon at German church
Sunday J una 21, at 10 a. m .
On account ot the absence of . Rev.
Craig, who is at tending the camp meet
ing at Teazle Creek there will be no
services at the Methodist church South
at Ely ville on next Sunday. - -
A Sunday school Dicnic will be held
maa'a cigar atore or resi- at Liberal at the Wright's springs picnic
and both lh QUALITY AND FR.SCS will be Right' ft
- 1
y If there should be more than oas kmd of it, you wiJl find these various kinds 19
BddiovMltheplieluJS" : tjj here' a!d eaeI "nd is SOid for what it is and ati tka right price. Our business
has grow to its present volume by selhag the BEST GOODS at a little lower price rjra
tian other stores. Our constant aim in all our buying and selling is to maintain the ITI
quality and lower the prices, b , . , , . ,, 1 ' rV
' John J. Cooke sold the Dan Williams'
place last WaJneoday to Mr. KauOuian
for the mm of $320 ), The place is on
the Highland road three and one half
miles Irom Oregon City and consists of
34 acres. " V-'. C
Frank Wclhh. who mad his fir-t an.
pearance here last eeasun, as one pf the 1 tV!
stars l'f Sweeney and Alvid j's uiinstrels, j
la uie premier specially aru t of the
Allen. Coy and his songs were well
receivod at eveiy performance.
The Ladies Aid society of the Fresbj
terian church will give a chicken pie
supper at the Y. M C. A, hall on the
evening of Fiiday, June 2(jth fiom 5 till
9 All are invited to .attended. 2t.
In the school eltction at :the Irojvn
school liuu, dittriut Js'o 61, nVtrNew
Era, Monday evening, Cjilbeii Randall
was chosen as ihe new director. By a
vote of 13 to 14 (one V )in being thrown
out) the resignation of K.chard Dundas
was demanded. This was the resulti f , RK
fractioral ftaht in the diftri t, and is i n ' LjJ
lv-,e enly divided
In the deathnotice of Mrs. Elizabeth j
Rowe, published in a recent isue of !
tne Uourier, was stated that Mrs. Rowe
was born in Philadelphia. This is a lYj
mistake. Mrs. Rowe first saw the litrht !
r 1 day on ship board comiig over from
Engand, It was further stated fiat
Mrs. Rowe had lived with her daughter
in Oregon City for the past ten years,
when she had only with her for ten
months., ;:, . . .
The Oregon Oiiy Toilet Soap. Manu
facturing company is a new firm doing
business on the West Side. 1 he pro
moters are . Messrs O'Malley and
Wurster. '. Mr. Wurster has been in the
soap business for a any years, having
worked at tfi hueinets through .Austra
lia aid New Zealand. They propose to
enlarge, their tstabliahnient on the West
Ride as uecesutT deminds, The snap
they are waking is of a hiuh quality,
free from any Impurities. The Courier
witthes them abundant aacces in their
undertaking. '
At th home of the bride in Oregon
City Thursday morning at 11 o'clock, I Cv
Miss Betta Fouts and Mr. A. B. Lamont I j
were united in muirimony. The wed- fcvl
ding ceremony was performed by Rev. ' U
P. K. Hammnod, of the Episcopal ffl
church. The bridesmaid was Miss Clara JyW
Warner, and Mr. Robert Bonnett.of Mil- V
naukie, waB best man. The biide is the Wj
accomplished di ugliter of Mr. and Mis. JY
T. W. Fouts, of this cit'.who hat a host gjg
rf admiring friei.ds here. The gioorn is FVjj
a prominent youi g business man of . 2tvji
Portland. 'The new ly mated couple will j lfj
make their future home in that city.
Notice ts herfhv giTon that the nnrtersWneil
adminlstrntor of the estate of Elizabeth 81 andr. ! stUI
det;.'Hoci, hflH Died his final report In tho county 1 Li J
court of ClirkamsB cnuuiy, Oiegmi, and the tMil
said court nan K't Mondny, July Mm. 10U3, ht ' I f I
the'h our of 10 o'clock p. m of said dayatihe
courthouse in O.neon Ciiy, Oresron. aa the lime
andplacefor lienritR anyand nil cihjftitions to
said final report, ana to nis nual dlactlurt'i' u ad
ininistraior of said etal. U. . UOiLi..-.
