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M. Phillips, of Clackamas, was In the
city Wednesday.
Balf Johnson, of Astoria, was visiting
bis parents Sunday.
-W. S. Bunnell is now tonsorial irtltt charge of larceny.
Lost An Irish fetter, female pup, 7
months old, leather collar on, white
spot on chest. 0. 0. Rose, Oregon City.
Fred Yelkes, Indian, was sent to the
state reform school on Wednesday by
Judge Rvan. He was arrested on. a
t Shark's barber shop.
Frankie Myers, of Portland, is I he
guest of her sister, Mrs. Dr. Beatie.
Charles Galloway left Tuesday for the
Galloway homestead at McMinnville.
Miss Bertha Hanley, of Washington
county, is the guest of Mrs. Dr. Lyons.
Mrs. G. McComb left ' Thursday for
Mabton, Wash., to remain during the
winter. . .
Otto Gengleback, of Clackamas , is
quite ill. He recently returned from
Cape Nome. v
Kev. George W. Grannis, a Methodist
minister of Salem, was visiting in the
city Sunday.
C. D. Latourette went to Salem Mon
day to argue a case before the state su
preme court,
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Howard have
b;en visiting the latter's mother,
Mrs. C. W, Gauong.
Miss Mary Conyers returned Monday
from a visit to her sister, Miss Nora
Conyers at St. Helens.
John McGuire and J. P. Murphy have
opened a saloon at the corner of Main
and Fifth streets, opposite postoffloe.
Charles Wright returned Friday even
ing from a fortuight's hunt. He trav
eled over nearly all the Willamette
IProf. J. G. Koehler, the musician and
onsorial artist, left Monday for San
Francisco, where he will reside in the
A. L. Jones, a prominent citizen of
Mulino. was in the city Wednesday. He
states that the Howard hill was about
one-third graveled before the last rain
set in.
W. D. Kinnaird, inspector of govern
ment surveys, returned from his trip in
the Olympic mountains on Wednesday.
" He was accompanied by A. M. Kirchen,
Smith and Al Richardson, of this
F. Jack, one of the prominent
I r J 1. -
voua men 01 Marquam, was marrieu 10
Misj Minnie Gray in this city Wednes
day I Miss Gray, Is a daughter of Mrs. A,
Graf, of Marquam. The ceremony was
performed by County Judge Ryan at the
residence of W. H. H. Samson.
Dr. D. A. Watters, presiding elder of
Salem district, left Oregon City Tuesday
morning for Viola, to do work under his
jurisdiction there. Dr. Watters con
ducted communion sir vices at the Meth
ouist church here Sunday. The quar
terly business meeting Saturday evening
was very large and interesting
J. 0. Hungerford, of Milwaukie, was
in town Wednesday. He has just re
turned from the Atlin mines, where he
has owned claims for the past two years
Mr. Hungerford is well pleased with
the outlook there, and will return
He had a contest in the Canadiau
courts over his claims, but came out vie
torious, although he was at considerable
Plenty of money to loan at 7 per cent
by Dimick & Easthsm.
Wolf & Son have commenced suit
the justice court against A. Mohler for
4 163.35.
Born, in Oregon Oity, Tuesday, Oc
tober 24th, to Mr. and Mrs. Dell Hart
a girl. Weight 10 pounds.
Next Sunday evening the services at
the Evangelical church will be cod
ducted in the English language.
The "brick mill," of the Portland
Flouring Mills Co., will be started next
week for the first time for several years
A meeting of the Abernethy reading
circle was held at the residence of Cap
J. F. Apperson, at Parkplace, Thursday
A special meeting of the board
county commissioners was held
Wednesday to read, approve and sign
their journal of proceedings
Mr. Baker, of Wilsonville, has sold his
hops to Henry Weinhard, of Portland
12,000 pounds at 10 cents, lhe hopi
will be used in making beer.
Mrs. R. E. Roberts, aged 10 years
who resides on Ninth street near Monroe
fell on a slippery walk on Monday, broke
her arm and dislocated her shoulder
The first meeting of the Reading Club
reeitly organized by Rev. E. S. Bollin
ger, met Tuesday night at the residence
of Mr. Brouihton. "David Harum" was
read and discussed.
