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. " r. .: :
X .
city Library .
Ha, 69 00c; Val
, a pi.r bushel. '
. 3-45; graham,
i40c; choice- .
32; brew
t ton; nid'
-rrr lis. bo
,VQ.L. if NO. 1C. if
5 , ,'. Of Boys' Everyday and Sunday Clothes,
i ' , Of Suite and Heelers every one knows ;
- The best are at A. B. Steinbacb. & Co.'s. '
Our Boys' -,
', v Contains everything essential in the way of' clothing
for little tots :and big ones. "Our Suits, Overcoats -
,r -4 'and Reefers are the best money can buy;. best
'. ' becausemany years' experience HAS taught us
. ., how to discriminate between best clothes'and the
other kinds. ". ' ' - v
Tour money back if you my so," first, last '- .
aiul all the . time. . ,
i ' Boys' Suits and Reefers, $2.50 and up, .'
Boys' mackintoshes, from $2.00. . .
r Largest Clothiers in the Northwest
Wa Sons, Doll Buccies. Dolls.
Horns, Cornets, Bugles, Cradles,' Rockers, Trunks,
Black, Boards, Iron Toys, Banks,:, Pianos, GiimeSTin
Toys, Wooden Toys, Chairs, China Tea Sets, Toy Bogks,'
Xmas Cards, China Plates, Cups and Saucers, " &mas
Candles, Glass Ware, Vases, Auto. Albums, Photo Al
bums, Jewelry and thousands of other articles for the
Holiday trade, all at our well known low prices. Re
member our poods and prices can not be duplicated
even in the city of Portland.
Fresh Stock of
Depot for BAT nd FEKO
Dalr In.
i Also Fall line d Mill Feed, Lime, Cement aufl Land Plaster.
Our. 1st & Morrison, Portland j Or X
Since buying his Groceries
ofMARR $ MUIR, after
having traded for some time
at other stores. ' No stale or
inferior goods Jcept. ..
Rockinsr Horsed... Drums'.
for household use are amongst the
articles from our stock of Groceries
which are in constant demand. Their
richness, fine flavor and other excellent
qualities have made them prime favorites
with every housekeeper.
In. We also have sweet things in the
netiy line made fresh evtry day in our
akery besides the beet bread in the city.
uriN7 rn
I I mm I I mm V V
Baker5 and Orocers
Opposite Postofflce, - Oregon City
PATENT FLOUR is made entirely
from old wheat and when use it you do
not run the risk of having poor bread as
you do if you buy flour made by Tom,
Dick and Harry of all kinds of wheat.
' ' . -'Sew lira ' ," '
We see io news from our pretty little
village, and we. think it, shr-uld .take its
place among the many other little vil
lages, sp will send you a few HtuiS;
The. New Era school is progressing"
very nicely i under the management ol
Mrs, Wells. : I .; ' "". .." ' '
' Miss Caroline 'Bureoyne; vho is work
ing lor Meier & Frank Cri. at Portland,
was up lust Snndny to visit her folks.
Miss. Mary. Wickham. is 'on the" sick
list.,' . ' ,
Mr. Shaft hick' has discovered a gojd
mine on Ms place ui .New Era, , '
Wilbur Newburv made a fivina trio to
Oregon City last wee k on his wheel .
Isaac Johns 'is onthe. sick list with
several boils.. Thfcy say that boils are
worth five dollars a piece,. but hesays
he will sell bis for two fifty ' .
The youiib' neoole of this pommunitv
have orgimizcri n literary society. ' , ' .
Herman Buraovne is home for a few
days' visit. w . ; .' tv: '
John Bureoyne had a sbootina: match
at his place last Saturday and till that
were, present pronounced it a success.
Mr. Wickham has taken a contract for
a thousand cordsof wood. 1 v ;
John and Sam Crader have'a contract
for one hundred cords Of wood, and they
are seen daily plying ax and saw and ae
netting read) to visit their best Bins
Ltinstmas. t , - ,
Mr. Banking was seen passing through
our. city last ween. . ', '. . . .
