Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, May 02, 1902, Page 6, Image 6

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Dropsy l
ii ':
Things in Store
in the
starting in the feet or ankles
comes from a weak or diseased
heart a heart that cannot keep
up the circulation. The blood
then settles in the lower limbs
where the watery portions ooze
out into surrounding tissues
causing bloat and swelling.
The heart must be strengthened
and built up before the dropsy
can be cured to stay; and the
best of all heart medicines is
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure.
"Heart d's"ase made my feet
swell so that they had to be
lanced In several places. One
bottle of Dr. Miles' Heart Cura
helped me and twelve bottles
worked a complete cure."
James Traty, Barnard, Mo.
D. Miles'
; Hea?f Cute
; gives new strength to the heart,
regulates the circulation, stimu
lates the digestion and restores
health. Sold by druggists on
a guarantee.
Dz. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
Candidates Makej a Gratifying
Enthusiastic Campaign Dem
onstration. .
The citizens candidates were gieeted
with a crowded house at Milwaukie,
Mun lay night, and the intense interest
oi the audience wai held until the last
speaker had completed his peroration,
and the "jag" trolley car was pulling up
in the direction of the car barn. The
principal speakers were Rii hard Scott,
candidate for joint senator; G. W.
Grace, nominee for senator. 0. W.
EaBthain, Gilbert L. HedneB and
Charles P. Olark, nominees for repre
sentatives; Harvey E Cross, Colonel
Kobert A. Miller, anl brief ppeeches by
Alfred Lueliing, candidate for re-elec
tion for county treasurer; J. E. (Jack,
nominee for sheriff; b. H.Cooper, norn
inee for re-election as clerk; 0. vy,
Rib ev. nominee for commissioner.
George Ogle, also made a few remarks.
Hot shot was poured into the ma'
chine and its management, and the way
in which it has been manipulating
countv affairs. Facts and carefully ar
ranged figures were given, showing the
ejact status of affairs. It also is a fact,
that the citizens ticket has the most ca
pable lot of orators ever placed on any
ticket in Clackamas county. The au
dience was enthusiastic, and frequently
Miss Gertrude Fairclough, of Oregon
City, played several selections on the
T. R. A. Sellwood officiated as chair
man of the meeting,
Richard Scott, the nominee for joint
representative, was the first speaker.
He said that he was not ashamed of his
record in otliee in Clackamas county
Would endeavor to get laws through the
legislature that would benefit the far
mer; favored a dirtet primary law;
did not believe that one or two men
should nin the county. Mr.Scott is chair
man of local initiative and referendum
league. He favored precinct organiza
tion, and desired that each precinct col
lect its own money and expend it on its
own roads, but the bridges should be
built by the county; precincts should
have a home government like the dis
trict schools.
G. W. Grace explained what should
be required of an honest man in the
senate. He called attention to the fact
that his opponent had stated in his Mu
iino speech that an lioneet man had no
business in state senate. When Mr.
Grace whs sheriir he had saved the
county f K'OO paying his first deputy out
of his own pocket. He had looked out
for the taxpayer's imprest 'When city
councilman, and had been successful iu
tho mamwument of his own business.
0. W. EiiHthum made a logical, niae.
terly address, and explained exactly
what the citizens movement H- Nw is
the time fr the young men to assist in
throwing off this yoke of bosaism, in the
interests of better trovernment,
Gilbert L. Hedges said there was
nothing new or startling in the citizens
movement. It was. a non-partisan
movement to do sway with the extrav
agance and leisen the expanses of
county government. Mr. Hedges is a
brilliant orator, and told of some of the
dodues by ihe machine legislators, who
were at 'thd l ist session of the legisla
ture. T he ins and outs of the last last
leginlutare, known to Mr. Hedges,
would till a large volume.
Charles V. Clark gives facts and fig
ures and his sarcasm tends to make
'bossism nauseous to the auditor, lie
showed that present financial conditions
in Clackamas countv were a menace to
business. He showed that after build
ing the suspension bridge costing $L'0,
000, mid Baker's bridge $S.(XM, Clacka
mas county was only $57,000 in debt.
