Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, April 04, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City CourlenHerald
Stiteit i In Oregon Cttypostofflceaa 2ndolaBi matter
Pild In advance, per year 1 60
31 it months 75
T ireo mimlhs'trlal 25
fPThe date opposite your address on tile
Diner denotes the time to which you have paid.
M this notice is marked jour subscription is due.
In sang froid Russian diplomacy is
eqinl to any emergency. The Bear will
n t ti'iten the irrip of hi sjnws ort north
ern C.iiua until the weather of inter
national polities is morn propitioas.
England has spent a billion dollars
on the Hour war and her casualties are
over iOt) 001 men, according to the latest
rpport. It is very evident that old man
Kruuer knew his business when he
epo'te of the price England would have
to pay. Alsnta Journal.
Tub Cliicago Record-Herald says that
Justice Brown's deduction "seems to
be tbaf while they (the Philippines) are
part of the United States, they may be
legislated against as though they are de-
nied the right of a foreign countay to re
The people of Astoria have contributed
$1000 foi the relief of the suffering Boer
women and children confined in concen
tration camps io the Transvaal. Most
of this sum as contributed by those
who have suffired the toiraentsof Brit
ish oppression.
Am, the anti-trust legislation by the
several states has been declared uncon
stitutional by the U. 8. supreme court
on the just ground that it was not im
partial. A corn or cotton trust must be
placed under the ban of law as well as a
steel or kerosene trust.
Uncle Sam spent last yearon his Phil
ippine war $a),000,000. While the
profits on Ametican trade were a little
over a million, the product of the war,
38r)4 dead Filipino "reb"ls," costs over
$23,000 per corpse. The American
soldiers killed or converted into lunatics
do not enter into the account.
Statistic prove that under identi
cally the same circumstances almost the
same number of murders, of suicides, of
thefts, or of marriages take place within
a certain tiff.e. MuBt we then consign
the dogma of the freedom of the human
will, so much cherished by doctrin
aires in speculative philosophy, to the
"limbo of the lost?"
Ckcil Khodkb, the South African Co
lossus, lies dead in his Cape Town borne
at the age of 47. lie did not live to gee
the end of the war, so costly in men and
money to the English people, which he
precipitated. It probably hastened his
end, for he doubtless saw that in his
scheme of empire-building this was a
moHt terrible mistake. However, he
bequeathed a billion dollars for instruc
tio i in (llritish) empire building.
In the state ot New York farm values
have decreased during the past ten years
50 per cent. The cun petition of the
vast areas of virgin soil in the West,
most of it given by Uncle Sam to the
settlors, has produced this untoward re
sult, "lltrd times," says the Chicago
Tribune, "in the face of peace and plenty
betray a detective social economy, and
the progressive business organization of
today exe nplifie 1 in this country, cor
t liuly pro nis to make against their re
currence "
' This jingoes of London are much
amused with the description given by
Sergeant Faisli, recently returned from
South Africa, of his h inging four B6ers
accused of breaking their parole; but
the side-splitting part of his story is the
"pretty .fcene" in which the wife of one
of his victims sees him learning hanging
beforehand with an old anvil. The
shooting of the Boer Commandant
8chcepers in South Africa, while a rol
licking tune wai being playad by tho
band, is, to the mind of the British
jingo, an lnimirom an incident as can
be in) tgitied. All of which goes to show
that the jing ), Biwr-biting proportion
of the population of "merry England"
is as mercilessly savage as their forbears
were 2000 years ago.
Enolikd is oouetrained to borrow
25.000.000 to Cover a deficit. The
South African war has put a severe
strain on her military reso urces. The
chairman of the meeting of the stock
holder, of Lloyd's Bnk h eld in London
t snort time ago, saia : y ho wuuhi nave
thought when they met in 1900,when the
country was just emerging from the
critical st.'gesof the war, and fancied
they saw the end approachlug, that two
years thence it would still be dragging
onT Who would have thought that con
sols, who stood at 9S,', a drop of 13
from what they stood at exactly twelve
uniitbs previously '.hey ha J even baen
higher than that could possibly fall to
91, the point at which they stood in No
veraber last? Or who would have
thought the cost of the war would
amount, as it assuredly would, to one
third as much again as the whole sum
of XISS.OOJ.O.H), whicd was paid ofTthe
national debt during the sixty-three
years of her late Majesty's reign?"
... - - i j . t.iiri. li t
Primaries April 3rd and 5th.
