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My Hair
"l had a very severe sickness
that took off all my hair. I pur
chased a bottle of Ayer's Hair
Vigor and it brought all my hair
back again."
W. D. Quinn, Marseilles, ill,
One thing is certain,
Ayer's Hxr Vigor makes
the hair grow. This is
because it is a hair food.
It feeds the hair and the
hair prows, that's all there
is to it. It stops falling
ot the hair, too, and al
ways restores color to
gray hair.
SI.80 bottle. All fraoMi.
It your druggist cannot supply you,
end us one dollar and we will express
you a bottle. Be sure and give the urine
J. C. A YER CO., Lowell, Mass.'
Hay harvest is finished in this locality
md considerable grain has been cut.
The threshing machines that Lelong
liere are busy in other neighborhoods,
except Shaver & Adams', which expectB
10 start in a short time,
Vick & Pcharael have bought an im
proved J I Case separator with sel.'-feed-r
and wind s'acker. They are thresh
ing near tiuooard.
L W Robbinsand party are takings
vocation at the I lot Springs, on trie
headwaters of the Clackamas.
Gbo II Gregory has commenced teasle
cuiiing, out owing to Harvesting tie is
short of hands.
The roads for some time have been
lined with people going to Wilhoit.
Russell Bros are thinking of moving
tneir sawmill tins fall, as the timber at
their present location is getting scarce.
Several Molallans are preparing to go
'oine mountains to gather Huckleber
ries as soon as they are ripe. They will
be rather lata this season.
The Molalla Grange building is being
pusueu ngnt along, w u Adams anu
buii are uie principal carpenters.
0 8 Bovles and fiimilv. als) Ilenrv
Dougherty and wife, of Russellville,
have gone to the Hot Springs to be gone
about two weeks.
People hunting hoppickers are around
here nearly every day. Tickers seem to
bs scarce this season J in some places
they are offered 50 cents, but 40 cents
l. . :i: : 1
w-ouio iu uo tue prevailing price uure.
Mr Klzer, who lives near Buiteville,
fllRRPH Ihrnmiti lioro a o)tit tilvia aim on.
route to Ins mines on the headwaters of
the Molalla. He was taking in a water
wneei ann an aiasier on pack Horses.
Those who U'pnt. hnntinor in thfl mnnn.
tains from this section have had good
luck in getting deer, with a few excep
tions. W A Shaver and party succeeded
in getting about eight deer, some of
ihein being large ones. Dr Robbins
killed three deer. Some Beem to think
that the doctor had a little salt in his
pocket, w hich seems hardly probable.
X. Y. Z.
Hock Creek.
Mies Lucy Slaughter bought a new
gold watch and chain lijst week.
Q W Wyland visited his brother-in-law,
near Scotts Mills, last week.
Willa Dart was seen passing through
here Sunday last,
G T Slaughter is working for F W
McLaren this week.
B Guinn left for Portland this week.
He expectB to work there the remainder
of the summer.
C (i Vorhies is workinir for Mr Fox
on Rock Creek.
Mr Wade was a visitor here on Sun
day. MrGroshong and family spent Sun
dav at Wilhoit.
II Wilson made a business trip to
itlarquam f ruiay last.
Mrs Wyland made a trip to Scotta
Mills one day lust week.
We are glad to lenrn that we have a
new correspondent for the Courier-Iler-ald.
Mtr Haun and family spent the d.iy
with Mm Emma Vorhies Friday last.
Linn Shank, of Canby, is visiting
friends near Wilhoit this week.
Mr Haun made a business tiip to
Scotts Mills Saturd li
Mr Wyland, of Ruci, Creek, made a
trip to Molalla last went.
John Ferguson and wife passed
through here Friday inst.
Haity Jack .
Card of Thanks.
To the many friends, who so kindly
assisted UHrllirinir lhiA.i....J ,1 . f.
-"". .tioribftUCDDHUUUCniU
of our mother, we desire to extend our
ncoiueii luanKB.
Mas. J. D. Rbnneb,
Mrs. J. W. Jones,
Mrs. T. B. Hankins,
Mrs. Sarah Sears,
D. R. Hughes.
The ClearlCreek Fire.
The fire as it raged on Saturday eve
ning over about 2000 acres at the head
waters of Clear Creek presented a scene
SO terrihlA nnd manniiiii.nt tun. t :
--- - iuftu,uwiiu uinb licniB
K'rchem, who was in the midst of it as
late as 11 o'clock at night, flannotade-
mintalv taanvlk. if 17 I. T Li. ...
