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    6o to Work!
Go to work on Lumbago as if yon In
tended to oure it, and with tbe use of
Bt. Jacobi Oil it can be cared very
promptly and lurely. Bub hard for
In Japan fashion compels married
women to blacken their teeth, not as
an ornament, but to make them ugly
and save them from temptation.
Out of Mind.
In other months we forget
the harsk winds of Spring.
TBut they have their use, as
some say, to blow oat the
bad air accumulated after
Winter storms and Spring
thaws. There is far more
important accumulation - of
badness in the veins and ar
teries of humanity, .which
needs Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This great Sdhiik Medicine clarities tht
blood as nothing else can. It cures scro
fula, kidney disease, liver troubles, rheu
matism and kindred ailments. Thus it
gives perfect health, strength and appetite
for months to come.
Kidneys "My kidneys troubled me,
and on advice took Hood's Sarsaparilla
which gave prompt relief, better appetite.
My sleep is refreshing,, it cured my wife
len ' ' f If u l hi Hnvtf Qi74 lannn atrniit
Pittsburg, Pa.
Dyspepsia "Complicated with liver
and kidney trouble, I suffered for years
with dyspepsia, with severe pains. Hood's
Barsapanlla made me strong and heart v."
J. B. Emerton, Main street, Auburn, Me,
Hip Disease "Five running sores on
my hip caused me to ;ise crutches. Was
' confined to bed everv winter. . Hood's Kar
saparilla saved my life, as it cured me per
fectly. Am strong and well." Annii
Robert, 49 Fourth street, Fall River, Mass.
3fccd& SaUabatilCn
X. h'fiVJJIUl.l.l.lWF V
IBS I I I 1 1 1 1 1 I
good's Pills cure liver lilj, tht non-lrrltatlng aW
only cathartic to take with Hood's Sarsaparill
If there is one time in a man's life
when ha is devoutly thankful it is
when he feels the old boarding house
oat i tub up against his trouers on the
day when rabbit stew is announoed.
Yonker Statesman.
A Yankee Pis;.
' First Spanish citizen Carrambal
These Yankee pigs are insufferable.
Second Spanish citizen Of course.
But what 1b your complaint?
"I offered to let one kiok me for a
peso, and he kicked me and refused to
pay." Omaha World-Herald,
When coming1 to Ban Francisco go to
Rrnnklvn Hotel. 208-212 Bush street.
American or European plan. Boom and
board $1.00 to $1.50 per day ; rooms 60 cents
to $1.00 per day ; single meals 29 cents.
Dree coach. C'lias. Montgomery.
"I hope your hired girl knows her
plaoe." "Yes, and inns it." Phila
delphia Bulletin.
No household Is com Die te without a bot-
tie of the famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It
Is a pure and wholesome stimulant rec
ommended by all physicians. Don't ne-
(lect tnis necessity.
"As soon as a woman gets fat," says
the Savage Bachelor, "her next move
Is to get a photograph taken that looks
like the front of a butoher shop." In
dianapolis Journal.
riT Permanently Cured. No fltsor nervouanea
ill after first day's uae of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Restorer. Bend for tKKK B.00 trial
bottle and treatise. DR. B. H, KLXN IS, Ltd., 830
Arch street, rhuaaeipnie, rs
It seems queer that a playwright
ihould frequently get a play wrong.
Chicago Daily Sews.
How Mrs. Flnkbam Helps
Overcome Them.
Mrs. Mart Bollixger, 1101 Marianne,
St.. Chicago, III., to Mrs. Pinkham:
" I have been troubled for the past
two vears with falling of the womb,
leucorrhoea, pains over my body, sick
headaches, backache, nervousness and
weakness. I tried doctors and various
remedies without relief. After taking
two bottles of your Vegetable Com
nound. the relief I obtained was truly
wonderful. I have now taken severaV
more bottles of your famous medicine,
and can say that I am entirely cured."
