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J. H Vick, of Molalla, wai in Oregon
City ilonday. - ,
i Mr. and Mrs. J. Koowland visited Sa
lem yesterday. -. . , j , ,
I I ?rne?' was a visitor in Ba
J lem Wednesday.
Ludwig Hartke made a visit to Wool
burn Wednesday.
Ed Hahn, of, New Era precinct, was
' m the city yesterday.
' Charles G. Miller, who has been se
riously ill, is improving. ' ' :
Mrs. B. E. Allen, of Monmouth, is
visiting relatives in the city. ,
; j John Burgoyne,' of New Era precinct,
was in Oregon City Monday.
A, F. Kniaht, of Canby, was & visitor
in the city during the" first of the week,
Mrs. E. D. Kelly, who was jaeriously
, 9 w" uouevBii n oe on me roaa to
k Miss Esther Williams; who has been
f visiting' relatives in Salem, returned
(. home Wednesday.
t J. W Clement, who formerly lived at
Wilhoit Borings, was mairied at Cot-.
; tage Grove this week.
J. W. Draper, who recently purchased
( . ttmiuoi a looiuoiujHi property- ax toi-
; ton, is fitting up the same for occupancy
-. by himself and family.' . . , :
t ; TR,. E. Norris, representing the JJn
i. versity of Oregon Giee Club, was in Cor
1 valln Friday, arranging for the appear
t.ance of that organization in this city
' February 11th. Utirvallis Gazette.
r?$- 9lm well-known resident of
: Wliott rtairie, was in the city Wednes-
1 liav Ma tldd Viann nPE.! t I
- - -- ' UUIIDItlOID'
oly with rheumat am. and expects to
..' leave soon for .Eastern 'Oregon, ' for a
' change of climate. , s v , , , , , , . ,s ,
; A. G. Banhomew,' county judge of
Morrow cointy, was in the city Thurs
day, accompanied by one of the county
-commissioners. It is the intention, to
build a new court house at Heppner,
nd these officials were investigating
the make-up of the Oregon1 City court
bouse. , ... , .
J. H.McKibben, editor of the Sena
tor, the Knights !; bf-f. Pythiai paper,'
in Portland, also A. M. F,ry
F. 0. Beaton, . Wk7g,(H'ur8t,'t Albtrt
Smith, L. I. Snyder. , of r , Hermes
lodge at Aurdra.U'visited1 Cataract
Lodge, Knight's of Pythias, Wednesday
night, v There was 1 wck Jn all three
tanks, and a banquet followed.
H. H. Johnson returned from Salmon
river Monday, where he made a survey
of the proposed purchase for a site for a
flew hatchery . 'About. 19 "acres ' were
- surveyed, taking in iherivef (of tbout
half mile. Mr; Johnson nade the sur
vey under the ;direction of the state fish
commission, and it h understood that
the owner of the property, Jwhn Buchi
pjd, is willing to Bell the' property at, a
reasonable figure.,; It; i expected that
the board will complete the purchase
at the next meeting, prepatory 16 erect
ing a hatchery building.. Superintend
ent Tom Brown accompanied ! H. H.
Johnson in. and sav Hi at. Ai
862,000 young fry, growing nicely.
,, Congregational Church.
The theme for next Sunday will be
''The Value of Lives" in the morning
and "Some Things Needed to Get Along
in Life" in the evening.
The next supper oil the ''Men's Con
gregational 'Olub" 'will be given next
Wednesday evening. Dr. Stephen S.
Wise will be the speaker ou tke occasion.
The t-eme selected is "Israel's Gifts to
the World.'' The management ot the
Club has decided to give an opp rtunity
to hear this talented Rabbi of the North
west. . The address will be given in the
auditorium o the church at 8:30. Price
of admission will be 25 cents.
After the grip
you muBt have
throw off
m i s e r a b
cough. Many
a one has given
way to Dr.
Baker's Rock,
Rye and Tolu.
yours will do
the same if you
get the genuine
at Huntley's.
50c and $1.00.
