Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, April 26, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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"Best of Everything'
In a wot d tli is tells of the pass
enger service via,
8 Trains Daily between St, l'aul
and Chicago comprising:
The Latest Pullman Sleepers
Peerless Dining Cars
Library and Observation Cars
Free Reclining Chair Cars
The 20th Century Train "THE
every day of the year.
Tii3 Finest Train in the World
Electric Lighted Steam Heated
To Chicago by Daylight.
Tbe Badger Slate Express, the finest day
train running between Chicago via. -the
Short Line.
Connrctions from the west made via
The Northern Pnci6c,
Great Northern,
and Canadian Pacific Rys.
This is also one of the best lines between
Omaha, St. Pul and Minneapolis
All agents sell tickets via "The North
western Line."
G. A. T. A.
248 Alder St., Portland, Oregon.
Souths n Pacific Co.
Shasta Route
Trains leave Oregon City for Portland at 7:00 and
22 A.M., and 6;30 P. M.
8:80 A.M.
9:22 a.m.
12:55 A.M.
5:10 P. M
7:45 P.M.
4:45 A. M.
7:25 A M,
7:42 A.M.
8:30 V. M.
9:14 P. u.
12:35 P.M.
5:00 a.m.
8:46 p.m.
7:00 A. M.
9:15 A.M.
7:25 A.M.
8 SO A.M.
8:05 A.M.
:00 P.M.
6:30 A.M.
11:30 A. M.
7:00 A.M.
6:30 P.M.
6:42 A.M.
12:10 P.M.
2:00 P. M.
8:00 p. M.
6:80 A.M.
11:80 A. M.
7:00 a.M.
6:30 P.M.
6:42 A.M.
12:10 P.M.
Pullman and Tourist Cars on both trains,
Chair oars, Sacramento to Ogden and El Pasoi
nd tourist cars to Chicago, St. Louis, New
Orleans and Washington.
Connecting at Ban Francisco with several
Steamship Lines for Honolulu, Japan. China,
Philippines, Central and South America.
See E. L. HoorKNOiBSEB, agent at Oregon
City station, or address
C. H. MARKHAM, G. P. A.,
Portland, Or
The Dalles, Portland and Astoria
'Navigation Co's
Sirs. Regulator & Dalles City
Dally (exoept 8unday) between
The Dalles,
Hood River,
Cascade Locks,
and Portland
Touching at way points on both sides of the
i;oiumuui river.
Unth nt the above steamers have been rebull
and are in excellent shape for tbe season of 1900
Tbe Regulator i.ine wnienaeavor 10 give m
patrons tbe best service possioie.
For Comfort, Economy and Pleasure
travel by the steamers of The , Keg-ulator
The above steamers leave Portland 7a. m.and
Dalles at 8 a. m.,and arrive at destination in ample
M. fn.Mit.nlna tralni.
Portland Office. The Dalles Office
Oak St. Dock. CourtStreet.
General Agent
Farm for Sale.
19milessonth of Oregon City.Smlles south of
Molalla. Known aa me Tessei ra. -Ing310
seres, 140 acres; clear plow land; 40 acres
' n creek bottom ; 100 acres, upland; 7 acres, or
chard. All well watereo ana lenccu wuh
nd wire fence, and drained with Hone and tile
ditches: (rood buildings. 90 rods from school
house: 115 rods from church: good location for
taking s'ock to mountains Price 120 per acre:
fl'W down, balance to suit at 6 per cent interest.
For further particulars apply to A. J. Sawtfll,
on the form, or I'imick 4 Eabtham, Oiegon City.
Men and women of good address to represent
ns, some to travel appointing aserts, others for
local woik lookintf after our interests. 1)00
salurv guaranteed yearly; extra commissions and
exni nses. rarUl advancement, old established
house. Grand chance for earnest man or woman
to secure pleasant, permanent position, liberal
Income and future. New brilliant lines. Write
at unce.
