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from $1 40 to $1 70 per 100 in !!; S
100,000 Rolls of Wall Pa
per at 5c DCr double mil at
W.L. Block, The Home-
iurmsher, opposite P. O.
W.W. Everhart, of Molalla, was in
the city Tneedaj.
William Davis, of Beaver Creek, was
In the city Wednesday.
Henry Hedges, of Barlow, was in Or
egon City Wednesday.
Road Supervisor J ihn Aden, of Staf
ford, was in the city yesterday.
W. S. Hurst, the Aurora produce mer
chant, was in the city yesterday.
Airs. Newbury, postmaster at New
Era, was in Oregon City Tuesday.
T L. Turner, the well known Staf
. ford pioneer, was in town Tuesday.
Mrs. Mary Mader, of Poriland, was
visiting Mrs. P. Nehren Wednesday.
O. S. Ward and children, of Viola,
were visitors in the city Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J F. Nelson, ot Liberal,
were visitors in the city Wednesday .
Henry A. Snyder, postmaster at Au
rora, was in Oregon City Wednesday.
Lmis Funk and J. T. Fullain, of
Redland, were in the city Wednesday.
iV. II. II. Dulur, supervisor of the
forest reserve, was m the city Tuesday
WiMiam Thompson, a prominent far
mer of Needy preciuct, was in Oregon
Miss Bursa Reddick, who hid been
visiting friends in taU'in for several
days, returned home Tuesday.
D. S. Livesay, a former resident of
Clackamas county, will remove his saw
mill from Woodbutn to Salem,
County Commissioner T. B. Killin,
states in. tsiair is atieaa for the re
publican nomination for assessor.
L. K. Cogswell, a breeder of red polled
came at unenaus, is visiting ma cousin.
1 1 . . . . '
ueorge L.azene at Mount 1 feasant.
Rev. Bott, of Shubel, was in townyeg'
terday. His daughter, Miss Helen, has
rerarnea irom an extended visit to Lone
Kock, Umatilla county.
Miss Millielruse, of this city, closed
a satisfactory three months term of
school at Jones' mill Tuesday. She will
begin another term of school at the same
place, next Monday.
D. O. Boyles, who has been employed
in a Silverton store for some time past,
was in Oregon City yesterday. He is
now at his old place in L. W. Bobbin's
store at Molalla.
W. H. Bonney, the RedUnd sawmill
proprietor, was in town Wednesday.
He was consulting with Architect W. A.
White about plans for a new dwelling
mac ne is aoout to nave erected.
Joshua Gorbett, the Colton merchant.
who was in town yesterday, stated that
there was less snow in his section than
here. By last Bunday the enow had
disappeared from the Coltoa section. .
Road Supervisor G. H. Briggs, of
New Era, was in town. Saturday, and
stated that the Doernerbecker Furni
ture Manufacturing Company's sawmill,
was running on full time on ash lum
ber. Willard W. Austin, the well known
former school teacher of Clackamas
county, is still visiting friends in this
section. He expects to leave for Ham
ilton, Grant county,' about " Februarv
Casper Weismandel, of Macksburg,
took up the boiler and engine for the
cream separator to be established theie,
on Wednesday morning. . Mr. Weis
mandel will carry on the cream separa
tor business in connection with Port
land parties. They expect to handle aU
the surplus milk in that immediate vi
cinity. George H. Brown, the New Era pc
tato king, was in the city Wednesday,
and Btated that potatoes were now worth
We have the
up-to-date kind
at $2,f0 per doz
en. Sen if they
are cot better
than the kinds
you have been
We are aleo
h e ad q n arters
for mantles and
chimnevs for
Gasoline Lamps
QUR CUTLERY SALE this week will be a hummer.
The price every knife, razor or pair of shears will be
cut so low that you will wonder how we can sell at such a
price. We couldn't and make a profit, but we haven't consid
ered the cost of good's in this sale. After you become famil
iar with the make of Hayden, Randall & Co. you will have
no other, and that's where our profit will come in. We have
dropped every other line of cutlery for th;s, because the
goods ere absolutely reliable. We guarantee every article
bearing the name of H., R. k Co.
75c Shears for - 49c
65c " " - - 44c
60c " " 39c
50c " - 33c
3.5c " " - 19c
25c Scissors, - 13c
1 00 Manicure Scissors, 59c
90 " " 49c
25 Fer Cent. Discount
We Have in
Oregon City, Ore.
rraueisco market. iUr. Blown no. ne
times permits his neighbors to-m.ik-small
shipments to fill out a cur-lo id of
his own Btock, and they receive the re
turns individually. One man recently
shipped 20 sacks in this way, mid the
return check was $30. . The potatoes
netted him $1 70 per sack.
