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Tho Iliad You Have Always
in u-io for over 30 years,
o and has
- 47; , sonal
, S, Allow
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Lixpcj intents that trifle with and endanger the health of
infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
pniiHtstiice. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
ond allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The KM You Me Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
" I I J II l l i ii i i m rwrifinrinffTTTm iiii n in. ijwiippwi muiii iiiiiwwjnujw
Sprint water. J
Mra. W. J Lwel'tm relumed from i
Veiser, Idaho, whr she went with her I
Unhter for the latter's health. The
..st reports were that shy was pnpiov-:
Tile chinch people have chunked their
ia':e of meetiinr to the Grange hall. (
SatntB Marehbunk is goinu to move
i to Mra. Emily Lewellen's new house,
ilia. Lewelleu will move to Portland . 1
Willis Yonce is going to move to Mu
iino. I
Rev ll.itch has hid ham and wond
hed ahout finished . The Home Mis
ioii .Hoard litis ordered Mr. Hatch to
"'each at itollud once in two weeks on
icvount of the rainy season se'ting in.
The yomi people of the Grange are
wing to give a free entertainment at the
irangd hall on Friday evening the -Int.
Oveiyoody is invited and oiing full
inch baskets.
Mr. Moor is still in Portland under
he doctor's care for his eyes. Ha is im
proving from the last reports, and it is
oped that he will soon leturu home.
Lena lUuey has returned home after
m absence of six months.
This ;tall baa beeu bo dry that the
irmerB in this locality have not done
nuch fall seeding.
Mr. Irvin has bteu building conaider
uile board feuce thia fall. Let all others
lu likewise and we will soon see a grand
Henry l'ahnateer bought a chopper
ud has done a good business chopping
.rain for the farmers this fall.
Miller Bros, are doing a good humness
villi their sawmill. They can't make
linber fast enough to tilt thetrders.
There was considerable deer in this lo
ality, but Tracva have run them so
nuch with hounds that they have run
uetu ill outer they have' left where
oey couldn't hear the hounds nielodi
us voices. There ought to be a deputy
. line warden appointed who lives in this
cality for the protection of the deer.
There are four school districts in (jar
ield precinct. Two of the schools are
tow in eesnion Districts No. 12 and
8. Annie Hicinbotbem is tench iny the
rmer and Misa Kdna Howerman, of
-unnyside.the latter. Miss Ilicinbotheiu
an old and well tried teacher, while
diss Bowerman is a young and proinis
ngone of excellent quali'y and well
iked where she is teaching.
Fitting Spectacles and Eije Glasses
By Up-to-D;ite Methods.
fixaminaon Free, by an Hxper Optician
The Iowa Jeweler, 293 Morrison, near 5th
Bat the Best Stock of First-Class
Goods to be Found at Bottom
Trices in Oregon City is at
Bought, and which has been.
has borne the sffrnatnre of
been made under his per-
supervision since its infancy.
no one to deceive von in this.
Signature of
Si nee Inst saw anything in the Cour
ier froMi tire imit of the countv, therd
was burn mi The wife of Jr.hn Honi'b'in.i
daiit'lrer Motlier and ch'ld an doin
Heie comes Colton with a Kindly wel
come 'o our Lew editor, and btst wishes
for siic hbm. Uur late editor has given
us an exctllent paper that has ever re
ceived a warm welcome in our homes,
and we Hie already convi M-ed that uur in
terest wiil not cease under oi.r new man
ager Mr. Wilson made a Immiei-B dip to
Portland lasl wpp.k. i .
Mr. Webb, nf Washington, was in
Colton the la ler part of the week, look
ing after his InihiiieBS here, lie expects
to move to Uiis nlace with his family in
the near fuiure.
Press Bon nev had the miff .ri une to
lose Ids driving mare lint week.
Farmers think thev luvt! rain enough
for the olow to 6iur nicely, but they don'',
know h'uv to net, i stnimed. Farmer,
an a rule, aie always wearing themselves
bald headed lie.caiixe the Weather isn't
jii"t rikdit ; but i-tdi it seldom fails in
Oregon 'o (urn nut all rinht ill the end.
