Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, November 18, 1898, Image 8

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    Much in Little
Is especially true of Hood's Pills, for no medi
cine ever contained so great curative power In
so small space. They are a whole medicine
n n n i
.chest, always ready, al- aa a m
ways emcient, always sai- gup 111
tsfactory; prevent a cold III W
r fever, cure al) liver Ills,
Sick headache, Jaundice, constipation, etc. 26c.
The only Fills to take with hows sarsapariua.
For particulars apply at Coubier office, Oregon
City, . , ,
crtn A four-room house and lot In Oregon
WUUUcitv: eood location with fine vlow o
river; young trees and shrubs; place cost over
GllflflTwo'good houReB and lot; house rented
W UU vnear paper mill- Oregon City; will trade
or sell on installment plan.
Lighter than a feather.
More durable than silver
Guaranteed not to tarnish.
h hi i
Price, in velvet lined case,
10 cents.
charged. '' -
M. Campbell, foreman :
Oatta, Eugene Cumins; W. C.
Thomas W. Dibble. H. H.
George 0. Armstrong"
Proceedings of the Regular November
A long felt want.
size. Will Inst a life
.time. Price
10 cents
2 for 15 cents
OA flPPrC 360; eighty acres of land 10
OU tWjRLiii miles from Oregon City on
Highland road; 1U aeret in cultivation; part
brush land; good Bprlng water; sawmill on place,
Keur eliurcu ana sunooi.
Consisting of K lots, good garden spot, running
water the year round, 3 room house, good cellar,
barn big enough for two cows and 100 chlokens,
12 blocks from court house. Price 00. 0 per
cent Interest. (76 cash down. For particulars
Inquire at this office.
Insure in a first-class companies
With an experenced agent.
TILL 1900 FOR $1.50
until 1900 for 11.50 wh ich gives you the paper free
ior i monine, now is ine lime to suDscnue.
Shall we
tell you
why ?
F. E. Donaldson, Agent
Fire and Accident Insurance
r,o to A. C. Walls, Oregon City,
fri- Pili and Catarrh Remedies,
Cure guaranteed or money
jff' Our latest
jT cents.
f v. All three
I es llluatra
H STr.;'- A ed for 35
Thos. P. Ryani Judga) 8.
Morton Commissioners-
L, B
, EMEKSON (Minor),
12 K. Fullerton Avenue.
Chicago, Ills.
Life insurance is a good thine but
bealta insurance, by keeping the blood
ure wun Hood u isargaparilla, 18 still
Qrand Jury Discharged Court
Will Continue Next Week.
To Whom It May Concern A Snap,
1 Hiah Arm Household.
1 High Arm No. 7 American.
1 Singer.
o wKaaW k Wilson.
It agreeable easy terms will be given
at the Oregon City Auction House.
Probate Court.
In the probate court Friday O. M.
Idleman was notified to file a report of
his receipts and expenditures as execu
tor of the estate of Matilda Holt, de
ceased, with the county clerk on or be
fore the 17th day of November. Marga
ret E. Freeman, Mary E. Herren and
Sarah Gilraore, are beneficiaries of the
estate, who asked for such petition.
School Report.
Report of the Willsburg school for the
ninntli nndins November 4, 1898 :
Total number of dudHs enrolled to
.lut 41 nWnt nor Urdv during the
month 13, pupils not absent nor tardy
since enrolled 18, cases oi tarainens uur
ina Mm month, fl. Dercent of attendance
UO. Banking as named the following
pupils averaged 95 and above in de
portment: . Madalla Mason, Ralph
wuu Unth Wills. Laura Atchison,
Lorenio Lavegetto, Lillian Wills, Marie
Koschnitiky, Bernhart Olsen, William
Vlinkman. Clara Buchegger, Erwin
WUU Wlllnna Shriner. Georgetto
Borard, Samuel Driofs, Catherine
Hnrhmro-ar. Bertha Klinktnaii, Etta
Lnnlse Demeuther. Archie
Wills, Myrtle Atchison, Dona Hohn and
RuiraneW ills. 8. AUAU8, leacuer.
