Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, January 26, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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lo Correnionden1n.
Tarties Bonding in communications fo
publication should be very careful about,
indulging in personal!' ie. If you wish
to slur hiiv one, ilase i-ign your n;nie.
To Subscribers.
Country subscriber who have not re
ceived their calendars fchould call st
their postollice and get one. Calendars
were sent out for every subscriber resid
ing in the country.
On Tuesday we had some very hard
showers, composed of enow and rain.
Monday evening there was quite a
Withering at the residence of Mr. and
Vlrs. Grant Mumpower, composed of
the young people of this vicini'y, in
honor of the ninth anuiversary ot their
wedding. After enjoying themselves in
Raines, songs, etc., the order was given
t hat the ladies retire to an adjoining
room and place one foot below a curtain
dra-vn across the door, the gentlemen to
guees who the owner of any particular
foot was. If the gucsser guessed right,
he bad the privilege of pulling taffy the
rest of ti e evening with the owner of the
foot, We think that some of the boys
had the advantage, as they seemed to
be better acquainted with the foot of
'some of the girls than others.
' J. W. Watts is ditching some of bis
wet land these days.
Mrs. Underwood is out visiting rela
tives and friends this week.
Walter Shepherd is having his barn
Elder J. II. Moore aud G. P. Rich
held a successful meeting last week in
this neighborhood.
A joint debatt at the Holcomb school
house Wednesday evening between the
Hatchery and Holcomb societies. Ques
tion, "Resolved, That expansion is a
beneflt to this government." Hatchery
Jan. 23.
Fine weather, and the health of the
community general ii very good at the
time of writing.
Preacher G. P. Rich and Elder Moore
are holding a meeting at the Garfield
La t Sunday Rev. Allen preached at
Mount Zion church; Morehouse at the
Tracy schoolhouse; a German preacher
it the Porter schoolhouse, and Rich at
the uuruekl sclioollious.. It seems to
have been a general feast in that line.
.Well, the people" are glad to seo such
is there h.ts not buen any preaching
here for a long time!
Are- guaranteed
Send for C'rcul.irs of
Case, Sulky, Gang and Walking Plows and Harrows
Best Drill in the
Come and
First and Taylor
Mr. James Stone, ol Currinsville.was
the guest of Mis. J. P. Irviu Saturday
and Sunday.
The singing school closed last Satur
day niilit. The teacher and class were
well pleused with the proyres they ha l
made. They hope to'haveanother term
of singing school in the near future.
Negro minstrels will show at the
Tracy sohoolhousd Monday evening.
Mr. Holder has bought the Haliway
place. The people of Garfield are glad
to see such people come, as thev seem
to be enterprising good Christian peo
ple. We tender them a warm welcome,
Mr. Matix has move 1 to Eastern Ore
gon. 1 tie new store is doing a rushing
business. Good luc to vou. bovsl
There is a new picket fence in front of
J. P. Irvin's house. It is quite an im
provement on the old rail fence. John
and Frank Irvin d, serve tho credit of it
being there.
Mrs.' McNeal, of lackamas, is here
vmiting her daughter, Mrs. Win. Oat
field. Arthur Rich, of Kelso, was in this
neighborhood buying hogs. M.
Prof. Ed Schmidt just commenced
another term teaching singing. He has
a class of twelve. You can hear.do.ray,
me, almost anywhere. Mr. Schmidt is
thinking of giving a concert in the hear
future. .
Jack Wallace, of Highland, was visit
ing here Sunday.
Miss Myrtle Currin, of Ely, is visiting
Miss Eletha Cummins.
While coming home from Oregon
City one day last week Wm.Kleinsmiih,
ofClarkes, was thrown head foremost
out of a wagon into the mud. Fortu
uately it waB mud or he might have
broken his neck. The chances are we
will have to report a sad accident one of
these days, as the road is in a danger
rm condition.
Old Mr. Wolf went to Portland Fri
day to visit his daughters.