II. t'. Parmer Iih i ciew of men log
ging i-rilu) llarnrease-. mill.
Golt.ni(,es heem to to feel sure
'.hat OhriMuiHH is Coining, and are de
termined not to be slow in making pre
parations for good time, as they are
lining a great deal of talking ahout a
OhriciHias tr"e and hii up-to- late enter
iiieia. mm
iieieua, jiOih,, im
r C. A. Perrin, ll"lena, Mont.
I wish to thank y n for my re
lief I ivas Miff-Ti'g Hgonies frmi
piles ami wts taking morphine ti
relieve me. when, on t tie advice o
a friend, oroenrred a bottle o
yoni Perrin Pile Specific and lool
a table, poohful at night and an
other in the morning. At half pat
twelve, noi n, my wife gave in
another tublesi oonful, w hen in
pain all stopped. In two days I
was able in attend ny regular
hul es enlinl reliewd. It -jvhh simplj
WiiiJerful. Ji'uum Mktuckfeii,
Kiipncr. llrli'iiA.
Sunday Is England.
Few people are aware bow strict
Sabbath is still legally ordained Id
England. The Lord's day observance
act forbids not only Sunday trading,
but also every possible occupation
walking, riding, rowing or any game
and strictly enjoins upon all subjects
over nine years of age attendance at
church. At the opening of every as
size the royal proclamation for the
preservation of morality is read. Feo
ple who are then present for the first
time are astonished to hear that the
monarch forbids and calls upon the
magistrates to punish absence from di
vine service on Sundays, any playing
of cards or other games of chance or
haunting of.public houses oil the same
day. Everybody found in an inn dur
ing service hours is liable to a line of
SO cents, the landlord to a penalty of
$2.40, and for a successful prosecution
church wardens are entitled to a re
ward of $10. As recently as 1804 Isaac
Walton, a manservant., was fined $J.80
for refusing to attend church on Sun
day when ordered there by Ids mis
tress. About the same time a mother
was prosecuted b.v her son and actual
ly imprisoned for not attending church.
Don't Di It "JuHt For Now."
Many young people form habits
which cripple and handicap them for
life by doing things "just for now."
They let things drop wherever they
happen to be "just for now," thinking
.that they will put the book, the tool,
the letter or the article of clothing lat
er where It belongs. When these young
people grow up to hauhood and wom
anhood, they find that the habit of
putting things down anywhere "just
for now" has become a tyrant that fills
their lives with confusion and disor
der. It takes no more time or effort
to put a thing where it belongs in the
fi''st place than it does later, perhaps
less, and the chances are that If you
do not do so at the proper time you
never will. Even if it costs you a lit-1
tie inconvenience at the moment to
put everything in its proper place, to
do everything at the proper time, the
orderly and methodical habits which
you cultivate in this way will Increase
your power and usefulness a hundred
fold and may save you much trouble
and mortification in the future. Suc
cess. Tried Hard.
At a trial at Auburn, l'a., one of the !
witnesses was a green countryman
unused to the ways of the law, but j
quick, as it proved, to understand its
principles. After a severe cross exam- j
ination, says an exchange, the counsel j
for the government paused, and then,
putting on a look of severity, ex-'
"Mr. WilUins, has not an effort been V
made to induce you to tell a different
"A different story from what I told,
sir?" (
"That is what I mean."
"Yes, sir; several persons have tried
to get me to tell a different story
from what 1 have told, but they
"Now, sir, upon your oath, I wish
to know who those persons are?"
"Well, I guess you've tried 'bout as
hard as any of them."
DlMitlaiMl Some Strength.
"Well, Willie."
"You wouldn't pick ms out for n
strong wouiiin, would you?"
"Hardly. Your sister is u quiet,
gentle uirl."
"Well, that's al' you l;::ov about it.
