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18th YEAR, NO. 37
&rebe9 Harder & Co.
182, 184, 186 Madison Street, West End of Bridge, -DEALERS
'm ( mber we have the finest stock of the best makers to be found
in Portland, including Farm and Spring Wagons, Buggies, Carriages,
and Carts, Mowers, Rakers, Tedders and Hav Tools, Hay Presses,
Grain Drills, Plows, Cultivators, Disc and Spring Tooth Harrows,
Pumns Harness, Bicycles, Etc. t
Main Store and Warehouse, No. 140, 146 Sixth Street Norih,
2 A corn Steel Ranges
Simond's Saws, the wood choppers' friend.
t Syracuse Chilled Plows and Harrows, the
farmers' friend. We are sole agents.
We are headquarters for General Hardware,
V Builders' Hardware, Air Tight Heaters,
also a fine line of warranted American
-''. Pocket Knives and Razors for Christ
mas gifts. ' .
Cor. Fourth and Main Sts.
lead the world.
& CO.
We would like to give you a
very interesting talk on Carpets
and Chinese Matting. If you
should contemplate buying either,
be sure to give us a call. As we
wish to work off some of our sur
plus stock, we will save you some
lteyular January Teftn of the
Coi nty Boardjt
' k
J. R. Morton, John Lewelieiiknd T. B,
Killin, commisBioinef
(Continued from last:
In the matter of God fried Smalley
asking for aid from the county. Now
comes Mr. Smalley and represents and
shows to the board that Gotfried Smal
ley is a man upwards of 70 years of age
and wholly without means of support
and the board being fully advised, it is
ordered that said Gotfried Smalley have
$6 per month until further ordered.
In the matter of the taxes of Katie
Kueckenberg. This matter coming upon
petition and the board being fully ad
vised, it is ordered that Katie' Kucken
burg be and is hereby allowed to pay
taxes upon 80 acres of land of section 13,
t 4 s, r 4 e, in the amounts and for the
years as follows, to-wit: For the year
1893, $11.20: 1895, $5 34; 1896, $5 31;
1898, $4.28; 1899, $4 90; total, $31.53.
In the matter of the tax rebate of J.
S. Smith. The matter coming on upon
the petition of J. 8. Smith for a rebate
upon delinquent taxes bought at tax
sale by him and assessed and errone
ously sold by the sheriff, and the board
being fully advised, it is ordered that
said petition be granted in the sum of $5
only and the clerk draw a warrant for
said amount.
Board now adjourned to meet tomor
row morning at 9:30 o'clock.
Friday, January 11, 1901.
The bo.ird now met pursuant to
adjournment, the commissioners and
oilicers present.
In the matter of the acceptance of the
franchise of the Oregon City ana South
ern Railway Company by G. C. Fields,
"The Oregon City & Southern Railway
Company, a corporation, pursuant to a
resolution of its board of directors, di
recting its president, the undersigned,
so to do, hereby accepts the franchise
granted by the board of commissioners
of Clackamas county, state of Oregon,
by orderof said board, dated January
10th, 1901, and which order is recorded
in journal 19 on page 317, 319 and 320.
Dated this January 11, 1901.
"The Oregon City ASouthern Railway
Company, by G. O. Fields, president.
In the matter of bonds for petitioning
and opening roads. It is ordered that the
board will exact a good and sufficient
bond upon all petitions for location , or
re-location oflroads and in case said road
jr roads are not allowed or located the
bondsmen will be required to pay all
In the matter of the conti nfcr.t fund
It appearing to the board that the con
tingent fund has become depleted,
therefore, it is ordered thai the treas
urer setapart$100 from the general fund
into the contingent fund.
In matter of the E Wehshein private
road. Now at this time this matter
coniim? on to be heard in open court
there being present J. R. Morton, chair
m n of the board of county commission
ers, John Lewellen, and Thomas B. Kil
Ijn, county commissioners, and it p.
pearingto the said board of commission
ers from the sworn petition of Mrs. E.
ehrheim that he is the owner of and
has a residence upon the following des
cribed real estate to-wit: Beginning at
a point 11 :33 chains west of the south
east corner of the Hugh Currin D. L. C.
No. 40, being of the land sold to John
Akins in t 3 8, r 4 e, of the Willamette
Meiidian; running thence west 3.35
chains ; thence south 69 degrees 30 min
utes west 13 chains : thence north 19 de
grees west 18.15 chains ; thence north
69 degrees 30 minutes east 2.45 chamB,
thence north 19 degrees west 25 links,
thence north 69 degrees 30 minutes east
13.74 chains, thence south 16 degrees
east 19 53 chains to place of beginning
That her said residence and property is
not reached by any public road hereto'
'fore provided bv law and that it is neceS'
sary that the public and herself should
have have ngress and egress to and
from her said premises and residence.