2 Before taking stock (Feb. 1st) we want to close
Y out all our present line of rubber goods. To do this
X we are making such a cut in prices that we believe the
l6 uuuiiuio go. l nis is just me season tor hot
T water bottles. Get one now when you can buy a $1.00
Y one for 59 rent. .
one for 59 cents.
Regular Price
Marvel Whirling Spray .... $3.30 .
Ladies' Dauche
Goodyear Cro m Bulb .....
C I .
Globe "
Everett "
Crown Comb. 2 quarts
" " 3 "
Barnes " 3 "
Ruby Fountain 2 "
Challenge " 2 '
Cordincelle " 2 "
Hot Water Bottles
Cardinal "
This is only a partial list, but the cut prices include all our
atomizers, hot water bottles, Bulb and fountain syringes.
Everything is in the window.
O Oregon City, Ore.
Eggs are quoted at 25 cents per dozen
in the local market.
Grind Patriarch Thomas F. llyan
will institute )i new Odd-Fellows jlodge
at Oanby Saturday night. ' ' ' :
Alfred Weed was . operated upon for
appendicitis in a Portland hospital last
Monday by Dr Sommer, and is pro
gressing favorably .t f :';'- '
Charles H. Caufield, George A. Hard
ing and T. Leonard Charmau were re
elected directors of the Bank of Oregon
City at the meeting held Monday night.
George A. McOord, !of Moiint Pleas
ant, filed a petition in' bankruptcy in
the United States court Tuesday. His
assets amount to nothing, and the lia
bilities are $2914. ;
Sheriff Cooke's annual report printed
un the eighth page of this paper in the
commissioners' proceedings, makes an
excellent showing. . He has been a close
collector for the county. ' .
Miss Mamie Mosier, who committed;
suicide by taking carbolic acid, .was
buried froui the home of Silas MoBhsr in
this ' city yesterday afternoon. The!
members of Myrtle Lodue, Degree of i
Honor, attended the funeral in a body,
Ex-County Clerk Elmer Dixon is
still busy registering, about 250 citizens
having already qualified in this respect.
Several justices of he WItc.e; ftso-ftre
registering voters in different tectitna
ot the county.
ne following new suits have been
wen in me circuit court, tn rpoAver
money.' Alkaline kStricklia vs Charles
oardinell, et alj the same vs John Ery,
etal; G. Schmiuhke, et al, vs George
ft.eny ; nornsuun tiros vs J. K. Fisher.
The above suits are to recover money.
i Two small boys were noticed slowly
sauntering up Main street Sunday,
when the attention of one of the two
was, attracted to a sliowr window where
was displayed a tub-full of roasted pea
nuts. As his eye caught the price
card,(he cslled to his companion, "Geel
Kid, Peanuts only five cents a quart.'
, valentine, Boh!nder, of Beaver Creek,
is at the home of his sister, Mrs. Law
rence B-ucoriich, in this city, nursing a
broken arm. The, accident occurred
last Saturday, when' 'he was driving to
town writb a load of. wood. The wagon
upietj And in' the J fall Mr. Bohlander
sustained a fracture of (he , right, writ.;
Quit paying rent, and don't pay ini
leresi. uwu your own home. The Or-1
egon Home. Mutual . Society will' bdy
your home and pay off your mortgage,1
and give you 16 years and eight months
to pay for It.' Only $5 35 per month for
a l,00a Lome. H. M.!Ha,rnden, Ore
gon City, agent.! :-j j ; j (
yMrS. LaBelle died at the home bf
Councilman 11. O. Gilmore at Canbv
last Monday. She was 54 years old,
and a widow. Mrs. LaBelle had been
'twice married, but left no relatives.
b tie had been a resident of Clackamas
county for severul years, but for the
past few months had lived with the
family of H, O.,' Gilmore. She died of
dropsy trouble.
