Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, June 14, 1901, Image 1

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    19th YEAR, NO. 4
182 Madison St., West end of Bridge, Portland, Oregon
Aultman & Taylor's
Celebrated Threshing Machinery
Steam and Gas Engines,
Saw Mills,
(Erebe, Harder & Co.
182, 184, 186 Madison Street, West End of Bridge,
i jm3.hi ... 11 .. :;-r '
Remember we have the finest stock
in rortland, including Farm and Spring Wagons, Buggies, Carriages
and Carts, Mowers, Rakers, Tedders and Hay Tools, Hay Presses,
Grain Drills, Plows, Cultivators, Disc and Spring Tooth Harrows,
Pumps Harness, Bicycles, Etc.
New Cyclery
Main Street Opposite Racket Store
Now Ready for Your Work
All Work Guaranteed
Bicycle jSundries-s
Bicycle, Gun and General Repairing
For Fair Treatment Give Us a Call
New Bicycles for Rent
R. X. HOLMAN, Undertaker
Phones 476 and 305. Two Doors South of Court House.
of the best makes to be found
& Lamb
We carry the largest stock of Caskets,
Coffins, Robes and Lining in Clackamas
We are the only undertakers in the
county owning a hearse, which we fur
nish for less than can be had elsewhere.
We are under small expense and do
not ask large profits.
Calls promptly attended night or day.
Several Orders Handed Down, hy
County Judge Ryan.
W. A. Holmes was appointed admin"
istrator of the estate of K. L. ltussell,
deceased, and Captain Apperson, M. E.
Clancy and O. F. Jones were appointed
appraisers. The estate is of the proba
ble value of $5,000. The administator
was grants an order to continue the
contract of furnishing wood for the
Crown Paper Paper Company.
In the matter of the estate of Si.fa
Ann Sconce, deceased, S. W. Hardesty,
administrator, the sale of real estate
was confirmed. '
The matter of the final settlement of i
iu 1 r -n. :ii j 1 '
ujo em two neiiry ouueuimer, ueeeaaeu,
date for bearing final settlement was set
for August 5th,
In the matter of the estate of Wit II 0.
Kuehl, deceased, Gertrude Kueltl was
appointed administratrix, and M. Oat
field, H. Suhroeder and John Wet.ler
named as appraisers. " ..
In the matter of the partnership es
tate of Julius Logus, deceased. Now at
this time cotnini; on to be heard the re
quest of the adai tistratrix of the M. A.
Stratton estate, the latter estate be re
lieved as one of the bondsmen on the
bond of Charles Albright as administia
tor of the said partnership estate of Jul
ias Logus, deceased, and the said
Charles Albright, administrator afore
said, appearing in person in court and
offering to give a new bond and present
ing the same at this time, and it appear
ing that George F. H or ton and George
A. Harding are sureties upon said bond
and all things appearing regular and
correct iu the said bond as presented, it
is hereby ordered that the petition of
the said M. A. Stratton estate he re
leased as one of the sureties on the bond
of Charles Albright, administrator of the
estate of the said partnership estate of
Julius Logus, deceased, be grante I. It
also was faither ordered that the bond
of Charles Albright as administrator of
the said partnership estate - in the
amount of $10,000 with Horton and
Harding as sureties is this day. accepted
and approved. i
Mrs. Kate R.. A they has been ap
pointed admic istrator of the estate of
Charles E. Athey, deceased. The prop
erty is valued at $2,000. , '.
Adjourned Session Saturday and
Ruling Favorable to Trolley
Line Announced.
At the adjourned term of the circuit
court Saturday Judge McBride an
nounced that the majority report of the
commissioners! appointed to examine
and report on the proposed trolley line
crossings over the Southern Pacific track
in Canemah would not stand. In fact,
the majority commissioners had ex
ceeded their authority in attempting to
raise trie grade of a county road. The
court announced that it would appoint
new commissioners to determine on the
crossing matter.
In the divurco cuit of Joseph M . vs
Emma Sperl, the plaintiff was cited to
appear in court on July Bth, and show
cause why the defendant should not be
granted the custody of the minor chil
dren. A writ of review was ordered in the
Canby saloon case under the title of J . N.