It is therefore ordered that A. VV. Oooke,
Willard Borinn and Ed Siefer, three diS'
interested free holders of Clackamas
county, Oregon, be appointed as viewers
to meet at the hour ot 10 o'clock a. m
on the 22d day of January, 1901, on the
said premises to view and locate a road
30 feet in width from premises aut rest'
dence of the said Mrs. E. Wehrheim to
some other county road acroRB property
of Nancy E Shankland and Geo. J.
Currin, or the property of ei'lier or both
of them, so as to do the least damage
In the matter of billa for road dis
trietNo 8:
F J'Walkley...-; $2 00
C C Barlow & Co 2 40
Geo E Rate & Co 9 75
In the matter of estate of Benjamin
Hendrickson, deceased. Now cjmes
Albina Hendrickson, the administra
trix of the estate of Benjamin Hendrick
son, deceased, and, and asks the board
for a rebate of $2.50, upon the probate
fee in probating said estate and it appear
ing to the board that the lee paiu lor
probating said estate was $7.50, the law
ful fee for an estate in the amount of
$1000, but that the inventory of said es
tate shows said estate to be worth the
sum uf 4850and that the lawful fees for
same would bnly be $5, therefore it is
ordered that Albina Hendrickson, ad
ministratrix, of the estate of Benjamin
Hendrickson haea rebate of $2.50 on
lj,iflyflVter 'Kud, that Illicit ill iaauo i
"Hwarraut fop same. ... ..'"
In the matter of the petition of R H
Long and E. C. Shuliz for cancellation
of tax. This matter coming on, the
applicants appealing by G. B. D.mick,
their attorney, and the board being
full; advised, it is ordered that thede
linquent tax of R. H. Long and E. C.
Shultz as appears on dtlinquent roll,
volume 1, page 28, be and hereby is
In the matter1 of the petition of E. E.
Charman for tax rebate from school dis
trict No. 48- This ma'ter coming on
upon petition of E. E. Oharmaa tiled
herein and the board being fully ad
vised; it is ordered that said petition be
granted in the sum of $17.33 and that
the clerk issue a warrant for said
Id .the matter f James Wilson, an in
digent person and a non-resident of
Clackamas county. This matter coming
on for consideratian and it appearing to
the board that James Wilson while pass
ing through Oregon City, Clackamas
county Oregon, on a train of the South
ern Pacific (Jo.'s line during the month
otsAugust. 1900, was thrqwn or fell from
the car and seriously injured and being
in destitue circumstances, it became
necessary that he should have surgical
treatment and hospital care ' and that
such surgical aid and hospital care was
furnished by Clackamas county and
that the bills for same paid by Clacka
mas count up to January 7. 1901.
amount to$l21,t!.eiefoieitisorde el that
the clerk ot the board forward a hi.l for
the sum of $121 to the secretary of state
lor surgical treatment and hospital care
for said James Wilson as provided for
in section 3950 of the laws of Oregon. '
in the matter ot the mileage and per
uiem ot the county commissioners. It is
ordered by the board that the per diem
and mileage for the commissioners be al
lowed as follows:
J R Morton, 6 days and 20 miles . $20 00
John Lewellen, 8 days "2 " . 24 20
T B Killin, 6 " 42 " . 22 20
In the matter of the officers reoorts
for the month of December 1900. The
officers having made their reoorts and
the board having examined their books
and being fully advised, it is ordeied
that the came be in all respects accepted
and approved. They show collection as
County clerk $172 7?
County recorder 202 16
In the matter o( the deed of Catherine
O Forbes and L A Forbes to Clackaina
county, 1 his matter coming on and it
app"ariiig 10 the board than Catherine O
Forties: and L A Forbes have a strip of
land to Clackamas county for a public
highway it is ordered that said deed be
accepted and recorded.
In the matter to tin petition of I'olly
Ann Davis to pay delinquent taxes. This
matter coming on upon petition of I'olly
Ann Davis, by A S Dreser, her at tor
ney, and the court being fully ad vim d
said petition is hert by granted and the
same petitioner allowed to pav said da
linqueut toxes as follows: 1893 tax mi
the amount of $16.15, 1885 tax $404 ; 1896
tax $3.61, total $23.80.