E. W. Hornshuh went to Portland
last week to buy his clover seed. He
thinks it pays to go to Portland.
We are informed that there is a move
on foot to close tho schoolhouse against
the debating society. We hope the ma
jority of tho board of directors will not
let a m.111 take revenge in that kind of a
way. You see there are persons with
such revengeful natures that if their
neighbors' chickens laid larger eggs
than their own they would want to kilt
the neighbors' chickens.
Quite a number were invited to take
part in the closing exercises of Miss
Lighter Draft than
Doing same amount of wcrk
1 wn. h
cosier Drill
i "liHMW-"li '"if1
see . us when you come
Lewis & Stayer Co .
Ada Moehnke's school at Clarke's next
Friday in a debate "Co-operation vs.
Willie Moehnke has gone to Seattle,
Wash., whe.re he will visit for awhile.
The farmers here have concluded not
to visit the world's fair in Paris. It is
not a boycot on : c ount of the Dreyfus
case ei her. I think the most of them
don't know that our money is good in
Europu, but they 'Till soon find out, as
the office seeker is abroad in the land
and he will enlighten themi
J. B. Beeson is tryiug to get all the
help he can towards planking about
one-fou'th mile on the Highland and
Oregon City road.
. ; '00.
was the coldest night of
Last night
the season.
Mrs. Buck, of Portland, came home
to take care of her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. S. Buc'k, who has been quite ill for
the past few days.
Milo Lee is confinel to his bed suffer
ing from a severe attack of rheuma
tism. .
Grandma Lee is very tow and not
much hopes of her recovery, as she is
92 years of age and Very feeble.'' :
Kye Stogadill was taken with another
sinking spell Ust Tuesday morning but
is better this morning.
An ice cream social was given at the
Methodist parsonage last evening, and a
pleasant time wis enjoyed by all.
Joseph Cook U visiting his son-in-law.
Mr. Hinshaw, our station agent.
Mr. u. isocK, 01 Aurora, was in our
city yesterday.
Miss Maud Stanley Dobbins, from
Portland, came home to help take care
of her mother, who has been quite ill for
the last few days.
Kell Hoss, of Eastern Oregon, is in
our ciiy visiting Dun tiiogsdill for a lew
Mr. Carlton went to Portland on busi
ness yesterday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Rosenkrans went to
Portland this morning to attend a wed
ding. The bride and groom will return
with them
The revival meetings have closed at 1
the Christian chuich. The members
are now trying to get a regular minister
here from Ohio to take charge of this
Maple Lane.
A few of the friends of Mrs. N. W.
Richards gave her a surprise Saturday
evening and had a most enjoyable tithe.
About 10 o'clock a luncheon was served
by the surprisers, who about 11:30 left
for homo, being assured that they had
given as well as received pleasure.
Those present were: Mrs. Flo Jen
nings, of Selwood, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Davies, Mrs. W. O. Dickerson and
daughter, Mary, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
walking Plows
Out I "0" Series
mini) h(ys
1;x1kv roliilud
No 20-0-12 inch $a co
No 46-0-13 inch 10 co
Shares, LamlsMcs, Mould-
boards, etc., wil fit Oliver No.20
and 40.
to Portland
Ward, Mrs. Swallow, Mrs. Shortlege
and daughter, Anna, and Mr. and Mrs.
Bray ton.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. W. Marrs, of Oregon
City, drove out Saturday to try our fine
roads and called on Mrs. Brayton.
George C. Brownell gave us a charac
teristic speech last Thursday night. He
gave us a piece of news which left us in
the lurk and we don't know where we
are at. George wished us to remember
that money is not a creature of law.
Ii-aacSurfus and James Shelley aie
both quite sick. " ..
Nearly everyone in this neck of the
woods is sick with the grippe Mesirs.
Surfus and Shelly are confined to their
beds with lung trouble.
