Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, February 02, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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The English Side.
S a constant reader and supporter
of the Courier-Herald, I have
read its pro-Boer sentiments
with feelings of disappointment. Only
withia the last three issues we find the
Boers represented as he upholders of
sacred liberty and freedom and England
as waging war in defiance of liberty and
jiatice. ICiiji'aiid is charged with re
cruiting her armies of criminal, vaya
boida and hinalinB, bv starving the
cuildreti ct the poor, and concluding in
yonr last issue with an abominable quo
tation from George's Weekly, Bt only to
adorn the pat-ee of the most abandoned
anarchist paper of the land, but as you
quid) without adverse comment, and aa
sileuce gives consent, it thus receives
the tacit approval of the Courier
Herald. x
It is no' agreeable for Britifh sympa
thizers to be told that "the hand of des
tiny is against the cause of Johnny
Bull ;" that "England hasn't a fiiend on
eirthj" that ''repudiation is the light
the average w.tinn sees;" "all seem to
realize that with the fall of Great Britain
will come the wiping out of debts;
"nothing will please the nations better
than to see England whipped to a stand
still and wiped off the face of the earth,"
etc., ad lib. . '
SupposelTie people of Hawaii in a few
years decide they have had enough of
America, organize a rebellion and tell
us to get. Would we get? Did we get
o it of the South when told to trek in
1861? No; but Britain did. She en
tered the Transvaal at the solicitation of
the Boers, loaned them money to pay up
their debis ($5,000,000), over half of
which is still owing, fought off the Kaf
firs and Zulus for them, and in a few
years, when all danger was over, Kruger
raised a rebellion and told them to trek,
and Gladstone, in the interests of peace,
restored them to independence, subject
to suzerainty, the conditions of which
"vere settled by a commission in 1884.
How the Transvaal has abused the
privilege thus granted is known to all
intelligent readers. She has proved
herself incapable of self government by
denying its concomitants state rights
and a fair franchise. England's blood
and treasure have been constantly in.
voked In adjusting grievances thus cre
ated by the most tvrannical oligaichy of
modern times, which appeals to the
sentiment of ignorant citizens only
through its falsely assumed appellation
of a republic.
We have generally considered a man
dishonest who did notexhaustall human
means of paying his debts, aud as there
is no difference in principle between
paying debts in Europe and debts at
Lome, you are really advocating that
your creditors should leave you in the
The fact that as a nation we are pay
ing all our bonded indebtedness in a
currency two and one-half times as dear
as the currency iu which it was con
tracted, is no fault of the British, but of
our so-called experts who have manipu
lated our finances in the interest of the
creditor class. To denounce the British
as usurous grabbers while we deliber
ately more than double our own indebt
edness to them by our fiscal pol icy is
childishness indeed; but to pray for
their downfall that we may repudiate
our indbtedness to them is a disgrace to
respectable journalism and the people
who patronize the journal. There is
only one influence or power that could
thus subordinate a naturally honest peo
ple into enduring the promulgation of
such ' dishonorable and . detestable
Macchivellisin, and they will not long
stand it. To this power the British do
not truckle and have consequently
earned its eternal hatred. A power
which wains its emoluments and influ
ence through keeping its voters as far
as possible in ignorance aud superstition
and then working on tluir fears to ob
tain their wealth, which is largely used
to subsidize the press.
Though the Boers have always treated
the Catholics with the greatett con
tutnely, yet Kruger's acumen fw cog
nizant of its power in this country, and
he presented the pupa in 1831 with a
$2,003,0 )0 diamond, which U no doubt
the reason for all the abuse an J bpprobri-
ora of a vitiated press being heaped on a
sister nation that hat shown to ui a
special and helpful friendship in our for
eign relations and difficulties. No doubj;
Kruger was led to expect more than
bluster probably a civil war in Ireland
that should leave the British witb their
hanls full at hone; but this has failed,
and the abuse and bluster will recoil on
its promoters. While thiutanlt of
British sympathizers would stand with
the reform element to correct the great
financial blunders of the century along
lines th it ara honorable an 1 truttwo
thy, yet we must raise our voice against
truckling to a hierarchy that is a puuti
cal factor, sells its support to the highest
bidder, knows nothing of principle or
honor, but pnstitutes its moat sacred
offices to coercing in a Iherents into a
harmonious unit for a political-cull.
In the interests of many of your read
ers who thiuk tint former grudge
against am-i-nt Britain as a kingly
power shiuld give place to a friendly
feeling, if not a grateful feeling, for re
cent acts of courtesy shown t at in
timet of difficult; aai perplexity by a
modern, full-franchised Britain, I would
appeal to you for a more dignified and
truthful presentation of this subject.
Oregon City, Jan. 25.
