Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, March 28, 1902, Page 6, Image 6

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are Nature's warning notes of
approaching danger from a dis
eased heart. If you would
avoid debilitating diseases, or
even sudden death from this
hidden trouble pay heed to the
early warnings. Strengthen the
heart's muscles, quiet its nerv
ous irritation and regulate its
action with that greatest of all
heart remedies, Dr. Miles'
Heart Cur.
"My heart beat so hard that it
Bliook the bed, and the pain wa
go Bliarp and severe that I could
hardly breathe. I used four bot
tles of Dr. W iles' lluart Cure i,ni
the palpitation and pain wcra
cone." Mks. 0. Black,
Charleston, S. C.
." o
controls the heart action, accel
erates the circulation and builds
up the entire system. Sold by
druggists on a guarantee.
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
' License Teamsters.
The next legislature should pass a law
licenBini? non-resident teamsters. In
the San lv neighborhood tie and 1 urn her
haule s havd already worn out the plank
roada built four years ago. These peo
ple, as a rule, do not live there but are
merely transient teamsters tIio go from
place to place as jobs are secured. Tney
should be made to par a license or tax
or the sawmills be compelled to furnish
new plank without cost to relay those
worn out. At I'l i-unt Home it is not
an uiicoumi'i'i uu ee 40 or 51) wagon
loads of tie- ir lu n weighing from
five to six to is e cii. duch loads cut
right thni'.tfii ilv i.i iik' as if they were
matihes, -t nialiy f h fltw or knot ap
pears umifr -the wheel-. In the district
norih of mainly the sawmills furnished
lumber to tlm county for $2 per thous
and and afterwards gave the $2 back to
pay for putting down. In the Sandy
district the sawmills charged $3 or $4
and keep it.
What is true in the north part of the
county is also true around Oregon City
where the woixlhaulers cut up the roads
in a simihir manner. Where a man
owns a farm t'mt he is clearing up and
uses the roads, noolijuction is made, but
non-tax paying teamsters should pay a
tax of amne kind for the privilege of us
ing our expensively built roads.
Ellers Will Furnish a Good Piano Free
of Charge for Two Years. A
Good Proposition.
In addition to our regular lines of
pianos, the peerless Chickering, the
fftnioiiH Kimball, the artistic Weber, the
Vohc & Sons, Ilobfrt M, Cable, Decker
ifcSon, and a dozen other w 11 known
standunl makes, all of which are full v
represented in our enormous ftoek, we
have jnut now several very fine square
pianos that must he gotlen out ot the
way at once. Five or 'six carloads of
pianos, that were personally selected by
Mr. My. Kilers, president of our com
pany, on his recent trip East, will he
coming in next week, and we need the
room. In order to get them out of the
way at once you can obtain some excel
lent bargains.
A very Hue Weber eqmirn will go to
the, Brut comer for $115. A very fine
Marshall it Smith, good as new, will go
for an even hundred. Two Kmersons,
a Steinway and a Steek will go for Ihss
than ifMK, a Bradbury for $;J5, and a Bai
ley sqiiMre will go for $:!l).
For live or ten dollars down and $3 or
$4 per month you can secure either of
thouliove. Give the youngsters a chance
to learn. At any time within two years
we will take these pianoB at sale price
towurdH payment of any new I'priuht
piano, thus virtually giving you the use
of a Square piano fo.- two years free.
Call earlv nu takt vour choice.
351 V athington St,, Portland, Ore,
For Over Sixty yearn
Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup liae
been used for over sixty years by millions
of mothers for their children while
teething, with perfect success. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy for Diarrhoea. Is
pleasant to the taste, Sold by Druggists
in every part of the World. Twenty
five ctilts a bottle. Its value is incalcu
lable. Hesure and ask for Mrs. Wins
icwVSoothing Syrup, and taka no other
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of tiie ear.
