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The Dalles, Portland and Astoria
Navigation Co 's
Strs. regulator & Dalles City
Dally (cxocpt Sunday) between
The Dalles,
Hood River,
Cascade Locks,
and Portland
at wnv points nn both sides of
Columbia river.
Both of the abovo stcanurB have keen rtbuil
and am in -.xcelleiit ehane fur the m-hsoii oflMJO
The lteenlHtor Line will endeavor to giyeiis
patrons the best service possible.
For C.mfort, ICeonoiny and . Pleasure
travel by the Bteumcnj of , itegu tutor
The above steamers leave Portland 7a. m.and
Pallesat 8 a. m.,and arrive at destination in ample
time for outeoing trains.
Portland Offiee, . The Dalles Office
Oak St. Dock. CourtStreet.
General Agent
Will give you a
Bargain n Wall Paper
Wall Tinting and in
General House Painting
Paint Shop near Depot Hotel
men to travel and advertise for old established
house of solid financial standiri?. Salary $781 a
year and expenses, all payable in cash. No ean
VfiS'Sinf? required. Give references and enclose
self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Man
ager, 866 Cnxton Blag., Chicago.
Bids will be received. by the Board of
County Commissioners for a county phy
scian for the ensuing year, said physician
to furnish medicine, medical attendance,
appliances, and perfolni all surgical op
erations for the co'tnty juil.
Bids to be opeif d at the regular Au
gust term at 3 n'. lock, p. m., August
8th, 1901.
The Board res i ves the right to reject
any acd all bids.
E. H. Cooper,
County Clerk.
men to travel and advertise: for old established
house of solid financial standing. SnUry S780 a
;enr find expenses, all payable in cash Ko am
assing required. Give references and enclose
self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Man
ager, 355 Caxton Bkig., Chicago.
Notice is hereby given that all water closets,
privies, sinks, bathtubs and drains containing or
carrying sewerages located within the limits of
Sewer District No. 1, and Sewer DlsUict No. 2, of
Oregon City, Oregon, must be connected with the
Main Seweis of said iliMiicts on or before the h'rBl
.day of August, 1901.
If said connections are not made within the
said tin e the penalty provided by Ordinance No
263, providing for sewer connections and pre
scribing a penalty for failure to connect will be
By order of the City Counoll of Oregon (!ity.
BRUCE C. CURRY, Recorder.
Wood Wanted.
Bids will be received by the Board of
County Commissioners for 60 cords of
well seasoned yellow fir wood four feet
long c it from live timber, bids to be
opened at the regular August term at
2 o'clock, August 8th, 1901. Wood to be
delivered on or befoie October 1st, 1901.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any andall bidB. '
E. H. CoornR, -County
Dated, July 17, 1901.
Best of Everything
In a word this tells of
the passenger service via,
8 trains daily between St. Paul and Chicago,
The Latet Pullman Sleepers
Peerless Dining Cars
' Library and Observation Cars
- Iree Reclining Chair Cars
The 20th Centnrv Train "The North-Western
Limited," runs every day of the year.
tee Finest Train m the World
Electric Lighted Steam Heated
To Chicago by Daylight.
The Badger State Express, the finest day
train running between Chicago via.
the Short Line.
Connections from the west made via
The Northern Pacific,
Great Northern, .
and Canadian Pacific Rys
This is also one of the best lines between
Omaha, St. Pnul and Minneapolis
All agents sell tickets via "The North-w-ejtern
W. H. MEAD, H. S. S1SLER. "
G. A. T. A.
248 Alder St., Portland, Oregon. ,
WANTED. Capable, Tellable person in every
counly to reTretent large company ci solid fi
nancial reputation; S93G sa'ary per year, pavable
wetklv; iZ per day absolutely sure and all expenses'-
straight, bona tide, definite salary, no
commission; salary paid each l-amrdy and e i
nenemonev advanced each -week. bTANDAKD
HOCSE, ?S4 Deahborn St., Chic co.
Official Organ of the Socialist Party of
A fearless exponent of scientific gov
ernment, as taught by the most advanc
ed thinkers and philosophers ot this age.
