Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, April 18, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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In the clroult court of the state of Oregon, for
Clackumas county.
Martha Mclfeely, plaintiff, vs. Qeoige MpFeely,
To George McFeely, the above named defend,
ant: In the name of the state of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer the coin,
plaint filed against you in the above suit by the
12th d iy of April, 1902, following six conseoutive
weeks' publication of this notloe. and if you fail
to so appear and anawer, for want thereof, the
plaintiff will take a dt cree agaiust you at prayed
for in he coQiulaint, to-wlt: let, a decree dieaolv
ing the bonds of matrimony existing beiweea
plaintiff and defendant; 2d, that plaintiff have all
Jiei ooMs aud disbursements In thie suit; that
plaintiff pays su(;h other and further relief ae the
matter of this caae may require aud as to tbe court
may seem Just and equitable.
This summons is served by publication by vir
tue of au order made by the Hon. T. a. Molirido,
judge of the Hliove-entitU'd court, made and en
tered on the 2Cih day of February, WU2, said or
der providing that publication be made in the
ConriiT-Iierrlcl. and that the first publication be
Hindu on the 28th day of February, W02-
Attornej for Plaintiff.
Notice Is. hereby given that the undersigned,
administrator of the eninteof Polly Quinn, de
ceiuud, has filed his final report in tbe county
court of the slate of Oregon for Clackamas county
as administrator of said estate aud the court has
fixed May 6th, 1902, at the hour of 10 o'clock a.
m.,of said day as tbe time for settling said eBtate.
ny person having any objection thereto are here
by notified to apnenr at said time and place and
such objection will be heard by the cou't.
' Administrator ol Said Estate.
Gordon E Hates,
Attorney for Estate.
Dated, March 20, 1902.
Painless Dentistry
By new methods we are able to produce this most beautif ul and
durable of all dental work without the least pain.
Notice Is hirehy given that the undersigned
has been appointed by the county court of the
Bute of Oregon, for connty of Clackamas, admin
istrator of the eBtate of Margaret Jane Baumann,
deceased, All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby required to present them,
properly verified, to the undersigned at the office
of his attorneys. Hedges & Griffith, in Oregon
City, Oregon, within six months from the date of
the first publication of this notice.
. Administrator of tbe Estate of
Margaret Jane Baumann, Deceased.
Hedges & Gbifjith,
Attorneys for Administrator.
First Publication March 21, 1902.
Figure 1 shows a mouth whore the four Incisors have
oeeii u.urut'tei... mid the two cuspids (eve iw.h); crowns de
stroyed to the cum line, showing this cuspid roots prepared
to receive a brkige.
,. --oliW. C i(
Figure 2 represeuts tbe hrtrtfe r arty for adjustment
In the Circnit Court, of the State Oregon, for
the County of Clackamas.
Emma Glllham,
T. W. Glllham.
ToT. W. (illlham. Defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon j You are
hereby required to appear and answer the.com
plalnt filed against you in the above entitled suit
and court, by May S. 1902. and if you fail to answer,
for w ant thereof, tbe plaintiff will apply for the
relltf prayed for n his complaint tiled herein,
namely, a decree dissolving the bonds of matri
mony existing i). tween plaintiff and defendant
herein and tbe custody of the minor children
named in plaimiffV oomplaitit.
This summons is 1 ulill-hed by order of the
Hon.'lhos. K. Hyan. Judge of the county court of
Clakamas i ohmv, duly made and filed March 27,
1802 The date of the first publication of this
summons being Mareh28, 11102. and the date of
the last publication hereof May 2f 1.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Figure 3 reprdients the case after ths bridge has been
placed In position.
I ' 1
Figure 4 It Is useless to wear a plate In the mouth when
a bridge can be attached to a lew remaining teeth and roots.
Figure 5 shows the loss of two upper teeth, the six year
molar aud the first bicuspid. The bridge above is attached
by an open face gold crown over the second bicuspid,
aud a bar which exttjuds into a cavity of the adjoining molar.
Figure show! a root wit
crown ready to attach. It ii
folly to extract a root when
It can be crowned and &d
as useful a ever.
Figure shnwa the bridge anchored In posltloB.