There is ojily one way to cure Deafness,
and that ia by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflanud con
dition of the mucous lining of the Kusta
chianTube. When this tube gets in
flamed you have a rumbling eo-iiui or im
perfect bearing, and when it is entirely
closed Deafness is the result, and uuless
th inflammation can be taken out and
this tube restored to its normal condi
tion, hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by ca
. i. ,i, iu imflilnu but an inflamed
' ,i. ; ... f H,n inneous sutfaees.
v will ive One Hundred IVdlars for
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh)
Kom.md ho Hall's Catarrh
that c
Snnd forcirculars. free
J. ClIKXKY it Co.
Toltdo, 0.
raj-Sold by Druggists, 7"c.
iiall's Family Pills are the best.
March Term
County Board.
of the
Morton, John Lewellen and
Killin, County Commissioners
Eoad district 31
John Wanker 16 00
Charles Turner 8 25
Albert Turner 8 25
Henry Aden 9 76
finith Turner 5 25
Heorge Arlen 6 00
George Pter8 1 60
John Aden 22 00
Road district No. 33
$77 00
Geo B Rate & Co $47
Road district No. 34
Paid by Batdorf out of poll tax funds'
Road district No. 36
N Blair $1 50
Revig Griham 1 20
K L Kanauy 2 70
Bud Thompson 3 00
Charles C Molson...'. a... 3 85
Tutul $22 25
Road district No. 35
November report
M Donahue 28 50
Joe Donahue 45 00
Groves AGuger 38 25
8 Andrews 21 75
Paul Dunn 40 50
Dan llerlahe 13 50
Gilhert Uougliluui 40 50
J Bell 40 60
Win Hudson 33 00
P P Heia 15 00
A P Honghlum 20 00
Frank Dixon 3 75
Carl Shetterly 9 00
Chester Shetterly 5 25
Total $300 50
December Report
Paul Dunn $ 26 00
G Houghlum 10 50
Groves and Go2er 25 50
Joe Donahue 24 00
M Donahue 25 50
8 Andrews 9 00
J Bell 18 00
Wm :Hudson. J 4 50
P P Heia 1 50
Carl Shetterly 8 25
Chester Shetterly 4 50
Dan Herlyhe 1 60
B P Houghlum 3 00
Total $101 75
January Report
Paid out of bill for road plank.
February report
J Bell $11 25
S A Andrews 4 50
Wm Dickensen 9 37
A P Houghlum 3 00
L Honghlum 3 37
Paul Dunn 10 87
G Houghlum I 60
G roves & Goger 8 25
WBell 7 50
P?'? 7 12
P P Heia 3 37
Ole Mik kelson 7 50
C Ham 1 1 ii 2 25
T. t 1 $79 85
v HDNEsnAY, March 5, 1902.
In the matter of report of viewers on
Btuvey of Hoone's terry and Aurora
road. Read and laid over until tomor
row. In the matter of Gotlieb Shmale, a
county charge. Warrants ordered
drawn In favor of George Mooney.
In the matter of the petition of
Willamette Falls Company for vacation
of certain blocks, lots, alleys and Btreets
in the town of Willamette Falls. Grant
ed. In the matter of petition of W. II.
riottemiller et al, for improvement of
New Sweden and Buckner road. De
nied. In the matter of compensation of Louis
Owlette for improvement of hill on
Foster road. Allowed $;0 from road
district 14.
In t he mutter of reoort of viewers on
survey Rorland road. Read and laid
over until tomorrow.
In the matter of petition of T. II.
Sconce et al, for relocation of Sconce
road. Denied.
In the matter of petition of Eastern
Investment Company for assignment of
certificates. Granted.
In the matter of petition of L. VV. In
gram concerning John II. Churchill and
Chas. Culow. Ordered that Churchill
be dropped from roll of indigent soldiers
and Chae. Culow, allowed $3 per month
irom March 1st, VMZ.
In the matter of petition ef J. II. Sex
ton for rebate ol taxes. Allowed $4.10.
In the matter If resignation of S. B.
Johnson, judge of election for Damascus
precinct. Accepted and . R. Johnson
appointed to till vacancy.
In the matter of petition of Charles S.
Bates, et al, for change in Howard's
Mill and Canby road. Granted, View
erE Charles F. Bates, John Muldjck
and Win. Vorpahl. Date of survev,
March 21st, 1902.
