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A Chicago woman, described by the
papers of that city as a "society leader"
is stud to have abandoned her husband
"because he wears woolen socks "
W. J. White, inspector of Canadian
immigrant agencies, states that the
American settlers who went into the
Canadian Northwest last year took with
them cash and effects valued at $6,000,
000. .
Banana flour has lately begun to be
used in making cakes, bread and bis
cuits. It Is also used as a children's
food, and for dyspeptics. In the mak
ing of beer it is claimed that it can be
dvanUgeouBly used in place of barley.
"Do you know," asked Vice-President
Koosevelt, turning to Governor
Odeli at a recent public dinner, "of any
task worth doing that is not hard in do
ing?" The silence lhat followed spelled
out a louder answer than any spoken
negative could have done.
Something of the augressive policy o
foreign corporations is suggested in a
statement of the Fiankfurter-Zeitung
that the German Wire Nail Trust sold
in the last six months of 1090 nearly half
its products abroad at $1.51 per hundred
pounds, while at the same time it
charged German purchasers $2 70 per
ono hundred poundB. This, it is added,
is only one of the 240 trusts in Germany.
Hon. H. W. Corbett, who was a can'
didate for the United States senate, de
clares that on the first day of next Jan
uary he will start in and make a fight
for the election at the next session of
the legislature. He will see that clubs
are organized in every county in the
state, and he proposes to thake a hard
fight and with a few dark horses in the
jCeld the next session of the legislature
promises to be more tropical than the
iliist. Oregon Mist.
Wouldn't this jar you? Here is the
Fairfield County Republican, issued at
Lancaster, O., booming Mark Manna
for the presidency. It says of the old
duffer: "Mr. Hanna is an honest, con
scientious Christian gentleman. He
lias stood by McKinley and the repub
lican party through thick and thin, and
lie has indicated by his great skill as un
organizer, and his adroitness as u leader,
that lie is without a peer in this great
American republic. Senator Hanna
Jias made many sacrifices in order to
stand at the holm of his party, and ho
has on account of his position boon
Jraducod shamefully.''
Tim cheapness of American labor is
not merely that tc momy of production
which is associated with high wages, in
telligent application and labor-saving
tools; it is the literal cheapness that
results from long hours and sweating
hard graft which, to quote one of their
own writers, "stupefies Knropeans." A
British authority places the producing
capacity of the ordinary British work
man at 1 to 1'4, that of the Swiss Uer
man at Vi, and that of the American
at 2)4. According to this authority ihe
American worker produces twice as
much as his British competitor. Ex.
Tim 21st legislative assembly of Ore
gon that convened on the 14th day of
January, 1901, and adjourned February
23, 1901 exponded $32,000 for clerk hire,
as follows: For 52 clerks in the house
of representstives, $11,120; for 41 clerks
in the senate, ,039.50; for 40 joint
committoeclerks, $5,210.50 ; total amount
t.i.l. t 000. total number of clerks
ed. 113. This was a little more
than a c'ork and one-half for each sen
ator and member on an average. It
c st the taxpayors a litilo more than
M for each senator and representa
tive for clerk hire, tho greator portion
of which was distributed where It would
do the most good among the friends of
nirM and members Tho were
IUS PWMimviv
opposing Corbett. State Journal.
Tub absence of millionaires in a com'
tnmrity does not imply that it is excep
tionally honest. We stand aghast at
the venality of our public servants; yet
we have no greater crop of rascals than
other and poorer people. W. T. Abbott,
a lawyer, who for 18 months has been
a resident of Porto Rico, says of the in
sular court: "To my pt rsonal knowl
edge, last year, when there were five
Porto Ricao judges on the bench and a
case was pending over a valuable water
power privilege, it developed that two of
the five judges bad been retained as coun
sel on one side of the case and had given
opinions, and two on the other side, and
under those circumstances it is not diffi
cult to understand how the decision of
the presiding justice was to be given.
Now, that is not regarded in Porto Rico
as anything out of the way. It is ac
cording to custom which has been in
prac:ice there always.''