Mrs. Hbsby Dorr. Jo 808 r inoiey at,
Cincinnati. Ohio, to Mrs. Pinkham:
For a. lonr time I suffered with
chronic Inflammation of the womb,
oain In abdomen and bearing-down
feeling. Was very nervous at times, and
ao weak I was hardly able to do any
thing. Was subjeo to headaches, also
troubled with leucorrboea. After doo
torlng for many month with different
physicians, and getting no relief, I had
riven up all hope of being well
again when I read of the great good
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com'
eound was doing I decided immedi'
ately to give It a trial. The result was
imply past belief. After taking four
bottles of Vegetable Compound and
using three packages of Sanative Wash
I can sar I feel like a new woman. 1
deem It my duty to announce the fact
to my fellow sufferers that Lydia
K. Pinkham' Vegetable remedies have
entirely cured me of all my pains and
suffering I have her alone to thank
for mv recovery, for which I am grate
ftiL May heaven bless her for tht
food work she is doing for our sex.
CUHi8 Htttfc ALL tLSt WIS. t
Beat tough byrop. Tames Good. Us I I
In time. Sold by druretsu. 1 1
7- X - v . J
An Improred Brooder.
The Orange Judd Farmer gives com
prehensive illustrations of an Improved
Fig. 1 shows tbe brooder complete
with cover raised. The hover Is shown
within the top. The upper dotted line
shows . tbe position of the matched
board floor and the lower dotted line
shows the position of the sheet Iron
beneath which the lamp stove la placed.
Fig. 2 shows the drum of sheet Iron,
or galvanized Iron, which is attached
to the edge of a circular opening In the
floor, as shown In Fig. 3. This cut
shows the floor, the sheet Iron and tbe
two Inch space between them with the
lamp underneath the sheet Iron. Tbe
air above the sheet Iron Is warmer and
rises through the drum, escaping
through the small openings under the
top, out into tbe brooder. A cloth cur
tain is hung around the edge of the
broad top of the drum, forming a hover,
Into which tbe chicks go for warmth.
This curtain is "slashed" up every few
Inches. Openings In the sides of the
brooder admit air to the lamp to be
space between the sheet Iron and ti
floor '.above, and also ventilate the
brooifr chamber. These openings
from the brooder chamber can be con
trolled by corks In very cold weather.
Tbe brooder can be made any size up
no. 2.
no. 8.
to 3x4 feet, which is large enough for
seventy -five chicks. It can be heated
with an Incubator lamp or any good
lamp with No. 2 burner and large oil
Currant for Profit..
There Is no kind of small fruit that la
so sure a crop If kept from the worm as
tho currant. It also generally sells at
a good p'rlce, with the advantage to the
grower that the currants will remain
on the bushes two or three weeks, not
only without Injury, but each day
growing better after they are colored.
This may not altogether prevent a glut
In the market, but It at least gives the
currant grower more time iu which to
market his fruit. The only drawback
to currant growing Is the currant
worm, but this Is so easily killed by
timely applications of hellebore pow
der that it Is really an advantage to the
grower who uses It In time, as it de
stroys the currants of so ninny others
who would otherwise be his competi
tors. There Is nothing usually to be
made In what everybody can produce
very easily. American Cultivator.
Stretching; Barbed Wire. - .
Barbed wire is uncomfortable stuff
at the best. One of the easiest ways,
perhaps, to handle It when placing It
upon posts Is with the device shown In
the accompanying Illustration, which
is from the American Agriculturist
This frame can be quickly made and
from It the wire can be unreeled as
rapidly as a man can walk, pulling tbe
framework after him. When his com
panlon Is ready to staple the wire to a
stake, the pin Is put through tbe side
of tbe frame, locking tbe reel, when
tbe wire can be pulled up as taut as
Trees by the Roadside.
Many farmers when setting out trees
by the roadside make the mistake of
planting only one variety, which hap
pens to be the one that tbey particu
larly admire. But variety of scenery
adds much to Its attractiveness, and
row of trees of different kinds shows In
the varying foliage far more beauty
than a single variety could do. Besides,
where there Is a long row of trees,
some will be on low and wet soli, and
others on that which Is high and dry.