Figure 10 is a month that has lost all the twtb twit fonr
the two cuspids and two molars; they are shown a prepatsy
for a full upper bridite.
Fltnue 11 shows the bridge complete, tvnij to place
position, as shown in figure lu.
Figure 7 represents a full set of teeth on a gold plate.
Figure S Illustrates a case in
which the lateral incisor teas
been lost and the central incl -or
crown destroyed. To this root
a crown has lieeu fastened and '
a tooth has been soldered to
the crown to fit tbe lutersuace
left by the lost lateral iueisor.
Fljure 12 tU wb Ye bridge In t lece, natural as life
Kotice ia hereby given that the undersigned, as
administrator of the estate of R. L. Kussell, de
ceased, has filed his final report with the county
ourt of the state of Oregon for Olaokamas couuty
and that said coort has set the 6th day of May
19ti2, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m , for the hear-,
ing of said report and objections thereto, if any
there be, at which time all persons interested are
required to be present. w. A. HOT.MK,
Dated this 27th day of March, mi.
Wnitno Is herehv elven that the undersigned
has been appointed bv the county court of the
state of Oregon for the county of Clackamas, ad
ministrator of the estate of J. Early Faulkner.de
ceased. All persons having claims agalriBt Bald
estate are hereby notified to present the same
properly verified, at the nffioe of attorneys,
ledges k Griffith, in Oregon City, Oregon, within
Bix months from the first publication of this no-
' Administrator of the Estate of
J. Early Faulkner, Deceased.
First publication on April 4, 1U02.
, DR. PICKENS, whDse life has been devoted to the study of the Dental Art, makes a specialty, not of robbing the mouth of the teeth
still left for service, but of building up a full set (painless) from the teeth and roots which afford sufficient basis for crown and bridge work.
He is prepared to do all kinds of work pertaining to the dental profession and guarantees the same forfivtjyears, at the very lewest prices
consistent with first-class work. '
Teeth extracted absolutely without p iin bya new and harmless method, applied to the gums. Nojgases orj poisonous cocaine. This
is the method now bsing used by the leading dentists of Chicago and New York.
Send for illustrated book on "Dental Bridge Work of To-Day," , It will be mailed to you frie of charge.Jand will explain'sothoroughly
the system that you will urderstand it as well as tbe dentist.
Dr. L. L. Pickens, Dentist, Barclay Building, Oregon City
Monday, April 14.
Against Martial law will be pro
Socialisjn. c. aimed in Belgium Tues
day if the rii.ti nti lias not.
ceased. Brussels was quiet vesterdaT.
but after nightfall the rioting whs re
8 imed, and was only supprcs.-eu after a
bloody conflict. The interior provinces
were quiet. A general strike will be
proclaimed throtighoet the kingdom to
day The Boer leaders have com-.
mtinicattd with Lord Kitchener, and
England ia hopeful. Major Waller
was acquitted of the Philippine charge.
The cholera situation in Luzon- is ,toi'8e-
General Miles will be forced tore
tire at an early date Wade Hamp
ton's funeral took place at Columbia,
S. 0 , yesterday The povt'rnmenfc
will take steps to dissolve the hfef trust.
...... Marion coun'y repuUicutsa and!
democrats are preparing lor the cam
paign Eltweed fotueroy lectured
on direc' legislation before a lare aii-dience.
luesdav, April 1.
To In the budget (tatement for
Tax England the chancellor of the
YYtieat. exchequer estimates the defic
iency for the coming year at
45,000,000, aud it recommends that the
tax on wheat be renewed. It is evi
dent from the statement that strong;
hopes are entertained for peat e in Soutbt
Africa, but at the same time the govern
ment desires to impress the Boers with
its ability and determinhtion to pnsh
the war to a finish.
The senate river and h trbor bill in
creases amount for Oregou. 8eaate
gives day to Chinese exclusion
David B. Hill speaks at New lork dem
ocratic hWmony meeting. .... ,H. O.
Smith is named for the secretary of tbe
republican Btate central committee.
Wednesday, April 10.