August Zimmerman, wtio leu ncre
wi th his family the middle of August for
an extended visit among friends in
' Nebraska, has returned much improved
in health. Mr. Zimmerman speaks of
the corn crop as being ucjaralle!ed in
ih history of the state. To see the fine
A very enjoyable social and enter
t linmeht was given at the Y. M. 0. A.
rooms on Wednesday evening. There
were songs,' recitations, music and refreshments.
Fob Sale 5 acres of beaverdam land,.
four miles from Portland court house,
miles from Portland Heights; fine
garden land. Will trade for good city
property. Inquire at Courier-Herald
office. . .
The special committee of Court Robin
Hood, of Foresters, has been appointed
to make arrangements for giving a
grand Thanksgiving ball. No efforts
will be spared to make the affair a grea t
County Judge Thomas F. Ryan has
postponed the hearing of the petition of
A. R. Stephens in the matter of commit
ting Clauda, Lola end Christie Stepens,
minors, to the Boys' and Girls' ail So-
ceity, uniil Monday.
The board of commissioners at their
sitting on Wednesday made an order
allowing owners to redeem property
sold at sheriff's sale by paying 10 per
cent penalty instead of 20 per cent as
the law allows.
The Willamette river has risen 5 1
feet measured at the upper end of the
locks, from October 15 to 21, and 11.9
feet between the same dates, measured
from the foot of the locks. The liver
has been falling since.
License to wed granted on 25th to
Annie Kauffman and Andrew Beer,
Minnie Gray and Allen F. Jack, Francis
M. U'Ren and W. K. McCormack; on
24th to Maud Johnson and H. G. Free
man; 23d to Caroline L. Engle and Wm.
E. Young.
W. K. McCormack and Miss Francis
M. U'Ren were married on Wednesday
evening at the residence of W . R. U'Ren,
at Gladstone, by Rev. R. A. Atkins.
Mr. and Mrs. McCormack will make
their future home at the residence of
the bridegroom at Paisley, Or.
We have received a copy ot a new
magazine that is destined to become
favorite with the reading public. It is
called "Everybody's Magazine ' and it
will soon be at the head of the list of
publications that have no other motive
than to substantially fill a leisure hour
or two. The price is but $1 per year.
Special meetings at the Salvation
Army hall Saturday and Sunday, Oct
28th and 29th. Brig, and Mrs- Marshall
from Portland, will conduct the meet-
ngs. . Mrs. Marshall's father, Rev
Reach, will also assist. Kindly remem
ber the date. Everybody is invited.
Captain Ella Nelson in charge.
The county judge has been invited
by the board of commissioners of Mult
nomah county to sit with it for consulta
tion and the judge has been asked to Bit
on equalization board so as not to com
plicate matters, there being some ques'
tion as to the legality of the chaii man of I
the board acting in that capacity.
Christian Science services are held in
Willamette hall every Sunday morning
at 11 o'clock. Subject for Sunday, Oct.
29, "Adam and Fallen Man." Sunday
school at 12:10. Wednesday evening
meeting at 8 o'clock. A cordial invita
tion is extended to all who desire to at
tend these services.
The new rock crusher purchased by
the county in the East, was taken ou
on the road by Road Supervisor NeW
kirchner of Mulino, last Wednes
day. The new crusher cost $1350
delivered here, and is of the most ap
proved, modern style. The taxpayers
of Clackamas county will appreciate the
new rock crusher, as it means good im-
peovements in roads at a minimum
cost. The county has hi'ed John Dole's
engine to run the crusher. He is paid
$4 per day for engine and engineer,
Judge Rgnn Makes Several Or
ders During the Week.
In the matter of the estate of George
Stock, deceased, Anna Stock, adminif
tratrix, filed her final account, and De
cember 4th, was set as the time for
hearing objections to said final account.
In the matter of the guardianship of
Orley, Alley, Elmer, Vernie, Lizzie and
Annie Smncker, minors, C. C. bmucker,
the guardian, was authorized to pay off
the standing indebtedness, and to loan
the remainder on good security.
