Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, April 13, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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Clackamas Connty Independent,
legal and Official Newspaper
Of Clackamas County.
4 ito.t-1 In Oregon Oltypostofflce as 2nd-class matter
Paid In advance, per year 1 80
Hit months . . , "
Three monlhl'lrlal , 25
Mr"The date opposite your address on the
eaperdcnoles the time to which you hate paid.
II thi notice U marked your subscription la due.
Standing business advertisements: Per month
1 Inch IV, 2 inches II .50, 3 inohes $1.75, 4 Inches
, 6 inches !4column) 12,25, lolnohes(column)
ti, 20 Inches (column) 18, yearly contracts 10 per
ent less, i
Transient advertisement; Per week 1 Inch
too, 2 Incline 75c, 8 inches $1,4 Inches 11.25,5
nchos 11.50, 10 Inches 42.50, 20 inches 15
Legal advertisements: Per Imh first inser
tion $1, esch additional Insertion 50c. Affllavits
of publication will not be furnished until pub
lication fees are paid.
Local notices; Five cents per line per week
por month 20o,
The trust is socialistic It is private
socialism. It is unregulated socialism
run for .the few at (lie expense of the
many. The task that the trust has
forced upon the people is to regulate this
Giordano Bntmo, the name of the
daring Italian thinker who was cooked
alive in the Campodi Florl, Rome, on
February 17, 1GO0, on the spot where his
statue stands, has become the war cry
of the Italian liberals.
This is the forcible way the Orego
nkn sizes up the present U. S.congress:
"When has there been en weak a lot of
senators and representatives in congress?
2s ot since the days when numbers got
on their knees bafore the Slave Power,
its these now get on their knees before
4he Protected Grafters."
Tub Umatilla republican county ticket
and convention were ruled by a former
democrat in much the same manner as
Drownell rules Clackamas, The repub
lican rank'and file made no more-objection
than they did here, seeming to pre
fer to follow any black sheep that takes
ip n itself a desire to h ad .
Vkrv recently an English company
purchased 2,000,000 tons of coal in Ala
ia'iia, paying therefor 50 cents per ton
At the mouth of the pit, and the cost per
ton for carrying the same to tidewater
will be less than $1. Talk about the
products of cheap foreign labor swamp
ing this country! How long will it be
lioforo the countries of Europe will have
to nut on a protective tariff to save them
tfrom being swamped with the products
of Am "rican cheap labor?
Tim report of the New York buroau of
flabor statistics shows that during the
Vast three years a period of "prospei
fity" over 20 per cent of the working
poople In that state have been without
employment. If 'we place the popula
tion of the state at about 7,000,000,
the number of men continually out of
work for three years is 303,000. Rather
liieor prosperity, isn't it? This fact
shows how the workingman suffers iu
the north Atlantic states.
An address has been issue 1 Blgned by
the representatives of 84 English labor
unions denouncing the war against the
Transvaal on the ground that it is being
waged for the nolo purpose of enabling a
Sew millionaires, Rhodes, Earl Grey et
l to exploit the gold and diamond
ninea of South Africa with cheap "nig
ger" labor that of the Kaffirs, by Im
pounding them la herds like convicts.
Among the signers of the address are
snambors of parliament and other
tnen of prominence. At Johannesburg
the Boer laws were su :h that the Kaf
fir could not be worked to death at star
vation wage, This was a thorn in the
uside of the Brtish exploiter.
Thomas U. Tomgub was renominated
for a third term by the republican con
igneeiional convention at McMinnville on
Tuesday on the first ballot, receiving 92
votes. Gatch received 28, Brownell 17,
Hewitt 14, Carter 11, scattering 1. J, B.
David, ol Yamhill, and George A. Steel,
of Cluck a mas, were elected delegates to
the Philadelphia convention. George
G. Brownell was made committeeman
for Clackamas. This nomination is a
practical Indorsement of the administra
tion and Tongue's vote for the Puerto
IP.lco bill and a slap at the Oregonlan
;and its free trade ideas. In the conven
tion were 17 federal office holders ai
delegates. No wonder Tongue got the
nomination. Without these 17 he would
mot have had a majority. Brownell did
Tory welli considering the fact that he
wat ft new candidate, and it shows thai
where he is known be rules, despite the
f pposition of hit political enemies. Even
his enemies here wished bis nomination,
so he would get out of the way arrd
leave Clackamas to them. A prominent
anti-Brownell republican of this county
bt 2 to 1 lhat Brownell would not get
four votes besides his own county dele
gation, and won. Gatch and Brownell
a Ivocated free trade in Puerto Rico.
