Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, January 24, 1902, Page 6, Image 6

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I A.
wander when the brain is
tired. Overwork, nervous
irritation, worry and mental
strain exhaust the brain
forces and diminish their
thought power. Feed the
brain, strengthen the nerves
and build up new vigor, vi
tality and mental power.
The greatest of all brain
foods and nerve tonics is
Dr. Miles' Nervine.
"I have used Dr. Miles' Nervina at
various times for years. I have found
it a perfec t remedy in cases of nervous
ness and insomnia, caused by pro
tracted mental strain and overwork
Have also used it in my f ami. y and I
know it is a true brain and nerve food.
R. II. MARTIN, Charleston, W.Va.
1 iitf'ilirT 1""""
feeds and nourishes the
brain and nerves, over
comes irritation, and brings
sweet, refreshing sleep.
Sold by druggists on guarantee.
Dr. Miles Medical Co, Elkhart, Ind.
For Piiuuinoiila.
Dr. C. J. Binliop, Atinew, Mich., say's:
"I have used Foley's fiorixv and Tar in
thra very severe c bps of pneumonia
with giod results In every case." Be
ware of suhsti utes. (Jliarmau & Co.
Look Carefully
To Yocr Kidneys
Dr. Jenner's
Kidney Pills
cause the kidneys to work as
nature intended they should.
They build up the shrunken
walls of the kidneys, as no
known remedy has been found
to do before.
As a cure for urinary troubles
they have 110 equal.
10, 25, 50 Cents iot
Sold and Guaranteed by
-Prescription Druggist,
Oregon City Oregon
Don t Force
Your. Bowels
with harsh minerals which
always leave bad after-effects
on the entire system, and where
their use is persisted in, tend to
completely wreck the stomach
and bowels.
..USE. 1
Edgars Cathartic
The only harmless, vegetable,
bowel .regulator, and liver vitamer
As pleasant to the taste as
candy, and as positive as the harsh
est mineral. No gripe or pain.
JO, 25, 50 cents.
Sold and Guaranteed by
Prescription Druggist,
Oregon City Oregon
g Foe
Pyspopsia is linnvogniml in P
hull tlto cafes. It deceives the St
ualuiouing KtilK rer. Its many J
variations work along tlto weakest
linos of the stoin. To battle (
diinst only one of them w vain, z
(lur booklet explains itx symp
torn. Our lvsmisin Tablots giva (T.
(-oni)ieie uuu iaMiii; reuei.
l l i . .i:
Dyspepsia Tablet:
10c, ?5C.
.T)9 AND 6UC.
Sold and Guaranteed by
Prescr.ptlon Druggist,
tji'egon City Oreson
Several Interesting Functions Dur
ing the Week.
The Relief Corps and Picket Post at
Hubbard held their annual installation
in Woodmen hall. Post Commander
Ingram, of Oregon City, was presentf
and installed J B. Dimick, sergeant of
the picket. Mrs. Sara Hinkle installed
the officers of the Relief Corps Ad
dresses were made by Commander In
uram and Sergeant Dimick. Wood
burn Independent.
The Sans Souci Club, a new social or
ganization, gave its first social dance at
the armory iaat Friday night. The best
people in the city participated in the
function, ami th initial ball was a grat
ifying success. About 70 people were
in attfndance, several of them being
from Portland. Turney's orchestra fur
nished excellent music for the 15 danc
ing numbers presented.
'MinsVada Boylan was the recipient
of a very pleasant surprise patty at the
home of her parents on lower Seventh
street last Saturday evening. GameB
and refreshments were features of the
function. Those present were: Misses
Eilie Knowland, Bessie Doll, Oley Mor
rison, Veta Bacon, Irma Young, Lula
Young, Maud Ford, Mabel Stitigley,
Ida Williams, Nona Chapell, Grace
Van, Vara Boylan; Metiers. Ola and
Ora Bovlan, Lawrence Ruconich, Ed
d e VVillpv ' !it in- t'fvft Willie Rnco-
nich, Johnnie Richards, Raleigh CVoSS,
Leo Cannon, Ward Baxter, Dudley
Woodward, Carl Nrhren, Clarence
Green, Dan Sears, Frank Morrison.
