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    'Storical Society, City Hali
20th YEAR, NO. 2
S From the Oregon City Courier-Herald.)
bill as follows: The Indian war veteran
bill canting pensions to those engaged
in the early Indian wars of the north
west, passed the senate three times, ana
has been on two occasions favorably r -ported
to the house, is now pending in
the house cnmrnittee of pensions. So
fur, no report has been made to this
congress. While J. am twginuing to lose
hope somewhat, lce.tamly enail not in
the least diminish mv efforts to secure a
favorable report and the ultimate pas
autre of the bill. Every day the passage
of the bill is delay-d, it is condoning a
national crime. The interest of the
president has been enlisted in it, ana it
seems to be having some effect.
Volcanic eruptions continue in the
Leeser Antil es in the near vicinity of
Mount Pelee. Injunction in Portland
strike will be argued today. Building
and trades council meets tonight
The first spring supplies have arrived
in the Thunder mountain district
British naval tests show superiority of
American shell cap Fiench Pres
ident I.oubet visits the Danish king.
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This Trade Mark on the side id
of a wagon box is a guarantee &
of excellence and high grade 5.
quality in the construction of m
this wagon. If yours does 5
net have it on dispose of it
and get one that has as you
cannot afford to run any p
chances on the material uwA $
in a wagon, every time you break down it costs you moi I
though the manufacturers replace the broken part '' '
- vv-
50000000000008 j!
W. T. Furnish as he would appear wearing the gar
ments of Governor Geer.
Friday, May 23.
CO 300000000001
Sunshine at las'.
Fruit, garden, grain and grass are im
proving irh the few days of sunshine.
Memorial sei vices aie to be held at the
cemetery on May 30th. Everyone is cor
diallv invited to attend these services.
Ohildreu's day exercises are to be held ,
here on June 8tli at 10 o'clock. I
Miss Stone's social is :o be held at
Kveifgieeu Bchooi tiovse, district No 70, i
on June 6tU. All are invited to come
and brii g a nocket lull of money and
lad ftie da too.
Mist -Murray's Bocial will he held on
the evening of the 14th. You'll miss
hull vnur life if you miso this.
John and Ohailes Gaekell are home
f;om Portland for a short stay.
Several oi the ciiizeus candidates, who
spoke at. Viola on the 23d, spent tne
night with us. '
Some time a.o two colored boys were
fined 5 for cracking peanuts in a Brook
ln church. This surely is no worse
than ea iug dried fruit in tlie choir dui
ing seryices. This iiint should be suffi
cient. B E Courtr ght. of Union, spent a few
days lat week with old friends.
Mr Holonsworth has lumber on the
ground for a new baru.
C Walenstine, of Portland, spent Sun
day visiti .g his grandparents, Mr and
Mrs A Sprsgue.
An omil'Bt might do a good business
in cur bin, as a lady was so near Bight-
llini O.in V.V'UII. tlvJM irw utiu ....
was extruded to Utr of a near relative. ;
She bad :iof seen him for two yearn and !
mav haw not reC"giiizjd him. I
Mr Furred anil He came out fr-im
- i
We also carry a full line of uggies and Spring Wagons m
verything you need, it only takes a g
Write us for prices on even
m costal card and mav save vou dollars.
i . r
Government The. mill owners of
By Portland get out an
Ir junction. injunction, and Al
fred F. Sears, jr.,
circuit judge, maaes a temporary order
that strikers must not iutei fere with the
mills. Following is the order: "It is
ordered that the defendants and each
of them shall show causa on the 26th
day of- May, 19ii2, at 9 ;30 a. m., why a
fflit ot injunction shall not issue as
prayed tor herein, and Ihut meantime
and until further order of this court the
defendants and each of them and their
servants and agents, officers and all of
tbem, he and they are hereby restrained
from interfering with the business of
the plaintiffs or either of them by pa
trolling the sidewalks or street in front
of or in the vicinity of the premises oc
cupied by plaintiffs; or from placarding
their wagons or teams or the goods of
plaintiffs. from picketing in front of
the premises of plaintiffs? oi from in
terfering with the employes of plaintiffs
or persons desiring to be employed; or
from congregating in front of the prem
ises ol thd plaintiff, in any wise inter
feting with, threatening or ooer.dng, or
attempting to coerce, anv of the em
ployes of the plaintiff -i or persona desir
ing to be emyloyed by plaintiffs.
