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IA. If
We are agents for the Celebrated Red
Jacket Pump "80 Easy to Kix" for any
depth well. I' pumps the easiest of any
pump made. If your are not satisfied we
will return your money. We are head
quarters for' Hardware, Stoves, Agricul
tural Machinery, Wngi n Wood iStock,
Blacksmith's Stock, Garden Tools, Hose,
Screen Doors and Biiuler Twine.
Plumbing and General Jobbing.
Cor.4th and MatuStf. OREGON CITY, OR.
Albany Volunteers Will Come
Home to Celebrate.
Albany, Ore., Aug. 6. The commit
tee appointed to arrange for a reception
to Company I, Oregon volunteers, on
their return Thursday, met this after
noon and completed the plans. The
young veterans of thn Pnilippine cam
paign will be met at the statlm by the
people of the city tind country, several
thounand in number.
A letter received this morning from
Captain I'hillips says the members of
Company I from Oregon City have
agreed to stop at Albany and remain
until the following day, when the mem
bers from Albany w .11 go to Oregon
City to join their comrades in a recep
tion there. A special car will be dropped
at Albany for this puipose.
After the welcome at the station, a
procession will be formed with old t-eN
diers as a guard of honor, and march to
How Can I Drape
Ky Lace Curtains?
Has been the question
This illustration shows a Ruffled
Bobbinet Curtain with Point de
Paris Lace and Insertion, and
shows what a handsome effect can
be produced at small cost.
Ruffled curtains should be used
as Sill Curtains, not hanging over
six inches below the sill, making a
graceful, stylish, washable and in
expensivedrapery. Our Granite, Tin and Iron Ware is
sold at Hard Time Prices.
No advance.
The Habit of Buying Carpet at Bellomy A Busch's is a
good habit. It la a rapidly growing habit with all Clackamas
County. It is a habit by which thousand! gave in their daily
monthly and yearly expenditures. It ii a habit that becomes
more fixed the oftener people bny here, and the broad reason is
satisfaction. People are satisfied with our goods. People are
satisfied with our prices. "People are satisfied with the ways of
the store, its manners and methods.
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar
Safeguards the food
against alum
, A.um baking powders are the greatest
menacers to health of the present day.
the armory. In the evening a banquet
will be served by the ladies of Albany in
the public Kjtiare, during which a mu
sical program will be rendered. A sword
will be presented to Major Ellis and a
sword, carried by Captain W. N. Phil
lips dating the civil war, will be pre
sented to his (-on, Captain M. D. Phil
lips. The presentations will be followed
by toasts and responses by citizens and
members of Company 1. President Lee,
of Albany college, will preside. The ad
dress of welcome will be delivered by
W. R. Bilyeu. Short speeches will be
made by C. B. Montague, mayor of Leb
anou; George C. Brownell, of Oregon
City ; Major Ellis, Captain Phillips and
Sew Era Flour Mills.
Jos. Svoik, Jr., Inis fully recovered
his health and together with Jos. Strejc
has leased tin- New Kra Fl urintr Mills.
The mill will be pre itly improi e 1 and
arrangements m e for receiving grain
and exchanging tor mill stuffs at short
notice. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Sbvcik, Stkejc & Co.
Horses For Sale:
I have for sale twelve mules and fifty
horses. These are eastern Oregon
horses and weigh from 1100 to 1500
pounds. All young and some of them
broken to work. These horses may be
seen at Kobert Brown's, one mile eafr
of New Era. tor sale cheap and on
time, if desired.
William W. Brown.
Bowl and Pitcher,
plain ware, $1.00
Portieres, Pair
$'75 up.
The Heroes of SVIalabon Return
to Oregon.
The Oregon Soldiers Honored Everywhere
Along the Route.
Company I's Brave Boys Receive their Share ot Compli
ments, and will be Honored at Home To-Day.
Thonsanda of People
Greet the Tram-Load
Hurrah for Company 1 1
Hurrah for the entire Second Oregon
regiment 1
Hurrah for the returning soldiers from
the Philippines the heroes of.Malabon
and many other battles 1
Oregon City and Clackamas county
bid you welcome, a thousand times wel
come 1 Not a soul here is so dead to
patriotism or generous impulses as not
to join in the festivities of this, the
greatest day in the history of the seat of
the first government in Oregon.
The brave soldiers, who have added
luster to the glory of Oregon, the proper
authorities will give you the freedom of
the city today. It is yours. The best is
none too good for you.
Others have done well ; you have done
better. We honor you because you are
worthy of honor. Your conduct and
your deeds have been honored iu Bong
and 1 oetry, and It is but superfluous to
repeat them here.
