Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, January 18, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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Shasta Route
Trains Leave OregonJCity for Portland and
. way stations at 8:24 a.m. and 6:03 P.M.
Lv Portland 8:30 A.M. 7.00 P.M.
" Oregon City 9:22 A. v. 7:62 p.m.
Ar Ashland 12:31 A.. 11:30 A.M.
" Sucramcmto . 5:00 p.m. a.m.
" Sau Francisco 7:4fp.H. 8:16 p.m.
Ogden 5:45 a. m. 11:45 A.M.
" Denver 9:00 A.M. 9:00 a.m.
" Kansas Cjty 7:52 A M, 7:35 A.M.
" Chicago 7:45 A.M. 9:H0 A.M.
" Lob Angeles' 1:20 p.m. 7:00 aIm.
" El Paso 6:00 P.M. B:00 P.M.
" .Fort Worth 6:30 a.m. 6:30 a.m.
" City of Mexico ' 9:55 a.m. 9:55 a. M.
" Houston 4:00 B, m. 4:00 a.m.
New Orloans 5:25 p.m. 6:25 P. M,
" Washington 6:42 a.m. 6:42 a.m.
" New York 12:43 P.M. 12:43 P.M.
; Pullman and Tourist Cars on both trains.
Chair oars, Sacramento to Ogden and El Paso;
and tourist cars to Chicago, St. Louis, " New
Orleans and Washington.
Connecting at San Francisco with several
Steamship Lines for Honolulu, Japan, China,
Philippines, Central and South America.
See E. L. Hoopenoahneb, agent at Oregon
C ty station, or address '
C. H. MARKHAM, G. P. A.,
Portland, O
Fellow s
Harding Block, Oregon City
Pound Sulta Coffee
30 Cents
Pound Hoffman House
if. & J. coffee
25 Cents
2 Cans Good Peaches
25 Cents
3 Cans Condensed Cream
25 cents
3 cans Good Iowa corn
Just Received a full line of Garden
M$fars Low
J, A. McGLASHAN, Manager
Stores Oregon City and Portland
The Dalles, Portland and Astoria
Navigation Co.'s .
Sirs. Regulator & Dalles City
Dally (except Sunday) between
The Dalles,
Hood River,
Cascade Locks,
and Portland
Touching at wav points on both sides of the
Columbia river.
Both of the above steamers have been rebnll
and are in excellent shape for the season of 1900
' The Regulator Line will endeavor to give Its
patrons the best service possible.
For Comfort, Economy and Pleasure
travel by the steamers of The ltegulator
The above steamers leave Portland 7 a. m.and
Dalles at 8 a. m.,and arrive at destination in ample
time for outgoing trains.
Portland Office. The Dalles Offl ce
Oak St. Dock. CourtStreet,
General Agent
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for
the Cou nty of Clackamas.
Mable Sollnsky, Plaintiff,
William H. Sollntky, Defendant.
To William H. Solinsky, Defendant
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer the com
plaint filed against you in the above entitled
suit, In the above entitled court, on or before the
1st day of March, A. D , 1901, the said last men
tioned date being the last day of the time pre.
scribed by the court in the order for service of
this summons upon you, by publication thereof,
and if you so fail to appear and answer, in this
suit, on or before the said 1st day of March, A,
D., 1901, for want thereof, the plaintiff will apply
to the Court for the relief dem tuded in the said
complaint, to wit: That the bonds of matrimony
heretofore and now existing between you and
the said plaintiff, be dlsolved: That the plain
tiff have the oare, custody and oootrolof child;
that the plaintiff have the decree of the Court
against you for the ooats and disbursements of
this suit, and for such other and further relief as
to equity may seem jus'. The defendant is here.
by further notified that this summons is served
upon him by publication thereof, by virtue of an
order made in this suit by the Hon. Thomas F.
Ryan, Judge of the County Court of the State tf
Oregon for Clackamas County, on the 14th day of
Jan., A. D. 1901, ordoring and directing that this
Summons be served upoo you, the above namud
defendant by publication thereof in the Courier
Herald, a newspaper published in Oregon City
County of Clackamas, Stale of Oregon, and o
general circulation in said City', County and Slate
for a period of six successive weeks from the first
publication of this Summons, the date of the nit
publication of this summons, being the 18th day
of January, A. D., 1001.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Chicago- Salt Lake, lonver, Fort 4 p. m.