Go to A. C. Walls, Oregon City
for Pile and Catarrh Remedies
Cure Guaranteed or money re
Carloads of goods for Red Front, of
nurse--table oil cloth 12c. Cabot W. 6c,
seamless hose 10c, tough mule-skin
ttloves 25c, with call front 60c, 9 oi,
overalls 35c. dress goods, yarns, unde
wear, mackintoshes, capes, umbrellas
and shoes at cut prices.
Red Front Store, Oregon City.
1 Charles
F. Marks, Eichard
45 cents round trip from Oregon City
to Portland and return via Southern
raciflo trains. One way rate 25 cents.
Tickets now on sale at railroad depot.
Trains leave Oregon City at 8:40 a. m.,
nd 8:35 d. in., and arrives from Port
land at 9 :23 a. m. and 6 :62 p. ra. Save
time by using the quicker route.
each, at O.
-100 watches to repair at $1
A. Nash'a, Postoffioe build,
vinA Rait nScDer 100 lbs. stock salt
40c per 100 lbs, roast coffee 10c, line
roast coffee with good spoon 9 Ibi i $1,
Rising Sun stove polish 6c, Arm A H.
soda 7 Ue 25c, oira eeea oo.
Red Front Store, Oregon City.
(Continued from last week)
Henry Jewell vs Annie H. Whitlock.
ei ai, ana xioages vs Mess, dismissed
Frank Dervell vs William Buckman:
plaintiff given 10 days to answer.
fcmiiy fcncKson vs Anders Erickson (
decree oi divorce on tne plea of deser
W. A. Hedges vs E. Parker, et al:
Sheriff uooke ordered to make fore
closure deed to plaintiff.
Board of State School Land Commis
sioners vs Thomas Oharman, et al ; de
A. W. Lane vs Mary Lane J decree of
divorce on the plea of desertion.
Ida Grove vs P. W. Grove ; decree of
divorce on the plea of desertion, and de
fendant awarded the custody of minor
H. W. Cook vs Ella R. Burghardt
order for sheriff's deed.
Gustaf Peterson vs Adam Troge
sheriff '8 deed ordered.
Popp vs Perkle J renlevin suit. Jury
Eliza A, Jobes vs A. B. Jobes ; decree
of divorce on the plea of abandonment,
and the minor child, Estelle, awarded
to tne custody ot the plaintiff.
Louisa A. Kester vs Charles Rains
et al j decree of foreclosure for $580.
Hedges vs Hess: dismissed.
Minnie Criteser vs 8. J. Criteser; de
cree of divorce on the ulea of desertion
and the plaintiff awarded custody of
uiinvi vim, iicij, jjuuti ami msiu.
Henry Miley vs John Gordon, et al
judgment and execution for balance
deficiency after foreclosing a mortgage!
Alfred F. Sears, jr.. vs Richard Glass
pool, et al ; motion to dismiss overruled
and delendants given until the next sit
ting of court in Annl to file answer.
Merchants Exchange National Bank
vs Honorah Davoren, et al; stipulation
oi settlement.
Lizzie Mcradden vs Elsie Austin, et
al; A. S. Dresser appointed guardian
aa mum ior minor delendants.
Pacific States Savings, Loan and
Building Association vs Emma Millard
et a; ; decree of foreclosure for $'.'06,
The grand jury returned not true
bills against Milo Miller, charged with
committing rape on the person of Emma
Strubaur, and Uassius Austen, charged
with assaulting O. S. Herman.
John Babsch pleaded not guilty to the
indictment of assault with a dangerous
weapon. The demurrer to the indict
ment was overruled, and his tiial Bet
for November 25th.
E. E. Martin was arraigned for utter-
ng forged warrants, but the iurv fol
lowed instructions and brought in a
verdict of not guilty, as the offense was
committed in Multnomah county, he
having sold the warrants to 0. F.