In the matter of WoW Hill, Surveyor
directed to survey same and set grade
In the matter of petition of M. Oat
field, et al, for improvement of Oat field
road. Granted. Work to be paid for
out of funds of road district No. 1,
In the matter of the petition of B. J.
llttlvey , et al, for a county road. Grant
ed. Viewers Peter Engle, H. S. C.
Phelps and C. T. Howard. Date of sur
vey. March 24th, 1902.
In the matter of petition of A.J.Moore
et al, for a county road. Granted.
Viewers W, P. Herman, P. J. Ridings
and K. K. Judd. Date of survey March
ISth, 1902.
Iu the matter of petition of II, Vetch,
et, al, for a county Iroad. Granted.
Viewers Wm. Boriug, Thomas Bohna
Biid Frank Osburn. Date of survey,
.March 2."th, 1002,
In the matter of the Lawton hill road.
am over until March 12th, 1902,
I In the matter o( report ot viewers ou
urvey of Hoone's Ferry and Aurora
r.Md. John aehtman, Ui Keasoner
ai d Henry Wolfer appointed to assess
. damages to laiulB of G. P. H. S. White,
i l i. ...,.,. ..ri, u i,;to u" r u'l.ii,,
Cornelius Dair..
.M 00
Wm Thompson 4 20
Eugene Milts 4 20
O D F Wilson 2 00
E A Stroup 2 00
Isaac Miller 2 00
Ernest P Rands 8 00
Total $26 40
(Continued next week.)
Ory Holiday I Holiday ! Let us be gay,
And share in the rapture of heaven and
earth ;
For see what a sunshiny joy they dis
play. To welcome the Spring on the day of ber
A numler .'of farmers are plowing
around Mulino.
Mr. Finley is visiting his grandmoth
er, who hat been very ill for a long time.
She does not improve as was hoped.
Mr. and Mrs. F. ErickBon and daugh
ter. Mae. were visiting at the home ofll.
Perry last Sunday.
Mrs. Bnynton and Mrs. Trullinger
were visiting Mrs. Daniels last week.
Willows Pratt was a visitor in our
burg last week.
Mrs. HibBon who lias been visiting
her mother has returned to her home at
Mr. MurpLy and family and Mr. Er
ickson and family were the guests of P.
Pendleton last Sundav.
Mr. Davis and family and John Erick
son and Chan. Daniels were visiting at
tue home ot Mr. Wallace Sunday.
H. Perry has sold his farm. Good
luck go with you.
A party waB given at the home of F.
Erkkeon last Saturday eve in honor of1
Johnny's 12th birthday. Those present
were Misses Mae, Pearl and Elva Erick
son, Giista and Beta Bowman, Maude
and Maggie Manning, Katie Daniels,
Mamie, Lihby, Ella and Vivian Saaar,
Belle and Goldie Murphy, Katie Force,
Mae Davis, Eva and Agnes Wallace;
Messrs. Ernest and Archie Davis, Al
bert and Elmer Erickson, Ross Eaton,
Joe and Chas. Daniels, Bayne Howard,
Frank Manning, Chas. Bowman, Fred
Force, Mr. and Mrs. Bowman, Mr. and
Mrs. Murphy, Mr. Pendleton, Mr. Selt
zer, and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace. Games
were enjoyed and we were then fav
ored with a song in German by Mr.
Seltzer and one in Swede by Mrs. Er
ickson. A nice supper was served and
all departed for home at 2 o'clock, wish
ing Johnny's birthday came twice a
Well, Lengthy, it seems to be rather
a mystery that they go to the fruit trees
and never disturb the fence but that's
alright, we can easily find the General.
Beaver Creek.
We have had quite a spell of weather,
as those who are not through plowing
Beem to realize.
There were quite a number at spelling
school last Tuesday evening. It was
the last spelling Jmatch for the term .
Prizes were given. Marie Hermann and
Amos Kirk won the prizes.
Miss Holden's school will close next
ITrwIuv IVa ara Bnrrv In InQA hoi from
0UI midst but we hope to see her back
here again in the fall.
Henry Ft then has a "game" hand bnt
that was not wh.t the girls were laugh
ing at Monday evening.
There was a card partv given at the
home of Mrs. H. W. Mathis, Monday
evenirg in honor of Miss Blanche Hoi
den. Those present were Misses Dora
Henrici, Blanche Holden, Marie Her
mann, Lizzie Weidner, Bella Davis, Sa
die Ogden, Madolin Mathis, Will Shan
non, Henry Shannon, P. and W. P.
