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Your huwb'e correspondent lias been
mired in the mud the past three weeks,
but is out and ah e to sue his grain all
mpoile.l in 1 he slunk.
Grain that is nut cut is sprou i g in
the haad. There will be wry little mar
ketable wheat, lis yevrin thn seiilion.
OatB are very bail colored Where wid
tb.8 farmer get off this year? Give us
more silver and le s rain.
Grais is starting in tine shape.
Late potatoes wdl be goo 1.
Hop picking will commence next
week. The hop" crop will be good, if
they can be saved.
Abner Frazsr, of Tulare county, Cal.
foroia, who is very low at his sinter's,
M. L, E. WUght's. is slowly improv
ing under Hit) skillful care, of Dr. R.
Dan Fraztr and wife, ot Salem, are vis
iting his fatlu r.
Sim Heiple, of Cumnsville, was here
l ist week,
Misses Dollie and Carrie Ridings, of
Mad Tidings, vioited Mrs Lydia Wright
Misses Emma Case and Julia Yenua
were visiting friends Sunday.
The Dude of Liberal was out Sunday,
n id the Bun shone a few minutes in ree
ignition of him.
Will Skein, William Morey, Din
Mraves and H. Look are I'icky ones who
rnreshed before the rain.
Several will thresh this week if the
weather permits.
The roads are almost Impassable.
Wdl Skein and family vi.-ited hisfath
1 r at Glad Tidings Sunday
William Morey is chewing 'ess tobacco
lIlUll llH'llll.
W. ri. Hurst, of AurorH, ws a ploas
mit caller un your correspondent Sun
day. He stated that the doctors would
ti )t decide positively whether or not his
brother bad the small pox.
The weather prophets assembled at
1. 1 1 e store Saturday. All gave their opin
ions, and one old fellow got the tobam-o
oit of his mouth and said: ''Wall, it
ill nin until next June." He was
James lliinna'rtri has his oats down
and i 1 k,ood si apj for the rain.
Mrs. Maille and daughters, Verdie
an 1 Angie, were visiting Mrs. Akinson
A few have -tirtud the plow where
hey h ive ti e 41 ain out of the way.
stacked wet will come out fairly good ;
we hope so at least, but it appears like
hoping against fate.
The potato crop is breaking its own
record. The tops are fairly covering the
ground and the tuberj are filling the
There is occasionally a prune tree that
is well loaded, while many of the plums
require props under the limbs.
Apples are more plentiful than was by
many thought, but they are not of very
good quality, being small and blistered.
John Gage's Durham bull got loose
last week and started for his old range
in Tillamook county. He was in Wash
ington county when overtaken.
Jasters intend to move onto a place
they purchased near Dallas as soon as
harvest is oyer.
We are having fine weather again, af'
ter three weeks of rain.
Mr. and Mrs. Flynn were visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Baty last Sunday.
Miss Alpha Ware is visiting her grand
Miss Belle Osborne has gone to Fort
land to work.
Mr. and Mrs. Tapp have gone east of
the mountains on a visit, and expect to
be gone about a month.
Calvin Beebe had the misfortune to
get hooked by a cow a short time ago,
His mother drove the cow away and car
ried the child out of danger, or it is very
likely he would have been killed.
Aug. 29. ; P. F.
The sky is once more clear, for the
firet time in about three weeks, and the
farmers are rejoicing.
A. H. Reynolds believes in expansion,
and is the proud possessor of a hne
young son, who was. "annexed" Friday
morning, Aug. 25.
John Barth & Co. had the misfortune
to capsize their threshing engine and
separator off the bridge into the creek
near A. H. Wing's place. The separa
tor was but little damaged, and the en
urine was not injured. It will teach him
to lay planks over a bridge next time
before crossing it with his engine.
William Yohann has traded his team,
wagon and harness to Fred Lamour for
15 acres of grubbing, which will put the
grubbing at about $10 an acre.
Mr. Scramlin's new house is looming
up like a smokestack in a fog. P.
Aug. 28.