The senate passed the assay office
bill and concurred in the nous amend
ments to the Columbia river bridge bill.
The Presbyterian general as
sembly adopted the report on creed re
vision, which will be submitted to the
Tote of the varioui Presbyteries
Victor 0. Dolliver. of Iowa, addresses
the republicans of Ashland...... George
D. Evaiis. formerly a prominent poli
tician and den'Uv state auditor of Wash
ington, and a convict on parole, com
mit suicide ...The taxDavers'
league, of Portland, charges thai non
resident taxpayers have not been fairly
Saturday, May 24.
Death An explosion in the Coal
In " creek mines, near Fernie,
Coal B. 0., caused the almost
Mines. instant death of between
125 and 150 miners. Not a
single person escaped. Tlia disaster is
the worst in the annals of British On
lembia coal mining, except that of Wel
lington, 18 years ago, by which 157
lives were lost. Immediately after the
explosion a ca 1 for help was Bent to
Fernie, and the foremost of the reecue
party that responded was overcome by
the after damp, and his life was only
saved by the timely arrival of comrades.
In the work of leocue the miners mide
hproic sacriQi'es. The tunnels in which
the disaster occurred were very long and
badly ventilated. The mines are only
six miles from Fernie, a town in the
Eastern part of the province of British
C dumbio, on the Crow's Nest pass
branch of the Canadian Pacific railway.
It lies in the center of a country very
rich in coal deposits. The building of
the railway four years ago, was followed
by the operation ef coal mines, which
belonged largely to company com
posed of Toronto capitalists. Most of
the miners are foreign born,
iicientitta state that the worst eruption
i f Mount Pelee is yet to come
The war in South Africa is auain prac
tically ended Lnubet leaves Rus
sia fr France ... ...Mis Lopez peti
tion for the release of her brothers,
wt o were deported from Luzon ...
Tne Piesbvterun Assembly g es on roc-
nrd as Hgainst card playing Young I
rwhet. hHBte.l Kid Rrown at Denver. ... Josi Br .s are building a largi dairy
R..hfiir Anrews. of Portland, was birn on their property (Le.ter known as
A liHI?
Pordaud one day iaH week and tO'-k iliu
latter's mo'-tipr, Mis Ifilcox, back itli
them for a siioi t visit. ' X. j
elected grandmaster of the grand bulge
of Odd Fellows at Newport. Mrs. Flor
ence Atwood, of Baker City, waB elected
grand president of the Rebekah assem
bly Portland exporters will
dispatch a cmg of oats to So'ith Africa.
The Portland federated trades in
dorse the strike and call out no more
Sunday,. May 25.
Toe The striking unioi men
Portland of Portland have the sup
Sinkers. port and sympathy of the
building contractors; but
the latter do not think the course of the
formei has been wise. The master
builder's think that a 9 hour day should
be granted, and they think also that the
various unions Bliouia witnnraw iroin
the building trades council. The strike
situati n was quiet yesterday, and there
was no sign ot a break ' on either side.
An effort by officers of the board of
trade to secure arbitration failed be
cause the millowners declared flitly
that they have nothing to arbitrate.
En voys to King awards coronation
will receive pins and brooches
The South Africaa war is agai practi
cally at an end ...No more supplies are
required in Martinique Loid
Pauncefote, British ambassador, died at
Washington The Rochambeau
statute was unveiled at Washington . . .
