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Mr. and Mrs. Oear May and family,
of Beaver Creek, visited hia parents,
Mr. and Mra. W. W. May, Sunday.
Miss Vada Faust called on MiBS Iva
Irish Sunday.
Evan Lewis is on the sick list.
Mrs. Eph Jones and daughter, Mil
dred, viaited her sister, Miss Reb cca
Kalbileitich, Sundav.
E. Klurgers, of Molalla, spent Sunday
with J J. Guynr and family. What
does this mean, Maggie?
Miss U ichel Lewis, who has been very
sick, is able to be about noT.
Mies lzzie Evans, of Bourne, visitea
Mi-ie Tillie Thomas Wednesday.
Mr. Vonderahe, who has been very
sick, is able to be up now.
Mr. Gregory visited his brother,
George, at Molalla Tuesday.
There will be preaching at the Evan
gelical church next Sunday at Jl o'clock.
Mrs. Preston Cooper, of Oregon City,
visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
May, luBt week.
A dance was given at the home of Ed
win Howard last Saturday night. A
large crowd was present, and all report
having had a line time.
What etate can equal Oregon for pleas
ant winters?
Our farmers were wise enough to keep
their spuds in a go id cellar, so there
were none frnzsn during our cold snap.
It pays to be prepared for such things.
Rev. Duniap, of Canby, and our pas
tor, Re v. Kxon, closed the protracted
meetings hist weuk.
The dtiba'iug society held one of most
interesting meetings last Friday eve
ning. Tim question was, ''Resolved,
that ioreign emigration should be re
stricted." Negative won The next
question is,"Tliat is better to have loved
and lost than never to have loved at all."
The leaders will be George llicinbothem
and Louis Funk.
B. F. Linn Ifi quite sick with asthma
at present.
Harry M isher, teacher of the Hood
View si'ho.d, spent a few days at hpme
during ilie examinations He took the
Washington county examination.
Say, boys, after this, you should see
that there is oil in your lanterns when
you go to church. And Mr. H., this
will apply to you when you see the
young ladies home.
Thos who took in the dance at Viola
came back well pleased with the time
they enjoyed .
Miss A. I. llicinbothem, our teacher,
was at the examination, writing for a
tint giude paper.
The Eldorado school was closed last
week on account of examination.
Old Han, the Chinaman, who worked
the 1'iiiiie Bjs.' hopyard last year, has
returned from Portland, where he has
rieen working for I lie pimt few months,
and ho will now commence clearing u j
the yards and gut ready for spring work.
Ed and John Pnine were in Oregon
City on business hint Tuesday,
Mrs. Minnie Fanton attended the
danee given at tho homo of Edwin How
ard hiHt Saturday evening and reports
having had a good time.
Ed Paine took a load of potatoes in
town for L!. J. llelvey last Saturday.
Robert Shubel and family, who have
been residing i l British Columbia for
the past year, are moving back on their
own place in this burg.
"All well all happy lots
of fun". That is the regular
report from the monkey cage
of Barnum's Circus ever since
the keepers began closing the
monkeys with Scott's Emul
sion. Consumption was carry
ing off two thirds of them
every year and the circus had
to buy new ones.
One clay a keeper accident
ally broke a bottle of Scott's
Emulsion near the monkey
cage and the monkeys eagerly
lapped it up from the floor.
This suggested the idea that it
might do them good. Since
then the monkeys have received
regular doses and the keepers
report very few deaths from
consumption. Of course it's
cheaper to buy Scott's Emul
sion than new monkeys and
that suits the circus men.
Consumption in monkeys
and in man is the same disease.
If you have it or are threaten
ed with it can you
take the hint?
This picture represents
the Trade Mark of Scott's
Emulsion and is on the
wrapper of every bottle.
Send for free simple.
409 Pearl St., New York,
50c and ft. all druggists.
Mrs. B. J. Helvey went to Oregon
City Saturday last.
Mrs. Frank Irish spent Sunday last
with her parents and relatives at Carus.
Glen Irish spent Sunday with her
cousin, Leon Jones, of this burg.
Hel'o! Mr. Editor, after being absent
for some time.I will endeavor to scribble
you a few items this week to let you know
that I am net dead yet.
F. W. McLaren.of Wilhoit, was trans
acting business in Portland last week.