Besides, each kind of tree should have
the particular soil that It Is best adapt-
ed to.- An exception to this rule of In
tersperslng varieties Is found where
rows of atgar maples are planted along
roadsides), to be tapped for tap when
old enough. It Is then economy to have
the trees In unbroken rows, so that the
sap may be gathered more easily. A
row or grove of maples near the house
will usually be tapped every spring,
while the more distant sugar bush may
be neglected, when the woods are full '
of deep snow and It Is hard work to get
Into them.
How to Secure I arsre Potatoes
It will pay to thin potatoes to one
stalk in a nlace qnd so eive all tbe
strength and moisture oj the land to
those that remain. It might be well
to cut all eyes of the potatoes when
planted, exoept such as are desired to
grow, and so save the trouble of thin
ning out the field to some extent. There
is no profit In growing a large crop of
potatoes unless they are of merchant
able size. The largest potatoes are al
ways found where the largest and
strongest 6talks grow, and the smn.ii
ones where they are small and weak.
It Is a mistake to plant small seed, or
to cut the large ones to one or two eyes
to save seed and to reduce the number
of plants, as the common practice is.
It Is much better to plant whole pota
toes of good size, or. If large, to cut
them at most only In halves. Of course,
It will cost more to seed a field, but
with good, seed properly tnlnned, much
better results can be obtained.
If one desires to raise the largest
quantity possible from a few seed,
great results can be obtained by taking
off the shoots and transplanting, but
tbe potatoes will not grow large. It
may not be known to some people that
each eye In a potato Is capable of pro
ducing a lanre number of shoots; as
fast as taken off others will grow. Usu
aly not more than two or three to each
eye will start when planted, but that
number is far too many to be left to
grow. Orange Judd Farmer.
But for the great corn crop made In
the South last season the price would
be mountain high, and the cotton States
would be badly stranded. The escape
from the peril Incident to being caught
between the rocks of 4-cent cotton
and $1 corn, should afford a warning
never to be forgotten.
It Is among the probabilities of the
near future that the Gulf States will
be called upon to reverse the old order
of things and ship to the West for the
unfertilized lands of that section are
not responding with their old-time bar
est of that cereal.
For the next few years, and perhaps
always, there will be a splendid mar
ket for corn and hay in Cuba and Porto
Rico, that we ought to capture and con
trol; and when the work begins on the
Nicaragua Canal the Gulf States should
supply the corn and forage consumed
In course of construction, as well as tho
cattle, mules and lumber; and later on
we should make enormous shipments
of these products through the great
canal. Aberdeen Kx.
Preparation for Clover.
Usually there is not much difficulty
In securing a stand of clover, but ow
ing to a diversity of soils there are oc
casions lir small areas upon which the
young clover plants fail to grow. - To
guard n gainst this failure haul manure
direct from the horse stable and scat
ter It thinly over those places. Straw
should be used liberally for bedding,
and during the winter enough manure
will be made to cover several acres.
The soluble parts of the manure are
washed Into the surface soli, where
they are easily available for the young
clover plant Tbe straw serves as
mulch, affording considerable protec
tion should an early drouth follow,
Clover haulm can be used the same
way, thereby getting the benefit of any
seed remaining In It Whatever the
method employed, we cannot be
thorough In the preparation for
clover crop. Orange Judd Farmer.
Variation of Cultivated Plants.
Most of the forest, trees have very lit
tle variation from their original stock
when grown from seed. With trees
that have been long In cultivation, the
variation Is so much greater that the
only way to secure the Identical va
riety desired Is by budding and graft
ing. It Is probable that cultivation and
better care given to trees and plants
has much to do with making new and
better varieties It Is after seasons
that are unusually favorable to fruit of
all kinds that tbe best varieties have
been originated. It Is always worth
while to plant the seed of extra choice
fruit and see what variety will come
from It Exchange. ,
Home-Made Ch-eee for farmer.,
A great deal of the complaint of over
production of dairy products would be
obviated if more farmers mado a prac
tice each year of using enough milk for
cheese to have a supply always on the
family table. There is no better, cheap
er or more healthful nutrition than can
DO rouna in cueeae. n columns an me
strength-giving nutrition for which
meat Is often eaten, and even when
bought at retail, the cheese gives this
much more cheaply than meat could
do. Almost everybody likes cheese, and
If more farmers made and used It they
would avoid the necessity of eating an
excess of meat, as many now do, In
hot weather.