The awfulness of the revenge taken
by the Europeans on helpless China is
gradually becoming known. Dr. Sea
maun, a Now Yorker recently returned
from Pekin, says: "The Chinese were
guilty of outrages upon Ihe legations and
foreigners. Yes, but these have been
repaid with cruelties that make one's
blood rise, atrocities that are unspeak
able. In one of the 'punitive expedi
tions' 12,000 people were slaughtered
in one day, every one innocent, every
one unarmed. Hundreds of miles of
territory have been devastated and the
people's homes ruined."
The London Times recently published
a letter by Auberon-Herbett giving a
specific account of the barbarities of the
Christian allies. Mr. Herbert says:
"Wholesale deviltry was in full power
during the march to Peking. For nu
useful purpose villages and towns were
reduced to heaps of smoldering ashes
and the country turned into a wilder
ness. Unoffending men, women, child
ren and babies were killed by thousands.
Unspeakable crimes and outrages were
committed. Killing was carried on for
killing's sake and property was destroyed
tor the sake of destruction . "
Professor Goldwin Smith has taken
the most careful means to secure reli
able information of the conduct of part
of the Christian allies, and writes the
result to the Manchester Guardian. He
traces the spirit of savagery to the in
fluence of the declarations of the KaiBer,
and deprecates such use of imperial
power as enables "an autocrat from his
luxurious paluce to launch massacre,
arson, theft, outrage, ruin and famine
upon an unoffending people on the
other side of the globe."
8orte day who knows? the Chinese
may fuel disposed to make "punitive
expeditions" of their own to balance the
atrocious account opened by these Eu
pean barbarians. Imagination cannot
picture the terrors of such a yellow in
vasion. Are not the Chinese and Jap
anese kin t nd have not the latter sud
denly evolved into a wtrlike people?
Has not Japan scared Russia?
Tub Mormon church is growing more I
rapidly in numbers than all the Protes
tant churches put together, The rea
sons for this fact are two : its socialistic
features and missioiiary z-al. The
Mormon organization is building
more churches, planting more
settlements, ' maintaining more
missionaries, all 0Vir the earth.
Tho general public appears to know
nothing of it except poylgamy. And
polygamy is only the ornamental buckle
on its shoe. Behind that is the Bturdy
body and enterprising brain of a great
materialism, which possesses attractions
fur more potent than a plurality of wives.
Whatever mysteries may he embalmed
within theexclusive precincts of Mormon
temples, there is nothing occult about
their method of gaining converts and
making those converts prosperous and
contended .
The Mormon policy is colonization.
The Mortuau method is ooperatlon.
Fifty years of expanding prospeiitv have
shown that this is a winning combination
There is no reason to suppose that it will
appeal less effectively in the future than
in the past. On the contrary, present
economic tendencies more urgently
favor emigration and cooperative in
dustry than those of twenty-five or fifty
years ago. Where the missionaries of
other churches speak chiefly of security
in the life to come, Mormon missionaries
add their prescription for security here
and now. The missionary who holds
out th hope of "three square meals a
dav" in this world has a striking ad
vantage over his rival who de .ls only in
the hopes of futurity. The great social
and economic facts which alone give
the Mormon religion a habitation and a
name, and enable it to survive the as
saults of congresses, presidents, and all
tho churches of the land, have been
overlooked. The truth is that ths
Mormon church is a great plan of co
operative settlement, to which thousands
of people have lied as to a rock of refuge.
Those who ask this church for bread do
not got a stono. Thoy get the shrewd
but kindly assistance of able men in
making their way from servitude to
self-employment and landed proprietor
ship. All the church asks in return is
Bmm tli .IM Kind You Have Always Bought
Interest ami Money Supply.
There seems to be a great lack of knowl
edge pertaining to the true cause of
prices. The politicians tell us of various
causes that effect prices, but hardly any
one of then has much to do in influen
cing prices. The politicians purposely
ignore the true and only cause that de
termines prices, which is the volume of
money in circulation.
We quote from Senator W. E. Chan
dler's speech incongress in 1897, on Bi
metaliBm. "The quantity of money de
termines values. Upon the quantity of
money existing in the world depend the
prices of the world's property, real and
personal. If the relation between monpy
and property remains unchanged, that
is to say, if the total quantity of money
in the world increases only s owly and in
exact proportion to the growth of busi
ness and population, the prices of the
world's property will be unchanged ex
cept by natural causes changes in the
quantities demanded or changes in the
supplies, which can be provided. But
if the quantity of money be largely di
minislied,all trices will go down, if it be
largelv increased they will goup. The e
propositions are almost axioms in mone
tary science " .