The sheriff's office received a message
from a Portland detective yesterday af
ternoon,, stating that Bennett Thomp-
Kon naa UBt coniessea to holding up the
Willamette Falls elect ric car in Decem
ber. .The detective claims the $100 re
ward offered by Clackamas county, for
worming this confession ou of Thomp
son. In bis first confession, Thompson
depied holding up the Willamette Falls
Mrs. L. Harrington, an earlv Clack
amas county pioneer, died at the home
of her son, J. N. Harrington at Ely last
Saturday mornincr. She was Rfi veara
old, her hushand having died many
vears aao. The funnral took nta-o at
the family home Sunday morning, Rov.
J. H. Beaven conducting the services.
The interment was in the Highland
Every horse
(good or bad)
is entitled to a
package or two
of Condition
Powders during
t h e year
as much as you
ate entitled to
ft blood remedy
or a cough cure.
Get our Palo
Alto and ou
can juat see
your horse im
prove. o
. !F2.98
. 98
. 98
. 49
. 1,29
. 98
.. 69
. 85
. 1. 12
. 93
I 50
2 25
1. 00
1. 00
2 qt
" "
" "
3 "
Cut-Price Druggist.
c metery.. Ed Harrington,, of High
land, was a son of the deceased. Mrs.
HarrinKton was highly respected, and
left a wide circle of friends and riumerJ
.:ous.telatai.U '.(. .YAUnr-r ,q
Here we are, all the little peopTeTroin
Brownie Island.,, Uome .and see ujs on
Saturday,' Jan. 25.,uv' ' j
,; Will trade a flr6t-claB milk cow, freeh
in March, for, a. good,;, b,uggy,1 , inquire
CotiiiiEB-HKUApb office. , , i, , (,.;,,
The Great1 Success ! , Brownie, Life in
Brownie Land will be-'seen' at Shivqly's
opera house Jan.!25i'- ;! "H
Dr. Stephen S. Wise will lecWre at
the Congregational church, Wednescjay,
January 29, at 8 :30 p. m , on "srar8
Gifts to the Worlds." Tickets can be
necnred at 'tl e Golden Kute caaar.
Admission 25c.'
The ReV. P . KJ Haintaoiid Will Wefein
a seriesof sermons next, Sun day. morn
ing on '"Christian Doctrine,,'' and jn, the
evenlnsf 'oh ; "The Bible." ' Services j at
11 and 5 o'clock; ' Everyone made'wel-
come.;.i,j j ),! t dii'-l i ni J
The Talk of the Town-Kiiig Colossus
decrees, c j . i ' : i " ' ( Ji .' I
Shall hencefortjh ,be; with rue in power ;
And the clever Subjects with one voice
''' agree,' ',"-,! ' ," ,'' "
The Brownies are the topic of the libur.
' Rev.'Ci Ni Crospisto'r M. E.,'churcii,
will preacft : ad the ' U. ' B.: Chufch
the third, Sunday ift 'February," Alj i 3
o'clock. , , .,.., f , W, 1 Mf,,.,!
j For 8ale-J-Ten. aefes in1 Mount Pleas
ant, 2 miles from the court house i
acres In cultivation ; 600 bearing fr,uit
jtreeB; two wells i ' good house, near
SCHOOL ciuiueaoy. inquire at wu-
lisR-Herald offlcfl. ,
Come to see our" Little Brownie9at,
sing and; dance : In the ' Golden tifahl
Cave, at Shi.vely's opera house Jani'25.
. The Retail : Merchants'! Asseciation
held , their regular monthly , meeting
Monday night, and elected, the follow
ing officers: President; Frank' T. Bar
low vice-president, Duane O. Elyj sec
retary,, iJhria, ,Schnebel!j; : treasurer,
Frank Busch, Ifhe, twp latler were,r
blected ' The directors elected are
Messrs.1 Barlow,1 Elyf( Bunch, Charles
Albright,.' M. Michael, George T.: How
ard,. W- A-! Hun'ley,! A. RobertsonLi
Adams. It was decided to offer the
Standard Oil Company special induce
ments to put in a station tank here. The
pulse, I also will sounded on universal
early closing among all the merchants,
! -i-l 1 . Estray Notice. "
'6neisii or seven year old milk cow,
dark red, small, white star in forehead,
white spot under body and one on hind
leg ; also on one shoulder ; horns of me
dium size, with shell of left horn broke
off. Reward given. Communicate to
Chris Tellbfsoh,
Parkplace, Ore.