The board now adjourned to meet
Wednesday, January 23, 1901, at 10
o'clock a. m. . t
,j Wednesday, January 23. . r
The board now convenes pursuant to
W. C. Holman, 1
Agricultural -Implements
Stoughton Farm Wagons
Pontiac and Deal celebrated Michigan Buggies
warranted .
Benieia Four Spring Mountain Hack
Second growth wheels and highly finished.
Peerless plows, all kinds. Only plow, made on the Coast
Dowagiac Shoe, Hoe arid Disc Grain Drills
Buffalo Pitts Harrows and Cultivators
Feed Root Bone and Cider Mills
Owen's Fanning Mills .
Whitman Hay Presses , " .
fleers present as of yesterday, when the
following proceedings were had, to-wit:
' Ir. the matter of the claims presented :
JC Haines, j p court $ 3 00
Archie Coon 2 00
JCHaines.Jr 2 00
Loiub Funk '. , 3 00
Geo Hicinbothem 2 00
Ang Funk 2 00
Moran & Hem ici, rand b 1 80
Shank & Bissell, pauper. ....... 13 00
Glass & Prudhomme, stationery 1 55
Harding Grange, election & oil
J U Bramhall, r and b 14o 00
Ina AI Chase, clerk 5800
In the matter of the road reports of
Supervisor Wagner of road district No.
Louis Houglilam 6 00
A P " 4 12
O Cottle 5 2
Dan llarlehy 4 87
Thou Dunn 4 50
Paul Dunn 5 80
Stillman Andrews. 3 37
F A Shetterly 1 12
Fred Wagner... 15 18
In tbo matter oi the petition of W R
Ellis for payment oftaxe3for 1899. It
appearing to the court frorfl the records
that the assessment of W R Eliis, page
SO, voimn'e 2, oi assessment toll," ItitW,
is vague and likely would be held Void
in a contest and the full tax .$60.91 be
ing tendered, it is ordered that the same
be accepted in full payment of said tax
and the cost and penalty is hereby re
mitted. The clerk is authorized to ac
cept said sum and issue a redemption
tertificate to W R Ellis.
Thursday, January 24.
In the matter of the jury list for the
year 1901. It is ordered by the board
that the following named citizens and
tax payers of Clackamas county, state of
Oregon, be and they are hereby selected
as the jury list for the year 1901 :
G. H.'Oldenburg, farmer.... Abernethy
W. H. Smith, farmer " .
P.Harris, farmer....
I. Uacket, farmer "
John Straight, farmer "
Charles Dauchy. carpenter.. "
Wm. Rauch. merchant
John Meldrum, farmer "
George Waldron, farmer.... "
George Hess, tarmer
C. Frye, farmer Bariow
Henrv Zeigler. farmer
Ohris Kocher, farmer "
John 0. Mark, farmer "
Henry Hornshuh, farmer. . .Beaver Cr'k
Henry Hughes, farmer..,.. "
Ohas.E. Spencer, farmer.... "
Thomas Duffy, farmer "
James Greyham, lariner.,..
Frank Jauaer. farmer
John Richie, farmer Boring
Wm. Borinir. farmer........
John Wrteht, farmer Canyon Cr'k
U. 8. Dix, millman
Herman Burns, farmer Cascade
John Duncan, fanner " ,
John Revenue, farmer
Paul Dunn, farmer
S.T. Fisher, farmer Canby
Adam Enright, farmer "
Halsy Phelps, farmer
G, W. Shank, farmer
Herman Lee, furmer
D. R. Dimick, liveryman ... "
J. S. Dix, farmer
John Kvans, farmer
Win. Philips, farmer Clackamas
Marion Johnson, farmer "
E. F, Capps, farmer "
John M. Harting, farmer....