Ab Wilhoit is overstocked with items
this week it takes two correspondents to
send them in, although everything is
quiet in this burg at present.
Mr. Rice, the Silverton butcher, was
in this burg hunting beef cattle Monday
tfennie Johnson's smiling face
seen in this burg one day last week
Our school directors met recently and
elected Mr. Grager, of Scotts Mills, to
teach our next term of school.
Boys, don't forget the dance to be
given at Frank Haun's on Feb. 28th.
Everybody is invited to attend. Bring
your best girl, and don't forget your
lunch baskets. If you have any good
jig dancers bring them along. Come
one, come all, as this will Le a farewell
for the boys who leave for Eastern Ore
gon and other places, where they will
work during the summer season.
B. F. BarFtow and wife, of Pleasant
Hill, w-re visiting the latter's mother,
Mrs. Harriet Groshong.on Rock Creek,
Monday last.
A basket social wan given at the home
of Emma Vorhies on Rock Creek, near
Wilhoit. Monday evening, Feb. 10th.
Qui'e a large crowd attended consider
ing the stormy weather. About 12
o'clock a delicious lunch was strved. The
merry dancers danced until 7 o'clock a.
m. The most notable feature of the
evening was a jig by Frank Haun and
Elmer Thomas and Georga Gro.shong.
They don't claim to be the best in the
world but they are plenty good enough.
Music was furnished by Frank Haun,
Elmer Thomas and A Pluard, and the
floor mnnager was A. D. Mazingo.
Mr. Haun, of Rock Creek, was trans
acting business at Scotts Mills Saturday
A. D. Mazingo is making a new gun
stock for his gun. He uses nothing but
an ax and pocket knife. Beat that if
you can.
Mrs. S. E. Ifaun has carded.spun and
knit 59 pairsof socks, and haa 10 pounds
of yarn on hand yet. Beat that for a
A. L. Wyland, of Rock Creek, made a
business trip to Silverton last week.
Miss Lillie Crouae, of Rock Creek, is
on the sick list.
Frank Haun had the misfor
une to lose his slipper while
going to the party Monday evening. A
boy was soon sent to hunt for the lost
property and he soon returned with it.
Frank, you and Elmer Thomas should
be a little careful when you go into a
room to have a private conversation and
see that there is no one else in the
Frank Haun, of Rock Creek, who has
been on the Bick list, we are glad to re
port.is able to be around once more.
Newn Boy.
Very warm weather for February 1
Grandma Hagey was calling on the
Misses Wiegands Sunday.
John Abbot and Professor Mack were
welcome callers on ye scribe Suday.
Oglesby brothers are slashing brush
for Theodore Campau .
John Taylen is cutting cordwood for
D. 0. Freeman, of Barlow.
James McGill is putting plank fences
and making other improvements on his
ranch, Jimmy needs a good cook .
Mrs. Yost and Mrs. Mike Backait
are very sick and yery little hopes are
entertained for their recovery.
A. Howard, of Barlow, was calling on
J. Taylen Sunday.
The political pot is beginning to boil
and Barlow precinct can furnish several
candidates for office on the citizens
The grouse hooteth and (he criminal
shooteth and puts the feathers therof in
a sack.
The dance at Needy was a stern affair
and will be as long as all kinds of booze
1b openly sold in the same building, as
alnioBt all respectable people are giving
Needy dances the go by on account of so
much drunkenness.' X.
Beaver Lake.
Beaver Lake is still on the turf and its
people are alive ana kicking.
George Groehong made a flying trip
to Silverton one day last week.
We are glad to learn that C. G. Vor
hies, w ho had the misfortune to fall and
severely brube his hand while sounding
up Eome cattle a few days ago, is on the
" The dance given by George Groehong
nt the home of Mrs. E. Yoihies on the
night of February 10th, was a grand suc
cess as usual, and notwithstanding the
inclement weather the light fantastic
was tripped till 12 o'clock, when a lunch
was served, after which dancing was
continued until 7 o'clock a. in. The
most remarkable leature of the evening
j whs a jig by George (nushong before a
delighted audience. Among those pres
ent weie James and Leo Paquctte, Bert
Wade, V. G. orhics, 1 J . Jwcholsiiii,
' Raymond and Alvin Wyland, Ben John-
son, Zeb Hiiweinan.Wiilie I'ait, Nathan
j Swifi l.Geoige llnrdesty ; Misses Adeline,
I Mable and Clara l'tiquette, Josephine
j Slaughter, Klva Wyland, llattie Vor
hies, Daisy Sullivan. George Groshong
was tloor manger. The music was fur
nished by Frank ll.uui, A, Pluaidand
Elmer Thomas.
llattie was all smiles last Monday
A. G. Wylat d has taken up the bar
ber's trade.