Here is a Bargain.
I have one foreclosure place left and
unsold; 66 acres level, good soil;. 16
acres nice cultivation ; balance light
brush; new house, six large rooms, not
finished inside, but cost $300' as it
stands. Two great springs; 11 miles
from Oregon City; one-half mile from
plank road; worth $1350; will take $750;,
longtime; easy terms.
H. E. Cross, '
Oregon City.
leachers' Examination.
Notice is hereby given that the county
superintendent of Clackamas county will
hold the regular examination of appli
cants for state and county papers at
Oregon City, as follows : i
Commencing Wednesday, Feb. 12th,
at 9 o'clock a. m. and continuing until
Saturday, Feb. 15:h, at 4 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday Penmanship, history,
spelliug, algebra, reading, school law;
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, book-keeping,
physics, civil government.
Friday Physiology, geography, men
tal arithmetic, composition, physical
geography. .
Saturday Botany, plane geometiy,
general history, Englibh literature, psy
Commencing Wednesday, Feb. 12th,
at 9 o'clock a. m., and continuing until
Friday, Feb. 14lh, at 4 o'clock p. m.
CATES. Wednesday Penmanship,hiatory, or
thography, reading.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, school law.
Fridaj Geography, mcutal arithme
tic, physiology, civil government.
Wednesday Penmanship, orthog
raphy, r ading, arithmetic.
Thursday Art of questioning, theory
of teaching, methods, physiology.
J. O. Zinskr,
Superintendent of Schoo s.
Oregon City. Jan. 21, 1902.
In Memoriam
The committee appointed to prepare
a tribute of respect to our late Comrade
G. W. Shank respectfully submit the
Comrade (i. vv . btiank was born in
Ohio in 1838, died at his residence near
Canby on January 14th, 1902. He bore
an honorable part during the late War
for the Union. He enlisted in Company
B, 10th Ohio Volunteers,, and was in
all engagements participated in by his
regimentup to the Siege of Vicksburg,
Miss., where he was seriously wounded
and taken prisoner. After his release
he returned to active service, and served
continuously until honorably discharged
on account of close of the war. He was
an honored member of Meade Post
No. 2, Department of Oregon, which he
joined by mueter October 1HSH.
Comrade Shank was widely known in
Clackamas and adjoining counties as an
exemply man in every particular. As a
f-oldier Meade Post No 2, Department of
Oregon, (i. A. R., deeply mourn his
lots and extend to 1 1 i b family and many
friends its heartfelt sympathy in their
. A. Williams.
A. Hahmnci,
H. Dacchey,
8 acres on east edje of city limits for
sale at jourown price. Impute at Courier-
Utrald office.
Have you seen Co1ofub, the Great
Btowuie K:i,g? He will l at ttie Optra
hi use on Jan. 25, looking for you.
Intetrmtlna Teacher'
I A UrtliWNilM4 'IhW Shi
During the past week County School
Superintendent J. O. Zinser visited the
schools at Barton, Eagle Creek, George,
Dover, Firwood, Tracey's,. Springwater,
Dodge and Currinsville, binding up , the
week with a profitable meeting of teach
ers, patrons and rchool officers at Cur
rineville on Saturday; ?,-; . . ,T;,v ; .