The weather is waim and ppringlike.
There are a few house flies still with
us, and it does net seem like January.
N. A. Flynn, who has been on the
sick lis.t,is better.
C. Shank came home fropi Palmer on
ashort visit, .but has returned to his
work again.
W. Strnchen, S. Osborn and C. Baty
are working at the sawmill on the north
side of Sandy river near here.
There is to be a graphone entertain
ment at Cherryville schoolhonee by Mr.
Bacon, of Bull Run, on next Thursday
G. T. Beebe has his new barn partly
Miss Alpha Ware has l een troubled
with a very sore eye, which was some
better at last accounts.
Jan. 30. J. T.
Eayle Creek.
Everyone seems to be enjoying the
cool weather.
A dance was given at the hall Satur
day night, which was well atttnded,
Frank Preble, of Vancouver, Wash.,
is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Glover, of this
Mrs, Amiseggar, of Barton, is quite
Miss Delia Gkver was the guest of
of Mrs. Forrester on Thursday.
E. C. Suter made a flying trip to
Portland last Thursday.
Rev. Haynes preached at the Echool
house Sunday.
A minatrel show was given here last
Tuesday night, but was not a total suc
cesss. Miss Lena Horger is improving.
Mr. J. P. Woodle is talking of going
to Sumpter to the mines.
Miss Mary Fosberg, of Kelso, is going
to return to Portland .
Miss Anna Bell was out at Sandy vis
iting her friends the past week.
Mrs. Lottie Reed, of Eastern Oregon,'
is visiting her mother, Mrs. Brackett, of
this place.
J. P. Forrester went to Portland Mon
Mr. John Epperson has returned to
his home from Garfield.
Jan. 30. Z. M. F.
t'irtje' Attendance at Clackamas
Last Saturday.
Fully 75 teachers attended the regular
monthly meeting of the O'aikanme
County Teachern' Association at Clacka
mas, last Saioiday. It is a notable fact
that the. Association always has very
yiccesffnl imelii'gs tin re, ai d are roy
ally entertained. .
Tliepame'program was carrit d out that
hasleen standing in these columns for
(lie past month, and the papers and dis
cussions were all excellent. Misses Bon
Duiant and Robinson, teachers in the
Clackamas school, gave excellent recita
tion?,.. -
The following officers for . the ensuing
six months were elected: Vice-president,
J. W. Gray; secretary, Mii-6 Fan
nie G. Porter; treasurer, Mrs. Ella Ris
ley; editor, Mrs. U.S. Gibson. County
Superintendent Rowland is ox-officlo
president of the association.
The majority of the candidates for
county school superintendent were in at
tendance. '
In the Circuit Court of the Slate of Oregon, for
the County of Ci&ckauias.
a. Gt. faoore,
The Oregon City w oolen mills are now
making contract for wood to be delivered
next summer. They nee about 3000
cords a year.
A New Firm. .
L. A. Patterson has Bold his business,
(The Bazaar) to Adams Bios., of Port
land, who will continue to carry the
same line of goods with a' larger stock.
The reduction sale will continue for one
week longer.
Sullna Grimm and S. M.
Stale of Oregon, county ot Cliiohnmtis, ss.
JY virtue of a Judgment order, decree and an
he pwil of Hie nbove.enlitlcd court, in the above
entitled cause, to me duly directed and dated the
lft day of Ftbiuarv. 1 BOO. upon a tmisment ren
dered and entered in said court on the 31st day ol
January, WOO, in favor of R. G, Koore, plainllfl,
and against Salina Gilmm, defendant, for the
sum of 8.MVB, with Interest thereon at the rate
of 10 per cent per a.ni'im from the iSlat day of Jan
uary, 1900, and the, furthersura of $00 as attorney's
fee, and the further sura cf $13 costs and dis
bursements, and the costs qi and upon this
wr t, commanding me to make sale of the fol
lowing described real properly, situate Iu the
oounty of Clackamas, ttnte ot Oregon, lo-wit:
Allot lots numbered seyen (7), eiiht (8), nine
(9) and ten (10) iu block "B' situated in Clacka
mas Heights, in the aiorcsaid county and state.
Npw, therefore, by virtue ol said ixecutlor,
Judgment order aud decree, and In compliant e
with the commands ot said writ, I will on Satin
day, Hi i
at the hour of 1:30 o'clock p. m at the front door
of the county court house iu the city of Oregon
City, In said county aud Biale, seil at public auc
tion, subject to redemption, to the highest bidder,
for U. S. gold coin cash In hand, all the right,
title and luttrtst which the within l amed defen
dunt had on the date of the
mortgage herein, or since had, in or to the abore
described real prouerlj or any pait thereof, to
satisfy said execution, judgment order, decree,
interest, costs and all act ruing costs.