All millinery goods below cost at Mi0s
Born, in Oregon City, February 5th,
to Charles Boylan and wife, a sou.
Eggs are now 22 cents per dozen in
the local market, the e-jpulv not. vet
coming up to ths demand'for the fresh
H. M. Harnden is fining up the
Ford confectionery store ou lower Sev
enth street for oyster and ice-cream
The average quality of potatoes are
bringing about one cent per pound in
the local market. It is only the prime
article that brings fane v prices.
All men are cordially invited to ajlend
the meeting at the Y. M. C. A. Sunday
afternoon at 4 o'clock. A
cal talk will be given hy A. S. Ureter.
John W. Loder will lend the sin 'in i
Hats, trimmings and everything in
millinery line below cost at Miss 4,iM.
Miss Cleo. Smith, recently of Vancou
ver, Wash., has purchased F. H.
weisn's confectionery store ou Main
street. Mr. Welsh is now engaged in
the wholesale manufacture of candies
up stairs in the Sladen building.
Rv. P. K. Hammond, rector of St.
Paul's Episcopal church, will give the
third of the series of sermons next Sun
day at II a. m., on 'Christian Doc
trine. At 5 p. m., the sermon will be
the third of the series on the Bible.
Lost or Stolen-Clackamaj county war
rants, numbered 9212, 9270, 9290, 8602,
9249, 9242, 9321, 9310, 9245, 9234,
9237, 9232. 9260, 9272, 9286, 9182, 8724.
Reward paid and no questions asked if
returned toB. F. Linn, Oregon City, Or.
The Oswego postofflce was broken into
and robbed just .'before midnight Tues
day. About $40 in postoliice money was
secured, and $10 belonging to H. W.
Prosser. The robbers cut a hole
through the door an 1 effected an en
trance. There is no clue to the bur
glars.. Do ytu like pictures? Do you like good
pictures? If so, you are the kind of cus
tomers we want to become acquainted
with. We are nreoared to Hn wnri.
strictly up-to-date. All the latest kinds
of finish and all orders filled promptly.
Give us a call. W. F. Snodgrass, suc
cessor to Cheney & Rait .
Cataract Engine Comoanv No. 2. hold
its annual banquet Tuesday evening.
Tbe following are the officers elected :
President. 8. M. Rioftshv:
dent, Stonewall Vaughan; secretary.
G. B. Dimick: treasurer. John W r.r.
der; foreman, H. E. Straight; assistant
foreman. Henry Salisbury; second as
sistant foreman, Ed Reckner.
The county board of commisiionnri
are in regular monthly session an 1 are
in Jegular monthly session, and are busy
with road matters. Tne MiUaukin in
corporation matter will probably be
heard today. Commiss.ouer r.WHlin
will brine ud the mutter nf n Mm,i
poor farm, during the session. He fa
vors a poor farm after a thorough inves
tigation. The candv store formerlr nwneA h
Frank H. Welsh, manufacturer of the
famous "Home Made Candies," has
been sold to a Miss Cleo Smvth, of Van
couver, Wash., who intends making
many improvements in the place in the
near future, and will carrv Hn
of high grade Cigars, fresh Home Made
Candies Creams. Bon Bin Fruits
Etc. Remember the nlaee. M.in
Street. Opposite Barlow's grocery
A n ivel reception will ba held at t ).
First Presbyterian church on Wednps.
Who Is
Able to testify
to the worth of
a cough remedy
I ban one who
has neon cuud
Hardly a day
pasefs but Home
one tells us of a
ont" by our
Syrup of White
25c. 50c, 75c.
$3.00 Razors,
1 99
2.50 "
2.00 '
1 50 "
1.25 "
75 Corn Razors,
on Every Knife
Cut-Price Druggist.
My Lungs
" An attack of la grippe left me
with a bad cough. My friends said
I bad consumption. I then tried
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and it
cured me promptly."
A. K. Randies, Nokomis, 111.
You forgot to buy a bot
tle of Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral when your cold first
came on, so you let it run
along. Even now, with
all your hard coughing, it
will not disappoint you.
There's a record of sixty
years to fall back on.
Tires sizes: 25c, 50c, $1. All drof fists.
then do u he says. If he tells you not
to take It. then don't take It. He knows.