David Will, executorof Margaret Will
estate, ordered to sell personal effects at
auction." v ;
Margaret A. Wilson," executrix of es
tate of J. G. Wilson, filed final report
and December 4, 1899, set as time for
final hearing. -
Final report of B. Sullivan, adminis
trator of estate of M. Lavelle, filed, and
December 4 set as day for final hearing.
$15 Suits
Notes Pertaining to School Mat
ters. "
The Clackamas County Educational
Association will hold its ' regular
monthly meeting at Osweg o next Satur
day. An excellent program has been
arranged, and it is expected that there
will be a fair attendance next Saturday.
As Oswego is only four miles from here
anr. the road is in good condition, it will
be a delightful drive from Oregon City.
The Oswego people have made arrange
ments to entertain the visitors hand
somely. The teachers of Clackamas
county should make it an obj-et to at-
tend this meeting of the association.
to Ac-
The Sack Suits we mention are way above par in quality
Tightness, and are worthy of a better price. No $30 Suits made
by a first-class merchant tailor are superior in fit, fashion or
contour anyway, it costs nothing for you to see them and
judge for yourself. Patterns are the fashionable stripes and
plaids in ' the various color tones of brown and gray also
blues, blacks and mixtures of pure wool and fast color. A
perfeat fit guaranteed at $1 S the suit.
$15 Topcoats
Strong values at the price. We have the modish brown
and tan covert and English Whipcord Toppers, of the stylish
full box pattern, self-lined, with or without velvet color, light
and heavy weight. Our large selection alson embraces fine
heavy doublewora Kerseys and rough-faced Oxford 'grays.
Would be extra values at $18 or $20.
are Getting Down
tive Winter Work.
A number of Oregon City Artisans
attended the institution of Valley As
somblv of Artisans at Hubbard last
Saturday night. Among those who as
sisted in instituting the new assembly
of 40 members were Master Artisan
E. H. Cooper and wife, G. 0. Bacon and
wife, J. T. Searle and wife, Mrs. Mattie
Ringo, Mrs. S. A. Gillett, 0. A.Miller,
Rrt Rini?o. Max Ramsby and Bert
Willamette Camp, Woodmen of the
World, will make a fraternal visit to
Oswego Woodmen next Wednesday
evening. .
Falls Oity Lodge, A. O. U. W., is
making great preparations for a banquet
and entertainment to be given to Clack
amas county Workmen and the Degree
of Honor at Willamette hall, next Tues
day night. Myrtle Lodge, Degree of
Honor, will assist in the entertainment.
Oregon Lodge No. 8, I. O. O. F.,
gave a social, and banquet to visiting
members from Portland. Several ad
dresses were made. County Judge
Ryan was toastmaster.
McLoughlin Cabin, Native Sons of
Oregon, will -give a smoker and social
at Willamette hall one week from next
Monday night. Invitations will be is
sued to pioneers and a number of native
born Oregonians. The affair will be in
charge of County Recorder T. P. Ran'
dall, Henry Meldrum and J. W. Cole
which assures its success.
Now that tr.e evenings are growing
longer, an increased activiity in frater-1
nal circles is noticeable. The success of
a lodge depends on openiDg promptly
on time, and the presiding officer
should close the lodge when the busi
ness of the meeting is over, without an-
necessary dillydallying and much
epeechmaking. An extended deviation
from these rules will kill the most prom
ising lodge in existence.
Myrtle Lodge, Degree of Honor, has
initiated 35 new members during the
past two months.
The Foresters are making arrange
ments for their annual ball to be given
on Thanksgiving. Chief Ranger Rogers
is doing good work for the order, and
the result is new members almost ev
ery meeting.
Largest Clothiers In the Northwest New Location Fourth anil Morrison, Porttanrl, Ore.
J ;
The Clumge in the Telephone Office.
So much interest has been displayed
regarding our giving up the telephone
exchange which we have conducted ever
since its organization here, that we feel
an explanation is due our friends. Our
large and growing businesses have come
to such a size that they requwe our un
divided attention.1 We were so cramped
for room for our large stock that we had
a 22 ft. extension added to one store,
and a, complete new basement for stor
age and manufacturing. Even with this
added room 1932 sq. ft. of flior space
we still needed the space the telephone
exchange occupied, and we felt obliged
to ask the company to take it out.