Boys, bring the girls and lunch bask
ets to Frank Haun's on the night of
Feb. 28th, and shake your feet. Every
bodv welcome.
Why is it that George and Clarence
wear such pleasant Bmiles?
Mrs. Dart, of Molalla, was isl'ing her
aunt in this burg last week,
Mrs. Barston, of High Hill, has been
visiting her mother the past week near
now!edre is Power ? LATEST
Figure 1 stiowB a mouth where the four Inclsori have
oeen extracted, and the two cutipiils (eye teeth); crowns de
itroyed to the gum line, showing the cuspid roots prepared
to receive a bridge.
Figure 2 repreneuts the I,
ir Idee r ady for Adjustment
Figure il iv.i
placed iu rjositiuu.
uls the case after the bridge litis been
f) TEETH (l
Figure 4 It Is useless to wear a plate In the mouth when
a bridge can be attached to a few remaining teeth and roots.
Figure 5 shows the loss of two upper teeth, the six year
molar and the first bicuspid. The bridge above is attached
by an open face gold crown over the second bicuspid,
and a bar which extends into a cavity oi the adjoining molar.
Figure 6 shows the bridge anchored in position-
Iffk X -J
Figure 7 represents a full set oi teeth on a gold pltte.
Figure 8 Illustrates a case in
which the lateral incisor hiis
been lost and the central incisor
crown destroyed. To this root
a crown has been fastened mid
a tooth has been soldeied to
the crown to fit the interspace
left by the lost lateral iucitor.
Figure 9 shows a root with
crown ready to attach. It ii
folly to extract a root when
It can be crowned and joiul
u useful as ever.
Figure IP Is a mouth that has lost all the teeth tint fouri
the two ouspids and two molars; they are shown us prepartw
for a full upper bridge.
Kipure 11 shows tho bridge complete, ready to place in
(ii'sitioij, as shown in figure 10.
" Iiit M 1 , vi f I ( liii'c( i, 'nt, i di ir! rs fi,.
.iwyj, wm,Bt .nt ii ucvuicu iu me siuuy oi me cental Art, makes a specialty, not oil tctb rp- thr trr-mib rf"PN-i,
still left for service, but of building up a full set (painless) from the teeth and roots which afford sufficient basis for crruThTl
He is prepared to do all kinds of work pertaining to the dental profession and guarantees the same for five years.
Send for illustrated book on " Dental Bridge Work of To-Day." It will be mailed to you free of charge, and will explain so thoroughly
the system that you will understand it as well as the dentist.
Dr. L. L. Pickens, Dentist, Barclay Building, Oregon City
Butcher Rice, of Silverton, was seen
In this section a few days ago.
N. B. XT. has a splendid cure for sore
A.M. Oro8liong has finished logging
for the time being.
Mud is plentiful, but news is scarce.
How is it, George, that they pay you
went bird hunting to Silverton, and hid
your game in Mrs. Vorhies' potato
The next time you go to a dance.Tom,
leave your 20a at home, for you are sure
to get them broken.
Thomas Slaughter's smiling counte
nance of Scotts Mills, was seen at Mrs.
Vorhies' home Monday last. What
seems to be the attraction, Dough?
Who was the lad at the cance with the
game leg jotting down notes? Perhaps
he is one of our many correspondents.
We are sorry to learn that J. Thomas,
a well known young man of this burg, is
suffering with appendicitis. Dr.L onard,
of Silverton, is attending him.
Ben Barston made a business trip to
Portland one day day last week.
Slim Jm.
Hiahland isn't dead if we haven't
hnard from it for awhile.
Mrs. B. Kandel, who hat been sick, is
slowly improving.
David Miller has returned home from
Springwater, where he has been teach
ing school.
Thomas Parish has been away on a
viait and returned home last week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. llettman have gone
to housekeeping.