Leare it with him. We are willinr.
J . U. AYKR CO., Lowell, Mail.
day evening, February 12th. The
function will be in honor of five couples,
who have passed their golden weddine
anniversaries Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Rnh.
erts, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. (Jaliff, Mr. and
inra. Aiirea Laieiung, Mr, and Mrs.
R. 8. Beattie. Mr. and Mrs Mile
Kowen. The reception will be attended
with an appropriate literary and musi
cal program. The public is invited to
the reception, which will be free.
Hose Company No. 3, of the Oregon
City volunteer fire department, elected
the following new officers at the meet
ing held Tuesday niaht: President,
W. B Zumwalt; foreman, Otto Erick
son; first assistant -foreman, P. F. Tune
can; second assistant, O. A. Nash;
secretary, B. M. Doolittle; treasurer,
C. A. Muir. The following candidates
for department officers were placed in
nomination to be voted for at the Bre
men's annual election to be held on the
first Monday in March : Chief engineer,
8. J. Burford; assistant chief engineer,
W. J. Wilson ; one of the three fire com
missioners, O. Rchuebel.
A meeting of all the citizens of Clack
amas county who are interested in good
gouernment will be held in Oregon City
on Tuesday, Feb. 18, to discuss the
political situation. Fuither announce
ment and place of meeting will be pub
lished next week.
William 0. Eyeman and Miss Disy
Anderson, who secured their license in
Clackamas ceunty, were married last
week in tbe Second Baptist chnrch par
sonage on East Oak street in Portland,
Rev. William Randall, officiating.
A marriage l'cense wag issued to Be
atrice M. Sandall and A. VV. Dyer on
January 30th. ' E. C. Emenon was the
On February 3rd, a license was issued
to Myrtle Cooner and S. W. Drisnnll
J. VV. McCain was the subscribing wit
ness. On February 5 h, a license was isaned
Maude E. Hanev and Edward H. Will
the subscribing witness was Henry A.
Snyder. .
Several interesting Functions Dur
ing the Week.
The Woodmen reception to Head
Consul Falkenberg at Shively's opera
home Wednesday night, was ao elabo
rate affair. There was a proceion,
led by the Woodmen Band, and the
program was carried out as announced
in this paper last week. The hall was
crowded to its full capacity, and Mr.
Falkenburg made one of his telling and
eloqueut addresses.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Taylor were the
recipients of pleasant party lait Friday
evening in honor of their 40th wedding
anniversary. Mr. Taylor is now in his
88th year, and very feeble. '
The fiftieth anniversary of the mar
riage of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Kelly 0 3
eurred February 5th. The anniyersary
will be celebrated as soon as Mr. Kelly
if in butter health.
Horticultural Convention
The third annual convention of horti
cultural interests will be held at the A
riciillural Ouliegu, Oorv.illis, on the 13: li
and 14fh ot February. A two days' pro
gram of pithy, pointed talks, papers and
discussions will be rendered. The great
Hucce.ss has attended the former meet
ings promises to be over-reached in the
coming convention. The railroads will
give the usual reduced price.
Letter Lis:,.
The following is the list of letters re
maining in the postoliice at Oregon
City, Ore., on February 6th, 1002:
Womens' List Mary richeer, Ida
Mens' List Warren Brainard, Iver
Brandford, William Butts, F. H.
Clark, Joseph A. Cameron, Samuel
Faust, Wilhelm Held, A. E. Jones,
E. M. Law, John Moffett, E. Mass,
(J. W. Mallutt, VV. F. Parker, E. J.
Weston. Mr. Young, Oregon City Saint.
For Sale My improved farm of 115
acres, 3 1-2 miles BoutKof Oregon City,
and 1-2 mile north of New Era. On the
place are loOO bearing jrune tress, nine
years old, also a latent-improved drier.
Good buildings. Price, $40 per acre.
Apply to Matt Clemens, New Era.
Quit paying rent, and don't pay in
terest. Uwn your own home. The Or
egon Home Mutual Society will buy
yonr home and pay off your mortgage,
and give you 10 years and. eight months
to par for it. Only $" 35 per month for
a $1,000 home. II. M. llamden, Ore
gon City, agent.
I Now is yojr time to buy a hat
M.8B Goldsmith.
McCall's Dress
10 and 15 Cents.