The importance ,tst regu lar ." attend
ance at school was one of the subjects'
oiscussea. me teaciiers' part was ably(
handled by Mr. Surface?'--The 'parent's
part was discussed earnestly and (orcii
bly by J. K. Ely, 'an- ex-teacher and
now clerk of district No. 7,', Currins
ville. Mr. Miller spoke pf . the. good re
sults of regular attendance. F M. Gill
read a good paper ibn. f'How1, to Make
the School a Sucojess.'' Miss ' Jiicciri-
bothem, in discussing the subject of id-r
vanced reading, made an earnest plea
for the school horary, as ',d' means for
creating a taste for good reading. 1 Miss
Haenel led the discussion ' of primary
reading. The patrons of Currinsville
turned out en masse. Everybody voted
the meeting a decided success.; '.The fol
lowing teachers were notjeed in attend
ance! E. F. Surface, Emma Klein
smith, Martin Masiingur, D. A. Mil,h?r,
F. M, Gill, Nora Hale, LelphemyHaenal,
Aha t. Hiceinboihem; also the follow,
ing school officers: Julius Paulsen,' L.
Hale. J. K, E'?- F. J. HarVenrider,
J. J. Davis, J. E. Crawford, i ' ,! '
An elaborate program bas been lire-
pared for the regular monthly meeting
of the Clackamas County Teachers' As-
soidation to be held at Milwaukie Sat-U-iday.
A number of prominent eduoa-.'
tors will be in attendance, and the Mil'
waukie will extend a cordial welcome to
the vis ting teachers.
An county superintendent will hold
an examination for county and state pa
pers at the county court house begin
ning February 12th. The detail notice
will be found in another column.
A. 0. Stansbrough, who was princi
pal of the Aurora school for several
years, also of the Woodbnrn school, be
gan a term of school in Kocher district,
Mark'sPrairie, last Monday.
Oonnty Superintendent Zinser has is
sued another interesting number of his
monthly educational magazine for teach
ers and school officers. - In addition to
numerous valuable articles 4t eontains
an index of the valuable school library,
the property of the Teasers' -Library
Association. The books are in the cus
tody of the county superintendent.
Judge Ryan -Mad4 Several . Or
der During the Week.
' - -' v-. v - . . .
In the matter of ihft estate of John -IV,
Trembath, jr., deceased, H. W. - Trem
bath, administrator, February 17th was
set as the date for hearing objections to
the final settlement of th trust, i
Margaret Wolf, executor of the last
will and testament of Puilip Wolf, de
ceased, was ordered discharged from her
trust, having settled up the estate iu a,
satisfactory way. ' - ' ' ' ; '''
Un the matter of the estate of Cyrus
Jones; deceased, Caroline Jones, admin
istratrix, was granted an order to sell
the personal property of ' the estate, a
showing having been mule that there
was a sufficiency of these chattels to pay
off the indebtedness. ' : i -'i , '
In the matter of the. estate of H. A.
Straight, deceast d, H. E. Stevens, ad:
minintrator, his reiort showed receipts
$7127; disbursements,; $5568 85. The
inilebtedness of the late Hiram Straight
to the estate was made an offset ti his
share. The remainder of. the cast) on
hand; $1858 25 was ordered distributed
equally among the five heirs Julia
Frost, Jane Bingman, C. B. Straight
and Mary Lucas. It was further : or
dered that upon the filing of receipts
from said parties that the said adminis
trator, H. E. . Stevens be discharged
from his trust and that the real estate
be turned over to iis legal heirs.; i
A Citation was served on Joseph
Green to appear January '27th, in the
matter ot the estate of John S. Green,
deceased, wherein Dan J. Moore moves
tosetaside the letters of adininintra
tion granted to C. D. Lutotirette. '
The Tubers Bringing Many Dol
lars Int6 Clackamas County.
The potato , is ; king in : Clackamas
county th;s year.
About $150,01)0 will be realized from
the potato acreage, and yet a shortage
iu yield wai predicted early in the sea
son. ; I
. The Clackamas count) potatoes never
fail to yield, and this year's product is
good as gold coin in Sn Francisco,
Texas or any other place. :
Farmers are receiving checks in big
figures for their spuds that too in the
poverty-stricken season of the year,
i Til Tucker on the Molalla, near
Mackehurg, sild his entire raop last
week for $1 30 per sack. They were of
extraordinary quality and rained on
sandy bottom land. Postmaster G. W.
Scramhn, or MacUsuurg, was ottered
$1 10 per sack for his stock on hand last
Saturday. He estimates that two-thirds
of the potato crop is now out of the
bands of the hands ot ttie producers.