23 Church Sts., New Haven, Conn
WANTED Capable, reliable person in every
cotiu'y to represent large company oi solid fi
nancial reputation: P.B6 sa'sry per year, payable
weeklv;3 per day absolutely sure and all ex
penses'; straight, bona fide, definite salary, no
commission: snlaTy paid each Saturd 'y and rx-
ense money advanced ei.ch iretk. STAMJAKi)
OfSK, 344 IABBOBH ST., Chicaco.
men to travel and advertise lor old established
houte of solid financial sundirg. Salary I." a
year and expenses, all pa aule in cash. No can
vassing required. Give references and enclose
self-addrcused stamped envelope. Address Man
ager, io Ctxton llldij., Chi' ago.
Notice I hereby disclaim all liability
on all debts incurred from and after this
da'e by Mrs. Lucir.da Swope.
April 4, 1901. G. W. Swope.
Sean ti lta M YDS HawAIWTS B0t
Job Printing at the
Lv Portland
Lv Oregon City
Ar Ashland
" Sacramento
" San Francisco
" Ogden
" Denver
" Kansas City
" Chicago
" Los Angeles
El Paso
" Fort Worth
" City of Mexico
' " Houston
New Orleans
" Washington
New x"ork
and union Pacific
depart Portland, Ore. AnnrvH
Chlrago- Suit Lake, Denver, Ft
Portland Worth. Omaha, Kan
Special Brts City, St. liuis, Obi- 4:30 p. m.
9 a. m. cgo aud East.
Atlnntio Salt Lake, Penver, Ft.
Express Worth, Omaha, Kansas
( Uy, St. Louis, Chicago 8:40 a, m.
Dp. m, ana East.
St. Paul Walla Walla, Lewiston,
Fast Mail Spokane, Wallace, Pull
man, Minneapolis, St. 7.00 p. m.
6 p. m. Paul, Dtiluth, Milwau
kee, Chicago and East.
Ocean Steamships
. 8 p. m. All Sailing Dates subject 4 p. m.
to change.
For San Fran,,lsco Sail
every 5 days.
Daily Columbia River
Kx. Sunday steamers. P- m
8 p. m. Kx. Sunday
Saturday To Alorla and- Way-
10 p. m. Landings.
Willamette River.
6 a.m. 4.30 p.m.
Ex. Sunday Oregon Clly, Newbe;g, Ex. Sunday
Salem, Independence
and way-landings.
Willamette and Yam
? m- hill Rivers. ":30,P m-
Tues. Thur. Mo, Wed.
. I""1 Sat. Oregon City, Dayton and Frl
and way-landings.
a. m. Willamette River 430 p.m.
Toes. Thnr. Mon., Wed
and Sat. Portland to Corvallis and Frl,
and way-landings.
Leave Snake River Leave
Riparia Lewiston
8:40 a.m. Riparia to Lewiston. 8:30 a.m.
Daily. Daily
A. L. CRAIG, O, P. A.,
Portland, Oregon
In the Circuit Court of tbe State of Oregon, for
the County of Clackamas,
Mary Joyoe, plaintiff,
John Joyce, defendant,
To John Joyoe, said defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer the com
p'alut filed a;ainct you In the above entitled suit
on or before the 4th day of May, 1901, and if you
fail to so answer, for want thereof the plaintiff
will apply to the abore entitled court for a decree
forever dissolving the bonds of matrimony now
existing between the plaintiff and def endant.and
for such other relief as shall seem meet and
This summons Is ordered published in the Ore1
gon Olty Courier-Herald for the period of six
weeks from date of first publication iereof,such
order be, made by the Hon. j I . F. Ryan,
Judge of tue Comity Court of the State of Oregon
for the County of Clackamas, on the 21st day ol
March, 1901.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
First publication March 22, 1901.
In the Circuit Conrt of the State of Oregon for
the County of Claokamas.
Joseph Shadinger, 1
Susan A. Shadinger, 1
Defendant. J
To Susan A. Shadinger, Defendant:
TNtbeJname of the state of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer the
complaiut In the above entitled suit
on or before the 8th day of May, 1901, that being
the time prescribed In the order for the publica
tion oi this summons: the date of the first pub
Hcatlon of this summons being on the 22dday of
March, 1901; and if you fall to appear and
answer the plaintiff herein will apply to the
court for the relief therein prayed fur,
in the'coniplaint towlt: a docrce against you dis
solving the bone's of matrimony now existing
between you and the plaintiff and such other and
further relief pra; ed for In said oomplalnt.
