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OREGON CITY, JAN. 16, 1903.
The coal troubles will be settled
about the time our quarrels
with the iceman begin.
The present policy of the Repub
licans seems to be to spoil the anti
trust broth with too many cooks.
Reciprocity for the manufac
turers at the expense of the farm
ers is the motto of the administra
tion. THAT Mississippi "colored lady,"
now drawing pay as postmistress
may not be a good cook, but she
has got the administration into hot
JUDGING from the attitude of
the Columbian minister to the
United States, it is as dangerous to
be a Colombian diplomat as to be
a Chinese statesman. .
According to the Honorable
Perry Heath, the Mormons control
the Utah legislature and will inev
itably send a "saint" to the Sen
ate. He will be a rara avis in that
IT begins to look as if the sugar
trust was absorbing the beet sugar
industry. When the absorbtion
is accomplished, God help the
farmers engaged in raising sugar
LEMON juice is recommended as
a destroyer of microbes. Lemon
juice is good with or without "bug
juice" and is a cure for snakes in
the head and bugs in the intes
tines. REPRESENTATIVE Cochran, of
Missouri, ,will soon surprise the
country with a financial bill which
it is promised will place the Repub
lican congressional financiers in a
bad light.
SINCE Christmas Day, 13 dead
and 7 injured is the record of toy
pistols in Norfolk, Va. Green
Christmases always make" fat
churchyards, particularly when the
greenies have guns.
Senator Cullom fears that
he sees in the Hoar anti-trust bill
an obstacle to the Cullom measure
providing for fifty sinecures to draw
salaries from the national treasury
and the senator from Illinois is in
THE anti-trust chorus of Roose
velt, Hoar and Knox is so suddenly
and harmoniously vociferous as to
arouse a suspicion or rehearsal in
the matter of '.'thundering in the
index" prelude to another cam
paign ollertory.
THE decision of the Western
Missouri Court of Appeals that the
mule is a treacherous and vicious
amimal and that, if an employe be
injured as a result of these traits,
the employer cannot plead ignor
ance of the mule's nature as a de
fense, is good horse sense. '
BEFORE they were sworn in by
a supreme court justice the mem
bers of the lower house of the Illi
nois legislature were required to
sign a wtitten pledge not to ac
cept bribes; Perhaps as a condi
tion precedent to his inauguration
some future president will be re
quired to solemnly promise not to
tire the White House or the cpitol
THE illustrated edjtion of the
Roselmrg Review wuich came to
tour of'lke last week was indeed a
compliment to the Review Publish
ing Co., and its excellent editor L.
Wimherly, H will dommch to ad
vertise the wealth and resources
of Douglas county and the city of
Koseburg. We congratulate the
Koseburg Review upon the excel
lence and completeness of their
Mr. Roosevelt is said to be op
posed to the admission of Okla
homa and Indian Territory as one
State because the votes of the lat
ter Territory would make the new
State Democratic. The politician
in the President is never 'swal
lowed up by the statesman.
A black cat, its feet shod with
walnut shells, nearly caused a pan
ic in'Saturday Hall in the national
capitol about midnight on New
Years. The noise caused by the
one poor cat sounded to the sleepy
watchman like a troop of cavalry
and, only after the full guard was
called out, was the actual trouble
MR. OXNARADhas concluded that
a 20 per cent reduction of the tar
iff to Cuba will do the beet sugar
industry less injury than continued
agitation of the question of tariff
reduction. His decision is a great
disappointment to certain senators
who would kill the Cuban treaty
because it lowers some of the sacred
Dingley statutes.
THE Courier is under many ob
ligations to Governor T. T. Geer
for a handsomely bound volume of
the history of the First Oregon
Regiment in the Spanish American
War and the war in the Philippine
Islands. It is a volume of 500
pages bound in sheep and profuse
ly illustrated with half tone pho
tographs of the regiment at various
times during its service. As an
historical work the volume is in
valuable. "When I read of the curbing of
the trusts by President Roosevelt I
am reminded of the conduct of my
dear old father," said a merchant.
