Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, June 13, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Courier-Herald
Rutored in Oregon ' itjr Portoffloe as 2u J-olass matter
tald in advance, per year 1 60
St x months 75
Three months'trlal 25
")8r"The date opposite your address on the
raper denotes the rime to which you have paid.
I this uoticets marked your subscription is due.
A Gkh.man professor proves to his own
eatiefiiction, theologically, cosmologi-
cally, teleolc gically, morally, ethnolo
Kically and ontologically that the belief
in the immortality of man's soul is an
athauidt illusion.
In China they dron most of the
teuiale babies. In South Carolina they
Bet them to worn in the cotton millp.
Toss another dollar on the plate and
help swell the missionary fund for
China. The Coming Nation.
'Tire lower h line of congress c insls s
of 386 members, yet three men, by
means of tht. committee rule, octroi its
actions. By' nnans such as these re
publican corruptionists are in absolu e
power at the national capitol.
The navy department is in sore straits
because there are no officers in sight or
native American seamen, eithei , for the
new vessels of war which ere long will
be ready for the sei It takes several
years to train a naval officer.
It is said by a Washing'on correspond
ent that there are 11,000 bills awaiting
consideration in the house of representa
tives at present. Between 25,000 and
50,000 bills have been introduced bo tar
his session, and duririg one duy re
cently the journal clerk reports that
3000 bills were sent to the desk.
Hughes LeRoux, the French tuthor,
Sectnrer and traveler, says there are stir
ring times ahead iu his country. He
declares that the capitalists have become
more aristocratic than kings. "Today
the laborer," he says, "the man who
works, is coming into his own. He will
rule in France, and that will be the sal
vation of society."
The direct annual c"9t of the crimi
nals it) the United States is $200,OQO,000,
and the indirect cost $100,000,000 more,
The increase of criminals keeps pace
with the increasing haterotfeaaity of
civilization. Facts prove that the prog
a eny of criminals is criminals. These black
sheep, as well as those coiorleBS lambkins,
the do-nothing rich, are supported by the
workers. Why keep drones in the hu
Juan hive?
Rev. Dr. Gmsao, the $10,000 preacher
at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian
church in Brooklyn, N. Y., has shocked
the ungodly by requesting that his sal
ary be cut down to $8000, and the other
2000 given to the poor. For do not the
ungodly claim that preachers, as a rule,
are insincere and are "called" to the fat
salaries? Saint John D. Rockefeller, Jr.,
could follow good Dr. Gregg's example
with very great advantage to the poor.
in this country. From the tax books
he estimates the total wealth of our popu
lation at 8100,000,000,000 and he puts the
total number of families at 15,500,000.
One per cent of this number, 01 15,500,
he states.owns $52,000,000,000 of wealth,
their average assets being $335,000. The
class below this in wealth, numbering
1,937,700 families, has an aggregate of
$33,000,000,000 and an average of $17,
000. The remaining 13.746,800 families
own $15,000,000,000 of wealth, of which
6,773,400 possess but $2,500,000,000, 01
an average per family of $370. Practi
cally, therefore, nearly ond-half of our
population is on the verge of pa iperisrn,
an inevitable result of the great accumu
lation of wealth in the hands of few.
Klamath county elected the entire
democratic county ticket with one ex
ception, coroner.
Democrats elect one man in Marion
county sheriff by 65.
Democtats elect one representative,
Kramer, in Douglas county.
If Mr. Furnish had carried his own
county he would have been elected. The
democrats elected sheriff and clerk in
the county, Umatilla.
In Linn county the democrats elected
M. A, Miller state senator by 2 votes.
They also electe 1 sheriff, clerk and re
Governor Geer is trying in a spectacu
lar manner to close his term of office and
is endeavoring to get public sentiment
in favor of an extra session to place all
state officers on fi.it salaries. The peo
ple are alreidy inf ivorof this proposi
tion but the politicians seem to object.
Governor-elect Chambarlain states his
position as follows :
"I am in favor of Rut salaries for state
officers, and have advocated them dur
irg the campaign. I am also in favor of
the special session tor the purpose ot en
acting the salary law before the new of
ficers begin their administrations. A
special session would be necessary in
order to make the law effective, for the
salaries cannot be chunked after a man
has begun his term of office. Yes, I am
in favor of putting the state printer on a
flat salary also and let him get the pub
lic printing done as I get mine done at
the usual union prices."
Politicians seem to want the state
printing office leit untouched, probably
on account of the lare campaign fund
expected therefrom.
In " Malheur Jconnty the democrats
elected a joint representative, sheriff,
clerk and commissioner.
In Tillamook the dotmcrats elect
judge and treasurer.