Paled June 17. 1903.
- ; Administrator of the Kstate of
Kli?,al)rth Shandy, Deoeased.
Robert A. Milieu & O. B Knx. i
Attorneya 'or Adlmnistrator.
First Publication, Jun,19. r ,
Laat Publication. July 17.; ' . i : ; 'j ' :
jtot Huntley s S
You make ro mistake by taking
recipes and prescriptions to Moore's
Pharmacy. Accuracy, skill, pure drugs
and right prices. j
Company A., O. N. G., gave one of
their famous smokers Monday evening.
A large attendance was present and a
general good time was enjoyed'.
St. John' j Catholic church held a lawn
fete last Saturday evening. Refresh,
ments were served, consisting of ice
-cream, cake and other delicacies. A
large crowd was present. ,
The funeral of Miss Mary Russell will
teh'ldat Teazle Creek net Sunday
If rot the most elegant store it is a
noted fact that they are selling goods,
the cheapest at the Racket Store of any
store in Oregon City. That's right, and
it's no josh either.
A. T. Thomson's bargain store,
(sleevelets summer vents, 10c. 12'c.
Elaborately lace trimmed 19c, 25o."
Black Lawn 12c, Organ lie 13.
Nun'a Veiling 15c yd, Special Values.
Wilson & Cooke carry" a complete line
of all kind of farming Umplemeuts.'sucb.
as plow, harrows and cultivitori. Also
hay tools of all kinds, such as hay forks,
carries and pulleys. ' - -
The Courier effice desires to acknow
ledge the present last Sunday of ahand-
aome baaet of Ganby ptrawberries
IromW.B. Stafiord. Tbeb-rnes were
line, weighing about fourteen to the
pound. Oregon strawberries are world
beaters. ' ' l
The Yt unc People's Society of the
Presbyterian church will give an enter
tainmtnt in pantomime ; at the opera
house about the hrst oE July. An excel
lent program lias been arranged and a
good entertainment will be given. .;
A delightful evening waspent by, the
Mert'y Dancing club at Canemah park
last t riday. The club gave one of their
lamous dances and a large crowd )(
folka attended and tripped, the iltuitas
tic till a late hour. A number of parties
from Portlapd were down .and ptrtici:
pated in tho festivities
Philip Wakeman died at the residence
of Ed Andrews at iails- view Sunday
morning at the age of 45 years. He
leaves a wife and one daughter, who
live at Helena, Mont. The funeral was
beld from the Iresidence of Mr. Andrews
Tuesday afternoon and the interment
was in the Masonic cemetery..' ., ,
Thunder reverberated '-orer theWil
lamette valley on last Sundaytafteruoon
and lightning plaved across the face of
the black clouds which hung over the
Cascade mountains It was a lovely set
ting to the close ot a beautitul summer
day,. To the native of the Willamette
both thunder and lightening is more or
lesB ef a curiosity and brines with ita
coming an! going terror and dread.
George Williams was found dead in his
bed -near Caoby last Saturday night
Coroner Holman was summoned and
beld an icqnest. The verdict of the
coroner's jury was to the eff net that de
ceased came to his death from Datura
causes. It was thought at first that sus'
picioos circumstanced surrounded the
death. The deceased was about 70
;At this season; there, Is always the
danger from sudden attacks of stom
ach and bowel troubles. It Is best
to be well' prepared to prevent ser
ious, results' ,by having always at
hand'a bottle of . . . ! '
Squibb's Cholera Mixture
It Is the best remedy we have found
in our many years of drug store ex"
perience for the quick relief and
cure of colic, cramps, cholera mor
bus, dysentery and ordinary diar
rhoea. It is pleasant and may be
taken by young or old. Your money
back if it fails to give satisfaction-
25 Cents
Get. your boy a Brownie Camera
Two Sizes, $ 1 .00 and $2.00
We te'ach hoys and f Iris to take pictures without
. charge. Come In and talk It over.,
Trusses rt
of m
r To-Day g
' A truss is an important appliance Ka
and It is obvious that constant effort Oj
will be made for its improvement.
, . . . . ', -.'JkI
. Every year does bring (some im- fjj
provements, and wearers of trusses f")
should haVc the' benefit, of them '
In our stock we endeavor to pro-
Our long experience in fitting IjH
trusses enables us to judge the value WJ
of new ideas and our stock is there
fore an ideal one.