$15,000 cash to distribute among sub
scribers, who subscribe soon. You can
get sample copy free if you mention this
paper A. D. HALE, Editor,
Albany, Ore.
Printing at the
In the circuit court of the state of Ore
gon for the county of Clackamas ss:
Ida M Young, plaintiff,
Charles O. Young, defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon
you are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you
in the above entitled suit on or before
the 6th' day of September, 1901, that be
ing the time prescribed in the order of
ihe publication of this summons; and if
you fail to appear and answer said com
plaint, the plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief therein prayed for,
to-wit: A decree of divorce from Ihe
bonds of matrimony now existing be
tween you and the plaintiff, and that
said bonds be forever dissolved, and tb6!
guardianship of the -minor child named
in said complaint.
This summonses published by order
of the above entitled court, made and
entered the 17th day of July, 1901, and
the date of first publication is Friday,
August 2, 1901, and the said publica
tion is to run six consecutive weeks from
Ihe said date.
M.J. MacMahox,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Dated. Oregon City, July 26, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that Ihe Board
of County OommiHsioners of Clackamas
County", Oregon, will receive sealed bids
up to and until August 9th, 1901, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. m. for the county
printing and the furnishing of County
Supplies for the ensuing year.
The printing to consist of tax lists,
execution notices, proceedings of the
Board of Oountv Commissioners, legal
blanks and all advertising and printing
which the county or. any of its officers
is required to do, also to furnish all - sta
tionery, blank books, record books, reg
istration blanks, election ticketBand du
plicates and all supplies of whatever
kind and nature used by the county
The Board reserves the right to reject
anv and all bids.
E. II. Cooper,
County Clerk.
Dated July 10,1901.
Bids will be receiyed by the Board of
County Commissioners for 67,500 feet of
lumber for the Abernethy road and
64,800 feet of lumber for the Apperson
road, plank to be 16 feet by 3 inches by 8
to 12 inches. Said lumber to be de
livered on roads ready for laying down
by September 20, 1901.
Bids will be opened August 8th, 1901,
at 2 o'clock, p. m. .
The Board reserves ti e right to reject
any and all bids.
E. H. Cooper, '
County Clerk.
Notice is hereby given th: t the under
signed has been duly appointed by the
Hon. Thos. F. Ryan,' County Judge of
Clackamas County, as administrator
with the will annexed, of the estate of
David Mintun, deceased.
All persons having claims neainst said
estate are required to present th - same
with vouchers, to me at the 1. w i flice of
C! D. & D. C. Latourette, in Oiegon
City, Oregon, within six months from
this late.
T. J. Mopkitt,
Admin'iFtrator aforesaid.
Dated July 11th, 1901.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If it fails
to curer E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c.
Notice is hereby eiven to all whom it
may concern tl at the undersigned has
filed with the county court of Clacka
mas county and state of Oregon his final
report as administrator with the will
annexed of the estate of Sophia H.
Ford, deceased, and that said court has
set Monday, the 11th day of August,
1901, at the hour of 10 o'clock, a. in., of
said day, as the time for hearing ob
jection; thereto if any there be.
Frank Ford,
Administrator with the will annexed
of the estate of Sophia Ford.
At all drug stores.
25 Doses 25c.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of law ap
proved February ;ird.. l'JOl, providing for the sale
of lands to wliieh Clackamas county. has bid in
for delinquent taxes and acquired title, will be
sold to the highest bidder for cash on the lOh diiy
of Aug., litoi. at the frontdoor of Hie court house
in said Clackamas county, state of Oregon.
J. J. Cooke.
sheriff of Clackamas County.
Dated, July 8th, 1901. -
Pursuant to an order of the Countv Court of
Clackamas Counly. Oregon, made and entered of
record on the lath day of June A. D, 11)01, in the
matter of the estate and giinrdiaivF-hip of Ftavben
A. Lane, an iiiPHiie person, licensing me no to do.
I will on the 3rd df.y Of Aujnint A. D..IW1I, atihe
hour of 10 a. -m., at the front door of the court
house in s id county and state, "ffer for snle and
sell at "public aiirlinn to the highest bidder for
one-third eash in hand, balance on or before five
years at 6 percent interest payable annually. se
cured by a mortgage on said premises, the follow
ing described real estate belonging to a;. id es
tate, to-wit: The north half of the southeast quar
ter (n of s,'-,(t and the southeast quarter of the
southeast quarter (se. of sejiof section thiriy
two ii!2,) in township four (4) south of ranue
three $) eaft of the Willamette Bleridian in
Clackamas county, Oregon, containing 120 acres
more or lesti,
Dated at Oregon City, Oregon, July 3rd, 1001.
