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7L"eVbsheddX: Iff! OREGON CITY, OREGON, FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1899. 16th YEAR, NO.
CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER, 189 a ... , l ...... .
Spray Pumps,
Spray Materials,
180 Front Street, Portland, Oregon
Building Notes.
No building b oom has yet started here,
but several new structures are under
way, and more new buildings will be
M.L. Bussard, who recently arrived
from Eugene, is completing a new
feed shed 67x104 feet on the property
opposite Major Oharman's store build
ing on Main street. It will be provided
with offices, ladies' toilets, etc., all fitted
Tip with modern conveniences. This
will be great a great convenience to far
mers, who desire to feed their own
County Judge Ryan is building a
barn on his premises to cost about $300.
,H will be substantially constructed, and
'can be change i into dwelling, if desired.
George H. Wishart is buil ding a new
cottage on Adams street near Seventh,
to be occupied by himself.
H. T. Bladen is making preparations
- to build a new cottage at Gladstone be
tween his residence and the electric
Robert Schuebel his completed a
new cottage on Madison street between
Seventh andEghth.
W. H. Savage is completing a dwell
ing at Ely.
Lumber Is on the ground to construct
a stage in the upper story of the Mount
Pleasant school hout-e. It is to be fitted
up as a hall for public gatherings, etc.,
the lower room affording sufficient room
for school purposes.
Fraternal Notes.
The Artisans initiated 14 new me w
bers at the last regular meeting.
Ten new members have been added to
Lawton CoramandFo. l.Union Veteran's
Union. .' ' ' j
The Willamette Rebekah degree
lodge. I. 0 0. F., gave a social at their
hall last Friday evening.
The Woodmen of the World gave a
grand open meeting and entertainment
at Weinhard's hall Saturday night.
There was at least 500 people in the hall,
and many went away unable to gain
admission. The orchestra played sev
eral selections; Mrs. W. B. Wiggins sang
a solo, Eugene Kennedy gave a comic
recitation ; Mrs. I. D. Taylor and Prof.
T. J. Gary recited "Old Chums," and
W, S. TJ'Ren made a short address
Head Organizer George K. Rogers, of
California, who was to have been the
orator of the evening, was unable to
leave Portland on account of illness, and
his place was filled by City Attorney
Long of Portland. He delivered an ex
cellent address on woodcraft, and was
frequently applauded. Seven ladies
entered the nail-driving contest, and for
a brief space of lime the sound of ham
mers filled the hall. Mrs. W. O. Green
won the first prize, a set of chinaware,
and Mrs. M. Lutz carried off the booby
prize, '
J 1 1 Mt TauiTttwU With CascHretB
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation
o re ver. 10c. 25c. If CO. C. fail, drug
i ts refund money.
Interesting Monthly Gathering of
the Association at Mil- J
waukie. ,
" The regular monthly meeting of tlie
Clackamas County Educational Asso
ciation was held at Milwaukie Satur
day. About 60 teachers were in attend
ance, Multnomah county being pretty
well represented. County Superinten
dent N. W. Bowland presided and Miss
Jennie E. Rowen was elected secretary
pro tem. j'
Piofessor S T. Adams, of Willsbur,
spoke on "Phonic Analysi ," and an in
teresting discussion followed. '
Mrs. Helena B. Rinearson gave a verjf
entertaining dessertation on the "Ex-
i . . in 1. . l:- II
pulsion oi me rrenen iroiu Arcauia.
At 12 m. a splendid dinner was served
by the ladies of Milwaukie, and those
who partook of the same pronounced it
a veritable feast and served in the best
At the afternoon seseion the pupils of
the Milwaukie school gave a short pro
gram. After a song by the school, Sadie
James gave a recitation, "Guilty, or Not
Guilty?" and Sarah Rogers sang a solo.
S. T. Adams, Mrs. L. M. Hedge aud H.
T. Evans wese elected members of the
association. . ".
The association had invitations to
hold its next regular monthly meeting
on the fourth Saturday in April from Os
wego, Parkplace and Harmony. Har
mony was withdrawn and Parkplace
was selected as the place for the next
gathering. .1
Resolutions in respect to the memory
of the late county eupeiintendent, H. S.
Strange, were passed.