A n.;mber of Miss Lizzie Gerhauaer's
young trieuds surprised tier at ner
home on Saturday evening, Jau. 13th, it
being her 15th birthday. The evening
was pleasamly spent in Bocial games
until a late hour, when refreshnents
were served, and all departed for their
homes wishing Lizzie many hapoy re
turns of her birthday. Those present
were Misses Edith and Jessie Jackson,
Martha Bauman and Elsie Gibbs;
Messrs. Courtie and Tommy Uibbs,John
Gaffney and Arthur Baumann.
Mrs. Jackson was called to Needy
Saturday to the bedside of her mother,
who is very low with a complication ef
Mis. Flo Jennings, of Sellwoou, is
visiting her 'mother, Mrs. Richards,
this week.
J. G. Noe, one of Needy's enterpris
ing teachers, visited his uncle, G. F.
Gibbs and family Satirday and Sun
day. Miss Maggie Marlia called cn Anna
tfnortledge Sunday afternoon.
Missej Lulu Adi ms and Nina Caples,
of Oregon City, were the guests of Mr.
Richards Tuesday.
MisB Elsie Lyman, of Beaver Creek, is
the guest of Miss Maggie Marlin this
Mrs. Gibbs is able to be about aga in
after being confined to her bed with a
Mr. and Mrt. E. E. Martin spent
Monday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Laura Williams was visiting
friends and ' relatives in our burg last
we k.
Jai:. 24. Pansy Blossom.
Eagle Creek.
The weather, for the past week, has
been lovely, but has no grown colder, !
and ii ending iu the usual "Oregon
A dance was given at the residence of
Mrs. Gerhardus, on Saturday evening,
which was attended by a large crowd,
who report a good lime.
R. B. Forrester had his ankle seri
ously injured last week, but is rapidly
Mr. Dean, of Eastein Oregon, is vis
iting his uncle, W. M. De .n, of Kelso.
The Bchool is progressing very nfcely
with Mr. G. McArthur as teacher.
The new Artisan lodge, organized by
Mr. Rankins, is said to be flouri- ting.
The Cape Nome fever seems to be
quite prevalent among our peo. le. A
number of our citizens are talking very
seriously of going to the gold fields.
Char.ej Foster and wife were out from
Gladstone Sunday to the former's pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Foster, of
this place.
Mrs. Viola Douglas has gone to Du
fur, Eastern Oregon, to visit her son.
Will Cornish has returned to Eagle
Creek after a long absence. Mr. Cor
nish had the pleasure of going to the
Philippine isUuds in the lute war, and
of course we are glad to eee him.
Miss Lena Hoiger is quite sick. .
Jan. 23. "Felicia."
Mountain View.
Wednesday morning of this week was
quite cold, the thermometer registering
three degrees below freezing. j
Mr. and Mrs. Freidrich drove out to
Cams last Friday and spent the day
with Mrs. Friiderich'a sister, who is
quite sick. -
Mahlon Moran has gone to Seattle to
wotk, and expects to send for his wife
Mr. Lock is digging a well on his
Mr. and Mr. A. L. Jones, of Mulino,
went to Portland Saturday and were tho
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gillett Sunday.
F.lhel Jefferson is on the sick list this
week and is absent from school.
Mr. L. Collard, of Xewberg, was vis
iting his sister, Mrs. Si vage, Monday.
He was on his way to Washington.where
he has work.
Miss Myrtle Currin is at Sehubel this
week visiting her friend, Miss Eletha
Mr. G. W. Todd, who has been visit
ing with his sister, Mrs. Ring, the past
two months, returned to California lat
Miss Flora Kaler and her sister, Mrs
Adams.'of Molalla, were the guests of
Mrs. llaynes and family Tuesday eve
ning. Lottie Sager, who has been out visit
ing her parents for the past three
weeks, has returned and is visiting with
Mrs. Gillett this week.
Mrs. Savage spent last Sunday near
Milwaukie among friends.