Feedlnar Cotton-feed Heal.
Cotton-seed meal Is extremely dif
ficult of digestion, and should never be
given to young animals or those wblcb
from advanced age have a weak diges
tion. Tbe bull which Is shown by dark
spots In tbe meal is almost entirely In
digestible. Calves and pigs bave been
killed by eating small amounts of dark
cotton-seed meal. Ruminant animals
can digest It better, but it Is so concen
trated a food that It ought always to be
fed with some bulky but less nutri
tious ration. A small amount of cotton-seed
meal In a pailful of bran mash
can be eaten safely by a cow.
That man who can afford to make
enemies is certainly rich In expedient
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy,
Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the
California Fiq Syrup Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laxa
tive principles of plants known to be
them in the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
Is the one perfect strengthening laxa-
.1 -1 - l i - IX . 11
live, uieauaiuK me bystcm eucvbunuj',
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation per
manently, - Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub
stance, and its acting on the kidneys,
i; j 1 - l L 1 J
liver anu uuweis, witiiuui wiKeuiu(r
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
are used, as they are pleasant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatio plants, by a method
known to the California Fig Syrup
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
effects and .to avoid imitations, please
remember the full name of the Company
printed on the front of every package,
For sale by all Druggists. Price 50c. per bottle.
Archery In the Heart of the City.
The military students atTung-Chou.
China, are a conspicuous nuisance.
They have a way of using one of the
main streets in the.city as a oonvenienl
spot for practicing archery, and we
have been repeatedly obliged to edge
up to the extreme edge of the footpath
to avoid possible eocentrio flights of
arrows. Characteristically, it never
occurs to them to suspend operations
for others' safety or convenience, and
minor accidents must be not uncom
mon. A lad was brought to the lioe
pit at the other day who had been struck
by an arrow just below the eye,, aa he
was editing alone the highway. He
was not badly hurt, and probably re
garded his injury as incidental to th
ordinary tisks of travel on oity streets,
North China Herald.
With local application!, ai tber cannot reach
the Beat of the disease. Catarrh ia a blood or
constitutional disease, and in order to oure it
you must take internal remedies. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure la taken internally, and actsdirectly
on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure ia not a quack medloine. It was
prescribed by one of the best physicians in thia
country lor years, ana is a regular prescription
It la oomrjosed of the best tonics known. Oom
bined with the best blood purifiers, acting di
rectly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two ingredients is what pro.
auces sucn wonaenui results in curing oaiarrn,
eena lor testimonials, iree.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Proprs., Toledo, O,
Sold br drufrgiata, price 7&o.
Halls family Pills are the best
The phrenologist always has bis bus
iness on the brain. Chicago Daily
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oriqon
can sive vou the best bargains In eenera
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. Tbe new
steel I XL windmill, sold by him, is un
- Tbe Digger Indians must have to
scratch for a living. L. A. W. Bulle
His Peculiar View.
"Doesn't it sometimes make you
gloomy to hear the wind howling about
on a wild night?"
"No," answered the man with a care
worn look. "I rather like to hear it
The wind doesn't come up and rin
your doorbell and ask how about tha
bill, or tell you you'll get arrested if
von don't tag your dog. It doesn
sing 'I won't go home till morning
away off tbe key and disgrace the
neighborhood. It howls because it en
ioys it. But it never says anything to
hurt anvbody's feelings. I sometimes
honestly wish that there was more
wind in this life and less people."
Washington Star.
Sensitive on That Read.
The illustrious senator, who still
lacked a dozen or more votes of re-eleo-
tion, was in the barber's chair. Th
razorial artist ran bis fingers tbrongl
his oiiHtomer's hair.