Tills summons is published by order of Hon.
Themis A MeBride, Judge of sold court, made
and entered Man h Kith, 1001.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Or.ifcoii , for
he County of Clac knmus.
Hannah C. Shepherd,
Walter 3 Shepherd, I j
Defendant. )
To Walter 8. Shepherd, Defendant: I
In the name of the State of Oregon yotiare
hereby required to appear and answer to the
complaint filed against you in the above entitled
suit on or before the 11th day of May, 1101, that
bgnle the time ruescrilfd In the order for pub
lication of this summons the date of the first
publication of this summons being on the 2uth .
day of March, 1901: and If you fall to so appear j
and answer, the plaintiff herein will apply to the
said court for the relief prayed for in the com
plaint: to-wil, a decree dissolving the marriage
contract now existing between you and the
plaintiff, and for such other relief prayed for in
said complaint.
Tbls summons is published by order of the
Hon.T. F. Ryan, Judge of tbe County Court,
of ths State of Oregon, for Clackamas County,
dated and entered on the 26th day of March, 1901.
C. H. DYE,
Attorney for la I miff.
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isfied there is nothing serious the matter
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at George A. Harding's.
In the circuit court of the state of Oregon for
the county of Clackamas.
Eliza Reebs,
Huco Reebs.
ueieuaani. )
To Hugo Reebs, said defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon, you aie
hereby required to appear and answer the com.
plaint filed against you In the above entitled suit
or before the 81ft day of May, 1901, and if you
fall to so answer, for want thereof the plaintiff
will apply to the above entitled court for a decree
forever dissolving the bonds of matrimony now
existing between the plaintiff and defendant,and
for such other relief as shall seem meet and
Ibis summons ia ordered published in the Ore
gon City Courier-Herald for the period of six
weeks from date of first publication thereof .such
order being made by the Hon. T. A. McBrlde,
Judge of the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon,
for the County of Clackamas, on the 23rd day of
April, 1901.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
First publication pril 26th, 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
has been appointed by the Hon. Thos. F. Ryan,
county judge of Clackamas County, Oregon, as
administrator of tbe estate of Martha J, Shaw,
A II persons having claims against the said
estate are hereby notified to present their claims
to the undersigned at the law office of C. D. 4
D. C. Latourette, my attorneys, in Oregon City,
Oregon, within six mo. ths from this date.
E, L. Shaw,
Administrator aforesaid.
Dated, April 17, 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed by the County Conrt of
the State of Oregon, for the County of Clacka
mas, executrix of the estate of Philip Wolf, de
ceased. All persons having claims against said
estate are hereby required to present the same to
my attorneys, U'Ren & 8chuebel. properly veri
fied, as by law required, at Oregon City, Oregon,
within six mouths from the date hereof.
Executrix ef the estate of
Philip Wolf, deceased.
Dated this 8th day of April, I'M.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed by the County Court cf
Clackamas County, Oregon, administrator of the
estate of Wm. Staudinger, deceased. All persons
having claims against said (state are notified (o
present such claims to me duly verified at Clack'
amas, Oregon, within six months from date of
this notice.
Administrator as Aforesaid.
Dated, April 23, 1901.
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ftttautsara Oil CsBtnar,
: Friday, April 19.
In Chicago in three days of last week
24 persons committe J suicide.
From the remarks of Gen Pearson, the
Boer agent, al New Orleans, where he
failed in his efforts to stop the shipment
of mules for the British, the inference is
drawn that the Boers have friends who
are willing to fit out privateers for them
to prey on British commeice.
J. J. Hill, the railroad magnate, has
visited the president in behalf of Alex.
McKenzie, the notorious-, swindling re
ceiver of Cape Nome, jailed at San Fran
cisco for contempt of court.