(Sheriff of Clackamas County, Oregon
Duted Oregon City, Ore., Feb, 1, 1BSI9.
Notes of Interest in Lodge Circles
Myrtle Lodue, Degree of Honor, vis
ited FallsCity Lodge, A. O. U. AV.. last
Saturday night in a body. The lodge
had just completed the work of confer
ring the Workman degreeon two candi
dates, when when the women appeared.
A social session followed presided over
by Mrs. A. R. Sprague. Short addresees
were made by C. H. Dye, C. O. T. Wil
liams, Judge Ryan,. G. E. Hayen, A. 8.
Dresser, C. Schuebel, George A. Hard
ing, Sam Roake, W, B. Wiggins, George
it. Califf and others. Addresses were
also made by Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Gil
lelt. Mr. Roake sang a couple ot solos,
and R. D. Wilson made a short speech.
Hot coffee and an excellent lunch was
served and prepared by the lady visit
or 8.
Masons, Take Notice.
At stated communication of Multno
mah Lodge No. 1, A. F. & A. M., to be
held on Saturday evening, February 3rd.
The Grand Master M. W. Bro. J. M.
Hodson will make an official visit, and
desires to meet as many of the brethren
as possible on that occarion. You will
therefore confer a favor by making a
special effort to be with us on said
By order of W. M.
Thos F. Ryan, Secretary.
Lecture on the Philippines.
The people of Oregon City will have
an opportunity of hearing an' entertain
ing and instructive story of the islands,
people, scenes in barrack and camp.
field and hospital, the insurrection;
present outlook, etc., on Tuesday, Feb
ruary 6th, at Shively's opera house.
This lecture will be given by the Rev
W. S. Gilbert, who was chaplain of the
(second Oregon. Very few of the otli
cers were more popular than Chaplain
Gilbert. With his unsurpassed facill
ties of getting at the first sources of in
formation, it is believed that no man
can give a more thorough account of the
Oregon regiment in the Philippines than
he. . Remember the day and date.
Adjournal Term in Session This
In the circuit court a decree was en
tered in the suit of R. G. Moore va Sa
lina Grimm, et al.
A. M Sliibley vs Alex Sweek ; defend
ant given 10 days to move in the said
John Z. Olson, formerly of Multno
mah county, has filed a suit against
Mary Olson for a divorce, alleging cruel
and inhuman treatment, and further
stating that she is incurable in the state
insane asylum.
Several cases wen heard daring the
week on aictiot.aa id demurrers, but no
final desisions were handed down. Sev
eral sheriff's sales were confirmed.
The divorce suit of Anne vs M. Heller,
was dismissed.
Card of Thanks.
The officers and members of Pioneir
Chapter No. 28, O. E. S., extend their
sincere thanks to all who assisted in
making their drama, "Above the
Clouds," a success.
Jennib E. Rowen,
Woodmen, Take Notice.-
We are now making contracts for wood
to be delivered next summer. Farties
desiring to sell will please call at cu
Oukgon City Woolen Mills.
l . 3
Unii am tk t PUnT" iniAiii '
Produce and Commission Merchants
llighesl market price paid for Whi a!, Our, I'otatoe-",
.. - Woo, Ouions, Green and Diied FrU'lP. ', "
Carload Lots a Specialty Any Place on the Li e.
r'oit r i 'itABt'c t, jt r,v,,i.
But the Best Stk of First-Class".
Goods to be Found at Bottom
Prices in Oregon City is at
Brunswick Restaurant I
Under new Management J
First-Class Restaurant
Sewing machines iruui $25 up. Sold
on easy payments- B-rmeister & An
Taylor, Republican Govornor
Fact, Declares Martial Law.
Tax for 1899.
The citizens of Oregon City will have
to payatax this yearfor 1893 of 40 mill?,
one less than last. This mill one woul 1
not cover a tenth of the extra indebted
ness of the county an 1 the city school
district which the people have to piy
interest ou :
Tax for 1899
County .......11.7
Sta-e v.... 6.3
School.. 5.0
Road 5 0
Oregon City 6 0
City School 6 0
40.0 41.0
The taxpayers of the county outside of
OregonCity will pay the same tax aa last
year, 28 mills. This has been ke pt down
this year at the expense of the C3 "imon
scbolfand. The county Ux is .7 mill
higher and the Hate .4 mill higher than
last year, and still the debts are increasing.
Fbankfort, Ky.,'Jan. 31. It is not
expected that Goebelwill survive the
afternoon. lie has been slowly sinking
throughout the morning,
Goebel was shot yesterday by a party
unknown, from the governor's quarters
in the c.ipital, as he was passing by.