Our German fellow citizens who have
been so loyal to the republican party
while Its advocates denounced the demo
crats for favoring English free trade,
will njw have time for a little sober re
flection. The republicans having de
ceived them with thir protective falla
cies until they have secured the English
financial system, they are now moving
cautiously towatd the goal of free trade,
while at the same time endeavoring to
teach our patriotic German ,.nd Irish
American voters the many advantages
which would accrue through an alliance
with Great Britain, t j the end that the
civilizing influences of the British em
pire may extend over the republics of
South Africa and justice be established
among all classes of their citizens. These
Kruger-Steyn olegarchies have been a
source of great annoyance to that prq
found English statesman, Cecil Rhodes,
for many years, and that characteristic
cabli gram from Lord Robert3 that (by
the aid of Almighty God and superb
British soldiery) a great victory had
been gained for civilization In the dark
continent, should Bend a thrill of joy
through the heart of every German on
this side of the Atlantic. The republi
can party is par excellence the party of
freedom, and the only reason that the
present administration favors Great
Britain is the fact that those Dutch
burgers have not the faculty to under
stand the elementary principles of free
dom, though they are fighting for it to
the death.
Below i a list of tariff. nrntocto,! a rti.
cles, controlled in this country by the
trusts, witti prices ot the same in the
uniteu aiaies ana England. The
could be much extended : 1
' U.S.
Lead, 100 lbs. $4 70
Wire, smooth, 100 lbs . 3 05
Barb wire, 100 lbs 3 80
Wire nails, 100 lbs 3 38
Iron ore, ton 6 125
Tin plate, 100 lbs 4 85 ,
Sheet steel, 100 lbs 2 70
Galvenized iron, 100 lbs 3 78
Steal beame, 100 lbs.. 2 30
Borax, refined, lb 075
Lime, bbl 90
Cream of tartar, lb. . . , 228'
Bleaching powder, lb. . 02
Castor oil, lb 12.!
Caustic soda, 100 lbs... 2 42
Cement, Portland, bbl. 2 55
$3 04
2 50
2 39
2 55
5 25
3 60
2 07
01 J
Tne Scientific American says: "Mod
ern machinery has po greatly enlarged
the productive power of the workman
that it becomes possible to pay him
wages far in advance of those earned by
his hand-labor predecessor, and the
same labor-saving devices, while raising
liis wage, have increased its purchasing
power by lowering the cost of food and
clothing and many of the luxuries of
lifo. Hence, the automatic m idline is
not, as the agitator will even yet suggest,
the enemy of labor, but is in every re
spect its best fiieud." In saying that
the machine la labor's best friend, the
paper bogs the question. The "agita
tor" does not claim that the machine is
his enemy, but his com plaint is that
the capitalist, who obtained his capital
by floecing labor, abwrba the proiit ob
tained through the machine operated
by the agiUtor. If the capitalist's profits
were moderate, the agitator would not
exiHt, for In that case he. would receive
that share of the profits which is due
him. This Is the bone of contention
between capital and labor, and accounts
for tho unrest pervading the toiling
The degree ot success of the citizens'
ticket will depend on the efforts of the
citizens who have made it. If each
democrat or populist considers himself
to be a committee of one, in duty bound
to do what he can, honestly, to win
votes, it is a dead certainly that the
ticket will come nearer being victorious
than if each remains in his own shell,
doing little beyond casting his particu
lar vote.
There are scores of republican voters
in the county, upright and well meaniug
who are not familiar with the merits or
demerits ot the two opposing ticketr.