Blvthat Portland. The iurv had not
yet agreed on a verdict when this pa
per went to press, on one of the charges
of lorgery.
O. K Leitiel vs John Glick : jury ver
diet for plaintiff in the sum of $235.
oeorge weber vs a. a. Kinearson
defendant allowed until Nov. 20th, to
answer plaintiff's complaint.
Dr. U. nytter pleaded not guilty to
two indictments for practicing medi
cine without a license, and his trial was
set for next Tuesday.
Walter Wyland is on trial.
The grand jury was discharged Wed
nosday evening, and submitted the fol
lowing report :
"first We have inquired tnto all
matters of crime brought before us, and
have returned into court 11 true bills
and five not true bills. We have also
examined into a number of cases, which
we do not deem necessary to set forth
in this report.
'Second We have visited the countv
jail and found the same in a neat and
clean condition ; we have also examined
the city jail of Oregon City, and find the
same in a satisfactory condition, and.
upon request we have visited the Mag
dalen Home, and as fur as we were per
muted to examine, we lound the same
in a neat and clean condition ; we have
called upon the various county officers
and find them diligent in their work
and obliging in manner, and we also
find that there is considerable inc-onven
ience in matters pertaining to the re
cowers oince, and we would recom
mend that those desks which are used
for abstract purposes lie removed from
the clerk's office, and that the west end
of the county clerk's office be partitioned
in a suitable manner and given to the
recorder. We do not deem it advisa
ble at thli time to employ an expert or
accountant to examine into the books
of the varioui county officers tor the
reason that a complete report at this
nme couiu not De nad.
"And now having completed our la
bora we most respectfully ask to be dia
Be it resolved that at a reeular term of
tne county court for the countv of t;iacfr
am as fo the state of Oregon, begun in
Oregon City, in said county and state
Monday, the 7th dav of November. 1898.
the same being the first Monday in said
month and the time fixed by law for
holding a regular term of said court.
Present, Hon Thomas F. Rvan.iudge:
Elmer Dixon, clerk ; J. J. Cooke, sheriff.
Whereupon a term of said court is be
gan and held on Wednesday, the 9th day
of November, 1898, the Bame being the
first Monday In said month and the time
fixed by law for the first day of said term
of court for the transaction of county
bus'ness: Present, Thomas F. Rvan.
udge: S. F. Marks and J. R.Morton.
commissioners ; Elmer Dixon, clerk ; and
J. J. Cooke, sheriff.
The court convened according to law
nd now on this day the following busi
ness was had to-wit : -
In the matter of the petition of Phebe
Sharp for a road of public easement.
The same waB withdrawn bv the pe
titioners, they to pay the expense ol
In the matter of the report of viewers
on the petition of F. P. Larsen et al for
change in the Oswego and Davton
road. The potition granted and new
road to be opened by work of petitioners
and volunteer work, and old road to be
vacated as soon as new road is in condi
tion fit for public travel.
In the matter of the Hood view road.
Supervisor Heia allowed $40 to use in
opening up the Hood View road
In the matter of Supervisor Swafford re
pairing the rock wo'konMolallaroad, the
supervisor to take in crushed rock to fill
up ruts on Molalla road.
In the matter of the report of the
county judge on acceptance of Parrett
Creek bridge, the same was apuroved.
in tne matter of tne county judge's re
port in regard to repairing the Clackamas
bridge, tne report was approved on let'
ting contract to J. E. McCoy for $360.
In the matter of the road work in dis
trict No. 7, Buperyisor Asvhoff was per
muted to use $26 more of his apportion
ment in repairing roads in his district.
In the matter of the petition of A
Mather, for return of illegal assessment,
the same was denied.
In the matter of the transfer of tax
certificates on lands purchased by county
for delinquent taxes : it is ordered that
upon the payment by any person of the
amount bid for any piece or parcel of
real estate by tne county judge in the
name of the county at tax sale held on
Oct. 22, 1898, with an addition of 10 per
cent, the said countv judge shall make
an assignment of certificate of sale given
by sheriff to said person or persons.
