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it City Couri
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum
A-um baking powders are the greatest
menacers to health of the present day
royal gAnma wwctn ea, hew vobk.
Proceeding of the Regular Oi-Jdber
Session of Board.
(Continued from last ween.)
Tn thn matter ot aeceutine the Rock
Creek bridge from the contractors, Mor-
. r, l i j : . . ,ii .1,
rio OCVIUH. lurinraiw uaviug """"
and accepted said bridge and being fully
advised, it is ordered that said bridge
in all respects be accepted and approved
and the clerk is hereby ordered to issue
a warrant in favor of said Morris & Olds
for $948.50, the contract price of said
bridge, plus $88 45 extra for mistake made
in length of bridge when survey
of bridge site was made, mak
ing a total of $1036.95 less one hun
We have the finest Chilled plow' in the world.
Come and see it. Every plow fully guaranteed. It
is the Syracuse.. We also have a nice line of Can
ton Clipper Steel Hows and harrows. Acorn Steel
' Ranges, Air Tight Heaters. We keep everything
in the Hardware line. Plumbing shop in con
nection with store.
Corner Fourth and Main Strtets, OREGON CITY, OREGON
Keeping in Touch
with a good Store where no advantage
is ever taken where only best known
and most reliable items are offered you,
is really a matter of business. That our
store meets these conditions, we've
every argument to convince you can
depend upon any statement in our ad
vertising any price we list you any
quality we offer. Experience, backed
by facilities for buying, enable us to
make you many offers you'll find it dif
ficult to duplicate. If you make
selection from these, you'll secure the
qualities wise buyers prefer.
3-Pieces Bedroom Suits. .....$11 60
Bevel Edge Mirror 20x24
Your friends not to
buy a Cooking Stove
or Range before they
have examined into
the merits of .
.'"".!. t ill i :
They will do better work, and do it
quicker, with leu fuel and labor, and
will lut longer than any other kind.
You will find the price reasonable
dred ($100) dollars already advanced to
MorrisA Olds........... ..$936 95
In the matter of the report of viewers
on the petition of Wm. Brobst, et al.,
for a-county road. In the matter of the
report of S. M. Kelso.Grant Lichtentha
ler and Chas. Han son, viewers appointed
at the last term of tliie ; board to view
and locate a county road situated in
Ulackauias county, Oregon, described in
full on psge 239 of this journal. Said
viewers filed their report showing that
they had met on the 27th day of Sep
tember, a day named in the notice
served upon them and were duly sworn
i fice administered by John W. Meldruni,
I the deputy county surveyor, after which
pflded to tho debienaed nlace
DV BUOBCriUlUK WJH Wrincu umu uiur
and Uid view and cause to be surveyed
bv Baid deputy county surveyor, the
above described road. They also filed
the field notes and plat of the survey.
Said viewers report favorably to the es
tablishing of said road as viewed and
surveyed, for the reasons that it is a good
Dractical route and of public utility.
Said report"vaS reffd "ont!iiH day on its-
first reading ana laid over ior & bbcuhu
martini? Imrmrrnw.
Tn thfl mxt.ter of the betition and sub-
scri ni.ion Hot from road dlfitnct No, 19
fur work on the Mnlall ond Meadow
brook road. It is ordered by the board
that said matter be referred to Eoadmas
er CounBell with power to act.
In the matter, at. iwtitinn fif .Tnaetta
Long for a tax rebate. It is ordered by
the board that said petition be granted
and the sheriff be authorized to accept
the taxes on her share of the property
assessed to her. '
In the matter of the petition and sub
scription list from road district No. 26,
on the road east of the Oscar Sturges
place. Now comes George Ogle before
the board and presents said petition
All-Wool C. C. Carpet, per yard... 50c
Bussel's Carpet, per yard 50c
Ingrain Carpet, per yard 25c
Washable Jute Carpet, per yard 35c
Hemp Carpet, per yard 10c
Matting, per yard 10c
Lace Curtains, pair... 75c
Fringed Table Cover, 3 hy 3 feet. ... 50c
Double Boll
Strange as it may seem '
' there wiwhas been produced
But One Carpet Sweeper
that hu given entire iti if action
to both DEALER and USER,
The Acknowledged Leader on tlx Market,
Constantly Improved, " ,
Always the Best,
Every One Guarantee!
and the board being fully advised it is
ordered that said petition and subscrip
tion list be accepted and that $35 be al
lowed out of the road fund to aid in re
pairing said road.
