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VUL. 1SJNO. pf
An Inviting Place
To do clothes-buying is at our store. About
every conceivable thinjr of fashion- in Men's
and Boys' Clothes is here and "your money
back if you say so," makes you feel that you
r are not being fooled.
Stttele md Am
ble breasted unck
sulu lu mnolli-
ilnlshett worsteds, fancv brown and ttmy
cheviots, bluR and blacks: made of trust
worthy fabrics and guaranteed
Men's Business Suits
Fire, close-woven worsteds and woolen
CKSslroeres of latest popular designs: alo
lil lies and blacks, made in same way as
above-mentioned, but of finer fabrics . . .
Royal bmIms the food par,
wholesome sad delicious.
no to no
Largest Clothier in the Northwest
First and Morrison, Portland, Or.
Absolutely Pur
novAi iakino rawnta eo., km vohk.
Since buying his Groceries
of MAR R $ M VI R, after
having traded for some time
at other stores. Yo stale or
inferior goods kept.
To every one the buying of shoes in an
important step. The economical buyer
especially .wants something i hut looks
elegant, but also something that does
not cost too much and will wear and
be comfortable. Vou will appreciate as
well as we that this djinimd (f not a
slight one, but we, in guaranteeing to
suit you, will run the risk oi uilure, be
ing confident of success.
for honseho'd use are amongst the
artif.li-ii frum our stock of Groceries
which are in constant dem lid. Their t
richness, fine flavor and other excellent
qualities have made them prime favorites
with eve.rv housekeeper.
We alf'o have sweet things in the
pxstty line made fierh tv r iIhv in our
bakery besides the bent bread in the city.
Bakers and Qrocera
Opposite Postoffice, - Oregon City
Fmh Stock' of
Depnt tor If AT and KEKI
Willamette Block. Oregon flty
Our unusnaly quiet little bum was
tbrc wu into a fevi-r of excitement about
1 o'eV ck this moining by someone call
ing lor help. Your correspondent hap
pening to be the only one that heard tne
calling and upon lesponding I found
61 me one had meet to burglarize (tie
residence of r ur postmistress, Mrs.
Anna Cliffoid, Mr. Oliffoidbeingaway
at Oregon City attending court. Only
Mrs. Clifford and Mrs. felson being at
the house, at the hour first above men
tioned. Mis. Nelson heard some one
trying to force one of the windows;
failing In that he came to the front door
and attempted to open the door, when
Mrs. Kelson threatened to fire at him,
he then retreati d from the front door
towards the road 1 y the way of the
ttoie I uilding. It was evidently some
one that Mi. Clifford' dog knew for the
dog met him as he left the front porch
and seemed to nuke up with him at
once. Unless suchi vis. to cease some
one is very liktly to pet a bullet plugged
into their worthless ('areas. I
Robert and John Bagby caught a
large cinnamon bear recently. They
lound where a cougar had killed a fleer
and the bear was using what the cougar
had left. Thf y set a trap and caught
him the first night.
Doctor Leaviit was railed to Macks-
buig toiiay to sit a bitken arm for the
little son of Mr and Mrs. rank Khnger.
The little fellow tell In.ma tiee with the
above results.
Geo. M Duncan and a Mr. Cook, ol
Jeffersi n. Ottgon, who are visiting here
lew days, are on the road to the
mountains to liavj a general hunt.
From the white appearance ot the
mountains iheie nuiHt be plenty of snow
which will drive the deer Irora their
summer range.
Two couples fiom the vicinity of Mol-
alla were seen to le driving swiftly
toward Oregon Citv this morning and
ihe Mipposition is that there will be at
least two marriage licences issued by
Cleik Dixon today, which calls for a
visit to JiiHtic.e Schuebel, some miimter
or Judge Ryan, and so tUe go' d work
goes on.
Miss Elien Kayler is having the imide
i.f her dwelli g i aimed in an artisiic
manner liv K. J . Devine who is capable
ol doing jus', such wink.
Uncle Jake Hailes- hai been having
a seven- attack ol erysipelas in his face
which msi'e him quite rick fur a few
days, hu' he is now improving.
Mr. Grigoiy, of Yi rk state, brother
if Ham 1C. Ciiegoiy. our teasel man, is
viaiting hire am' im-pecting and reueiv
ing last sea on'a teasel crop and
preparing the same for market as fast
as poshible.
Geoign Cmting, who was killed by
the Indians ncunly in Grant county,
is a net hew of Orin Cutting, who lives
near here.