Mr. SmalUy'a mother, from Wash
ington, is visiting with him this week.
Mrs. Duane Ely is at Tualatin, Wash.
ington county, visiting relatives this
week. ,
Jan. 24. Sauna.
' Saving water.
Mrs. Bard has moved into James
Maira' hoube-
Mr. McGetchie was seen showing a
would-be-purchaser his Springwater
farm the other day.
The farmers are aoing their spring
Strawberries are blooming, and apple
t es were seen leaving out. '""
William Bard and A. M Shibley took
S)me beef cattle to Oregon City last
we k.
The young people have formed a his
torical club which meets at the parson
age every Tuesday evening.
The Springwater Sunday school has
formed a historical club, which meets at
the parsonage every Tuesday evening.
The Sprin water Sunday school has
increased its teachers from five to
The Springwater Giange has its hall
all paid for excepting $17.
Mrs. Lewellen was out riding Sunday
for the first time since her bum.
Jan. 22 . 1900.
The Logan Cheese Manufactaring Co.
met Monday a fternoon and perfected
their organization. The officers of the
company are as follows: Board of direc
tors: J. M. Tracy, Fred Gerber, Frank
Wilson, Fred Snyder and Jacob Huber;
J.M.Tracy, president; Fred Gerber,
vice president; W. W. Austen .secretary ;
J. C. Kirchem, treasurer.
Mr. and Mrs. Balsmeier have returned
and have rented Casper Moore's place,
where they will reside.
Martin Tellfison and wife returned to
their home in Washington
Some of our politicians seem to think
they orryhe county in their vest pocket.
Of this class Brownell is a prominent
member. It seems that he went to
Portland recently and while there made
the statement that he would be a candi
date for congress aa he he had the solid
support of his county with the exception
of three men, viz: Maddock, Ramsby
and Horton.
. t
It is rumored that J. Kimbull has
bought 112 acres of timber land from A.'
Wright. This leaves Mr. Wright but 65
acres of land, which he offers for $20 per
We are sorry to state that E. Brock
has lost his best horse.
Mr. Hicinbothem, Mr. Allen and Mr.
Funk went over to Mulino last week to
move over Rev. O. W. Allen, who will
preach at Redland the 28th at 11 a. m
Miss Lyda Cutting was visiting friend
and relatives here the past week.
Miss Retta Ward leaves this week for
her home at Butte, Mont.
Miss Susie Funk is going to Portland
with Miss Cutting.
It is said that there will be two wed
dings in this commuurty soon.
Rev. Sloper preached to a full house
at Bethel last Sunday. There will be
preaching again in two weeks, at which
time .communion services will be held
and new members tnken in.
Jan. 23. U. S.
Road Boss J. R. Shaver and crew have
completed the bridge across the branch
at Wright's Springs. The mails will no
longer be ondangered on accouut of high
Ne t Farr, ol Oregon City, nearly lost
hit valuable 1I04 between S. Wright's
and Liberal in the wagon road. He got
into the loblolly of mud and all under
except his nose. Newt got him out and
then the air w.is blue for awhile.
Mack, you had better take awaj tk at
old cart or that youug lady will burn it
up I The old block beats the cart.
Boys, get your best girl for the
masquerade ball the 14th of February at
Grange,hall. We are going to have a
time, and don't you forget it.
Everybody has been plowing, even
our merchant. That's right.Jim!
J. O. Morris has been on the sick list,
but is now able to go to work again .
E Dodife is busy cutting shingles. He
cannot fill his orders. That speaks well
for his shingles. He is making white
fir and cedar shingles.
A petition is being circulated for do
nation road work from Wright's bridge
to Meadowbrook. Throw your shoulder
to the wheel boys, it needs it 1
The Enterprise says the pops will have
a loving cup for the democrats. If they
do have on e it will be of silver and not
made by a republican trust.