In the matter of the petition and sub
scription list for work on the Byres and
Day change in the Criswell and Milwau
kie road in district No. 3. The board
being fully advised, it is ordered that
said petition and subscription list of
work on said road be accepted.
In the matter of the petition and sub
scription list of Fred Miller, et al, for
work on the Leland road in road district
No 16. Now comes Fred Miller before
the board and presents said petition and
subscription list and the board being
fiitlv oHviacH it. ia nntfirpfl that said De-
rition and list be accepted and that $39
be allowed out of the road fund for the
improvement of said road, and that a
copy of this order with a copy of the
subscription list be forwarded to A Boem
er.suDervisor of road district No 10. and
that he wok the same in accordance
In the matter of the application of
ABlair. executor of the estate of
Rhoda A Blair, deceased. This matter
coming on to be heard on the applica
tion of" said Enos A Blair for leave to
bav taxes on the following described
real estate: The s of 8e, the ui of
of njtf of seJi, thee of sw quar, the nw
quar of sw quar and lot 1 of sec 1, t 6 8,
r 1 e of AV M in Clackamas county, and
it-appearing that on the tax roll for 1898
d property is assessed together with
the sl4 of njo of se quar of said section
1, t 6 s,r 1 e of W M, which last described
tract is the property of Geo F Blair, now
on motion of Hedges & Griffith, it is or
dered that the sheriff receive from said
Enoa A Blair, executor, the taxes as
sessed for the year 1898 upon the said
tracts of land excepting the said tract
belonging to Geo F Blair, and issue his
receipt therefor.
In the matter of the petition of A M
Scott, et al, for a bridge on the Graves
road. Said petition being laid over
from the Sept terra to await the report
of the roadmaster thereon, and the board
being no fu 1 advised. It is ordered
that the county will build said bridge
petitioned for as soon as the petitioners
complete the road to said bridge site
In the matter of the petition ot P B
Miller, et al, foi further assistance for
Mrs R A Woods. Allowance increased
from $5 to $20 per month, to date from
Oct 1st, 1899. Said warrant to be draw
in f ivor of F A Beach on the first day of
November, 1899,ndon the firBt day of
eacn month tnereatter.
In the matter of the application of the
sheriff for authority to cancel the taxes
on certain church property in Milwaukie
Copper Bottom Tea Kettle 40c
10-quart Granite Pail.. 60c
10-quart Dish Pan 10c
10-inch Granite Pan.... 25c
6 Knives and Forks 50c
6 Table Spoons ; ... 10c
6 Tea Spoons 05c
Butcher Knife. 10c
High Back DinlnChair.
$1.00 and op
8 Cope and Saaceri 45c
6 Dinner Plates . 60c
0 Sance Dishes . 25c
100-P eee line Decorated Dinner Set 9.50
.. ..... ... ri .i. . ...
and a graveyard near Deardorff's. The
board being fully advised, it is ordered
that said permission he granted and
the sheriff be authorized to cancel said
In the matter of the bicycle path su
pervisor's reports for September. The
board having examined said reports and
being fully satisfied, it is ordered that
the clerk be authorized to draw warrants
on the bicycle fund for the several
amounts and in favor of the following
named persons:
Wilson & tJooke, bicycle fund.. S 1 25
SellwoodL&MCo 18 89
O Wissinger 50
R 8 Jackson... . .... 37 50
W E Raridan 33 75
Kmil Bottemiller 33 75
E A Smith 10 00
R Beaver...... . 2 25
Fred Hnesly , 6 75
E H Bunnell 75
Otto Will 75
Herbie Jackson..,...,.. 2 25
H Qillman 4 50
O S Matthews . 3 00
OA Wooltolk 60
E H Cowing 75
Total $157 14
In the matter of the remission of taxes
against H E Cross, trustee. It being as
certained by a personal examination of
the records, thai the tax against tracts
L. M. N. O. P.O. R antf 8 in Clacka
mas Fruit Lands, amounting co sw.so
and taxed in the name of H E CroBS.trus-
tee, is a double tax and erroneously upon
the books, the real owner neine bteua m
Ohlsen and the tax on said land in her
name being already paid as shown by
receiot No 751. and the court being sat
isfied it is ordered that the tax on saic
property in the name of H E Oross.trus
tee. of $17.75 be and the same is hereby
The board now adjourned to meet to
morrow the 5th mst, at v :au a m.