I now have funds to pay county warrants en.
dorsed prior to June 2Stn, 198. And also
road warrants endorsed prior to November 10th,
Interest will cease on the above included war
rants on th date hereof.
Treasurer Clackamas County, Or.
Dated, Oregon City, July 20th, 1901.
Represents the highest
standard of excellence
in cereal coffee products
54 California figs and prunes,
scientifically blended with 46
well ripened grain, makes a table
beverage of rare quality.
In FlGPRUNE there is com
bined, with the delicious fruit
flavor, all- the nutritious and
health-giving qualities of fruit and
Boil from 5 to 10 minutes only.
For Over Fifty fears.
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by millions
of uiothers for their children while
teething, with perfect success. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy for Diarrhoea. Is
pleasant to the taste,- Sold by Drug
gists in every part of the World.
Twenty-five cents a bottle. Its value is
incalculable. Pe sure and aBk for Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup, and take no
other kind.
Wanted 200 Hop Pick?
On Horst Bros. Riverside ranch.
Plenty of wood and water. Finest vard
in valley; 114 acres picking. Com
mence about Au2USt 20 on early hops.
Send names and number of pickers to
Horst Bros.' office at Salem, Or., to be
registered. J.C.Morrison foreman.
An Ingenious Treatment l)T which
Drunkards are Being Cured Da'ly
lu Spite of Themselves. ,
No Noxious Doses. Mo Weakening of the
Serves. A Pleasant and Positive Care
'. for the Liquor Habit.
It is now generally known and under
stood that Drunkenness is a disease and
not weakness. A body filled with poi
Bon, and nerves completely shattered by
periodical or constant use of intoxicating
liquors, requires an antidote capable' of
neutralizing and eradicating this poison,
and destroying the craving for intoxi
cants. SuhereiB may now cure them
selves at home without publicity or loss
of time from business bv this wonderlul
"HOME GOLDCURE" which has heen
perfected after many years of close study
and treatment of inebriates. The fai h
ful use accoiding to directions of this
wonderful discovery is positively guar
anteed to CU'H the most obstinate case,
no matter h w hard a drinker. Our
records show' w marvelous transforma
tion of thousands cf Diiiukards into so
ber, industrious and uptight men
ERS 1! This remedy is no sense a nos.
trum but is a specific for this disease
only, and is bo skilllully devised and pre
pared that it is thoroughly soluble and
pleasant to the taste, so tnat it can De
given in a cup of tea or coffee without
the knowledge of the person taking it.
Thousands of Drunkards have cured
themselves with this priceless remedy,
and as many more have been cured and
made temperate men bv having the
"CURE" administered by lovintt friends
and relatives without their knowledge
in coffee or tea. and believe today that
thev discontinued drinking of their own
free will. DO NOT WAIT. Do not be
deluded by apparent and misleading
"improvement." Drive out the disease
at once and for all time. The "Home
GOLD CUltE" is sold at the extremely
low price of One Dollar, thus placing in
reach of everybody a treatment more ef
fectual than others costing $25 to $50.
Full directions accompany each package.
Special advice by skilled physicians
when requested without extra charge.
Sent prepaid to any part of the world
on receipt of One Dollar. Address Dept.
2330 and 5-332 Market Street, Philadel
phia. All correspondence" strictly confl
i ential
Does your head ache ? Pain
back of your eyes ? Bad
taste ia your mouth? It's
your liver I Ayer's Pills are
liver pills. They cure constN
pation, headache, dyspepsia.'
25c. A!" Jr.:ngict5.
-,-n.r - " r -
Want your nioustitflie or bard a beautiful
brown or rich bla'k? Then w.