George II. Brown, of New Era, is buy
ing and shipping thousands of bushels
of potatoes, and has paid as high as
$1 15 for a choice lot. Hie average
quality bring about $1 per sack. Mr.
Brown was the first Clackamas county
grower to adopt the plan of grading po
tatoes for the market. This plan gave
the local product a good name in the
San Francisco market.
Several growers are shipping potatoes
to Kan Francisco on their own acconnt.
An opinion prevails to a certain ex
tent, that potatoes will yet reach a
higher fiKUre. However, taking
chances on the market is something like
stock gambling. V. Kocher, of Mark s
Prairie, was once offered $1 per sack in
the fall, and before winter was over,
sold the entire lot for 40 cents.
Potatoes will bring more money into
Clackamas county than any one prod
uct, and yet the business is only in its
infancy in this section. The soil is
' adapted to the'r growth, ani the t i'ie '
! can be grown at a coBt of not over 40
cents per suck .
j Be sure you are present at Slii vely's op
era house on Jan. 25, to see the promiL
insr y u"c actor, Mr. 0car Witthoft, in
doolden mm "Emar
Creion City's Big Cash Store
Greater Bargains Than Ever
J .V-: . .
I 250 sheet pencil tabletwith ' ' Women's Vict Kid Lace & 1 fl
I hriuht rover 'i C Shoes, hand sewed, turn and . n 11
CDrignt cover y , ;we,,ole- Regular 2.50.... X ,
I S lQood Heavy Comfortables XQ' Flannelette Wrappers, neat tf rnj
xcotton filled 07C;: te,,"'" q V;5u I
Men's Heavy Wool Socks 1 Men's Wool Hats, new AC I
c Regular 25c, now DC5 5 styles...... ; IDC?
? ; tlmbrellas Steel Rods Q S Johnson Bros'. KnRllsh semi- )
jugular 60 and ulSH!!H!j
I! Extr Goo Suspenders
fttber Dusters ZOC; ;, "President" style' ZOC
1 1 Fancy Dishes, odd lots ot plates, Q i' i Best Outing Flannel o J
muKS, cups and saucers and cream Of; '! Second Grade o rf
pitchers wwi i Third ' 5o . WV,
Lartje stock of Vfilentlnes-Latest Novelties.
1 I f 7 Spring Poetry.
A local contributor, struck by
muses, begins with the following:
) tl about the weather
y., - Your'e prone tp complain,
iAnd especially despondent
. I 'At the beautiful rain;
When those dark, lowering clouds
y.i Cause you- agony and pain,
: Yeu ought to go to Kansas
"V iAnd meet a jimmy iane.
"Which would whistle tl rough
whisker, '. ; y
- As the bristles on a sinner
When your hair assumes the shape
Of an angry porcupine;
. While old Jack Frost
Plays a joke upon your nose
And you don't know a thing,
Till your nsal organs freeze.
Amateur Base Ball.
There being only about two months
until the baseball season will open, it is
well , to call the attention of the public
to wnai is Deing uone in ttie way o am
ateur bane ball for the coming season
of 1902. Last year being the first time
tor seyernl years that base ball has had
anything of a: boom, there was a chance
to bring out several new players as well
as some of the old players,, who had
played in the local teams in the past.
Amateur base ball could hardly be
called a financial success last year, how
ever, it is hoped that .nothing but good
clean sport will be put up during the
approaching season and the public see
ing the effort made by the boyS in prac
tice will at least patronize tne games
and thus make this season a success.
Oregon City has the piospects of hav
ing plenty of good ball this season as
every effort is being made to organize
the best team ever organized in Clacka
mas county. The best players of last
year will be retained while the addition
of several outside players will tend to
Strengthen the team, i . ; '
1 The prospects of an Amateur League
with four or five of the best teams i n
tered are good. ' The league will proba
bly consist of teams from Portland, Hills
boro, Vancouver, Gervais and Oregon
City. The Oregon City team will only
be satisfied with first place. Mr. Keat
ing, who has charge of the ball park at
Willamette, is making arrangements to
put the grounds in good oondition, also
to erect a grandstand so the patrons will
be able to witness the games in comfort
this year. Arrangements will ulso be
made with the Portland General Elec
tric Company to supply cars enough to
take the public to and from the grounds
in better shape than was done last year.