County Superintendent A. P. Arm
strong, of Portland, gave practical dem
onstrations of how to solve problems in
mathematics and explained the intrica
cies of bank discounts. - ,l
Professor Burnham gave some prac
tical ideas on teaching grammar.
Milwaukie has an excellent two-stoiy
school building with modern appurte
nances and well-selected library. At
present only two teachers are employed,
and Ranges
Z2 w
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fuinace. Charter Oaks cook properly and pioduie nu'ritious food, with little fuel and NO
Every Charter Oak stove is guaranteed. We also sell ether makes frum $6.50 and upwards.
under a
Our Best Wall Paper
Was bouglit before prices advanced,
therefore we can fell jou our good
grades at very low figures. ,
Carpets. v '; ,
It's in giving you hitthe-t grades and
qualities, and jet at It-ss than you're
frequently asked for common, out-of-date
designs I r carpet, that makes your
buying here interesting.
All wool medium weight Ingrain
Carpet 50c
Tapes'ry Brussels Curpet. 5.rc
Rapidly Growing Kore Popular
. Iron Beds are strong and neat for the
boys' room, pretty and durable for hotel
or boarding house, and desirable for
any bedroom, when vou can get a White
Enameled Iron Bed, biaes knobs, full
size, for $3.75.
although there are four rooms. L. L,
Moore is principal and Miss Edna Ross
is teacher of the primary department.
The board of directors are Richard Scott,
chairman, J. G. Bonnett and Fred Birke
meier. It is very seldom that any
changes are made in the members of the
board there, and the honors of chairman
follow around in rotation. Miss Elgiva
Mullan is now serving ber second term
as clerk of the board.
Among those in attendance were :
' Mary J. Failing, South Mount Tabor;
S. T. Adams, Willsburg; A. C. Strange,
Orient; Alice M.Spaulding, Montavilla;
Mrs. Mary Calvin, Orient; Myra Sharp,
University Park ; Ada MrLoughlin,Stone ;
Charles Hanson, 0. H. Bateman, Wil
son ville; M. S. Shrock, Hubbard ; Rob
ert Ginther, Beaver Creek; H. T. Evans,
Lulu Bamet, Oswego ; Earl E. Elliott,
Highland; Louise Maxwell, Bullrun; J.
B. Leatherman, Montavilla; J. L. Stalil
naker, Sunnyside; Millard Hiatt, Ella
Boehlke, Willamette Falls; W. H. Karr,
Payn; Superintendent N. W, Bowland,
Mrs. N. W. Boland, Harmony; Mrs. L.
M. Hedge, Sycamore ; L. L. Moore, Miss
Mamie Rogers, Emma Sturchler, Martha
Sturchler, Florence Oben, Milwaukie;
Lydia Smith, Edith Wright, Anna Rob
ertson, Mrs. L. J. Tooke. E. A. Milner.
Professor Bumhart, County Ruperinten
nent A. P, Armstrong, Julia Welch,
Cora Burdick, Hattie Marshfield, Alaze
Watkms, Portland; Mrs. H. C. Salis
bury, Clara Demmer, Gladstone; Mr.
and Mrs. J. 0. Zinser, Mrs. H. B. Ri
nearson, Jennie E. Rowen, Harriet Oace,
Mrs. B. F. Swope, T. J. Gary, Lizzie
MacDonald, Alex Thomson, H. S. Gib
son, K. H. Gabbert, I. W. Gray, Oregon
City; Shirley Buck, Canby.
Musical and Afternoon Tea,
mi I. -m ...
me males' music C'lub gave a mu
sicale and tea at Willamette hall Satur
day afternoon. About 150 invited lady
guests were present and enjoyed the
eventful occasion. The window blinds
were lowered and the effect of colored
electric lights and ban iuet lamps on the
tea tables were grand. Features of the
artistic decorations were ferns, Oregon
grape and yellow daffodils. The recep
tion coram. ttee were Mrs. Clark Ganong
Mrs. K. H. Bhehaa,. Mrs, Jr-H. Strict
ler, Miss Hazel Pillsbury, Mrs. Charles
Miner, mis. Alex Thomas, Mrs. Ira
Wishart, Miss Mattie Draper, Mrs. L
A. Dresser, Mrs William Andresen, Mrs,
Frances Freeman, Miss Ora Spanglex
Mrs. Charles Caufield, Miss Gertrude
Fin.ey, Miss Addie Clark, Miss Nan
Mrs. J. li, fillsbury, Mrs. T. A. Pope
Mrs. Uiarles Albright and Mrs. Robert
Miller presided at the four tables and
were assisted by Mrs. Franklin T. Grif-
fith .Mrs. Allen Ellsworth, of Portland
I Miss Amy Kelly, Miss Erma Lawrence
Mitts Edith Wishart, Miss Lucy Wil
Hams, of Salem, Miss Sade Chase and
Miss Greta Strickler.