This order shall be good for one year
from October 22, 1898.
In the matter of the reduction of
allowance made to Mr. and Mrs. Able,
to be reduced to $10 per month from
Nov. 1. 1898.
In the matter of the further assistance
of Mrs. Runyan, the same was laid over
until next terra and present allowance
discontinued to date from Nov. 1, 1898,
In the matter of county aid for 8.
Forsythe, $5 per month was allowed
from Nov. 1. 1898.
In the matter of Mrs. Randall's assess'
ment in county addition on block 44
Oregon City, the same was raised to
In tne matter of trestle on Hubbard
and Needy road, the same was laid over.
In the matter of repairing Shipley
road. Supervisor Baker ordered to fix
chuck holes. ,'.
In the matter of the re iter t of Super
visor Bnckner on construction of bridge
in his district the same was accepted
In the matter of the bill .of J. E
McCoy for repairing Eagle creek bridge
it was ordered that he be paid $100 until
bridge is inspected by oCmmissioner
Morton. -In
the matter of the petition of Judge
Moreland for rebate of taxes on the Mc-
Guire property at Milwaukie, the same.
was denied.
In the matter of opening the Forsvthe
road, Suoervisor Holstrom was ordered
to open the same.
In the matter or the appearance ol J.
, Cole and R. J. Moore to show cause
why their assessment should not be in
creased, their affidavits in response to
order to appear and show cause why
their assessment on property should not
be increased, read, and it appearing from
their affidavits that their property is
properly assessed ; it is ordered that the
same remain as at present on the tax
In the matter of compromise of taxes
in case of Thos. W. Kellogg's property,
the same was referred to district attor
ney with instructions to make no com
promise in said matter, as all matters
pertaining to said taxes seem regular.
In the matter of the taxes on the
Clayson estate, C. W. Risley. chairman
board of directors school district No. 28,
appeared to represent school district No.
28, in the matter of setting asido the
order whereby a compromise was made
by county court in settlement of taxes
In Charles Clayson estate, he contend
ing in behalf of his district that such ac
tion should be taken as district No. 28
never agreed, nor would they agree to
any such compromise on that part of said
taxes belonging to said school district.
In the matter of the assessment of the
Bull Run pipe line, the same was re
ferred to the county judge.
In the matter of the bond of Eli
Williams, 'assessor-elect, the same was
In the matter of the report oi J. H
Smith on the cut at Deep creek bridge.
the Bame was accepted, and the matter
referred to Commissioner Morton to have
Supervisor Cooke make said cut and, fill
in conformitv with plan of surveyor
In the matter of increasing the allow
ance of Mrs. Jane Roberts, a county
charge, the present allowance of $5 in
creased to $20, she being over 100 years
old and bedfast.
In the matter of the petition of James
man et al, for work on Highland road,
the same was disallowed, and the matter
bf furnishing plank for improvements of
that portion of said Highland road that
has been graded by volunteer work was
referred to the county judge to see it said
road was properly graded, and with
power to act in said matter of finishing
Slid improvement.
In the matter of the Dickey and
Molalla bridges on Molalla river, the
county judge reported how he found
matters in connection with Molalla river
at points above Dickey bridge and
Wright'B Springs. It is ordered that the
county surveyor be instructed to make a
profile of said Molalla riyer above
Wright's Springs as recommended by
the county judge. -
1 1 the matter of bill of Oregon City
hospital for treating Mr. Marlin and
Clara Chambers, it was ordered that the
same be sent to Salem for collection out
of fund for non-resident poor.
in the matter of increasing the allow
ance ot J. H. Jonea and wife, county
charges, the same was increased to $10
per month, to date from November 1,
1898, to be drawn in favor of Charles
In the matter of making an allowance
for L. Freeman and wife, it was ordered
that Mrs. Freeman have $4 per month
to date from Nov. 1, 1898, tor three
months, warrants to be drawn in favor
of Mrs. C. J'. Parker. -
In the matter of accepting the tax roll
the same was approved.
la the matter of the ul.entrs report lor
the collection of taxes for the year 1897.
the same was read, and the matter of
examination of said roll left with judge
to employ such help aa he may deem
necessary to get a full and complete re
port ot same.
