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(Delayeil in transmission.)
Several attended the Evangelical
eanipmeeting at Milwaukie Sunday.
Mr. Talmage, wife and child, and
Mrs. Talmage's brother have moved in
to our neighborhood. They are lrom
McMurray & Cox, of Damascus, who
rented Mr. Hall's beiry patch are hav
ing the racpberries picked.
Miss Lcona Phillips and her mother,
Mrs. Cathey, were visiting relatives here
1 ist week.
Clay Folson has returned from a pro
longed stay in Eastern Oregon.
Dr. Moore, of Portland, called at Mr.
Karr's Sunday.
Miss Lena Milan is vieiting at her
uncle's, Mr. Millard.
Miss June Colson was given a very
pleasant party last Friday evening in
honor of her 18th birthday. Only rela
tives of the family were present. A
nice supper was served after which
there was some music and recitations.
At about 10 o'clock all adjourned wish
ing Miss June many happy returns of
her birthday. Lilac.
July 17.
Mr. Kekel is cultivating bis 20 acre
patch of spuds.
Richard Oldeostadt is home for a few
days to haul his hav, but the rain came
on and he is laying idle.
Mr.Reutter is giving his new barn a
coat of paint. .
The cherry season is about over.
Many of the apples are falling off the
Fall-sown oats are ripeking.
Jacob Schatss and wife, of Oregon Ci'y,
were visiting relatives and friends here
Monday, 17th Weather hot every
body busy In hay fields most of the
Iny cut.
18th Somewhat cloudy, and although
rain is badly needed we would rather
not have any at present.
19th Don't look so much like rain as
yesterday. Farmers over their scare and
WJrking along as usual.
20th Cloudy morning and looks as if
it would all blow over. At noon, just a
light shower of rain then sunshine.
About 3 p.m. rumbling peals of thunder
eai be heard-moie rain-much hay still
in the fields-haying at a standstill. 4:30
p. m. Heavy show ert some grain being
lodged-wiud south west, Home fog
Spring out?, potatoes and gaiden receiv
ing benefits from the downpour.
Saturday, 22d' The day seems like
spring-clouds are clearing away. There
was 60-100 of an inch of rain fell jester"
Sunday, 23d Q li .unv.rie, 1 ke again.
Mr. l'ohfka was taken seriously ill
while working in the hay field last
John Scbatz has quit (he carpenter
b.ninisss. He will probably resume it
u.'uin soon.
Miss Ina Toombs, of l'or'land, has
been spending a week with Mrs. M. A
Jasper Trullinger is getting out lim
bers to build a bridge across Milk Creek
one mile east of here.
Prof. Wilson, of Elwood, is painting
S. H. Dix's new cottage in a truly artis
tic manner.
F. M. and George Robeson have re
turned from a prospecting trip on the
headwaters of the Molalla.
Miss Mary Eagecomb is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. W. E. Baker, of Beaver Creek
this week.
Supervisor Engle and crew are this
week clearing out the obstructing timber
and blasting out stumps on the Greg
mill road.
H. W light is building a new barn
on his homestead and sla shing quite an
acreage of young fir.
Miss Maggie Lynn, of Portland, is vis
iting her brother, KoDert L,ynn, 01
Springdeli farm.
Our old friend, A. J. Mayville, of Lib
eral," has just completed a new ad ution
for Mrs. Wright in a manner that proves
him a master at his trade.
Mr. A. L. Larkina is hauling lumber
from Trnllinger's mill for a new house
soon to be erected.
Robert Snodgrass, of Harrisburg, has
moved his family en to the farm of Mrs.
Lai kins which he will leaBe after next
J. C. Hall has added much to the
beauty of his cottage by the addition of
a handsome coat of paint.
F. M Naught, who has a son serving
in the Washington volunteers, is anx
ious to hear of that regiment's depart
ure from the Philippines.
W. E Bonney, C. O. Hubbard and
families passed through this burg to
Hello! Union Mills scribe, come to
the front and give the news of your vil
lage. Coltou ditto.
Miss Amy Hall paid her sister a fly
ing visit at the metropolis Friday, re
turning Saturday.
Lasl Thursday B. F. Noyer, who re
sides two miles lrom here, came near
losing his lile in a peculiar manner as
related to your reporter by F. M. Robe
son. It appears that Mr. Noyer attemp
ted to force a 45-70 cartridge into a 40-00
Winchester. The explosion threw the
shell back into his face inflicting serious
July 25. C.