The new officers of Shamrock Re
bekah Lodge, of ClackamaB, installed the
following new nflii'fira In at utr,la
night. The following new officers were
instated ny uistnct Deputy Mrs. M.J;
Lutz. Following are the new officers:
Noble grand, Mrs. Cora Cramer; vice
grand, Hattie Webster; recording sec
retary, Mrs. Otto Gengelbach; financial
secretary, Mm. Webster; treasurer, Jo
Bie, Johnson; warden, Bertha Talbert;
conductor, Jessie Talbert; .inside guar
dian, Myrtle Ryckman; outside guar
dian, Willia Johnson; chaplain, May
Johnon. A correct list of the other of
ficers were not received A hannuat
was sered. Those present from Oregon
City were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. How
ell, 8. S. Walker, J. J. Conke, Charles
Miuiam, uertruue fairclough, Lulu
HanliinH. Ada KedwplL M
Lutz; Mr. Orumbley.
Mr S. S. Walker, as past, guardian,
installed the i.ffir-ura nf Kil 1iiv.ln
Tuesday evening. The Woodman Band
mini neci excellent music. There was
a UOod lit tHllltunCO unit a anlun.li.t lni.nl,
was served.
The local MftHOnin Irultm ctnxra a vmnar.-
tion to Grand Master W. E. Grace, of
Bilker Oit.V. VRBtprrlim nsninii Ho
had been visiting his brother, G. W.
Grace, and will an tn Tha Dulioa ni
on an official visit to the lodge there.
Tha Baptist young people gave an en
joyable basket social in the church base-
uiem rriuay evening, some 01 the bas
kets brought fancy puces.
The initial rinnrta uivan Kir H.o rr;,.l.
Sclli" I Club at Willuinnttn hull !
iHtiii. lay night, was a rery aucoeeBftil
R.il "n Hood Onnrt. Forested nf
Anici.ci, will have a smoker on Friday
evening, me 31M.
Portland Market.
(Corrected on Thursday.)
Flour Best 9.70ra3.Hn oral..,..
Wheat Walla Walla fil rtrfiMr.. ll,,
(ilc2; bluestem ft'c.
Oats White, 1.15; gray, 11.10.
Barley Feed $18; brewing $L'0 per t.
Millstuffs Bran 18: middlimro 'n-
shorts t'.'O; chop $17. '
Hav Timotbv tll(ai2- pin, 7(.
Oregon wild $0.
B itter Imiicv creamerv 2") n.l .!ftn
store, 12 and 25.
Kggs 23 cents per doz.
Poultry Mixed chickens $3.503.75;
urns S;l.5l)(4: snrinus :tftf3 fill ; wwbu
if7; ducks $5 ; live turkeys 11
12c; dressed, f)fail7c.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, weathers
and ewes, sheared, $3 25; dressed, 5
and 6 cents per pound.
Hogs choice heavy, $5 75 and $G 00;
light, $5; dressed, 6 1-2 and 7 cents per
Veal Large, 8 and 91-2 cents per
lloef Grows, top steerst $3 50 and $4,
dressed beef, "3 and 7 cent's per pound.
Che-se Kjill cream llc per pound
Young America 12c.
Potatoes !01. 10 per hundred.
Vegetables beets UOc; turnips 6oc
per sack ; garlic 7c per lb ; cabbage $1.25
(i)1.50 per 100 pounds ; cauliflower 75c
per dozen; parsnips 85c per sack; celery
70(it75c per dozen; asparagus 7Sc;
pens 2i$3i! per pound.
Dried fruit Apples evapora'ed 78 ;
sun-dried sacks or boxes 45c; peare
sun and evaporated 8(i?i)c; pitleas plume
(i(iio;7 Italian prunes 34c; extra
silver choice b7.