In Gilliam county the democrats elect
judge, sheriff, treasurer, assessor and
"Enciland has practically exhausted
'the wealth of India. From three cents
a day in 1882, the wages of the peasant
ihave decreased to a cent and a hall in
1000, or $11 per annum The 18 famines
lies from 1876 to 1900 produced 20,000,
O00 deathe, whereas, the five famines
from 1800 to 1825 resulted in not over
1,000,000 deaths. What potential wealth
remains in India is largely owned in
England, or heavily taxed to pay the
liigh salaries if British officials. Eug
flish greed and English commercialism
thuve prostrated the millions of In.lia
like a most malignant pes' Hence.
.Suty-bix thousand eight hundred
women, textile workers of Lancashire,
Yorkshire and Cheshire, England, have
presented a petition to parliament pray
ing for immediate possession of ihefran--chite,
and declaring that the right to
wote "is of vital Importance to women
engnged in the industrial struggle of ex
istence." The trades unionists are sup
porting the appeal. They say that the
demand for women suffrage will be tire
leesly pressed until parliament yields.
The women assure the Westminster
legislators that when permitted to vote
they will exercises triumphant force in
the direction of focial reform and ad
ministrative efficiency.
Tun South African war begun by Ce
cil Rhodes, Joe Chamberlain and Lord
Milner.has been ended by King Edward,
because he Is at the point of being
crowned. England's victory is equal to
an inglorious and ignominious defeat.
'To overcome 70,000 men and boys from
tLe farm and the veldt, she sent out
300,000 men, of whom 24,000 are dead
and 75 000 were wounded and invalided,
nd the cost was $1,250,000,000. To
make the bitter pill even more bitter to
John Bull, he has been obliged to give
the Boers much better terms than they
were willing to accept about a year ago,
and he has engendond a hatred against
aill things British in E'irope and South
Africa which is ominous of evil to the
empire "on which the sun never sets."
Tongue's plurality over Weatherford
for congress was about 7000. Williams'
plurality 'over Butcher in second dis
trict over 8000.
The citizens elect judge in Clatsop
The entire democratic ticket with ex
ception of judge and commissioner was
elected in Grant county.
Wheeler county elected a democratic
commissioner, sheriff and assessor.
Lane county elected a democratic sher
The vote for governor is as follows:
Counties Furnish Chamberlain
Baker 1590 2171
Benton 8!)0 842
Clackamas 2113 1721
Clatsop 1103 1)97
Columbia. 8o3 485
Coos 1000 789
Crook 590 528
Cucrv 130
Douglas 1093 1884
Gilliam 445 . 346
Grant 815 816
Harney 34
Jackson 1523 1626
Josephine 8915 769
Klamath 601 414
Lake 163
Lane 2432 2172
Lincoln 445 227
Linn 1746 2061
Malheur 477 48 j
Marion 2523 2845
Morrow 559 614
Multnomah 7485 8217
Polk 994 1121
Sherman..... 660 295
Tillamook 617 412
Umatilla .. 1911 2177
Union 1060 176,1
Wallowa 531 823
Wasco 1370 H80
Washington 1621 i;48
Wheeler 437 282
Yamhill 98
Totals 39,115 39,411
Plurality jhjo
The vote of Clackamas in 189S was
2161 for Geer and 1772 for King. The
plurality for Geer in 1898 was 10,551.
Two of the many surprises were the
defeat of Clerk Cooper and Gilbeit
Hedges. The election of both was con
ceded by nearly every republican.
I the current number 01 A naiees, Heminway ami Carlson & Currier's
MugTiziiie, John Gilmer Speed publishes embroidery silk at 3 cents per skein at
u article on the distribution of wealth the Racket Store.
Miss Alice Cohn, writes from 474
Eleventh Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., as
follows :
"Having had poor health for a great
many months and now having it re
stored makes me feel very grateful to
Peruna. I suffered a great deal during
my monthly periods, had severe pains,
and was generally depressed, but can
truthfully say that a few bottles of Pe
runa has removed all pain and made a
new. woman of me. MISS ALICE
The coming of what is known as the
"new woman" In our country Is not
greeted by everyone as If she were a
great blessing. But there Is another
new woman whom everybody la glad to
see. Every day some invalid woman is
exclaiming, " I have been made a new
woman by Dr. Hartman's home treat
ment." It Is only necessary to send
name, address, symptoms, duration of'
sickness and treatment already received
to Dr. Hartman, Columbus, O., and direc
tions for one month's treatment will be
promptly forwarded. The medicines
can be obtained at the nearest drug
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Thk wage earners of the United States
number about fifteen million men, wo
men and boys and girls of ten year; of
age and over. Their average earnings
are$400 a year, and on the average each
wage-earner supports two dependents.