In Mill's Pol. Econ., chapter 12, para
graph 1. we find the statement: "If the
wtiole money in circulation was doubled,
prices would be doubled. If it was only
increased one-fourth prices would rise
one-fourth." Notwithstanding the truth
ful stalement of all former noted politi
cal economists that the volume of money
governed prices, the recent gold stand
ard writers are trying to invalidate
those valuable writings by teaching the
people that overproduction is the sole
cause of low prices. The volume of
mo nay being stationary prices generally
fluctuate in proport'on to the size of pro
duction. It is evident if the volume of
money could be kept proportioned to
production, prices would remain un
changed. In other words the general
rise and fall of prices is caused by a dis
proportion of money to production. It
may be interesting information to many
people to learn what class of society is
demanding a restricted volume of money,
which compels low prices. By investi
gation we find that moneyed men gen
eral'y desire dear money ; although they
are best able of any class to pay high
prices, they seem to begrudge tha work
ers an income beyond their daily wants.
Hence capitalists generally advocate a
contracted gold currency, which will
compel the working people to become
more subservient to their dollars. If
the farmers and other working people
wish to become free and independent,
they must organize and acquaint them
selves with their needs by discnsBiug
their conditions, and then if a majority
of the toilers will only stand together
and vote their sound judgment into law,
they can stop many great leaks that have
been long impoverishing the useful
classes. For what purpose think ye was
interest for money invented, if it was
not done on the princ.ple, something for
nothing? Seeing we nave mtereBt eBtatv
lisheil hy law, what can warrant our
lawmakers in allowing money loaners
to charge as high as 10 per cent., when
United States bonds draw but three per
It seems to be cruel for a rich natiou to
oppress the poor, or those who are less
able to pay. It ie the workinginan that
pays all interest. It may seem that the
rich sometimes pay interest, but bv
strict investigation we shall nearly, if
not always, find that labor finally foots
the interest dues. Now what benefit
can interest on money be to the work
ingman? For it is tie that works and
pays it, though sometimes the rich
claim of paying interest, yet it is plain
to be seen that it is finally charged up to
The credit system or harness, was
made for the laboring man's back. Al
though, it is an awful galling and oppres
sively cruel harness, the arist- cracy by
their lawe compt l the producing classes
to wear it. The credit system was in
vented by the rich as the foster mother
of the interest system.
It is high time ior the producing
classes to open their eyes to see and un
derstand the awful predicament the
whole toiling world are in. History tells
us that from time to time, from century
to century, from year to year the work
ing classes have been slaves to a few
aristocratic leaders. And, even now,
when the laborers in this cjuntfy a'e in
j large majority and could, if organized,
I make laws that would deal justice to
1 every workinginan, many voteis in their
itrnorance still cling to the rich man's ad
vice, and continue to vote for the CTedit
I system, Cannot everybody understand
I tiiec.an-e of the credit system? That H is
caused for want of money? It is evids t
I theoredit system willcontinne as long as
! the voters elect rich men to make oir
1 monetary laws, it is already beiivg
hinted that the gold find is becoming so
alarmingly plentilnl that wealti.y mem
before long will be driven to discard it'
as money, for si ver.or some other scarce
substance Nothing seems to alarm the
very ricn, ami money loaners in general1
as does general prosperity among the
producing classes. Hence the close
watch over legislation by the moneyed
class to prevent the workers from be
coming independently well-off. Because,
if the producers became independent
to whom could the moneyed men lend
their money? As the love of money is
the root of all evil, our Christian law
makers ought to enact laws restraining
men from exacting higher interest from
persons than they receive from bond
holdersthat equal burdens may be
borne by all classes. Farmers, like
other callings, ought to organize their
forces to protect themselves from utter
! ruin
Thoy can do it ana si tnu at me
head of the comer.
Sands Brown six.
Salem, Or.
Shudders At His Past.
"I recall now with horror," says Mail
Crtirior Burnott Mann, of Lvanna, O.,
"my three years of sutfi'rini? from Kid
ney tronlila. 1 was hardly ever free from
dull aches or ami te pains in my back.