She just puis it on. Why, 1 heard
that bij; man tin;'." been calling here
tell his cluiin I;; t ni.-l.t ihiil s he throw
him over. I d.m't !.:... jvliai it was,
but if she threw u'.i.. (KIT u'.iyiUilti!
she's u LlrO." Chicago I (st.
Prevention of i!ie t ::. -.;t of Birds.
To prevent birds from Hying with
out the barbarous and injurious sys
tem sometimes practiced of cutting
their wings It will be found sullicieut
to tie together with a thread three or ,
four of the largest feathers of one '
wing. Thls destroys the balance, the ,
wings do not act symmetrically in the
till, and flight Is rendered impossible.
Fowls, pigeons, etc., may be kept with
in bounds In this simple fashion.
Merely MlHplaeed.
"Captain," said the cabin boy, "is a t
thing lost when you know wliere It
"No, you fool," answered the cap
tain, who, being a wise man, abhorred
frivolous questions.
"Well, sirr your silver teapot is nt
the bottom of the sea."
Exit cabin boy. New York Times.
It Wouldn't Work.
"I found," stiid the man who fre
quents the races, "that I seemed to
win every second day, so I made up
my mind to take a fresh start and bet
only every second day."
"And how did you come out?"
"Well, I think 1 must have started
the scheme the wrong day." Chicago
The Kind of .Indue He tinted.
The story Is told of nn irishwoman
who tried to console her husband with
the remark that he would have a fair
trial and nn upright Judge. "Yerra,
woman," replied her spouse, "what'd I
want wid an upright judge?. What I
wants Is a judge that'll lean a little."
Opportunity lias nil her hair on he.r
forehead, hut when she has passed yot)
cannot call her buck. She has not tuft
wbeieby you can lay hold on her, for
she is bald on the back part cf her
head and never returns. Rabelais.
The average- Htr.otirt of water that
Should be t.i:;.'ii daily is from two to
four pints, er from four to eight glasses.
More wcter sV.ould be drunk In hot
weather than In cold.
And It Drove II I m From the ViKriu
ite Back to New England.
After a week of little journeys, strik
ing here and there a few miles to ab
sorb the Yosemite valley from a dozen
coignes of vantage, we were whipping
the Illilouette one afternoon for moun
tain trout, says the World's Work.
"Tomorrow," said a voice. "I shall
take a shower bath under the seven
teen hundred foot fall."
"You," said another voice, "are a
"Net at all," came back argumenta
tlvei.v. "The river's very low. What
there is of it turns to spray in the
first hundred feet; it will simply come
down like rain. Why, you'd go under
the Bridal Veil yourself. Only that's
prosaic. This Is something big. Come
"Not I."
But I was there to see. The water,
as he had said, came down, a consid
erable part of it, in rain and spray
that flew out on the wind incredible
distances. But to crawl down, dressed
in a bathing suit, closer to the main
stream that falls to the pool and upon
the rocks with a murderous swish" in
the air and a roar like a railway train
when it strikes was daring to fool
hardiness. At any moment a veering
wind might swing the whole mass upon
the tall, slim figure backing tentative
ly on all fours down the jagged talus
tyope, his eyeglass pebbles glinting
cheerfully. A steady breeze kept the
fall swung out a little the other way.
and the spray burgeoned out far up
the other slope. The roar was deafen
ing. All at once the wind shifted, the
water swung back, and 'in a flash the
human figure was blotted out In a del
uge that turned me sick. For a sec
ondthat seemed an hour it played
on the spot fiendishly, it seemed to
me, standing horrified there, and then
slowly it swept away.
And then there was a movement, a
painful, crawling movement, down there
on the slopy. and I scrambled down the
slippery rocks to help a blinking, creep
ing, much surprised youth, bleeding
from a hundred cuts, up to where his
clothes lay. He was still too dazed to
speak. When his breath returned and
his extra glasses were perched again
on his nose, he said:
"The oceans fell upon me! For God's
sake, come back to New England!"