A, Mather, merchant
F. W. Youinan, farmer "
G. II. Webster, farmer "
Pleanunt Deshields, farmer.. "
Silas HedjNM, farmer Chorryville
0. C. Williams, farmer Canemah
George Lustttlle, farmei "
It. W. Porter, blacksmith... "
Chan. K. Mi'llam, millriglit. "
Frank Bales, ((inner Damascus
Wm Ulrich, farmer "
K. W. Unburn, farmer "
S. C. Younz. farmer "
Kd Keih;r,- lariner ' "
Fred Wellman, farmer "
Fred Weiri, lanmr "
Henrv Breithaupt, farmer... "
Win Johnson, farmer "
A E Alnpauch, miller Eagle Cr'k
Hugh Githens, farmer...... "
H. F. Gibson, farmer. "
G. B. Linn, farmer,
U. M . Marshall, farmer uarnesu
Thomas Yokum, millman... " , ,
John Tracy, farmer "
Hans Paulsen, farmer George'
J C Spague. farmer Hardin
I L Clark, farmer "
James M Tracy, farmer...... , - ;
iWm II Tompkins, farmer... " '
B Folast, farmer ,
John J Hattan, farmer " ,
Grunt Mumpower, farmer. . . "
James Parish, farmer ....... Highland
R Rutherford, farmer t"
Carl Strorrgsen, farmer '
Chaa Welsh, farmer "
Orlando Fellows, farmor .... "
G. W. Kcramlin, farmer MackBburg;
Oren Wright, farmer .. "
H Smith, farmer .... "
Gasper VViseman le, farmer. . "
Peter Scharael, farmer MolaPa
John Shaver, farmer........ "
James Dickey, farmer ' " '
Chas Daugbery, farmer "
Major Hungale, farmer....'. "
J N Stewart, farmer " i
James Baty, fanner "
J J Leavitt, doctor. , "
Long8troet Vaughn-, farmer. . "
John Denison, farmer.. ...Milk Cr'k
Win Wallace, fanner, i "
0 (.) Boyington, farmer...... "
Elmer Lee, farmer
Wallace Albright, farmer . . . . Marquatu
Thomas Garrett, farmer "
Reilly Hubbard, farmer
A B Marquam, farmer...... .
Roy Phelps, farmer "
George C. Pcrdew, farmer. . '
A Anderson, farmer,, , ,ij ' " '
1 Ll Larkins, fanner
f R A Sellwood, farmer.
, Mllwaukie
R 8 McGloughlin, farmer. ... "
Wm L Starkweather, farmer "
David Wills, farmer "
Hiram Dannals, farmer "
Henry Theisen, farmer...... "
Geo B Wise, farmer
Joseph P Keil, farmer "
A Mautz, farmer Maple Lane
John Darling, farmor " .
Wa Harris, farmer.... .... "
ThomaH Davis, farmer
John Owings, farmer
ATood, farmer
Sam Wolfer, farmer...,. ...
Dan Haufman, farmer
Tom Ogle, farmer
A 8 MoBhberger, farmer. . . .
Wm Rider, farmer
New Era-
Link Waldron, farmer ,
David Pennan, farmer "
David McArthur, farmer. . . . "
A Bramer, farmer "
Wm Hecret, farmer......... "'
Ohas W Larson, farmer Oswegc
G G Kruse, farmer "
Adam L Walling, farmer... "
Georire Prosser. farmer "
A urt. J Thnmntinn. fnrtnnr. . "
Richard D Wilmot, farmer.. "
G R H Miller, carpenter. . , .Or City No 1
John Bittner, carpenter.... ''
J W Moffatt, architect "
J Doremus, blacksmith "
E L Johnson, barber "
0 F Horn, shoemaker "
G W Church, speculator. ... "
J G Pillsbury, carpenter,... "
J W Boatman, bookkeeper. . "
John Hutton, carpenter "
F A Tappleman, woolsorter ''
S H Mohloi, painter "
HS Walker, painter OrCityNo2'
Henry Meldrum, engineer.. 11
LeouurdOtiarman, druggist.. "
John W Noble, laborer "
Caleb Cross, carpenter "
John H Walker, carpenter. . . "
C D Story, blacksmith
George tt Califf, miilright. . . "
John McGetchie, farmer ''
Win Green, barber "
II E Straight, merchant "
Joe N Harrington, farmer. . .Or City No 3-
Fred Elf, farmer h
I) G Krost, carpenter "
C T Hickman, carpenter.... . "
J II Howard, painter "
J M Gillelt, carpenter...... "
J G Porter, woolsorter
K E Howell, dresser. .
Wm Scott, fanner
Thomas M Barker, farmer., "
Fred Kidder, farmer "
John Peters, fanner "
Win A Boston, farmer "
J N Brainhall, mill hand Seifera
Charleri Leaf, farmer "
W m Tucker, far mer Spri ng water
Win Snider, furmer. "
James GuHridge, farmer.... "
John Stornier, farmer. ..... . "
Scott Carter, farmer Soda Spgs.
John Nightingale, farmer, ,. . "
James Nicholson, farmer.,,,
Alfrfd Sharp, farmer Tualatin
T L Turner, farmer "
H J Iderholl', farmer....... "
George San. m, millinan '
Wilhelm Shamz, millman... :.: "
Fred Delker, mi ltnan "'
M Athey, miilm m , . , ;
Jacob Miley, firmer ...... , Union .
W 11 Crissell, tarmer.,
WL White, farmer.... .,
Henry F Yergen, farmer..
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adjournment, the commissioners and ot