' The great increase in indebtedness had
.occurred since that economical period.
Mr. Clark is a republican of the stal
wart Htnoe, but ho believes iu leform.
ii irvey K. Cross kept the audience in'
the best of humor between hot shots.
Won't Fallow Adyios After Paying for it.
In a recent article U prominent physi
cian says, "It is next to impossible for
tl e phystfiau to get his patients to carry
,r,,v nmHcribed course of hygiene or
.ii.,nii, smallest extent ; he has but
' one resort left, namely, the drug treat
...... when medicines are used for
chronic constipation, the most mild and
-c . . i : ri. .( aVinnld ha am
use is not followed by
This bids fair to be a red letter year j
in the history of baseball for Oregon ,
City. A stock company has been I
formed, and the way business men and
other individuals have tnken stock in-
dicates that the people of the town are
determined to place Oregon City in the
foremost rank of baseball work, fiext
Sunday the Monograms, who will play
the Oregon City team here, will be met
at the court house by the Woodmen
Band, where a procession will be formed
headed by the mayor. Alter reaching
the ball grounds, the first ball will be
thrown over the plate by the mayor,
thus formally opening the baseball sea
son here witli the honors due our great
national 6port. An excursion from
Dayton also will land at the grounds.
A grandstand has recently been erected,
whose shade will combine comfort with
pleasure. The preservation of order
will be another feature, and the Wil
lamette Fall3 baseball park, a ill become
one of the most popular resorts in the
blood has been infused into the
nine this year, by importing several
new players, whose tkill has proven un
questionable in the gmes recently
The new suits have arrived from Chi
cago in time for next Sunday's game-,
and eveiy player will be uniformed and
thoroughly equipped for the great grand
start toward the goal of triumph. The
management is now in communication
with tome of the best teams of Eastern
Oregon with the view of arranging for a
game of more than ordinary interest, to
be played here on the Fourth of July.
Of course, before any definite conclu
sions can be reached, the sentiment ot
the people will have to be obtained, the
final result depending on the enthusi
asm and patronage of the people for the
next few weeks. If conditions are not
favorablp, another field will have to be
selected for a Fourth of July exhibition.
This contingency, however, is liaidty
probable, as Oieron Citv has nsver
failed to carry to a successful issue every
project of sport it has undertaken.
There is an enthusiastic confidence cur
rent in file nine this spring, which will
lend a zest to their playing, and Uregon
Citv will be the battle-ground of some
of the hottest baseball games ever
Dlaved in the slate.
The Oregon City team was defeated
by the Fidelity team of Portland, by a
score of 1 to 0, last nunday.
Next Sunday will be the first of the
state league tiwiues between Oiegon City
and the Monograms at Willamette
Falls park.
Q) Tou get full value for your money if you choose S
,) from these three:
ft rPnt.mKin For .23 years
& Tribune
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For Speed Mile in 57 sec.
The Church Can Endorse.
''Too Rich To JMarry" Is a polite com.
edy that the pastor of a church can ad
vise his congregation to go and see.
Edwin Owii'K", the author, has in his
possession, letters from scores of minis
ters, all highly praising his comedy and
giving it the stamp of their approval
And still "Too Rich To Marrv" is not a
TVkini- "The wheel That Stands Up" $25
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To Our Customers:
On account of the increase in
prie of meats and labor we have
( been compelled to raise the price
of meals from 20c to 2Be.
George Bros. Restaurant.
Eagle Creek. ' v
Eiigle Creek Orange will give a grand
May party, at Eagle Creek, May 10.
Everbody come with your lunch and
have a good time. Mr. W. S. U'Ren
will speak. An excellent program
will also be furnished.
Special Millinery Sale at Red Front.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
a cold in one day. No Cure' no
Price 25 cents.
Restores Hair to the
Bald Scalb
Erradicates Dandruff
Stobs Falling Hair
and Prevents Baldness
Prier's Hair food
If you want your money's worth buy the
so-called Sunday school drama, but it is
recommended iy pastors evei y where,
because it is a true picture of real life.