In his statement of the budget before
the English parliament, Sir Michael
Hicks-Beach said he thought that the
house would see that the South African
war had brought the country to the
verge of ruin ; this could no longer be
concealed Sir Wnv. Harcourt said it
was the most disastrous statement the
exchequer had ever made. One of the
liberal members oi parliament nas n
ured out that every dead' Boei has cost
England 1000 pounds. There is great
outcry against the proposed export duty
on coal and other tax measures. The
London Daily Mail characterizes the
Boer war as "the most calami'ous en
terprise in which England has ever been
The.German general staff grieves over
the death of General Schwartssenkop in
the destruction by fire of the Winter
Palace at Pehin.
Cecil Rhodes is seriously ill at Kim
berly, and his physicians have ordered
him to return to England.
May 1 Standard Oil will declare a div
idend of 20 per cent and increase capital
stock from $100,000,000 to $400,000,000.
The authorities of Australian cities are
killing rats; they carry the bubonic
There are five hundred million dollars
gold in the national treasury and nearly
ninety millions of government money is
on denosit without interest in the pet
banks, which lend it to tbe fool people.
The Chicago. Burlington and Quincy
Railroad has been bought by the Great
Northern and Northern Pacific.
At Sault Saint Marie, on both sides of
the canal. Canadians and Americans
will build a steel and iron plant capital
ized at $50,000,000 that will employ
10,000 men.
J. J. Hill will run his railway in the
United States to the immense coal fields
of British Columbia.
In the Clearwater country, Idaho, 25,
000 acres will be planted to tlax.
Saturday, April 20.
J. H, Ardern, a Klondiker at Seattle,
estimates the clean-up this year in the
riAwnnn cainn at S30.00U 000. A auartz
ledge has been found under the old bed
rock that is wonderfully rich in free
A stationary engine manufacturing
combine is being made at Philadelphia
with $25,000,000 oi capital.
Montagu White, representative of
Transvaal republic.writesfrom New York
that the Boers and their advisers are op
posed to surrender "because time is the
very essence oi toe situation, unless a
settlement is affected the war will be of
long continuance." The burghers, he
says, have a sufficient supply of am
munition and food to continue, a fact
which is readily admitted by the En
glish government. King Edward is tired
of the war.
At Stubbs' Ferry, on the Missouri, the
Missouri River Power Co. will build a
million-dollar dam that will develop
10,000 horsepower.
A Oanada American million-dollar
bank will he started in Havana.
M. Delcasse, the French foreign min
ister, is visiting the Russian cz tr.
Aguinaldo has issued an address to
the Filipinos urging them to submit to
United States' sovereignly.
The Shanghai correspondent of the
London Morning Post says Japan pro-
poses to put itself at the head of reform
movement in China in order to over
throw tbe Manchu dynasty, which is
bound hand and foot by Russia.
Northern Ohio was swept today by a
fierce storm of wind and enow. Tele'
graphic communication has been entire'
ly cut off. In Western Pennsylvania,
Ohio and West Virginia the abundant
rains have forced the rivers far be'
yond their banks, in some localities the
railway (racks being flooded and traffic
England is sending more troops to
South Alrica, 10,000 being en route from
Canada alone. As soon as the Boers
are whipped into submission, England
willbhip 300,000 of ' her poor to South
Attica and give them a start as colonists.
Tliey will crowd out the ruined Boers.
English capitalists have their eyes on
the vasit beds of superior coal in northern
Transvaal, beyond railway terminus.
Near Monteno, Cape Colony, the Boers
captured a train loaded with entile and
coal. This event is a stand-off for the
Bicr cattle cap'ured by Elliott's divi
sion. In New York ciiy.'a reward of $16,000
is offered for the return of the missing
biy, Willio McCormick, and the arrewt
of his kidnapers.
The London Spectator discusses the
opinions expressed by the Italian admi
ral, Count Canevaro, at Toulon, and
Count Coltiehowpkl, Austro-flungarian
(cireitrn minister, in regard to a union of
all Europe againht the United Slates.