That is to say, three persons must live
on $33.33 a month. About a quarter of
the workingman's wages goes for rent
and about half for food and fuel. That
leaves him about $8.30 a month for
clothing, medicine, recreation and a
savings bank account. Prof. Robert E,
Ely, secretary of the League for Politi'
cal Education, in considering these fig
ures taken from the federal census, just
ly says that "the terms of our economic
problem cannot be solved by thrift
alone" that the poor in the mass can
not lift themselves out of poverty by
saving, Bince on the average they dou't
earn enough to enable them to save
An Epitome.
Of policy on life of the iate Edwin R.
Kimble, of Portland, Orenon, bookkeep
er for Studebaker Bros. : Policy, No.
70,282, issued June 2, 1890. Twentv
pavment life. Died Dec. 8, 1901.
Amount of policy $5000.00
Dividend accumulation 618.55
Total paid $5618.55
A return 111 dividends 01 65 per cent
of premiums paid, besides the $5000 in
surance. This company settles with itB
policy holders each year and issues the
most liberal policies.
Moral : Get the nest from the Massa-
rhu-etts Mutual Life Insurance Com-
panv. Hubukt G. Colton, Pacific
Coast Manager, Chamber of Commerce
Building, Portland, Or.
Amum W. Clotiiikr, bpecial Agent.
Bernnard & Armstrong embroidery
silk at the Racket Store.
Hound Trip Excursion Bate
to Clatsop and North Beach Points via
Astoria & Co'umbia River Railroad be
ginning June 1st round trip excursion
on tickets will be placed on sale at A. &
C. R. R. ticket office corner Third &
& Morrif-on Sts. and Union depot, Port
land, to all pointB on Clatsop Beach via
ra'l direct and to all beach points on I.
R. & N. Co 's line (except Ilwaco) via
A. &C. R. R. to Astoria and steamer
and rail from Astoria at populnr round
trip excursion fate of $4 00, and from
Portland to Flavel and return $3, good
for return passage until October 15th.
Similar excursion tickets issued by the
O. R. & N Co., S'ancouver Transporta
tionCo., and Columbia River & Puget
Sound Navigation Co. to points on
Clatsop Beach (except Flavel) and
points on North Beach (except Ilwaco)
will he hooo-ed on trains of the A. & O.
R R. in either direction.
Close connections made at Astoria
with steamer Nahcotta to and from
North Beach points. The above rate
includes transfer of baggage betweeen
depot and deck.
Gala Ddj of Warner Grane.
Warner Grange will spare no efforts to
make the celebration of Children's Day
and Floial Day on Saturday, June 28th,
a fiesta. A special subject for discus
sion will be the "varieties of flowers
that give greatest returns for labor ex
pended, and varieties ibat give longest
blossoming period." The occasion will
be a basket picnic. As the flocks of
children who will atten l will bring "va
rieties" of appetite with them that will
"give greatest returns for labor expend
ed," it seems hardly necessary to im
press on the old folks the imperative,
categorical necessity of bringing hamp
ers filled to bursting with "vittals."
The celebration will be held in the
spiritualist camp meeting grounds. It
will not rain on June 28th. The com
mittee of arrangements is, Mesdainee
Wink, Olds and Fredericks.
SUMERS. All persons intending to use water
through hose for sprinkling lawns, gar
dens, sidewalks and streets, must file .
written application with the secretary of
the city water works, before using the
The u-.e of water for all such puryobes
will be permitted only between the
hours of 6 to 8 a. m. snd 6 to 8 p. m.
$2 for J.he season, for lawn or arden
'sprinkling; where the monthly rate Is
$1 and the use is confined to the prom
ises of tl e consumer.
' $1 tor the Beaeon for street ami side
walk sprinkling, for each 25 feet frontnge
of stores; where the regular store rate is
paid and the sprinkling confined to the
frontage paid for. Sprinkling not to ex
tend beyond the center of the street.
$2 per month for truck gardners.in ad
dition to other use.
$2.50 pea month where water is ued
only during sprinkling season.
Each consumer will be allowed the
use of but one stream of water at a time,
through a nozzle not exceeding inch.
1 For a violation of these rules and regu
lations and an excessive use of water
the service will be .hut off without fur
ther notice.
By order of the
Board op Water Commissioners,
T. L. Charman, Secretary.
Oregon City, Or., May 5, 1902.
A Complete Line
Fine Footwear
For ladies, gentlemen and
children you will find in
our stylish and up-to-date
stock. Our handsome and
durable $3.50 shoe for men
can't be equaled for wear,
quality or style, and our
women's fine $3.00 shoes
are the acme of comfort
and graceful outline. Our
prices will suit.
Krausse Bros.
No use to hunt tigers with
bird-shot. It doesn't hurt the
tiger any and it's awfully risky
for you.