A Boer shell fell in this section one
night last week, and exploded. A piece
hit a man, aa he was leaving a neigh
bor's smokehouse with a shoulder .of
meat. Good shot !
Jan. 25.
ltitzville, Wash.
I thought I would send you a few
itoins for your valuable paper from this-
Tho weather is fine, grass growing,.
and Btock is looking well. A few cattle
are 'dying from disease, but it is thought
lo be under control by this time. '
Messrs. Erby and Ben Ward, of this
place, have just finished drilling a well
116 feet drep for Mr. Reeder, and Mr.
Cochran has just finished one, 41b feet
deep,for Mr. Smith. ' , . ,
Mr.. Cochran has lost two sets of tools
and it is the supposition that it is the
cause of so much trouble in China.
There is a man in this country selling
lottery tickets, and eveiy number draws
a prize. Only $2.50 takes a ticket.
One of them drew a wife from Missouri,
aud another from Hoosieranua, Indi
ana. There has been a gteat number of
tickets issued, and no one has received a
blank yet.
There was a grand reception given last
week at Mr. and Mrs. Best's residence,
and your correspondent was there, where
he never met with a happier, livelier
and more sociable crowd before
People wishing to get homesteads
will do well to come out and look at this
country. We have the best roads you
ever saw for a new country. The farm
ers haul their barnyard manure and
straw and throw it on the roads, which
seems to work in the dirt and makes it
hard and smooth.
W. W. Irvin.
New Era.
We are having fine weather, and hopo
it will continue.
We are sorry to hear that J. C. New
berry isn't improving.
J.'G. Foster is still sick at hi,? grand-
dadghter's, Mrs. G. Critzer's, anu is very-
low at the present writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Pavid Penman, sr., and
two daughters were in Oregon City Fri
day and Saturday and attended the ban
quet at the W. O. W. hall, at which.
they report a good time.
Miss Gussie Randall is home and is
still confined to his home with scarlet
We hear of several cases of whooping
cough in the neighborhood of the Brown
school house.
The man that the whale swallowed
but couldn't keep him down was seen in
our burg Sunday with his new steed.
Charles Rider and his three sisters
were at the W. O. W. hall Friday even
ing. Mr. Ogles was in our midst last Sun
day. Mrs. J. O. Newberry is staying in
Portland with her husband during his
illuess. ,
Frank McArthur has gone back to
The Bourgoyne boys were home visit
ing their parents a short time ago.
Jan. 20. Mabel.
Cold snap. First ice for tho winter,
Our new store is now in working or
der, and Mr. Freeman, the proprietor,
seems to understand his business.
A fine opening, here for a first-claes
blacksmith. Shop and tools all ready.
Come on.
Our debating Bociety has accepted the
challenge of the Marks Prairie society.
Now, oh Lord, if you can't help us,
please don't help them Marks Prairie
fellows. Just keep still and watch the
fur Ily.
How sharper than the serpent's tooth
is ingratitude." Hear that young re
publican upstart of the Aurora Borealis
calling the venerable Senator Hoar an
old fool 1 No man can be a republican
and have opinions of his own. lie must
stady the creed and bury manhood.
Hit some more, Borealis. That whole
republican crowd has a tendency that
Special to the demo-pop silver-social
crowd Never mind the weather; let's
all get into bed together and take care
of Clackamas county any how. Jump
in while he cover is down.
The very latest -from the front The
Barlow Debating Society is now firmly
intrenched on a semi-circle' of copjes
surrounding Marks Prairie, each debater
loaded lo the muzzle with dumdums.
R. R. Bratton was the recipient of a
handsomely bound history of nis regi
ment, the Twenty-seventh Indiana Vet
eran Volunteer Infantry, in which he
served four years during the civil war,
from hi son, L. H. Bratton, who lately
returned from the Philippine islands, a
member of the late Firet North Dakota
Volunteers, for which he says," many
thanks, my comrade boy. ,
Jan. 24. Corporal.
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