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    TJava It Handj.
B cried out in agony, and they ran
to the neighbors for help. Soiati'ja
was torturing him. ; Better ran for Bt.
Jacobs Oil, or have it handy. It. is
known to oure the worst oases, and
cure effeotnally.
The Power of Thongl.t.
The power in man to think is the es
sence of his soul. Thought can de
stroy, thought can save. Prentia Mil
ford said: "Thoughts are things."
Can you see this thought called things?
By intuition man perceives that thought
are thingB; by intellect he realizes the
thing, the effects. The power of
thoughts has fathomed the depth of the
heavens and brought us the com
forts and luxuries of our present civilization.
In the Head
Is an inflammation of the mucous mem
hmtiA linintf the nasal nassAe!.. Tr. u
caused by a cold or succession of colds,
combined with impure blood. The way to
cure it is by purifying and enriching the
blood with Hood's 8arsaparilla. This
medicine cures catarrh when all other
preparations fail. Remember
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It America's Greatest Medicine. $1; six for S.
Hood's Pills cure constipation. 25 cents.
The United States has 427,668 coke
ovens; Pennsylvania 26,910. .
The capital invested in cotton mills
in South Carolina now amounts to $18,
614,000. It is estimated that 85 per cent of
the silk goods need in the United States
ere the products of our own factories.
The laboi press announces that E.
V. Debs has severed his official connec
tion with all labor unions, and will
take the leoture platform.
A writer in an exchange 'declares
that 600,000 men now do the work.with
the aid of machinery, which needed
16,000,000 to do a few years ago.
The membership of the Cigarmakers'
International Union is taking a vote
oo a proposition to abolish the out-of-work
benefit and toi reduce the death
benefits about 20 per oent.
A good many of the New England
cotton mills may be making silk a few
years from now. Some of them have
caught on already to the advantages of
making the change.
It is reported that English machine
builders have oontracts for the equip
ment of many cotton mills in India,
including 11 mills being established in
Ahmedabad, where six more may be
in progress of construction.
Ko household is complete without a bot
tle of the famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It
is a pure and wholesome stimulant rec
ommended by all physicians. Don't ne
glect this necessity.
The original manuscript copy of
America's national hymn, "My Coun
try, 'Tis of Thee," written in 1882 by
Samuel Francis Smith, is now in the
famons Vatican library in Borne. A t
one time it was owned by David Pell
Secar, of Bridgeport, Conn., having
been persented to him by the author.
The Eev. Dr. Maher, while visiting
Mr. Secar a few years ago, saw it and
suggested that it be sent to the Vatican
The collection of meteorites in the
Paris natural history museum repre
sents 463 distinot falls,
FITS permanently Cured. H o flts or nervousne
m after lira, day' use of Dr. Kline's Ureat
A erve Restorer. Bead for FKKK ,00 trial
bottle and treatise. I) ft. B. H, KLUMJi, ltd., m
hoi sweet, riuiaueipma, ra.
Women eat so little and so irregu
larly tat it is a wonder it has never
occurred to Uncle Sam that they would
mAlrA onnri onLliara
These Grateful Women Who Have
Been Helped by Mrs. Pinknam.
Women who have suffered severely
and been relieved of their ills by Mrs.
Pinkham's advice and medicine are
constantly urging publication of their
statements for the benefit of other wo
men. Here are two such letters:
Mrs. Lizzie Hbverlt, 258 Merrlmao
St., Lowell, Mass., writes:
" It affords me great; pleasure to tell
all suffering women of thebenefit I have
received from taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's VegetableCompound. Icanhard-
ly find words to express my gratitude for
what she has done forme. My trouble
was ulceration of the womb. I was un
der the doctor's care.' Upon examina
tion he found fifteen very large ulcers,
uuvucittuea toaome good, j took see--
eralbottleof Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound, also used the Sanative
Wash, and am cured. Mr. Pinkham's
medicine saved my life, and I would
recommend it to all suffering women."
Mrs. Amos Trombleat, EUenburgh
v Wi . yM writes:
TV0011 cold at th me my baby
Wag born, on,,! J ..!