G13TS, G R. P. H
, & CO. , N1HU,
preserves and pickles, spread
a turn coaling of reiined
Will keep thera absolutely meistnrs and
acid proof. ParaffiDe Wax is also asefol in
a dozen other wars about the huna. fall
directions in each pound packaga.
Sold everwhere.
I J On Jellies
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Since hm illness, the czr of Russia is
getting fat rapidly, and he pulls at a
rowing machine in his bedroom daily, to
work it off and into his pale cheecks
some color.
Franca and Germany are ereotinz per
manent, ra tBsive barracks at Shanl) ii,
which denotes that both powera intend
to keep a military force there for many
yearj to come.
As the outcome of an old feud, Phil
McWilliams, a rancher, near Trinidad,
Colo., shot and killed Salvadore Faerca
and his son, Charles Paerce.
The people of Curry county protest
auai ust the effort of timber sharks to
Bet off a large part of the county as gov
ernment reserve . . '
At Centralia, Wash., Mrs. Frank Ogle,
aged 22 years, was thrown from a buggy
ana instantly killed.
On the summit of Bender Mountain,
in the neighborhood of Vale, Ore., Geo.
Sears and T. L. Arnold were held up
and robbed.
At Tacoma, Earl Jenkins and two
voung ladies were drowned by the col
lapsing of a row boat.
The bank failures in Germany have
revealed appalling rascality. During the
laBt six months German commerce has
greatly declined.
Tuesday, July 30.
Rev. Herman D. Van Brockhuysen of
Pretoria is traveling throujh the United
States for aid in alleviating the inde
scribable offerings of Boer men, women
and children .in the pestilent English
Squth African concentrado camps.
The Columbian authorities stopped
the German steamer Allegheny in the
harbor of Cartagena, and forcibly took
therefrom Abel Murillo, an alleged reb.
el, who had wrapped the German flag
around himself.
Mormonism is growing in Germany.
A force of 2000 Thibetans scattered
Major Kosloff's expedition of 20 men,
killing.half of them. Russia will demand
To July 1, the number of Boers sur
rendered or taken prisoner by the Brit
ish number 33,000.
The St.Francis paper mill at W indeor
Mills, Que'., burned down ; loss $250,000.
A gigantic, .forest fire rages in ihe
province of Jentland, Sweden. The hot
weather has made the forests combus
tible. The Modoc tribe of Indians, at one
time so fierce, has dwindled down to 77,
of whom only 13 are able-bodied men
Chicago horses have the grip.
Near Bridal Veil, the pknll of Forrest
Lamb was crushed by a falling limb.
The City Front Federation of San
Francisco," numbering 15,000, having
joined the strikers, the Employers' As
sociation and the steamship managers
are confronted by an army of strikers
numbering 25,100. Not a vqssel can 1
loaded or moved.
At Houston, Tex , John T. Vaughan
killed Patrolman William Weiss and
was himself killed by a detective within
50 feet of where his victim lay.
Dr. Jameson advises the English gov
ernment to-do everything possible to fa
cilitate the resumption, of mining opera
tions at Johannesburg, fur this would be
practical evidence thai the war was end
ed and peace had he n restored. The
C olonial Omce asks ihe Huiish govern
ment for 6 500,000 to aid the Transvaal
and Orange River colonies.
At Whatcom, Wash., Elmon T. Scott,
for eight years on the supreme judicial
bench of the state, has been at rested on
the charge of assaulting Mina Shadier
an orphan aged 15 years.
Several carloads of peaches will go
from Ashland to Montreal.
The present run of salmon in the Co
lumbia is unprecedented. It is believed
to be the result of the hatcheries.
Wednesday, July 31.
, Near Mauta, on the 28th, the Boers
and a British column engaged in an all
day fight, in which the latter nearly lost
a gun. At another point, the British at
tacked Viljoen's commando, which lost
a pompom, 22 wagons and 32 men as
prisoners. Ttie Boers receive cables at
Lourenco Marques and maintain a regu
lar service ol diBpatch riders. In Bermu
da an association has been - formed to
aid the 3000 penniless and unoccupied
Boer prisoners.
The English house of commons has
voted 2,000,000 for the Pacific cable.