Ofrenloft of
Kj Daily Change of Attractions
Medium Weight, Fleece Lined.
tTnware j crockery 1 K
10 qt. Water Bucket, - - 1 5c J S ' ) gf
9 qt. Dairy Pan, - - - 8c 0dd Lots of Pitchers Bowls, . A
lqtJDmn Ulll' jjf
7 ( Ladies' Kid Gloves, all shades, - 95c Sf
ThO Mens' Fleeced Lined, Fur Top, . ' - ;rj j:
At the regular monthly meeting of
the city council held Wednesday night,
it was unanimously voted that the city's
property on the bluff, above the Sixth
and 7th street stairways, be donated as a
site for the proposed government build
ing. Congressman Tongue has intro
duced a bill in congress to appropriate
$110,000 for a government building in Or
egon City to be used for a postoHice and
United States land office. The com
mittee to whom the bill was referred, re
cently communicated with Mayor Dim
ick and made inquiries as to what could
be accomplished in the way of stcuring
a site. The council proceeding in the
matter will at once be forwarded to
Rev. A. J. Montgomery was present,
and was accorded the privilege of ad
dressing the council. He called atten
tion to the fact that a great majority of
the deaths in this country ccurred in
the winter, and as a result, many of the
burial services and interments were
conducted in the pelting rain. Fspec
ially was this the case in the city ceme
tery . In attending the last sad rites at
the grave women were compelled to
stand on the wet ground while the rain
poured down in torrents, often contract
ing severe colds from the exposure He
too, had observed on several occasions,
when fraternal orders were cor-duoting
ritualistic services the leaves of the
optn book were fairly soaked with the
falling water. These conditions tended
to make the make the burial services,
which people must afend, very disagre
able. Cemeteries in some other cities
have portable tents, which can be placed
over the grave in bad weath. r, afford
ing excellent protection. The sexton
could have the custody of the tent, and
place it in posiiion when needed.
The motion to secure a tent passed
unanimously, and the cemetery com
mittee whs authorized to make the pur
chase. It had been ascertained that
such a tent conld be secured at prices
ranging from $10 to $25, according to
quality. The tent will be paid for out
ot the cemetery fund.
There was an unanimous remon
strance presented against the improve
ment of Adams street from Seventh to
Fifth, the reiuonstrators claiming that'
they were now being heavily taxed Rr
Bewer improvements ; also that the pro
posed improvement of this part of Adams
street would cause all the traffic to pass
tlirouijli the residence portion of the
city II. M. Templeton, one of the r
lumstraterri, was present and stated that
if some of the other cross streets were
Improved, they would not object to the
improvement of Adams street. On mo
tion the petition was ordered hid on the
taliie. Later notices of publication were
ordered for the improvement of Wash
ington and Center streets.
Fred Gjissr was g ant id a si.loon li
cense to cany on business at Seventh
and Railroad streets, and Kelly & JJob
liit were granted a ticense renewal.
Councilman t rai cis reported that a
lot 25x50 feet could be purchased from
Mr. Ely for an engine house on Molalla
avenue for $40. And further, if more
ground was needed, it could be pur
chased at the same rate. The matter of
the new engine house at Ely was then
referred to the committee on ' fire and
The street committee was authorized
to secure the county rock crusher and
grind up a lot of rock for future use.
O 1 motion of Sheaian the matter of
electing a band stand in the public
square on the hill was considered, and
was referred to the stre"et committo for a
The chief of police was ordered to. no
tify Mrs. Newton to connect with the
sewer on her property in sewer distr'ct
No. 2; also notify J. T. Apperson and
Mrs. Barlow, owners of the Phoenix
building in district No. 1, that the
penalty would be enforced unless sewer
connections were made.
There was no report on the condition
of the imaginary rock pile, although
several vagrants had been sentenced to
work ou the streets.
The mayor announced the following
citnmittee appointments: Fire and
Water Francif, Koemer and Huntley.
Cemetery Story, Kelly and Albright.
Health and Police Powell, Albright
and Koerner. No change as yet has
been announced in tbe street committee.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure
a cold in one day. No Cure no pay
Price 25 cents.
our New Centre Aile Sales Counters
at Greatly Reduced Prices. Saturday and Monday an Exceptional
TTt rC
Best Fleece; has to be teen to be appreciated.
All Sizes ar d
All Kinds,
The most reliable preparation for kid
ney troubles on the market is Foley's
Kidney Cure Charman & Co.
Estrag Notice.