Governor Taylor has declared martial
law at the capital and adjourned the
legislature to London. ' The militia has
been summoned to Frankfort and some
thousands, .of armed men have
flocxed to the ciiy.
Later Goebel has been sworn in as
governor and he has ordered the militia
home, most of whom are republicans And
therefore Taylor men.
In the Circuit Court of the State ot Oregon, for
the County ot Clackamaf .
Dan Lyons,
Eugenia McKinney, W. J.
llaucii, as administrator ol
the estate of AuderROU Mc
Kinney, Charles M. lie Kin- (
ney, Nevada Jackson, Clark )
JlloKiniU'), r.llfi uarrett, Ida
M. baundere, C. H. llyo and
C. 11. bye as trustee and 8. I
A. Slaver,
Defendants. J
State of Oregon, County of CI ackemas, us.
Y virtue of a judgment order, decree of fore-
if oiosure aud an execution, duly Issued out of
and under the seal of the above entitled court, in
the above entitled cause and to me direoted
and dated the Slst day of January, 1900, upon
ajjudgment aud decree rendered and entered in
the said court ou the 2Mb day of January, 1U00
First, in favor of Han Lyous, plaintiff, and
against Eugenia McKinney, defendant, for the
sum of (u!.50, with interest thereon at the rate
of 10 per cent per annum from the 26. h day of
January, 1'jOO, and the further sum of (50 as at.
tome) 's fee, and the further Bum of -l costs
and disbursements;
Becoud, That, defeudant C. II. Dye have and
recover of tlhi dufemlaut, EugenU McKinney,
the sum of f 160, with Interest thereon at the rate
of 10 per cent, per annum from the 26th dayol
January, 1M, aud the further sum of ?53 .44 taxes
with interest tberoou at 0 per cent per annum
from the 2G!h day of January, 11)00, and the fur
ther sura of f73 aa attorney's fee, aud the further
sum ot tlS costsand disbursements;
Third, That defendant 8. A Staver havo and
recover from defendant, Kngenla McKinney, the
sum of (247 62, with interest theroon at the rate
of 10 per cent per annum from the 2iiih day of
January, 1'JOO, $20 aa attorney's fee, aud the fur
ther sum of 111.25 costs and disbursements;
Fourth, That defendant C, U. Dye, trustee, have
aud recover of defendant, Uugejia McKinney, the
sum of (108.25, with Interest thereon at the rate of
8 per cent per annum f oin the 26lh day of Janu
ary, 1900.
And the costs of aud upon this writ, command'
lug me to make sale of the following described
real properly, situate In the county of Clacka
mas, state of Oregon, to-wll:
The southeast quarter (J) of the northwest
quarter (Si) and tho uoitheast quarter (St) of the
southwest quarter of section 2G, township 4
south of range 1 east of the Willamette meridian,
containing 80 acres of land, being part of the Dan
iel II iligsD. L.V.
Now, therefore, by virtue of said execution
judgment order and decree aud la compliunce
H iUi the commands of said writ, I will, on Satur
day, the
3rd DAY OF MARCH, 1900,
at the hour of one o'clock p, m., at the front door
of the county court house itilueciiyof Oregon
Clty.lu said county and state, sell at public auc
tion, subject to redemption, to the highest bid-
dor, for U. 8. fold coin, cash in hand, ail the
right, title and interest which the within named
defendants, or either of thera, had on the date of
the mortgages herein, or since had, In or to the
abovfl described real properly, or any part there
of, to satisfy said execution, judgment order and
decree, interest, costs and all accruing costs.
Sheriff ol Clackamas County, Oregon,
Dated Oregon City, Or , Jan. 31, 1899.
it ti
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Depend Upon
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and order Patent Flour made by the Port
land Flouring Mills at Oregon City and
sold by all grocers. Patronize
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You will have a small
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Fine Hread, Ties, Cakes, Cookies, Etc., Fresh Every Day
Special Attention Given to Private Parties
Seventh St. Thon. 430 Oregon Citv, Ore,
In a Speech to His Troops He De
clares He Will Make a Third
Attempt to Relieve Ladysmilh.
Cape Town, Jan. 33. General Fuller
still boLla the Tugela drills and will
probably renew hi attempt to force Ian
w y through the Boer defenses before
long. In any case, Ladysinith is capa ;
ble of holding out for a consi
London, Jan. 31 When the natii n
had almost resigned itself to the fall ol
Ladysmith, there comes from all quar
ters an Indication that Buller will make
another attempt to relieve the besieged
place. If the Daily Mail reports of Bul
la's speech that he hoped to be in Lady
smith within a week can be telied upon,
news of further serious fighting wonld
be expected shortly.
Richards & Pringle's
"Famous' trolte ok arabs
iX' Special Train of Cars
Gala Street Parade at 2:30
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Send for catalogue and price list
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