In the matter of replacing Mr. Irving's
fence, the same was left with Uommis
sioner Marks, with power to act.
in tne matter of repairing the uiacna-
mas riyer road, Byers' Hill and Uock
Creek roads, the same was left to the
county judge and Commissioner Morton
with power to act.
in the matter of the contingent fund,
it was ordered that $100 be transferred
to said fund.
In the matter of improving the road in
district No. 11 with corduroy, the peti
tion was granted and it was ordered that
200 yards be placed on the Uushing mill
road, Thomas Mann agreeing to haul
the Bame.
In the matter of expenses in justice of
the peace courts, it was ordered that the
deputy district attorney be requested to
look into the matter of expense in bring'
ing cases in justice of the peace courts,
and b ine thera in those courts where
the least expense will be incurred in the
conducting of said cases, and that, they
further be requested to see that In all
cases brought where there is any doubt
of conviction or where in their opinion
the prosecution witness is being actuated
by any other feeling than strict Justice.
that they insist that said prosecuting
witness give a good and sufficient bond
to reimburse the county for all expenses
in connection with such cases if con vie
tion is not secured. And it is further
ordered that no bills for expenses in
justice courts be allowed unless the com
plaint under whicn sain case was Drought
was submitted to an approval of hy the
district attorney or his deputy before the
bringing of said cases. And it is further
ordered that no bill of expense incurred
in conducting any case in the justice
courts shall be audited and allowed un
lees accompanied with such statement
of the case as well as the facts attending
the place of arrest and the distance
traveled by witnesses, constable and dir
trict attorney or his deputies for which
mileage is claimed.
Ia the matter of ex-Commissioner
Jaggars' copy of Hill's code, it was
oidefed that the clerk ascertain if said
qode is Mr. Jaggar's personal property
or not, and if so, to make a requisition
on secretary of state for one for Com
missioner Morton.
In the matter of the repairs of Clacka
mas countv bridge, it was ordered tha
upon its completion and acceptance by
Judge Rvan. warrant to be drawn in
favor of McCoy for the amount due,
In the matter of Hill's codes, it was
ordered that the county judge ascertain
what a set ot Hill's code can De pur
chased for.
In the matter of the reports of officfrs
for October of those received, the follow
ing was approved: Clerk, $325.55; ie
corder, $146 10.
In the matter of mileage and per diem
of countv commissioners for November
term, 1898, S. F. Marks was allowed 5
davs and 36 miles, $17 60; J. R. Morton
6 days and 20 miles, $17.00. 1
In the matter of the payment of claims
filed against Clackamas county. The
county court having examined said
claims and being fnllv satisfied, it is
ordered by the court that the clerk shall
issue warrants on the general fund in
favor of the persons and for the amounts
hereinafter specified in payment of said
claim :
J E McCoy $100 00
Maude Salisbury, clerks acc't. ... 20 00
Josephine L Peabody clerk's acc't 60 00
Ira M. Chase, clerk's acc't 05 UU
State ys Kiolin, j p court.
F T Griffith, dim att'y 5 00
State vs Van Tress, j p court.
C Schuebel. i o 9 30
M e McCown, constable n w
Gee Dunlavy, wit 5 70
Ernest Hartinan o u
A H Logan, witness 6 70
L J Arnold, " .......... 2 50
Clarence Floyd, " 2 60
Ohas W Brown, " ,. 2 90
Clyde h,vana " 2 90
G BDimick, diet att'y 7 00
w urout, assessors acc't 36 00
Ida Stout, ", "
Eleth Cumins, " "
G W Grace, " -
M C famckland, coroner's tice.'t.