The board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. The board and othcerfl present
as of yesterday, the 4th inst. The min
utes of yesterday's meeting having been
read aud anDroved. And now on this
day the following proceedings were had
In the matter of supervisors of the
several road districts in the county put-
ting signs on the public roads. It is or
dered by the board that said supervi
sors shall erect said sign boards in ac
cordance with Section 4094, page 16 of
the road laws of 1899, a copy of which
each supervisor can obtain at the couifty
clerk's oliioe in Oregon City, and that
the last provision in said section will be
strictlv enforced.
In the matter of the report of viewers
on the petition of Wm Brobst, et al, for
a t.-nnty road. Said report was read on
yeiAerday and now on this day on its
second reading. And it appearing that
there are four claims tor damages and
two remonstrance and claim for dam
ages in the sum of $1600. Wm Mackin
tosh, remonstrance and claim for dam
ages in the sum of $1000. Calvin Kiser
claim for damages in the sum of $150.
Frank Kiser, claim for damages in the
sum . of $250 And the board not being
fully advised, it is ordered that Road
master Counsell inspect said proposed
road and report upon its practicability
at the next regular term of this board,
and that the expenses of Baid view and
survey be paid by Clackamas county
and the clerk is hereby authorized to is
sue the necessary warrants for same.
S M Kelso, 2 days,4 miles $ 4 40
Grant Lichenthaler, 2 days, 10 mi 5 00
Chas Hanson, 2 days, 10 miles. . . 5 00
Andrew Johnson, 2 days 4 00
A Laughlin, 2 days 4 00
Wm Brobst, 2 days 4 00
John W Meldruni, 3 days 15 40
Total $41 80
In she matter of the petition of E A
Albright, et al, for the vacation of a
county road. On the matter of the re
port of Kick Birtchet, William Bird and
S Irons appointed at the last term of
this board to view and vacate a county
road situated in Clackamas county, Or,
described in full on page 243 of this jour
nal said viewers filed their report show
ing that Ihey had met on the 2nd day of
Oct, a day named in the notice served
upon them and were duly sworn by sub
scribing to a written oath of office ad
ministered by John W Meldrura. depu
ty county surveyor, after which they
proceeded to the designated place and
did view and cause to be surveyed by
said deputy countv survevor the above
described road. They also filed the
field notes and plats of the survev. Said
viewers report favorably to the vacating
of said road as viewed and surveyed for
the reasons that it is an impractical
route and of no public utility, Said re
port was read on this day on its first
reading and laid over for a second read
ing tomorrow-. f t fi ; ;
. In the matter' of change in the
Creswell and Milwaukie road. In the
matter of the report of John W Meldrum, .
deputy county surveyor, on the change
in the Byres and Day change" in the
Creswell and Milwaukie road in Clacka
mas county. I submit herewith field
n nee oi tne lurv-jr and maps of tie
route of the proposed change in Ores
well and Milwaukie road which because
of the manner of which it has been re
ceived I have designated on tbe map as
the Byres and Day change in the Cres
well and Milwaukie road and respect
fully recommend that, in case of the ap
proval of this change an order be made
requiring the same t be recorded in the
Record of Roads for Clackamas county.
The deed conveying to tbe board of
county commissioners of Clackamas
county the necessary strip of land re
quired to make the change through the
lands of J B Day, I made out and trans
mitted on the 14th day of September.
1999, to Mr J B Day at Salem, Or, as re
quested by him to be executed by him
self and wile and returned to the county
clerk of Clackamas count v Tt
perceived by inspecting the map here-
with aa L.H. ill. J At x t a .
uuuiuwxj wai ine cnaneea road
irom the north end thereof to the inter
section of the north boundary of J B
iay siana, a distance of 1.47 chains
passes over iana Deiongin g to J A Byers,
20 1899.