Many have been so blinded by the dust
that political trickster, Brownell, has
cast into their eyes, that they cannot
recover until after the elections this year,
when, seeing his deceit, they will curse
him. But letting the blind lead the
blind.there la a host of wide-a-wake repub
licans who do not worship at the shrine
ot the tiu god from Kansas. These men
care more tor principle than pelt. They
will listen to reason and argument, and
it we can show them convincingly the
corruptive principles of the republican
party on the one band, and the forceful
efforts ot the reform party on the other,
they will vote against the republican
party in June and November. Campaign
work must be done. We must offs et,
as much as we can, the covert machina-
tions of Brownell and his tools, and tie
bedeviling influence of the republican
sack. It should not le forgotlen for an
instant that no trick is too contempti
ble for the managers of the republican
county cam paigrf. Let us not alone be
upright but on our guard.
In America," the land of promise
heretofore the inspiration of every heait
longing for liberty and opportunity
capitalism and commercialism are tri
umphant. M ith unbounded natural re
sources, with a prodiglcus woalth of food,
fuel and of all that humanity needs,
nevertheless Ihcusands of he workers
perish annually from sheer want, sur
rounded with the wealth which they
helpi-d to bring forth. Tens of thous
ands awake every morning hungry and
penniless, while tens of thousands be
sides shiver in the cold for the want of
clothing or fuel, and the vast majority
of those martyrs are not dissolute or dis
sipated either.
America now has a surplus of labor,
and wilh the white man, the black man,
the yellow man and the machine pitted
against each olher, the condition of the
workers is deplorable. The capitalists
and mammonists thrive and pile mil
lions on top of millions.' Their hirelings,
the press, the pulpit and the politicians,
are ever ready to defend them, and woe
be unto the man who dares to question
the righteousness of the mammonists,
As an example, Mr. Rockefuller recently
donated a considerable sum of money
to the church in a town in the oil region
of Pennsylvania, and the pastor of the
church remarked that although the
money might have come to the donor by
dishonesty, still, the church being the
medium through which the Lord works
to uplift humanity, he could Bee no ob
jection to receiving the money. Mr.
Rockefeller heard of this, and straight
way had the pastor dismissed.
No where in the world is capital so
arrogant or the workers so hopelessly
helpless as in the United States. Com
mercialism has reigned undisputed for a
little less than half a century, and we
see on every hand the fruits it has
brought forth. Every, unemployid
man, every famished woman or child
and every crippled worker that you meet
is the direct fruit of this abominable
barter and trade supremacy. On the
face of each of its millions of victims
seem written these words: "Capitalism
and commercialism made me thus and
coined money." Where will it all end?
San Francisco CoaBt Seamen's Jour
nal. To the Man That Was Pinched.
Editor Courier-Herald :
I see a letter in your last issue signed
by George L Story, a two-by-four law
yer of Oregon City, accusing me of be
ing a treacherous cuss, etc.
Now, if you will allow me space, I
would like to tell my friends the facts in
the case.
I met Mr. Story a day or two before
the republican county convention and
he asked me if I could place his name
before the convention for the office of
county clerk. I answered "Yes, I can,
but had rather not. It would be better
for you, any way, to get some one who
could and would make a neat little
speech and give you a good sen .off."
He said "I don't know who to get." My
answer was, "Oh, you can find plenty
to do that." I think this is almost the
exact language that was used.
He never opened his chops to me
about it on the day of the convention,
and I supposed, as any sane man would,
that he had found another man.
In conclusion, let me say that since
reading his letter I am very glad he did
not get the nomination, for I think both
parties prefer to have a man of common
sense for that office.
J. N. Harrington.
Ely, Oregon, April 8, 1903.
reads I.Ike Wildfire
When things are "the best" they be
come "the best selling." Abraham
Hare, a leading druggist, of Belleville,
O., writes : "Electric Bitters are the best
Belling bitters I have handled in 20
years. You know why? Most diseases
begin in disorders of stomach, liver,
kidneys, bowels, blood and nerves.
Electric Bitters tones up the Btomach,
regulates liver, kidneva and bowels,
purifies the blood, strengthens the
nerves, hence cures multitudes of mala
dies. It builds up the entire system.
Puts new life and vigor into any weak,
sickly, run-down man or woman. Price
50 cents. Sold by Geo. A. Harding,
A Horrible Outbreak
"Of large sores on my little daughter's
head developed into a case of scaldhead"
writes O. D. Isbill of Morganton, Tenn.,
but Bucklen's Arnica Salve completely
cured her. It's a guaranteed cure for
Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Pimples,
Sores, Ulcers and Piles. Only 25c at
Geo. A. Harding's.