-..v.j mvdvuud j,, riuu& uuhcu a cat
tle were among the burning timber, and
it (nn. 1.1 1 . 1 i. .
i inoy wouiu no roasted alive tie
waB hunting thpm at. that hm. ti,
forest of fiery snags and dead trees was
an licrfif a Hat, n ' I. 1 ... .
y . vuoiwj iinuu at Ills
ieet ana up anove the fire raged. He
found the cattln i
surrounded oy the fire. He chased them
out of that, and they galloped down on
an old road over the burning rubbish.
Mr. Busch's new barn would have gone
up in smoke if efforts had not been made
bV Mr. TCirP.hpTYl onrl nthara .r. lrAn
- - h..u viuuira ftccu
back the fire. Billy Nieman lost his
cabin and barn. Myers' sawmill on
Clear Creek
ceasina exertions nf fiv mun r,,i. th
greater part of Saturday night. On the
roof and under tlm mill tha fi rn i rim
. " - v wau
OUt 111 flnnt.R. nnrl Hi a manliinam
' J v uuuuuui T TY D
Flour Best 3.053.60.
Wheat Walla Walla 6061c ; valley
65c ; bluestem 65 and 66c
Oats White, 1.05; gray, 95cl.
Barley Feed $22; brewing $23 per ct.
Millstuffs Bran $16; middlings $21;
shorts $18 ; chop $16.
Hay Timothy $1215; clover, $7.50
Butter Fancy creamery 20 and 21c ;
store, 17.and 17.
Eggs 19 and 20 cents per doz.
Poultry Mixed chickens $3.504.50 ;
hens $45.50; "springs $2.504; geese
$46; ducks $34.50; live turkeys
Mutton Gross, 1 and 3; dressed, 6
cents per pound.
Ho28 Dressed. 7 and 7UC ppnts nnr
pound .
Veal Larue. 1 and'8 epnt.H npr
Beef Gross.top steers,$3.00 and $4.00,
dressed beef, 74 cents per pound.
Chese Full cream 12Jc per pound
Young America 13 and 14c.
Potatoes? .75 .85 per hundred,
new 1 c.
HopB 16 and 18c.
1 jam
When you visit Portland don't fail to
get your meals at the Royal Restaurant,
First and Madison. They serve an ex
cellent meal at a m.idprnra nrico a annA
square meal, 15c.
Thursday, August 14.
By Sunday, the delegates to tte Negro
Young People's Christian and Educa
tional Congress in session at Atlanta,
Ga., will number 15,000.
Europe has an international glass
T. B. Walker bought 65,000 acres of
timber land in Plumas cbunty, Oalif.
The price is said to be $18 per acre.
The railroad between Coos Bay and
Salt Lake will bo built; to cost $15,600,
000 ; will traverse the Klamath country.
The warshin Cincinnati baa trnna in
Barcelona, Venezuela, to protect Ameri
ica interests.
Governor McBride, of Washington,
persists in nis enorts to tight the rail
road merger in the courts.
C. F. Keller, the socialist lecturer,
launches his Bcheme in Portland for a
$10,000,000 labor trust. Why not $10,-
Near Ashland, Or., Richard Payne
was killed by lightcir.g.
Three men and 123 women took the
teachers' examination in Multnomah
The Stai
of Stars
. U . 2S Pom 25.
Give better satisfaction than anytlilner on
the market at anything like the price, be
cause they are made of good material. 10
stand "Oregon ruatls" Iron corners on
hoilles, braces on shafts, heavy second
Ki'Dwih wheels, screwed rims. If you want
to leelsure that yon are getting your mini
17,?. wor.u,j "St for a "Bee Line" or a
'Mitchell" (Uenuey) Buggy. We guar
antee ttiem.