O'Connor, Archie McCord, Amos Kirk,
J. G. O'Connor, Henry Staben, Frank
Davis, Elmer Ogden and Willie Her
mann. Now for the basket social Friday night.
Don't be afraid to bid on the baskets,
boys. 1 hey are all right.
Mrs. Smith is visitinir her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. P Bohlander.
Miss Arta Kirk is on the sick list but
we hope to hear of a speedy recovery.
George Davis shot a pine squirrel or a
bear, we have forgotten which He
was not out to the card party.
If any one is in need of rubbish to fas
ten up their gate ways they should call
on Mrs. Mathis. She will be pleased to
give them a wagon load. Lady.
As no one seems to notice our
town I will wriie a few lines.
Miss Alice Ritter has just closed a
very successful term of school and has
gone to Needy to begin her second term.
11. Kogers has gone to l'ortlami where
be will work in a lawinill.
Miss Emma Bock of Portland is visit
ing her folkB for a few weeks.
O. Ritter was a pleasant caller in our
burg yesterday.
K . Bullard is on the sick list.
That's right, boys, practice up for the
Hungry Hollow boys are coming up
Cheer up trank. Some day our school
ma'm will come back again. Sport.
The republican primary was held Sat-
urdar at Highland hall and named pre
cinct otlicers and delegates to the con
vention. It was a tame affair and but
one or two had anything to oner as to
the conduct of the county affairs.
On Monday eve a most enjoyable par
ty was given at the residence of the
Rev. R, R. Punlap in honor of his 79th
biithday. He is bale and hearty, as
most men of fifty. About thirty of the
moBt representative people of Highland
were iu attendance.
Professor Artie Dunlap is very much
In evidence with his singing class and
such interest in vocal music has never
before been made manifest and Highland
is being swayed from stem to stern by
the concord of sweet sounds.
There seems to be a boom in building
here and the demand for lumber is so
great that the mill cannot supply it.
So far there has been no immigrants
out to look at this part of the county.
Bad roads are no doubt the cause, other
wise we might have added to our pre
cinct many desirable families, as there
is plenty room.
Religiom matters promise to be lively
here this season as the Methodists and
Baptists are vieing with each other in
snatching the burning brands from the
tire but as there is but one church build
ing and both parties wished .o occupy
it on the same date, the clouds of trou
ble began to hover over the oiiiei wise
serene community, and for awhile it
looked as though a few Christian mar-
tyrs might l e in order, but the Method
ists withdrew for another dale. j
And now a literary and flehntin" soci
ety is talked i f and those who had their
light under a buchel will have a chance
to shine and Highland will produce or-1
tors who will make Hale and Mernberg
look to their biurets when gold medals
are in sigh.
Now to cap the climax comes the!
Highland laureate with a stanza on a,
lovelorn "Don Quixote" whose Dulcinia
has been captured bv a bolder knight :
No. the Don does not travel the H on
back now
It'n a tale tbat is sad but true,
And the tears that he shed, to try to get
Would wet a moss back through.
How his feet gut the start of his nne-
hor'fe cart
When he told her that lovine vow,
But suffice it to Bay, other "Fellows" are
Up and down that Hogback now.
Miller ami Eastham at Molalla.
As the regular correspondent has not
sent yon an account of the independent
poll i leal meeting at this place on March
loth, I will send you a few items, trust,
ing that even at this late hour they may
be of interest to thoe who are honestly
striving for hotter government.