7 'us me to have milH
weeks. Doctors did me no gao i
surely tVought I would die I was al-
benefit she had derived from ul W
v Lydia E. Pinkham-. mit. . fln?
B1to7 '. 1 did so, and had
taken onlv half a v, ,
hie to sit in a cha
three hottl.. t . IMSr wltlnl
' ""u u mj own work.
j uuw ln penect Health.11,
Keeping Oat the Cold.
Hundreds of farm buildings that con
tain shivering and unthrifty stock all
through the winter months could, at al
most no expense whatever, e made
very warm and comfortable. Open
foundations and absence of any closed
foundation whatever cause much of the
coldness of farm buildings. Cheap hay
and swamp grass abound in almost all
sections. If a large quantity of this is
cut and put about the building and held
there In the manner shown in the cut,
the wind would very effectually be kept
out Two strips of boards, with lathe
nailed to them every fifteen Inches, will
keep the hay very snug. When winter
is past the hay can be used for bedding
during the spring months. American
' Packing Fmlt for Market.
The degree of ripeness should deter
mine the time of gathering the fruit
Host kinds of pears have a better flavor
if picked as soon as their growth Is
completed and permitted to ripen off
the tree. All the fruits should be han
dled carefully to prevent bruising, and
very particular care should be taken
with the tender fruits. The sorting
should be carefully done, according to
size and color, the wrapping to follow,
but all the fruit should be permitted to
cool before either is undertaken.
Throughout this work, the less han
dling that Is given the longer its condi
tion will remain good.
The packing should be done in such
a way as to hold the fruit protected
from Jostling and bruising while in
transit to market but yet It should not
be packed so closely as to prevent the
air front circulating through it freely,
Only such fruits should be packed as
are thoroughly sound, free from blem
ish, of good shape and of reasonably
good size.
Tender and soft fruits especially
should be cooled as soon after being
picked as practicable. The wrappers
should not be close enough in texture
to confine within them the moisture
that comes from the fruit by evapora
tion, or the fruit will be apt to mildew.
This is often seen on oranges wrapped
in a paper of close texture. The
changes goinjt on in ripe fruit generate
heat and this should be counteracted
as far as practicable. It is said that
even In a well-refrigerated car the heat
liberated from the fruit will often
more than counterbalance the cooling.
effect of the Ice. Hence, It is Important
to have rapid transportation to market
Before the heat generated by ripening
process causes decay. Texas Stock
and Farm Journal
Roo-jt for Chickens.
As the chickens obtain size, they may
be taught to go to roost In some room
that is not occupied. Here they will
be always under cover and safe at
night from their enemies. Make the
roost of broad strips of board, to pre-
vent crooked breast bones, and to re
duce the risk of vermin use the plan
of hanging the roosts shown In the cut
The strips rest on horizontal wires, to
which they are stapled beneath, and
are held firmly up by wires from the
ceiling. Exchange.
Rtnne Ranklna- for Barns.
In banking up against the walls of
basement barns, and especially In
hniidinir un a passageway to the en
trance, there is always strong tempta
tion to use stones piled in loosely as a
hnou where stones are over plentiful
on the farm. Yet this usually proves
a mistake. Rats will mvanamy eneci
. iivWmpnt among such stones, and
they will In time work through Into
the barn basement Besides, rains win
-ach riirt unions the stones, and It will
require oonstant attention every year
to keep the passage way so uiai ioaueu
wagons can be driven over it
In the peach orchard, and wherever
this fruit is eaten, the seed, or as It is
usually called, the "pit," will common
ly be thrown upon toe ground, where
. .
frosts will crack It and enable the germ,
to come forth. Even If not covered at
all, the root naturally strikes into the
Soil, so that it is ready to Supply
moisture whenever the growing shoots
demand it These seedling peach trees
are quite common in out-of-the-way
places. Sometimes a valuable new vari
ety is thus produced, though our experi
ence or natural peach trees grown from
the seed Is that most of them are nnor.