Philippine Secretary Root has cabled
barbarities. General Chufiee at Ma
nila to investigate the re
ports of the Waller trial, and if they are
correct, to court-uatial General Smiths
also, if the facts are established as tes
tified to before the' senate Philippine
committee, to court martial the efheeret
who administered the 'water cure" to
tbe Presidente of Igbaras, These offi
cers are Major Glenn, Lieutenant Con
ger and Assistant Surneon Lyon.
It is almost certain that oil lias been
struck near D.dlas, Or.
Thursday, April 17.
Mitchell-Kahn The Piatt substilute,
Exclusion which the senate
Bill adopted in place o
Defeated. the Mitchell-Kahn ex
clusion bill, provides
that all exclusior laws now in force be
continued so I t as they are not con
sistent win, - . t obligations; that the
laws Bhal' c ply to all territory under
the juriol c .on of the United State-,
and to ail iinmigratio'i of Chinese labor
ers from the islandH to the mainland!
territory of the United Slates or from
one portion of the island territory to an
other portion of said island territory,
but shall not apply t3 thi transit oi
Chinese laborers from one island to an
other of the tame group, or to islands
within the jurisdiction of any Btate or
territory. The law shall not expire
with the present treaty with China.
State of Oregon decides upon contract
or reclamation of arid lands.
Good Literature
Notice 1r hereby given that by virtue of a li
cense and order .f sule duly made by the county
court of Clackamas county, Oregon, on the 7th
day of April, in the matter of the estate of
William D. Bedford, deceased, I wlll.on Monday,
the Ifllh day of May, 15102, at the hour of 1 o'clock,
p.m., at the courthouse door In Oregon City,
Clackamas countv, Oregon, sell at public auction
to the lilghPfit bidder the following described real
property belonging to said estate, and described
as follows, to-wit:
The northf ast quarterof section 14, ownsn!p 4
ruth, range 6 east of the Willamette Meridian in
Cla kanins countv, Oregon, conuiniug 160 acres.
le.ni.,eahondayof "jj.
Administrator of the Estate of
Wm. P. Bedford. Deoeased.
H. E. Cross, Attorney fur.tlie Estate.
Dated April I4lh, 19(3.
X'ntfo Is hpreliv elvm that the undersigned has
filed In the county courtier Clackamas county,
tiai nf (irpoon. his flrjal rcDort in the estate of Da
vid ilinton. d(C(Sfed, ai d that said court has
k-a 'r,..riv .linn. Srd. 1(102. at 10 o'clock, a. l
as the time forbcarinn of Hie (injections thereto if
any be made snd for settlement ol his accounts
concerning said estate. T. J. MOFFIT, '
Administrator of said Estate.
Dated April 14th. 191)2.
The Northern Pacific is not
ed among railways for ita
advertising matter. Its
4 I ,-n7 4- ramph'et8i folders, booklets, etc., are
J r xjlAIIIOoI tastefully gotten up and are valuable for
what they contain. Here is r partial liEt
XT 4-1 of what MR- CHAS- s FEE General Passenger
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c5 mailed, upon receipt of prices given. Any combi
nation can be made, and money or express orders, silver or stamps will be
accepted. This is a fine opportunity to obtain good descriptive reading
matter for little or nothing.
Wonderland 1001
An annual publication, beautifully llltistratid In color and
half tone. This number treats particularly of the history of
the Northern I'aclflo s Tra'lenwk, the Custer Batticnu'ia in
Montana, and tlie lellowstone rant.
Miniature Wonderland
A neat and dainty publication containing a compleU history
nf t he Nortnern ear'ino iraaemarK, ine arusiio vuvvi. u
the Wonderland, l'JOl are used in miniature.
Wild Flowers from Yellowstone
A book of pressed wild flowers from Yellowstone Park,
Showing the real nowers in ineir natural coiurn. a uaiuvy
and beautiful souvenir ten specimens of flowers ana six
full page Illustrations of f ark scenery.
Yellowstone National Park
a nAiR 119 ium hnnti in stroTiir. flpithiri covers. Brood naner.
plain type, illustrated, pocket si.e, a compendium and
descriptive of the Woild's w ouaerianu.