We, hear 'rumors ot- a weddinir..
Whoop them along, sonny, let's heat
from another. ' ;
For fresh groceries go to J. C. New
bury. . M V . . , ' '
Sunday school at 3 d. n. Everybody
invited. . We have excellent music fur-
mstied by Miss Newbury. ;
Wonder What keot Miss Mausie Wick
ham and Miss Hattie Spulak home from
Sunday school last Sundav. Can vou
Nov. 22, .' , The Tbipl'ets,
' . .;''" - Logan. . " ;
Logan is situated about ten miles-east
of Oregon City on the south side of the
Ulnckamas river, t he Logan, neighbor,
hood is. six, miles in. length from east to
west and from two to three rniles in
breadih from north to south- This is
one pf the bist (arming . noiaminiities in
lias pOuniy and is dotted here and (here
with sonic of the finest farmf in the
' 'Ve have three public schools with a
total enrollment of 173 children of school
age on the desk's book, Mr. Fischer is
the proprietor of fiourinjf mills at this
place, which do considerable business
We also have a general merchandise
store and a blacksmith shou. Harding
grange has a inembernhip of nearly 100
members and is one of the moat pros
perous grange in this section of the state.
The Ravenswood Baptist church and
a Gtrman church ate excellent struct
ures and religions services are usually
well attended. "
J. H. Brown is the efficient and ac
comnioJating postmaster at this place.
L. V. Hampton, our erst-while neijth
ber, has married and expects to mske
his future home among us
Walter Rht pherd made a business
trip to Portland yesterday.
The Germans intend to build a par
sonage on their chu'ch property.
George B. Trotter, of Portland, visited
friends heie lasthaturday and 8unday.
Mrs J. Bahler, sr., is slowly improv
ing in healthj
Misses Emma Writfley and Mattie
Tellfson wer succesnf nl' applicants for
ceitiflcates at the last examination.
Several cases of whooping cough are
reported in this community,
-Nov. 22. ' W.
I have abundance of money to loan at
8 and choice loans will be made at 7.
o a uaii ii naming money.
O. H. Dye.
W. W. Irvin, of Barlow, wai In our burg last
Kev. 8hnle was called upon to perform
ucl uiwko wicuiuii; iuav ounuay,
P. J. Bldtni & Snn aro dnlnir anma nn1Hna
on th Bartman building Into which they will
BojrOray. who came from Walubunr, With
to be with hl lather, who la dangerously ill, haa
ukci, uuiiiunueu w reiurn 10 mat place on ac.
count of hla health. ,
O. n. Eby.our Khool tear.her. rtnrnd frn
Molalla last week, but not alone as baa been hU
custom, we euena our congiatulatiuna.
The Ladies' Aid Society will glvs an entertain
ment ana oyster supper Wednesday evening,
November 23rd.
Grandma Thompson will leave for Balera In a
few days, where she will visit with her sod and
uuiuecuus ineuus auring we Winter.
Nov-21, Pat.
gusan, tnvbeat gtrl! Tf you want a
?ini prweauie nenrnoornoixi u live In and while
inks that don'tsteel your hen roosts while vou
are asleep, for neighbors, conie to our burg and
we will make you welcome.
Mr. and Mrs. Augmt Funk spent Sunday with
their daughter, Mrs. Kullam.
Jack Kullam. who has been to Eautorau Oregon
the past summrr, return-id taut week and alter
spending f o weeks with his brother, Jim, re
turned to college at Portland for the winter to
finish hit course.
J. Lewis, of Sprlnawater.
ment of Mr. Moorhnuae at Redland It. Z,
. tou
Sunday and gave us some Mid facts.
The rain of of the past week Is Just What has
been wantrl for some time as nearly all the wells
on tliis ridge are down to low water mark.
There will not be more than oue-balf the wheat
sown on this ridge as last year.