Levi Robhins.our merchant, is receiv
ing lots of diied apples now. He is
paying 6 rents rash for a No. 1 article,
but owing In the voiny condition ol
apples there is hut comparatively a
small amount ot No. 1 applet in this
One of W. P. Herman's little girls is
on ti e sick list ihi week.
A petition In the county court for the
appointment of J, R Hiiaver as road
supervisor for this distriot is leceiving a
large number of names.
A protracted meeting is being held
here at the school house hull this week.
There is a good attendance.
Nov. 9th. X. Y.Z.
Garfield Items.
The roads out in this part of the coun
ty are getting almost impassible. There
has been so much heavy hauling this
fall . ,
Mr. T. Yocum is running his sawmill
steady. He has several hands employ
ed, sells lumber very reasonable and
deserves the patronage of the people.
Miss Rena Palmateer has gone to
Wasco county on a visit.
Mies Ida Surface has come home. She
has been working at Montavilla for some
' Miss Amy Dobson, of Portland, is the
guest of Mrs . J P Irvin.
The young and old gathered in at
William Davis' last Friday evening and
triped the light fantastic 'till 4 o'clock
in the morning. They had a good sur
! per, a good crowd, good music and all
went borne nappy.
Mrs. William Oatfield has gone to
Portland to stay awhile with her mother-in-law,
Mrs. M. Oatfield.
Mrs. Ida Huxley has been to Mt.
Tabor visiting lelativea and friends the
past week.
Miss Ethel Jones is visiting friends at
Springwater. ,
There has been a good many around
complaining of colds and sore throats ;
nothing serious though.
The Garfield school is progressing
finely with Mr. D. Miller as teacher.
Conrad Krigbaum has gone to Salem
to work in the foundry for his brother.
Well, when it stops raining long
enough for us to think we will tell you
more news. Koxis.
November 8th.
Highland grange is also considering
the erection of a grange ' hall near
Clark es postoffice, on the Rogers place.
Highland grange meets the first Satur
day in each month. C. N. Larkins,
master ; G. R. Miller, secretary.
The Highland Sunday school lueets
every Sunday in the Baptist church and
is running along nicely with our young
friend, Cnas. Rutherford, as superinten
dent. -
Nov. 7. Correspondent.
$ 1 J i.AZ.
9 ml. kV.'tH - ...-"l
4k'MV fO
To Watch Buyers for 30 DAYS; if
vou never possessed a watch now is
the TIME to own TIME of your own.' '
293 Morrlaoi Street
The Iowa Jeweler
with . tv:ri i.
sctfO-Kii"" to stffieiia
$ a uaaaKTtca
a ?pnll'y 1
t43 THinri STREET,
pru'n, ORC.
Frog I'ond.
Mrs. Annaretta Priester, of Oregon
City, has lieen spending a few days with
her mother, Mrs. Sharp.
At Thomas Turner's they have a new
floor to their front porch.
MissLorena Krone spent Sunday with
her cousins, the Elligsons.
. "Curlv" Mays if supplying this Pond
with rabbits. ' They a e up his garden,
so, neighbors, beware.
"Stub" Baker is on the sick index. It
does not pay la wirk out in all the ra n.
The Missen Melinda and Katie Sharp
called on Mrs. Seedling last week and
report her heintr up and around and the
lialiy enjoying the best of health. While
there Mr. Seedling came in and one
coul I not lint liink of ihe old song, "It
looks ju't like its a pa, so sweet I do de
clare; it looks just like it's papa, it's
eyes, it's nose and it'c hair." y
Mrs. Edward Sharp and son hve been
spending some time with her parents at
Fehlemlle. Thv letnrned noma the
fore pait ol the past week.
Miss Dena Peters celebrated her 20th
birthday on
participated in
I look buck t iIihi day upon a beau i
Iful pictor- with pleaMire.
chHl once mote ti uoing it full tilt.
"Spare not ihe r- d and Soil the child.
Frog f'onderV reed not tead th:s as it
win ue siaie l ews to tnem. I'll come
again, 'till then, adieu.
I November 7. A. Z. Z. .
Liberal News.
Gilbert White was visiting relatives
and friends at Wood burn a few days of
the past week.
The Misses Ridings, of Marquam,
were visiting Mrs. W light and Mrs
White Sunday
' J. H, Daly, of Macksburg, wan in Lib
eral Saturday .
I Miss Blanche Dyer was the guest of
Miss Belle Hibbard at Marquam last
Mr. and Mrs. George Mallatt spent
Sunday with friends at Molalla.