" Liberal.
Everybody went to New Era last Sun
day to the Spiritualist meeting.
Lots of hay out in the rain but the
rain did more good than harm.
Wm. H. White will commence cutting
fall wheat this week.
Fall wheat is good but very thin ; large
heads and fine berry.
Mi s. Boss and daughter, Ella, was vis
iting Mrs. Wiight.
Cyrus Jones passed through here Sun
day. Mr. Barnes has a fine field of corn.
' Abner Frazer is Buttering from a stroke
of paralysis in his left arm, but is im
proving. The young couple that have been
hanging over Mr. Stetman's gate had
better sit on the bench as the old man's
dander's up.
Harvest hands are scarce.
Wheat is getting lower. That is a sign
of "prosperity."
H. Heiple left for Ourrinsville to day
after a viBit here.
Steve Philippi, of Silverton, passed
here with 600 head of mutton sheep for
Mrs. M. Faust, of Cams, was visiting
here Sunday. ' K.
ter of Rev. Davis, passed through here
and is now temporarily at Viola.
Mrs. George Hicinbotham and Mrs. L.
Funk were visiting Mrs. Wilcox and
Mrs. Sprague Monday.
It looks at present as though Redland
is going to lose all its young maids. Say,
F., better send her home. We need her
down lioie.
H. A. Allen and family made a trip to
Macksburg visiting friends last week.
Mr. Winters, father of Mrs. D. Evans,
will start for his home in Wisconsin on
the 26ih inst. Miss Minnie will go with
Mrs. Sprague has been quite ill, but is
August and L. Funk sold Borne beef cat
tle and hogs to a Portland buyer last
Mr. Bonney has several teams on the
road hauling lumber. W. S.
July 25.
Joseph Deshazer and family callad on
Mrs. Tewis Sunday.
J. Gould is working for Joseph Desha-
Rev, Allen preached here Sunday
John Crawford and wife will return to
their home at Newberg.
Mrs. C. Pagh and family were visiting
her mother, Mrs. Reimer, of George,
N. Nelson and family and J. Craw
ford and wife spent a few days last week
camping near the Columbia river
There will be preaching at the school
house here the first Sunday in August,
by Rev Nutsy. Everyone come and
bring your baskets full, as there will be
a basket dinner.
July 24 M. L,
N. Smith has rented a farm from B. F.
Linn at the Stricklin school house for a
term of five years. He expects to move
on this fall.
Mr. Hickman has rented Mr. Court
right's place for five years and will move
on as soon as C. Sholtz vacates, which
will be after threshing.
Haying is about completed, and the
crop is good.
Mrs. May Kurtz, nee Hany, and son,
Loe, are out visiting relatives.
Several of our people attended the lec
ture of Sam Jones. They report a pleas
ant time.
W. D. Beckey was out over Sunday
from Portland, where he is at work.
D. Mosher was at home over Sunday.
King has a job on the government snag
Mr. Hickman is kept busy with h'i
berries. Pickers seem to be scarce.
Mr. Brock is looking around for a good
cheap team.
Rev, Allen, a friend and fellow minis-
KSSii Suits Oregon Farmers
m Eccentric Sprocket Wheel
on Binder attachment 16 2-3
per cent added power when bundle is
tiedand discharged. No choking on the
CHAMPION Force Feed Elevator
$1, $2, $3, $4, PANTS
They are, the BEST FITTING PANTS made to-day
First Are Cut Extremely Long in the Crouch, and will give
more EAbE and Comfort to wearers than any Pants on
the market.
Second Every Pair Sewed Double throughout, and Impos
sible to rip.
Third Our Guarantee is on the pocket of every pair of Pants,
and the dealers must make our word good.
For Sale By All Leading Clothiers In the United States.
Try a pair and be convinced, and if they suit you, always ask
Main Street, Cor. 6th EXCLUSIVE AQENTS Oregon City. Or.
As your correspondent, "B", seems to
have dropped. out of the ring I will en
deavor to send you a few items, as it is
important that our town should be up
to date with news.
The recent shower did much good in
this neighborhood.
Miss hiina Slattoon was visiting in
Portland last week.
Miss Minnie Walker has gone to Port
land to take lessons in painting.
Almost every one is through having
out here and ate preparing for grain bar
vest which looks pretty well.