The girls join in extending to you a
most cordial, enthusiastic welcome, and
they ire very much In evidence today.
The boys who didn't go to war will take
a seat in the back gallery and wish from
the bottom of their sonls that they had
gone across the seas to the wars. How
ever, they will not be envious or jealous,
but will cheer loud and long for the re
turned volunteers and feel ' proud that
they are of the same blood and from the
Novelty Curtains
With every purchase of at least
one pair of Lace Curtains we give
a lfttle picture showing a simple
but very artistic style of draping
bay windows.
Price oi Novelty Curtains:
U1.50, $2.50, $2.7$ and $4.00.
Hammocks from
75c to $475
Extension Table $3.73 up
F no Ash Side Biards $10.00 up '
of Returning
same state as the Oregon soldier. The
prettiet-t girls, for they are all good and
beautiful, will give you their sweetest
smiles from this day and henceforth,
Your mothers, sitters, cousins and sym'
pathetic women friends have laid awake
of nights praying and planning, anx
iously, nervously waiting for your re
turn. Their thoughts have been of you
and for you continually.
The business men and other people
have contributed liberally toward your
reception, to make it an occasion wor
thy of your unselfish services to the
country and the flag. Thousands of peo
ple are anxiouely waiting to greet you
today. The very best has been pre
pared for you.
Roake's cannon began early this mor
ning to usher in h great patriotio cele
bration. Its echoes were heard from
hill to hill and drowned the roar of the
falls of the Willamette. Broderick's
park has been cleaned up.decorat d and
diesred us it was never before attired.
The entire city is in holi lay regalia.
Many of the bust people of Clackamas
county are here to do the occasion
Following is the roster of Company I,
as near as can be ascertained Of course
they will not all be here at their hoiue
yariniug :
1. i). Phillips, Albany, capt dn j jT
U. Campbell, first lieutenant, aud Geo.
W. Mai tin, Second lieutenunt, Oregon
1 The Albany members of Company I
Sergeant Frank C. Steltmacher, Corpo
rals Frank B. Stewart, F. H. Webt
brook, Leslie L. Vierick and George M.
Manley F Bailes George H Bru
CO Beam E W Cyrus
BH Chaplin Willard D, Davis
Clyde D McCluny Walter W MoBride
Frank lYtteraon William M Perry
John W Kennedy William D Morris
Dell Morgan Frank M Uirard
Wm G Hoffman Edward W Hoffman
Fred J Powell Charles J Rath
Louis E Springer Henry Saltmarsh '
Robert E Steele William O Tycer
Joseph E Torbet Samuel C Worrell
Chas W Wallace Frank B Wire
T R Spencer Arthur Purdom
Thos Wentworth Lionel A Jjhnson
George B Hart F R Jewell
William Kruhl Frederick Koher
Arthur Keukle C L Markart
A Ames N S Needham
J Blackburn Luther A Wiley
L W Porter 9 W Starr
Mort J Cockrell Horace R Scott
0 H Horner D C McCluny.
The members of the Oregon City con
tingent are:
J. W. Moffalt, quartermaster ser
geant; J. H. Black, first duty sergeant;
Lewis Boylan, sergeant; Rudolph Gan
tenbein, E. A. Smith, George L. Cason,
G. Lee Harding, Max Kesslering, Harry
Empkins, Corporals.
M Bell Kline Smith
August J Brady Jack Cornfield
Charles E Hickman Arthur Holden
Joseph D Harding Fred Hargraves
John F Henley Frederick Kishl
A 8 Kleinsmith Will R Logns
Oscar B Lamson Chris Muralt ir
Edwin L McFarland Timothy McM ullin
Kea Norris Oundiff Rowland
Lester P Smith Charles Burns ir
William Bell Alonzo Amen
Frank Surryhine John Huerth
Robert Heiser
Waldo F Adams
Mason Croft
Claude D Hoffman
Joseph H Harvey
George H Bruce
John B Finley
A E Howell
Hans Hansen
Herman K Jones
B E Longnecker
Theodore Y Miller
David McArthur
Isaac Pursiful
Timothy R Herring
Max Kesslering
Maurice H Myers
Geo N McCausland
F L Poindexter
George A Waldron
LeRoy Case
John Howland
Thomas Wentworth Ara W McLaunhlin
The above list may not be absolutely
correct, bat was the best that coald be
done without getting an official list
from the officers of the company cor
rected to date.