Mrs. J. H. Strickler was director
the excellent musical program and Miss
Ora Spangler was accompanist. First
on the program was a wedding march
from Lohengrin (Wagner), followed
with a Quis Est Home, from Stabat Ma-
ter (Rosini), by Mrs. R. C. Ganong and
Mrs. Alex Thomas. Mrs. Stricklor's
quartet sang several selections, as also
did the club. Mrs. Robert A. Miller
gave a Shakespearean reading and Mrs.
Thomas sang a solo.
Furnished Every Week bv Clacka.
mas Abstract & Trust Co.
W. II. Black to T. Buckman. 401.01 a
sec 21. 3. le: 11.150.
L. Robluns to W H. Vaughn. V
sv and lots 1, 2, stc 30, 6 t, 8 e ; $-150.
State to A. J. Hess, w of a4' and e
of BWJi sec 0, 4 s, 9 e; 200.
A. J. ilecs to T. H. Ward. Iltfl a n
5, 4 s, 0 e ; 200.
.. If. Hedges to II. Ward. 2Rn a ,.
ii",e; fdou,
Schools That w'M he Tauaht
Some Clackamas County
Charles Misler, of Aurora, commenced
a 3 months term of school in district 59,
Miss Myra Sharp, of University Park,
will commence a term of school in dis
trict No. 9, on the Clackamas, Monday.
Charles Hansen, who has been teach
ing a term of school at Wilsonville, will
begin a term in the Wood's district
Wiliard W. Austen will continue to
teach the lower Logan school. Mrs.
M. E. Karten well begin a term of Bchool
at upper Logan next Monday, and Mrs.
Matilda Frakes has been re-elected to
teach the north Logan school.
Miss Anna Young is teaching the
Rock creek school, near Damascus.
Frank Gill will begin a term of school
at Garfield next Monday.
A. B. Herman is teaching the Eiwood
Robert Ginther will begin a term of
school at Beaver Creek ne xt Monday.
Miss Lizzie Blakney will teach the
Happy Hollow school.
Porlieres and Lace Cartel ns
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our prices will tpoak f r themarlm.
"In five years I used 20
brooms at 25 cents eachi
Total cost, $5.oo. I have
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cost $3 and Is good
for five years more."
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benefit of ease, pleasure and convenience;
have saved my time, labor, carpets, health
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Summer Floor Dressing.
Matting, clean and comfn table, eaeily
kept clean,' price IU cents pi r yara an.:
Bvjllomu & Busch,
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum
A.affl baking powders are the greatest
menacers to health of the present day,
Of Stockholders of the Willamette
Savings iC Ixxm Ass'n.
Hazel Ui School Report.
The following is the report of school
district No. 37, for the month ending
March 25: .
Those who wore neither absent nor
tardy are, Florence Hays, Agnes and
Lynnette Shipley, Earl and Carroll
Shipley, Henry and Willie Nagle, Mil
ton Shipley, Winfield and Ethel Baker,
Willie, Carl and Louisa Weltner, Ferdi,
Pearl and Ivor Long, and Anna Bor
Visitors present during the month
were, Mesdames Shipley, Childs, Hays,
Whitten, Pitts, Weltner, Nagle, Baker;
Misses Maud Walling, Blanch Dyer,
Addie and Zena Whitten,' Nina Wauker
Minnie Nida; Messrs Alex Thompson,
M.Long, John Long, Frank Whitten,
Guy Huys, Frank Childs, Harry Far-
mer.and Masters Hepple Shipley and
Clarence Whitten.
Aura D. Thompoen, Teacher;
Mar. 24: . ; '
per share.