Farmers are helium blue over the prot
ptcts 1 f t-rtiin harvest, For the past two
veeks i tins been wur.-e than at a stand-
r tit 1 . Some, however, have stacked
amna wheat. Experience in a dtar
ciiiol, but it looks as though they could
fan at 11J other. It may be that grain
llopgrowers are getting anxious to be
gin picking. Mr. Daly will begin
Thursday of this week. His hops are
Barth and Heinz were delayed a little
in their threshing by a bridge giving
way and precipitating their engine and
separator into the creek.
Mrs. Charles Riggs came down from
Hood River Monday to pick hops.
John Heinz will begin picking hops
thU week, to beat the lice.
There is a young man Btopping at Al
Reynolds' who came from Grannyville
last week. He is expected to remain
some lime.
1 notice it is estimated that the wheat
in the valley is damaged 50 to 60 per
c.nt. If this is true, it amounts to the
same as selling the crop at 20 or 25 cents
a bushel. This might to make Sour
clieap. It seems to me . more nearly
true that (iO per cent of the wheat is
Our vigilance committee is a vigilant
bxly. They met last Saturday night to
discuss commercial problems more par
ticularly to see what caused the cut in
One day last week two fat deer were
killed on the public road only a few hun
dred yards from this burg.
On Thursday last Mr." Hillery, who
hns been fishing down on the Columbia
during the open season, returned home,
and yesterday started for the mountains
to prospect for berries.
Mrs. J. D. Rainey, of Oregon City, is
rusticating at her parents' Mr. and Mrs.
Jasper Trullinger's.
Mr. Mitts, of Needy, will preside over
the Meadowbrook academy for the fall
Miss May Hall, of Portland, came out
on Friday for a week's visit under the
vine and fig tree of her parents.
Mr. and Mis. W. A. Osterholdt, of
Mt. Angel, came up Sunday to visit the
latter's parents, Rev. and Mrs. J. 11.
Bareback equine exercise is the latest
and decidedly the most popular fad with
our young ladies.
Regular preaching by the Rev. T. H.
Symms, of Scotts Mills, at Meadowbrook
school house next Sunday, Sept. 3, at 11
Mies Jennie Robeson, Frank Winslow
and G. W. Robeson started for the head
waters of the Molalla today for a week's
camping. X. X.
Aug. 29.
Mr. Ward made a business trip to
Portland Saturday.
Mr. Haines called on Mr. Gerber Sun
day afternoon.
Mrs. H. A. Battin, of Harmony, spent
Friday night with her friend, Miss EUie
Miss Anna Shortlege was the guest of
Miss Minnie Waltemathe Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs and son, Tommy,
went to Portland Saturday, in spite of
the rain, and had a breakdown.
Al Howaid called to see Mr. Gibbs
Tuesday. . . .
Miss Edith Jackson attended the in
stitute two days last week.
Mrs. Shoitlege and Mrs. Ward went
to town Tuesday.
. Mr. and Mrs James Shelly were call
ers at Mr. Dickerson's Sunday.
Mr. Gibbs baled hay for Messrs. De-
board and Niman tbis week.
Misses Edith and Jennie Jackson
New Styles in Ladies Wrappers
Just received from the well-known firm of A. Nevins & Co.,
of New York, 15 new styles of Ladies' House and Street
Wrappers in Flannel, Tennis Flannel and Flannelets. Also 5
styles in Ladies' Diers Skirts in Creton and Worsteds.
Up-To-Date Clothiers.
Gold Creek.
spent Sunday evening with Misses Ona Editor Courikr-Herald :
and Izella Surfus.
No Sunday-school again Sunday.
Some expect to go away hoppicking
Aug. 30.
Cecil Cosper came home from Oregon
City Friday. . .
Emma Kieinsmith attended the insti
tute at Oregon City several days last
Roecoe Gard went to town Saturday
seat on special business Tuesday.
There was a mistake in the Eldorado
correspondence last week ; as Mr. Cos
per did not get the threshing machine
of Mr. Miller, of Needy, there being
some misunderstanding. So he is run
ning only one thresher.
Aug. 29. Thb Three Sisters.
Maple Lane.