Portland Worth, Omaha, Kansas
Special City, St. Louis, Chioa
9:15 a. m. go and East.
Salt u ke, De.iver, Fort 7 e,m.
Atlanllo Worth, Omaha, Kansas
Express City, St. Louis, Chicago
p. m. and East.
Walla Walla, Lewlston, 8:40 a.m.
Aookane Spokane, Minneapolis,
Fiver St. Paul, Duluth, Mil
8 n. m. waukee, Chioago and '
v East. ?
Ocean Steamships ;
8 p. m. All Sailing Dates subject 4
to change.
; For San Frantlseo Sail
every 6 days.
DanT Columbia River
ex. Sunday steamers. Einw
Saturday To Astoria and Way
10 p. m. Landings.
Willamttte River.
6 a.m. 4.30 p.m.
Ex. Sunday Oregon City, Newbeig, Ex. Sunday
Salem, Independence
, and way-landings.
Willamette and Yam
- 7 a. m. hill Rivers. :3 i-
Tnes. Thur. M0-.1
and Sat. Oregon City, Dayton nd rrl.
and way-landings.
6 am . Willamette River 4:sop.m.
Tnes Thur Mon., Wed
and Sat. Portland to Corvallis andFrl, ,
and way-landings.
Leave Snake River Leave
Kiparia Lewlston
-85 a. m. Rlparia to Lewlston. I Daily,
Dally. - m-
Is boundless. Yet it is utterly helpless
to give strength to the child born with a
low vitality. The time to give strength
to the child is before birth and to impart
this gift the mother herself must be
strong. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion gives strength to mothers. It pre
serves them in roDnst neaitn in tne
months before baby comes. It practical
ly does away with the pains of mother
hood, and enables the mother to endow
her child with a healthy body and a
happy disposition. "Favorite Prescrip
tion " contains no aicouoi ana is aoso
lutely free from opium and cocaine.
"I consider Dr. Herat's Favorite Prescription
the best medicine made," writes Mrs. Mary
Murdock, of 220 Taylor St., Topeka, Kansas. "I
know it has no equal. I am the mother of ten
children and only one living the tenth one.
She is one year old and ia as well and hearty aa
can be. She is a beauty. Of my other babies,
some were bora at right time, but dead, other
were premature births; one lived to be one year
old but she was always feeble. I tried different
doctors but none, ot tnem couia ten wnac my
trouble was. I was examined by surgeons but
they found nothing wrong. I did not know
what to do. so I thought this last time I would
trv Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pirscriotton. I took it
the entire nine months and now have a fine
baby girl, and I can not praise your medicine
enougn tor tne gooa 11 am me." sy
Dr.Pierce's Pellets cure heart-burn.
Some Reasons
Why You Should Insist on Having
Eura harkess oil
ynequaled by any other.
Renders hard leather soft,
specially prepared.
Sleeps out water.
A heavy bodied oil.
$,11 excellent preservative.
Reduces cost of your harness
PJ ever burns the leather ; its
Efficiency is increased.
Secures best service.
Stitches kept from breaking.
j.-i sold in all
Localities Manufactured by
.Standard Oil Company,
Friday, Jan. 18.
The paralysis of England's large Sooth
African army is apparently complete,
which is a wonderful contrast to the un
casing activity of the Boers.
At Cape Town, a stampede of wealthy
Afrikanders lias taken place, enormous
premiums being offered for passage? on
steamers to Europe.
Capt. Charvenin, a French officer re
turned to Paris from South Africa, re
ports that Kitchener and Lord Roberts
are bitierenemies and often quarreled.
The U. S. eenate received Senator Mat
Quay with demonstrations of jo.
Ex -President Cleveland delivered an
address at the 16th annual dinner of the
Holland Society at the Waldorf-Astoria,
New York city.
A two-hundred-million dollar steel and
wire trust is being formed in New York.
It is claimed in London that from let
ters of an unnamed British officer it is
learned that General Kitchener's orders
to his troops are to take no prisoners,
his aim being to exterminate the Boers.
Lord Roberts advises displacing 50,000
stale and dispirited troops with fresh
ones from home. ' 1
Times are hard in Spain and the gov
ernment is non-progressive
The Live Stcck Association, in session
at Salt Lake, has petitioned theTJ. S
senate against the Grout bill, claiming
that to deprive petitioners of the right to
color oleomargarine, which is accorded
manufacturers of products of the dairy,
would be class legislation.