G B Dimick, diet att'v
M C Strickland, coroner. . . .
M C Strickland. cornnAi r ,m EnosCahill, lumber 9 32
r-. IV . 1 . ... J 1 H.,U 1 1 O 11
uduiko .uiuugiiLuii, iuuiuer. , o u-t
G B Dimick, diet att'y 5
nqnest ueorge Hilland
W Scramlin, juror.
George Lutherland, " ,
W Young, .
E M Morris,
A Klebe,
George Walsch,
Dr. Dead man,
MreJoyner, x
Pearl Palmer
108 00
54 00
64 00
36 00
6 60
.6 60
5 20
Road district No 14
JLSwafford $10 00
J Shelly 7 50
J Dixon 3 00
AMautz 3 00
BFLinn, lumber 7 40
Total... $30 90
Road district No 15 Labor on the
eowland road.
H Tabor! $2 00
A T How land 3 00
John Evans ... 1 50
1 70
1 70
wit ,
Frank Mathews, constable 3 50
Schuebel, coroner , 10 05
Dr Deadman, physician 6 00
G B Dimick, diet att'y 7 40
Prank Mathews, burial 00
R J Moore, Canadian thistle .... 6 00
J JJ Larkins, " " .... 900
U 1 1 Uo, court house 9 00
Courier-Herald, eta p 68 50
R L Hoi man, pauper 80 00
G H Young, " 10 00
R L Ruspell, " ." 5 00
J H Smith, surveyors ac't 14 00
A W France, road and bridge. . . 2 50
Wilson & Cooke " "... 7 15
Pope & Co, " "... 6 25
O C Iron Works " "... 2 14
GeoBRate&Co" " ... 12 60
J E McCoy " "... 40 00
Maude Salisbury, sheriff's ac't. . 14 00
Will L Miller, " " .. 16 00
Clvde Evans, " " ..' 24 00
.1 R Seaver, " " . . 9 00
I Selling, pauper 22 00
,T Conke, board of prisoners. ... 82 48
W H Young, road and bridge. ... 6 00
Noblitts stables, road and bridge. 4 00
Total .....,....$19 94
Road district No 16 Work on New
Era bridge road, grading hill and labor
on new bridge.
WS Rider ......................$ 3 00
H H Gregory... 3 00
Walter Rider... , 1 SO
A Staley and team 3 00
A Scheer.and team 3 00
C H Rider and team 8 00
EnosCahill, lumber........ 12 83
Total $29 33
Roftd district No 17 i
S FGarrison $ 75
J Shull 1 5Q
E Shull 1 50
Andy Knight 1 fift
Wm Bissell 3 25
Albert Knight 75
Adam Knight 15 00
Ed Hutchinson ,, 18 00
Elijah Hutchinsun ,, 150
H (iiimore is in
M S Fisher 12 00
Milo Lee 3 va
J Tackleson 75
DR Dimick. IT 00
Total $90 no
Road district No 18 Labor on bridena.
graveyard and Lewis road.
h WHornschuh . 2 on
T Daniels 1 ijv
W Daniels and team 2 25
M London , 75
BCasaday 75
LindsleyA Son !!!.'.!!'.!'. 3 25-
R Hyde 3 00
Uunning & (Jampow indigent
. i 1 : nA in nn I
C H Isom, sheriff's ac't 48 60 .VUV 'i'H 5
T?riuo ' " 00 on Lor on Meadowbrook. Oregon City.
uiiisi ri 100 '' "v I ITnmn Mill r1lJ - J "V..- fitt '
Mrs Winesett, pauper 4 25 """"" viands ami uregon yny
1.11 mtj uiniier ui tuo icpvito ui ouuer i t?Mw .
visors for the month of November 1898. 7
The court having examined said report, r,Bf w v " I Xa
11 : - 1 1 iuni iy j. 1 ijiiiiaouu, ................. .1 ins
: 1 u.. a 1 OGDean 1 firt
the amoral districts are herehv ordered Jonn Denison 5 00
paid, and the clerk is instructed to draw
warrants on the road lund and county
fund for several amounts and in favor of
the following named persons
Koad district JNo. 1
Labor on Milwaukie and Baker's
Ferry, Risley, Springbrook and section
line roads.