Some of nur people have threshed and
others are stacking and getting ready to
thresh while the fair weather lasts.
Frank Dixon, one of -Molalla'a proa
perons young teachers, was the guest of
his uncle, J. C. Dixon, last week while
he attended the institute.
Cecil Cosper, of Olarkes, spent Wed
needay night with his friends, Conrtie
and Tommy Gibbs.
Mrs. Gibbs called on Mrs. Gerber and
Mrs. Niman last Friday.
Miss Kate Mautz was on the sictlist
last week.
Mrs. Flo Morris and children and Mrs
Mattie Hyatt spent Friday at the home
of A. Mautz.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mautz enter
tamed a number of their Portland
friends Sunday.
R. R. Gard, of Clarkes, spent Satur
day night and Sunday visiting G. F
Gibbs and family. .
Rural Dell.
Some of the industrious farmers have
begun to plow.
A large crowd was in attendance at
the Endeavor meeting Sunday evening.
Elliot prairie was well represented.
There is Nothing Better Made Than
.M'fc'AH'pn life--.
7? ,T
65 years experience in Wagon Making as represented in the
"Mitchell is a better Guarantee of a good wagon made of the besi
materials properly seasoned than all the promises and assertions o:
agents of new named unknown wagons combined
Mitchell Wngnns
Have a world-wide reputation for
jtStrength, Durability
and the high quality of materials used, as well as for their light run
ning qualities. NO WAGON stands better on all these points
than the "MITCHELL." .
You'll make no mistake
Yon are liable to make a mistake if you buy some other.
K may take you a year to Una it out, bat you are sore to
see your mistake soouer or latter.
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Go.
Here I am corraled in a little shack.
Pleuty of time to read, write, saw
wood, do the cooking, wash dishes and
keer the house in good trim. This is
what a bachelor has to do to pass away
the time.
Blackburn and Wheeler have gone
over to the Clackamas Hot Springs to
spend a few days. L. L. Reeves, fore
man of the Bimetallic, is making good
progress in the mine. His assistant,
Mr. Ellis, said they have three teet 01
fine ore.
C. G. Holt made a flying trip to Gates
this week. He stopped overnight at
Washington penitentiary at Walla:
Walla will have a new wing.
Sergeant Crawford, company L, whe
liberated the eight bullpen prisoners at
Wallace, Idaho, was caught at Missoula
Mont. No trace of escaped Dnso.
Straits of Juan de Fucca are reportedV
alive with salmon.
and returned Sunday afternoon.
We are triad to say that Mrs. Cosner the Sweet Home hotel.
is somewhat improved in health. Mr. Monroe, of Albany, was up to ee
v T.i,!n the Bimetallic mine yesterday. He was
, xi. utu ik 111a uancu av mio uuun u r 1
accompanied by an expert, whose name
I did not learn.
Elmer Darling came up to Gold Creek
last Thursday wiih a pack train loaded
with supplies for the M. & M. Co.
Mr. Appleyard is taking out some nne
ore this ween, Mr. jree;anu aisu ims
some high grade ore.
Mr. Tibbits is the happiest man in
damn since his wife came up. Mrs. Tib-
bits is a very pleasant lady to talk with
Pearl Darling, one of the Santiam
helleH. will leave in a few days. She is
going out hop picking. Let joy go with
you, Pearl. We all wish you success
Mr. Perry and his party made their
departure a few days ago homeward
Salmon river rose four feet in a few
minutes Monday and flooded the hatch
ery, releasing many salmon. Millions,
of eggs lost.
Astoria regatta commute has a bal
ance on hand of $500.
Nehalem Packing Company is a pew-
saiuion cannery at Astoria.
Papuan Clark, of the Oregon, writn.-
that he cannot visit Portland to veceive
the sword.
The rainfall at Tillamook last weft-
was 2.07 inches.
H. J. Miller has been appointed (fonntv
game warden for Linn county, vice A
oiraney, resignea.
b. V. Kehart has sold his ChewanpjiTk.
ranch in Lane county, to S. B Chandler.
Mr. Chandler paid $35,000 for 2320 acres--
ana vuu sneep.