A.M. Klrrh.ro has again made his anpearanee
In Kedland as regular at the clock work. VYnaU,
Ob, ebl
Guss Fisher Is not coins- to star behind tha
times. He Is now placing a cockle machine in
his mill that will take out eorkle and wild peas,
which will enable him W place a better grade of
flour on the market.
Mr. and Mr. Behlmer spent Sunday with Mr
and Mrs. h. Fnnk.
Onr school Is going on nicely under Mr. Ruther
ford's direetiou. The ciiildieu are just recover
ing from a case of sore eyes, and bow comes
cue of meaaies,bul we hope it Is nothing serions.
Nov. 21. Susan's Bmi Uihl,
Mountain View.
link- Waldron and family Lave moved
hito Mrs.1 Jiobert's house,,
Melvin Smallev. ef GreshaKi.'w'as in
thts burg again lastSunday, , . , ' ,
Mr. and Mrs. &.. L.'Jones and Miss,
Burns, of Mulino, spent Saturday even
ing afijongiriende in this burg. ,'
, .Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Wivld"ron are sew
ing for Mrs. Harrington. .',
Jos. Francis went hack to" his home at
Tualatift last Monday. , ' . -
Grandma Waltlroa is vifiit.inor'with her
liauKhteis and son this "week. ' ; '
Frank Kelloua and fmil.y have moved
into the H. li. .Cross house next door to
where they have Ueen living. V . .
Christmas is in the near fntnrn. The
PiWiday .school have lecided to have a
Xmas tree, and the running committee
pre out asking all whom they meet for
money. . . , ,.
Louise. Haas is sick thia"week and
absent from school- , 1 ' v. .
Hattie Kinir'o received some raw cot
ton Tuesday Ironr her aunt, who lives in
xexaB.' ....:, j.
Clara Barbur was not so well Jast
week as she has beenf . ; ;
Miss Emma Tngle is visiting whh her
sistur Mrs.;Will Everhart, a few days
this week. , 4
i Edgar. MaV is puendine; tliis week
with his aunt, Mrs. Ida Cooperi -
J. tverhart is courting asain this
week, as he, is one of the jurors for No
vember term of court, i. ,
ov,23. "
Sliubf l,
Rev. H. E. Hornshuh and family re
turned to their home at -Salem last Fri
day. ,
Kmil Hornshuh', who has been away
from home for the last three or four
months, is home again, - -
; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lindari, of Sea
side, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. W.
' Miss Clara Beeson was laken to Ore
gon City and placed in the d ictors care,
blie has been sick for some time .
There is some talk of dividing Beaver
Oreek. precinct in two . road districts.
it sueuiB everyone on tms Biue is in
favor of the same. 1 . , ' .
Miss "Ida, Gnenlher," who has been!
staying at Oregon City, is home on a
visit. . .' ,.: t i .
Miss Emma Hornhuh returned from
Canby, where she was visiting the last
MLniuhm bought a new chopper and
he Wi'H 4e ready t crind in a lew davs.
Now, all this neighborhood lacks is a
national bank to issuo bunk notes so the
people would have it handy when they
had to borrow money. ; .
Fred Moehnke has taken the contract
to furnish plunk for the half mile of road
which was graded last summer.
Those starched republicans must ad
mit that those dod lawyers do know that.
grass is green. Do you seethe point, Jake.
fluv.22. Max.
On Wednesday the 16th, Miss Dora
Athcy, of this place, and W. M. Bor
land, pf Hazeha, accompanied by the
parents of the young man and his broth
er, Arthur, and wife, went to Oregon
City, and at 0:45 a. m. were launched
out in their little bark canoe by Jude
Ryan, From the court house they went to
the gallery and ere photographed, then
back here to tin bride's parents' home,
where the wedding fe ist was in readi
nees. After doing j istice to the gooi
things set before them the party enjoyed
some time in mirthful talk. From there
they proceeded to the home tf the
groom's parents where more friends
were awmting tl em, and where also a
great feasi was spread. Here again they
feasted on the choice of the land and
visited until darkness came on, and
with it numerous of their young friends,
all proceeded to the hall where the
floors were waxed and the fiddles gotten
in readmesa and dancing reigned su
preme the entire night through. There
were about 100 present. Music was
furnished by O. P. and W.S.Sharp,
Dave Long, caller and manager. Many
pleasant words were offered the young
couple and they were made the recipi
ents of many nice presents.