Toetoopor lift mail sacks made nie
groan. 1 felt tired, worn out about ready
to give up, when I began to ua Kleetrio
liiuers, hut lis bottles completely cuied
me and made me feel like a new man."
They're unrivalled to regulate Stomtch,
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels. Perfect
satisfaction guaranteed by Geo. A. Har
ding. Only 60 cents.
The greatest skin specialist in America
originate! the (ormuia for Banner Salve.
For all skin diseases, ad cuts or sores,
and tor piles, it's the most healing medi
cine. Beware of substitutes, Chartnan
A Co.
An of
The popular
idea expressed in
Tjhrase. "the art of self
f-defense," shows
the oninion that the chief enemies a man
has to defend himself from are visible
and external. But the real danger of
every man is from minute and often in
visible foes. In the air we breathe and
the water we drink are countless minute
organisms leagued against the health of
the body.
The oils' defense against these enemies
is to keep the blood pure. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery thoroughly
purifies the blood, removing poisonous
substances and. accretions. When the
blood is pure there is no harborage for
the germs of disease which find a lodg
ing only when the blood is impure and
"I consider vonr 'Gotden Medical Discovery'
one of the best medicines on the face of the
earth," writes Mr. Wm. Floeter, of Redoalc,
Montgomery Co.. Iowa. "While in the south
west, three years ago, I got poisoned with poi
son ivy. The poison settled in ruv blood and
the horror I suffered cannot be told in words.
I thought, I would go crasy. I tried different
kinds of medicine, tried different doctors, but
all the relief they could give me was to make my
pocket-boolc lighter. 1 then began taking Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Took four
bottles without relief. Kept taking it. I took
in all ten bottles and got entirely cured."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation. Going Etut.
If you intend to take a trip East, ask
your agent to rute you via The Great
Wabash, a modern and up to-date rail
road in every particular.
Through trains from Chicago, Kansas
City, Omaha or St. Louis to New York
and New England points. All trains
run via Niagara Falls and every through
train has free reclining chair cars, sleep
ing and dining cars.
Stop over allowed on all tickets atNi
agara Falls.
Ross 0. Cline.
Pacific Coast Pass. Agent.
Los Angeles, Cal.
(!. 8. Crank, Gen'l Pass Agent.
St. Louis, Mo.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure
a cold in one day. No Cure no Pay
Price 25 cents.
School report cards for sale at this of
fice The finest bon bon boxes In town at
the K K K.
Baby caps and hats in the latest
styles. Miss 0. Goldsmith .
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shop of P. G. Shark.
The latest in chocolate of all kind at
the Kozy Kandy Kitchen,
A few watches for sale cheap t
Younger's. Watches cleaned, $1.
The latest out Try the marshmalloW
Kisses at me rvozy jvuiiuy nnuiitMi.
A Blighlly tfsed p trlor organ for sale
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Any one wanting land cleared by con
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Pork place.
Shank A Bissell carry the most com
plete line of undertakers' supplier in
Oregon City.
To Loan on Farm Property $500,
$101)0, $1500, at 7 per cent, one, two or
ttiree years. Dimiek & Kasthara, law
yers, Ovegon City Oregon.
It Saved II la I.eK.
P. A Dvtnforth of LaGrtnge, Cm., suf
fered for sis months with a frightful
running sore on his leg ; but writei that
Biiekleii's-Arnica Siilve wholly cured it
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it's the best salve in the world. Cure
guaranteed. O.ily 25 cts. Sold by Geo.
A. Harding, druggist.
is, by no means, the dreadful
disease it is thought to be
tn the beginning.
It can always be stopped
in the betrinning. The trouble
is : you don't know you ve got
it ; you don't believe it ; ynu
won't believe it till you are
forced to
Then it is danger
Don't be afraid ; but attend
to it quick you can do it your
self and at home.
Take Scott's Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil, and live care
fully every way.
This is sound doctrine,
whatever you may think or
be told: and, if heeded, will
save life.
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Foresight Means Good Sight
If there ever was a truism it is exemplified in the
above headline. Lack ot foresight in attending to the
eyes in time means in the end poor sight. We employ
the latest most scientific methods in testing the eyes,
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optical department.
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