Mitchell, Lewis Stavcr Co.
ieattle, rtpokane, iloiae. Portland. Or
f Star
Has ball bearings in turn table. Turns
jreely to the wind. Ball bearing thrust
In wheel, insuring Ugliest running qnal
lues, and reserving greatest amount of
power for Tuimnini. nui,ru..ittr.,i
k"o 'If' i1ut t0Mll('r with galvanized
u,,., u,uir uuueu, no partcan rust or
get loose and rattle. Weight regulator;
perfect regulation. No spring to change
tension with .tor. h.no ... ?.
ture, and grow weaker wifi age. Repairs
always on hand. These things are
worth money to you. Then why not buy
a oUr. J
Best possible to build
..p-.. . , uo Ul-Llt.1 l.imil K nJHcneil.
because the cream of wood stock is usnd, only afi
lnrhelnd'llinr.,l,l..annc.nnn ,ri
.-h r.ui.Su,; m;nmiini. LiiuwagUII IS Wei-
Ironed, well painted, well proportioned, and run
the lighest of any
It Is nearly 70 years since the first Mltchull wag,
nn nr.. hull, nuA I...... 1 l..:. . .... '
mujr unm ucHii oiini continu
ously erer since by the Mitchells. Win n you buy
a Mitohell you get the benefit of this 70 years' ex.
Send for Special Catalogue Free
First and Taylor Sts., Portland, Ore.
Branches Houses at Seattle, Spokane, Boise, Salem and Medford
Agricultural Implements, Vehicles, Harness and Bicycles
Mention this Paper .
A Fall
We wish to announce to our many customers that when
leaves are gone from the trees and the roses fade away, we
will have something that will gladden the hearts of our
many patrons, and that is the best line of
Shots and Gents' Turnishings, trunks, Uilises,
That Money Can Buy.
By careful buying we have bought from the best reliable
houses in the United States. Our goods are arriving daily.
Come and see the newest creation in Clothing the Hart,
Schaffner & Marx two button double breasted sack suits, and
David Adler & Sons broad shouldered chesterfield overcoats.
We will also have for the fall many new and nobby
That will make your feet glad. Come and be convinced .
We are the only exclusive Clothiers and Gents Furnishers in
tne city .
J. M. Price, The One Price Clothier
6th and main Sts , Oregon City
An iFafonnntkon Pre for
iiv "d y i ' i
-ks sy; Up-2
of Any
Simple Stover
Champion in name
Champion in the field
Gasoline Engine
ls. 3, 4 and 6 H. P., Plain
and Pumpinir. SiujDleRt Kn.
Kinemade. More easily un
derstood than any other.
Catalogue Free.
tit 5
It beats them all. That's a
there is to say.
Same with the CHAMPION
Catalogue Free.
"Between me and my wife we know
it all."
"How's that?"
"She tells me everything that hap
pens, and I tell her a lot of things that
never happen."
A Serionn Impediment.
Teacher Can you mention some preat
man who had an impediment in his
speech? ' .
Little Willy-Please, ma'am, George
Washington did. He couidn't'tell a
The stomach is a larger factor in "life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness"
than most people are aware. Patriotism
can withstand hunger but not dyspepsia.
j.ne connrniea ays
peptic "is fit for
treason, stratagems
and spoils." The
man who goes to the
front for his country
with a weak stomach
will be a weak
soldier, and a fault
A sound stomach
makes for good citi
zenship as well as
or health and happi
ness. Diseases of the
stomach and other
organ s of diges
tion and nutritior
are promptly and
permanently cured
by the use of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery. It
tlliiliQ nn tf Knrlir
with-Sound flesh and
solid muscle.
Pr Panford and daughter have been
visitinir at Molalla thcrmst week.
Will I-acy, who lias been woikipg for
i ii 1. 1 i . . . n . .
.i u i-iuiver, mm quit Rim ill going with
John CoIo'h threshing miieliine Will's
brother will work on the SShavcr farm.
There wits a I'il'IiI in thin niiiiilnrliiutil
few days ago, iiini the hoys had to go
u) me uocior inr repairs.
O P Kby. ot Oregon City, ppent Sun
day with his family tit ISoda Springs.
Jlr and Mrs Poveriilge, of Woodburn,
formerly of Molalla, arecamping at Soda
A horse kicked Hilly Vimgbnn last
week, knocking him Eeimelt . lie was
mt seriously hurt,
John Colo has gone Ihreahirg leaving
Harvey Kverhait to Iiosb the ranch.
Mr Sclmniil threslied his grain laal
Miss Ivy llortinjjton is visiting at
The musical whistle of the thres hing
engine ia heard in Ii . s neighborhood. I
Furnished Every Week by Clacka
mas Abstract & Trust Co.