Hot bo l.i at the Kozy ICatidy Kitchen
FAITH willbeas
strong as
ours if you try-
4 4 4 d ""'l ,,rs stronft we
jllI Ifunroiitcencurcorrffuiid
tnoney, mul n-e seiul you
tree trial bottle it vou write for it.
fcllll.OH'S costs 25 ctnts and will cure Con
sumption, Pneumonia, Hioiu-liitis and alt
I,ii(f Troubles. Will cure a cough or cold
in a duv, nnd ttius prevent sei ious results.
It has beendoini; tliesr things for SO years.
S. O. Wuu.9 S: Co., I,e Rov, N. Y.
N'otic I herein Riven Hint tlio nlorii;ned
tins been duly Hppmuted by the County Court of
Cbu'knuiiiw tmniv mid 8Ule of Oregon as the
Ailminlsirator of the estate of It. F. linker, deoens
eit, n:id thst nil v'rons Inwlna: clntnis a?.ninst
tlie sat.t estnte lnut present them to the uiuter.
signed, wtih in'otu'r v.mehers, at the law ollleo of
C. I1. l,Mtnmv:ie in Oi'o-.roa v'ity, Orejj'ni, vviitdu
six uiouttiS from 'tie dute tli.Tuf. P;ito-1 J.-tn.
iiul.lXiO. H.Mi..SKINllll,
.Admiiilvlt'Ator of f'.o - i ie ot H. f. It,i';t r. dc-eciiseU.
A pretty home wedding took place at
the home of Dr. an J Mrs. J. W. Powell
at the corner of Center and 1 bird streets,
8:30 p. m. Wednesday evening, the
contracting partiei nemg their daughter,
Alice Gertrude to Lieutenant Fred W.
Humphry's. Rev. W. S. Grim was the
officiating clergyman. The wedding
was private, only immediate relatives of
the two families being present. After
the wedding luncheon Mr. and Mrs.
Humphrys took posssession of their
home, the new Meyer cottage on Third
and Washington streets, which bad
been prepared for their reception . The
palors and dining room of the Powell
residence were prettily decorated for the
event. The bride is an estimable youn.'
woman, and the groom is a BaleBman in
Huntley's bookstore, a Spanish war vet
eran, and second lieutenant in Com
pany B., 0. N. G.
Miss Mary E. Gill, daughter of ,T. S.
Gill, of Logan, wag married to E. N.
Barrett, of Portland, the ceremony tak
ing place at the home of the brides par
ents at Logan, Wednesday, January
15th. Rev. J. W. Exon, of Viola, was
the officiating clergyman. Alter the
ceremony and attendant festivities, Mr.
and Mrs. Birrett left for Portland,
where he is a foreman for Smyth &
Howard. Both are popular young peo
ple. Marriage licenses were issued to
Edith Hinz and Henry Schink on the
21st, Kathryn Coe atid L, Hoyt on the
Tfie New Era Furniture Factory
MM Started Up.
A D. Monroe, lumber superintend
ent of the Eoernbecher Manufacturing
Company, of Portland, was in the city
Wednesday evening, and stated the
company's new sawmi 1 at New Era;
bad started up thatNmorning. The mill
will be kept steadily running on maple
and ash, to lupply their furniture fac
tory in Portland. The mill is equipped
with a lightnig running band saw, and
has a capacity of 25,000 feet per day.
Mr. Molloy ij foreman of the mill,
which will keep 10 or 12 men busily em
ployed. Mr. Monroe Bays that they have two
ouena camnn nnnrnlino on tha r!,u
one at the mouth of the Santiam, and
the other just below Oorvallis, and that
he will start another camp soon, above
Corvallis. He will also start tip the
company's mill at Albany, which has
uooii uiuobu oown mr a time, ine nara
wnod Iocs ara ruflnrl to tl, milla .u.
they are cut into suitable dimensions to
ue inuue lino uimuer.
Mr. Monroe ham ltppn annortnlpn.1.
ent of the lumber businets of fhii com
pany tor me past five years. Thia mill
will he a crreat indnstrm! ontamrieo tnr
Clackamas county, and will make a
uihtkhi mi ine mapie ana asn along tne
- County Expense Account.