K. H. Darnell, who has been in East
em Oregon for a few weeks this fall, is
again in this part of the world. He ex
pects to go back again in the spring.
The Germans of the neighborhood are
now holding their Sunday school in the
schoolhouse of district No 30.
Mr Stehinan has his house about
coin pic ed and has moved from the old
to the new. . - .
'Mrf,?'. Nelsou is staying with Mrs.
Stehman at present.
Mrs. Austin and son. Will, have re
turned from California, where they have
spent the last two or lhree years. Liber-.
alites aie glad to sue them again.
The social given by the ladies' aid so
ciety lust ..Saturday was trie most sue
cestui of the season socially, ana tne
financial part was very satisfactory, the
proceeds being nearly $11. The bachelor
who drew ttie quilt built by the society,
seemed to be very much pleased with his
prize. Ex
November 8th, f
Mr. and Mrs. J. P Gage celebra'ed
their 43d wedding anniversary on the
6lh inst. ,
H E. Hayes has rented about ;0 ac.rt s
to John Kekel to plant p tatoes to next
'aeon. Mr. Kekel is busy fall-plowing
the ground
O. II. Page and wife, of Neskowin, Til
lamook county, passed through here last
week on their way to see one of theii
daughters who lives cm the Co umbia.
They spent a day with their daughter
and son-in-tuw here ,
A surpriKe was given to Miss Anna
Frobase Saturd y evening, a goodly
number of her friends calling in to help
enliven her happy hours. Another sur
prise awaited her father in the morning
On going to his last box of cigars. naught
hut box remained. The youths had per
formed their Hallowe'en tricks on the
good man to the extent of their emoking
There are still to be seen some potato
tie 0 s as ureen as can be, but the main
crop in most cases has been gathered
and some sold. . y
Sam Mayer has moved to Porth nd
He rented his farm to Mr Jester, who
has txken possession. Sain wants to get
employment daytimes and attend school
I hil. Baker is putting some finishing
touches on the road, repairing culverts
and opening ditches.
John Schieve ran hischopmill one day
last week and was well patronized.
Henry Buker is on the sick list, hav
ing caught cold which settled oil his
lungs. He is confined to the I ous-i
Novemlier 7. X. X
. Shubel.
Rev. H. E. Hornehuh and family, of
Salem, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
C. Hornshuh.
Miss Emma Hornshuh is going to
Oanby to stay about two weeks.
E. F. Guentlier found his pony in his
pasture witn its neck broken..
Ed Schmidt goes to Portland once
week to take raueic lessons and lessons
in voice culture.
A trre. t many birds are being killed
this fall. Ed Schmidt and Albert Stude
man seem to be in the lead.
Considerable volun'eer work and cash
is being donated to fix the bad places in
the road here. Some say the only way
to get good roads is pay your taxes and
then work on the road for fun.
Ed. Heitman returned from Eastern
Oregon with several horses which he is
trying to sell or trad. He will stay for
tne winter,
R. Schubel, of Carus was visiting here
The congregation of the Evangelical
church were treated with two sermons
last Sunday, Rev. H. E Hornshuh, of
Salem, being present, Rev. Englebart
asked him to preach, not, feeling well he
wished to be excused, it was nnany
decided to divide the time which made
it longer but veiy interesting.
November 7th. Max
The fanntrs are improving the time
iu plowing and t-owing their fall crop
PuialoeB are nearly a I dug and area
poor crop.
Fred Howard and wife went to Ore
gon City last week on business.
Jolmy Foreg ia Improving.
Frank Lane and wite have gone to the
const to rpend the winter.
A. L. Lai kins dehorned seven head
of cattle for Jasper Tr ill linger one day
l.ihi week. All w ho want that kind of
work done hu-will do it cheap and give
yuu the horns.
Wm. tinker has bought a fine set of
Mr. Look has had a bad thumb, but
it la getting better.
Mr. Look and O. T.Kay are working
li r C. Huliiii.li. one of the best farmers
iu U Hikam.iH coumy. O. -T. Kay is at
home laid up willi a lame buck.
Mr. Bnggs and wi'e was was in town
aat week.
Im z Kay has been quite sick for the
laai tow days, i
1). H. Loouey has a smile on his f.ice,
Its a Kin I
He Didn't Talk Much, but Told a
Telegram Reporter That He
Wan "Jobbed" at Oregon,
' : ' City .