1 America it obnoxious to Europe on ac
count of the intensity of commercial
competition, and America's oppOKilkm to
tobUling up of China and to permitting
huropean powers f gobble up boutti
America. When the alliance against the
United Hlates has been formed, says the
Spectator, it will be full grown and full
Prof P. S. Langley, inventor of the
boli. meter, aa instrument that measures
.(00,000,001 degree Centigrade, with its
aidf jundon Mt. Whitney a new spec
trum of great extent on which he has
mapped out 700 lines.
At Dolores, N. M., mill for the dry
washing of auriferous ores of 300 tons
daily capacity, will be built. A year will
elapse before it ia finished. The system
, used, invented by Edison, it laid to be
eminently successful and will cause a
1 revolution in gold mining.
Sunday, Apr'.l 21.
The president and c inhier" of the First
National B.ink of Vancouver, -Wash.,'
have absconded. The bank m ide bad
loans and is closed
An immense Btoveinakcrs' combine
is being formed in St. Louis.
Plaw, of the University of California,
established a new wor'.d record at the
Beikeley contests in the hummer events.
His records were: 16-pound shot put, 42
feet 7 1-2 inches; 16-ponud hammer, 171
l-B feet. .
England's new loan of 60,000,000 is
being subscribed in New York.
A $600,000 fire occurred at Montreal.
Shamrock II, Sir Thomas Liptou's new
cup challenger, was launched at Dum
barton, England, yesterday.
Smythe & Son, of Arlington, secured
6800 Limbs from 6300 ewes.
A hop contract was made at Scio at 12
cents and 7 cents advance.
At Bethany, about 12 miles fro n Port
land, Fred. Berstecher and Adolph Vun
Grueningin got into aright about land
in which Berstecher was beaten to death.
Australia produced last year $70,000,-
000 in gold.
Our railroads spend annually $6,00D,
000 in renewing 75,100,000 ties.
The ''assc-ciationa bill," confiscating
and closing the monasteries, has passed
the French chamber of deputies . s
Monday, April 22.
On Friday night last, Charles N'.rown,
president of the defunct First National
Bank of Vancouver, and E. L. Canby,
the cashier, went into the woods near
Vancouver and killed themselves with
the same revolver. Their bodies were
found yesterday morning, their feet not
being two feet apart. Both shot them
selves in tne mouth. . They were both
over 50 years old and men of prominence
in the community. Their loss of the
bank's funds having been discovered by
Bank Examiner Maxwell, .hey did as
Chinese custom demands, committed
The high water in the Fittsburg, Pa.,
district causes a loss of over a million
dollars and 60,000 men are temporarily
thrown out of work.
The Santa Fe and Southern Pacific
have formed an agreement on the Oali
forma passenger tratlic.
Two hundred persons perished from
cold in the Cape Nome district during
the blizzard th t swept over tbe Arctic
regions at the beginning of the year.
The market value of the 1100 seats in
the New York stock exchange is about
Russian troops have been sent into
Manchuria against the Chinese robbers
who have destroyed 150 miles of railway
with rolling stock, and Killed tne guards.
A Manchurian general has borrowed
from Russia 400,000 taels with which to
form a military police.
Corea will borrow from France 5,000,-
000 yen for railway building.
The Chinese minister at Washington,
Wu Ting Fang, will present to the Chi
nese emperor acompreliensive memorial
dealing with administrative and finan
cial reforms In China in line with Euro
pean ideas and practices.
Viceroy To, at Canton, is taking meas
ures to kill 3000 robbers in the Kwang
provinces of Southern Chin-. In a dis
trict of Hainan Island 18,000 people
have died of plague.
The czar has aDDointed General P. Z.
VannoffBky, 79 years old, minister of ed
ucation. He is opposed to tne rigid ponce
regulation of students, which caused tbe
late serious disturbances.
London lias just found out that 15oo
British soldiers have been besieged in
South Africa for three months, Kitchen
er having not sent home a word about
the occurrence.