"Bee in 8 tather dry and dead," he
said, in a deferential and suggestive
"Great Soottl" exclaimed the illus
trious statesman, fiercely. "Can't I go
anywhere without having my deadlock)
throw up to me?" Chicago Tribjne
"Beloved, " he cried, throwing him
self at his wife's feet, "we have lost
all save honor!" Tbe woman pressed
her hand to her streaming eyes and
wept as if her heart were breaking.
, "How awkward I" die sobbed. "Just
the thing we don't need if we've got to
, dead-beat 1" Verily, it seemed that
relentless fate pursued
them. Detroit
Explaining It.
"Kow,"said the physioian who was
examining an applicant for life insnr
snoe, "1 shall have to ascertain your
chest expasnion." "My what?" asked
the applicant "Your chest expan
sion." "He means," Intrrupted I
friend who had come in with him, "the
difference between what you measure
when your chest isn't inflated and
what yoo measure when it is inflated."
"Oh," said the applicant, beginning
dimly to understand. len years ago
I measured around here" indicating
his rotund stomach "only 83 ichos. I
measure 48 now. I guess what yon call
my chest expansion is 16 inches."
I yonth's Companion
To Mend Shell Combs.
As tortoise shell combs are always
Arone to break easil.v, many may find
this hint a useful one. First slope the
! margins of the broken pieces for the
distances oi nuoui a quarter ui mi iiiui
from the edge; then overlap these
margins, and when thus arranged clamp
them together with a etrong letter clip,
and immerse the comb in boiling wa
tei for some time. As the horn softens
it unites. After it is thoroughly diy,
the place where the break had been
will be almost invisible. Boston
Globe. .
Molly Jack stole something from
nder my very nose while we were
down at the shore looking at those fish
ing boats.
Dolly What was it, a little smack?
Somerville Journal.
And Vmo Dnst Retnrn.
Mrs. Flyei Ha'ry, do you know
the dirt from which diamonds are
taken is blue?
Mr. Flyer No; but I know that the
fellow who has to put up the dust for
them generally is. Jewelers' Weekly.
Precious manhood Chronic, special am1
private diseases scientifically treated ami
JUltKU bv Dr. Hi. M. Katciine, me cnaui-
pion specialist of the Pacific coaft. Urin-
arv and Kidney Troubles, Lost Manhood,
Varicocele. Kupture, treated accordme to
latest and best methods known to medical
science. Dr. E. M. Katcliile, 265 Morrison
St., Portland, Or.
Experiments to produce dead men's
features from their skulls are being
made in Germany.
Anowder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, ner
vous and uncomfortable. If you have
smarting feet or tight snoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
walking; easy. Cures swollen ana sweating
feet, blisters and callous spots. Kelieves
corns and bunions of all pain and is a cer
tain cure for Chilblains, sweating, aamp
or frosted feet. We have over thirty thou
sand testimonials. Try it today. Sold by
all druggists and shoo tore," for 25c. Trial
paa.tage FxtHiJU. Address, Alien o. unli
sted, Lo Boy, N. Y.
The Mecican dog has no hair. The
hot climate makes such a covering su
They Work While You Sleep.'
While your mind and body reat, Caacarota
Candy Cathartlo repair your digestion, your
liver, your bowela, put them in perfect order.
All druggists, iuc, zoo, duo.
Professor Koch, of Berlin, Germany,
has discovered that butter, even the
best, contains bacilli of tnbeiculosis.
I know that my life was saved by Piso's
Cure for Consumption. John A. Miller,
Au Sable, Michigan, April 21, 1S95.
It is said that the mortality from
oancer in England is four and a half
times as great as it was 50 years ago.
The Pleasan tost, Most Powerful and
Effective Neverfalllng Remedy for
Jt J La Urlooe. Latarrn,
tko aaaa Will cure any aohe or pain known
In the human body. Bend lor trial bottle, i.'e.
This off ei lasts 80 days only. Large bottle (800
noses oi o iitturts eacnj ti.uj or tor tou.
167 anf 169 Doarburn St, Chicago.
. Glasgow, Scotland, numbers among
its population a man who is making a
manusoript copy of the Bible. lie ex
pects to finish it in two years.