Fred and Agnes Wallace were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rath last
Ellen Kirk is on the sick list.
James Parish was seen in our buig
last week hunting a widow. That's right,
Jim! BmixHiT.
j Iienry May has rented a place near
Carus, win re he intends to move his
family in a few days. Mr. May has
been employed in Adkins sawmill as
engineer for the last two or three years.
Edward Oa-tiilay contumplat.'s mov
ing out to Adkins Bros.' sawmill in the
neat future.
Peter Sager and family, of Mnlino,
visited his brother-in-law, Ed Oasiday,
last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Richler and
family visited Charles Pipka and wife
last Sunday.
Messrs. Charles Thomas and George
Helvey attended the dance and enter
tainment at New Era laBt Saturday
Miss Sarah Beals died at the home of
her uncle, George Rauch, on Tuesday
morning, February 11th, 1902. The de
ceased had been ailing for some time
with consumption. Miss Beals was
born 17 years ago. Her mother died
when Sarah was 18 months old. The
remains were laid to rest in the ceme
tery at Canby. The deceased leaves a
Say 1 Corporal, did that big shot from
Iha-t 22 at Marks Prairie.annihilate you?
Everybody in this rieok o' the woods
votes Corporal's letters both newsy and
instructive. If that 22 should fire an
other 16-inch bhell it might "bust" and
then our genial editor might as well dis-
continue the county correspondents' '
uepartment or the Uourier-IJerald. So
cialism is coming ! Put your ear to the
ground. .
Mrs. N. A. Olsen, of Oregon City,
apeit las't week at this place visiting
her mother.
Why not write your congressman and
United States senator to work for a par
cel post? It might give 'em an inspira
tion? L. P. Williams is thinkinsr of eivine
.'ranch life the shake and movinz to
Portland in he near future. Ros.
; cij , -
nine oaiuruay,
face is again seen
E. T.Hammond, the enterprising man
living on Teasel, has been work'ng for
me organization ot a urange at Molalla
father, brother and number of relatives I !or tw vears' anduhe is one of your en-
Adca nee.
El Coos went on a busines trip t ) La
Center, Wash.
Mrs, Jones and son, Quiney, were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. F, Kollermire,
J r., a few days ago.
Some of the most prominent young
men of Frog Pond were down at the
foot of Wabash Avenue one day last
week .
F. Kollermire Jr., has been transfer
ring cordwood at the lower pond.
Fred Hodge is driving team Lr Wil
liam Beaman.
Union Hall.
Valentine day has come and passed,
and I suppose each and everyone re
ceived a pleasant reminder of good will
in the shape of a valentine.
Mrs Mamie Ranch, Oregon City, has
been visiting her husband's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George Rauch, the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Molzan visited
their daughter, Mrs. Sophie Adkins,
last Friday.
Almost everyone of the smallpox pa
tients aie able to ue up and around.
The smallpox we have been having
in this neighborhood is in a very light
form. No new cases have developed.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Knotts, of Mulino,
visited their daughter, Mrs. L. P.
Bums, last Sunday.
and friends to mourn her loss Sarah
was a kind friend, a gentle schoolmate
and a loving companion She will be
sadly missed by her many friends.
Thou art gone to the grave;
But we will not deplore thee :
Thou sorrow and darkness encompass
the tomb;
The Savior has passed through its por
tals bef jre thee,
And the lamp of his love is thy guide
through the gloom.
Thou art gone to the grave;
But we will not deplore thee
Since God was thy ransom, thy guardian,
thy guide;
He gave thee, he took thee, and he will
restore thee ;
And death has no sting since the Savior
has died.
terprising men. He has made several
political speeches when Bryan ran for
president, and if the people had done as
he told, Bryan would have been elected.
It is understood that he will Btump the
country on the "Initiative and Referen
dum '' .
Rob Shubel and family have returned
i to our little enterprising village.
The farmers are all busy getting ready
to put in their crops.
The Eldorado school is progressing
nicely under the supervision of Miss
Jennie McMannis and Miss Minnie
Boyles were visiting Dr. Goucher last
Thursday and Fiiday.
Henry Roche was an Oregon City visi
tor Sunday and .Monday.
Joe Clark was up from Canby Satur
day evening and Sunday to visit rela
tives and triends.