II Taubert to A List, lots 1, 2,
nut n, uswego ., 130 00
J Crader et al to J Crador, ne of
ne, ami w ' 1 1 ne.aiul so A ne,
nee 7. 4 A. 1 a i nn
.v. ,,,, M
A 0 llayward to I) R MeKinley
CO acreH in Karr elnim a. 9 a innn nn
O I & B Co to J 0 Tiedmaii",
4.1.4.) acres in Beetion Hi, 1 e 1500 00
A K Selimidt to V E.-ler, 0 acres
in hilt 14. Purliina JiYt Oil
. iw jv
L l, bilmoro to J J Schuck, ne
of sec 2, 5,1 e 1050 00
W 1! Wallace to Dial No. 83, 1 a
in rc , 8. 6 e 40 00
C Pope to J A Wells, "1 23 a in
claim 52, 2, 3 e 500 0J
J V HarlusM to .Molalla Grango,
1 a in sec 0, 5, 2 e 40 00
J W Cooke to A 11 Pufer, mv of
bw, se of sw, and lots 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, jee 20, 3, 4 . . lOfO 00
F Sibneider to K Sehnwder, 5 a
in Kagon clnim 2, 2 e (iOO 00
K Klllg to J Miller, w;a' of ee jf
n w of sec 2!, 2 5 e 1 0i)
I-, i' liiley to K Miller, Iota 21,22
23. 24. blk 14. Mintli.irii .m ivi
J II llmnlt to M U lluiHlt. O tiS
a in sec Hi, 5 00
II V Gibson to S 1. Robeits, UX)
ft sounro in P 1". s!er claim, 2,
4 o :?ivi n
W J Zimmeriuan to J Hawkins,
1") acres in see .'10 1 a ai
O&U K ROoloJ lu.choltz, n'a
of nv sec 25.2, (1 ., 2iW CO
II Miley to Jl Yoder, 9 a in
Holmes claim S50 00
Granye Meeting at Clackamas.
Clackamas Grange No. 298, P. of II
held their monthly meeting on Saturday
last. The master insisted Sister How
ard, of Molalla, state secretary, occupy
the chair. Resolutions of respect were
passed upon the death of our worthy
brother and steward, Ross Parker. The
entertainment that was to have been
given by the young people was post
poned outof respect to the dead brother.
A number of visiting members and
friends sat down to th mil.m.ii ',.
uiiiner. two candidates w initioto.i
into the first and second degree. Brother
ileilmevre received tlm ttiir.t o,,,i f.,,..,i.
decrees. For the good
ter Howard, of Molalla, and Brother
Untwood,;of Pamaecns, and a brother
from Central addressed the Grange.the
master and lady assistant responding.
Sister Howard congratulated the ollieer
on their good work in bringing the ciin
didatis 'in and initiated ih,.m !), ia.
tronsof Husbandry will find a heartv
welcome awaiis them when they visit
Clackamas Grange. Considering the
busy season a good numbe' of the mem
bers were tmient.. 'I'lm ,.,,.;
r ltw mvLVIIIK ll.ia
one of the most ploasant held here since
vuanKc Ul'gau. Jl, G.
J.is mgnatura Is on ovrry hot ot tho gonulns
taxativc brori-j-Quliiine Tbu.u
'i remedy that cnrti. a rulil nnA dM
Baart tlis a H'.a Kind Yl-u H.ivs Aiwnvs Bil'"j
Teachers' Examination.
Notice is hereby given that the county
superintendent of Clackamas county will
hold the regular examination of appli.
cants for state and county papers at
Oregon City as follows:
Commencing Wednesday, August 13,
at y0 clock a. m. and continuing until
faaturdfly. August 10, at 4 o'clock
Vednesday - Penmanship, history,
spelling algebra, reading, school law.
Inursduy Aritten arithmetic, the
ory of teaching, grammar, book-keeping.
Friday-Physiology, geography, men
tal arithmetic, composition, physical
geography. '
SAtnrday-Botany, plain geometry,
general history, Englih literature, psy
chology. ' 1 J
Coniriiencing Wednesday. August 13.
at 9 o clock a. m and contiiming until
Iridiiy, August 15, at 4 o'clock.
ICATES. 1 I'dnesday Penmanship, history, or
tbo raphy. reading.
Thursday Written arithmetic, the
ory of teaclmig, grammar, school law.