Farmer and Others.
When you visit Portland don't fail to
get your meals at the Royal Restaurant,
First and Madison. They serve an ex
cellent meal at a moderate price. Their
waiters and waitresses aim to please
everybody, and very seldom fait. Just
think t A good, square meal, with pud
ding and pie, 15 cents. You call and be
convinced that It is without dcubt the
best place In the city.
Proceedings of
Regular April
Be it understood that at a regular ses
sion of the board of county commission
ers for the county of Clackamas and
state of Oregon, begun and held in the
court house in said county and Btate on
Wednesday, the 4th day of April, 1900,
the ssme being the regular time fixed by
said board f r holding a regular session
of said board for the transaction of coun
ty business,
Present, S. F. Marks, J. R. Morton
and R. Scott, commissioneis; Elmer
Dixon, clerk ; J. J. Cooke, sheriff ;
When the following proceedings were
In the matter of the reports of road
supervisors for the month of March,
1900, the board having examined said
reports and being fully advised, it is or
dered that the expense accounts of the
several districts are hereby allowed and
ordered paid, anl the clerk is instructed
to draw warrants on the road fund and
on the general fund for the several
amounts and iu favor rf the fol ovring
named persons:
Road district No. 1.
California Powder Works, road
and bridge account $21 08
Oliver Matthews 19 50
Will Hugh. 8 2b
Sylvester Baxter 14 25
Mike Welch , 9 35
John Abrahams 9 35
George Miller 13 50
H E Mendel 10 05
Jobn Hight 7 50
Loren Fry mire 36 00
W H Radin 23 25
C H Counsell 15 CO
Geo Atwood 4 60
Geo Wise 6 00
Frank Hull 6 00
Total ..$203 58
Road district No. 2.
Geo B Rate & Co., road and
bridge account $10 50
A Mather 1 00
A C Davis, road fund 21 00
Ward Jones 18 00
J W Johnson ' 18 00
Wm Jones 9 00
LD Jones , 6 00
K Higginson 4 60
J A Bennett 11 50
PT Davis 18 Ot)
Frank Robin son 4 60
Total $122 00
Road district No. 3.
S B Johnson, road and bridge ac
count $11 08
Ed Boring, road fund 1 50
Frank McMurry 3 00
A W Cooke 17 00
Total $32 58
Road district No. 5.
M Vetsch, road fund $12 75
D Hedderman 6 00
G Tacberson 1 60
1 fii-l n in
X.'"" '
Ole Almusegger &
JARlchey 6 00
Total $32 25', " 2 S
Road district No. 11. i
J E Smith, road fund $8 00
W J dimming '.. 12 00
O S Holkolm 9 00
HDMarston 150
Fred Matthies 2 25
L D Mumpower 1 50
Total.... ....$34 25
Road district No, 13.
J Shilts.road fund. ."" $3 00
O Hiciubothem.... 160
D Evans 1 50
G May field 3 00
J Myers 3 00
JUJubb 150
W Ruthford 1 50
W C Ward 1 50
W H Mattuon 4 00
.$20 50
Road district No 14.
Geo B Rate & Co, road and bridge
account $80 63
Wilson & Cooke 14 95
M Pollock ' 10 70
John Duffy, road fund..' 7 50
M Sanders 1 00
SP Jones 75
J Calbfleisch 25 50
Milo Pollock 24 75
Everet Pollock 11 25
Isaac Shortledge 18 75
G Bluhm 17 25
G Curbison 3 75
Geo Matitz 7 50
Thos Da vies". '. '. . '. '. '. J. '. '. ', '. '. '. . '. . . 6 75
Mr Smailie 10 60
Henry Baker 2 25
Leandrew Howard 24 00
J Eaton 26 25
W Hodges 21 00
J P Cole 68 00
WM Spraill 3 00
L Mauts 2 25
J J Guyer 25 50
F Stevens 2 25
H Guenther 6 76
F Jagger 1 (so
Mr Thomas l 50
E M Hornachuh 4 00
John Dixon 3 00
Fred Heft 49 60
Otto Kinzman 37 On
LMautx 49 50
James rihelly , 62 60
H Williams 37 50
J Pollock 10 50
D Shelly 24 75
A Mauls 35 29
Total $729 32
Road district No. 15.