It is a safe proceeding to bud the young
tree wnen tt has grown from spring
until July or August. In that way you
may know in advance what class of
fruit you may expect to pick. Ameri
can Cultivator.
Pitting Potatoes.
Potatoes keeD better In a nit than
anywhere else, but chey must be well
protected to prevent zero weather
from catching them. . They should nev
er 'be covered deeply enough to allow
them to become at all heated or they
will Btart to grow. The first covering
should be not more than six Inches
deep, and this should not be Increased
until the ground has frozen enough to
bear up a man. Then put on a cover
ing of straw, over the soli already on,
and put on more soil, patting it down to
make tt shed rain. Leave the pit until
actual winter has come and the ground
is well frozen, and then over all put a
foot of fresh manure from the stables.
Don't be afraid of driving the frost In,
for this will not happen. Keep the
manure on until the Dotatoes are need-
ed in the spring, for the covered pit will.
.. A a, , ..... '
uui uiuw out nor wiu tne manure allow
it to freeze any more, and the' potatoes
will not sprout until time for planting
in the spring if left in the pit
Potatoes that are to' be used for seed
should be placed In a pit by themselves
so as to leave them undisturbed- until
taken out to plant Farmer's Voice,
Fnn Bath for Fowls "'
. It. is not alone the acid weather in
winter, but even more the lack of sun
light during Its short days, that re
stricts egg production at, this season.
Plenty of sunlight Is as 'essential as
warmth to make the heus lively and
healthful.' But the single glass narrow
windows, often only a single pane, and
that covered with dust and cobwebs
at all seasons, and with Ice In winter,
do little good. What are needed In all
henhouses are large windows with an
extra frame and glass with a space of
enclosed air large enough to All most
of the south side of the building. Keep
the place where the sunlight falls free
from manure and fill this with sand or
coal ashes. Fowls will dust themselves
here, and basking In the sunlight they
will soon begin to lay.
Vn'unble Knarlieh Bull.
An English newspaper says that the
celebrated bull Merry Hampton has
recently been purchased by Mr. Dus
tin, of Illinois, for the handsome price
of 300 guineas. Merry Hampton Is
from the herd of Mr. Peterkln, of
Dunglass, one of the group of Ross
shire breeders, who are so well known
at the great English shows.
Farm Profit.
When does the farmer make a profit?
There are hundreds of farmers who
have become 'wealthy, yet they have
handled very little money and hare had
difficulty in meeting their obligations.
There Is one bank account which they
do not draw upon, and the deposits ac
cumulate for years, and that Is the soil.
A fanner takes a poor farm, works It
adds manure, and receives but little
over expenses, but every year his farm
has become more fertile and also In
creased in value. In ten or more year
the farm may be worth five times the
original cost, and It represents just as
much profit as though the farmer had
received money. All farms are, to a
certain extent banks of deposit, where
the profits of the farm slowly accumu
"Mad Itch."
Some farmers cut corn and throw It
over to the hogs, stalk and all, which I
always thought was a waste. The
hogs will chew the sweet out of the
stalks and spit them out In wads. 11
cattle and sheep have access to the
same pasture they will gather up these
wads and eat them, which Is almost
certain death. In a few days they will
begin rubbing their heads and necki
on every tree and fence they come to,
and continue rubbing till they die.
Sometimes they will rub the flesh
away to the bone. The fine fibers col
lect around the root of the tongue and
cause an Irritation. In this country
people call It "mad ltch.H-Mrs. H. B.
The Imperial family of Austria is de
scended from Kudolph Vou Hapsburg,
fierman count, born in 1218, who wai
elected king of Germany in 1273. The
mate line died out la 1.40 with Emperor
Vari VI.. whose only dauehter. Maria
Theresa, gave ber band to Duke Franz
of Lorraine snd Tuscany, afterward
tr i.or Frans I. of Germany. He there
by became the founder of the new nous
of Hapsburg-LorralDa.
An Kxperlence of Queen Wllhelmlna
of Holland frith a Washerwoman.