Men requiring unsurpassed treatment ahould
consult personally or by letter "Free" with the
pioneer ana only exoiunivv uieu Biwviaiia m
linlied males. Diseases of men mad Mi
study of a life-time. Unfortunates everywhere
should Immediately oomniunlcat with Dr. Font,
of Chicago. Everything confidential. Remedies
snt every whsrt In sealed packages and letters In
plain envelopes. Correspondence solicited. Latest
Surgical, Medical and Klectrloal methods
adopted. Deluging Hi stomach with drugs aban
doned. Avoid drugs recommended by the unau
thorised and self-styled specialists In Western
towns. Few genuln specialists lucat outside of
New York or Chicago. In these cities yuur pri
vate alt'alrs are safe. Unequaled treatment fur all
diseases and weaknesses of th lleulto-Urliiary,
Bexual, Reproductive and Nervous Systems. Im
pediments to marriage removed, "Syphala"
positively purifies the blood, cures syphilis and
removes all whit ulcers In throat or mouth, cup
per colored spots on body and eruptions on skin,
also catarrh and rheumatism. "Vlgorala," tha
only permanent restorer and Invlgorator, gives
vigor to vital organs and nerves, prevents and
cures grip. 11 per buttle, for (5. Trial bottlea,
cither remedy, half price.
The president of a gss company
naturally has a light income. Chicago
Daily Hews.
Don't Have to Walt.
We don't have to wait, for oold, sore
ness and stiffness will come on (rem
excessive exeroise, but it will go imme
diately after using St. Jacobi Oil to
soften and strengthen the strained
muscles. '
The lighthouse at Corunna, Spain,
is believed to be the oldest one now
in use. It was erected during the reign
of Trajan, and rebuilt in 1034.
English Breakfast
Ideal Bknd
For Mills, Mines, Shops and rirmsjjlteel tog
glng snd Hoisting Knglnes; Hoe Chisel
Tooth Raws, Albany; firease, etc,
It to fWFIrst Street Portland, Or.
st-M Fremont ttireei, ban Francisco.
i r
I 111 IS
Railroad Aerois tho Knjllsh Channel.
Tha English Parliament is considering the
plan of connecting that country with France
bv railway. Engineers say a roadbed can be
laid on the bottom of the English channel,
and by mounting trestlework on wheels, so
that it projects above the water, the railway
can be operated. This seems beyond belief,
but It is perhaps no more remarkable than
some of the cures accomplished by Hostetters
Stomach Bitters in bad cases nf dyspepsia, in-,
digestion and constipation. This is anageol
wonderful tchievemen Is.
In Paraguay, a gentleman is enjoined
bv the laws of good society to kiss
every iady to whom he is introduced.
To Cnro a Ool'd In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund money if it fails to
cure. 25c.
Tommy "Paw, what is a joint
snake?" " Mr. Figg "The kind a man
gets from frequenting joints, 1 reckon."
Indianapolis Journal.
Mothers will rind Mrs. JVinslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children during the teething period.
A subterranean city existB in Galioiai
Austrian Poland, which oontains a
population of over 1,000 men, women
and chik'ren, many of .whom have
never seen the light of day.'
Kvery One Knows.
Why trifle with a Bprain when every
one knows that St. Jacobs Oil used id
the worst case will so strengthen the
injmed muscle as to make it tbe best
remedy for this dreaded pain.
There are 40,000 native pupils in
the Sunday schools of the Fiji Islands.
"lanffered Hie tortures of the Jamn4
with protruding piles brought on by constipa
tion with which I was afflicted for twenty
years. I ran across your CASCARETS in tbe
townot Newell, Ia., and never found anything
to equal thorn. To-day I am entirely tree from
ntlAB nnil fnAl lllta a new man. "
OH. Ksits, 1411 Jones St., Sioux City, Ia.
Pleaaant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. TO
Sood, Never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. IOo.inc.IOe.
Urllaf Mf .-", CMwtt, B.lr..l. Trk. Ill
Hr) TH RIP Sold and nnranted by all drug-KU'lU-BAlf
Kills to ! II UK Tobacco Habit.