Mr. O. ' '. Eastham was the first;
speaker. He is a young man of much
ability, a good speaker, ud one who
has shown the courage of his convic
tions by daring to step out and oppose
his own party when it has become I lie
mere instrument to register the will of
the county boss. His remarks were di
rect to the point and were well received
by the large aud.ence. He did not beat
about the bush, but charged ths respon-;
sibilite for the bad showing m ide by
Clackamas county where it b lons, to
the machine system of politics that traf
fics in offices for the benefit of the party ;
boss, j
Colonel Miller then followed in his
usual forcible and eloquent style and
handled the county boss and spoilsman
without gloves. The applause f the
audience indicated that his rental ks
were appieciated. The many telling
points made by both speakers are too
numerous to mention, but will doubtless
be brought before the voters in every
precinct in the county before the close
of the campaign. A sensational mess
age sent over the telephone by the
would-be third term senator was prompt
ly checkmated and let him down, yet
lower if possible in the estimation of the
Molalla will be found loyal to the citi
zens movement; the only hope for bet
ter things that 'an possibly be realized
at the coming election. Right here let
me urge and impress upon everyone
who feels kindly towards this movement
and competent officials, selected by the
people instead of one man who makes it
his business to traffic in offices, the ne
cessity of attending the citizens prima
ries on Saturday. April 5th. Come out.
Do not forget. This is your tight; do j
not leave it for a few to in ike. 1 he way
to nown bossism is to begin at the pri
maries, and begin now. Come out
Geo. Ogle.
Molalla, Match 25, 1902.
IwUliiht Club.
Saturday evening th. Twilight Club
gave a dance in Twilight hall. A dainty
lunch was served. Tnose present were
Mr. and David Martin, Mr. and Mrs.
George Lazellp, Mr. and Mis. C. G. Gib
son, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington, Mr. Mc
Cord; Misses Lorena Lazelie, Ethel Mc
Cord, Emma Wilehart, Blanche Mci 'ord,
jUessrs. Fred Meindl, Marshall Lazelie,
Wallace McCord, Eddie Joehnke, Law
rence Mautz, Eugene Ogle.Tom Kelland.
The Best Fresciptlon for Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron
and quinine in a tasteless form. No
cure no pay. 1 rice oOc.
A Printer Greatly Surprised.
"I never was so mu h surprised in my
life, as I was with the results of using
Chamberlain's Pain Balm," says Henry
T. Crook, pressman of the Aslieville,(N
0.,) Gaxette, "1 contracted a severe case
of rhenmatisra early last winter by
getting my feet wet. I tried several
things for it without benefit. One day
while looking over the Gazette, I noticed
that Pain Balm was positively guaran
teed to cure rheumatism, so bought a
bottle of it and and before using two
thirds of it my rheumatism had taken
its flight and I have not had a rheum it
ic pain eiuce," Sold by G. A. llaroing-
You Will Grow Old
Tast Enough
Without allowing your hair
to become prematurely gray.
Pribr's Hair Food nourish
es and strengthens the hair
follicles, preventing prema
ture grayness and promoting
a luxuriant growth of soft
and silky hair.
the: star of stars
Hs bull bfitrtogk In torn table. Turns freely lo
the wind. 1M1 bertriiiK thrust In wheel, Insuring
light'st running qualities, and reserving greatest
amount of power for pumping. Gnlvunized after
making. 1'ul together wait galvanized bolu,
double nutted, no part can rust or get loose and
rattle. Weight regulator: perlect regulation. No
spring to change tension wlUi every change of
temperature, and grow weaker wit1" ve. Rerxilrs
always on hand. These things are wjrth money
to you. Then why not by Star.
Mitchell, Lewis & Stave:
Portland, Oregon.
illF Wind
IT Mill
Newly Furnished and Refitted
This Restaurant has no Superior in the City
I Opposite Electric Hotel
Call and See
Jackson's Bicycle Shop
Court House Block, Oregon City, Ore.
Tarm Product and Shinghs
taken In Exchange
Roast Coffee, - from 10c lb.
Good Green Coffee, - per lb. 10c
Diamond C Soap, - 7 'oars 25c
Arm & Hammer Soda, - 6 lbs. 25c
Alaska Salmon, - - 4 cans 25c
Oysters, - - 3 cans 25c
Gold Dust, - perpkgiJ8c
Cocoanut, - per lb. 1 8c
Good Syrup, - per can 25c
You Want a Harrow!
The Most Durable and Efficient are made by
Later you will want an Osborne MOWER, RAKE,
It will cost you nothing to examine
the fine complete stock of
Andrew Kocher, Canby, Ore.
j Courier-Herald and
Wheel in Town
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Peg Tooth,
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Disc Marrow
Pacific Homesteaa $1.75