The superintendent of the telephone
company informs us that for the future
he shall take the Oregon City service
under his own charge have his own op
erators ; and having rented more com
modious quarters, will undoubtedly be
able to give the very best of servicp.
Our customers will profit by the room
and time that we gain by the change.
C. G. Huntley,
W. A. Huntley.
. As the board of equalization is soon to
convene we think it opportune to sug
gest that the rate of assessment be
lowered as has been done in other coun
ties, so that our county will not pay
more than ber share of the state tax.
Of course such action would raise the
rate of levy but we would not have to
pay the extra state tax as if the assess
ment rate was higher. Property in this
county has always been assessed higher
than in Multnomah and some other
counties and we have been compelled to
pay more state tax in proportion. Mult
nomah has this year reduced her assess
ment one third, Jackson county 25 per
cent, and so on. The only objection to
lowering the assessment is that it makes
the rate higher, although you do not
pay any more tax in the aggregate.
TUMng Tableware.
Don't throw away your old tableware
any more as A. Baumann, of Ely, is pre-
ho hmurht with Dared to renlate them with Royal sil
(KClUltUiouivv.u o f -
him would be a surprise to tue nauve ver. xiu ut jim ju
Oregonian. j work guaranteed.
call. Good
Notice is hereby given that the Board
of Equalization of the county of Clacka
mas, State of Oregon, will, for the week
beginning Monday, November 13th,
1899, be in attendance at the office of
the county clerk, in said county and
state, for the purpose of publicly exami
ning the assessment rolls of said county
for the year 1899, and correcting of all
errors in valuation, description or auall
ties of lands, lots or other properly. It
is the duty of all persons interested to
appear at the time and place herein
mentioned,and call the attention of said
Board to any errors "in assessment, valu
ation, double assessments, or property
not assessed, so that the same
may be corrected in the manner pro
vided by law.
Eli Williams,
Assessor, Clack imas County, Or.
We have just received a shipment of
fresh, new stock, finest from the factory,
We can save yon themiddelman's profit,
and give you the latest styles and guar
anteed goods. Tight roll, steel rods,
swedged handle. Notice the goods and
prices in our window this week.
Hcktley's Book Store.
For Sale An old established general
merchandise store in Oregon City pay'
ing $200 per month. Party will stay
with buyer six months and guarantee
profit and teach him the business
From $3000 to $5000 required. Inquire
at Coubier-Hkrald office.
T. P. 8. C. E. Entertainment.
The Presbyterian Y. P. S. 0. E. gave
a very enjoyable entertainment and so
cial at Shively hall on Tuesday evening.
The following program was rendered, af
ter which refreshments and games were
indulged in : .
Prayer by the Pastor.
Duet by Elenor Williams and Anna
Recitation by Minnie Myers.
Club swinging by Robert Warnei .
Quartet, "When Mamma Puts ' the
Little Ones to Bed," May Andrews, Miss
Hula Hayes, Frank Aldridge and Allan
Charade in 4 acts, "Elocution," Lou
Albee, Aunt Jemimah ; Minnie MBrJ,
Sophia Jane; Ma'ud Butler, servant girl ;
David Thomas, French waiter; George
Califf, French count; PeteTragilo. store
clerk; C. A. Muir, Chinaman.
Recitation by Hulda Holden.
Duet by Nina Caples and Clara Wil
Trio by Mrs. Munsey, Anna Smith
and Tom Smith.
Solo by Tom Smith.
Dialogue, Minnie Myers, John Scroggs
and C. A. Muir.
Acetylene Gas.
Be independent of gas and electric cor
porations and own your own lighting
plant. The National generator does not
have to be cared for oftener than once
in 15 days. It is positively safe and is
recommended by all insurance boards
We light residences, churches, stores
factories and towns at 40 per cent less
than other systems, with double the il
lumination. To responsible parties will
ship machines on thirty dtys' trial.
Send for free booklet on Acetylene
Gas. We want good agents.