R H Taber, road fund... $4 00
W B Lawton 1 M)
R 1) Miller 1 50
S Thomas l 60
Total $8 50
Road district No. 16.
Geo B Rate & Co, road and bridge
account $40 63
Road district No. 18.
P Duffy, road and bridge account $6 50
Lindser & Son 1 30
J B Cole, road fund 32 61
Ben Faust 19 50
J Pollock.... 6 00
Mr Thomas 16 50
J Duffy 21 75
F Jagger 17 25
E W Hornschuh 29 50
M Harndon 14 50
A Jones 9 37
J CaMcisch.. . ... 10 87
F Bullard 9 37
J Culnison." 10 87
J J Guyer 10 50
F Stevens 9 00
HGunther 10 87
EdHetteman 10 87
M Tollock 6 75
E Pollock 1 87
W Martin 75
C Green 0 37
B Daniels.... 7 87
H Steiner.. 7 87
H Hornachuh 4 50
M London 1 50
H HorLschuh.... 1 50
O Woolf, road and bridge sac
count... 7 00
J Duffy. 6 50
Total .-.$299 62
Road district No. 20.
J VV Jones, road and bridge ac
count $46 52
S Hutchinson, road fund......... 9 00
Total ... $55 62
, Road district No. 23.
Geo B Rate & Co, road and bridge
account $11 02
A B Cole .-. 4
Cole Bros & Co 2 17
M Bachart, road fund ... . 3 00
Fred Bachart 2 25
Andy Bachart 3 00
GeoOglesby 6 CO
Jacob Keuch, sr 7 50
J D Parmeter 6 75
0 Frost 6 00
J P Cole 6 75
A B Cole 13 00
Total...... $68 38
Road district No 25.
Herman Vorpahl, road and bridge
account $3 50
Win Goether, road fund 75
Chris Lorenzo 1 50
A H Reynolds 2 00
Total... $7 75
Road district No. 28.
A Hardy, road fund ..... , $3 00
Henry Deckman j 3 00
John Siaup "... 3 00
Geo Groshong 3 00
Albert Groshong 3 00
H J Thomas 7 60
Albert Croesan 7 03
Total.... $29 60
Road district No. 30.
F Davi 'son, road aud bridge ac
count $3 00
B Hayes 2 25
R J Hayes 2 00
D Long, road fund 17 25
(E Davis 12 00
LAWaldrof 6 00
!E Shipley 7 50
,B Hayes 16 50
J Hajes... 17 25
I G Hayes..... 23 25
J R Hayes 18 00
.JBovland. 18 00
, A Waldrof 9 00
F Davidson 6 00
Total ...$157 50
Road district No. 31.
G E Cline, road and bridg account $3 50
Olaus Peters, road fund 6 37
i Marcus Bacher ' 1 60
John Moses 1
F Schatz .. 3
, Henry Shatz 1
1 A r.,
a ciiai j . uu
OPSharp..... 2 60
G E Cline 12 75
Robert Bible 6 00
Samuel Mayer 18 00
Total $73 62
Road district No. 32
Henry Wilhelm, road fund $1 50
C Wilhelm 1 50
C McKinney 1 50
EL Baker 1 ',5
Total $6 25
Road district No. 34.
Geo B Rate & Co, road and
bridge account $16 75
Pope & Co 10 45
Oregon City Iron Works 10 80
J k Morris, road fund 44 00
A J Olds 27 75
F J Meyer 25 50
Chas Shannon 33 30
O Toiukins . 33 00
J Crcgen 27 75
J G Miller 10 50
J S Sni'th 25 20
Jt.lm Gunwell 23 10
Eli Cheswell 20 10
D H Kribs 16 50
ED Olds ; 50 00
Total $374 70
Road district No. 35.