And we went.
Ostriches live to the nge of about
sixty years.
The uiaiidarin duck is one of the
most beautiful of aquatic birds.
So voracious is the cod that It will
swallow anything It sees in motion.
An eel has two separate hearts. One
beats GO. the other lliU, times a minute'.
A ladybird can travel 20,000,000,000
times its own length in on hour. In
that time a sloth can only travel fifty
times its own length.
Thera Is no country In the world in
which the raven is not found to be na
tive; it is also the only bird known to
ornithologists which is of such cosmo
politan character.
Only one existing reptile can sustain
itself in the air. This is the flying
dragon of the East Indies. It has no
real wings, but can glide from tree to
tree like a flying squirrel.
The common house fly usually pro
duces the note V in flying. To do so
it must vibrate its wings 333 times a
second. The honey bee sounds A,
which means that its wing vibrations
are 410 to the second.
I'lrnt A mil) hI of Aeroliten.
Ill 17U0 a stone weighing fifty-six
pounds was exhibited in London. It
was said to have fallen from tb sky
lu Yorkshire in the previous December,
but this statement was received with
great incredulity. At that time Sir Jo
seph Hanks was president of the Royal
society, and he noticed a strong re..
Semblance between the Yorkshire stone
and one -sent to him from Siena, in It
aly, which was said to have fallen
from the sky. Two or three years lat
er he received an account of a fall of
stones near Henares, In Illndtitnk A
chemical analysis of the stones from
nil three sources proved them to be
Identical In composition, and increduli
ty as to their meteoric origin began .
to give way. Notes and Queries.
Ik-cent rlcltles of EiiKliith,.
There is a new maid in the family,
o Swedish girl, who has mauy things
besides language to learn, says an ex
change. Her new mistress, who Is a
young wife with a husband many
years her senior. Is trying to instruct
her. One of the lessons was upon
bread, the girl being told that she
should speak of bread which had lost
Its freshness as stale, and not old. The
girl was sure to remember this, for
she was quick to learn, and she did.
So the young wife knew when a few
days later the maid remarked to her
"It is too bad, isn't it, that your
husband is so much more stale Uwu
you tire!" Detroit Tree Tress.
The policeman heard high words and
poked his head in the door.
"What's goin' on here?" he demand
ed. "Nawthin"! Nawthin' at nil," answer
ed one of the belligerent Irishmen in
the middle of the floor. "There's naw
thin' goin' on, but there's a fight com
in' off in liss than a minute If y11 ony
keep movin'." Chicago Tost.
Ho llnd to Die.
"If you refuse me," cried Moody,
"my blood l!l be upon yur I
cannot live without you!"
"Well, self preservation is the first
law of nature," replied Miss Oootej.
"I simply couldn't live with you."
rhlla-derphlu rrenw.
Asleep Amid Flames
Breaking into a blazing home, some
firemai lately dragged the sleeping in
mates from death. Fancied security,
and death near. It's that way when
you neglect coughs and colds. Don't do
it. Dr. King's New Discovery for con
8nDy?tlon Bives Perfec' protection against
all Thaoat, Chest and Lung Troubles.
Keep it near, and avoid suffering, death,
and doctor's bills. A teaspoonful stops
a late cough, persistent use the most
stubborn. Harmless and nice tasting,
it s guaranteed to satisfy by Geo A
Harding, Druggist. Pike 50c and' tl.
Trial bottles free.
hen you wake up with a bad taBte in
your mouth, go at once to G. A. Hard
lnn s drug store and get a free sample of
Uiamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. One or two doses will make
you well. They also cure biliousness,
sick headache and constipation.
Itooms for Jient. t
Furnished and unfurnished (rooms for
rent. Enquire of Mrs. J. Schramm, cor
ner Sixth and Water streets, Oregon
City, Or.