The republican county convention
stole a large share ot tho "thunder" (or
its county platform, but the citizens con-
vention will have no trouble in finding
more for its platfi rm, and will go it one
better ,md pledgj its candidates.
Charles F. Clark, of Clackamas,
Charles N. Wait, of C.tnby, and an Ore
gon City man, would make a strong leg
islative ticket. These two gentlemen
are good speakers and fighters and are
capable of making a good cauvasa. Mr.
Clark is also mentioned in connection
with the senatorial nomination and is
an able man and capable in every way
to mak-i the canvass.
L. Grazier, of C tnby, is mentioned in
connection wUh tUe recorder's ollice on
the citizens ticket.
Don't fail to attend the democratic
primaries on April 3d and also the citi-
zens pnmaues on April 5th. You can
attend both and represent your preciuct
in both conventions. The democratic
convention meets April 7th to elect dele
gates to the state convention. The citi
zens convention will convene the follow
ing day, April 8th', to nomiuate a county
ticket pledged to reform.
II. Breithaupt and Boone Johnson
have been mentioned in connection
with the office of county com
missioner. Both reside north of the
Ciackamrs where the commissioner
should come from.
S.J.Vaug'ian.Charles Noblitt and Mark
C lapinan, of Oregon City, and William
II. Johns n, of Eagle Creek, are men
tioned as good candidates for sheriff.
In the republican convention Dr.
Smith, of Eagle Creek, stirred up quite
a mess by his resolution endorsing Geer,
and ior a time clogged the wheels of the
machine, but it bad been well oiled and
the obstruction as soon crushed.
The state tax of Clackamas county is
nearly $31,000 this year. If commission
ers were a little more careful it would
be much less.
We are pleased to note that the agita
tion of county matters by the Courier-Herald
nas resulted in the turning
down of J R. Morton when be came up
for renomination in the republican con
vention. However badly the convention
wanted Morton, renominated it knew it
would be suicidal after the publicity
given to the mismanagement of county
affairs under present rule.
You never board of the Enterprise
ferreting out anything the overburdened
taxpayer objects to". It never kicks un
less its graft is curtailed ; then you hear
a howl.
Ex-County Clerk Elmer Dixon is
spoken of in connection with the nomi
nation for county judge. '
Deputy Sheriff J.E. Jack will no
doubt get the nomination for assessor on
the citizens ticket. His experience in
the sheriff's office gives hliu a clear un
derstanding of what the people demand
in regard to assessments.
The nomination of County Clerk Elmer
Cooper and Treasurer Alfred Luelling
are conceded by all.
George Chamberlain, of Portland, will
no doubt be the democratic nominee for
governor and his chances for election
are Brut-class on account of the scrap in
the g. o. p. in Portland.
The citizens platform should contain
a plank pledging a radical change in the
deputy proposition, as that seems to be
the "thorn in the flesh" of the majority
of taxpayers.
Tlmt Machine Ticket..
To the Editor: So the most humble
citizen of the county won id take the
state senatorship for a third terra if the
good people see fit to elect him?
And the machine ticket went through
by dipping one cog in the gearing. That
was when the wrong man slipped in for
assessor, They will restore the county
judge to the commissioners' court, if te
doesn't die wf old agrf before the time
comes round. Very magnanimous aren't
But the best joke of all was the offer
ing of taffy to Dye and Rands in the
8m,,e 0f recommending them as candl
dates for joint representative and sena
tor respectively, when they know as
well as tbey know that election day
comes in June that both those candi
dates belonging to the adjoining county,
Multnomah . And didn't our honorable
joint representative two years ago have
to sign away his birthright, bo to speak,
before Multnomah would accept him?
And that time the candidate rightfully
belonged to this county.
J. S. Yodkh.
Needy, Or., March 31.
Jfih Wanted.
The undersigned will receive sealed
bids for the construction of two eight
room cottages until Saturday, April 5th.
Plans and speculations at law office of 0.
D. & D. C. Latouretie. Right to reject
any and all bids reserved.
Dan Lyons.