The folio ., intf ftanroa nnvar tha ram,.t
of the county clerk made to the secre
tary of st ite i. the year 1901 :
Co. conn and commis $ 3,308 SO
Circuit court 1 10,8 ra
Justice c ourt 1,205 68
Sheriff's office 2.955 86
l lerk's office 2.448 75
Recorder's office 2,488 70
Treasurer's office 1,262 80
Coroner's office , . 494 85
School supt. office 1,300 81
Aisessor's office 6,375 02
Assessing and col. taxes 1.543 an
Tax rebate 397 03
Current expenses , .1,631 80
Courthouse ex. and jjil ... 1,910 51
Care of poor 5,526 64
Indigent soldieri 608 75
Insane llfi 05
Reform school commit 143 50
Bridyps Q' SQI an
n ...... .. .. ........ , i
Scalp bounty , 612 00
nuiory.iein, , io UU
Total $69,535 55
Money paid out of the treneral fund
for road expenses is included in the
bridge account. The county judge's ex
peneea of $1200 are included under the
head of county court and commission
ers. Warrant! drawn on the road fund',
not included in the above, amount to
about if 24 000. This would make the
total expenditures of the county foot ud
something over $100,000.
Letter Lin:,.
The following is the Hat of letters re
maining in the postodice at Oreuon
City, Ore., on January 23rd, 1902:
Wonieni' Lilt Mrs. Minnie Waaner.
Mrs. Mary Norton. Hilda Olston. Mrs.
Mary Smith, lnina Williams.
Mens' LiBt Charlie Adams. T. L.
Ball, John Bailey . W. H. Blood, Les
lieC. Clement, James Clark, Will D.
Fish, John N. Howlett. R. A. Murrav.
James Miller, A. H. Mulkey, Millard
Miller, Geo. 11. Miller, Tat Mulligan,
iui wnrptiy, lan JMctarland, Dave No
lan, M. Nox, Henry Olsen. Pat
O'Connor, Bill O'Connor, Albeit Price,
Jim Tilley, J. W. Walker.
Bom, to the wife of S. P. LuoHing,
near Redlaml, Sunday, January It); Ii.
Weight, 12 pounds. Mother and child
doing well.
A Popular Favorite With Ticket
Following is the vote in the Checkering
piano contest:
W. O. W 052,200
K. O. T M 394,427
The latest count places the Woodmen
of the World 257,797 ahead. The poll
box will close at 7 p. in. Saturday.
The Redmen won the Irving piano
over the schools, the vote standing 709,
5S3 and 4SS.SS5.
For Rent.
A 10 aero tr ict in C.ineiuah 20 min
utes walk from Woolen mill. Good
house and out bui din s. Two good
cows for sale. For information call at
house, or address U. W. Porter, P. O.
Bjx 00, Oregon City, Or.
Does not depend on the start but on the
finish. It's staying power which carries
many a runner to victory. It's like that
in business. Many a man starts off in
the race for business success with a
burst of speed which seems to assure
victory. Presently be begins to falter
and at last he falls and fails. The cause ?
Generally "stomach trouble." No man
is stronger than his stomach. Business
haste leads to careless and irregular eat
ing. The stomach and other organs of
digestion and nutrition become diseased.
The body is inadequately nourished and
so grows weak.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cures diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutrition. It
strengthens the stomach and so strength
ens the whole body which depends on
the stomach for the nourishment from
which strength is made.
There is no alcohol in " Golden'Medical
Discovery," and it is entirely free from
opium, cocaine and all other narcotics.
Accept no substitute for the " Discov
ery." There is no medicine "just as
good" for diseases of the stomach and
b.'.'ief organs.
Your5olneri Medjod pi;v(fry 1 has per
formed a wonderful curt," writes Mr, M.
House., of Ci?'ieiioa, Frtaklin Co., Ark. "I
had the wornt cau of dyspepsia, the doctors
say, that they ever saw. After trying seveu
doctors and everythlus- I could hear of, with no
benefit, I tried Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery and now I am cured."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure
Thousands Sent Into Exile.