The liven of a family of peaceful, law
abiding, God feaiinu ounkards. with an
American heir, make up the principal
eharaete s in tlie piece with an artist and
a mine-owner, and others to complete
the picture of real life.
The comedy will be at Shively's opera
house Friday, May 16.
No Lo.3 of Time.
I have 'ld Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Dianhoca Remedy foryears,aud
would rather be out of enff-ie and suar
than it. I sold live bo ties of it yester
day to threBhei s mat could t;o no farther,
and they ire at work attain this morn
ing. 11. K. 1'help, Plymouth, Okla
homa. As will lie seen by the above
the threshers weie able lo keep on with
their work without losing a single day's
time. You should keep a bottle, of this
Remedy in your home, t or sale by G.
A. Harding.
For Sale.
We will sell at public auction on Sat
urday, May 10. 11)02, at 1 o'clock p. m.,
the lot and building of ihe Farmers'
Creamery Association of Barlow, Ore
gon. J. F. Yost, Vice-President.
J. S. Youkh, Secretary
Terms of sale cash. Fo- further par
ticular call on or address the secretary,
Needy, OreO'i.
Traveling Is Dangerous.
Constant motion jars the kidneys
which are kept in place in the body by
delicate attachments. This is the reason
that travelers, truinnien, street car men,
teamsters ami all bodriv very much
suffer from kidney disease in some form.
Foley's Kidney Cure strengthens Ihe
kidneys and cures all forms of kidney
and bladder disease. George II. llau
sen, locomotive engineer, Lima, O.,
wrilos,"Conataiit vibration of the engine
caused me a great d' al of trouble with
my kidneys, and 1 got no relief until I
used Foley's Kidney Cure." Charman
A Co.
For Prices, quality and style in Hats,
call on Miss Goldsmith.
U. R. Miller. C W. Kelly. AVm.
Frev. J. K. Morris, J. H. Howard and
E. Grasier were elected delegates to
Portland meetintr Monday of State
Federated Trades. On Tuesday a local
carpenters union will be organized with
nrnbahlv 40 members, at regular meet
ing of Federation at A. 0. U. W. hall.
Will Cure S tomach Ache in Five Minutes!
This is just what Painkiller will do;
tiyit. Have a bottle in the house for
instant use, as it will save you hours of
suffering. Watch out that the dealer
does not sell you an immitation, as the
great reputation of Painkiller (Perry
Davis'), has induced many people to try
to make something to sell, said to be
"just as good as the genuine."
Is sold under a positive
guarantee to do these
things. Give it a fair
trial. Yon will not be
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j J. M. PRICE,
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Court House Block, Oregon City, Ore
Tarm Produce and Sbingks
taken in Exchange
The only Union Shop in the city.
Parker, the barber.
Whooping Cough. .
A woman who has had experience
with this disease, tells how to' prevent
anv dangarous consequences from it.
She says : Our three children took whoop
ing cough last summer, our baby boy
being only three months old, and owing
to our giving them Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, they lost none of their plump
ness and came out in much better health
than other children whose parents did
not use Uhis remedy. Our oldeBt little
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betweed whoops. Jessie Pinkey Hall,
Sorirgville. Ala. This remedy is for
sale by G. A. Hardirg
Like Daisies Before the Scythe,
Baby lives are destroyed in summer by
cholera infantum. The attack of the
disease is sudden, its progress is some
times 'erriblv rapid. Mothers who have
given their children Perry Davis' Pain
killer can tell how this treatment has
checked the diarrhoea and vomiting.and
nut the little patient out of danger. 25
and 50 cents.
Catarrh of the H jad and Throat
Makes your voice husky, causes you to
ache all over, stops up your nose, makes
vou snore, makes vour nose itch and
burn, brings on catarrhal headaches
and neuralgia. Rmith Bros.' 8. B. Ca
tarrh Cure attacks this common, dread
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"fi" ! m
Hm bU bRnriogfc In tnra . Turns frel j to
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Wall Paper and
Lieno Wall Finish
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Sciatic Rheumatism Cured After
teen Years of Suffering.
"I have been allllcted with sciatic
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waB able to be around but constantly
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