Consumption is a tiger
among diseases. It is stealthy
but once started it rapidly
eats up the flesh and destroy?
the life. No use to go hunting
it with ordinary food and med
icine. That's only bird-shot.
It still advances. Good heavy
charges of Scott's Emulsion
will stop the advance. The
disease feels that.
Scott's Emulsion makes the,
body strong to resist. It
soothes and toughens the lungs
and sustains the strength until
the disease wears itself out.
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & HOWNF, Chemists, TVarlSt, N.Y.
Snodgrass, , Fo og.afer
Gives a Large
With all Cabinet Photos. This offer is
good untd July 1st only. All work is
strictly up-to-date.
New Plumbing
and Tin Shop
a Specialty
Opposite Ctiufleld Block OREGON CITY
ur Special ffer
For the next 30 days we will sacrifice the following items
in order to make room for new goods: A $3.00 Men's Welt
Shoe in Vici Kid and Box Calf, to go at $2. and $2.00;
full stock working shoe at $1.50. A $3.00 Ladies' Vici and
Box Call Shoe, latest style patent tip, to go at $2.00. We
have also 150 pair Ladies' Good Calf Skin Shoes which we
formerly sold at $2.00 and $i ;s, to go at $1.35 . Children's
fine $2.50 and $2.00 shoes to be sold at $1.40. Here we will
quote you you a few closing out specials in our Clothing and
Hat line : 25 suits, all wool cheviots, formerly sold at $15.00
and $i2.co, to go at $9.25 ; 40 suits in nice worsted, former
price $10.00, to go at $6.00. Our $2.00 and $2.50 Crushers
and Fedoras to go at 1.40. We also have the agency for
Hamilton Carhart Union Made Working Clothes and Over
alls. Sole agent for W. L. Douglas Union Made 3.00 and
$3.50 Shoes for men. Don't miss this opportunity but take
advantage of this offer.
One Price Clothier. Next to Bank of Oregon City.
To Our Customers:
On account of the increase in
prie of meats and labor we have
been compelled to raise the price
of meals from 20e to 2Se.
George Bros. Restaurant
1 f1""1"" 'ml'"L"'T-'"J""IPl"""'BP" inillll''Wi'l,"TO""i:BP''''igTi''''iifflii'''iiaiiiiijipii hiibiii.iuti
Closing Out Sale ALL goods
I have dicided to move to Portland and I invite all
the people of Oregon City and Clackamas county to
examine my prices and I have no dcubt you will be
surprised to see every article
This gives you an opportunity to buy good clean
goods cheap. If you delayyou may not get what
you want. What remains ot the stock, which consists
of Ladies', Gents' and Boys' Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Boots and Shoes, I will move to Portland.
iiiliCj;nijiLaj;,:Ufcj rlllMrr'iriiiiTlllihiiiirai-niiuditllamlCTJfiahTi1Jrrte h fcm n-lUl iUhnnillli,,,, ill! ..ft m..-1T,HlJrr1iai, ,rlat 1 1
Hardware, Stoves. Syracuse Chilled and Steel Plows,
Harrows and Cultivators, Planet Jr., Drills and
Hoes, Spray Pumps, Imperial Bicycles.
T 1
Oor. Fourth and Main Sts.
fri"tii8i titfLiiiiiiiiUjiuiiiilllit ll)niiiillLk.liiilllii.iliiitllf.il)) 1
niinniiiiiniiiiMiijiiiniiiiiiiffliannihii a a t .jhij!
of CtifkHH. Ccffijii., Kobes and
I iMrgB in Clackemas Countv.
"We Lave tie enly Fint ClafB
HfsiFf in I he Ccunlv. hiph w
will luiimh for has llian can be I
liru r.rt lie If,
I nibalmii y a Fptcialiy.
Our pi(f aly8 reasonable.
DHiitiucnon uarantetd.
SHANK & BISSELL Undertakers
Phones 411 and 304. Lower 7th St., Btt. Brldjje and Depot.
' " 1 111 in y iTi w"M
X nl I KIAT a m a
Bat the Best Stock of First-Class
Goods to be Found at Bottom
Prices in Oregon Citv ic at
TT ..
using tne PATENT FLOUR
speak of it in a ringing chorus of
praise. The bread consequences that
HXfonoitt f follow its us are fine enouSh
Jim.llFlI S please the most fastidious. We ran.
not permit our reputation to suffer by
putting anything below our high
standard on the market. What the
Patent brand is at its best it is all the
times. Made bv Portland Rl
t j "xmi vu. auu sum uy .in grocer.
Llym Tirvwn TXT f
" v " T T VIX
Proprietors op thb
Seventh Street
Meat Market
C i -- . -
ir .... 1 .. .1
A. O. U. W. Buildirg