B F Tyler...... $45 00
Chas Frankhauser..... 40 60
E J Lyons 39 00
Walter Haeenberger 42 00
Henry Stuckey 9 00
R Scot t 12 00
R S McLaughlin 12 00
Joseph Polly 7 50
S M Miller 7 50
Deck Howlet. 7 50
John Abrahams..., 7 60
.Tease Coates 19 50
EJiSpooner 4 50
Paul Spooner , . 36 00
Hirrv Clifford 34 50
WIH Counsel and team 60 00
WK Payn 19 50
Total $448 25
Road (district No 2 Bridge work
OK Cramer... $12 00
JB Cramer..' ; 7 00
JFRobbins 6 20
Total $24 20
Road district No 3 i
Labor on Deep Creek hill, Hagen,
Wlnstou and Union school house, Rock
Creek, Baker's bridge roads and repair
ing culverts and small bridges.
Ed Burghardt , $ 6 00
Warren Greenwell 6 00
Henry Bock, bridge work 3 00
A W Cooke 14 uu
A W Cooke, team and bridge work 2 25
E H Burghardt, lumber 3 85
Total $35 10
Road District No 4
H FCurrin $14 00
H F Cnriin. work and two teams 3 00
R A Wilcox.. 3 00
Gus Wilcox 3 00
Albert Barileraa 3 00
Chas Bartlema 3 00
Jas Oshnrn 2 00
fjpnrcm Forman 3 00
Roy Forman s w
James Anderson a w
Total $14 00
Road district No 21 Labor on Grav'n
Mill, Jack Cutting road and labor on re
pairing culverts etc.
F M Naught. $5 60
R PCooper... 5 60
Birt Hubbard 2 00
C O Hubbard 2 00
Milk Creek sawmill 2 00
Total $17 0O
Road district No 20 Material on tha
Highland and Mountain Home bridges.
F W North $ 6 00
H North 14 00
M O Gard 5 50
W OBuckner 28 00
O Welch ' 4 36
F Welch 135
F W North o 00
.T W Jones , 62 47
WCBuckner 1 80
Total $125 48
Road district No 23 Labor on Barlow,
Canbv and Aurora Hill roads, Taylor
bridge and culverts.
John Gohra $ 3 00
August Dalman 4 50
Solomon Miller... 3 00
A Haeey 1 50
T J Miller 13 25
FH Hilton 3 00
Cole Bros.; 5 59
Total $28 25
Road district No 26 Labor on Mol
alla and Nolan Mill. Soda Springs and
Wright's bridge road.
J W Thomas .$ 2 25
S L Dart 1 50
C W Dart 1 50
EEJndd 50
W P Herman 4 88
A .TSawtell . 9 75
RDaughtery 3 75
C Ansten 3 00
P C Miller 1 50
H Gahle 3 00
F Scott 1 50
J Johnson 75
L Steighman 75
J R Shaver 14 00
Total .'. $48 42
Road district No 27 Labor on Lutter-
man hill.
T Yocum, lumber 28 55 C K Qninn $ 4 00
TV 111 J HU& 1 OU
Russell et al, for relief of David Morrii.
$7 was allowed to date from Nov, 1, 1898,
warrants" to be drawn in favor of John
In the matter of the petition ot Charles
Rutherford for county aid for Mr. and Mrs.