At the annual convention of WeBtern
Implement Dealers,anti-ti ust resolutions
to be sent to congress were adopted.
Governor Brady of Alaska believes
that the business of growing reindeer in
the northern portion of the territory has
a brilliant fulure before it.
In the circuit court of the state of Oregon for
the oonnty of Clackamas.
Ada L. Osburn,
Thomas J. Osburn,
To Thomas J. Oiburn, Defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer the com
plaint filed against yon in tha above entitled
suit on or before the; 1st day ot March, 1101,
that being the time prescribed In order of p loll-
catlon of this summons; and If you fall to appear
and answer Bald complaint, the plaintiff will ap
ply to the court for the relief theiein prayed for,
to-wlt: A decree of divorce from the bonds of
matrimony now existing between you and the
plaintiff and for other relief prayed for in the
complaint herein.
This summons Is published by order of Hon.
Thomas F. Ryan, County Judge of said county,
made. and entered the 11th day of January, 1901,
and the date of the first publication Is Friday,
January 18, 1901, and the said publication Is to
rnn six consecutive weeks from the said date.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Dated at Oregon City, Jan. 11, 1901.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
the County of Claokamas.
Matt Olson,
Bertha Olson,
To Bertha Olson, Defendants
N the same of the state of Oregon, yon are
hereby required to appear and answer the
complaint filed against you In the above en
titled suit on or before the 20th day of.M arch, 1901,
and if yon fail to appear and answer said com
plaint, the plaintiff, ' will apply to the
court for the r lief therein prayed for,
to-wlt: a decree of divorce from the bonds of
matrimony now existing between yon , and
the plaintiff.
This summons Is published by order of Hon. I ner ,rave." She considered herself per
Thomw F. Ryan, County Judge of lata county, inIln.lhi. r. Bvnrv ljfB lORt In
Best of Everything"
In a woid this tells of the pass
enger service via,
8 Trains Daily between St, Paul
and Chicago comprising:
The Latest Pullman Sleepers
Peerless Dining Cars
Library and Observation Cars
Tree Reclining Chair Cars
The 20th Century Train "THE
every day of the year.
The Finest Train in the World
Electric Lighted Steam Heated
To Chicago by Daylight.
The Badger State Express, the finest day
train running between v. nicago via.
the Short Line. ,
Connections from the west made via
The Northern Pacific,
Great Northern.
and Canadian Pacific Rys.
' This is also one of the best lines between
Omaha, St. iui ana juinneapom
All sgents sell tickets via "The North
ia ' ( western Line."
G. A. T. A.
t4 Alder St, Portland, Oregon.
In the Circuit Court oft he State of Oregon, for
the County of Claokamas.
Ella W. Balrd, Plaintiff,
James V. Balrd, Defendant
In the name of the State of Oregon; To James
W. Balrd, the above named defendants You are
hereby required to appear and answer the com
plaint filed against you in the above entitled suit,
in the above entitled Court, on or before the 18th
day of February, A. D. 1901, the said last mention
ed date being the last day of the time prescribed
by the Court in the order for the service of this
Summons upon you, by puolloation thereof, and
if yon so fall to appear and answer, in this suit,
on or before the said 18th day of February, A. D
1901, for want thereof, the plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded in thesaid com
plaint, to-wlt: That the bonds of matrimony
heretofore and now exltting between yon and
the said plaintiff, be disolved: That the plaintiff
have the rare, custody and control of said minor
child. Eunice Dwindle Balrd: that the plaintl
have the decree of the Court against you for the
costs and disbursements of this suit.
and for such other and further relief
as to equity may seem just. The defenden
I is hereby further notified that this Summons is
I served upon him by publication thereof, by vir
tue nf an order made in this suit by the Hon. Thos.
F. Ryan, Judge of the County Court of the State
of Oregon for Clackamas County, on the 3rd day
of January, A. D. 1901, ordering and directing
that this Summons be served upon you, the above
named defendent, by publication thereof In the
Courier-Herald, a newspaper published in Oregon
City, Comity of Clackamas. State of Oregon, and
of general circulation in said City, County and
State for a period of six successive weeks from the
first publication of this Summons, the date of
the first publication of this Summons, being the
4th day of January, A. D. 1901.