Hillegas vs H. A. Lee. Hillegas is a
saloon keeper, aud was fined by Recor
der Lee for selling liquors on Sunday .
Mary J. Frank nd Frank Sagar vs
F. R. Charman. et al ; ordered that de
fendant Charman is entitled to posses
sion of the disputed prenrse) involved
inaction. '
Annie Bell was granted a decree of
divorce from Tuomas Bell.
In the suit of Milo Lee against P.
Bowers, foreclosure of a lien on a well
dug for the latter, judgment was granted
the plaintiff entitling execution on the
farm land where the well is situated.
The case has been in court for some
time, W, 8. U'Ren representing the in
terests of the plaintiff.
Oregon City School a mil
itating Exercise. ' -
The commencement exercises of the
West Oregon City school, held Saturday
evening were very entertaining, consist
ing principally of the presentation of
three diplomas to the members i( the
graduating class, and a comedy, "Sin
gle Life," presented by a number of
competent persons. The graduates
were Lee Caufield, Bessie McMillan and
Earl Smith. County Superintendent
Zineer called attention to the fact, in
presenting the diplomas, that it was an
unusual class there were a greater
number of boys than girls. Also, that
this class was composed of the young
est graduates in Clackamas county,
and they had successfully passed the
rigid examination imposed by the state
board for eighth grade pupils. It is a
notable fact that only a comparative
small number of students are able to
pans all of the 10 branches in the pre
scribed eighth grade couise at the first
The comedy, "Single Life," was the
most entertaining play ever pat on the
stage by local amateurs. The intensely
interested attention of the auditx:e was
held through the various acts, who fre
quently greeted the life-like character;
zation of the auditors with applause.
Vocal musical numbers were contrib
uted between acts by O. A. Miller and
Miss Imogen Harding. Those taking
part in the comedy, all adepts at love
making, and each one worthy of men
tion were: Misses Maggie Goodtellow.
Bessie Grant, Florence E. Pattv, Lizzie
Shipley, Mr. and Mrs. Richard iiittner,
Joe Goodfellow, Ofen Tomkin, Charles
Smith, Sick Humphry s.
Second-IIand Bicycles Chmp.
If you want to buy a good second-band
bicycle for little money, go to Huntley's
Book Store. They have them from $6
to $20 boys,' ladies' and men's styles.
Everyone carefully overhauled and re
paired and put in good running condition.
Peerless Plows
Steel and Chilled
Road Carts
Buffalo Pitts,
Harrows and Cultivators,
Owen's "Advance" Fanning
Write for Catalogue and
lip Bmcn ,
The Housefurnisher
Meed's Patent Aiiti-IKustHig Tinware
J3W! 'l:;l!riliji,;i,,,j;sh:;l;.i::liii:i;l;ilt: Hi", i .:;:, ; -;; - ,.;;" ': ;v 'M 4
nt s-ft., . : ik ....-- I
- , , -
k -v: HIS; !' ip!!!! V$ ; i . . ; .. I; :
jjjy 'i ji :r!lf,:;iliif!j S , " i , ' I
Price for this 8-lb.
This tinware
Implements and Vehicles
Dowagiac Drills
Hoe and Disc
. . Stoughton Wagons , :
There are those who come to us again
and again. They like the place and like
what we offer them. There are attractions
here for all. Some things you will like, and
some especially for your neighbor.
We offer a pleasant welcome, and will be glad of your visit.
We wish you to consider three heavy items: STOCK, PRICE
and METHODS. Give us a trial.
this week we offer at a special low
Boiler. . . .$3 00
will outlast one dozen
Sickle Grinders
Mountain Hacks and
Spring Wag in
Hay Presses, -Horse
Power and Steam
Feed and Root Cutters,
Bone and Cider Mills.
When you buy Reed's you get the
best and newest patterns, the latest and
modern designs. Made up of the
. f mat. iciti JJOSbl-
be produced. Analytically tested
and endorsed by the best chemists and
pronounced to be the most healthful
and durable goods.
Basin, 40c 12-qt. pail, $1 00
of ordinary kind