Lorenzo Tenny just returned from
trip to Washington last evening on his
July 26. T
Mrs. F. Grimmer, of Albany, is visit
iting her daughter, Mrs. F. W. Hoins
huh. Mrs.O. B. Streyffeler and Miss Lena
Homshuh, of Albany, are visiting their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hornshuh.
Mr. and Mrs. Hornshuh, of Carus,
spent Sunday with E. VV. Hornshuh,
Robert Gunther went to Gladstone
Saturday to run a foot race and carried
off the second prize.
Quite a number went to hear Sam
Jones last week.
The young tolks of the Congregation
al church spent a pleasant evening Tuts
day at the residence of Hey. Essig.
A. Buol is building a new house.
Mrs. Coopi-r, of Portltnd, is visitii g
her parents, Mr. and MrB. Wolf.
Schmidt Bros, are building a barn.
Haying is over and farmers are gel
ting ready for the grain harvest, with
good prospects for a largo crop.
Potatoes need rtin.
Rev. aiid Mrs. Witrock leturued from
Newberg where they were visiting for a
short time.
Wm. Moehnke went to the Prakplace
to stay awhile.
Just ask Bob how to kill skunks.
July 2(5. 99.
houe, Sunday afternoon, by two Mor
mon ministers. Quite a crowd out.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Henerici visited the
latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Shelly,
Mr. and Mrs. Gerber and Mrs. Niman
and children took dinner with the Gibbs
family, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Davies were
guests of A. Mautz', Sunday.
Minnie Waltemathe entertained Anna
Shortlege and Louisa Hess, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hyatt of Oregon
City spent Friday night with the lat
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mautz.
Mrs. Flo Morris and children were
guests of her mother, last week. Mas
ter Gilbert intends to spend a few days
on his grandfather's farm, therefore he
did not return, Saturday.
Lula Hankins was the guest of ber
cousins, Mary and bara Davies, last
Mr. Gibb' expect to move before
long, having taken Beveral loads al
Hattie Roman and Elsie and Courtie
Gibbs went blackberrying, Friday p. m.,
just in time to get the full benefit of the
As harvest is near at hand, Mr. Gibbs
is getting his binder in trim. He cut
some wheat for Geo. Lazelle, Tuesday.
Jt was C. Mautz', not A. Mautz', barn
that burned a couple ol weeks ago. He
now has a new one under good headway,
with J. Davits, A. Mautz and Mr.
Blulim as carpenters.
July 2G. Pansy Blossom
Miss Cassady died of pneumonia Mon
day evening.
William Pratt and Maggie Bridge were:
married a few days ago.
Claude Hampton and Will Armstrong
went to Oregon City Wednesday on their
The young folks of Canby attended the-
New Era camp meeting in full force laBt
James Evans has accepted the posi
tion of captain of the speedy little stea
mer Valley Queen, which is now lying
at his landing receiving the finishing
touches. The Valley Queen is owned
by George Skinner & Co. and will ply
between Newberg and Portland, making
daily trios, leaving Newberg at 6:30 a.
in. and returning about 7 p. m. of the
same day. M. Skinner says the Valley
Queen will not be in the combine or
transportation trust, but will run inde
pendent of trusts and combines. He
has invited the Coumkk-Hkkald man to-
be present on her initial trip, at which
time he ill make up his time table for
publication in your paper, as he believes
in advertising in the best paper in the
Charley Wait, j'., Bill Rider, Carey
Cox and John Elliott, under command
of Nick Birtchet, will make a run for tall
timber next Satuiday. The deer and
the speckled beauties of the brook will
receive close attention for about four
days, as this formidable force will accu
py the eternal hills about the big bend
of the Molalla. TJ.
July 26.
Champion Unequal for Light Drift, Easy
Handling and Durability
Highland, Ohkgok, Nov. 8, 1898.
MitchtU, Lewii, A Staver Co.,
Portland, Oregon.
OrNTt.KMKN: I dcBiro to ofl'er this as
my testimonial in behalf of the 6-foot
Champion Binder and Bundle Carrier
purchased from you this year. For light
ness in draft ana ease of operation, sim
plicity in construction and durability,
will say that no machine to my knowl
edge is its equal, nor near it. Having cut
150 acres of grain, the machine did not
cause me tive minutes' delay, conse
quently not a cent for repairs. All the
Champion machines put in my neigh
borhood have given equally good satis
faction. In fact, I want no butter uin-
' chine than the Champion.
Frku Sciiapkk.