Attorneys lor Plaintiff
Saturday, Jan. 19.
By a vote of 43 to 23, the TJ. S. senate
passed the army bill.
Abrut2000 men are being enlisted
every month for three years service, to
replace 35,000 volunteers in the Philip
The "Snake Band" Creek Indians, In
dian Territory, are up in arms and raid
ing the country.
The business men of Pendleton want
the government to construct a canal and
locks arffund Oelilo Falls.
The queen of England Is at Osborne,
Isle of Wight, seriously ill. She is in
her 82d year.
Weaverville, Trinity county, Cal., has
eight feet of snow.
England's birth-rate is decreasing.
Kitchener claims to have whipped the
Boors at Ventorsburg and vlaklaagte
and impeded their advance toward Cape
Town. -. ,
When the Soutb African war broke
out, W.T. Stead, the London journalist,
predicted that it "would bring dawn the
gray hairs of the queen with sorrow to
the pretty Dutch queen because the Ne
therlands parliament is too strict and
Banker Corbett and the City & Sub
urban Railway Co.of Portland are" build
ing a 25,000 horsepower station near
Sandy river, on Gordon creek.
Tuesday, Jan .22.
By vote, the French chain bt-r of depu
ties directed that the premier's speech,
setting forth the tyrannical proclivities
of the monastic institutions, be posted
throughout the country.
J. S. Harlan, son of the federal su
preme judge, Harlan, nominated by the
president attorney-gener of Portoliico,
has been confirmed by the senate.
To curtail production, 80 glass facto
ries will close down. To break the glaBs
makers' monopoly, leading republican
manufacturers of Pennsylvania will be
labor McKinley and congress to repeal
the tariff placed on glass.
Owing to the drain for South Africa,
the British-India army is 9000 below its
normal strength, and contains 15,000
men who ought to have been relieved
and sent home.
Queen Victoria died last night at 6 :30,
at Osborne House, Isle of Wight.
A Venezuelan gunboat has' burned a
sloop anchored at Guira belonging to a
British subject, ,
, Mrs. Nation and three other married
women, armed with hatchets, gutted
two more Witchita saloons and were put
In jail.
At the home of the Walkers, in the
Flatwoods neighborhood, 18 miles from
Vancouver, Wash., through an attempt
to thaw o it dynamite.three persons were
killed and three badly injured.
The smelters' trust (Am. S. & R. Co.)
is being formed in New York with a
capital of $100,000,000.
The public will ere long learn the
whole truth about the Philippines. Con
gress will send over an lavestigating
English naval big-wigs hive spent
nearly four million dollars on the practi
cally worthless royal yacht, Viotoriaand
Bird S.Coler.comptroller of NewYork,
is tryfng to boom David B. Hill (I am a'
democrat) as presidential candidate in
In the French reserve infantry there
is ajdeficiency of 7500 lieutenants and
sub-lieutenants, and 500 captains.
Two formidable war vessels are to fol
low the Scorpion to Venezuela, to pro
tect the extensive properties of the
American asphalt trust. F. V. Greene, a
prominent republican New York politi
cian, Is the trust's president.
Wednesday, Jan. 23,
Albert Edward, Prince ol Wales, who
Baldwin's Dys
pepsia Tablets,
food digesters,
start digestion
a healthy, clean
stomach. Ijelp
the stomach' to
do its work prop
erly until it's
cured soc.
San Francisco, CaL.
I have s-aiued 10 pounds since using
vour Dyspepsia Tablets. My stomach is now
in good condition. A. IS. Loom ia.
After suffering witn stomach troubw
for three years, I have cured myself by using
tahtrts. thereby avoiding
urgical operation, which I was about tu
undergo. Gko. StoxvJIX.
County Assess:;' Office.
Huntley's Drug Store
Within the coming two years probably
between 400 and 500 miles of new rail
road will be built in "Oregon.
The Vorwaerts, of Germany, says that
King Edwards' acquaintance with the
demimonde of all the European capitals
will make it easy for him to follow in
the footsteps of the three Georges. The
DantsoheTage-Zuitung points out that
in the past he has held close relationa
with the British chartered South African
Corapany,and Rhodes and Chauibeilain.
California will ship this season East
ward twenty thousand carloads oranges.
The Berlin Tageblatt, in consideration
of the wickedness of the Sauth Aftican
war, says a large part of the world will
see in the death of the English queen a
large measure of divine justice.