Now is a very busy time as nearly ev
ervbodv intends eoine to the hou fields bound for Molalla.
next week. Kumor says Mr. rope nas uie
W.F.Dixson is moving to Woodtarn Tl'
where he intends to pick hops, then he
will teach school at the same place that
he taught last winter.
Emma Eyman came home from Port
land Saturday.
W. Sturges, of Molalla, hts rented
Grandfather Samson's farm for the en
suing year.
Charles Bigelow is coming home from
Portland Saturday.
Frank Sax was at home a few days
last week.
Ida Yoder will lead the Christian En
deavor meeting next Sunday evening.
Everybody invited.
AuguBt 28. D. D.
Mountain View.
Mrs. Albright and Charlie have re
turned home.
Mrs. Mo ran and daughter, Maud, are
visiting mends at Mt. Tabor and Van
couver this week.
Mr. Stafford is building a new house
in this burg.
Allen Frost has returned from a two
weeks' sojourn at the coast.
Mrs. Shuebel and family have r
turned from an outing of four weeks at
the coas t.
Mr. Everhart had the misfortune to
lose a valuable horse Friday evening.
Mrs. Savage and children went to Lin
coln Monday to pick hops.
Mr, Savage ban another week of team
work, then he will go to the hop yard
Frank Kin go is with a threshing ma'
chine cutting bands.
Mr. Grout and family, Mr. Nickles
and family, Mrs. Currin and Mrytle, go
to Marquam Friday to the hop yard.
F. M. Darling and Mr. Hutson started
Tuesday morning for the mountains on
a prospecting trip.
Mrs. Mahlon Moran went to Clarkes
Monday to visit for a few weeks.
P. D. Curran is wandering about and
trying to find out who walked off with
his ladder.
Millard Gillett is out at A. L. Jones'
near Mulino this week.
F. A. Ely and J. N. Gillett returned
from the huckleberry patch Tuesday.
Berries will not be ripe for two weeks.
Rev. E. S. Bollinger will preach at
the church next Sunday at 4 o'clock.
chinery for the Mill City & Silverton
mining company
H. Leniker is superintendent and
general manager of the M. C. & 8. min
ing company. He is an experienced and
practical mining expert, and is well
qualified for the posiiion. Mr. Davies
is foreman and Levi Harris is shift boss
for this company. They have a splen
did prospect. Their rock is high grade
so they claim, and no doubt it is good
The Poor Man mining company has a
splendid Bhowing, but are not working
at present. They worked three men all
winter and part of tbis spring
Buche Bros, have struck a good body
of ore in the Rainbow mine. It runs 32
per ceut lead, 48 tz. in silver and carries
some gold
Our mail service is not very good in
this section, for we have to go sixteen
miles to mail a letter. Elkborn is ou
postoffice. Mr. Case, the postmaster
says that most of the mail that comes to
his ofliie is for our district. I should
think that we are entitled to a postoflke,
Aug. 20. Dkath on the Tkail.
Apaches are on war path in Arizona fn.
avenue deaths of three of their bre thern
in New Mexico at hands of Zuni Indians.
Standard Oil company and the Roth
schilds are said to be backing two new
copper companies.
twelve steel arches of the new Chica
go Coliseum collapsed killing nine work
men aim injuring oiners.
Northern Pacific holders of O. R. & NL
stock have Bold to friends of Union Pacific.
Twenty-one states have oppointed flpl-
gates to trust conference to meet in Chi
cago next month.
An Italian anarchist orcnniaar in NTont
York stated that worktngmen all over-
Europe are organizing for a great uprising.
Ohio democrats will indnrnn TtWil TV.
and 16 tu I. '
W. J. Bryan is headed for California
It is now asserted that a secret agree
ment for a modus Vivendi haft heon.
reached in the Alaska boundary dispute-
nenry vy aiierson is working hard for
Goebel's success in Kentucky.
United States commerce with Germany
this year broke all records.
A scheme is on foot to have Philippines
ceded to Great Britian.
Shakleford, democrat, succeeds "Silver
Dick" Bland is Missouri as result of
Monday's election.