Arc the most Powerful
I carry both lull Circle
Presses ;i"
Corner Front and Taylor Streets, PORTLAND, OREGON
which is not regularly laid out as a
county road. I transmit herewith a deed
to be executed by said Byers and wife
conveying the required strip of land to
the board of county commissioners, and
respectfully recommend that said deed
be duly executed by said Byers and wife
and delivered, preliminary to incurring
further expense in the opening of this
change in the Creswell and Milwaukie
road. Said report was made on this day
on its firct reading tomorrow.
In the matter of the report oi viewers
on the petition of Ward Lawton, et al,
for a county road. Said report being
laid over from the September term on a
motion to disallow said report and coin
ing on now regularly to be heard and the
uoaru oeing iuny auviseu, it u uiumou,
that said report be disallowed on the
ground that tne noard of commissioners
have no jurisdiction over the laying out
of loads inside the corporate limits of
Oregon City, where said road started.!
Commissioner Marks dissenting.
In the mitter of bids for the repairing
the Eagle Creek bridge. The time hav
ing arrived for opening said bids which
were as follows, to-wit :
J E McCoy $897
WS Payne.... 750
Morris & Olds 712
C Dauchy 525
And the bid of 0 Dauchy being the
lowest and best bid it was ordered the
contract for repairing, said bridge was
given to O Dauchy for $575, the $30 ex
tra being for part of the work he had
not figured on. And the county clerk is
hereby authorized to contract with said
C Dauchy for same. And u is further
ordered that Commissioner Morton be
instructed to inspect said bridge and the
timber therein and accept same when
In the matter of the petition of Wm
Scanlan, et al, for the repair of Highland
road. It is ordered by the board that
suld matter be referred to Roadmaster
In the matter of the application of
Thomas A McBride and Mary E McBride
for a quit cluim deed to block 34,County
Addition to Oregon City. Upon a per
sonal aDnlicatlon made by Thomas A
McBride and Mary E McBride through
their attoiney, II E Cross, it is made to
appear that the county of Clackamas has
heretofore on the 6th day of August,1860.
and the 1st day of Noueraber, 1859, sold
and attempted to conyey all its rigbt.ti
tie and interest in block 34 in the County
Addition to Oregon City, Or.and whereas
some question has arisen as to the regu
larity of the execution of said deds and
the county having received a full consid
eration at the time for said property and
beinn now fully advised, it is ordered
that the board of county commissioners
do now execute a quit claim deed for all
of said block 34 to Thomas A McBride
and Mary E McBride, the present own
ers thereof.
' Views of a Statesman.
In a public speech in Boston on March
5, 1780, Jonathan Masonyiaid .
' "Ihe rising giory oi inis western mm
isphere is already announced, and she is
summoned to her seat among the na
tions of the earth, f We have publicly
declared ourselves convinced of the de
structive tendency of standing armies.
We have acknowledged tbe necessity of
public spirit and the love of virtue to
the happiness of any people, and we
profess to be sensible of tbe great bless
ings that flow from mem. iei us not
then act unworthily oi tne reputaDie
character we now sustain. Let integrity
of heart, the spirit of freedom and rigid
virtue be seen to actuate every member
of the commonwealth.
"The trial of our patriotism is yet be
fore ns, and we have reason to thank
Hoavan that its nrinciples are so well
known and diffused. Exercise toward
each other the benevolent feelings of
friendship, and let that unity ot senti
ment which has shown on tbe field be
equally animating in oar councils. Re
member that prosperity It dangerous;
that though successful, we are not infal
UUe. . ; '
17th YEAR, NO. 22
most Rapid in use.
anl bteam rower
"Let this sacred maxim receive the
deepest impression upon our minds, that
if avarice, if extortion, if luxury and po
litical corruption are suffered to become
popular among us, civil discord and the
ruin of our country will be the speedy
consequence of such fatal vices. But
while patriotism ia the leading principle
and our laws are contrived with wlsdt m
and executed with vigor; while mdus
try, frugality and temperance are held
in estimation and we depend upon pub
lic spirit and the love of virtue for our
social happiness, peace and affluence
will throw their smiles upon the brow
of individuals, our commonwealth will
flourish our land will become a land of
liberty and America an asylum for tho
"oppressed." '' :
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, , T T
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A Thonaand Tonane
Could not express the rapture of Annie
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King's new Discovery ior consumption
had completely cured her of a backing
cough that for many years had made
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