At the meeting in London, of the cre
tutors of the Standard Exploration Co
it was divulged its louses were 500,000.
For General Uribe-Uribe, Columbian
anti-clerical insurgent leader, 15.000
modern Mauser rifles and 2,000,000 cart
ndges, labeled as potatoes and aspara
gus, were shipped in sailing vessels and
safely landed on the Columbian coast,
He is making nse of the standing hosti
ity between Catholicism and the Free
In New York, George McCabe.a work
man who went back on his union when
out on a Hlrike, has cut his throat. It
is believed he was driven thereto by the
consequent revilings of the men, women
and children of the neighborhood in
which he lived.
At San Jose, the Cal. Cured Fruit
As&'n sold S?4,000,000 pounds prunes fur
The Quinault reservation in Washing
ton, on the Pacific ocean, containing
about 235,000 acres, with 200 Indians, is
to be surveyed and opened lor settle
ment. .
In Venezuela, Dr. Itangel Gardirss,
with 5000 men, has revolted agninst
I'rest. Casiro. Ttie latter has sent 10,000
troops to the scene ot the uprising, which
is on the Columbian frontier.
In consequence of ngitttion in Alba
nia, the Austrian government has order
ed all garrisons in Bosnia and Herzego
vina placed on war footing. In Albania
the Christians are in imminent danger
and the foreign ministers at Constanti
nople demand that the Turkish govern
ment protect them.
George F. Washburn, of Boston, is
taking steps toward the formation of an
international cot'ongrowers' trunt with
$50,000,000 capital.
The First National, of New Yoik.own
ed by the Morgan crowd, is the wealth
iest bank in the western world. It-i cap
ital of $500,000 has been increased to
$10,000,000, divided into 100,000 shares,
which in the open market are worth
$70,000,000, that is, Rockefeller would
pay that sum for them. lie wants the
bank and wants it badly.
Do You
Your Home
If not why don't you stop paying rent and apply
the money towards the purchase of a home ? A
fust-class opportunity is now open to you in the
proposition that the
Willamette Falls Companij
Is making to sell small tracts of its land near the
town of Willamette Falls on such reasonable
terms that a person with a-very small income may
become .a home builder. These tracts vary in
size from two and one-half acres up, all good level
land and first-class soil suitable for cultivation.
On one of these tracts you can have a small or
chard and also raise all the vegetables and small
fruits that a family cm use, and with the addition
of a cow and a few chickens, a large part of your
living can be made on the place. There is a good
school in Willamette Falls and your children will
have excellent educational facilities. Easy access
is had with Oregon City over the
Willamette Falls Huihvay
With cheap fare, and cars are run to accommodate
the mill hands. Why not get out of town and
give your children breathing and play room and
. thus insure their good health? Don't you think
that you would feel more independent and con
tented if yon owned your home than you do when
, living in a rented place ? If you are interested in
this matter apply to C. A. Miller at WILLAM
Side, for full particulars.
Willamette Falls Co.
The sleel trust and the Amalgamated
Association have not yet settled the
great 6trike.
Thursday, Aug. 1.
Japanese teagrowers will form a trust
to keep prices up.
R.Onffrov has formed 26 Pacific coast
salmon canneiies into a trust. under New
Jersey law, named the Pacific Packing
& Navigation Co. ; capital stock $25,000,
000 and $7,OOJ,000 dehentuie b inds.
In the home of James McCoy, Brook
lyn, a pot cat upset the ktrosene lamp.
He and his two children were burned to
death and his wife fatally injured.
Oom Paul Kruger, accompanied by
three other prominent Boers, will come
to America next month.
The oleo factories of Chicago alone
turn out 2,750,000 pounds a month dur
ing the Bummer, Ihe most of which is
fraudulently foisted on consumers as
genuine butter.
Americans in London are attempting
to buy the Southeastern Rallway, which
the English managers are running at a
Dr. Carl Peters, tho explorer; writes
to the London Times that as a result of
his investigations in South Africa he has
arrived at the conclusion that the coun
try between the Zimbesi and the Sabi
is the Ophir of Solomon.
Laxative Broino-Quinine Tablets cure
a cold in one day. No Care ni piy
Price 25 cents.