Indications are favorable for a large
vield of grain and fruit in the Palouse
country One million acres of tim
ber land bought from the old Military
Wagon Road Company on the coaBt fork
route to Eastern Oregon, purchased by
the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company...
Profmsor Pease dismissed from Stan
ford nniversity by President Jordan...
Fonv bodies recovered at Fernie, and
100 more remain in the tunnels.
Monday, May 26.
Train Harry Granelli, was Sat-
Wrecker urday sentenced to three
Sentenced, three years in the state
penitentiary by Judgn
Hamilton, of Roseburg. Granelli was
23 years uld. In company with a youth
ful companion, Thomas Arnold, Gra
nelli was beating his way northward,
and on the previaus Sunday morning
was put off a train near Rice hill. The
boys went on over the hill and placed
cittie guard rail, a heavy piece of iron
and a block of wood on a curve section
of track. The obstructions stood in
such a way as to have had the effeet of
throwing any passing train into the
deep gulch below. As President Har
riman's train was due soon afterward
the lection crew was especially vigilant
and consequently discovered and re
moved the obstructions before the ar
rival of the train. The two young men
were arrested by the chief of police of
Forest Grove. The younger of the two
boys, Arnold, aged 17, turned state's
evidence, and was let off with a 60-days
sentence in the county jail.
Indian Congressman Tongue in
War forms Washington cor-
Peniionf. respondent of the status of
the Indian war pension
the John Myers' place), which they re
cently purchased. They intend to run a
firat-claoo dairy and to deliver milk to
their numerous customers in town.
B 0 Ooiirtriht was down from Sum
merville on business last week.
Charles an 1 J ,hn Gaskeil h ive sold
th- ir teams.
A M KVcliem and family visited rela
tives at Logan over Sunday L . F.
Union Mall.
Mrs Sam W'ilkerpon, Mrs Mrs Mack
intosh and Mrs Oughton vifdted Mrs J !
Thomas last. Wednesdny.
Lee Riggs went to Portland last Mon
day to visit lelatives and friends. !
Frank lieavener, a taientea young i
school teacher from Calhoun county, 111, ;
been visiting Messrs iL P liurns, J i
H Purns and J L Thomas and their !
families for the past few days. Mr j
lieavener went to Portland last Thurs- i
day to visit relatives for a short time
and then he inten d to start on bis trip
imie. This is Mr iieaveners second
trip to Oregon.
Miss Emma Johnson, of Oregon City,
visited her sister, Miss Francis Johnson,
who is teaching school at this place.
Miss Anna lice came home from Port
land a short time ago.
Our teacher, M'ss Francis Johnson,
closed her school here last Friday. Miss
Johnson closed her school a few weeks
earlier than was first intended. he
had to alone her school last winter on i
alcount of smallpox and by doing so!
made this term of her school come out
later than it should. She thought it
expedient to close it, and the directors j
agreed with her. Miss Johnson has
given very goci satistacusn as a teacner,
Mrs John Theinas visited Mrs J tl
Burn? last Thursday afternoon.
Charlie Thomas went to Oregon Cit y
last Sunday on a pleasure trip.
Miss Veva Jones passed through tins
vicinity on her way to C inby last Tuesday.
Mrs Nettie Rigs called on bar grand
moiher, Mrs Nancy Burns, last Sunday.
Mrs F May visited Mrs N Riggs one
dav last week.
Mrs Caroline Thomas visited Mrs
Martha Wilkerson last J Wednesday.
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Miss B.'rtha Kitching was the guest of
Miss Nora Hale Sunday.
Mr Cross, our preacher, preached at
this place Sunday.
J H Kitching, wife and daughters, of
Washington, have been home on a visit.
Born, 'n tha wife of Ed Noble, a son.
Mrs L Hale has been on the sick list.
Jim Linn, of this place, was in Salem
a week ftgo last Sunday.
The Stone creamer; is getting along
nicely. T. T.
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