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18th YEAR, NO. 42:
Grebe, . Harder . & Co.
182, 184, 186 Madison Street, West End of Bridge,
Remember we have the finest stock of the best makes to be found
in Portland, including Farm and Spring Wagons, B.iggies, Carriages,
and Carts, Mowers, Rakers, Tedders and ..Hay Tools, Hay Presses,
Grain Drills, Plows, Cultivators,
rumns Harness, Bicycles, i.tc.
Main Store and Warehouse, No.
Acorn Steel Ranges lead the world.
Simond's Saws, the wood choppers' friend.
Syracuse Chilled Plows and Harrows, the
farmers' friend. We are sole agents.
We are headquarters for General Hardware,
, Builders' Hardware, Air Tight Heaters,
also a fine line of warranted American
Pocket Knives and Razors.
Cor, Fourth and Main Sts.
Disc and Spring Tooth Harrows,
140, 146 Sixth Street North,
- - OREGON '
Refurnishing Time
And now for clean, new Lace
Curtains, Portieres, Carpets, Rugs,
Matting, Etc.
The season is almost here when
you'll need them.
It will pay you to do your buy
ing early. We are making some
famous reductions now, and are
showing our very best designs.
Lace Curtains, latest design, ioc
and 15c per yard.
In I v'- rJt
AXNUAi school meei jag.
Reports j ) Ojjicers Read nf ;
1 Adopted. j
The annual school meeting was held at
the conn' ye .rnrt room Monday night.
There were few more voters present
than at the iieeting held in January
when a 7-nv I tax was levied. At the
former mee' lg only two voters were
jresent. idge Ryan kicked pretty
lard at the stra levy of one mill this
year, and lairman unarman Biioweo
that that t , . extra mill was maue on
figures in hi- possession that the county
assessment was $500,000 less than last
year, it was snown, however, mat. me
assessment was only about $80,000 leBS
than last year, consequently tlie Doara
will have "lots of money this year. In
the year 1899, the interest on the float
ing debt was (51 .74, while tor lyuu it is
$180 36 The disbursement for school
supplies amounting to (239 was not
A resolution introduced by George A.
Harding passed, which provides that
the board be authorized to borrow such
sums of money as are needed to carry
on the school., The clerk's repor shows
that there, are nine less children in the
district than last year.
I respectfully submit the following re
port aB showirg the financial connition
of school district No. 62, for the year
end'ng March 1th, 1901:
BaL on hand March 5, 1900. ..( 3 38
State tax 1868 88
County tax....... 3019 52
Special district tax 4086 CO
1 uition from non-reBident pu
pils 119 58
Sale of old desks . . 90 20
Money borrowed from Bank of
Oregon City 6200 00
Totol $14387
Teachers' salaries $ 6497 40
Janitors' salaries 705 00
School furniture. 203 90
First payment, sewer asst-ss-
ment . 13 12
General expenses 35 8'i
Repairs to Barclay building. . 94 83
Repairs to Eastham building. . 66 53
School supplies .. 239 00
Janitors' supplies 25 65
Fuel and water 37 CO
Election expense 7 00
Interest on bonded debt 721 55
Interest on floating debt 180 36
Notes paid Bank of Oregon
City . , 5520 00
Clerk's salary for blx months 50 00
.(14386 85
. . 71
Bal. on hand.
Total $14387 36
! 8. : ,
: '. W.
Agricultural Implements and Vehicles
Peerless Plows
Steel and Chilled
Road Carts
Buffalo Hits,
Harrows and Cultivators,
Uwen's "Advance" Fanning
f Write fnr natalnnnft and
1 " - -- a-
S ix per cent bonds due July
1st, luia ouou uu
Six per cent bonds due Decem
ber, 1916..." 6000 00
Notes due Bank of Oregon City,
$700.90, (780, $70 2270 UO
Total ..(14270 00
Children enumerated for 1901 : Males,
500 ; females, 590 : total 1190.
Respectfully Submitted,
. T. L.Charman, Clerk.
We your board of directors, beg leave
to submit this as our annual report ot
the business of the district for the fiscal
year ending March 4, 1901.
The school so opened on the 17th, of
September, 1900. with more new teachers
than any other year of its history, this
was owing to the removal of Supt. L.
W. Mc Adams and wife to Texas, and on
account of teachers getting better salaries
Principal H. D. Wilcox was promoted
to the superiniendency, Miss Addie
Clprk promoted to Principal of Barclay
school, with Miss Sade Chase in seventh
grade, Miss Lulu Case in sixth grade;
Miss E. Taylor, fourth and fifth grades;
Miss N. Walden, third grade; Misa
Cochran, second grade, and . Miss Bray
in the primary grade, while at the
Eastham school Prof. V. P. Mathews
was elected principal, with the same
corps of teachers as before with the ex
ception of Miss Francis Myers in the
primary grale.
We have expected for several years
that we would have to enlarge the school
buildings, but we do not contemplate it
this year. Our schools are lull to their
capacity, and if we get our quota of im
migration that is coming to Oregon we
will have to make arrangements, in the
near future for larger quarters, but we
hope not until there is more taxable
property in the district, &r, a 7-mill tax
his year ra.ses less revenue tutu a
6 mill tax did laHt year.