"When I was a boy I was fond cf
dog fights. My mother abhorred
these brutal exhibitions and pun
ished me whenever she learned of
my being present at one. My
father secretly sympathized with
me, though, good man, he did not
see fit for my mother to know it,
it. Coming home one evening my
mother presented proof of my pres
ence at a canine scrap and sug
gested immediate punishment. My
father, pretending great wrath, ac
cepted the suggestion and taking
me into a bed room proceeded with
a great stick to lash the furniture,
saying, 'Howl, you rascal, howl.'
Of course I howled and my mother
hearing me was sorry and called to
my rather to whip me lighter.
When I see that the president is
lashing the trusts I imagine that
his blows are falling on the furni
ture and that he is saying softly,
'Howl you rascals, howl.' Pekin
(111.) Courier.
Death steals upon us like a snow
storm- in the night. Thomas H.
Tongue, congressman from the first
Oregon district, died at his post of
duty in Washington on Sunday af
ternoon, Death came to him in its
pleasantest form. While in the full
possession of health and strength
he was stricken down. There was
neither pain nor suffering. The
"Grim reaper" laid its hands upon
him and he closed his eyes and
passed over the dark river of death,
into the unknown and unknowable
beyond. His duties are donehis
burden is lifted, his labors are end
ed. Life's fitful dream is over.
In his death Oregon loses one of
her bestcitizens.one of her represen
tative men. May his ashes sleep
in peace.
From the gathering of the Demo
cratic committee in this city on last
Saturday the "Unterrilied" of this
county can gather much encour
agement. All elements of the
party seem to manifest a strong dis
position to get together. To forget
past differences and work for party
harmony and success. The watch
word, as well put, by one of the
leading Democrats should be "Get
together for lool." The meeting
was harmonious; thespirit and feel
ing manifested was excellent and-
the outlook for the future is good,
It has not been many years ago
since Clackamas county was a
Democratic county. Properly or
ganized and educated, with a union
of all Democratic forces it is be
lieved by many to be Democratic
today. The thing to do is to quit
fighting one another and fight the
common enemy. The. Courier will
do its part.
The Indianapolis News, although
claiming to be an independent paper,
has generally supported the Repub
lican ticket, The news in a recent
issue reads this lecture to the party
whose fortunes it has so often
helped to preserve: "It occurs to
us that those who oppose any trust
legislation as socialistic and who
are so fearful lest we 6hould estab
lish a paternal government are
I guilty of a very grave inconsist
J ency. They have been the most
persistent advocates of paternalism
through tariffs and subsides. They
nave aaoptea tne socialistic uoe
trine that competition is a bad thing,
which they are in duty bound to
check or kill. As far as they could
do so they haVe made the govern
ment a partner in their schemes.
But when the people turn to the
government for relief from their ex
tortion and expression they cry out
that our institutions are in danger
and that the people ought to sub
mit lest by resisting they lose the
heritage of their fathers."
During the last week the ice
king has laid his mailed hand upon
all the country east of the Cascade
mountains and eastward to the
sea. Blizzards have swept down
from the north carrying on their
frozen breath desolation to the poor
and death to all living things not
properly housed and warmed, Mil
lions or snowflakes have drifted
down from the storm clouds and
covered the land and the lakes and
the rivers in a mantle of white
while the wintry wind in, its
mad spirit has piled the flakes into
minature mountains,bIocked railroad
travel, impeded business, chained
thewheels of commerce and put all
that great stretch of country under
bondage to winter and his frozen
satelites. While all this has been
going on in the Eastern country,
the Willamette valley has been
blessed with a week of sunshine
and spring weather. Flowers are
in bloom in the yards, vegetables
are growing the gardens and the
grass is green in the fields, and the
old timers talk of the budding of
trees, the blooming of flowers and
the early opening of Spring. The
Willamette valley is a glorious
country with glorious possibilities
in the future.