From the testimony at the coroner's
inquest, in Portland, of tbe body of
Frederlch .Berstaecher, it appearB that
when Dr. A. von Grueningen struck
him the fatal blow on the head with the
rifle barrel, be did so in self-defense, as
Berstaecher, who was Insane with an
ger, was trving to hit him with a pick'
ax. Their land-quarrel was of long
Tuesday, April 23.
Yesterday, 2oo men began work on
the new railroad of 29 miles between
Kalama and Vancouver, Wash.
At Middlebilrg, Transvaal, 106 arme
buruliBrs suirendered. Kitchener ha
bv nroclamation announced that severe
tienalties will be inflicted on those ho
assist the enemy in the martini law dis
tricts of Cape Colony.
At the National Sporting Club, Lon
don, Jack Roberts, feather weight,
knocked out Billy Smith, a New Yorkt r,
in eight rounds.
Near Charties, France, two tramps
entered the home of a tnrtner named
Briere. at niht, he being absent, and
killed his five children whila they were
in bed, four of them being girls.
At Newcastle, Wash ., two highway
men held up Harry Collins in his saloon
and relieved him of $253o.
The Independent Home Makers' Com
pany of Northern Nebraska wants5o,ooo
seres of land in Oregon for a colony.
Tbe steamer Indravelll, unloading in
Portland, is over 4u bet lung and has
a capacity of lo.ooo tons,
At Montreal a third bridge is to be
built across the St. Lawrence, which,
wilb terminals, will cost 410,000,000.
A passenger train was ' held up
at midnight near Iron Mountain
cror&ing. four and a half miles west of
Mempb'm. The six highwaymen secured
over $3000. They shot Kidney Drew, the
negro porter, in tne uiign, wounding
him dangerously.
The foreign ministers at l ekin are
hard to plefi'ie. Now they demand four
more beheadings and the exile of 80
more officials. .
Fred P. Fish, a lawver. will, from Ju
ly 1, as president of the Bell telephone
and the American Telephone and Tele
graph Companies, draw a ralary of
$100,000 yearly.
In the wrecking of the Turkish trans
port Asian, near Yembo, about 200
Turks were either -drowned or killed
Three hundred pilgrims for Mecca were
The bank of Gilbert Bros. at. Sulem
was closed today on account of limitation
over the William Cosper estate.
The steel trust will advance price of
steel rails from $26 a tun to $28.
In a lecture at Oarnesiie Lyceum, New
York, John P. Holland, of" stilimcrine
boat fame, said that the submarine, tor
pedo boat will make war belwee na
tions having senport towns i m rjctioa
Lie, and thai no one has been ttlile to
discover a method of overcoming the
dangerous advantage such a craft has in
attacking a harbor or shipping.
C' tint Leopold de Melville, alius Leo
Kralquini.tias been arrested in New York
for forming a woman trust, having led
50 blushing brides to the altar, one of
whom had him arrested.
E. O. Dal ton. of St. Ht lens. will secure
the rinht of way for the proposed Scap-
poose and Pittsburg Kniboad.
A It tter received by a New York busi
ness house from its representative in
Manila, d.ued February 26, states that
a correspondence had been carried on
with Aguinaldo for some time looking
to his conditional surrender and that he -had
agreed to do so for a certain sum.
The Funston expedition tocantnre Agui
naldo was what the secrutarv of war
called a "brass band afLtir." The ques
tion unanswered is, how muclidid Agui
nuldo get?
The sawmills of Portland employ 1500
men and turn out daily about 1.200,000
feet of lumber worth about $12,000.
Wednesday, April 24.
At Springfield, Tent)., at 9 o'clock last
night, a mob hung Wyatt Mallory, a
I'egro, from the courthouse veranda, for
the murder of J H ,Farmer,a white man.
At Joplin, Mo., five tramps killed two
policemen who tried to arrest them.
At Los Angeles, Mrs, Lily Conway, a
lodginghouse keeper, was shot and kill
ed in her room by William Nelson,
J.P.Morgan and other financiers are
negotiating to secure the entire proper
ties of the Dunsmuir colleries in British
Columbia. The deal involves $5,000,000.