Kruger, $7 per month allowed to date
from Nov. 1, 1898, warrants to be drawn
in favor of Mr. Kroger until further
In the matter of claims ot C. Stude-
JP Miller, " 5 70
F J Ridings. " 6 7u
Frank Ridings, " o w
G G F Myers " 5 70
I D Larkins " 5 70
Sam Marrs, juror 1 20
J G Porter, " 1 20
J R Williams ' 1 20
P D Curran " 1 20
CC Williams " 1 20
G B Dimick, diet att'y 5 00
State vs Henderson, j p court.
C S.-lmebol. i D 2 95
M F McCown, constable 6 50
G B Dimick, dist att'y 5 00
State vs Thompson, j p court.
C Schuebel, Jp 5 95
Chas E Burns, con 16 90
G B Dimick, dist att'y 5 00
State vs Chute.
C Schuebel, j p
M F McCown, con
Gottfried Wallace, wit.
August Bottemiller, " .
Fred Shnebel, " .
Ernest Boyles,
Total 72 35
Road district No 6
P Kenney $ 7 60
Elijah Coalman 7 60
Marvin Dickenson 3 00
F.H TCoffrir 3 00
E A Revenue 6 2a
E A Revenue, team 7 50
1 H UAvmiB 12 00
Ed Koffer Br 1 00
J H Revenue 10 00
F A Meimng, spikes i
JH Wewer 32 00
Total $87 f0
Road district No 7
Otto Aschoff $2 50
Adolf Aschoff 1 60
Adolf Aschoff, spikes 40
Total 4 40
Road district No 11
J A Jones, plank and work $18 13
Road district No 12
Graveling Milwaukie and Cnewell
Frank Hntchms 00
E A Hartman 4 00
I D Larkins 4 00
W A Thomas 2 00
Geo D Cardew 3 00
Geo Pfiester 3 00
Edward Hubbard 2 00
C E Ycung 6 00
6 30
10 70
4 30
4 10
3 90
4 50
5 00
1143 90
George Clark..
Fred Gerber. ..
Sam Gerber...
P Willson
Aug Hnber....
M II Reibhoff.
Henrv Reed..
PT McCubina.
W P Kirchem.
O D RobinB . . : .
4 12
3 00
3 00
3 00
4 12
4 12
Brown 3 00
2 25
3 00
3 00
3 00
I...W.H r.urher '
Jacob Gerber
L Newkirk
Wm Henderson, "
G B Dimick, dep dist att'y.
Courier, tax roll 1896
State vs Babecb, j p court
W W Jesse, j p 8 90
Y M Mathews, con 12 80
F 8alnaker, wit 2 00
Edtnond Kinney, wit 2 70
Fred Howard, witness 30
Albert Shafer. ' 3 10
MrsAShafer, " 3 10
1 01
Swales ' J50
J R Heater
Barney Fallert
A J Oldenberg
Wm Chenoworth
P Kohle
Henry Bolsmne
J C Sprague .....
W H Bonney, lumber..
1 50
I 60
6 00
5 00
.$60. 61
Total ...,..$32 00
Road district No 30 Bridg work
A Fortune $ 4 50
GHLocey..." 6 25
K Davis...... 4 60
F Manning 4 50
P Worthington 3 00
L Waldorf 4 60
T Fox with team 3 00
J R Hays 8 00
Road work
C Shannon 7 50
O Shannon and team 3 00
C Ford 9 00
A K Ford s.. 3 00
F. Calkins. 8 25
G H Locey 6 00
J R Hays 10 00
Pope & Co., hardware 5 50
Fred Moehpke, lumber 122 15
Total $173 05
Road district No 31
Claus Peters $3 00
Don Gage 2 70
John Peters 75
P A Baker, spikes 5 25
George Saum, lumber 5 78
Total $17 46
Road district No 38 Labor on Bear
Creek bridge.
Gilbert Hougluvn $ 6 75
A Hougham 1 50
Lewis Hougham 31 10
Anton Mikkleson : 21 36
Stillman Andrews 21 35
Fred Wagner 2 25
Paul Dunn 14 25
Emmett Donalhue 12 00
Peter P Ua 43 60
Total $164 05