Annie O. Knlper has an article In the
St. Nicholas on "Wllhelmlna, Queen of
Holland." ; The author says:
The young Queen has necessarily
more than other children always had
a good many lessons to learn, a good
many tasks to perform, a good many
duties to go through; but she has had
her holidays as well as other children,
and certanly enjoyed them quite as
much. She, of course, particularly
liked the Christmas holidays, and the
pleasant surprises they brought with
them, and one of her special pleasures
was to prepare a Christmas tree for an
elderly court lady, of whom she was
very fond.
The wlater of 1805 made no excep
tion to the rule. Queen Wllbelmlna's
old friend was, under some pretext or
other, Induced to go out. Her retreat
ing footsteps were eagerly listened for;
then the girl queen of 15 years gave
strict orders that no one should Inter
rupt her or enter the room while she
was busy with the tree. The lackeys
bowed low, and promised obedience;
the tree and the decorations and the
presents were carried Into the old lady's
room; then the Queen, left alone, began
to work.
She had been busy for some time,
now and then standing on tiptoe to fas
ten a bright bit of orange ribbon on a
higher branch of the tree, when there
was a knock at the door. With Indig
nant eyes the Queen looked up, or rath
er looked down, from the tree to the
door. Who was It that dared trouble
hercontrary to her most positive com
mands? She knitted her brows, and
went on with her work, feigning not to
have heard, the knock. Surely they
would not dare to repeat it? Hark!
there It was again. It was too bad!
She quickly walked up to the door,
opened it a very little bit, and asked
impatiently, "Why did you knock?
Who Is It?" ,v
The answer was- given without the
least hesitation,- - "It Is me, the washer
woman." . '
The washerwoman! Queen Wllhel
mlna was perplexed. She did not wish
any one to see the tree, and could not
send for the court lady, or any of her
attendants. So opening the door, she
said kindly: ' ' ;
' ."Well, come ' In and put down the
basket, but don't look around."
The woman did as she was told. She
had never seen the Queen of Holland,
and etlie felt perfectly at ease In the
presence of this youug girl, almost a
child, who was very simply dressed In
some dark woolen winter material.
' "Good afternoon, missy," she said.
"Where shatl I put the things?"
"Put thorn? Has the basket to be
"Why, of course It has, missy. That
Is always done."
"Oh, indeed! . Then put the things
somewhere, and make a little haste,
'The woman nodded and obeyed.
When the baskirt was empty, she hand
ed the Qwen a bit of paper, and said:
"Yon -will see that the things on this
list are all there,, won't you, missy?"
"Missy" began to eujoy the Joke. She
consulted tihu Hat, and counted the
things to see that all was correct Then
she sa.id kindly:
"It Is all right You can go now."
But the washerwoman was not satis
fied. '
"Go?" she repeated Indignantly. "No,
Indeed. I shan't go. I'll be paid first
The lady always pays me directly."
"Does she, really?" asked the Queeu.
"Indeed she does. You can ask her,
If you like."
The Queen saw that she would have
to act her part of "missy" to the end.
She found the situation amusing, and
casting down her laughing eyes, she
took out her purse, and counted the
money Into the laundress' hand.
"That's all right and thank you kind
ly," the woman said, taking up her bas
ket, and going to the door. Then, wltn
a glance at the half-decorated Chrlsi
mas tree, she added good-naturedly:
"And I wish you much pleasure. Good
by, missy." "
A gay, musical laugh rang through
the room when "missy" was alone
again. Her Majesty, the Queen of Hol
land, was, Indeed, not awustoined to be
addressed by that unpretending title.
How her sympathetic mother must
have smiled with pleasure when the
tree was ready, and the Queen of 15
years ran away to tell her what bad
happened! .
Sailors Explode Sharks.
The men In the fleet blockading Ha
vana beguiled the weary days by shark
fishing on somewhat novel lines. The
men fasten a small dynamite cartridge
to the end of a wire attached to an elec
tric machine. A lump of pork Is at
tached to the cartridge and thrown
overboard, and as soon as the creature
swallows the bait the current Is turned
on. the, dynamite explodes, and the
shark is blowu to pieces.
Pretty Girl Did you see the way that
man looked at me? It was positively
Big Brother Did he stare?