Some 20 plow manufacturers assem
bled in Chicago have formed a l")0,000,
000 trust.
The commerce of Cuba is rapidly de
creasing. Forty thousand people from
Spain and the Canaries have, since the
war, migrated to Cuba.
Gold has been discovered at Leith,
Scotland. ,
At Vancouver, B.C., a vessel to cost
$80,000 will be built for Capt. Joseph
Bernler, who will make an expedition to
the North Pole, to be absent five years.
A scare over a reported British-German
alliance for a war against France, '
induced M. Delcasse, the French minis
ter of foreign affairs, to visit St. Peters- -
On account of the hostile attitude of
Japan, Russia has dropped Manchuria.
The Manchester Guardian says Lord
Salisbury will be succeeded by the Duke
of Devonshire as premier of the British
government, and Joseph Chamberlain, .
now secretary of state of the colonies,
will bo releg ted to the background. The
diminished government majorities por
tend a short duration of the present
ministry. The jingo policy must cease.
Kitchener reports that since the Gth
he had taken 81 Boer prisoners, 100,000
rounds ammunition, 200,000 horHes and .
wagons and cattle, and 20 boys.
At Narvacan, province of South Uocos,
2272 bolornen have sworn allegiance to
the United States.
The 100th anniversary of Scottish Rite
Masonry in this country is being com- .
memorated in Chicago by a four-days'
celebration ending with a banquet par-1
ticipated in by 500 members of the rite.
The product of the dairy cow and the
hen in tbe United States in the year
1900 amounted to $675,000,000.
Thursday, April 25.
There is intense indignation among
the Chinese of Pekin against foreigner
principally because of the harsh treat
ment they bave received irotn tne uer- .
mans. The needless expeditions of the
Germans against perfectly quiet com
munities have caused many Chinese
who have lost all, to join roving hands
of robbers. Tbe high-handedness of the
Germans baa also angered the other
foreigners at Pekin. 1 be Germans want
General Clieffee to give up to them the
gate of the forbidden City, which he
holds, but he indignantly refuses.
Near Johnson's Station, 0., a train
wreck on the Cincinnati, H. & D , caused
by spreading rails, resulted in death of
engineer and fireman and serious injury
of three ethers.
At San Jose, Cel., the Cal.Cured Fruit
Aes'n sold yeaterday 20,000,000 pounds
prunes on the 2 cent busis; 55,000,000
pounds yet unsold.
The rise of the Ohio river at Cincin
nati exceeds 58 feet.
' Briere, the father of the five murdered
children at Chartres, France, committed
the crime himself because he wanted to
marry a widow who objected to llam.
J. X. Merriman, ex-treaenrer of Cape
Colony, addressed the meeting of the
League of Liberals in London on the
military law, which actually was the
abnegaiion of all law, in Cape Colony,
and which, if persisted in, would surely
lose South Africa to the urit'blt empire.
Under a sudden impulse of insanity,
Gecrge II, Brainard, at Portland, Mo.,
an electrician, whipped out his revolver
and began shooting his fe) low-work Uicn.
He killed Uo and mortally wounded
two others.
In a Chicago police station, Mutoruian
Ilougbteling and Policeman Messenger
fatally shot each other.
Parties have leased 8000 acres land
near Ashland and will erect a derrick to
bore fur oil.
Smallpox has become epidemic in
Tsnohomish couuty, Wash., and is spread
ing rapidly.
S. N. Schmidt, a Swede, rut Ids throat
in the hills three miles south of Eugene.
At Almota, Wash., 20,0( 0 bushels of
barley were scld at 60c per 100 pounds.
At Athena 27,Oii() bushels of wheat wen
sold ar 47 cents f.o. h.
Hussia has secured the two best har
bors on the Corean co.ist, in spite of the
opposition of Japan.
A Baucais for my Party 160 Acres
of farii.ii g law I, ei improved; six
room house, giod barn and outbuildings;
on Clear Creek. Flouring mill, store,
postoiflce, church and school nearly at
your door. Price $;100(). Inquire ofO.
A. ChknY, Oregon City.