Fred Wagner, road fund $10 00
In the matter of claims filed against
' Clackamas county, the board having ex
Biiiiueu emu ciuuua a m ueing luuy ad
vised, it is ordered by the board that the
clerk shall issue wi rrants on the general
fund in favor of the persoca and for the
amounts hereinafter specified in favor of
a id claid claimants:
Eli Williams, assessor's account.. $96 00
J G Porter, do 72 00
L E Williams, do 60 00
J L Swafford.do.. 81 00
Courier-Herald, printing 28 30
Courier-Herald, stationery 87 75
Coast Agency, county judge's ac
count 8 00
R J.Dibble, circuit court account. 5 40
H 8 Mather, insane account 3 00
M O Strickland, do.. 5 00
W E Car 11, do 5 00
Dr Seaman, do 5 00
Dr Carll, do 5 00
T Himler, pauper account 3 60
Justice court fees, State vs. Stoltz:
C Schuebel, 3 P 9 10
M F MsCown, constable 7 40
E Kennedy, witness 1 90
O F Jones, do 1 90
O J Jones, do .' 1 90
KBHsyhurst, do 1 70
Mrs G M Fleming, do..... 190
McNulty, do 1 90
Leta Armstrong, do 190
Catherine Jones, do 1 70
Justice court fees, State vs. Wright :
C Schuebel, J P.... $5 60
Chas E Burns, constable 4 60
Jake Thurber, witness 1 70
Sadie Relsen8tein, witness 1 70
Mrs Thurber, witness 1 70
Justice court fees, State vs. Tracy:
O Schuebel. J P tlO 10
M F McCown, constable 8 40
J Graiin, witness 1 70
E L Shaw, do 1 70
Paul Triglo, do.... 1 70
Wesley Albee, do 170
(Continued next week.)
(Continued from page 1)
For treasurer, A Luelling and H
Harding, of Oregon City, and O. D.Eby,
of Marquam, were placed In nomination.
Luelling received 145 votes, Harding,67,
Eby, 73, Luelling was declared the
nominee, and made unanimous.
For assessor, James Poe, of Eagle
Creek; H Breithaupt, of Damascus;
LongMtreetVaughan.of Molalla; J R
Marks, of Canby ; O N Larkins, of Milk
viccn, uu j iu ojjtujro, Ul 1BrUS, WSre
placed in nomination. Vaughan re
ceived 238 votes, Breithaupt, 12, Poe 10,
Marks 10, Larkins, 11 and Spence, 10.
Vaughau's nomination was made unani
mous. For school superintendent. 0 N Wait
named HhirleyBuck, of Canby, and 0 E
Spence named Robert Ginther.of Beaver
Creek. Buck received 232 votes and
Ginther, 53. Buck was declared the
nominee and it was made unanimous.
For coroner, T F Cowing named Dr.
M C Strickland, and H Thiessen named
Dr J W Powell. Strickland received
151 votes, and J ' Powel, 125. Strick
land was declared the nominee.
D F Warner, of Currinsville, was
nominated for surveyor by acclamation. '
We, your committee appointed on the '
part 01 me citizens' convention of Clack
amas county, would respectfully recom
mend the following platform :
Eosolved, That we believe in returning to tho.
pot icy of the fathers, to the end that the Deolara.
tlon of Independence shall be the source of our
political inspiration and of our patriotism and to
the end that the constitution of the United States
shall remain the sheet anohor and safenuard of
our liberties.
Resolved, That we denounce the Imperialistic
tendencies of the republican party, and in the
broken promises of the present administration to
the people We recognize this party as au enemy
of good government.
Resolved, That e denounce the McKinley ad
ministration for its action in passing the Puerto
Rican tariff bill and view with alarm and disfa
vor this attempted subversion of our national
Resolved, That we favor the Issuanoe of all
monies by the govern met ti that we faver mu
nicipal ownership; that we favor the abrogation
of all olass legislation, and that we favor the
eleoaon ot senators by a direct vote of the peo
ple. Resolved, That we sympathise with the Boers
of the South Afrioan republics In their struggle
.11 ifuonj uu linMMlltM eAieM'iiur.
Resolved, That we are in lavor of the initiative
and refeiendum, and pledge our legislators to
wora ana vote lor tne pending amendment to
the end that it be submitted to a vote of the peo
ple. . .
We demand honest and efficient administration
of county affairs on Ihepart of our county offi
cials, and lhat the oounly priming be let to the
lowest nmuer.
We are unalterably opposed to dobs rule iu
connty, state Mid national aff ilrs.