Climbing Mount Rainier
A n ll1,iDtn.taH r,n.lral.alxn TlROtPS. In StrOnff. flexible Seild
covers, printed on heavy paper, descriptive of an ascent of Twenty-five
the highest peak lu the United States outside of Alaska of a Cents,
glacial nature,
MW.MiMjatM tK!mmm mii.iumm i . mw Jn
Six Cents
Four Cents
F.fty Cents
In the connty court of the state cf Oregon for
Clackamas county.
Notice is hereby given that the underslgned.ad
ministratrix of the estate of Charles E. Athey, de
ceased, has filed her final report as administratrix
of said estate, aud the honorable county court for
said Clackamas county has set as the time for the
healing of any objections to said report the hour
of 10:80 a. m. of Tuesday the 3rd day June a. D.,
kater. athey.
Administratrix of Kstate of
Charles E. Athey, Deceased.
Fitting Spectacles and Eye Glasses
By Up-to-Date Methods.
Examination Free, by PHILLIPS, The Optician
The Iowa Jeweler, ' 293 Morrison, near 5th
I i vvy i
j At aJ sriig torn- 25 Dota ( Mm-
Brown & Welch
-Pbopbistoeb of thk-
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goods than any other dye and
colors them better too. Sold by
C G. Huntley. S
Seventh Street
Meat Market
a. o. u. w.
fb.il signature Is on erery box of tbe peoulms
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Toieu
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Refuse no'substitutes. Cbarman 4 Co.
Friday, April 11.
Peace From all inlications the
In South African war is at an
Africa, end. Several telegrams have
reached London to the effect
that the Bot-r leaders have accepted the
British termH, and that peace has been
arranged. GeneraU Deet, Delarey,
Bothua and Meyer have been in consul
tation for several days at Klerkgdorp
with Steyn, Reitz and Schalkburger.
The terms as agreed upon have been
cabled to the Boer agents in Europe.
The editor of Manila Fteedom was ar
retted for sedition Grosvenor
made the principal speech on the Cu
ban relief bill in the house The
senate mav vote on the exclusion bill
next Tuesday. The senate passed the
poBtofflce appropriation bill The ri
oting in Belgium reaches a serious
stage Diplomatic relations between
Italy and Switzerland are severed....
Cecil Rhodes' body was interred near
Buluwayo A larger electric plant is
to be constructed at Red Boy Concord
mine in Eastern Washington.
Satutdiy, April 12.
Democratic Tbe democratic state
State convention, which.com'
Ticket. pleted its work yester
day, nominated tbe fol
lowiog state ticket:
For Governor, George E. Chamber
lain, of Multnomah countv.
For indorsement, for United States
senator, C. E. S. Wood, of Multnomah
For Representative in congress first
diHtrict, j, K. Weatherford, of Linn
county. I
For Representative in congreKS sec
old district, W. F. Butcher, of Baker
countv. i
For Supreme Judge, B. F. Bonhatn,
of Marion connty.
For Secretary of State, D. W. Sears,
of Polk countv.
For State Treasurer, Ileurj Black-
man, oi Heppner.
For Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, W. A. Wann, of Lane county.
For State Printer, J. E. Godfrey, of
Marion county.
All the nominees, except Sears and
Godfrey went in by acclamation. The
nominaiion of Chamberlain was greeted
with the greatest enthusiasm.
There is a more favorable outlook for
the Chinese exclusion bill in the eenate.
The senate will vote on the exclusios
bill Monday Senator MiUhell in
informed by the war department of the
procedure necessary to secure exemp
tions from the I'tiilippine export fluty.
The duty must first be paid, and affida
vits tiled that goods are for consump
tion in the United States. The collec
tor of the port then istues a receipt sub
ject to drawback. The shipper then
may recover the amount so paid within
18 months after the time of payment....
The Boers have not yet accepted tbe
British franchise Sudden calling of
a cabinet council at London leads to
many rumors The revolutionary
movement in Belgium appears to be
spreading General Wade Hampton
is dead Eugene F. Ware has been
offered the pension con inissionerehip.
President calls for resign tins of immi
gration officials The Washington
supreme court decides the famous di
vorce case in favor of Colonel Peyton.