We guarantee our trusses to fit Sis
and to stav fitted.
vide all that Is practical as well as
Never too hot
or too busy or
Loo tired to try
to please every
nunuey . nmin
We take Cana
dian money at.
Pa.r- '
8-pago Fashion
Sheet for July
free for asking
grounus June Li, ac iu a. m. A pro
gram will be rendered consisting of
tongs, speaking, recitations and dla
logues. Ail are invited to attend and
bring naBketB,
Fred Hoyle was given five dava in the
city jau lor oeggtng on me itreets wed
Wm. Johnson and G. Laih
vera arraiened charaed with disorderlv
conuuet, Deiore ciiy recorder Uurry,
Johnson was released on $10 bail which
he promntlv jumped and Lash was fined
John Kraxbers'r. of Macksbure. lost
a valuable horse recently. Cn examina
tion Dy ine veterinary surgeon it was
discovered that the animal had been
given a dose of strychnine. Mr. Krax
hereer has offered a reward of 2S for
information leading to the d teation of
the guilty part.es.
Superintendent J. C. Zinser delivered
an address to the people of Eagle Creek
last Friday evening on the subject of
school consolidation. A larae crowd
was out and listened attentively to the
addreei. A committee was appointed to
meet with the Currinsvilie school the
following Saturday evening. ,
Last Sunday mornine a ' team belong
ing to S. J. Vaughan got entangled in
their harness while making a turn at
the corner of Main street and railroad
avenue and both horses fell ,in such a
manner they could tot arise, v A crowd
soon collected which offered all kinds of
advice but. the harness had to -be cat
before tbe team could be! released. Save
some small breakages in the rig and the
cutting of the harness there waa no
damage done. , ,
At the home of Mrs! Chan 'Can field in
Orecon City, there was adelit-hful nartv
.laat'Fnday. evening when Mrs.- T. B.
Heard s boy's class of Sunday Srhool
children and Mrs. Caniield's nitl's class
were-entertained;1 A'guesmng contest
assisted the younesters fit passing the
ev-nlng pleasantly.- Gilbert Charters
won -first -prise for' boys and., May
(M-range nrsi prize ior gins, various in
nocent pariies were indulged in and lunch
wasseived.' ' - -
1 ' ' -'I - , ' ' x t- ' ' -'' , " ' "
. Mrs. W. H.. Foerner , was killnd n Ta.
cuiun. iai oaiuruay Dy neing etrucK Dy a
train, ene. was sitting oft the .railroad
track when the enamt :strnok -.UBr. in.
stantly killing her. .Mrs.. Foerner was
formerly Miss Hester Robb.' of this citv.
and was a sister to Mrs. Fiederick Pain-
. - t J-t I mi
ter, oi vanetuan. ine remains were
snipped here tor burial Tuesday and the
funeral services were . condnatd at the
home of thesisUr The remains were
interred in the Canemah cemetery."
The Allen Stock Company, wbicL is
making a week's stand in this city, is
from almost every standpoint the best
show that has appeared here for many
months. .The characters are well cast,
be ng very evenly balanced. Notwith
standing the fact that the opening
nights were very stormy, good crowds
attended which have increased with the
week. The music furnished by the or
chestra is much better than is geneaally
furnished. Tonighf'A Fair Rebel" will
be played. This is a stirring war daama
and one of tl.e best slays on tbe pro
gram. Saturday night "A Black Heifer"
will be the attraction. Saturday after
noon there will be a matinee for ladies
and children. Admission to the mati
, ... -.. i.-. i .-. i
; n i in ill ii mi ii hum i i it 1 1 1 1 1 1 in i m 1 1 1 mii ii il 1 1 i
' - II I III I II I II 1 1 1 1 1 II III! I llll 1 - . i' !
I I lllllllll' -V.mll Ae sm.mm -. . till I III 111
all other 5c cigars j! V ;j: .;: ;
Jp00 A cigar 'that has. the same face" value as a nickdl'and;' !
I pays you full interest in solid satisfaction arid real enjoyment. Sl
'.. Mi-tir'-hx, tarn- -41&diM . '1 .v
years old.
nee 15 and 25 cents