Daily Round Trips, except Sunday
Leave Portland - A jj
Leave Astoria .7 p M
Daily Trips Except Sunday
Leave Portland, Mon., Wfd. and Kri 7AM
Leave The Dalles, Tues , ThUrs. and Sat. .7 A.' Id'
Leav Portland, Tues, Thura. and Sat. ... .7 A. M
Leave Dalles, Mon., Wed. and Fri. 7 A. M
Landing, Foot Alder Street
A. J. Taylor Astoria, Ore.
J. W. Crichion The Dalles, Ore.
A. K. Fuller ... .Hood River Ore.
WolloFd & Wyeis. White Salmon, Wash.
Hemy Olmstead . . Carson, Wash.
John T Totten Stevenson, Wash
J O. Wvatt . . Vancouver. Wash.
To be Given to Courier Subscribers
Absolutely FREE TO ALL
The Courier will distribute among its subscribers $150.00 in
gold on the afternoon of New Year day next. We have secured a
mammoth pumpkin which is on exhibition in the window of the
Courier office. Its weighs exactly 100 pounds. Every subscriber lo
the Oregon City Courier who pays one years subscription will be en
titled to make one estimate upon the number of seed in this splendid
specimen of the genus pumpkin. An additional guess may be made for
each additional s ubscription paid. Subscribers who have paid their
subscriptions and made one estimate may take additional estimates at
fifty cents each. T0thesub5cribersmakingthe-clnse.it estimates as,,
to the number of seeds in the pumpkin the following prizes will be
awardad : .
For the First Best Guess $50.00 in gold
j For the Second Best Guess
j For the Third Best Guess
! For the Fourth Best Guess
j For the Fifth Best Guess
For the Sixth Best Guess 5 00 in gold
For the Seventh Best Guess 5.00 in gold
For the Eighth Best Guess 5.00 in gold
For the Ninth Best Guess V 5.00 in gold
For the Tenth Best Guess 5.00 in gold
For the Eleventh Best Guess 5.00 in gold
For the Twelfth Best Guess 2 50 in gold
For the Thirteenth Best Guess 2.50 in gold
For the Fourteenth Best Guess 2.50 in gold
For the Fifteenth Best Guess 2.50 in gold
In event of two or more persons guessing any wining num
ber that prize will be devided . v
On the after noon of New Year day at two o'clock P. M. the
pumpkin will be cut and the seeds counted by a committee of well
known citizens of Oregon City and the prizes awarded to the success
ful estimators.
We want 2,000 paid up in advance subscribers to the Courier
by the f.rst day of January, 1903. Can't you help us to get them. We
are giving you an elegant opportunity.
Drop into the office, take a look at the pumpkin and leave us an
estimate on the number of seeds that it contains together with your
subscription. If not convenient to come to the office send us a check
or money order for the amount you want to invest in the Courier All
subscriptions in arrears are entitled to participate to the extent of one
estimate for each subscription paid. If you are already a subscriber,
pay up the old score if behind and renew for one year in advance and
make as many estimates as you pay subscriptions, if you are not on
our list get on as soon as you can, and take a lessen in agriculture by
estimating the number of seed in the pumpkin. Send in your esti
mate on the coupon attached hereto or estimating blanks will be furn
ished al this office. All persons who have paid the new management
are entitled to participate.
Name '
Date 1902.
Address allcommunication s to
The Courier Publishing Company,
Oregon City, Oregon
cannot be enjoyed in a basin of limited
capacity nor where the water supply and
temperature iB uncertain by reason of
defective plumbing or beating apparatus.
To have both nut in fhnrnnuh u-nifrinn
order will not prove expensive -if the
wuik. ib tHine Dy ,
Will give you a
Bargainln Wall Paper
Wall Tinting and in
General House Painting
Paint Shop near Depot Hotel
The Beat Frescrlptiol for Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Chill Tonic It is simply iron
and quinine in a tasteless form. No
cu no pay. Price 60c.
New Plumbing
and Tin Shop
Opposite Caufie d Bleu k ( 1 J Gf " CITY
25.00 in gold
; 15.00 in gold
10.00 in gold
10.00 in gold