One six or seven year old milk cow,
dark red, small, white star in forehead,
white spot under body and one on hind
leg; also on one shoulder; horns of me
dium size, with shell of left horn broke
off. Reward given. Communicate to
Chris Tellkfsok,
Parkplace, Ore.
A Night Alarm.
Worse than an alarm of Are at night
is the 'brassy cough of croup, which
.Anjni:uikn 1. : 1 i i 1 . . . 1. 1 11
and it means death unless somethin is
dona nnicltlv. Fnloo' Hnno .nH T...!1."0'"''
never fails to give instant relief and
quickly cures the worst forms of crouo.
Mrs. P. L. Cordier, of Manuington, Ky.,
writes! "M? three year old girl hada
severe case of croup; the doctor said she
could not live. I got a bottle of Foley's I first, second and third grade certifi
Honey and Tar, the first dose gave quick , cates.
relief and sated her life" Refuse sub- r.j.j i ...
stitutes. -Charman & Co. ' Wednesday-Penmanship.hiBtory, or-
Bean tli 4 Tho Kind You Have Always BomcM
Hot soda at the Kozy Kandy Kitchen
Bean th 9 m MM Have Always
Foley's Honey and Tar cures the cough
caused by attack of la grippe. It heals
the lungs. Charman & Co.
Mothers can safelv give Foley's Honey
and Tar to their children for coughs and
colds, for it contains no opiates or other
poisons. Charman & Co.
Tu Know What Yon Are Taking;
When you take Grove's Tasteless Oh ill
Tonic because the formula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that it
i simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless
form. No Cure, No pay. 50c.
Here is a Bargain.
I have one foreclosure place left and
unsold; 60 acres level, good soil; 16
acres nice cultivation ; balance light
brtiBh; new house, six large rooms, not
finished inside, but coHt $300 as it
stands. Two great springs; 11 miles
from Oregon City; one-half mile from
plank road; worth $1330; will take $750;
longtime; easy terms.
II. E. Chons,
Oregon City.
The Heat PreKClptloti fur Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iroi
and quinine in a tantelees form. No
cure no pay. Price 50c.
Desiring to"closc
out my stock of
Boy's and Men's Clothing
I have decided to
sell the entire lot
To make room for new goods will also make a
Reduction of 10 per Cent
on Dry Goodsr Boots and Shoes, Etc
General Merchandise Store
Glove F ting
C rsets.
Bazaar 1
cent to $2.50
leachers' xaminntlon.
Notice is hereby given that the county
superintendent of Clackamas county will
hold the regular examination of appli
cants for state and county papers at
Oregon City, as follows:
Commencing Wednesday, Feb. 12th,
at 9 o'clock a. m. and continuing until
Saturday, Feb. 15th, at 4 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday Penmanship, history,
spelling, algebra, reading, school law.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, book-keoping,
physics, civil government.
Friday Physiology, geography, men
talArithmetic, composition, physical
baturday Botany, plane geometiy.
?enerl history, English literature, psy-
Commencing Wednesday, Feb. 12th,
at 9 o'clock a. m., and continuing until
Friday, Feb. 14th, at 4 o'clock p. m.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, school law.
Fridaj Geography, mental arithme
tic, physiology, civil government.
Wedne8day Penmanship,
raphy, r adiug, arithmetic.
Thursday Art of questioning, theory
of teaching, .methods, physiology.
Superintendent of Schoo.s.
Oregon City. Jan. 21, 1902.
The New Era flouring mill has begun
operation, and is now ready to grind the
farmers wheat. Flour and feed ex
changed for wheat. Satisfaction guar
anteed. New Era millers.
(Working Overtime.
Eight hour laws are Ignored hv those
tireless little workers Dr. King's New
Life Pills. 1 Millions are always at work,
night and day, Coring Indigestion. Bil
iousness, Constipation, Sick Headache
and all Stomach, Liver and Bowel
troubles. Easy, pleasant, safe, sure.
Only 25c at George A. Harding'B drug
You will nuke no mistake in huvincr a
Unite! States cream separator of theT.
S. Townsend Creamery Company at 44-
Sicond Street, Portland. They give
easy terms, and will take cream In ex
For vcr Sixty 3 ear
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for over six y years by millions
of mothers for their children while
teething, with perfect success. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remeuy lor Diarrhoea. Is
pleasant to the taste, SoUl t,y Driuigi sts
in every part of the World. Twen ty
five cents a bottle. Its value is Incal cu-
lable. Besnre and ask for Mrs. Wins
low's Soothing Syrup, and take no other