J.Dickens and II. Gage arrived here
Saturday evening, each with a team
loaded with salmon from the Nestucca
Many people went from here Friday
evening, last, to attend the grange social
at Oswego.
John Gage and wife spent Sunday in
in Oregon City.
George Cline is hauling potatoes and
pumpkins to Willamette and the wood
So much rain fell Friday that the
creeks began to run for the first time
this season and work out doors took a
complete standstill.
The Baptists will hold a conference
hern this week.
Fred Gross wi'l give a ball in Tualatin
Grange hall on Thursday night.
Some hail fell here on Sunday last.
Kovember 23. Q.
I". 31. C. A Note ......
The benefit to be given the Oregon
City x. M. C. A. nromises to over
shadow anything ever attempted on this
line before. The talent is the pick of
the Portland Y. M. C. A. and each man
a master of his subject. It is hoped
that parents, at well as young folks,
wdl turn out and see the benefit of a
thorough physical training.
Sunday, Nov. 27th, at 4 p. m , Rev.
J; Ware will speak to men only at the
1. M. v. A.
Our rooms have been improved by the
addition of a fine, new clock, the gift of
Darmeisier a Auaresen.
Arrangement have been made to to
i Tlirfl Si tAlnnnrarv avmatiuainm tn lu
' used 'till the new building I, ieciired.
Several Important Cases )iiosel
Qfr-Cpurt Will - Adjourn .
This Week.1 f '
i . .."(Continued from last week.) '
' On the ihdictment against E. 13. Mar
tin for forging county warrants, the
jury failed to .agree", and were dis.
charged. '
.William Barjow vs Wilhelmina' Kpeh
ler ; sheriff sale confirmed."' -
Harriet H. K. -Denison vt Paul A.
Ozame;- sheriff sale confirmed.
J. H. Pomeroy vs, D. 1. Maaone:
E: C. Maddock, receiver, given permis
sion to lease the hop yard on the Ma-
gone premises to Ham Kee.
i In the matter of the assignment of E.
M. Hartman, A. B. . Marquam, the as
signee, made his final report, which was
tiled, . . -Minnie
Reed has filed a suit for a di
vorce .from Samuel L. Reed on the plea
adultery, inhuman treatment, nonsup-
port ana desertion
Stephen. Bingham, who was. indicted
for- selling liquors without license' at
Molalla, pleaded guilty, His fine, how
ever, wuB.remitted upon' pavment of
$50 oosta. ;. . -,'
Emma 0, Opdyke vs Henry E. Op
dyke; decree of divorce and plaintiff
awarded custody of inhv-r child.
John Duffy vs James Shaw, etalj
foreclosure for $600.
Dan Lyons ys James Baty j decree of
foreclosure for $400. '- . :
Martha Rintro vs W. H. H.' Samson,
et al ; decree of foreclosure for f 450.
Thomas Charman va W. E. Mum
power judgment for 183,
In the suit of Henry Nute against
Charles R, and. Charles W.' Noblitt for
$3,080, damages and expenses 'on ac
count of the Wilhoit stage accident.
The jury returned a verdict for the de
fendant. Thi attorneys tor the plain
tiff, were granted the privilege of filing
a motion for new trial within ten days.
Adam T. Achison, of Newberg; was
arraigned on an indictment charged
with assault with intent to commit rune
on tbe person of Elsie Roberts. The
jury returned a verdict of simple as
sault. ' . ,
.Court adjourned until Friday. , ''
. "South Before the War."