The public should bear in mind that
in playing amateur base ball the players
do not receive salaries and must depend
entirely upon the patronage of the pub
lic for the expenses of the team (which
are no small item ) Therefore, lot's
make up our minds to do all we can to
encourage the local manager, so he will
be able to keep a good team in the field.
and one of the best way to do this is to
come out and patronize your home team
and show them first, last and all the
time. The public will he kept posted as
to what is being done from time to time
through the local press.
School Report.
Following is the report for school dis
trict No. 8, lor month ending January
20 th :
Number days' attendance, fiSOJj.
, Number days' a' sence, S'Jj.
Number days taught, 20.
Number times 'ardy, 8.
Average daily attendance, 34.
Number enrolled, 42.
The following pupils were neither ab
sent nor taray for month : Roy Spragtie,
Harry Sprugue, Harry Babler, Elma
Babler, Erma Babler, Edie Kirchem,
Bessie King, Bertha King.Kva Newkitk,
Bird Newkirk, Hull I'axton, Sammle
Visitors are invited to bring a chair
with them when they come as all the
seats are occupied.
Roiikiit P.AKKit, Teacher.
For SJe My improved farm of 115
acrrs, ''i 1 2 mil- i south of Oregon City,
and 1-2 mile north of New Era. On the
place are 1500 hearing irune trees, nine
years 6ld, also a latest-iinprortd drier.
Good buildingl. Price, $40 ptr sere.
Apply to ilittt Clemens, liu Eta.
Notice of School Sleeting.
Notice is hereby given (o the legal
voters of Scheol District No. 62 of Clack
amas county,' state1 of Oregon, that
school meeting for said district will be
held at' the county court room in the
court house at Oregon City, to begin at
the hour of 7 :30 o'clock p m., on Tues
day, the 28th day of January, 1902.
This meeting is called for the purpose
of leyying a tax on all the assessable
property within the district for general
school purposes, for the ensuining year.
' , , 0. O. Albright, Chairman.
Attest, O. O. T. Williams, Clerk.
Dated this 15th day of January ,1902.
. Frank Treadwell, Bennett, la., wa
troubled with' kidney disease for two
years. He writes: "I had taken several
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ney Cure and a one dollar bottle cured
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There Are Simple Rameclles !
indispensable, in any family. ' Among
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us, should be recorded Pafukiller. For
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Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
saved my little boy's life and I feel that
I cannot praije It enough. I bought a
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win, 8. D., and when I got home with
it the poor babv could hardly breathe.
I gave the medicine as directed every
ten minutes until he "threw up" ana
then I thought sure he was going to
choke to death. We had to pull the
phlegm out of his mouth in great long
s rings. I am positive that if I had not
got that bot'le of cough medicine, mjr
boy would not be on earth today. Joel
Demon t, Inwood, Jowa. For sale by
G. A. Harding, .-:!
Yeu Know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic because the formula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that ft
is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless
form. No Cure, No pay. 50c.
W.L. Yancy, lVu:ah. Ky., writes:
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Southern Kentucky tteated me without
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stiltre. Oharman & Co,
P.C C O. Ry. Co.
H25c is the regular Sunday
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For ever Slxtjr Jears
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
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teething, with perfect success. It
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Don't you miss to see the poptilat
comedian, Mr. Barney Deering, as King
Colossus, with the Brownies, on Satur
day, January 25th, at Shively's opers
Here we are, with our great company
of children actors, in our groat pl.iy
"Brownie Lifo in Brownie I. and," at the
opera house on January 25th.
This signature ti on every tioi of the gonulat
Laxative Urono'Qa'nine TaMct. .
'1e remedy that t-ureo n told Iu m da)