AHettfl ffce Citizen Primir
The Committee appunted by a mass
meeting of citizens to call a citizens con
vention tnkes this occasion to urge all
good citizens to attend the citizens pri
maries, which will be .held on Saturday,
April 5th, at the usual voting places
throughout the county. Come out to
the primaries and show the bosses that
you refuse to be whipped in line for the
purpose of boosting into office the can
didates of a political ring. Tho9e candi
dates are simply the creatures of this
political ring, and the mass of the peo
ple have no voice whatever in their se
lection. You are only asked to take the county
business in your own hands. Vote for
state ami national officers of whatever
party yon cho se, but name your own
county ellicer. This is the way to solve
the problem of our unreasonable taxa
tion. The primariewill be held at 2 o'clock
p. in. Voters will assemble at the vari
ous voting places and elect a chairman
and secretary. This chairman and sec
retary will furnish the proper creden
tials to delegates chosen for the county
The number of delegates apportioned
to each precinct are given in the call
for a citizens convention published in
this paper. W. W. Jesse,
Chairman of Campaign Committee.
O. W. Eastham, Secretary.
It is suggested that one member from
each precinct delegation elected at the
citizens primaries on April 5th, come to
Oregon City the evening before the citi
zens convention. The sentiment of dif
ferent parts of the county can be ascer
tained in this way and much time saved
that would be wasted at the convention
next day. ,
Will some one from each delegition
make it a point to come in on the eve
ning of the 7th with this in view?
W. W. Jesse, Chairman,
O. VV. Eastham, Secretary.
Tlie Way They do It In Klilln Pre
cinct. The republican primary election of
Killin precinct was called to order by a
Brownell appointed chairman who an
nounced the only business of the meet
ing would be the selection of the dele
gates to the county convention. The
macbiue slate was pished through by
being grafted on to a particular road
boss candidate whose nomination was
much desired but could not be accom
plished without swallowing the ma
chine slate of delegates. An attempt
was made to adjourn the meeting be
fore any other action could be taken but
there chanced to be one sturdy Ameri
can present who finally succeeded in
of tiring in the form of a motioti some
instructions to the delegates but one of
the delegates elected flaity refused to be
instructed, and the precinct boss. 'think
ing the motion could be voted down, got
up and gave the boss-appointed chair
man permission to put the question.
Think of these methods, Americans I
For the want of a little education, hon
est and intelligent men rob one another
of their political rights just as men once
robbed one another of their cattle. And
when I use the word "honest" I am not
referring to the bosses either.
Monitor, Or,
Coming Local Events.
Democrasic primaries, Thursday,
April 3rd.
Democratic county convention, Mon
day, April 7ih.
Citizens primaries, Saturday, April
Citizens county convention, Tuesday,
April 8th.
I ircuit court convenes on the third
Monday in April.
Initiative and Referendum.
Is self-government right? If so,
referendum and initiative follow. . '
Direct legislation means simply an ac
tual instead of a mere theoretic sov
ereignty of the people. We are governed
today, not by a democracy, but by an
elective aristocracy holding for a term.
The people are sovereign only at the
moment of election the men
they elect become their masters
for one, two, four six years, as the
case may be. Self-government is one
thing the choosing of the men who are
to govern you is a different thing. A
child may choose its guardian; a slave
might be given a voice in the selection
of his master and yet be absolutely sub
ject to his dominion after the choice
were made. '
Power will be used in the interests of
its possessor. If the power of govern
ment is to be used in the interests of the
people they must have continuous and
effective possession of the government.
We call our legislators "agents" and the
people their "principal" queer agent J
who can give away their principal's
property despite his protest, and are
not responsible to him during their term
of service ; queer principal that cannot
veto his "agents'" plans, no matter
how much he objects to them, nor in
struct his agents what to do whenever
he sees fit, nor discharge said agents
when they refuse to carry out his orders :
qneer principal who has to obey the
commands of his "agents, instead of
giving them orders. Ex .
Representatives are elected to enact
the will of the people into law. Now
they can only guess at the people's will
on an great question, and if one guesses
wrong, political death is the probable
and always possible result. Then we
lose a valuable public Bervant, valuable
perhaps because of many years of ex
perience, wide acquaintance with public
men, and positions on legislative
committees, as well as unusual natuial
ability. The system is terribly waste
ful oi talent as well as courage in
public life.
When the Initiative and Referendum
is adopted, if the representative is in
doubt as to the will of the people on any
great question, he can refer it to them
tor their own decision snd let them
take the consequences as well as the re-
sponBibilty. If he guesses wrong at any
time the people can then correct him
without losing his services and experi
ence. fcx.