Pretty Girl-Stare? Why, no. He
ran his eyes over me and then glanced
oil at some one else, Just as If I wasn't
worth a second thought New York
Weekly. ' .
A u.l
Mrs. Oldham Is your husband still
your Ideal of a man?
Mrs. Youugman No. My Idol has
been shattered. We were at a dinner
party night before last, and when I
slipped my olive seeds over to have hlra
put them In bis pocket be refused to
take tbem.
It a never safe to put reliance In any
woman who refers to her marriage as
he result of a "girlish whim.''
Importance of Drudgery. i
. Drudgery is essential in all good
work. Some drudgery must precede
high effort and attainment in any and
every sphere. Mixing colors is the
drudgery in the greatest artist's paint
ing, as surely as in that of the young
beginner in his profession. He who is
not willing to do the needful drudgery
in the work he undertakes will never
be a sucoess in any high realm of his
aspirations. No man who is not ready
first to tread the lower rounds of a '.ad
der can ever hope to stand by and by
at the top. S. S. Times.
Confession of a Millionaire.
A millionaire confessed the secret of his
success in two words hard work. He put
In the best part of his life gaining dollars
and losing health, and now he was putting
in the other half spending dollars to get it
back. Nothing equals Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters for restoring health. It gets at the
starting point the stomach and cures
dyspepsia and indigestion.
Reed pens split at the end like quill
pens, have been found in Egyptian
tombs, dating probably 2,600 years be
fore Christ.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund money if it fails to
cure. 25c.
If a woman catches cold wearing a
thin dress to a reception her husband
escapes public censure, but if she
oatohes it hanging out clothes all but
his dearest friends stop speaking to him.
Stand By In Need.
Every living thing has pains and
aches sometimes, and the aches and
pains of humankind have a friend in
St. Jacobs Oil, which Btands by in need
to cure and restore. .
When a girl goes around from town
to town cooking oatmeal or a new kind
of panoake flour at a grocery store Bhe
is called a "demonstrator." The word
is so good that Atchison girls are using
it Instead of the word "oooking."
Atohison girls no longer cook potatoes
they "demonstrate" them. They also
give demonstrations in dishwaBhing.
1,1 '' i
When coming to San Francisco go" to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush street.
American or European plan. Boom and
board $1.00 to $1.60 per day; rooms 50 cents
to $1.00 per day j. single meals 28 cents.
Free coach. Chas. Montgomery.
Ate Hli Dinner in a Graveyard.
As a Brooklyn Fifth avenue trolly
car stopped the other day at the sta
tion adjoining Greenwood cemetery an
old man in the rear of the car startled
the other paesengeis by exclaiming in
tones loud enough to be plainly heard:
"In the mdst of life we are in death 1"
Following the direction of the old
man's eyes, the other passengers saw a
cemetery employe seated on a low white
stone at the head of a newly made
grave.' A tin dinner pail was fiimly
held between his knees and from it he
was eating his noonday meal. Near
him playing in the grass was a little
girl, probably the man's daughter. N.
Y' Snn' 1 " '
If you want the best wind mill, pumps,
tanks, tilows. wnffnim. hnlla nf nil ivt-
boilers, engines, or general machinery, see
or write JOHN POOLE, foot of Morrison
street, rortiaua, uregon.
It is an inexplicable fact that men
buried in an avalanche of snow hear
distinctly every word uttered by those
who are seeking for them, while their
most strenuous shouts fail to penetrate
even a few feet of the snow. .
Two bottles of PIbo's Cure for Consump
tion cured tne of a bad lung trouble. Mrs.
J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind., March 28. 1305.
Exports of cottonseed products for
the first five months of this year far
exceed those of the 12 months of 1898.
A French doctor has invented an
electric helmet, inside of whioh is a
small motor that vibrates strips of
steel, the motor making 600 turns per
minute, This whizzing is supposed to
cure nervous headache and put the
sufferer to sleep.
We offer One Hundred Dollua Reward for in?
cue of Catarrh that can not he cured by Hairs
itiarrn i;urc.