J. R. Brannau i going to move his
family to Salem, where they will live in
the future.
Messrs. Benton Killin and Arista Nen
del were in Salem last Sunday and Mon
day on business.
Mrs. E. 11. Wright is on the sick list.
B. Remington is supposed to have the
the varioloid, but there are doubts bs
to tins theory.
Messrs. Elbert and Altnow, our new
energetic hardware men, now have the
most brilliantly lighted store, having re
cently installed three arc lights.
lledland. j
J. C Gaskell took his sister, Hattie
Portland last week.
Professor Duniap, of Highland, is giv
ing instructions to a class of 17 in vocal
Rev. Duniap, of Canby, was called
from the meeting here to conduct a fn
funeral service on his charge at Canby.
The meeting closed the following day.
A class of six children was taken in on
James Fullam suld a band of sheep to
N. Farr at $3 75 per head last week.
N. II. Smith takes out a Sharplees
separator today. x
Andrew Dengler is very low with lung
trouble. L. F.
Mr. Farmer returned home Sunday
from a pleasure trip to Portland.
Hurrah! For the bi
riding the billy goat.
Al Goose's smiling
in our burg.
Miss Minnie Baker is expected home
soon from Klondike .
Miss Dora Boekman has returned
from a week's visit at Portland.
Seyeral of the Frog Pond boys at
tended the oyster supper at Wilson ville
Tuesday Dight.
Mrs. Meint Peters celebrated her 55th
birthday Tuesday. A number of rel
atives and friendB were present Some
valuable presents were received. Those
present were the following: Mn. C.
Heinz, Mrs. J. Aden, and daughters. EU
len and Myrtle, Mrs. H. Ohrtman, Mrs.
Fred Elligson, Mrs. Liesman and child
ren. Joe Lawrence has given np catching
cats after dark.
Sin Twisters.
The weather ii something splendid
vara, and spring like.
Grain is showing up green.
Roads have dried up nicely.
John Seedling was in the metropolis
Claus Peters is putting a picktt fence
around his residence.
Spuds have been on the move the past
G. Reutter is having stove wood
Fred Schatz and family leave today
for Odessa, Wash., where they intend
to make their home in the future.
Many of the children hereabouts are
having a siege of colds. Lengthy.
JYoJs I'ond.
St. Valentine's day is overwiih
ICast Meadowbrook.
Grandma Eall has been confined to
the house for eeveral days with an at
tack of la grippe, but she is improving
at this da e.
Miss Lillian Ramsby came out on the
stage Saturday to visit her grandmother,
Mrs. Ramaby.
Several ofthe worse mud holes near
Union Mills have been "brushed and
dirted" which is a great improvement.
all are happy
The frogs are hoard croaking at all
D. H. Mosher was visiting at the
Feters home Sundiy.
Peter Peters was seen dancing the
light fantastic too on the coal pit.
Fred Barnes is staying close at home,
as he is afraid of the smallpox.
The dance at Gosser's was another
Miss Lily BeemSin.who has been work
ing ac Woodburn for several months, has
returned to her home.
Mrs. H . Ortmann celebrated her 64th
birthday Tuesday and received some
valuable gifts.
Mountain View.
Mr. Savage was up from Portland last
Thursday calling on relatives and
The measles are still spreading.
Mrs. George Ely has had a serious
time with the measles, having taken
cold. She and the children are about
well again.
Mrs. Griffin's children are coining
down with the measles.
Mrs. John May says that she is grand
mother now, as her daughter, Nellie
Farrier, of Washington, has a daughter.
Miss Ernestine Honrici, who has been
working at Portland, is home this week
with her mother.
J. W. Currin is the proud possessor of
a new bnggy harness.
Miss Clark and Mr. Mack were mar
ried last week, and Grandma Clark has
gone to Mount Pleasant to live with her
son again.
Miss Grace Good came down from her
home in Salem .last week, and is now
working for Mrs. Locke.
Mrs. Nelson is at Mrs. Nehran'g home
on Fourth and Monroe street .
Our pastor, Rev. S. A. Arnold, was
not here to fill his appaintment on the
9th, as he was called to Seattle. Wash.,
to the bedside of a very sick brother.
He will be here for his regular appoint
ment next Sunday, Feb. 23.
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