Every year a large number of poor
sufferers whose luniis are sore and
racked with coughs are urged to go to
another climate. But this is costly and
not always sure. Don't be an exile
when Dr. King s New Discovery for
Consumption will cure you at home. It
is the most infallible medicine for
Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and Lung
diseases on earth. The firt dose biings
relief. Astounding cures resnlt from
persistent nse. Trial bottles free at
Geo. A. Harding's. Price 50c and $1,
Every bottle guaranteed.
Chapped hands, cracked lips and
roughneis df the skin cured ouickly by
Banner Salve, the most healing oint
ment in the world. Cbarman & Co.
A Deep Mystery
It is a mystery whv women endure
Backache, Headache, Nervousness
Sleeplessness, Melancholy, Fainting and
Dizzy Spells when tiiouBandsi have
proved tiiat Electric Bitters will quickly
cure such troubles. "I suffered for
vears with kidney trouble," writes Mrs.
Phebe Cherley, of Peterson. Ia., "and a
lame back pidned ni" so I could not
dress myself, but Elec.r c Bitters wholly
cured me, and, allium uh 73 years old, I
now am able to d ull my housework '
It overcomes Constipation.improves Ap
petite, gives perfect health. Only 50c
at Geo. A. Harding's diug store.
Bean tha
jM ma miiu i nave Always oougm
TU l:J U... ii it n
Yon should know that. Foley's Honey
and Tar is absoultely the best for all
diseases of the throat and lungs. Deal
ers are authorized lo g-arantee it to
give satisfaction. Chaiman&Co,
A Cure for Lumbago
W.,0. William-on, of Amherst, Va
says: "For more than a year I suffered
from lumbago. I finally tried Cham
berlain's Pain Balm and it gave me en
tire relief, which all other remedieB had
failed to do. Sold by G. A. Harding.
Individuals' Money to Loan at 6 per
cent and 7 per cent, v
Call on or write,
Jons W. LoDEIi,
Attorney at Law,
Stevens Bl'd'g. Oregon City, Oreg
Hears the f miiu nam Always
The Kind Vou Have Always Bough!
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If it fails
to curer K W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c.
J It Msans Sure Death
Jd the Little Rascals
t Causing all the Trouble
Prier's Ar Food cont iins a
- grede f which the parasite J
X nsi"1 iJandrnff cannot live. J
I es destroying the dandruff X
J iHsite "The Hair Food" is also J
X tonic and food for the hair, J
i mulating the hair follicles and
pplying the roots with energy
X d nourishment. Makes the hair
ow when all else fails.
X'J For S.de by all druggist.
Stylish Spring Jacket
To any one who will mention Coil"-iour-Herald
and send us 25 cents we
will forward immediately the pattern
of an advance t'aris style for a Spring
The Morsc-Boughton Co.
Publisher of I.'Art da la Mode,
3 East 19th Street, New York.
Single copy of L'Art ds la Mode 00c.
Newly Furnished and Refitted
' ; i rrjiuta rttHSUiiABLt j v j : ; i
This Restaurant has no Superior in the, City
Opposite Electric Hotel
i , f W 5 "1' ,
Bread Is the
' Xhe better the,, flpur, jthe better the bread; S
,,t -,,vrThe'bette;Hhb bread, 'the stronger, the staff.
, Makes the , Whitest,, TJghtestBread j ; It is kept
' ' for sale by all dealers. ,' Demand-"Patent" Flour.:
Made by. ' .. -v-m : " - ' '
Good Literature
advertlBlng matter. ' -Its
1-7 Cml A lfio4- PamPh'ets, folders, booklets, etc., are
J Xa.llllUi3l tastefully gotten op and are valuable for
what thev contain. Here is a pa
XTrx-f l-i i n rr ' of what MR- CHA'S. S. FEE, eneral Pa.