Cheerfully Recommends the
Highland, October 25, 1S'J8
Mitchell, Lewit i(- Slaver Co.,
Portland, Oregon,
Gkntlkmkn: The Champion Binder
bought of you the past season has given
me good satisfaction, and am well pleas
ed with it. We can cut grain that anoth
er make of machine would not handle
All the farmers we out for are more than
pleasod with the work, and have promis
ed us their entire cutting for another
year. Can cheerfully recommend the
New Champion Binder to my friends,
acquaintances, and fellow farmers who
expect to buy Binders in 1801).
O. Waixack.
i r - -'A
Macktiburg .
The freshet last week was worth many
dollars to farmers.
John, Leonard and Louis Heinz left
for Hot Springs on the l!)ih, for the
benefit of their health.
Ditd July 20th, the infant daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. James Marsh. Funeral
July 21. The remains were interred in
Klingler cemetery.
V m. Weismandel left ior the coast
Saturday to engage in business. He will
remain all summer.
J. W.Smith is building an addition
to his store.
F. C. Klingler is very proud of his
young soldier, who arrived on July 8th.
Harvest has already begun and soon
the hum of the machine will be heard
threshing 50c wheat. McKinley pros
perity will meet its doom in 1900.
Barth & Heinz jist got their new
thresher and blower home last week.
Mrs. Emma Sperl, of Portland, was
visiting among relatives and friends of
this place the last two weeks.
The German Lutheran conference ses
sion has come to a close, many import
ant matters being transacted. P.
July 23.
Mrs. James Evans and daughter, Em
ma, are stopping on the ranch during
harvest, and Mrs. Cassie Evans is visit
ing them for a few days.
Miss Ida Cantwell is visiting Miss
Emma Evans.
Geo. Knight is having his pro perty,
now occupied by Mr. Carlton, improved.
Mr. Butterfiel has bought a iiouse and
lot of Mr. Mack, and will moye to Can
by the first uf September.
July 26.
Continued i n 1st Page
Wanted A good, trusty horsa and
buggy at once. Must be reasonable. Ad
dress, Rev. S. Copley, Oregon City, giv
ing description and price.
1 1 Woria ani Conner-Herald $1.15
Keeps the inner end of Cutter
far clean in all conditions.
Send for Catalogue and Book full of letters from
users of Champion Binders and Mowers.
Mountain Vieto.
Mr. Francis, sr., of Stafford is visiting
his daughter, Mrs. Wohler, of this
J. 0. Dixon of Maple Lane has re
turned from his California trip. He was
at 'Frisco in time to welcome the return
ing volunteers as they landed.
A number of citizens walked to New
Era, Sunday, and attended campmeet-
ing. They were highly pleased with
the dinner.
Rev. Lease (no relation of Mary Ellen)
preached in Mountain View church, last
Rev. Cocking of Oregou City will
preach here next Sunday at 4 p. m.
Rev, Sumner will preach here the first
Sunday in August at 4 p. m.
Rev. Lease will occupy the pulpit the
second Sunday in August.
Pko Tem.
Mitchell, Lewis & St aver Co.
First and Taylor Streets,
Maple Lane.
Mrs. Gibbs spent Tuesday with
Niuian and family.
Our boys were defeated by the Oswego
boy) in a game of baseball, Sunday.
L. Mautz' buggy -horse died Wednes
day night.
There was preaching at the school
A large number of people from here
took in tne camp meeting at New Era
George W. Knight, of Hubbard, was
in town Sunday.
Mr. Carlton is having a new fence
built around his house.
That shower Friday was a good thing
for the crops.
People around here are talking of go
ing to the coast or the mountains.
airs, joe Kmgnt is improving very
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eckerson and familv
were at the Chautauqua Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Carlton are camping
at Gladstone park this week.
Marion White, a resident of Marquam,
was in town Tuesday.
Captain Woods, of the steamer Salem,
was in the city Sunday.
Canby may have another newspaper
in the near future.
Mrs. F. A. Sleight visited the Chau
tauqua Tuesday.
Mrs. Lee Rogers is very sick with ton
silitis. Y
July 26.
Pete Horning, with the assistance of
Frank Pittman, Jeff Woods, Claude
Hampton and Will Armstrong, is con
structing a raft of cottonwood logs for
the Crown paper mill. The boya got
several accidental but pleasant baths.
Mrs. Oren Adkins died last Tuesday.
1 . w
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f. s
to families and
H1TII, Prop.