' The Evening Telegram of last Satur
day, has the following:
J. A. House, of Oregon Citv. is a lit
tle "queer." He is held at the city
jail to await an examination by Dr.
Wheeler. It is said that he escaped
from the Salem asylum last July, but
lie says he was dismissed. Anvwav the
authorities will hold him until the
matter can be looked into.
He claims he was "Jobbed" at Ore
gon City liecause he had a good educa
tion and used his influence too much in
political way. He will talk about-
sound money and free silver by the
hour, and he will tell you whv he is a
gold standard man.
Otherwise, with the exception of a
certain wild look that gleams in his
eyes at times he talks sensibly enough.
Any person might conveise with turn
without suspecting that he was an un-
fortunate. He has been a hard-work
ing man. His hands and weather-
beaten countenance gives plain evi
dence of that fact. Since leaving the
asylum he has been cutting wood and .
working hard. His present incarcera.
tion is due to a spree. In fact, whisky
has been his undoing, He says that he
geis-a little wild", after drinking too
much. :
To Jailor Johnson and a Telegram re
porter the unlortuna'e mab eraohi-.
cally described a fight with a China
man which led to his first commitment '
from Oregon City, He was feeling
pretty well, he said, and started to.
shake hands with a I hinaman. He
had been shaking hands with about ev- .
erybody he met, black, white or yellow. '
The Chinaman did not consider it an
The Oe'estial, House says, drew back
and slapped his hands to his pocket.
Fearing for his life House biffed the
man on the nose. The claret began to
flow and the Chinaman went away
swearing vengeance. An hour after
wards while in an alley House says the
Chinaman came at him with a long :
knife. He had to again beat the
vmtngeful Mongolian and had his ten
der feeling further lacerated by a -paper
describing it as "an unwarranted at
tack upon a peaceful Chinaman.
H gliland is still on oo, al'h.-ngr at
pn sen' Mime what muddy. The moat of
i lie tilt lu at is sown, aversgi about
at ii-iihI, m-H'e c mleinpbt nt ho-
'ing winter i ata hIhu. Frost s'avs li a
' ling while an I some of the late plun'e I
I u.a'oes. a'P h ifr -en. fresh an I vi in
I ra ever, which mav muknafiir yilj
lefr'v p'niitMil are a 'aitura this i.
Sti k fur beef in all picked no hy the
batchers and hi-efbnyer. n am aUo
, sheen, H are Hoiiittwhat scarce, a
' a k od many quit raising them on at
C unt of tow prices
One Ibiiitf we rei lice over and that, la
the I'otisoliilation of the tw silvwr
ih 30th ult.. and all wl o ri",s''H",C',iiniy.nameiyiiievoiier
h- davs enjoyment ! Hn ' " r ' ' V , " ' " """"
I'1 H-l Bin r- v
Th ntn t'litu -n tin d xket in thi
vici ) v v I !f the ' c i 'ii of t g-it
mill hii I d e:i e n-e a'l I s'or com
bind ,.o U nri' Kl-iii-nii'h'" place,
na Cifr'' h ' t.-tli "fn a id mill
will b. jf ted i n l oned by ,ur en
(erprMinif fi nd, Durst, recemls from
Uni n Ml U, Or.
To Whom It May Concern A Snap.
1 Hiuh Arm Household.
1 High Arm No. 7 American,
1 1 Singer. , ,
2 Wheeler A Wilson.
If agree ible easv tenns will be given
at the Oregon City Auction House.
I have abundance of money to loan at
R and choice loans will be made at 1.
Qive me a call if wanting money.
C. 11. Dye.
Tea Muol h)
We offer you a chance I
this week to save from 20
I to 35 per cent on TOILET i
These are special Prices for THIS WEEK ONLY.
Skin Food...... 15c 2 for 25 10c 3 for 25
Benzo Dermal...... 15c 2 for 25 , 10c 3 for 2$
Witch Hazel 10c 3 for 25 5 for 25
Packer's Tar ..25 15
Glycerine & Tar 10 OS
47 Glycerine 25 15
Cuticura....... .25 20
Florentine 15 10
33 Glycerine 1 5 10
dears' Unscentcd ,2C 10
Pcnaud's B-'uquet 25 ' ' 10
Jerena Bouquet 25 15
Every Box of
That WR SELL i guaranteed to
bi in perfict condition. A guar
te slip fjrp with everv BOX.
We have it in all prices from 10c
tr 75c Handsome Boxes of
LATKS for 2t c-nts.
Gets the