'Manager Rhively has secured a most
novel entertainment, Harry Marlell's
realistic southern production, "South
Before the War," and it is a most faith
ful (portrayal of life below the Mason
and Dixon line in anti bellum days.
The cotton fields, the camp meettnu on
Frog island and "the up-to-date cake
wslk, interpreted by a company of fifty
people. There is also the landing of
the old famous steambiat, Robert E,
Lee, and dancing of the most novel sort,
including buck and wing dancing on the
levee, making one of the grandest enter
tainments to be teen this season. There
is also a parade at noon. Shively's opera
house, Monday, November 28. Tickets
on sale at postottico store, 50 and 75c.
Than any other Department of OUR Store.
It is because Prescription Business is our hobby. It
is the one thing WE have been trying to make more per
fect than another for the past eight years. How well we
have succeeded is shown in Our record of nearly 65,000
Confidence in THIS department can not be gained in
a few weeks or months, but once gained it lasts as long as
honest integrity lasts.
We think
WE have gained the confidence of our customers and
friends during these eight year?, and now that it is gained,
we will try with fair treatment aid honest prices to retain it..
We have never put in any Prescription "just as good," as
is sometimes done. If we do not have in stock just what
your Prescription tails for we tell )ou so frankly.
We Believe
This ii one of the important factor of your confidence
in our Prescription Department.
C. G.
Prescription Druggist
. , ,
Mr. Paul Roethe was the lucky holder of ticket No.
2291 and therefore is ower of ttirijfap"6pTidii'c7"
Concehiing Loco! f:vc; - '
Affairs NviKed by tht.
. .- Courier. Reporter.
; Never before in the history of Gic.ftiM
atnas county has there beta surh t-co-. ..-
nomical and effective road vroik iis Js
being done. now. County Jutlce .Uyau
makes frequent tours of inspection trt:
country, to "personally inspect neeld
improvements and repairs, to roads anli
bridged. He makes a special stud Si
road matters, and is hecomiug conver
sant with the actual needs of each dis
trict. The commissioners, too, ar
equally diligent in road matters, and
are striving to do justice to each roach
district in the County.' Road contracts
and bridges are let to the lowest biddsv
not all to One man as formerly. . ,
i". .
. The' joint legislative committee ap
pointed at the special session, was iib
session at Portland' several days during:
the past week, drafting, new school .
laws to be presented at the regular term.
The new bill as diafted will contain a
provision that school books be selected
by a committee of five appointed by thfr
governor The aife .of children who
shall ; be entitled to , receive public
money shall: be raised irom 4 to G years-,,
and the time for. taking the examina
tion, extended to June.. It vfas' decided,
to make county treasurers act as treaa
uers of school districts, the clerks to
d aw warrants on district funds This? .
would obviate the ' necessity of district. "
clerks filing bonds. .
The patrous of school district No. 28rH
are howling loud and deep because their
children are being deprived of the ben
efit of the sehool fund, tied up in the
unpaid taxes of the Clayson estate.
The jury in. the damage suit of Nate
against Noblitts, are to be co npli
men ted on the verdict brought in. it.
-was a case of malicious prosecution to
bleed, the defendants out of damage?
ProlHiUt Court,
In the matter of the estate of Henry
Wernheim, deceased, George J. Currinn
administrator, filed his final account,,
and the fit it day of the term in Jannary
set as the time lor Hearing niial objec
tions thereto.
. The appointment of W.W. Myers am
guardian of the estate of Maud U wUy,
a minor, in place of Benjamin Rauey,,
was confirmed.
In the matter of the estate of Clurv
and Lilly Irwin, minors, W. W. liwi.
guardian, fiied a petition for the sale of.
eaid estate, A citation was ordered..
Doll heads, largest size and lowosr
prices than in Portland, at the Racket,
Holiday goods at pi ices surprising an.fi
styles to suit ali, at the Racket store.