A toil of very deep dark loam! will grow all
kinds of vegetables, grain, hay In great abun.
dance. Climate splendid. Crop failures im
possible. Adapted to the raising of cattle,
aheep, hogs; dairy and poultry industries. In
mining district, providing an excellent market
fnrall products. Also rich oranberrv lauds,
Magnificent chance if taken at once. Write lor
descriptive book giving lull parttcnlars. Ad.
dress todav. C. R. I lWITT, Secretary,
28 Thurlow Mock, San Krauclaco, CaU
Tbe Rational
Inventors Association.
i We do a general PATENT BUSINESS. W
secure, introduce ana sen patents, uur regis
tered attorney can get you patents direct from
the government without delay. Agents wanted
in every town to sell patented articles. Further
Information furnished on request. Room 618
Ckamher or Commkkci Building, Portland,
, . i ' . r 1,1
Be Strong In Spring
At no other time in (he year does your blood
need such purllv, richness and health. Yoni
dlsilness, languid feeling, palna In the back,
etc., all come from the blood, 'lake
Kssy and plcasniit to take. It will make yoo
atrong and well; it has cured thousands of
others. II per bottle at your druggist's.
ltoota drowned, llrldge Made,
l'aiiileas filling and extraction.
Dr. T. H. White,
Relief at Last
Praised by thousands of
aatlsned ladles aa safe, al
ways reliable and without
an equal. Ask druggist for
Dr. Hartal's French Female
1)111. I -l,k
' French Flaa on too In Blue.
White and Red. Insist on having tha genuln.
"Relief far Women," mailed KKKEln plain sealed
letter with testimonials anil part loulsr. Address,
FRENCH DRUG CO., 381 and 383 Pearl 81., N.V.
We guarantee to fit every case we undertake.
Doit put it off ; write for particulars at once,
C. H. WOOD A It 1) CO., Expert Truss
fitters, 108 Second Street, Portland, Or.
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cur Sick H.s.lsoh
and Drspepsla, RenioTe Pimples suit purify tbe
Blood, Aid IMgi'stlonandPrerent Biliousness. Do
not Gripe orHloken. Toconrlnce you. we will null
sample free, nrfull hoi for Vie. IR. HOKANIfcO
CO., Fhllada., sVeuiw. Bold by Druggists.
For GnnorrhaM anil 01tt get PabMCa Okay Bptclflo, II
tt tht ONLY medic id which will cur jMwh Mid vry
cam. HO CA8K known It hu evctr fstlfxt to cure, n
D)avttr how wrioui or of how lonir tiMiiliriff. Kuiult
from IU um wtll sMtonlnh joiu It tt atmohitalv wf,
nntvanw trii'tura, and can b taken without 1ncoor
nlfnoa and dtOfintton from biuintuv. FHKiK. S.00. Ft
ale hy all nl labia dnwrlnta, or tnut prepaid bj aaprtaifc
plainly wrapped on rocetnt of price, by
vy I'A HHT CUKMiOAX CO,, ChloaffO, ILL
Circular mailed on ntquwtk
lie Hie J for unnatural
diech argue, tnflenniiattoni,
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of nine one membrane.
IPreviau oqvhi. Palnieee, and not aitrlu
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i Blind, iieedlnaor Protruding
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Pile are ourti by
j Dr. Boaanko'ol
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A tuorbe tumure. tVm a
int fir .).. rreaueerree. writ
bH. fiUSA N KO, Patiiada., Pa.
mo aiwat four eae.
N. P. N. V.
WHEN wrltlnr to ad vertieera pleaee
mention thla paper.
) On receipt of 10 cents (in postage! we will
I mall to vonr address (postage prepaid), three
1 nc w compositions of sheet music.eupyrlguted,
7Sy candy
D5 rirlARTaJL'S
In I usssrs.l
eittOINNATI.O ,r
, J Sold hy DrewlaU,
4m j i vr wrti in pitiD wrapper.
V I r aipreee, prepaid, fo
Vlli fl-. or 3 bottlee, v.7.
Vr H Circular eeitt ou requeet