William Dean Howells, the great nov1
1st, chief of living American literaieurs:
I am altogether in favor of the initia
tive and referendum as the only means
of allowing the people really to take
part in making their laws and in gov
erning themselves. Ex,
' Governor, R. R. Ryan, of Marion
Secretary of State, 0. W. Barzee, of
Wasco county.
State Treasurer, W. W. Myers, of
Clackamas county.
Justice of the Supreme Court, C. P.
Rutherford, of Harney' countv.
Congressman, B. F. Ramp of Roseburg
8tte Senator Fred J. Meindl, of Ab
ernethy. Representatives Robert Ginther, of
beaver Creek precinct; A. J. - Maville,
of Canemah; Waller F. Pruden, of
County Commissioner George Li
zelle, of Canemah.
County Judge Charles E. Spence, of
Sheriff D. M. Klemson, of Cane
mah. Clerk Gilbert H. Robbins, of Killin.
Recorder of Conveyances Franz
Kraxberger, of Macksburg.
Assessor William Beard, of Maple
Treasurer N. W. Richards, oi Maple
Coroner Dr. W. F. Pruden, of
Abernethy, J. S. Mayfield.
Beaver Creek, Wesley Hill.
Canemah, Thomas Lindsay.
, Maple Lane, G. F. Gibbs.
Needy, Carl Hilton.
New Era, Joseph Reif.
Macksburg, Ed Morris.
Barlow and Mackburg: Justice, R. R.
Bratton, Barlow; coustable, F. M.
Mathews, Macksburg.
New Era and Oanby : Justice, Elmer
Veteto; constable, F. Kelland.
Three Oregon City precincts, Aber
nethy, Canemah', Maple Lane and West
Oregon City: Justice, J. W. Grout.
1. All officers shall be put on a flat
2. Reduction of passenger and freight
3. We favor precinct assessors, each
precinct to elect their own assessor.
4. We reaffirm the principles of the
national socialist platform,
Chairman, J. W. Grout.
Secretary, 1'homas Lindsay.
Treasurer, Charles Muran.
Geo. Lazelle, nominee for commissioner-
Socialist L,ecture.
"0. F. Keller will speak on "Socialism"
at the following places: 4
Holcomb ' '
Redland... " 5
Beaver Creek " 7
Clarks " 8
Highland " 9
Canvon Creek ... "10
Mnl'ino. "11
Molalla "12
Mr. Keller is one of the most forcible
speakers on the public rostrum today
and posseses the happy faculty of con
vincing without antagonizing. U me
and bring the ladies.
J. vv. urout, unairman.
With many thanks to the editor of the
Coumkh-Herald for his generosity in
allowing us a whole column each week
to air our views on how the government
should be run to secure the greatest
All socialism includes all the people in
all the world in its beniticence and its
an international, world-wide move
ment. Its banners are already making
tyranny tremble all over Europe and a
part of Asia Its in the air. none
comes in contact with it he or she are
quite likely to catch it. Some take the
gold cure and partially recover. As a
preventive some take Brownell "Buzz,"
others, "Hedges' Honejt" or "Ogle's
Oil," but its useless for the people to
poison their systems with the aforesaid
nostrums, for it's here and you never
will be happy until you try it. It is
like the old-fashioned religion we used
to gei. that made one feei like hugging
allot oie's neighbors and neighbor's
wives, especially the latter.
socialism is alltruism put into prac
tice. Its the doctrine that Jesus taught
and if ministers of the gospel find that
tbey are not preachi.ig socialism they
will know that tbey are what Jesus
called all those that did not teach bis
We leave this bickering and back-biting,
trading in votes, quarrelingover what
has been stolen and what has been mis
appropriated by onr public officials to
the old parties. With all of that, that
part we are not to blame or do we care.
All that we socialists have to do is
with the future. We bavo put into the
field a full set of candidates, all of whom
so far as we can discover, are men with
clean, r!ear. unimpeachable records, not
speaking of myself, of course. Mot one
of them seeking for any office whatever.
Not one of them going around the coun
try telling the voters how "I passed
this law" and "I passed that law'' with
a strong emphasis on the "I."
As for myself, I doot want the office
for which I was nominated, and of
which I did not know anything about
for over a week afterward and onlv
o fill out the ticket. Judge W. W.
Jesse is a good enough justice for any
community, and should succeed himself.
Of some of the other candidates we
would like to speak some other time.
Thanking you for the invitation to
write something for socialism, I am
eternally yours for the Rood of the
I cause, R. R. Bratton
a 1 ' t
u V
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