The Baker Cfty schools held a big
arbor day celebration The supreme
of Washington decides the noted Pey
ton divorce case in favor of Colonel
Isaac M. Peyton, and against Mrs. Pey
ton No, 1. This is a case in which e
young married man came west, changed
his name, and secured a divorce in
Washington by a most remarkable pro
ceeding. He then married again, and
amassed a fortune Thirteen years
elapses, and then Mrs. 1'eyton JNo. 1 ap
pears on the scene, and institutes suit
or a community interest in Colonel
Peyton's property, and to have the de
cree of divorce sqt aside. The superior
court of Spokane county first decided
against her, and now the supreme court
upholds it M. F,
Lynch, foreman of a section gang on the
0. R. & N. Railroad, accidentally fell
over a 100-foot bluff into Mosier creek,
while admirini; the falls near tlis sta
tion, this morning. He suffered inju
ries to the spine and several severe cuts
about the head, and lay in the shallow
water about 10 hours, unconscious the
greater part of the time. He finaliy at
tracted the attention of a section fore'
man, who took him to The Dalles for
School Report,
Following id the report of the Henrici
Bchoci fol the month euditig April 11th :
No. enrolled, 20.
No. days' attendance 366'.
No. days' absence, 1. ' ,
' No. of tardies; 2.
Those who were neither tardy or ab
sent were Bella Davis, Mina Blulim.Tinm
B.uhm, Lottie Bhihra, DollieB:tker,Gor
trude Kroll, Freda and Dora Schmale,
Freda Oa'.ahan, Sophia Schmnle, Davidl
Harris, Willamette Harris, Tudor Davis,
Alfred Davis and Simon Calahnn.
M. E. Adams, Teacher
The counly clerk oi Clackamas
county, will receive sealed bids for 1)
miles of plank, to be delivered on thei
Abernalhy road, beg nning on tbe Viola
hill and Wmling toward Oregon City..
Lumber to he of gooJ souud old freest
and to be 16 ft x3x 8 to 12 inches: '
stringers 3x6 incites. Bids to be open
ed "May 9, 1902, at 2 p. m . Dated
April 15, 1902.
E. II. Cooi-er. Clerk-
For Sale A draft horse, 1200 poll n d
weight. J. 0. Zinser, Oregon City.
Sunday, April 14.
This promises to be one of
the most critical weekB in
Belgium. A general strike
has been proclaimed for
Monday, and Wednesday
parliament will be called upon to settle
the question of revision of the constitu
tion. The government has made exten
sive military preparations to cope with
anyjetnergency. The strike is spread
ing in the interior, but the presence of
troops has prevented further rioting at
There is a feeling in Washington that
the republicans will have hard work to
hold their mrjorily in the congressional
elections. Trouble is expected on the
tariff and Cuban questions
Senator Lodge spoke in the senate yes
terday in favor of the Chinese exclusion
bill. The house passed the bill grant
ing Mrs. McKinley a pension of $5,000.
In the Philippines MacArthur
refused to answer questions asked by
segators on the insular committee. Ma
jor Waller's methods were denounced
by the by the judge advocate in the Ma
nila trial. Judge Taft upholds the ar
rest of the editor ol Manila i reedom. . .
Peace in South Africa is within mem
ureable distance Miller, the
Detroit murderer, was sentenf-cd lo life
imprisonment A New York subur
banite, proves to be a robber on a large
scale Kev. 1. DeWitt Talipage is
dead The hale in
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Cbronlo Bronchitis Cured.
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A Hurry-up Medicine.
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Union has voted to contract ts l',)02
product of strawberries to (). V. Allen,
a local canneryinan, for Z ceit per
pound for tbe best canning U inee,
such as Wilson. Ideal, Ruby and ClarkS
seedling, and 2 1-2 to 3 cents per pound
for other varieties Wok on the
Washington capitol building has been
shut down by the contractor The
Postal Telegraph Company eubi-cribes
$100 to the Lewis &, Clark exposition
fund in Portland . 'JZL tj
Statu ok Ohio, City of Toi,kio, s.
Lucas County, )
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that her
is the seni r partner of the fii in of F. J.
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Frank J. Chknit.
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