National Acetylene Gas Co.,
. Buffalo, N.Y,
Bismark'a Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid health
Indomitable will and tremendous energy
are not found where Stomach, Liver
Kidnevs and Bowels are out of order
If vou want these dualities and the sue
cess they bring, use Dr. King's New
Life Pills. They develope every power
of brain and bouy. Only ) cents
Geo. A. Harding's drug store.
ua 1 rin 111 w si
Consult the Dictionary
And other works of reference when you
want to be sure.
Consult Our Prices
When you wish to get the lowest prices
Fed Line Celery Compound$l.00size 75o
Wood's Sarsaparilla 1.00 " 55o
Tablet 15 " lOo
Tablet.... .10 " 5o
Prescription and family receipts a
sp ecialty.
Phone 13 Cut-Pnce Druggists.
Auction Sale.
I will sell at public auction at ttie Will
farm, one mile south of Barlow on S. P.
railroad, on Saturday, November 11th,
1890, at 10 a. m., the following described
personal property i
20 head of cattle, including 9 cows.
5 head of horses,
25 head of hogs.
1 farm and spring wagon.
1 self binder.
1 mower.
1 sulky hay rake.
Plovvs and harrows.
Derrick fork,
1 cider press.
1 fanning mill.
1 hop and fnit sprayer.
Blacksmith outfit.
Household furniture, etc.
1 organ.
1 sewing machine.
1 kitchen and 1 parlor stove.
Cooking utensils.
Terms cash.
Executor of Will estate.
W, H. H. Samson, auctioneer.
Patients Attention.
After November 1st Dr. Somrner will
be found at his residence, rear of Hunt
ley's drug store for the present.
R. H. Tabor has been appointed agent
for the Albany nurseiies and those who
can not wait till he calls can address
Box 132. Oregon Oity and gut trees at
nre. Best stock only.
Story of Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for years
hv the chains of diseaee is the worst
form of slavery. George D. Williams
nf Manchester. Mich., tells how such
slave was made free. He says: "ny
wile nas oeen so neipiess iur uve jram
that she could not turn over in bed
alone. After using two bottles of Elec
tric Bitters, she is wonderfully improved
and able to bo her own work." This
supreme remedy for female diseases
(inirklv cures nervousness, sleepless
ness, melancholy, headache, backache, (
working med'eine is a godsend to weak,
sickly, run down beople. Every bottle
guaranteed. Only 60 cents. Sold by
Geo. A. Harding Druggist.
Circuit Court.
New actions filed during the week :
Adeline Carberry vs. Patrick Carberry,
for divorce.
Jennie Williams vs. Charles William
for divorce.
V. R. Hyde vs. James W. Roots, suit
for payment for making abstract.
John 0. Beck vs. Harriet K, Beck, for
Bertha Armbruster vs. Florin Arm
bruster, for divorce.
Alice Breeding vs. John A. Creeding,
for divorce.
Busan A. Cooper vs. Jbhn Cooper, for
W. E. Carll vs. E. Parker and wife.
suit on security note.'
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy, Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures them ; also Old, Running and Fe
ver Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Corns,
Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns, beams,
Chapped Hands, Chilblains. Best Pile
cure on eartn. unves out rams ana
Aches. Only 25 cents a box. Cure
guaranteed. Bold by Geo. A. Harding,
For Orer Fifty Voar
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by millions
of mothers for their children while
teething, with perfect success. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy tor Jiiarrncea. is
pleasant to the taste, Sold by Drug
gists in every part of the World.
Twenty-five cents a bottle. Its value is
incalculable. ' i(e sure ana ask (or Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup, and take no
other kind.
For Sale A nice plastered house with
6 rooms, hall, pantry and closets; barn
and other buildings; situated in Park
place. Price $1000. tor lurther partic
ulars inquire of Mr. Holmes, Parkplace
store, or address Mary J. Dicken, Ore
gon City, Or.
That is the way all druggists soil
(or Malaria, Chills and Fever. It is
imply iron and quinine in a tasteles
form. Children love it. Adults prefer
to bitter, naus eating ton.'cs, Price, 6O0