Considering the amount of sickness
this winter, among all classes of people,
we wish to congratulate the district as
well as ourselves on the excellent sani
tary condition of our school as regards
ventilation, heat, filtered water and last
but not least, dust. Without these sani
tary conditions we are satisfied that the
attendance would have been quite
The secretary's report shows that the
salary of teachers are lower by (150 this
y?Hr than last. We have aiuieil to cur
tail txpt'iises consistent with good
I The janitors' expenses are (50 higher
on account 'i additional work imposed
upon them althouuti we are satisiiuti that
the district is getling value received as
the.e janitors are capable men end save
the district many dollars in small re
pairs, that ordinarily would be extra.
We had a chance to sell the old double
desks in both buildings for (90.20 which
e accepted and replaced them with
cingln adjustable desks at an expense of
The one-tenth payment on sewers un
der the Bancreft Bonding Act amount
ing to (13.12 became due March 1, 1901,
ar.d was provided for in our estimate in
nac uruis
Hoe and iJisc
H aggies
Stoughton Wagons
Ptfr.M.' fiATJ.
- - - - - -
We askeil for (200 to paint the East
ham school last year, but owing to the
high price of painting material we
thought best to put it off another year.
The ornamental work on the front of
the Kastham building u continually
causing leuks, which will eventually
ruin the timbers and we may have to re
place it with something less pretentious.
The dirt floor in the basement of the
Eastham building is very unsatisfactory
and while a cement floor would be pref
erable, the finances of the district 'will
not warrant the outlay, it may be ad
visable to put in a cedar floor, which
would cost about (50.
We hope the patrons will appreciate
our efforts to place our schools on par
with the best schools of the state, and
we hope the parents will show their in
terest by making an occasional visit.
Respectfully Submitted,
Elmer E. Charman,
Chas. Albright,
Chas. H.Caufibld,
ciTir superintendent's report.
1 1 am confident that the public schools
of Oregon City are in a highly prosper
ous condition. As a rule, the teachers
are doing excellent work and are amply
proviueu with suitable apparatus and
books. ,
The buildings are in good condition
with the exception of the boys' water-
closet at the Barclay building which
needs remodeling and enlarging. The
roof also of the Barclay school bu'Iding
is in need of repairs.
With an increase in the cost of living
amounting to from 15 to 20 per cent the
salaries of the grade teachers demand
your special attention,
It would be advantageous to the dis
trict if the letting of contracts for school
supplies wtre done earlier, in Ap.il or
May. liy that means we could avoid
burning wet wood.
By reason of the adoption of books by
the state text hook commesiion, the
needs of the schools demand that a new
course of study be prepared thin sum
Most sincerely hoping that my work
lias not been unnatisiactory, I mm.
Yours Most Slucerely,
II. D. Wilcox.
Heithcr Report.
Following is the weather leport for
the month of February, 1001, at Mira
monte Farm, Clackamas county, Or. :
Mean temperature, 41.7. '
Max. temp., 08.
Date 28. h.
Min. temp., 22.
Date 11th and 12th.
Total precip., 5. OH inches.
No. days clear, U.
Partly cloudy, 9.
Cloudy, 10.
Dates of frostx.
Light, 18. 21.
Killing, 0th to 12th.
Hail, 2nd.
Prevailing wind, changing.
Halo of moon on 1st.
Moon-rainbow on 23d, 10 p. in.
U. Muecke,
Voluntary Observer.
gp ,m4
4 --v j .
Sickle Grindeis
Mountain Hacks and
Spring Wagons
Hay Presses,
Horse Power and Steam
Feed and Root Cutters,
Bone and Cider Mills.
Several Orders Handed Down by
x County Judjje Ryan During
the Week.
In the matter of the guardianship of
the persons and estates of Barry, Mel
ville, Shirley, Jerald and Edard Kast
ham. minors, Clara E. Morev. euitrdlaov
The guardian petitioned for an order for
the sale of such real estate as should be
sold, and it was ordered that the next ot
kill of said wards and all persons inter
ested in the said estate appear before
this court on Monday, the 25th day ol
March, and show cause why such order '
should not be made.
In the matter of the estate of Luke
Comer, deceased, E. G. Ciuflold, ad
ministrator, an order was made con
firming the sale of the real property at'
the foot of Singer hill. The property
was sold to N. F. Nelson for $285, tie
being the highest and best bidder.
In (he matter of the estate of Levi
Davis, deceased, Alvis V. Davis, execu
tor, was granted an order to sell the per
sonal property of the estaie, ia or
der to pay oil' the expenses of admlnis
In the matter of the estate of Robert
Baty, deceased, Charles Daughurty, ex
ecutor, filed his report of the sulu of a
part of the donation In nd claim to Nels-
J?. Johnson for the Bum of $'.'200, he Je
ing the highest and best bidder.
In the pnitler of the estate of John
Acker, deceased, Gilbert L. Hedges was
appointed administrator of said estate in
place of James P. Lovett, who declined
to serve. The bond to be filed amounts
Flremm's Election.
The firemen's election held lait Mon
day resulted in the election of" Chris
Hartman, chief engineer; 8. J, Burfoid,
assistant, and August Aainus, J, II.
Howard and V. W, Pope as fire commis
sioners. The votes stood at follows:
Chief of. engineer, Hartman, 41 ; Caleb -Crtisa,
10. Fire commissioners Abiuus
37; Howard, 41; Pope, 33 j C. M. Mason,
2tt.. Burford for assistant chief engineer,
was elected without opposition receiving
40 votes.
Toe flection was unusually quiet, only
57 votes bdng polled.
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