McLern was nominated by democrata
for govenor of Ohio Wednesday,
Canbtj High Selwol.
Fall term begins Oct. 2, 1S09. An
excellent opportunity is here offered to
students from neighboring districts to
prepare themselves for coll ge. Classes
will be organized in Algebia, Book
keeping, Rhetoric, General History,
Physical Geography, Civil Government
and such other subjects as may be
deemed expedient. Students deBiring
to achieve the best results should by all
means be present on the opening day.
For full information address,
Wm. Knight, Clerk, District No. 86
Or, Shirley Buck, Principal.
Canby, Oregon.
Jitninez was refused a landing at San
tiago, Cuba. .
Dewey enjoyed the day at Nice Mon
day in siglit-'ieeing.
It is reported Great Britain will sur
round the Transvaal and then negotiate
a new treaty.
Havana bakers are on a strike.
Alliance of China and Japan is said to
be about completed.
Cuba was self-sustaining durine first
half of 1899.
Eucalyptus tree, said to be a preventa
tive of yellow fever, is t h nui.
mented with in Cuba.
First and Taylor Streets,
Blsmark'i Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous energy
are not found where Stomach, Liver,
Kidneys and Bowels are out of order.
If you want these qualities and the suc
cess they bring, use Dr. King's New
Life Pills. They develope every power
of brain and body. Only 25 cents at
Geo. A. Harding's drug store.
Sixteen pounds best granulated sugar
for $1 at Harris grocery.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Whereas, It has pleased the Supreme
Ruler of the universe, in His love, wis
dom and power, to call to her last rest
ing place our beloved sister, Mrs. Annie
S. Jordan; therefore, be it
Resolved, That we have lost a faithful
member and the family has lost a duti
ful wife and loving mother;
Resolved, That the members of Myr
tle lodge extend their sincere and heart
felt sympathy to the family in this their
sad bereavement ;
Resolved, That our ch irter be draped
in mourning for a period of thirty day?,
and a copy of these resolutions be sent
to the family under the seal of the lodge ;
Resolved, That these resolutions be
spread upon the minutes of Myrtle
lodge and copies be furnished the Cour-ibr-Hkrald
and Enterprise for publica
tion. Mas. S. A. Gillktt,
Mrs. F. T. Barlow,
Mrs. Annh Schclpics,
Committee Myrtle Lodge No. 24, D. of
'seal. H., A. O. U. W.
Drink Wilbelm's celebrated bottle
beer or porter. J. W. Kelly, agent.
T. M. C. A. Notes.
The junior department of the Oregon
City Y. M. O. A. has not been over
looked. Members of the junior depart
ment will be allowed the use of all the
privileges of the rooms on Tuesdays from
4 to 6 and Saturdays from 9 to 12.
Many parents are not aware of tha
practical benefits derived by boys exer
cising under proper direction in a well
equipped gymnasium. They think of it
merely as a play room. The association
gymnasium is intended to be a veritable
hall of health. Games will be introduced
from time to time, but will not in an y
sense be the main feature of the work,
and whenever introduced, they will be
carefully planned to furnish benefit as
well aa recreation.
There is no period in life when wisely
directed exercise will accomplish so
much lasting good as between the ages
of 12 and 16.
Tips for Economical Buyers
Yosemit Coffee )
Columbia Coffe llo ponnd
Lion Coffee
Bulk Koasl Coffee, at 10c 12Wcand2oe, .
that unialljcoatalsXe, 18c and :Uo per ponnd.
Our 12c and 25c Boast Coffees yon should try.
Good rnoolorad Japan Tea (worth 60o) tot i
60c Gunpowder Tea lor 4oc; Tea Dust loo.
Fine Table Salt Otic per 1001b.;8toek gall o!
ni. Rie Pwpouad. White Beam 2Uo
Bacon 10c pound up. "
Boap Powder 3c ponnd, usually Tc to 8c.
Fim Syrup lc gallon, biinff pail.
Arm k Hammer Soda 4c peand.
ShoesThatWear, warivat ar lack. them wlthoofc
plfe.ho.7DdiLHoPPlck" 8n