We the underaiKned, have known tf.J. Cheney
for the put 16 years, and believe him perfectly
honorable In all bunlntm transaction and fin
ancially able to carry out any obligation tnaUs
i Wr A Tr)AX,
Wholenale Dru(rlti, Toledo, O.
Wai-dino, Kinnan ft Marvik,
Whnln.alA Ilpit.rrrl., . T,.lwlA r
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, aoti'nB
directly on the blood and mncoui surfaces of
tnesystoi. rrlce 76c per botlle. Buld bjr ail
druggists. Testimonials In.
Hall's Family mu :to tbbest.
Warehousa Machinery, Chop Mills, Water Wheels.
Supplies of all Kinds.
Me carry In stonlt a lare supply of the above conreyers, both rlirht and left, whioh we will
ell at greail reduced price. Also all sizes of elevator bucket and bolu. we w
Write lor price-list and discount.
Willamet Iron Works
Front and Everett Sts.
Is It Wrong?
Get it Right
Keep It Right
Moore's Revealed Reined j will do It. Three
doees will make you leel better. Get it from
your drunrlst or an? wholesale drug bouse, or
iron Btewart Holme tirug Go, Seattle.
Root Crowned. Bridge Made,
faluleie fillleg and extraction.
Dr. T. H. White, ?0&or!r;
Don't Mind atha Wrathnr.
There is one thing that does not
mind the weather, and that is rheuma
tism; and one thing that does not mind
rheumatism is St. Jacobs Oil, as it
goes to woik upon it and cures right off.
Character From Sorrow.
Over and over again the old truth
comes back to us, that no man is good
for much till he has suffered a great
sorrow. The baptism of pain is one of
the instrumentalities whioh God uses
for purging away the dross of our na
tures and making us lit to be partaken
of the inheiitance of the saints in light.
Not those who have escaped the fiery
trial, but those who have gone through
it and come out unhurt aid glorified,
are to be envied. God knows what is
best for us. Therefore He sends first
one affliction and then another upon us.
Sometimes, because He sees it to be
necessary, He lifts the very floodgates,
and allows wave after wave of mis
fortune to sweep over us. If we have
the right stuff in us, we shall be
helped and not harmed by these seem
ing calamities. Christian Advocate.
The Porto Eicans demonstrate their
patriotism by shouting for freedom and
feeding themselves.
At the Storzzi palace in Rome,
Italy, there is a book made of marble,
the leaves being of marvelous thinness.
Bangor manufacturers are sending
oanoes of birch and canvas to Pales
tine, Japan, India and China.
If the earth were not enveloped with
atmosphere, the tomuerature on the
surface would be about 830 degrees be
lot" zero Fahrenheit.
In building nests birds usually avoid
the use of bright colored materials.
which would add to the chances of the
enemy in locating them.
In 1897 South Africa Imnorted
$1,437,634 worth of bioycles. In the
civilization process the wheel seems to
take preoedenae of the railway. " ':
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it la
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California Fig Syru
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the Importance of purchasing th
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs 1b manufactured
by the California Fio Sirup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the Cali
fornia Fig Bvkup Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far In advance of all other laxatives,
as it acta on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company
Louisville, k,. MKw tork. m. t.
If yon made a horn
stead entry prior to
June 22,1874, lor leas
you are entitled to an additional mi try,
which la assignable and worth something.
Widows and minor orphans of deceased sol,
dlers have same rlRht. I will buy it. Do no
waste postne unless yon made an orinlual
entry as stated abov.
JJlKK COLLINS, Helena, Montana.
Bend for Catalogue,
$45 $43 $45 $45 $45
1899 s&kc BICYCLES;
"fiat Wheel on Karth." " l
1890 Ideal r.-2.M, $a," $30. Bend for catalogue.
Live agents wanted everywhere.
Write tor Prices
1 bi-4, . . . a
. iot unnatural
ol.eiMiis, InlUmni.tion,,
of nuooes iujiirnM.
V - ' : - - - ., i,u. vau u
wEvim QhIM'Bi(H or polsonou.
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