A subscriber, without giving his
name, sends an item from a paper,
name not given, and suggests that
it would form a text, It is not only
a text, but a whole sermon. The
argument which it presents would
seem plain enough, and yet, strange
to say, there are many honest and
intelligent republicans who seem
perfectly ignorant of the manner in
which the syndicates administer
the finances of the government for
their own interest and profit. The
Item is as follows:
The hanks run short of money recently and the
banker who heads the United States treasury
rushes to their asBiatanoe with the people's money
and loans to them without interest, mi llioni.
When the people' to whom this belongs need
money, do they get it from their dear, sweet gov
ernment? ;Not on yonr penny. They Joan oto
the banks and borrow their own m-ney and pay
well for It. But the bankers understand the art
of voting for their Interest, while the masses have
no such understanding. When the rich need
help they get it; when the poor need help they
get it In the neck. What an odd arrangement.
And the people 'go bluuderlng along and never
see a thinR. The Commoner.
We've spent our onsh and our dance Is done,
And the bUze of our glory fades fast to gray ,
We've tried for fame and we have not won,
And now there's the agent and all to payl
We've made mistakes, the wise folks say,
And blundered a'ong like a drunken crews
Our nmui is a name of the yesterday
But another small ad. might have pulled us throl
We've spoiled good paper and ton on ton
Of sample packages we've thrown away;
The world must nave thought we wore here for
And now there's the printer and all to pay!
We'll foot things up III ths gjnd old way,
(Just as the other ones had to du?)
1,,'s rough 011 us, for we're down to stay
And another small ad. might've pulled us thro'
Our friends are dropping us one by one,
The specials, the iUent oh, where are they?
They took our money when wj begun
And now there's the devil and all to payl
l'oor foolsl aud we dretmed of a golden day
When wealth would come to us sou on sou,
Alas, our riches went all tutinyl
Yet another siumII ad. luight'vo pulled us thro'!
Boys, remember: "ouch dog his day!'1
And now there's the devil aud all to payl
But mry It never be said by you,
"Auothor small ad. might've pulled us thro'!"
Charles Sumnor Pike.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for
Clackamas County.
W, A. l'arker.'l'lalnlitr, vs. Hattie Belle ParkerJ
lollsttle Belle Parker, the above flamed de
fendant; In the name ol the state of Oregon you are
hereby required to appear and answer the coin
plaint here iu on or before t!ie 2d dv of March,
118, which will b after the expiration ol six
wii ks from the date of ,the first publication of
this summons and if you fall so to appear and
answer said complaint on or before said date, the
plaiutilT will apply to the euuit (or the relief de
manded iu said complaint to-wit: for a decree
dissolving the boudsof mtUrlmouy now eiisting
between you ami the plaintiff herein iul for such
other further relief aa to the ouurt shall seeui just
and equitable.
This summons if published by order of the
Hon. Thomas A. Mcliri-ie, judge of the above en
titled court duly madeou the i'th day of Janu
ary, P.KW
The date of the. tlrat publication' of this sum
mons is the loth da- of Janurv, I'.stt,
Attorney tor l'luiiuitf
Professor Edwin Ray Lankester was
Bitting In his office In the Natural His
tory museum, London, when be was
visited by an elderly woman, evident
ly from the country, who carried a
parcel which she handled with the
most exaggerated care. She was In a
state of great excitement and ex
"I've got two of 'em." -
"Two tf what?" inquired the pro
fessor. "Two 'awks' eggs," replied the wom
an. "I'm told they're worth a thou
sand pounds apiece."
The professor, much interested, looked
at the eggs. "These are not auks' eggs,"
he e 1.
"T.y are 'awks' eggs," said his vis
itor. "My son Joe found 'em."
" A light dawned on the naturalist.
"The kind of egg s which are so valu
able," he remarked gently, ,Jare the
eggs of an extinct bird called the auk
a-u-k." 1
' "Oh, hauk!" said the woman. "I'll
pay out that 'Enry 'Obhouse as told
me it was 'awks eggs as was wanted."