Nearly Eokley, Curry county, parties
are boring for coal and coal oil .
Bite Introduced by viaenamas
County Representatives.
The following bill were introcuced 1 y
members from this county :
Brownell For a constitutional conven
tion. Reserving spawning grounds in
Columbia river above tide water. Reg
ulating fishing with pound nets. To
submit initiative and' referendum to
vote of the people at June election, 1902,
The fish bills were introduced by re
quest of President Fulton.
Dresser Providing for deposit ol
money in the hands of executors and ap
pointment thereof.
Clackamas county members of the
different house committees: Dresser
chairman judiciary and member public
library. Kruse fisheries; penal ; roads
made and entered the J9lh day of January, 1901,
and the date of the first publication Is Friday,
January 25th, 1901, and the said publication Is to
run six consecutive weeks from the said date.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Dated at Oregon City, January 25th, 1902,
her service in South Africa.
The sale of $10,000,000 railroad bonds,
4 per cent, brought subscriptions for ten
times that amount in San Francisco. Sav
ings banks pay 3 per cent,
A terribly fatal epidemic of grip and
grip-pneumonia prevails in New York
city and the country surrounding,
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned ad- I Sunday, Jan. 20.
m.nlstratnxot tuma nenjamm ne- congressional inves.
son, deceased, has filed her filial account In the v B
County Court of Clackamas Connty, Oregon, as tigation of hazing at West Point, the C
as such administratrix, and Monday, the 18th day I dets have agreed to abolish it.
OireD.,A.U.,ii, anne nouro. iu o a. . ; , -one
U i i une ucvu uau v j n viie I , .
judge of said court, as the time for bearing any to Venezuela 10 protect, tue luieroBin ui
all objections to the report and the settlement Americans from the looting proclivities
Administratrix of Said Estate.
Dated this 12th day of Jan., A. D. 1901 ,
Dimick & Eastbam,
Attorneys for Administratrix.
is in his 60th year, has succeeded his ,n(j highways. Hedges engrossed
mother on the tnglish throne under the Dilai Talbert public lands ; saleiies.
title of Edward VII. ' ' ' Thirty-eight republicans met in senr
Russia has agreed to turning over the torial caucus but accomplished nothing,
Chinese railroads to the Germans, i
The eleven steel companies wnicb are The first separate ballot for senator
scheming to "harmonize" their interests wft8 tafceri f0day with the following re-
are capitalized at $329,408,100, guit. Corbett 28, McBride 19, Wm,
Ex-Prest. Harrison says that by the I Smith (democrat) 25, Herman 8, G. H.
death of Queen Victoria a mighty influ- Williams 2, Fulton 2, McGeorge 1, F. A.
ence on the side of peace has been lost. Moore 1, T. C. Taylor 1, absent 2, not
Ohicaco claims the distinction of be- voting 1. Brownell, Porter, Kruse and
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
executors of the estate of J. B. Spahr, deceased,
has filed their final account in the County Court
of Clackamas County, Oregon, as such executors,
and Monday the 25th day of February, A. D
1901. at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., has been
(lied by the Hon.Thoniaa F. Eyan, Judgeof the led in NewYork,
said Court as the time for hearing any and all
objections to said roport, and the settlement
Executors of Said Estate.
Dated January 17th, 1301.
Dimi i Eabtiiam,
Attorneys for Executors.
of the government officials.
The naval appropriation bill reported
to the honse carries $77,000,000.
Germany and The Netherlands will
build a telegraph line around the world.
According to the Investors' Review, of
London, an "abyss of insolvency lies be
neath the smooth surface" of business
Monday, Jan. 21.
A t)lot of Greek anarchists to kill
prominent Americans has been diecover
ing the wickedest city in the world.
The Rockefellers have secured 150,000
shares of Missouri Pacific railroad stock.
' Coal oil excitement at Gresham, where
a dozen farms have been bonded by oil
The distinguished Texas congressman,
Bailey, has been elected to the senate by
the Texas legislature.
The three aristocratic debauchers and
murderers of Jennie Bosschieter, the 18-
ter to deliver and collect in Orea-on for old mtiib
lished manufacturing wholesale house. S'JOini
year, sure pav. Honesty more than experience
required. Oiir reference, any bank in any city
Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Mana
facturers, ThirdFloor, 331 Dearborn St .Chicago
Farm for Sale.