Captain Pickens, Lieutenant Hunt
Jones Lever
This celebrated binder hns pained pnenviab'e reputation in the last filter
years in Oregon. It represent lever power as a plied 10 Mi ding gruin. itwkl
run lighter, last longer and bind tignter than any other binder in the market.
The Jones Chain Drive foot lift. Mower hasnobaik lath, iuiis liglu and fa ry
durable. Will cut heavy grass with esse.
I also carry a full line of Hay Rakes, Tedders, Hay Too.'s, Advanre Thresh
ers and Traction Engines, John Deere Plow s, ai- vw 11 as a it ll lii.e ol Arii xDtui
Implements and Vehicles. Call and tee nie before buying.
Corner Front and Taylor Streets,
lay and Private Phillis Holden returned
home some months ago on account of
illness, not from any luck of patriotism.
They were among the first to enlist in
the service of their country. L'enteti
ant Fie !ing S. Kelly, who was battalion
aiij itant, attache! to Company It, did
good si rvicti as acting captain, mid be
longs here. .1. D. Humphrey, of Com
pany A, is alo an (begun I'ity loy.
Fred Humphreys, an Oreuon Piiy hoy
in Company M, returned with tlu ad-1 ry will receive a'l'al reward lodny
vance guard Wedn-sday. James Rinton', forth ir unselfish wo.k for the volun
who was sergeant inaj iron the col iiiol's teers.
staff, returned home some time ago, J, The bus'ness houses have ura dmously
D Harding was mustered out ami will
remain 111 Manila, (juris Aliirult, re
turned home Friday, after securing a
Wave ITtTiTiniiiin 1 nn mnoiint of i 1 ijj 111L
ness of his father. He was mus ereil
out by telegraph Monday.
This will be a joyful day for parents
and relatives of the volunteers, and will
go down in history as the greatest if
l cal anniversaries. Upon the arrival
of the train, the boys will be etcot ted to
the armory, where they will tece.ve the
congratulations of friends j
It will be a great day for the ( jrand
Army veterans and the Veteran Union
veterans. It will remind them of the
dnys when they came home from the
wars long ago, and they will become
Has gone along with every bottle of Dr. Biker's
Celery Kola and still we never have had a customer ask
for his money back. This is especially gratifying when
hardly a day passes without a satisfied customer comss
in to get "just one more bottle to complete the cure."
One man sends down from Aurora for three more
bottles and says he is certain that these will cure his wife
as the first one she took did her more good than all the
medicine she had taken in a year. As I have not heard
anything to the contrary from him I fully believe these
four bottles have cured his wife; and his total outlay for
this medicine amounted to $2.60.
Celery and Kola Compound was first made as a
woman's medicine but I have fully as good reports from
men. One old gentlemen, who came in a few days ago
for another bottle, said the first time we told him if it did no
good to come and get his 65 cents, but it did him so much
good that he wanted another, and that wc need not guar
antee this one. Celery and Kola possesses a great ad.
vantage over the ordinary Celery Compounds in that the
addition of Cocoa Leaves and Kola Nut add at least one
half to its efficiency. According to reports of Dr.
Schuchardt of Gotba:
Kolo is especially useful in conditions of weak heart,
in neuralgia, in dyspepsia, in chronic and obstinate
diarrhea and finally as an exhilarant in all cases of mental
For sale only by
Prescription Druggist
17th YEAR, NO. IS
r ninisceiib and 'ahte ?!or'us of home
comings 111 tne 60s.
Whitewash brushes, lin.be" and car
penter tooh have worked wonders in
Broleiick's pir1-. The sddfd decora- ,
t ns have made it one of th most de
lightful places itniiijin ib'e.
Oregon i y will dis-ount Per land in
the matter c.f a recr ption. T! e Portland
parade won't hold a candid to the one
here. Meadd corps Volunteer Auxili-
agreed to cUe today in honor of the oc-
casion, ana in luture yenrs August lurk
muy be celebrated as a holiday.
'Vi. idioms under the ilirei:tina.xtLPxQ!r
fo-sor 10 E. ( umpston will be In their
; best trim toi'ay. About Torty young.
I women have been practicing for th
event for sou e time,
j When the prepar.itio M for the recep
tion were 1 egun, Mis. Jennie R. Har
ding, chairman of the gi'in nil commit
tee, appointed the following committees.
Mis. Mary A. Bradley has served ai sec
retary from the beginning !
Grounds E. G. Catiiiehl, T. W. Sulli
van, Mis. Staflbtd, W, II. Howell.
Decoratio is Mr. W. E Pratt, Mrs.
Feu:, J. P. Lovett, Charles Albright,
Con iiii,:i'd i n l'me 7.
wttm rnnmmtfm mh''