And she went away."
A Clever Pickpocket.
In Paris two police officers recently
got upon the track of a pickpocket
They surprised him in the act at the
omnibus bureau and followed him in
hot pursuit He was a thin, poorly
clad young fellow. In the Rue Roche
chonaut, however, he suddenly disap
peared. Judging that he had slipped
into one of the houses they set them
selves to watch for his reappearance.
The thief In the meantime had entered
a bathing establishment, and after a
refreshing bath entered the box of an
other bather and calmly clothed him
self In the smart suit he found there,
then passed proudly and peacefully
out before the very eyes of his pur
suers. The climax of humor came
when the other bather, arrayed In the
rags of the pickpocket, was grabbed by
the officers of the law at the door and
dragged off to the station house. With
some difficulty the situation was ex
plained; but the pickpocket Is still
laughing. f
The opera house was crowded last Sat
urday niyrht with Oregon City people to
witness the rendition of Peck's Bad
Boy. The show was a very good one,
considering. The character of Henry
Peck, which was presented by one of
the ladies, was especially well rendered,
while that of Mr. Shultz, the grocery
man, was all right. The house was kept
in a constant roar of merriment during
the entire performance, and the players
were repeatedly encored. Sadie Hartt,
in character songs and (lances, was per
haps the most entertaining part of the
Have You Looked Into the
at Eiler's Piano House?
They are so low now as to be simply startling and mean a good thing'for
you at small cost.
It is a quick cash raising proposition with this house, and we are letting
superb instruments go at prices that have heretofore seemed impossible. K!am'
Chickerings, Webers and Kimballs, our leaders and the pianos that lead
the world over; the Pacific Queen, Kimball, Burdett. Needham, Peerless and
Crown organs, all can be secured now for snail cash outlay.
Write or 'phone for particulars.
Eiler's Piano House,
351 Washington St., Portland, Or.
Zbt Popular Pacific Coast Piano douse.
Pianos the best and guaranteed.
We send pianos everywhere, subject to examination.
Money back if not absolutely satisfied.
Large flourishing houses at San Francisco, Spokane and Sacramento.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine i Tablets, a
Seven Million boxes sold in post 1 3 months. ThlS Signature,
Declare Pe-ru-na to Be the Greatest Ca
tarrh Remedy of The Age.
Sayx "i can recommend
Peruna as one of the very
fca DC feui - '
H I recommend Ptruaato all
Senator John M. Thur
Ston f Omaha, Neb., writes:
"Peruna entirely relieved me of a
veryjrritatlng cough. lama firm
believer in its efficacy for any
such trouble."
unmxmmm, 91
ar i 1 -- ma
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Hon, William Young-
blood, Auditor of the Interior,
writes from Washington, D. C, to
Dr. Hartman, Columbus, 0., as
follows : "I've often heard of your
great medicine and have persuad
ed my wife, who has been much
of a sufferer from catarrh, to try
Peruna, and after using one bottle
she has wonderfully improved. It
has proved all you have claimed.
Hon. RufusD. Merchant
Superintendent and Dis
bursing Officer, U. 5. Post
office, Washington, D. C, says:
"I take pleasure in commending
your tonic, having taken a bottle
of Peruna with very beneficial re
suits. It is recommended to me
as a very
excellent catarrh
Congressman David F.
Wilber, of Oneonta, N. Y
writes: I am fully convinced
that Peruna is all you claim for it
after the use of a few bottles." 'o
Congressman Irvine
Dungan, of Jackson, O., writes:
"J desire to Join with my many
friends in recommending your
Invaluable remedy Peruna to any
one In need of an invigorating
spring tonic, or whose system is
run down by catarrhal troubles."
We have letters from thirty
eight members of Congress attest
ing to the virtues of Peruna.
Thousands of people In the com
mon walks of life' use It as a
family medicine.
4 For book of testimonials address
The Peruna Medicine Co., Colum
bus, O.
on every
box. 25c.