11 U illllll Agent, St, Paul, Ninn.,; will "end out; c
mailed', upori receipt of prices given. An
nation can be made, arid motiev or
accepted. .This is a fine opportunity to obtain (rood descriptive reading
matter for little or nothing, ;! ! j(j. ,;.! f - ; ' ,
Wonderland ipoi-: ;;;,;.:;;;, ,j , , ( ,, ,;i v, .. . . . M;'t . V i
. An nnual publication, beantltiilly UluRtrated in color aad , j
halftone. This number treats particularly of the history of 5nd , ,,
, the Northern PacHo-t Trademark, the ouster Battlefield In Six Oenti "
" 1 ' Montana, aud tbe yellowson Pirk. , ,..,. n , )
Miniature Wonderland-
A neat and dainty pdblliiatlon
or to sorthern Paeirlo Trademark. Th artUilc ooTera of 5nd
ui the Wonderland,, 1901 are used
Wild Flowers from Yeliowstone-4
A book of pressed wild fliwen from YMotonV Park, " "" i,
n -i r "howlng tho real fl-wiirB in their natural colors.. A -'ulnty Send "
l i t 2n,d beu,jful souvenir ten (ipeelmens of floweri t $ix : Fifty Ceta '
I -i'1 'full naira H h.tv.llnn. nf D..I. .n..Hn.. i 1
Yellowstone National Park- i 'A
u A new 113 page book in strong ; flexible covem, good paper, t i
plain type, lllnsu-'ited.-pocket Rie, a . compendiam , and TweatvllT
, Climbing Mount Rainier-' .'J',, , j ',('', Vi .
',10 'An Illustrated pocket-size bojk, 72 pnees, In utrong, fleilble 5end . r
covers, printed on hears- paper, descriptive of an' aacent of TwentT.flre
fhn lilaKnat no.k 1 ()m n,, Ot.inn A,.ti.. , . '
M I,'
irmrtml natnre. . ,
t i ''.' ... .,: ,1
i 2nd Afincial Sale
Everything Reduced
...We Can Do Better.,
, " : ' : .-''
By you this year thanever before and would,1
be pleased to have you give us a trial order.
We do not run a department store or a black-.
smith shop, but we do conduct a
And sell
lidok at Thec Price
Jumbo Mush, 24 lbs. in package,
2 packages for,..-... 15c
Salmon, 3 cans. 25c
Arm & Hammer Soda, 8 lbs.
for .25c
Good Syrup, per can ........ 25c
Roast Coffee, from 10c
Green Coffee, per lb. 10c
Sardines, 6 cans; . . ... ...... 25c
3-lb. can Baked Beans 20c
Washing Powder, per lb 5c
Ackerman Coffee Extract, 8'
packages 25c
Lemon and Vanilla Extracts,
per oz. , 5c
Bird Seed, with bone and grav
el, per package 7c
Blueing, per bottle. , 5c
Matches, per bunch. . . . '.',' . ic
GLASS SETS, consisting of SUGAR
HOLDER and CREAMER, from 35c per set.
guarantee same. '
!!!,'?.' 1 1
f ! -I 1 V : ;j I
Staff of Life
Ttie Nortliern Pacific is not
ed among railways for itB
what they epntam. Here is a partial list ,
carefully :
einress orders, silver or itmini will ha
A .'I
containing a compleU history 7 'i' it1
hi miniature
Fear Ct
;:-j - ','-o)
I f " ' '
;-ir) i
. .(
if n !s1i'.7
... ... .. . .- at
:. ;;t;. t
;i V-i
Sewing Machine Oil, per bot
tle 5c
Regular r 5c Shoe Dressing. . . 10c
Lemonade Sets, from l $1
White Metal Teaspoons, per
set............ ..15c
Curling Irons, each '. . 4c
Fancy Toilet Soap, per box! ."ic
Lead Pencils, per dozen 10c
Table Oil Cloth, per yard . . ; . 8c
Toilet Soap, long bar 4c
Men's Working Gloves, from., .25c
Men's Black and White Striped
Working Shirts 43c
Men's Suspenders 15c
Men's and Boys' Hats at fac
tory prices.
Men's and Boys' Leggons 40c