10 miles south of Oregon City, 3 miles south of
Jf ilnlla. Known aa the Teaael Farm. Contain
ing 310 acres, I to clear plow land; 40 acres
In creek bottom : 100 acres, nnland; 7 acres, or
chard. All well watered and fenced with stake
and v Ire fence, and drained with stone and tile
diuhes; good buildings. UO rods from school
house; 115 rods from church; good location for
taking rock to mountains Price l'lJ, 11(100
down, balance to suit at o per cent interest.
For further particulars apply on farm to
, A, J. Sawtkll,
Job Printing at the
Laxative EromoHjuinine Tablets care
a cold in one day. No Cure no Pay
Pee 25 cents.
In a sermon at Lincoln, Neb.,Dr.E B.
Andrews, chancellor of university of Ne
braeka, predicted that after the death of
Queen Victoria the British empire would
gradually disintegrate.
The British taxpayers support the
Boer army. At Booidal the latter cap
tured its winter clothing, 8700 shells and
enough small arms ammunition to last
DeWet's army three years.
When General IMVet bade goodby
to Commandant W. P. Snyman.he said
"If you hear that I have surrendered
deny it. I will never surrender; I will
fight us long as one man stands by me.
Prof. Joseph Bailia, late of the impe
rial university at Pekin,who has been 10
yeors in China, say the Chinese are in
capable of .self-government and the
troubles in the empire will end only
with its partition. ;
His Holiness, the Pope, believes that
hs will die before tho JlIjsMm
Duke Henry of Mecklenburg has jilted pout ds,
Talbert qoted for McBride and Dresser
for F. A. Moore.
Bills introduced: By Dresser Pro
viding for holding of primary elections
in towns of 500 or more. Providing lor
election of state, congressional and
county committees.
The Clackamas county delegation are
voting for United States each day. All
the Clackamas county senators and rep
resentatives are voting straight for Mc-
year old factory girl, at Paterson, N . J HriJe( e-xcept Tjgger, wh0 is putting in
were convictea oi muraer in me second hig yote teaMy for Supreme Judge F
degree, maximum penalty lor wlncli is . Moore. ttmi Gilbert L. Hedges, who
imprisonment lor au years. , for gmitl, 0f jjaker county
W. T. Stead telegraphs from London Qn the first day of the vote, Hedges
that, the aueen being dead, in the troub- nominated Smith, The vote on Wed-
lous times awaiting the country, revival Lesday s'ojiI as follows: Corhett 29,
of retmblican propaganda may be count- McBride 10. Herman 7. Wuhan omit
ed on with certainty, which will become
serious when financial and military dis
aster thicken around the throne and
Thursday, Jan. t
The British government ha deter
mined to light th South African war to
a finish.
Memorial services in honor of Eng
land's beloved queen will be held
throughout the civilized world,
26, C. W. Fulton 2, George II. Williams
3, M. O. George 1, S. A. Lowell 1. On
the second day Corbett received one ad
ditional vote, Mattoon, of Douglas
county. By the way, Mattaou 1b a na
tive of Clackamas.
Senator Browneli's bill to pay the ex
penses of an Indian war veterans' dele
gation, was signed by the governor on
January 23rd.
The bill by Porter to reduce the salary
of the county judge of ClnckainB
In the spring the Anerican trocps In county from (,1-00 to $720 wus passed
China will be reduced to 100 men ana t16 gt.nte. The bill.does not take el
Gen. Chaffee will succed Gen. McArthur (eut, u,,tjl the present term of County
in the Philippines. Judge Ryan expires
I ....
ltev, 8.A. Starr, the Methodist preach- Senator Bron-ll has introduced a
ar eiiariiTiilixl (nrheinir nauuhtv. Ims hill for tha location and relocation ot
been acquitted at Tacotms by the judici- county seats,
ary committee of the N.W.M. Conference
La-t night Montreal was visited by t
fire which destroyed property to the val
ue of about two million five hundred
thousand dollars.
At Enterprise, Kan., Mrs. Nation, the
'joint-smasher," sacked, saloon.
From 1850 to 1900, England's imports
over exports had a value of 2,749 million
The initiative and referendum atner!-
mint lo the cmstttntion lias passeu
both house', Sntor Brownell introduc
ing th ms-u' in the st-nate, repra
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