We welcome to our aid all good citizens In this
our effort to put patriotism above party and to
make civic virtues the key note to party success.
ucsoivea, xnaithe uregon legislative assembly
beaked to pass a law making it a penalty for
manufacturers to work their hands more than
six days per week or more than 12 hours on one
Respeotfully submitted, Loois Funk.
Robert a. Miller.
' Geo. O01.E.
T. R. A. Bei.i.wood.
O. W. Robbins.
Nominations for representatives were
declared in order, and the vote was aa
follows, the names having been pre
viously presented to the convention:
Otto Gengelbech, of Clackamas, 185; J
P Cole, of Barlow, 188; J 8 Oasto, of
New Era, 43; A W Mills, of Clackamas,
30; Gilbert L Uedges, ot Cauemah,211;
H E Hayes, of Stafford, 4; J B Zeigler,
of West Oregon City ,12 ; George Knight,
of Canby, 79; O E Spence, of Cams, 81.
Hedges, Cole and Gengetbach were de
clared the nominees.
Hon Robert A Miller was unanimously
endorsed by the convention as its
choice for the nomination for represen
tative to congress from the first con
gressional district. He reBpondt d with
a few felicitious remarks.
A motion was carried that the chair
man of the citizens' convention, and the
chairman and secretaries of the demo
cratic and people's party conventions,
constitute the Clackamas county cam
paign committee.
Nominations for justices of the peace
and constables of the various districts,
and road supervisors were announced to
be in order.
The only contest for justice of the
peace and constable was in the Oregon
City district, many of the other districts
having previously decided on their can
didates, presenting their names only for
ratification. Hiram Straight was elec
ted chairman of the Oregon City district
convention, and U W Kelly, secretary.
David Caufield.J W Loder and P D Cur
ran were placed in nomination for jus
tice of the peace. On. the first ballot
Caufield received 40 votes, Loder, 41,nd
Uurran, 1. On the second ballot Cau
field received 36 votes, and Loder, 49.
For constable J R Shaw, W H Savage,
B Hankins, O M Mason and G W Mar
tin. On the first ballot Shaw received
10, Savage, 4, Hanfe ins, 37, Mason, 20
and Martin 8. On the second ballot
Hankins, 54, Mason, 18, and Shaw, 9.
Following are the district nominations
for justices of the peace and constables
ratified by the convention :
Pleasant Hill, Tualatin and Union
Justice, W F Young; constable, John
Clackamas and Milwaukie Justice, T
R A Sellwood; constable, A J Walker.
Oregon City and suburban precincts
Justi.e, J W L)der; constable, T B
Oswego Justice, James Manning;
constable, H W Koehler.
Canby and New Era Justice, Joseph
Reif; constable, William Bremer.
Beaver Creek and Milk Creek Justice,
Wesley Hill j constable, E Kirk.
Highland and Canyon Creek Justice,
G R Miller; constable, E F Ginther.
Harding, Springwater and Viola Jus
tice, Louis Funk; constable, Fred
Borings and Damascus Justice,
Breithaupt; constable, i Johnson.
Macksbure. Barlow and Needy Jus-
tice, W W Jesse; constable, F M Mat
thews. Eagle Creek. Garfield and George
Justice, J H Kitching ; constable, A D
luoiaiia.tuarauam and soda s or in as
Justice, F H Dungan.
ine following nominations were made
for road supervisors, and ratified bv the
convention; Abernethy, G H Olden-
nnrg; Barlow, W M Evans; Beaver
Creek, John Shannon; Borings, Steph
en Waybill ; Canby, John W Bennet;
Damascus, A M Lovelace ; Ea jle Creek,
J W Stone; Garfield, J A English;
George, Frederick Rath; Harding, J L
Hattan; Molalla, W H Engle; Highland,
S Hutchinson; Macksourg, John He.nx:
Maple Lane, J R Myers; Milk Creek, J
JMallatt; Milwaukie, William Rose
nan ; Marquam, C F Jackson ; Needy, A
Montandon ; New Era, Joseph Briggs;
Pleasant Hill, J N Wood; Severs, J
Feagles; Soda Springs, R F Boyles;
Springwater, Albert Lacey; Tualatin,
John Aden; Viola, L Tenney; West
Oregon City, C E Shannon.