FridayGeography, mental arithme
tic, physiology, civil government.
rmMAEY rrurivTi-iTL-j
Wednesday Penmanship,' 'orthogra
phv, reading, arithmetic.
Thursday Art of questioning, theory
of teaching, methods, physiology.
J0. Zl.NSEIt.
Superintendents Schools.
Oregon City, July 28, 1902.
Extrna In the Bill.
Clerk of the Burning Hotel (present
ing bill to escaping guests) All guests
of this hotel will please step Into our
new office across the street and pay
cr this extra tire and water service.
Cuie:ic News.
Curlo'i tVnys of loil Maids.
In this nge of ndvuuced views on
niatriinoniiil entanglements and obliga
tions it is refreshing to read of the cu
rious marriage customs of the gentle
savages of the Hopi tribe in Arizona.
Here the Hop! maid does the wooing,
fur the women of the llopi brand nre
held In much higher respect than are
the coppery sisters cf kindred tribes.
And when the Hop! maid has seleole
the youth of her choice she goes to his
house us a suiiur for his hand anA testi
fies both to her devotion and her Indus
try by grinding corn beneath his roof
uiiLil lie Is siil.k-iently impressed with
her qualities to yield and name the
When the IIopI maid leads the man
of her choice lo the tribal altar, she
does so in the midst of elaborate cere
monials of long duration, and when
nil is over she takes him to her home.
Nor does she yield this ownership
when she weds. On the contrary, the
house, the fields and ail the property
save the h'rds belong to the wife.
This, ns will lie seen, greatly facilitates
the Hop! method of obtaining a di
vorce, for when the wife tires of her
husband she simply takes his saddle
from her floor and tosses it out through
her door, and the divorce is completed.
Cleveland Ph. In Dealer.
ft A A T J .1
, miti a I tvcivcu lllc
advice which vou pave me in regard to my
treiitment," writes Geo. Dorner, Ep, of 191c
Pulaski Street, Baltimore, Maryland, "I used
your 'Golden Medical Discovery' according to
directions. After using four bottles I considered
myself cured, as I have not felt any symptoms
since. Had tried almost all remedies that I
heard of that were good for dyspepsia, but with
out relief. Kiunllv, I became discouraged, and
wrote to you for advice, with the above result."
The dealer who offers a substitute for
the " Discovery is only seeking to make
the little more profit realized on the sale
of less meritorious preparations.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps
to pay expense of mailing only. Send
21 one-cent stamps for the paper covered
book, or 31 stamps for the cloth bound.
Address Dr. K. V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Chas. H. Utter, a prominent phy
sician of Panama ftulmnhia .. -
cent letter states: "Last March I had as
a panent 11 young lady sixteen years of
aie. who had a turv hml atf.,,,1, i ,!..
entery. Everything I prescribed for
uci yruveu lneueeiuai and she was
growing worsfi ovprv linn fr.
ents were sure she would die. She had
become so weak that she could not turn
over in bed. What tn An at thi
moment was a study for me, but I
thought of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy and as a last re
sort prescribed it. Th moet wonderful
result was effected. Within eight hours
she was much better; inside of three
days she was upon her feet and at
the end of one week wag entirely cured "
For sale by G. A. Harding.
Bean th 7 The Kind You Have Always Boigfit
Prices to suit you all Millinery at Red
So riifiiH'p For Him.
"Now that we are engaged," said the
fair young tiling. "I will tell you that I
do not fear uiiie."
"That is nice," said the prospective
"And." continued the fiancee, "I can
drijc n.v'is without hitting my thumb,
and 1 know how to use a paper cutter
without rtlniug a book, and I can add
a row of figures without making a sep
arate siu:i for each consecutive figure,
and I can build a fire, and I can tell
when a picture is hung straight on the
Here the man drew himself up with
much dignity and sorrow and cried:
"Then I cannot marry you. alasi"
"Why?" gasped the girl
"What prospect is there for my ever
being able to demonstrate the superior
ity of man over woman if I marry a
woman who possesses such traits of
character as you ?'-CalUmore "American.
Blue Ribbon
State Fair
Sept. 13th to 20th; 1902.
You are invited to attend and
see the greatest industrial expo
sition and livestock show ever
held on the Pacific Coast. Good
racing every afternoon. Camp
ground free. Come and bring
your families. For any infor
mation, write
M. D. WISDOM, Sec'y,
Portland, Ore.