To Save Her Child
From frightful disfigurement Mrs.
Nannie Galleger, of La Grange, Ga., ap
plied Bnckleu'8 Arnica Salve tJ great
sores on her head and face, and writes
its quick cure exceeded all Iter hopes.
It works wonders in Sores, BruiseB,
Skin Eruptions, Cuts, Burns, Scalds and
Piles. 2.)0. Cure guaranteed by ueo
A. Harding, Druggist.
Bean tha p u Have Always Bought
Best possible to build.
No wagon is or can be better than
a Mitchell, becauee the cream of
wood stock is used, only after being
thoroughly seasoned. Tim wagon is
well ironed, well painted, well propor
tioned, and runs the lightest of any.
It is nearly 70 years since the iirnt
Mitchell wagon was built, and they
have heen built continuously ever
since by the Mitchells. When you
buy a Mitchell, you get the benefit of
this 70 years'" experience.
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.
First and
Taylor Streets
One of the most helpful books on nerve
weakness ever issued is that entitled ;
"Nerve Waste," by Dr. Sawyer, of San ,
prancisco, now In its nfth thousand. .
This work of an experienced and repu
table physician is in agreeable contrast
to the vast sum of lalse teaching whicfi
prevails on this interesting subject. It
abounds in carefully considered and
practically advice, and has Ihe two great
merits ol wisdom arni sincerity.
it is indorsed hy both the religious-.
and secular press. The Chicago Ad
vance says: "A petusal of Ihe uook aud
he application of its principles will put
lealth, hope and heart into thousands
of lives that are now suffering through-,
nervous impairment."
The book is $1.00, by mail, postpaid.'.
One of the most interesting chapters '
chapters xx, on Nervines and Nerve-
Tonics has been printed separately as
a sample chapter, and will be sent to -any
address for stamp by the publishers.
The Pacific Pub. Co., Box 2058, Sao.
Francisco in plain sealed envelope.
For Whooping Cough.
"Both mv children were taken withi
whooping cough," writes Mrs. O. E
Dutton, of Danville, 111. "A small bot
tle of Foley's Honey and Tar cured the
cough and saved me a doctor's bill."'
Charman & Co.
Mr. Daniel Bantz, Otterville, I.,
says : "Have had asthma and a verr bad
cough for years, but could get no relief
from the doctors and medicnnes I tried,.
until i took Foley 8 Honey and Tar. it
gave immediate relief, and done me
more good than all the other remedies
combined." Charman & Co.
William Finn, of Lima, O., obtained
excellent results from the use of Foley's
Kidney Cure. "It relieved my backache
and seyere pain over the hips. It toned
my syBtem and gave me new vim and i
energy. It is an honeat and reliable
remedy, a sure cure for all kidney dis-
eases." Charman & Co.
A. It. Baps, of Morgant.iwn, T nil. , had'
to get up ten or Iwelve times in the
night and had severe backache and
pains in the kidneys. Was cuied by
Foley' Kidney Cure.. It's guaranteed.
Charman & Co.
High living, intemperance, exposure',
and many olher things bring on Bright'a
disease. Foley's Kidney Cure will pre
vent liright's disenfie and all other kid
ney or bladder disorders if taken in.
time He sure to take Foley's. .Char
man & Co.
A. II. Davis, Mt. Sterling, la., writes,::
"I was troubled with kidney coin plaint ,
for about two years, but two one dollar
bottles of Foley's Kidney Cire effected tu
permanent cure." Charman &. Co.
Astounded the Editor.
Editor S. A. Brown, of Henneltsvillt.
ri. C, was once immensely surprised.
"Through long snfleiing Imin dyspep
sia," he writes, "my wife was greatly
run down. She had no strength or
vigor and enll'erid great distress from
her tt imach, but she tried Electric lUt--lers
which helped her atoned, and, niter -using
lour bottles, she is entirely well,
can e d anyth n It's a grand tonic,,
and its geuiie laxative (pialitie? are
splendid for torpid liver." For Indiges
tion, Loes of Appetite, Stomach until
Liver troubles it's a positive, guaianteoJt
' i;ie. Only oOc at George A, Harding'a.