11 i
A Sure Thin for Ton,
A transaction in which you cannot lose
is a sure thing. Biliousness, sick head
ache, furred tongue, fever, piles anda
thousand other ills are caused by coc
stlpation and sluggish liver. Cascarets
Candy Cathartic, the wonderful new
liver stimulant and intestinal tonic are
by all druggists guaranteed to cure or
money refunded. C. C. O. are a sura
thing. Try a box to-day; 10c, 25o, BO,
Sample and booklet free. All druggists
Mining Company Notice.
Notice is hereby given that a meeting
of the Blue River Mining and Millinv
Company will be held at the city council
chamber on Monday, April 3, at 2 p. m .
J. M.Tkacy, President.
J. J. Cooke, Secretary.
The regular annual meeting of stock
holders of the Willamette Savings and
Loan Association was held Ma-ch 20th
for the election of Directors and Audi
tors, also for the reading of reports of
The secretary's report shows a very
satisfactory condition of, affairs. The
Association has not earned quite as
much as for the previous fiscal year on
account of the idle money on hand.
Very 'ew applications for loans having
been made during the year.
There is now loaned out on first
mortgages and collateral security (9,055.
There is on hand in city and county
warrants, $437.22 and cash on hand,
12,107 28.
The book value of Block is :
SerieB No. 1 is (40.74
" " 2 " 34.46
11 it 3 11 23.32 " '
" " 4 " 12.94 " '
The expeuse of conducting the affairs
of the association is very small, and the
fact that it is managed by a board oi di
rectors composed of welt known citizens
in whom all have confidence, makes it a
safe and profitable way ., jpLinyesting; ,
small savings. Series No. 5 has just
oeen opened ana should be taken up
rapidly. Local pride should influence
all to take stock in the Willamette Sav
ing and Loan Association in preference
to outside institutions. The following
directors were elected : Geo. A. Hard
ing, Rudolph Koerner, H. E. Straight,
W. A. Huntley, T. F. Ryan, L. L. Por
ter, E. E Cliarman, A. W. France and
E. G. Cauflold. The auditors elected
were, A. W, Cheney, Max Bollack anil
Chas. II. CaufieM. The secretary is G.
B. Dimmick, who will be plnased to give
information regarding its plan of operation.
For Rent The large 8 room, modern
eonstrneted house, lately occupied by
Rev, M. L. Rugg, for rent,
II. E. Ckoss, Agent.
H. L. Stmtton to Ira Lawrence, lots
8, 9. Mk 8 Falls View $375
a. k. Btepnens by sheriff toT. Davis,
55 s, fee 3, 4 b,2 e; 307.
T. Davis to J. Davis 65 a, sec 3, 4 s.
W. J. Stratton 0 A. I,. MHttfw.n
J I. II. . . "
1, ihk H8, uregon Ulty; :'(J0.
G. Kuenzie to J. A. Btede, 80 a H.C
Moody elm : II. 100.
M. G adsti ne lo fingsruian, SO a, Bee
, i e ; i.
V. loe to (4. h. Coese, 100 a. sec 11,
2 s. 3e; il,.0.
G. W. Avery to D. J. Firn, 12 a J. G.
raii( ru tim ; former deed.
U. M. Ofborn 10 H. J Dobsm, 7 a,
irar n,gie VJrreit UrIMufl ; I! 1,1.
on . HHr,in J- M. Lamar, Its 13.
oj, un o, ftdgeworxl ; 123.
' O. ( It-men is 10 M. Pi.rter, part of
yA. see z,3n,le; oUO.
8. J. Drwison o C. D. Burnett, 7 a
nesr Enele Creek bridge: tm,
Ada Norrfd to T. L. Sini'h, loti 5, 6,
oik . rails View; 170.
J. K. Evans to E. A. Evnr. 14.84 as
weirh -lin. Hi a rc 8. 2. a. 2 e. lots a
4. Mk 12, MttivhfiVM; H00.
M.Mrjri toW. Jtni key, 75 a, K. Lar
klisHiu. 6n.2e; $1 500.
4. C. Bradley to M. L. Btadley. tot 7,
I'lW 131, Oregon Citv, M00.
O. T To ne to F. Bidder, 40 a, sec
23.S..1 r; $12
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